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Celebrating 15 fetch years of Mean Girls! After living in Africa with her zoologist parents, Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan) must brave the wilds of high school—where she is taken under the wing of the popular girls, The Plastics, led by the cool and cruel Regina George (Rachel McAdams). What follows is a treasure trove of sharp, witty humor that defined a generation, inspired a hit Broadway musical, and popularized countless catchphrases. Co-Starring and written by Tina Fey, and featuring Amanda Seyfried, Lacey Chabert, Lizzy Caplan, Daniel Franzese, and Amy Poehler, Mean Girls is nothing short of a pop culture phenomenon and an iconic classic.

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Welcome to girl world.. Cady Heron is a hit with The Plastics, the A-list girl clique at her new school, until she makes the mistake of falling for Aaron Samuels, the ex-boyfriend of alpha Plastic Regina George.. Mean Girls Wiki

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Awesome  krizzam  5 star

I will never get tired of watching this movie over and over again. So fetch!!!

This is the best movie you will ever see  NumbzzzTwix  5 star


One of my favorite movies !!!  OSU HAM  5 star

Mean girls 1 is wayyy better than the second one. It’s so inspirational and overall a funny and creative movie. I definitely recommend to others that are in their teens and are looking for a good movie to watch with friends!

Mean girls  HLBsweetie  5 star

Amazing 5/5 hilarious movie

Best. Movie. Ever  Maci_buford  5 star

I love this movie so much, I watch it all the time!! It is hilarious and I cannot get enough of it!!

Kid bopped?
AMAZING/LY ORANGE  Kid bopped?  5 star

Karen is kinda......Not smart and she is just the only one I focused on!

I love this movie!  😢👎👎👎👎👎  5 star

This movie is one of the best I’ve ever watched! I watch it every time I want to have a good laugh or want to be cheered up! .

So fetch!  PillowTheBest  5 star

I might not have seen it just yet, but I absolutely LOVE the concept of it and the music.

"Why are you so obsessed with me?" 💅🏼  Aueonao  5 star

These movies really deserves 5 stars, so iconic and fabulous! 🤩🤩✨

Best  abigfan1  5 star

So funny and has amazing musical!


This is literally one of the best movies of al time. I love the plot, the acting, the background comedy, everything is just amazing. Everyone should see this movie at least once in their life. (Also, I have a low key crush on Janis/Lizzy)

Hilarious!  Carrie•Me•Home  5 star

Great movie, don't feel ashamed of watching it like I was, whoever you are! If you like this, I highly recommend heathers.

Mean Girls  Munch7717  4 star

pretty good

yass  Jade2330  5 star

This movie is's beautiful best movie NA.

Wow  Coolmonkey20  1 star

Ok so i rented this and it was loading, so the next morning, i looked to see if mean girls was finished along with two other movies but when i looked, they were gone! I havent touched them! Then Itunes says i didnt rent them! I used $15 to get these and my money doesnt even come back! Wow! Just wow!

On Wednesdays, we wear pink  estellios  5 star

Hahaha what can I say? This is literally the best movie ever! Definitely worth your money :) Love you Lilo x

LOVIN IT ALTHO IM EMO LOL RAWT XD  emorawrgirl21  5 star


It surprised me!  BettieLuv  4 star

I didn't go to an American school so at first the movie seemed all weird and peculiar. But so is any new school for real, so I soon related to it. Girl World is Girl World everywhere! It is really a very good movie and I laughed and loved it.

Mean girls  _._*  5 star

Amazing, worth the watch!!!

Best Movie Ever  Meggie5SOSFAM  5 star

This is literally the best movie in the whole entire universe!!!!

Great movie  hahaasbfkendbwja  5 star

One of the best movies I’ve seen. So iconic.

FUNNN !!!!!
So fetch!  FUNNN !!!!!  5 star

Stop trying to make fetch happen. It's not going to happen! But it was still a super awesome movie!

Best movie ever  WarwickH  5 star

My favourite movie in the world!!!!!!!

