Remember the Titans

Remember the Titans Summary and Synopsis

Academy Award® winner* Denzel Washington (The Hurricane & The Bone Collector) gives a victorious performance in this stirring and uplifting film. Based on a real-life drama, REMEMBER THE TITANS is a rousing celebration of how a town torn apart by resentment, friction and mistrust comes together in triumphant harmony. After leading his team to fifteen winning seasons, football coach Bill Yoast (Will Patton) is demoted and replaced by Herman Boone (Washington), tough, opinionated and as different from the beloved Yoast as he could be. How these two men overcome their differences, and turn a group of hostile young men into champions, plays out in a remarkable and triumphant story full of soul and spirit. No matter what, you will never forget the Titans. After leading his football team to 15 winning seasons, coach Bill Yoast is demoted and replaced by Herman Boone – tough, opinionated and as different from the beloved Yoast as he could be. The two men learn to overcome their differences and turn a group of hostile young men into champions. Remember the Titans Wiki

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Remember the Titans Movie (2000)

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Remember the Titans Movie Reviews

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- iTunes & Apple TV Extras needed5 star

Awesome movie, especially Denzel Washington being the lead actor; but when will the Special Features and Apple TV & iTunes Extras, along with the extended version/directors cut of the movie be added as Apple TV & iTunes Extras as well as upgrading to 4K? I found this movie on Disney+ and found the all deleted scenes of the movie. This is really annoying to me when the Special Features appear on the Home Video releases of movies, but not on iTunes because technology is advancing everyday. I think it’s time that Apple and iTunes should make it mandatory for all movies that came with Special Features on home video be released on iTunes as Apple TV & iTunes Extras as well.

- Awesome Movie, Awesome Deal!!!5 star

The usual price for this movie is $17.99 which seems like a lot for a movie, which it is, but this is a movie that is worth buying for $17.99. And now that it is on sale to buy for $4.99, I am so definitely going to get it. $4.99 ITunes, sold. More Disney deals like this ITunes

- The best!!!!!!!!!!5 star

The best. Why the kissing thing though? You really gotta include that crap is everything don’t ya Disney?

- My Son's Favorite Film5 star

Watches it with his team before games. Inspiration.

- One of the best movies I’ve ever watched5 star

Superb performance by all of the actors. The story is truly touching.

- An absolute gem of a movie5 star

In many ways, remember the titans captures the heart and mind in a way many films aspire to accomplish. This is an amazing film.

- Remember the Titans5 star

I think you did amazing Disney on this movie it was sad but happy at the same time I love it

- probably the best movie you’ll see in a while5 star

a movie from my childhood!!! I love this movie more than anything

- Great movie5 star

Great movie

- Best movie ever5 star

but it it’s great i cried😂

- Please4 star

Please lower the HD price for this movie.

- This movie.5 star

I remember when this movie came out. We watched in school and had to write about it. I absolutely love this movie. Every time I heard ain't no mountain I think of this movie. This movie is on tv frequently and I cry every single time. This is on my top picks of favourite movies of all time. Absolutely worth my time over and over again.

- Amazingly inspirational5 star

❤️ will watch again and again

- Great movie5 star

This is a very inspiring movie and a lot of fun to watch. However there is one thing iTunes needs to add and that's the soundtrack for this movie composed by Trevor Rabin. It's so moving and epic. Please add that!

- Yassssss5 star

This is literally one of the best movies I've ever seen in my entire life. We watched in school this past week and I almost cried in some parts. Definitely not your ordinary football movie but I'm saying this in a good way.

- This movie is great5 star

This movie is great, and fun. I love this movie a lot and It is one of the all time greatest movies ever.

- Best movie ever5 star

Amazing movie!

- Amazing Movie5 star

This movie is an amazing movie. Everyone should see this movie at least once. Remember the Titans is a heartwarming story, but that's not all it is. This is a movie about rough times in American history and showing how people can come together. Masterpiece from start to finish, and it never gets old no matter how many times I've seen it since it originally came out!

- Awesome5 star

I love this movie but I haven't seen it in a while but I know that love it and it made me want to play football so now I do

- Favorite Movie of All Time5 star

I recently watched this movie in health class to learn about conflict resolutions. We started watching it on Friday and couldn't finish until Monday. I couldn't wait over the weekend. That Saturday I rented it on iTunes and I do not regret it one bit. This is an amazing movie. No other football movie will ever be as good as Remember the Titans.

- #1 Movie!5 star

This movie should be number one over The Blind Side all day long.

