10 Things I Hate About You

10 Things I Hate About You Summary and Synopsis

On the first day at his new school, Cameron (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) instantly falls for Bianca (Larisa Oleynik), the gorgeous girl of his dreams. The only problem is that Bianca is forbidden to date ... until her ill-tempered, completely un-dateable older sister Kat (Julia Stiles) goes out too! In an attempt to solve his problem, Cameron singles out the only guy who could possibly be a match for Kat: a mysterious bad-boy (Heath Ledger) with a nasty reputation of his own! On the first day at his new school, Cameron instantly falls for Bianca, the gorgeous girl of his dreams. The only problem is that Bianca is forbidden to date until her ill-tempered, completely un-dateable older sister Kat goes out, too. In an attempt to solve his problem, Cameron singles out the only guy who could possibly be a match for Kat: a mysterious bad boy with a nasty reputation of his own. 10 Things I Hate About You Wiki

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10 Things I Hate About You Movie (1999)

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- 💖💖5 star

So cool!

- Julia Stiles5 star

Julia Stiles was hot when she was young

- Best Movie In The World 🌎💖5 star

I love this movie more than any other movie I’ve ever seen. I would 100% recommend it to everyone!!

- Best movie out there5 star

Classic 90’s touch!

- Warning: Lots of innuendos2 star

This film is very well acted and funny, but very crude - even for a teen movie. Not a family film if you aren’t okay with lots of sexual innuendos. My wife and I turned it off about halfway through because it was getting to be too much, and I’m 23 years old

- Best 90s movie i promise....5 star

I am telling you this is my absolute favorite movie. Nothing compares to this movie honestly. From the message behind the whole thing to the acting. I’ve got to hand it to the director and producers and etc. this was an amazing movie. This should be a MUST WATCH for all. I don’t know a single person that hates this movie.

- Worlds best movie5 star

This is my favorite movie of all time. I’ve watched it at least 20 times in 2 years. Best comedy, romance, feel-good movie I’ve ever heard of. Can not recommend enough!!

- $18??? Really?5 star

Great movie, but absurd price.

- I’m need this movie in Spanish please4 star


- 😍😍5 star

I just love this movie so so so so much ❤️❤️

- Absolute staple of a movie5 star

I have watched this movie too many times to count and will continue watching it for years to come.

- Best movie5 star


- Ttihau5 star

I loved the movie this movie is very emotional on me cause Heath Ledger is my favorite actor and the person who created this movie is a very exceptional person in the world for thinking of this movie this I'm giving this movie 5 stars cause it was an amazing and outstanding movie and if u don't like or u hate or think bad of any of the characters of parts of the movie well u have no heart at all and I'm serious. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- One of the best movies5 star

This movie was spectacular watched it with our foreign exchange student and she thought it was amazing!

- ❤️❤️❤️5 star

This is one of the best movies I have ever seen!

- my absolute favorite movie5 star

I first saw this movie in my sophomore wellness class when we were going over the difference between abusive and healthy relationships. I absolutely loved it while watching it there, though most of my friends didn't find it all that special. Then a year later I was home sick from school and while browsing free movies to watch on TV I stumbled upon it and just HAD to watch it, and boy oh boy was it just as good the second time around. I just love everything about this movie. I related to Kat a whole lot and that made the movie a whole lot more enjoyable. I didn't like Bianca very much at all and would've been just as happy to watch a movie with her cut out of it, but nonetheless this is my favorite movie and always will be.

- EN ESPAÑOL5 star


- I love it5 star

One of my favorite movies ever, I love HL so much 😩❤️

- Love it!!!!5 star

I love this movie specially Andrew Keegan 👍😍

- Honestly the best movie I have ever seen5 star

I know that I am extremely late but this is seriously the best movie I have ever had the pleasure of laying my eyes on. It's romantic and hilarious and Heath Ledger was gorgeous, but it's just overall incredible. 5 stars forever

- Best movie ever!!!5 star

I have watched this movie at least 20 time in a row! Heath Ledger is amazing in this movie! "There is a differences between like and love: like I like my Skechers but I love my Prada backpack" - Bianca did I mention tons of things to quote!!!!

- Yes!5 star

Second favorite movie every!

- Love it :)5 star

I love this movie soooooooo much. Love it Love it Love it :)

- LOVE IT!! <35 star

Best 90s teen movie ever!!! So cute & hilarious!! :D you will fall in love with Kat & Patricks relationship!!! :) I especially LOVE the scene where Heath Ledger sings...SO ADORABLE!!!!...aaaw RIP Heath Leadger :( aaw & Joseph Gordan Levitt is really young & cute >_< Anyways, BUY this movie you'll totally enjoy it!!! It has such a funny & totally EPIC script! =D and such amazing actors & actresses! :) c'mon what are you waitin for?! BUY IT (now!) !! :) great for all audiences! :)

- AMAZING!5 star

Love it, favorite movie ever. Nothing else. (:

- Memorable5 star

"Just tell them I had a siezure." "My insurance does NOT cover PMS!!!" "So? What did she say?" "...She 'hates you with the fire of a thousand suns'. That's a direct quote." One of the greatest "Teen" movies of all time. Anyone who lambasts it as inane and stupid clearly either wasn't a teenager during the 90's or doesn't understand Shakespearean-based comedy. It was supposed to be a little silly and a lot witty. It introduced us to Heath Ledger, a fine actor whom we would soon discover to be more than just a pretty face. His portrayal of Patrick in this film proves that he is capable of enveloping a character's multidimensional facets and, more importantly, understands them. This movie belongs right up there with "Sixteen Candles", "Pretty in Pink", "The Breakfast Club", "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" and "Grease". Even my teen brother watched this with his English class a few months back and they all agreed that it was the funniest movie they'd seen in a while. It spans generational gaps and proves that even a kitschy teen flick from the 90's has real staying power. I love the scene at the beginning where Kat pulls up to the stoplight next to the girls blasting hip-hop, and cranks up "Bad Reputation". Classic.