Mean girls  LivLiv17  5 star

This is honestly so good and it's much better than number 2

Cat valentine 12
Who wouldn't love it  Cat valentine 12  5 star

Amanda Seyfried and Linsey Lohan made my childhood this movie is really good and I am so glad there is a sequel.

Evie stella
AMAZING  Evie stella  5 star

that was the best movie i have ever seen way better than mean girls 2 i can’t find an y other movie like it i have watched it 12 times in 2 weeks so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am max power
This movie is the bomb  I am max power  5 star

I ❤️ this so much awesome!!!! I 💜 this movie better than the 2 one!!!!

Mad!  itunes,theoriginal  5 star

This movie is the queen of all chickficks and cliché stories. A great classic!

Great movie!  Ilvermorny  5 star

This movie was hilarious. It's not just for girls it's great for all genders. It is so fetch

Never gets old!  Caseeyyy<33  5 star

Still a great movie after it's years of success. It's hilarious and totally relatable.

  AshleyKate789  1 star

I wanna rent it !!! This is a great film but it's not available to rent 

Not available to rent   tictaclover456  4 star

This film is amazing but you can only buy it! It would be so much better if you could rent it.

Won't download  SafariJess11  5 star

I have tried so many times to download this but it won't work! Why?! X

MEAN GIRLS  Xxestaxx  3 star

Ok so this is the best film in the history of films but I am really annoyed because I bought it and it won't download and I have tried 5-6 times to download it and if anyone has any guesses why please respond xx

Lord Mickster
Must see  Lord Mickster  5 star

Omg I love this movie sooooooooooooooo much everyone should see it

Must see.  Katiie98  5 star

I love this film. I got told off for buying it so many times on Virgin Media. Hahaa! I would recommend this film to anyone. It is SO fetch! Five stars all the way! -Katie

Pedro Petrovski
Absolutely amazing!  Pedro Petrovski  5 star

Now, as a guy, chick flicks aren't usually my type of film. But, after a suggestion from a female friend, I watched this. It was funny, moving, witty and just plain awesome :) Whether you're a guy or girl you'll love it (and want to watch it again, so buying it in some form would be a good idea) An excellent film!

Saaaarah :D
Love it <3  Saaaarah :D  5 star

It's soo funny a must buy !!

Crazy coolie
Brillant film  Crazy coolie  5 star

Amazing film I would give it 10/10 who ever made should get free candy as it's soooo good any ways have too go now byebye.lolololololoololololol.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxzxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Funny  Stephmak  5 star

Tina fey... Lmao " we have a new student" " welcome" ( with attitude) I'm from Michigan llllmmmffffaaaaoooo. It's so worth seeing... Like Clueless xx

Want my money back  Ufhihdiusih  1 star

I know it's a good movie but I paid for it and it's not letting me watch it

Great movie  unzlo  5 star

If you are into a good teen flick then this movie is great

Funny  Tayxx:)  5 star

Started laughing right at the beginning, very relatable to high school reality

Available to buy  philigirl  5 star

I love this movie and I would really like to buy it! please please make it available to buy!!

Make it available to buy instead of just renting  NikhilDhanjee  5 star

Please make it available to buy because I would really like to purchase this movie. Love it to bits.

A great Movie  nzapples  5 star

Mean Girls is a must-see movie for teenage girls (and other people too I suppose!). It is full of funny moments and after watching this with a few girlfriends you will be quoting your favourite parts for weeks or months to come. It also has a bit of a moral to it, about being kind and what high school can be like. Of course, it's all exagerated but it makes for great entertainment and I would suggest that you buy it! This is certainly a teen classic that has, and will continue to, stand the test of time. Nothing much in it will be out of date or confusing any time soon. 4.5/5!

Mean girls  ReneeBurtonBrown  4 star

Its a good movie

Awsome cant wait for the next one  hano00  5 star

For 9.99 IT IS A REALLY good Deal and its a fabulous movie it rox my sox all the actors are great 5 out of 5

Love dis Movieeee!!!!  JazzyLuvYa  5 star

I absoloutley love dis movie sooooo awesome I live in New Zealand too and I absoloutley adore dis movie. Dis movie would probably be my fave movie!

Mean girls  Trancapar  4 star

Awsome movie

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