- Two Thumbs Up!!5 star

This Movie Is Such A Good Movie And I LOVE This Movie You Should Watch It!!

- 8/85 star

8/8 m8

- incredible and best foot movie ever5 star

My favorite football movie ever ever and since it is based on a true story it makes it even better!


Remember the Titans is a very good and humorous movie.

- My favorite movie5 star

My absolute favorite movie of all times. They team not only conquered on the football field but they conquered in may other ways as well!

- Gets me every time5 star

I've seen this movie at least 1000 times and it still makes me cry every time. A group of kids coming together to achieve a common goal despite their differences and the prejudice of the world closing in on them. My favorite movie ever.

- ❤️❤️❤️5 star

I watched this for the first time last night. I laughed, I cried, I sat on the edge of my seat through the entire movie and I was literally shaking with anxiety at some parts, and excitement at others parts. This is my absolute favorite movie ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I'm sure I'll forever remember the Titans!

- Greatest football movie ever made5 star

This is the greatest football movie I've ever seen. It is inspiring beyond words. If you don't like this movie there is clearly something wrong with you, and I feel truly sorry for you

- Awesome5 star

Favorite movie

- Best movie5 star

I absolutely love this movie, and I love football. Best movie ever ! I can watch it all day everyday and it won't get boring

- Great movie4 star

I didn't get to finish this movie and it says I have to rent it again it's been less than a day? Help I didn't even delete this movie!!

- rotten tomatoes part deaux1 star

this is, by far, the corniest movie i have ever seen. terrible acting and a preachy messages "love thy brother" and "love makes the world go round" makes me want to gag. not even worth the money

- Greatest Movie Ever5 star

This movie is absolutely incredible! Everyone needs to watch it😍

- Everything u want to see5 star

It has it all funny thrilling action soul ... Definitley one to watch. Greatest movie ive ever seen in a long time

- Love it5 star

Best movie ever

- I say for ages 10 and up if mature at the minimum.5 star

This movie is a very good movie has funny parts,sad parts,scary parts(worried some scenes aka fight scenes ) and also happy parts. This shows about in the past how our world was. It shows the team which found out that there all the same. So I bet if you ask old folks about them the would still..... Remember the titans

- Movie5 star

Best movie other than unstoppable with Denzel Washington in it

- Amazing5 star

This is the best movie ever! I love the story of it!

- Great movie5 star

I am a huge football fan and I love this movie. So I rented it on my ipad to watch at hotels during vacation, they charged $4.00 for a one day rental and when I rented it and had it downloaded and all ready to go I hit play and I couldn't even watch it! I had perfect wifi connection and every thing but it wouldn't even open! I am never renting another movie from apple again!

- Inspirational5 star

It teaches you that every one can get along no matter if your black, white, purple, blue, green or orange and any shape. Take the chance to make new friends.

- Remember the titans5 star

I love this movie but what I hate about it is it can only be rented :'(

- GREAT movie...but5 star

When is iTunes going to offer this movie for sale??? GREAT movie...

- Perfection5 star

The best movie ever made!

- Remember the Titans5 star

Great movie that touches your heart. It really shows the struggles in the 1970's with race. My favorite character is Gary. He shows great leadership and brings his team to victory! It is a shame that he died so young but his legend still lives on and will touch people's hearts as it did with mine!

- My favorite movie5 star

This is my favorite movie of all time everyone go watch its its a great movie

- Great family movie5 star

This is one of my favorite movies. I watch it almost everytime it comes on TV. It's funny and heartfelt, and Denzel Washington's acting is great. I wish he would've at least been nominated for an Oscar for his performance in this film because he deserved it.

- Beast mode5 star

The coolest movie about football it shows you that just because your different doesnt mean we can't work together

- This is the best movie you will ever see in your life, this is a period during the Civil rights5 star

The besttt!!!!!


Awesome totally inspiring

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brobear24935 - Great movie5 star

Very emotional and shows great emotion

The embassador7 - Coach Yoats5 star

YOU BLITZ ALL NIGHT. I get charged every time I see that part.💪💪

Billie skye - Amazing5 star

Everyone should watch this movie !

Elbrigram - I love this movie!5 star

I love it soo much it is the best. I dont really know what i love about it i just do!!

