Reservoir Dogs

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Four Perfect Killers. One Perfect Crime. Critically acclaimed for its raw power and breathtaking ferocity, Reservoir Dogs is the brilliant American gangster movie classic from writer-director Quentin Tarantino. They were perfect strangers, assembled to pull off the perfect crime. Then their simple robbery explodes into bloody ambush, and the ruthless killers realize one of them is a police informer. But which one? A botched robbery indicates a police informant, and the pressure mounts in the aftermath at a warehouse. Crime begets violence as the survivors -- veteran Mr. White, newcomer Mr. Orange, psychopathic parolee Mr. Blonde, bickering weasel Mr. Pink and Nice Guy Eddie -- unravel. Reservoir Dogs Wiki

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Every dog has his day...

Reservoir Dogs (1992)

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- Reservoir dogs5 star

Best Quentin Tarantino movie

- Top notch5 star

A #1, edge of the seat entertainment.

- Unnecessary Profanity1 star

Very slow.

- Fantastic5 star

Love Quentin Tarantino

- worst heist movie ever1 star

how on earth are you gonna make a film about a jewelry store heist gone wrong and NOT SHOW WHAT HAPPENED, barely have any action and suspense, and make it extremely boring and slow paced?, that's just pointless and stupid and it defeats the purpose of it being a heist flick, reservoir dogs would've been a lot better if it actually showed the robbery and had a lot more action and suspense. at least the video game versions show what happened and deliver on the action and suspense that the movie was clearly lacking

- The greatest film ... will live on forever!5 star

I don't see how this film will ever grow out of style. Attention to detail is amazing. Wish we could give extra stars for movies like this... 5 isn't enough.

- Great Movie5 star

One of my favorite Quentin Tarantino films. I also love Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill and Django Unchained. For my opinion Quentin Tarantino is one of the best directors in motion picture history.

- "Reservoir Dogs"5 star

Quentin Tarantino is a visionary. My favorite Tarantino film!!! :)

- It's on netflix4 star

Good movie. Even better: it's on Netflix. Save your $$ for one that isn't.

- Help!!5 star

I need to know if this film has optional subtitles! please!

- What?!?!?1 star

Read the reviews and was thinking this movie was gonna be great. What a let down! No surprise ending, was very slow to watch, don't see what the big deal was.


its awesome man !!!

- Tarantino's First Born Baby5 star

Let me start off by saying that I know Quentin Tarantino movies are not for everyone. That's certainly not me. He's my favorite filmmaker of all time. This is a guy that can do no wrong. And his first film right out of the gate is an instant classic and it declared itself a classic upon its release in 1992. First of all, you couldn't get a better group of guys to play these twisted killers. Harvey Keitel, Tim Roth, Michael Madsen, Steve Buscemi, Lawrence Tierney. Sign me up. As with all of Tarantino's films, the dialogue is the best. It's realistic dialogue that you would have with your friends at a diner or in the car. The dialogue is simple stuff like who played Christie Love or the opening scene where they're talking about Madonna. It's just so authentic and real And also like other Tarantino films, the soundtrack is great as well, the opening song is so cool. Little Green Bag is the song for people who wanted to know the song. It's on the soundtrack album. So many great songs. I can't even think about Stuck in the Middle with you anymore without thinking about Michael Madsen cutting the cop's ear off. This is the true definition of a movie that has you sucked in from beginning to end. You are never bored. NEVER


His best, before losing his mind.

- Defines Tarantino as a Filmmaker5 star

Reservoir Dogs was Quentin Tarantino's first motion picture. But even as early as his first try, you can see every element that defines Tarantino as the unmatched filmmaking legend that he is revered as. It just might be the greatest indie film of all time. No budget, no SFX, no big sets and no wide distribution. But the amount of emotion, humor, sadism and reality that this film conveys is more extraordinary than any big name blockbuster. The plot of the film is brief, but it works. It's about a well organized heist that goes terribly wrong. Truth is, there is a rat in the whole operation, but who? With that in place, Tarantino takes us beyond what is said on paper and retraces the steps it took these men to get to the predicament they are in now. We see the back stories of Mr. White, Mr. Blonde and Mr. Orange, all without ever meaning to place them in the middle of the conflict. Its a movie that only the viewer can interpret, and the important facts are placed at the forefront to help come to a conclusion. This information works in favor of the main narrative. Some have complained about not hearing the origins of Mr. Pink, Mr. Brown, Mr. Blue, Nice Guy Eddie and Joe Cabot. I agree. Perhaps more clarification of their purposes might have enhanced the narrative. Perhaps it would have answered the obvious question, What was the point of this whole operation? I'm sure Quentin would have made the film twice as long and incorporated all of their stories had he made the film today. Needless to say, It does not take away from the experience. In fact, the mysteriousness makes it even more entertaining. Also, Reservoir Dogs will always fall under the controversy of being too violent for mainstream audiences, as well as being highly unnecessary. Well, I disagree. Violence is the name of the game in the life of being a Dog. If that means chopping off an ear while dancing to K-Billy's Super Sounds of the Seventies, then why not? Reservoir Dogs doesn't exist to share a moral. Rather, it shows to us just how something so right can go so wrong. Even if the right was wrong in the first place. Reservoir Dogs is the precursor to the rest of Tarantino's career, and to get started watching the long journey of his success, make sure you pop in this amazing flick first.