- Buy It5 star

Heath Ledger is the greatest actor of all time. Buy it now.

- Darn....4 star

I've heard some awesome stuff about this movie, so i wanted to check it out, but seriously? No rental???

- LOVE IT!!!5 star

I love this movie it's one of my favorites<3

- Excuse me5 star

This movie is the greatest!!! But the summary is terrible. Bianca only has a dad, and the rule is no dating at all and then he changes it. The idea to get Kat a date was not Joey's but Cameron's so Cameron can date her. Joey was a pawn. Cameron and Micheal gave the idea to Joey so he could pay someone to date Kat instead of paying someone with their own money. Patrick is not new Cameron is. Obviously the person who wrote this summary of the movie has not seen it.

- Loved it5 star

Fun cute romantic comedy also where is the soundtrack

- I luv it5 star

I luv the movie is lyk so freaking awesome ive seen it lyk 5 times lol its cool

- Drake s5 star

Genious you will want to watch it over and over again get cast and story line

- Heath !5 star

fun, sweet and cool soundtrack. R.I.P Heath

- Great5 star

This is a great movie

- Its one of those movie u never get tired of5 star

It's one of those movies that never die out I have owned thus movie for years and I have seen it over a hundered times and I still LOVE IT and I never EVER get tired of it it's just one of those movies you never get tired of

- Amazing5 star

This will always be one of my favorite movies. Great music and fun antics! A must see!

- The movie5 star

I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!! It is my favorite movie. Must see movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Nice movie5 star

Love it



- It's Just That Good5 star

I FREAKIN LOVED THIS MOVIE! Heath Ledger was pretty amazing :D But no one's giving Joseph Gordon-Levitt enuf credit :D he was so cute as cameron! u should definitely buy this movie :D

- 10 things5 star

Awesome movie. funny and romantic. Girls of all ages will fall in love with it.

- Best5 star

Modern adaption of shakesphere's plays.

- Modern Day Adaptation of Shakespeare5 star

I'm not reading thru all the reviews to check- but it seems that many people are unaware that it's a modern-day adaptation of Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew. Even some of the critics' reviews don't seem to pick up on that. Love movies, but don't forget to read, folks. Kevin Thomas of the LA Times, thanks for pointing out that Shakespeare's work is "as satirical as it is romantic ... wise enough to span generations in its appeal." Please, someone tell me the story is timeless next.

- Great5 star

This movie is amzing and Heath ledger looks hot.

- Great!5 star

This movie blows the tv show out of the water and i luv the cast you cnat top it its cute and funny

- I LOVE THIS!5 star

I love this movie. Heath Ledger is hot and Julia Stiles is hot. Hot + Hot = awesome!

- the BEST movie you will EVER see!!5 star

i honestly cried throughout most of this film because of all the memories of heath. i guess its true.. the good die young..

- not my favorite HL movie, but...5 star

definitely up there in the top five!<3 r.i.p. heath ledger we love you and we'll never foget you

- love the movie but not worth 10 bucks5 star

i love heath!!!

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Ineedabetternamee - Awesome5 star

I absolutely love this movie! It's one of my all time favorites. The chemistry between Patrick and Kat is extraordinary. Their personalities fit really well together. They're not the typical “good girl falls for bad boy” type of pairing; they're really alike and that's why I adore this movie so much.

Ri.C.B. - delightful4 star

a teen version of "The Taming of the Shrew" with superb performances from a cast of emerging stars

Sunshine#18 - Best movie5 star

Best movie ever. Great actors

BettieLuv - It's so good, it's Shakespearean5 star

This is an excellent movie. The clowning is obvious sometimes but the timing and execution are perfect for its type. The script and story are very good and, for me, actually bring back many memories of real life. The twists and turns and clowning and relationships and ending are not at all unlike a Shakespearean plot and performance. Just right for its school setting. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie although it was sad to know that Heath Ledger's brilliance was prematurely interrupted. In this movie all the cast and crew were excellent. Great attention to detail in the crowd shots too.

Proggya217 - MY FAVOURITE MOVIE5 star

If you're looking for a hilarious and heartwarming movie to watch, 10 Things I Hate About You will leave you with no choice but i watch it all over again.

Phototastic57 - Spectacular !!!5 star

Now this is the kind if movie people want to see. From Shakespeare's "Taming of the Shrew", this film brings comedy to a whole new level. A must see!

Phanizlife - Awesome5 star

I love this movie sooo much.

breclarke19 - LOVE IT5 star

I absolutely love this movie!!

Sarie22 - I love this movie5 star

I think this movie is the best movie in the world and all the actors were great and shoutout to heather legder

[: music :] - love5 star

lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeee this movie i watch it over and over again. i rate this 10 stars :)

MarisaShepard2099 - Ten things I hate about u1 star

I like the show better

Readyornot130 - I Expected A Little Bit More....3 star

Before I rented this movie, I read the reviews. They all said "wow this movie is great" or "I totally loved this movie!" I, stupidly, was expecting to have the same reaction. Although it was alright, I didn't think this movie was actually worth the time to watch. The plot for me just didn't seem interesting and I found myself checking to see how much time was left many times. Needless to say, I can't know whether or not you will enjoy this movie (mostly because I don't know who is going to read this) so I'll leave it up to you to decide after you watch it :)

Mena10 - 5 star

I loved this movie so much! I would definetly reccomend it!

mhgbf - Horible5 star


LilDagnamet - Better then Average3 star

Decent enough movie to waste some time.

JadeLeighO - Great!5 star

This movie is fantastic! My favourite character is Kat (or is it Cat?) because she's not afrad to do anything. Last night, it said that the movie was playing, but instead they decided to make a show out of it! It features actors that are pretty familiar, and an actor who is even in the original movie! The movie is by faaaarrrr, way better! You know you want to buy it!

xXxIndigochicxXx - Amazing movie!5 star

I love this movie!! I can watch this movie over and over again and not get sick of it! RIP Heath Ledger.

helloooooooo!!!!!!! - Great Movie5 star

When you feel like watching a good, satisfing funny movie this is the one to choose. Its great for tween girls!