ShealeighBrandford - Best movie in history5 star

Seen it about 235790754758 times and still love it!

gobstopper55 - Absolutely Phenomenal!!5 star

This movie was honestly the best movie I've ever seen. I'm not saying that because I feel like it, it just really was fantastic. The movie talks about racism and segregation in Virginia in the early 70's, and I think it did a great job of showing how hard it was for not just black people, but everyone, at the time. Not only was the movie amazing, but it was also emotional, funny, and realistic. It even made me cry at the end. Overall, this is an AMAZING movie that at any price, is defininitely worth it, but $9.99, is a great deal! Definitely a must-buy!!!!!!!!!

LaLaLaLaah - Very Toching5 star

This movie is amazing , had to watch it in school , this is one of the best movies I have ever seen.

Stamkos boy 91 - Great5 star

It's an amazing movie our coach made us watch it and it was great

Sexual Predator - True Story5 star

This movie is great!!! The fact that it is based on true story is incredible! Highly recommend it!

Mikester7 - Remember the Titans5 star

Amazing movie , easily one of my favourites .

fuzzypreaches - What is pain? FRENCH BREAD!5 star

This is an amazing movie. It is an amazing movie for team bonding. Highly recommend it. 5/5

I love T.C. Williams Titans - Titans rock5 star

This story will teach you not to judge a man by how he looks but to look deeper and realize the true person he really is. I give this movie a 500,000,000,000 star rating. I highly recommend it.

Penguin94 - You Will Remember...5 star

A beautiful, powerful, and touching story that at times makes you laugh your hardest, and at times makes you cry the same way. This movie will bring those who watch it closer together, and will make each and every one of you remember the story, and Remember the Titans.

iNickreview - Thanks iTunes!5 star

They finally added this movie! It's one of my favourites!

fatman_71 - One of the best5 star

I love this film. A sports drama based on a true story, impeccably told and acted. A great inclusion for your catalogue

Film critic01 - Great sports drama - A must-watch5 star

A really good sports drama film. Densely Washington plays the best character in this film. A great plot and s great series of events and scenes in the Logie. This is an inspirational film based on peace and equality between one another and it is also a sports drama movie because it is based upon American football. A really good sports drama to own and watch. Excellent. :)

Colinmugridge - Remember the Titans5 star

One of the best movies ever made. Could watch it over & over. Brilliant casting. Very highly recommended.

Roochay - best movie4 star

such a good movie!! AMAZING!!! Get It!!!!!

13klaralouise_ - LifeLines ♥5 star

I adore this movie, it means everything to me. I love my teacher from introducing it to me and I'll always, always 'Remember the Titans' xx

natashamarinkovic - Awesome5 star

Great movie and well worth it

lyndelou - Great5 star

Thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Well worth the money I paid to buy it.

RAWRRpower - Fanatstic!!5 star

I didn't really want to watch this movie but when I did I haven't stopped. My dad had it for a week and I think I watched it almost everyday!! Its such a good, touching, funny movie!! It also makes you want to get the songs on your ipod!!! You should definately watch this movie, otherwise you'll be missing out on something big!!

s00ji - Superb.5 star

This film has captivated thousands and for clear reason, its moral is outstanding, as well as the acting, the plot everything is just superb. One of the best films I have ever seen I would recommend it to anyone, for the sport alone. Now I live in Australia, but this film has made me want to watch and play gridiron anyway that i can, as well as make me laugh, cry, amaze me and just leave me in awe through the incredible emotion range that this film displays. Tackling a moral issue like this is no easy feat, but this film does it brilliantly. I can't imagine a better movie.

DJ SOUTHSIDE - Masterpeice5 star

these are the types of movies that should be gracing the cinemars, great plot of the strugles of black people in the South in america. Its just a great movie that everyone should watch and its about American football what isnt to love about the movie

haz1237 - :-))))))))5 star

i had 2 do this movie for a school assignment. Once i watched it, i couldn't stop watching it. It's very inspirational & great mix of comedy and sport. Thx Itunes for putting this on!!!!!! :-)

ella_scott - great movie5 star

this is my fav movie of all time...i seriously recomend watching it

Anthony S!c L3b - Amazing movie5 star

when i thought of watching this i thought this would be boring but it was one of my top favorite movies ever it has an excellent story with excellent actors i would buy this 100%

lbuesnel - ...5 star

I love this movie i watched it at school. except it brought a tear to my eye. Favorite movie of all time. Want it on my ipod but only if my parents allow me too. You will absoulty love this movie so buy it.....

Tahnz P - Brilliant!!!5 star

This is my most favourite movie of all time. I have seen it so many times and almost know it word for word. I have never played the game before, know the rules or ever been interested in it so even I was surprised at how much I loved it. A very inspirational film. FANTASTIC!!!