Talent? - The Taming Of the Shrew4 star

Its kind of a shame they can tell a classic story, and yet people think it's a teen flick and are supprised that its well written.

georgiaathanasiou - Georgie5 star

This movie was... amazing!!!!! I can't believe that I hadn't seen this movie before yesterday!! And if you confused about that i saw it on July 17th 2009.I loved it so much!! It is now my altime favorite movie!!! And although it may seem like a cookie cutter sort of movie, some thing about it just draws your attention!!! Amazing acting amazing writers amazing EVERYTHING!!!!!!! I would recommend buying this movie if you haven't, but first maybe watch it. It could not be for every one. And might I saw Heath Legder in this move it... whoo... HOT!!! RIP <3 MUST SEE MUST WATCH MUST BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Prohibidabido - sing5 star

best part of the movie was the singing in the bleachers

Lizzy_09 - loved it!!!5 star

OMG i loovveed this movie!! Its an awesome watch and deff. not a waste of money! Its hilarious and romantic not cheesey!!! A DEFFINATE BUY! (LLLL)

Rachel A Lloyd - AMAZING!5 star

This is one of my all time favorite movies it's got an awesome story line, great actors and it's flat out hilarious.I've loved this movie for years and thank you Itunes for putting it up here so I can watch on my Ipod over and over and over and over again.Really an amazing movie you won't regret getting it! :D

Katniss Everdeen Wannabee - Awesome5 star

great movie, great acting and great set. They're making a TV show out of this movie, It'll be starring: Lindasy Shaw (Ned's declassified shcool survival guide) as Kat, Meaghan Jette Martin (Camp Rock) as Bianca and Larry Miller will keep his role as their dad. Anyway, great movie

lauramarycath - Hilarious!4 star

It took me ten years to see it, but I'm so glad that I did! It's funny, romantic, and charming. I recommend it to everybody!

Jules2997 - BEST MOVIE EVER.5 star

Omg, this movie is amazing, and definitely one of my favourite movies. It's a great comedy, and I got so into it I was crying in this one scene! And yeah, Heath Ledger is a hottie and he is AWESOME in this movie!

FrenchGurl - love it!5 star

I love this movie, my fave movie of all time !! and i was just 5 years old when it came out.. lol / but i just saw it 2 years ago and i watched it about 10000 times!

elenaaj - Love it!5 star

I absolutely love this movie! It never gets old for me, I've watched it about five times. RIP Heath.

The Best Talia Ever - Hilarious5 star

While it may just seem like some teen romantic comedy... it is, although it goes far above the rest and is downright great. Everything about this movie rocks and it's definitely one of my all-time favourites.

rebeccajrush - Good film4 star

Very entertaining, and will have laughing for the entire movie.

outback8122 - Amazing :D4 star

this movie is amazing <3 you gotta love heath ledger and the rest of them it's the funniest and sweetest most awesomely amazing thing eva! goo buy it =) [plus it is real cheap :) ]

Mandy_g15 - Such a great movie5 star

one of the best movies ever. never gets old

Game hunter448 - Simple but perfect5 star

Original storyline, awesome actors, and very funny. This has to be one of the best films I've seen in a long time.

KKread59 - 👍👍5 star

One of the best movies ever!! I love it

mia siswoyo - My Favourite Movie!5 star

This movie is 15 years old yet it is my favourite movie :) The script is percect and I love all the cast! I'm aussie and I am so glad there is an aussie (Heath Ledger) in this movie! Heath Ledger is a Ledgend and this movie is amazing! And people who are saying only Joseph Gordan-Levitt became famous after, well Heath Ledger is in quite a lot of movies. There isn't any recent movies for Heath Ledger because he died in 2008, RIP :(

Kitcat205 - Disappointing2 star

When I rented this movie and tried to download it, it said the movie had expired. When I tried to download it again, it said I needed to go into Downloads. When I went to Downloads, it said I had no active downloads. I then went back to the page where I bought it, I clicked watch and it took me to my video section. When I tried to download it again, it told me to go to Downloads. I'm very frustrated with this as it's a great movie (which is why I'm rating it two stars) and I would have given it five stars, but it's not working in the slightest for me and I've wasted $5.

Hbeard10 - AWSOME!!!5 star

i love it!!!!!!!!!

Ilyybabe - Love this5 star

This is one of my favourite movies ever, I love the cast especially Heath ledger, all amazing actors and awesome movie, my favourite bit is where Heath sings to kat 😂😍👌

thedrop124 - Drama about high school1 star

Great movie about a girl who didn't know what to do in high school. when a an interesting man came up to her and started singing to win her respect to earn a date with the girl. what she was looking forward to was the high school dance and had no idea who to go with. in my option she should chose a football player because music doesn't work with the girl he wanted to be up to… the end

GO MAMMA MIA MAD!! - Great movie to not judge a book by it5 star

Have never seen this movie all the way through, but know it's basis and yes, Heath, our Aussie is hot. My favourite lines are those by: Cameron "Would any of you think of dating Katarina Strattford?", Michael "Only if we were the last two people on earth and there were no goats. (scream) Are there goats?" and that of the therapist/ cousellor. "People would describe you as somewhat..." Katarina: "Tempestuous?" Therapist: " 'Henoius witch' is the term used most often." That conversation can definitely describe myself, but definitely tells you to not judge people by their attitude and that they may be worth a chance. Good movie and RIP Heath... you were awesome! :)

Magster865 - Can't wait5 star

This looks like an awesome film I can't wait to watch it the trailer was good to!!!

Fizawiz - 5 stars5 star

BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!! You must watch 10 things I hate about you if you already haven't. It is a crack up and is a good teen movie it never gets old! <3

heysarah1232 - 10/105 star

Totes one of the best movies of all time !! Could watch it over and over n never get sick of it. 😍Heath Ledger😍

T.C [email protected] - 😜😋✨💋💘5 star

Just click on "also available in standard mode" then you can buy it!!!

Yasii17 - LOVE IT! But...5 star

Should be able to buy it! Not just rent it!

💋🌷🎊 - :(1 star

It's been three days and it still hasn't downloaded...

Silencexxofxxshadows - Fantastic spin on a Shakespearean Classic4 star

I remember watching this in Highschool and really enjoying it, thinking that it was incredibly unique and funny. However upon arriving at University and studying Shakespeare I've come to realise my favourite play 'The Taming of the Shrew' is the frame work on which this film is based. I watch it now and realise all the undeniable Shakespeare references brought to life in a fancy, modern intepretation not too far removed from Baz Luhrmann's William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Great Movie and a great way to do an awesome play justice

Carley j - BEST MOVIE EVER! Except...3 star

If only you could buy it!

HannBazz - Best movie ever!5 star

I love this movie so much! I would actually trade my own life for this movie just so I could be kissed by Heath Ledger!!! <3

Sparkle&Glitter - Still a fantastic movie!4 star

This movie is AMAZING! It may have been made in 1999 but it is still fantastic and has Heath Ledger (One of the most incredible actors EVER) in the film. I really enjoyed watching it and its always a movie that I can have a laugh to. It's very clever how they added lines of Shakespeare and things in and I just really like the movie. You should watch it! :)

soniatravel - R. I. P Heath Ledger5 star

4 years later and this still is one of the best movies ever!! A modern take of Shakespere's "taming of the shrew". And heath made my heart and soul melt.<3 u heath

mimi9876 - Hear me out5 star

This is obsessive, nuff' said

Holagurrl 13 - Favourite Movie5 star

This is my favourite movie ever! it has a good storyline, a little romance, makes you laugh AND has Heath Ledger (with his Aussie accent) - swoon. I would recomend this movie to everyone!

Honeypot101 - Loves it5 star

I can watch this movie and over Heath ledgers smile is infectious

indie.rocker - SHAKESPEARE BASED!5 star

This movie is great and is actually based on the Taming of the Shrew by Shakespeare. Kat being the shrew and Patrick being the tamer while in the real play Katherine is the shrew and Petruccio is the tamer.

Taylah76 - Wow5 star

I have never been addicted to a movie like this before! It is the best movie ever. I love the girl that is the sweet pretty girls sister she reminds me of me!

keelsluvswildchild - Ah-mazing!!!!!!!!!5 star

this movie is absolutely great! i could watch it several times over and not get sick of it! and Heath and Julia have and amazing chemistry together! i tell you the acting industry lost the BEST actor ever. rip Heath. love you forever and always. "Are you telling me i'm not a pretty guy? no you're a very pretty guy! i just didnt know you're a gorgeous guy! i didnt know he's a gorgeous guy! lol! :D love ya Heath!

Amyyy95 - HEATH LEDGER!5 star

Argh, anyone who thinks only Joseph ended up famous is WRONG! Heath Ledger was in Batman ;) This is the best movie in the history of movies!! <3

Stinapoopants - OBSESSION5 star


GeorgieKate - Loved it!5 star

I bought this movie. I absolutly loved it! Great quality, and i just cant get enoguh of Joseph Gordon-Levitt. ♥

sessierules - 2 Actors?5 star

The only actor in this who ever became famous is Joseph Gordon-Levitt, in 500 days of Summer and recently, Inception. The rest of them did minor acting, which is sad because they are good

apple..person - Looovvvveeee it5 star

I love this movie so much!!!!! It's one of those movies you can watch over and over and over again!!!!!!! :) :) :) :)

Katie9618 - Its awesome5 star

I was doing this movie for an English assignment. I thought it would be one of thoses movies you get to catch up on sleep through, but it wasn't. It has a very different plot line to most other romantic comedys and is great for any teenager to watch. You laugh through the whole film and learn not to judge people based on thier apperance or thier attitude. Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles are legends in this. I like Heaths' smile and accent, soo aussie

coolpots - spunkky5 star

heath ledger is very attractive! great movie for teens. also very funny. adults would also enjoy this film too.

aashhleea - Awesome!!!!!5 star

This is the best movie!!!!!!!

strifebear - Shakespeare revisited5 star

A fantastic remake of "The Taming of the Shrew", a classic play by a classic playwright. It's modern, funky and, most of all, entertaining, and makes you fall in love with the main characters. A delightful film for teenage girls and adults alike.

smash241 - Greatest Movie Ever!!!5 star

this is one of my favourite movies of all time great comedy element to it as well as great acting

phoeba455 - AWESOME!!!!!!!!5 star

i luv this movie and heath. kat u rock grl.10 out of10

music_junkie8 - awesome5 star

it doesnt matter how many times you see it, its still great and the laughs are still funny!! Love the cast, the plot, the dialogue everything!! Fav line: "she kissed me.....In the car" HILARIOUS!

=]groovy!! - Fantastic Movie5 star

This movie is amazing. one of my all time favourites, They are all such good actors. A great movie.

MeganMc - Love it!!!5 star

I love this movie could watch it over n over again and never get sick of it!

Jæcyntha - :D5 star

I love this movie how it is not like anything else I have ever watched. Brilliant story line and awesome actors!!!

benmck1 - Best ever5 star

This is my fav movie of all time i love it

'mimi' - i cant begin to explain my obsession with this movie.....5 star

this is the best movie in the history of best movies. 'there are two rules in this house; one- no dating till you graduate, two- no dating till you graduate' this story is set in a modern american family around the story written by shakespeare. it revolves around 'hineous b***h' Katerina Stratford and 'planet look at me look at me' Bianca Stratford, the two sisters that cant date, until her father enforces a new rule, 'the repalious retch herslef' is able to date and when she does Bianca can date. 'did you just main joeys car' 'oops, looks like you have to take the bus' so binaca's 'hot rod' jeoey pays 'dont look at him, i heard he sold his own liver for a set of speakers offf the black market' Patrick Verona money to take out Katrina so Joey can take out Bianca "you payed to take me out by the one person i truly hate, i knew this was a set up, so what was it then a downpayment now and a bonus for sleeping with me" "no it wasnt like that, i didnt care about the money, i cared....about...you" "you are so not the person i thought you were" ......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... PLEASE WATCH THIS MOVIE

emmadrabsch - Best Ever Teen Movie!5 star

Need I say more? WATCH IT if you are sane! It is a great movie with an unusual plot, brilliant actors and the most witty remarks I think I have ever heard in under 2 hours. Best teen movie ever!