Benny Dee - Awesome5 star

This is my favourite movie of all time. Because "In Greek mythology the titians were greater even then the gods and ruled their universe with absolute power."

endy gerrard - woaaaa5 star

buy it bro!!!!!!!!

george2212 - Inspirational5 star

Amazing, One of the Best movies ever made.

Allblack14 - love it5 star

this has been my favourite movie for a long time. I've seen it so many times but never get tired of it. This is going on my ipod for sure.

AppGuy42 - Inspirational...5 star

I’m lost for words. Just watch it.

Sugarcandymountain - We are the Titans! Mighty mighty Titans!!5 star

OMG!! Love this film. One of the greatest I've seen in a while. Watched it in History and it gripped me from the beginning!! Would recommend it to anyone of any age! 10/10!!😆😆

Maria the Italian - Amazing film5 star

Well written and great acting. Washington outstanding as usual. Will watch it again and again.

Wingdanut - Amazing5 star

is now in my top 10 best films ever watched

JBomber14 - Must see, great film5 star

can always remember watching this film in school and i searched it straight away. such a good film, on elf my favourite sports and it always will be. must buy film!

[email protected] - CLASSIC5 star

Best movie I've seen yet and I HAV seen ALOT of good films but this one... A later to be classic! Wot a movie man Exceptionally surprising it hasn't got a 5 star overall rating

Gorgeous 1 - Excellent film!5 star

10 years ago I saw it twice in cinema the very same day. Since then I watched so many times. The film just doesn't get old.

"Living the Dream" - Good, enjoyable film5 star

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. The fact that it tells a real story, it reminds you of how short a time it is since we broke down racial barriers and how far the US has come in such a short time. All round great performances. I would heartily recommend, especially at 99p.

CuzzyKelly - Another Instantaneous Classic5 star

Disney have had such success when producing sports films and this can only be described as another another classic. A film for the entire family that teaches the key characteristics that are needed to succeed in unity and as a team. UNBELIEVEABLE. * * * * * Also, If you liked this film. watch Glory Road, another Disney sports film about a basketball team that fights a similar battle with racial hatred and segregation.

Medjooli - Remember the Titans5 star

Thought provoking, moving & uplifting. As you would expect from Denzel Washington- a superb movie!

Davallk - Very strong cheddar3 star

Good story as it's true, but this is full on 100% American cheese (let's all get along and love each other) good acting makes up for it though (apart from the annoying little girl) would help if you understood a little about American football.

Wizzyman - price4 star

such a good film like this should have an offer attached as they do with actors and actresess do a £3.99 collection for some like every week including Denzel Washingtom.

Bacon_Bap - What a film5 star

What an amazing film one of the best sports films that has so many different levels to it a must for any respectable film collection

The champion fffgh - Great5 star

Great film very inspirational

ElliotDowling - FFREAKIN INCREDIBLE5 star

I've watched this film three times..and each time....I get the thrill the matches are incredible the actors are great and the joy is high in fact we have been watching this in English to learn about writing on racism and believe me it teaches loads of people the rules of life i think this is gonna be ranked 2nd of my all time favourite films. Have fun watching this people

VVxFan - Brilliant5 star

Remember the titans is a great insperational film about sport sport and strong freindship

Must see movie - Brilliance5 star

This film shouldn't be put under the category of drama, but put under brilliance as it is just an amazing story.

P 1 4 MLT - Titans is titanic5 star

Excellent film, similar to Longest Yard but with a more meaty and thought provoking plot. Will watch this over and over. Denzel allways great but Man on Fire his best film.

Wat a film - Must see film5 star

This film is one of the best films i have ever seen and i recomend it to every one. I LoVe It.

Me4dy - Wowzers!!!5 star

Could possibly be the best film ever made! It is so inspirational and enjoyable to watch from start to finish! It's a must seeeeeeee!!!!! 10/10

jeany305 - great5 star

fantastic movie very emotional but come on itunes wheres man on fire?

Snove - Too Predictable3 star

When you attach a name like Denzel Washington to a movie cast the expectations become inherently high. Whilst the issues it addresses are strong and justified it somehow oversimplifies the tension when the races meet and the value in the dialogue. A decent attempt at portraying a dark era in American history. I would put it in a 'made for tv' category so that expectations are managed.