Raiychie - great movie!5 star

I abolutely love this movie, Heath Ledger is soo great!

lees95 - .LOVE.5 star

I have been in love with this movie since it came out! Heath ledger is my all time fave actor and he rox in this movie!! xoxo.GG

tazzie961 - Best teen comedy ever!5 star

This has been one of my favourite movies ever since it was released. The cast all give great performances and seem as though they are having a great time. There are a few cliches, but the script is razor-sharp and consistently funny. Highly recommended!

alval1962 - YAY5 star

finally you got this movie..... i requested it and i got it.... hooray for itunes store people This is clearly one of the best movies ever... my fave part definately has to be when heath sings over the mega phone

Ezza <3 - 10 out of 10, or 5 stars5 star

This is by far one of the greatest films around, and Heath is such a spunk!!! Not your average storyline with not your average characters. Brilliant production, suitable for anyone immune to good old fashioned comedy, bad boys, nerds, softmores and romance. You will love this film! Guarenteed!!!!

tigerbluebean - 10 things I hate about you5 star

This film is amazing and very funny with mild language

Tulip👌👌👌👌 - Amazing!!5 star

My all time favourite film- Heath Ledger is one of the greatest actors! Would recommend to everyone, it's bound to put a smile on your face!❤️

sairah.3496 - SOO GOOD5 star

This film is a must-see, it's definitely one of my favourites!!!! The storyline is really good, it's sure to make you laugh! I absolutely love Heath Ledger in this too! R.I.P Heath Ledger, one of my fave actors ❤️

Cowbag3031 - Wonderful!5 star

This a modern adaption of Taming Of The Shrew by Shakespeare. The actors are very well chosen for their characters & really bring a zing to the story/play. The Shakespearian play is one of my favourites & this adaption is right alongside it. There are many laughs & poignant moments. Enjoy!

mairih - best film ever5 star

Honestly one of the best films ever made! Funny, clever, witty and romantic. Absolute favourite!

H011y94 - Best romcom of all time5 star

So many great characters, and Heath Ledger’s face <3

Emily_lorna - Amazing5 star

Actually love it :)

REDBULL/WINGS - Brilliant5 star

Excellent movie I've watched it about a 100 times!! Seriously it's a must watch I watch it basically every night on my PC.RIP Heath ledger best actor ever I love him he's best in this movie can't stop watching this film it's amazing I love it so so so much BUY IT and again RIP Heath ledger that's what you call a real legend RIP.

Kady Michaels - Wicked!5 star

I loved this film! Heath ledger is soo cute!

Dotty131 - A All Time Classic5 star

This flim has great comdey and a Great Cast of people, it has sense of humor RIP to heath ledger he was a amazing actor and will always remeber him for his movies !!!!!

Anon53 - Awesome ;p5 star

I Love you Heath Ledger ( R.I.P.), you were the BEST in this film. One of my favourite films with one of my favourite actors, also i love you Joseph Gordon-Levitt xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 3-04-2012

The litte rock dude - the film is amazing and so funny but ...4 star

so over-priced on itunes!!!

Presa canario - a modern interpretation of a classic5 star

This film is a corker, a modern interpretation of Shakespear's 'taming of the shrew' however don't think this film is old fashioned or pedestrian, its excellent, funny, lively with a excellent soundtrack, I have watched this 20 times and still love it. colourful, progressing characters, laugh out loud humour, and music that will have you watching the credits to see who the bands are. RomCom elements to keep the romantics happy, and a general funky funny romp for the rest of us.

Doodle er - WoW5 star

I just watched this movie! All I can say is WoW

caitlin1704 - One Word: Terrific5 star

This film couldn't get any better. It really helped me when I had an assignment on The Taming of the Shrew. It basically made Shakespeare fun! I <3 it! :)

Doodle - Best film ever made!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!5 star

I actually love this film I could watch over and over again and never get bored of it Also the acting it amazing and I love heath ledger he will always be my fav actor -- rip heath 

Nia-mhhhhh - My Favourite Film Ever!!!5 star

This has 2 be without a doubt my favourite film ever, it's soooooo funny it's a rom-com film and I just love it if I could rate it out of a billion I would give it a billion thumbs up!!! 

xxLilyx - Love5 star

This film is amazing :D definately one of my favourites!! Heath ledger is brilliant <33 though i love Joseph Gordon levitt soo much :L

Carolyn xx - Great film!!! :D5 star

This is a sweet and funny rom-com, with a gripping plot and played very well by the actors, especially Heath Ledger, who acts superbly in this :) It's one of those films that you can find yourself watching over and over again and never getting bored of it! :) The part where Heath Ledger sings 'Can't Take My Eyes Off You' is one of the best scenes, and he sings it very well!!! :D I-tunes please put up Heath Ledger's version of 'Can't Take My Eyes Off you'!!!! :)

Helenbabey<3 - AMAZING!<3<3<3<34 star

the best film EVER:D rip heath ledger-4.4.79-22.01.08-<3<3<3<3

Georgiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.x. - Absolutly brilllll, and awesomely funny5 star

Love, love, love this film, one of the best I've ever seen xx

Lola Tartakover - best film ever!5 star

this is my favourite film EVERR! I absolutley love heath ledger aswell which is a bonus. this is a must see film if you like chik flicks!