Oli-Starr - SAVAGE5 star

This film is absolutely fantastic. i've seen it so many times and in all honesty it is in my opinion the greatest film of all times. If your looking for a film though that show racism try Mississippi burning. Both films are sweet. but this is a sporty AWESOME film

cruse!! - The Titans!!4 star

Great film, a perfect example of how persistence can pay and that racism can be beat to form a formidable force, A great american footie team "The Titans" of mixed race back in the day when really mixed race was forbidden.

tiarna..;) - Amazing..:)5 star

this is an amazing film...i absouletley love it!!...;)

Matt Bear - One of the Greatest films of all time5 star

A great film highlighting the racsim that was once so extreme, a true story of acomplishment! a must have, a strory that really moves you!!! and if i dosent u have no heart!!

MAtty6967867 - Awesome5 star

Is a awesome movie rent or buy its brilliant.

Winster1 - A Must See!5 star

Definately one of the films to watch before you die. Originally I bought this film because I love football but after watching it I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good story. Whilst watching parts of the film I had mixed emotions but it shows that anything can be achieved with strong willpower and determination.

the orange bannana - GREAT FILM5 star

fake 23 blast with a backside george reverse, sweet film and very well made

jprbritton - Truly amazing5 star

This film has to be one of the all time greatest, it always sends shivers up my spine..... a must have for anyones collection.

GM16 - Just brilliant5 star

As soon as iTunes started selling films I immediatly searched up this film. I remember having to watch this in RE in school to see an example of racism,and it took me by suprise how people can act this way to each other just because they are diffirent. It is great seeing the characters develop over the course of the film showing that everyone can get along and not just to believe things which people tell you. I think that the film has you thinking about how this is a true story and that all the events really did happen which is quite scary when you think about how they treated each other. In all I think I would recomend this to anyone as it is a very well made film and deserves more credit the it has already.

LOShea - Titans5 star

Remember the Titans is an awesome film. With a High School American Football team playing a central role, the film delivers a stirring and uplifting experience and the fact that it's based on a real-life story makes it even more amazing. Even without much knowledge of American Football, I found that the immense journey that the players go through, their stuggles and then their triumph, make a really fantastic film that I would recommend to anyone, even if they're not a sports fan. Also, if you like Coach Carter, which I also recommend, this is definately one to watch.

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09jm2590 - BEST Movie EVER5 star

This is the best movie ever! Please allow us to BUY it!!!!!

Titans are the boss - 😟😦😧😶🙀😢5 star

I wnst this moive i would watch it eveyday if i could buy the full version

Huskers69 - Wht!?!?!5 star

Great movie but i cant buy only rent?????

Mad4 field hockey - Amazing5 star

I love this movie. It talks a lot about cooperation an to work together as a team. :)

Kidcubby02 - Awesome movie5 star

Shows two different races coming together to make the perfect football team

Supa fancy - Change to buy full versions5 star

I will pay for the movie. Have it back at the full version. I love this movie.

TBowman30 - My absolute Fav movie!!!5 star

I was able to buy this movie when i had my first iPhone. & it was the full version. Why can't I buy it now? I'm completely in love with this movie. So upset with iTunes!!

koppster - Great Movie3 star

I love this movie, it is my favorite. I just wish Itunes would allow you to have the full version for how much you pay for it. Not just the tv version which cuts out a bunch of parts.

LilyMedina - Excellent!5 star

I don't want to rent it!!! I want to buy it gosh darn it! This movie never gets old!

Bobbywasabi69 - Best movie evaa!!5 star

Watched it in social studies and live it ever since, should be up for buy though! :) LOVE IT!$

JayyBugger - Please Make It Available To Buy5 star

I love this movie! I'll seriously buy if iTunes makes it available.

Mac18798 - I want to buy this movie5 star

I've seen it a dozen times but I want to buy this movie so I can watch it before even football game.

RememberTheTitansFan - I want to buy this!!5 star


Sujan Shrestha - MasterPiece5 star

Awesome movie :)

Superfan123 - I loved it sooooo much5 star

This my favorite movie! I watch it all the time.👍 I ❤ it!

DKSHAWTY - I loved this movie5 star

I loved this movie we watched it in my social studies class it was great

cantovas - Just incredible!5 star

What a great movie...I've watched it a few times and can watcher another few!;)

Charles467 - Football5 star

I want to buy It iTunes Greatest movie ever

- Dr. E - - One of my favorites5 star


Michael Sutton - Amazing movie5 star

This movie is amazing, I recommend it to anyone looking for a good movie, whether you like football or not. Also, it is quite inspirational!

rlb61896 - Best Ever5 star

This a fantastic movie for all ages. The whole family will love it without a doubt. The heart-warming true story a football team bonding together through great odds is just an unforgettable story. This movie is extremely well-done with terrific acting. The music is also tremendous. I cannot say enough about how great this movie is. I've only seen it a few hundred times and it gets better and better each time I watch it. I 100% recommend it.