ShizzaBabes - Awrrrr x5 star

I love this film loads, heath ledger is a ledgand and was a great actor. He is still my fave. X rip heath ledger. Oh yh, defo a rent or buy. By scanning past the reveiws, ive only seen 5 stars, which i strongly agree to x

PaintSplat - All Time Great!!!!5 star

This is possibly one of my favourite films EVER!!!! I love it so much!!!!! Well worth buying, thankyou iTunes!!!!!!

Iilloovveemmyyiipooodddd - Love love love love LOVE!5 star

I love this film( obviously :p) and RIP Heath. He was so amazing and he is perfect in this film WATCH IT :D

Harrypotterfan134 - Bloody brilliant.5 star

The title says it all. I love this movie so much . Must buy. But I brought this moive and it dissapered . And they won't let me buy it back free.

Lol failed XD - Just WATCH5 star

best film ever never watched it before but the preview helped just BUY IT or rent :D

smoothcriminal. - my favourite film :)5 star

i saw it once, and i didnt get it at all. i saw it twice, and it's been my favourite film ever since. amaaaaaazing.

rachel_clifton - RIP Heath :(5 star

a sweet and funny romcom :) it's one of my favourite films of all time <3 Heath Ledger = FIT ;))

georginaneumann - Love It :)5 star

An ammaziingg film by ammazingg actors....... A must have! I love Heath Ledger in it and he's soooo fittt! R.I.P xxxxxxxxx

EL94!! - LOVE IT5 star

I have watched this film soooo many times and i STILL love it!!!!! its so good and heath ledger is amazzzzing :) honestly watch it!!!!!!

Maryjayne jameson - Amazing5 star

Love this movie and the soundtrack well worth the money.... Heath is so hot in this movie omg! Rip handsome xxx

betty 101 - Deffo get this !5 star

Absolutelyy amazink this film . i can watch this forever !!! love the characters the music and the whole thing !!! defo buy this !

kfma - 10 things I hate about you5 star

This movie is funny, witty and excellent. It reminds us of the better points of heath leger's career (not that there weren't any major bad movies that he was in). All of the actors did an excellant job. Fellicitations! Anyway this movie is worth watching and at quite a good price"

lilsxkitten - LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!5 star

I first watched this film when it first came out and have been addicted since! its the perfect movie for any time, and heaths smile! omgosh!! swoon R.I.P to the best actor known to man! ladies sit back and enjoy, guys make notes!!

BethanyAnn1403 - GREAT!!5 star

I loved this film!!! 5 star!!! MY FAV FILM EVER!!!!

LouisePacker - Top!5 star

This is the BEST film ever! Well In Itunes X

Ellie x - :)5 star

This is one of my favourite films, and I can watch it over and over.. awesome soundtrack, great script and all brilliant acting in my opinion, my fave role of heath ledger! rip :( xxxx

laurenisabellewilson - amazing!5 star

Not only do I love heath ledger, I love this film too! AB FAB! Great film, a diffinate must see! loveyouheath! xxx r.i.p x

the empiress - Wicked5 star

This film is old but so cool! And Heath Ledger (R.I.P) looks amazing such ashame he died and he was so young. But this film is a must see for everyone!!!

IndieKidd =] - Great :)4 star

This is a comedy/romantic film and is really good. But its not for sale!! Please itunes put it on :)

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L97 - Great!4 star

This movie was completely and utterly wierd and strange!!!!I LOVED IT!! it was definitely funny!!.....................???just it was a great movie!! even though i only gave the movie ****(4 stars)...............................................?????? It was just a great and funny and strange movie!and thats y i loved it so much!!!!

Rayvin400 - Love '90s teen movies5 star

The '90s had some epic teen movies. If you liked this movie then check out the other ones this decade has to offer. This movie is based on "the taming of the shrew". It has fantastic actors, and great comedy that isn't just slapping and farting and naked girls. You will feel this movie, if you've ever had a high school crush.

Lexiiyyyyyyy - 10000 stars5 star

Love love love love love love love love love!!!!! I could go on forever!!! I absolutely love this movie. Definitely worth a buy! It has the best actors and Heath ledger is incredible in it!! Cute funny charming!! And I also really like Julia stilles :)

x TheJokersGotMyHeart x - Heath and Joseph :)5 star

heath ledger and joseph gordon-levitt? automatically hysterically amazing. and not to mention the plot line and humor. so cute, so funny. worth a buy. ;D

Autumn:]]]]]]]]]]]] - :}5 star


~Alligirl~ - My 2nd favorite movie ever made!5 star

I absolutely LOVE this movie! It was my 1st favorite movie until Avatar came out. But this movie is so funny and has 2 of my favorite actors, Heath Ledger & Joseph Gordon-Levitt. When I first saw this movie on TV I fell in love with it and kept watching it over and over again. If someone asked me what's a good teen comedy to watch I would highly recommend this movie to them.

it WILL get loud - Absolutley Fantabulous5 star

so, i'm not a big fan about chick flicks, but this movie pleasantly surprised me. it's very funny, sweet, serious, and set in Seattle (who doesn't love Seattle?). Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles are such a great pair i this film. Even my dad likes this movie. If you love good humour, romance, and good old fashioned high school fun then this movie is for you!