Turkey neck 31 - Remember the titans5 star

This is an awesome movie maybe the best football movie ever.

iTunes Fan 2013 - Great movie great story!5 star

I would buy this movie I will not rent it. Come on iTunes what's the hold up?

Cvlg - Great movie5 star

This is the best football movie ever

sanaa_raj - ?????5 star


Mahala1935120 - Amazing Movie5 star

I so wish I could buy this movie! I won't rent it but I will buy it if I could. The best movie ever!!! Love it so much!

Fire101$ - Titans5 star

Can't u let me buy it its the best movie of all movies.It rocks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Green293619377 - Buy movie?5 star

I will not rent this movie, but I would buy it if I could!!


Been my favorite movie ever since it came out!

biils - Great Movie5 star

Greatest football movie ever. Love it!!!!!!!!!

Peaches4Txs - I love this movie!!!5 star

Great movie, wish I could buy it.

The USU man - Best. Movie. Ever.5 star

This is my all time favorite movie. If you read the reviews hundreds of other people agree with me. Why does iTunes only rent this movie? Apple could be making thousands if this was for sale.

The app judges - Great Movie :)5 star

One of the best movies of all time and you only put it or rent?? 0.o iTunes would be making mad money on this movie ;)

SF_Makki-Ninja - Greatest5 star

This is my absolute favorite movie! Just wish I could buy it.. I see y'all love this movie as much as I do😄 glad to see 👍👍

LCC567894 - Remember the titans5 star

Awesome movie!!!

Dylansaeng - Best movie ever5 star

I seen this a billion times and never gets old

Hack/glitch - Best Movie5 star

I love this movie. It was worth the rent, but what about there's a buy option for this movie.

laribart00 - buy option5 star

this is one of my favorite movies. i would like to have the option tho buy it in itunes. you can only rent it. :(

Mawhoo - Remember the Titans5 star

This easily is the beastly football movie out there, no doubt. However I won't rent it because a movie this great needs to be bought. A very sad ending. However still great!

PilarBear - Why can't we buy this!5 star

The greatest movie ever, loved by men and women alike, and I can't buy it? I don't want to live on this planet!!!!!

Nemesis girl - Remember the Titans5 star

My fav. movie of all time!!!! Only for rent stinks👎

Sage56655664 - Remember the titans5 star

The best movie ever!!!!!!❤ it!!!! But just for rent.😡

Hunter Gill - Remember the Titans5 star

I am not the biggest fan of football but this movie is AWESOME!! Also, I want to buy it but it is only for rent. Grrrrr.... 😡 Let us buy it!!!

KE<3er - One off the best movies!5 star

I saw this movie and wanted to get it on itunes so bad! So I searched this up and found it! I always cry at the end 😭❤🎥🏈

soccerstar01214 - Remember the Titans5 star

Best movie ever!!!!! 😃😃😃

kayra. - ugh, disappointed.1 star

i refuse to rent this movie, it is beyond good enough for it to be bought. CHANGE IT FOR IT TO BE BOUGHT. please?

Olybear56 - Olybear565 star

Great and sad movie

#1ipodfan - MyFave5 star

I seriously luv this I watch it every Saturday while painting my nails. I don't like football but this movie is awesome! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 =) comment on my comment if u like give me feedback for my next time commenting

A Very Mad Gamer - Why can't we buy this movie?5 star

Honestly, my question explains it all. I want to buy this movie not rent it and this should be able to be bought on iTunes. This might be the best movie ever made, just so inspirational. It is a travesty that I can't buy it.

getyoursmarton13 - Why can't I buy it?5 star

I absolutely love this movie...but why can't I buy it?? I don't want to rent it, I want to keep it!

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Remember the Titans movie images
Remember the Titans movie images
Remember the Titans movie images
Remember the Titans movie images
Remember the Titans movie images
Remember the Titans movie images
Remember the Titans movie images
Remember the Titans movie images
Remember the Titans movie images
Remember the Titans movie images

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Remember the Titans movie posters
Remember the Titans movie posters
Remember the Titans movie posters
Remember the Titans movie posters
Remember the Titans movie posters
Remember the Titans movie posters
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