Miss Em101374 - 10 out of 10 for 10 Things I Hate about you :)5 star

This movie has become one of my all time favorites. I'm normally not a person who get these teen comedies but I love it. It truly showed Hesth Ledger's brilliant acting potential. It showed his sweet, funny, snd gentle side to his personality. It is an ultimate shame that we lost him so early in his extensive career. Heath was truly gifted.

tiFFpiFF:} - Perfect Movie my fave all time comedy5 star

And what tops it all??? HEATH LEDGER!! rest in peace

naijahlillyxoxo :) - LOVE IT!5 star

I absolutely love this movie! <3 (:

Uncle Jimmy Jam - Uber5 star

I absolutly love this movie , one of heaths best

randomkellbell - 10 things i love about 10 Things I Hate About You5 star

Good 1. Great performance from Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles 2. Heath's performance in the middle, which is the best part in the whole movie 3. Great teen movie that people can actually relate to except for 4. The way the teachers act, which is hilarious 5. Makes me smile through the whole thing 6. People realize that it doesnt matter what people think about you 7. No f-word, which is a nice change from other PG-13 movies around now 8. The fact that a guy would give up a bad habit for a girl, and cares about her enough to take care of her when she is hurt and drunk 9. The way that a guy is paid to take out a girl, then falls for her. 10. Patrick himself and the way he acts to get the girl, even though at the beginning it's for the wrong reasons. Some bad things: -Not appropriate enough to watch with parents -Many curse words, especially at the beginning -Not appropriate to watch with little kids. In this case, PG-13 means 13 and above This movie has become my favorite movie! It makes me sad that Heath Ledger is gone, because he has a great smile and was a great actor. This is a great teen movie, and even though there is some language, its really great. A movie that earned its 5 stars :D going to be watching this for a while!

Clopez17 - 5 star

I love this movie its sooo funny and sweet

Ultravylence - I love it5 star

I have always love this movie and any one who doesn't your an idiot!!

Alex, Folsom - Not just a chick flick5 star

I thought it was but I was wrong. It is one of the best movies ever. I'm not embarassed to say that Heath made it what it is. I know everyone loves Jon and misses him alot. It's just so god dam sad. Heath, along with Ville Valo are the sexiest men ever. And now he's gone. Atleast we still have Ville :) R.I.P Heath Ledger. You will live on forever

rozroz137 - I love this movie!!5 star

This movie is great It was one of my mom's favorites and now its mine! I don't really care if its from the 90's this movie is amazing all the time!!

HorrorFanAddict - x'05 star

Omg Heath Ledger's in this. It hurts to watch.

movie gal221 - 10 reasons to buy this movie5 star

1.) Very Funny 2.) Romantic Movie great for everyone 3.) Fun for all ages 4.) Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles= Great Chemistry 5.) New type of movie 6.) One of Heath Ledgers Greatest Movies 7.) Laughing til the end 8.) An old story re-told in modern times 9.) Amazing Music 10.) best Movie in the World!!!! R.I.P. Heath Ledger

Kyra von kropp - Love it!5 star

I thought this was a great teenage romantic comdy. I really did enjoy it.

RandomAwesomeness - Ahhhhh!!5 star

Love the movie, love the show, love 10 things!!!! Omg get it!!! And Heath ledger? HOT.

Peace <3 :) - Oh My god It's Awesome!!!!5 star

Thus is definately the best movie ever because it sparked my LOVE FOR HEATH LEDGER! He looks amazing and does a great job in this movie, it really wouldn't be the same without him in it. Funniest movie I have seen in awhile! R.I.P. HEATH LEDGER <3<3<3<3

moosic33 - This is one I'll be keeping for a LONG time.5 star

This movie is AMAZING. It's hilarious, romantic, well-written, well-acted, well-put together....not even 'well'. It's 6 star if anything. One of my favorites. Anyone. Pick this up and watch it. You will not be disappointed.

Kefira14 - Are u kidding5 star

umm hell yes this is like my favorite movie of all time heath ledger HOT!!! i am so happy they have it!!! YAY!! My favorite seen in the movie is when they are throwing the paint in the ballons at eachother.

DeppFanNumber1 - 2 Words: Heath Ledger5 star

This movie is SO AWESOME. The first time I heard of it I did NOT want to see it, but then I realized HEATH LEDGER was in it, so I went for it. I watched it and I could not have loved it more. It is the most perfect movie EVER and you HAVE TO BUY THIS MOVIE OR ELSE THE JOKER WILL COME AND EAT YOU

tle815 - I HEART THIS MOVIE!5 star

i loved this movie!!! watch it!!! its totally worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

maybaby93 - 10 things i love about his movie....5 star

1. the characters portray real people in real situations that many teens face, not outlandish things. 2. Without being rediculously unrealistic it does have its exagerations which add to the humor of it. 3. As for the characters, the overly strict father, the charming bad boy, the loner girl whom everyone is scared of, the geeky freshman in love with miss popular, and last but not least the beautiful girls and their mysterious femininity that drives the boys crazy. 4. It is the movie of the 90s. 5. lagh-out-loud hilarious. 6. Sarcasm galore...curtousy of the lovely Julia Stiles. 7. Male specimen that eat your heart up....AKA The gorgeous Heath Ledger. 8. Heath Ledger sings and dances to impress a girl...hi-larious!! 9. Really bringd the family together...great mother daughter movie, i watch it with my mom all the time and have so much fun. 10. DO I REALLY HAVE TO SAY IT........HEATH LEDGER IS IN IT!!! That is reason enough to add this incredible movie to your Ipod.

S Jordan - AMAZING5 star

I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!!!! Its a great movie, it has romance and comedy, the 2 perfect things for a movie. Im soooooo happy i bought the it, i watch it every night on my ipod and never get bored of it!!!!!!!!!

twhitleyg - 10 Things I Hate About You?5 star

Honestly, it's the best movie I have ever seen. Buy it, or you'll be sorry. :] And Joseph Gordon-Levitt is AMAZING!

liz5454 - Love it!!!5 star

Thus movie is so good. The cast is perfect! Everyone should see it at least once in their lives.

africh01 - wow!5 star

i saw the trailer on itunes, and it looked good to me, so i bought it, and i'm SO glad i did. it's SO much better than the trailer lets on (: try it out, this movie won't disappoint !

lori1015 - loved it5 star

i dont think one person has written a bad review about this movie. and that is a good thing. because i love this movie!

sweetheart[27] - i loved it :) my favorite5 star

omg..this movie is soo goodd.. i loved it :) heath ledger is sooo freakkinn hot in this movie... goshh..its worth the money...it's such a good movie.you won't regret it.

annoyedtoo - Can't get much better than this.5 star

this movie has been a favorite of mine since the first time my sister showed it to me. Every scene makes me want to live this life. I love how it is based on one of Shakespeare's plays, (And not just Romeo and Juliet) and I also love how Heath Ledger is in it. I love it so very much!

triciameow - best movie5 star

This was such a good movie. Heath Ledger was the perfect person to play Cameron. It was so cute when he sang to her. RIP Heath Ledger.

MusicLuvr2196 - Hilarious!5 star

i love this movie^^ It's really funny and the actors are great too. I loved Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles-they were really good together!

Chaos 8 - Love this5 star

Loved the movie but was trying to find the songs from the movie and couldn't fond anything it needs to have a soundtrack plz!

zae17 - I loved it.5 star

I really liked this movie. It was really cute. I mean, it was kinda predicatable (aren't most chic flicks?), but I pefer a happy ending over a sad one. It was a great movie, I would buy it if I had enough money on my account! Heath Ledger was an amazing actor. I'm so sorry that he died. Most of his movies were amazing.

Hahahahahahahahahahah - LOVE IT!!!!!!5 star

This has got to be one of my all time favorite movies ever!!!!!! It is so romantic and so cute!!!!! Heath Ledger Eeeeeeeekkkkk he is so amazing in this movie!!!!!!! 5 stars at least!!!

phoebesimone - AMAZING!!5 star

i am very picky in the romantic/comedy genere, but this movie was better than any expectations would assume. it is, by far my FAVORITE MOVIE EVER!! the actors *coughcoughHeathLedgercough* are amazing, talented, and gorgeous *coughheathledger*. This movie made me both laugh and cry! BUY IT!!!!!!!! YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!!!!!! plus, did i mention Heath Ledger...

pinky hawt - Will always be a classic to me5 star

omg i love this movie!! I remember wen i first came upon it two years ago. I was flipping channels and on one channel i heard a guy say " does this chick hav beer flavored niipples or something"? I was laughing so hard tht i just watched the rest of the movie in laughter and was soo touched by the sad parts! This will always be my fav movie of all time!

agrog22 - 10 things i hate about you5 star

I love this movie soooo much and everytime i watch it i always laugh. I wanna buy the song Can't take my eyes off of you by heath ledger but it isn't on itunes:( Anyway this movie is worth 10 bucks.

aura of the music - 10 Things I Love About 10 Things I Hate About You5 star

1. Heath Ledger 2. Julia Stiles 3. It makes me laugh out loud 4. It makes me cry 5. It has good music 6. It has witty dialogue 7. It made me want to read Shakespeare 8. It's adorably romantic without triggering my gag reflex like some other cheesy teen romances do 9. I've watched it approximately a billion times and I never get sick of it 10. It's hilarious Definitely a classic teen romantic comedy.

JazzyFresh<3 - If you don't like this movie... your insane.5 star

This movie is one of the best movies i have ever seen. Part of the reason it's so good, is because of heath ledger, who was an EXTREMELY good looking guy. But there is so much more to this movie than a hot guy. It has romance, LOADS of comedy, and it was kind of sad at one point. It was a really adorable movie and one that i would recommend to ANYONE! This movie is worth way more than $5. But, i'll take it at that price! ...and... R.I.P. Heath Ledger. He was an amazing and successful actor who is loved to this very day.

olleyyballvayy - love thiss moviieeee =D5 star

This was the first pg-13 movie i saw when i was younger! It has always been one of my favorites and always will be! I'm sooooo happy it's on itunes now, woooo! Watch it! Buy it! GO GO GO =D You definitely won't regret it =D R.I.P. Heath you sexy beast <3

tng2525 - Awesome and hilarious!5 star

OMG!!!! i love this movie. I had absolutely no idea what it was until two months ago when i saw it at my friend's house and now i'm in love with it. At this price, it's definitely a must buy. no doubt about it

Meredith D. - Best movie ever!5 star

This is one of those movies that just never gets old. I've probably watched it five times and I can even quote it. Definitely worth the money! If you don't own it you should! Not a cheezy chick flick like you might expect - give it a go, it's really great!

lulu9687 - !!5 star

This is my favorite movie ever! Never gets old seen it about 10 times

angelinaballerina22 - Funny, witty, charming, romantic...5 star

Everything you could ask for in a movie. I am very picky when it comes to buying movies- I only own 3, and this is one of them. You know those favorites that you catch while flipping channels, and tell yourself you'll just watch a few minutes, and then find yourself glued throughout the whole show all over again- this is one of them! The script and acting is superb, and the characters are all very charming. Also, the movie is filmed at this architectually stunning school in Washington state. You will fall in love with this movie, and while you're at it, you might as well buy the soundtrack because you will find yourself replaying the movie just to hear the great music.

DONGHAE4EVER - This movie was the Bomb Digity!!5 star

I was watching this movie with my little sister at about 2 o'clock at night, on a Saturday. And when I saw this movie, I was just like "I have to get it!" But,it never happened! So I downloaded it on my ipod and I just dont stop watching it! It's a really great movie and I loved all the characters. Whoever didnt watch this movie, needs to watch it. (If 13 and up)

cardib - new series4 star

"10 things i hate about you" is being made into a new series on ABC family airing tuesday, july 7th at 8pm! Make sure to check it out!!!

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10 Things I Hate About You movie images
10 Things I Hate About You movie images
10 Things I Hate About You movie images
10 Things I Hate About You movie images
10 Things I Hate About You movie images
10 Things I Hate About You movie images
10 Things I Hate About You movie images
10 Things I Hate About You movie images
10 Things I Hate About You movie images
10 Things I Hate About You movie images
10 Things I Hate About You movie images
10 Things I Hate About You movie images

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10 Things I Hate About You movie posters
10 Things I Hate About You movie posters
10 Things I Hate About You movie posters
10 Things I Hate About You movie posters
10 Things I Hate About You movie posters
10 Things I Hate About You movie posters
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