- This is one of the most import robbery movies5 star

This is one of the best robbery movies that dose not even show the robbery but the aftermath of a failed heist and its one of the greats

- Really good!5 star

One of my favorite Tarantino movies!

- Very good.5 star

Awesome movie.

- Deedtsssdtytdydydtrtesgftttdedtyygdtfdtdftdddttffdttr1 star



This movie is flat out awesome. It is packed with memorable scenes that you will replay in your head long after the movie is over. It includes classic Tarantino style violence and laughs. Watch it today and you will not be disappointed.

- His most emotionally resonant film.5 star

Of all the films Quentin Tarantino directed, Reservoir Dogs will remain his most dramatic feature. Especially the powerful conclusion which sort of haunts me to this day. Harvey Keitel is at his most human since Scorsese's Mean Streets (a gangster whose looking for divine redemption his way). An Oscar worthy film that sets the path for one of the greatest discoveries in motion pictures history, Quentin Tarantino and his subsequent films.

- Overrated1 star

This movie does not live up to the hype. Awful, boring, film with no substance.

- Tarantino's Best Film By Far, or At Least the Greatest Movie Ever Made5 star

I've seen a lot of movie's in my lifetime, including a lot of the great classics, old and new, such as Citizen Kane, Pulp Fiction, Fight Club, The Maltese Falcon, The Graduate, Chinatown, and many, many more, and none have even come close to the superb acting, story structure, plot-line, and directing of Reservoir Dogs. Many people have claimed that Pulp Fiction is Tarantino's best film, however (although I do agree it's an amazing movie as well), I must disagree with most movie fans, especially Tarantino fanatics; this film is EVERYTHING a movie should be and an ultimate classic of film. I am so lucky to have been born in this country, in this time period of human history to have experienced a movie as unbelievable as this one. Honestly, if you had a choice between eating your last meal and watching this movie, WATCH.THIS.MOVIE!!!

- Reservoir dog5 star

One of the best tarantino movies out everyone should see it. It has great characters and lines a classic for years to come

- Reservoir dogs5 star

Fantastic. Tarentino's directorial debut. One of Steve Bushemi's finest roles.

- Not for children5 star

Violence without remorse. Stupidity without control. Morals without a purpose. That's the USA.

- Nice!5 star


- Excellent.5 star

This movie is friken' fantastic. You will not be disappointed.

- Amazing5 star

Took me a while to appreciate it. Didn't love it at first but that doesn't suggest the film isn't awesome. Sorry haters but you have bad taste in film

- Awesome5 star

Mr Pink :)

- Horrible1 star

One of the worst movies ever. I'm actually physically mad at the producer for ever writing complete and total sh*** like this. Goes nowhere,you only find out what's going on thruout the movie in the last 5 min off it. Incredibly disappointing.

- Plot Summary A Little Misleading4 star

"Four Perfect Killers. One perfect crime." Yikes, who wrote this? Obviously they didn't watch the movie, or they would have arrived at the conclusion that the movie's not about killers or murderers, but burglars -- inept mercenaries, whose macho facades are the focus of the film as they begin to crack, after regrouping from a botched job that left two of their teammates dead and themselves to flee from the cops. The off-base plot summary aside, this was a good movie, but I'd prefer Pulp Fiction as this one was more of a warm-up or sidestory to that.

- I've got a cool name....5 star

.....I'm mr white.....awesome move. Gotta love Quentin... Freakin genius.

- Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!5 star

Bitchin movie

- Are there some people planted to write bad reviews?!5 star

So, I get that some won't like this movie, but there are so many more one-stars than I expected! A fantastic movie, one that revolves a diamond heist that actually isn't seen in the film. Witty dialogue, incredibly violent (mostly implied), and fantastic cinematography come to make this an enjoyable, almost cult film. And if you don't like it, I'm sorry you lost your money to this movie, but I find it well worth it.

- If there is a god, then he watches QT.5 star

yeah, it's pretty much one of the greatest movies of all time, written and directed by a kid who used to work in a video store. Thank you, mr. Tarantino, thank you.

- I'll run the risk of being lynched.....4 star

But it's a good movie, not a great one. Heroin, firearms and male rape seem to be the motifs in all Tarantino movies......paced perfectly, but I guess it's my fault for not watching this one first.

- Reservoir Dogs1 star

Dog is was awful!!

- ...As if a grenade rolled into the theater5 star

The 1992 release of Reservoir Dogs did not create a huge buzz at the box office in the U.S. (Though it did in the UK), but it do one thing: take the filmmaking world by storm. Written with some of the most brutal, but memorable dialogue you've ever heard, delivered by a, to say the least, impressive cast, it is worth much more than it received. It eventually did get what it deserved after Pulp Fiction, which may be recognized by the world at large as Tarantino's masterpiece, but I prefer his debut. There is a clever plot, a well-used non-linear storyline, and a very ironic ending. Being a theatre person, I've also realized that the film is prime for a stage adaptation (Parents, leave your kids at home): Minimal costumes, minimal setting, and plenty to grab the audience. Throughout the performance, it would be as if a grenade rolled into the theater.

- Mr. Pink? Why Do I have to be Mr, Pink?5 star

The dialog of Quentin Tarantino's movies is what gives his movies life. Not to mention the raw acting and real "WTF" moments like the ear scene. I was never bored during the movie! Hilarious and full of substance, this movie did not disappoint me.

- If you don't like this one you might be dead5 star

This is a great flick in that the story is not along a definite, chronological timeline. Piecing the timeline together and interlinking the characters is great. Also, the characters offer a great dynamic to the story. And of course, this is one of Quentin's big, cult hits....before the large films like Kill Bill or Inglourious Basterds. I can dig it

- Meh... But hem...4 star

Dragged on at times

- Reservoir Dogs5 star

This movie has so much going on. I love all the whole movie. It comes together great. I love the name scene. How to tell a lie. It's just a great!

- Reservoir dogs5 star

Resevoir dogs is a great movie. In my opinion it's now his third best 1 being inglorious basterds which should have won the academy award!! 2 being pulp fiction of course. Quention tarrantino is my second favorite director after Martin Scorsese of course. Brilliant work except for death proof. Hey they all have at least 1 stinker just ask shutter island

- A Must See!5 star

One of the smartest most interesting movies I have ever seen. The script is fantastic and the movie is done in a refreshing and original way. I can honestly say that reservoir dogs is, in my opinion, Quentin's best film. Hard to beleive it's his first.

- Meh....3 star

Boring with a good story/dialogue

- Outstanding5 star

I think its an outstanding movie though i've seen its indian version which i must say a very poor try to be Tarantino. But when i saw the original one, its fantastic, especially the dialogues of Mr. Pink.

- Sucked !!1 star

It was so boring!!!! I did not finish it.

- Never will watch again!!1 star

I didn't like the movie at all! Matter of fact i didn't finish it!!! I wanted to throw something at the screen while watching it!!

- too quiet!3 star

Look, this is a great movie, but the recording is way, way, way too quiet. I can barely hear it on the macbook pro, it's like they're whispering.

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Candureactor - "Reservoir Dogs"5 star

Critics who call "Reservoir Dogs" a sophmore effort are doing the film a great disservice. With his first, and likely cheapest picture, Tarantino revealed himself as a director fully-formed. All the aspects of what is now known as his signature style are present; speculative dialogues on pop culture, stylistic violence and blood, excessive profanities, and criminality. What elevates this film above, even, his later efforts, such as "Kill Bill: Vol. 1" and "Kill Bill: Vol. 2", is its simplicity and rigorous structuring. Every piece of information is carefully divulged; we imagine and construct the edges of the caper, editing and re-editing as new information surfaces. With such dense dialogue, and recursive, out-of-sequence storytelling, there is no need for any settings other than a warehouse, a city street, an apartment, a club, an office. Beyond the storytelling, the actors recuited were more than up to the challenge of interpreting and making the script their own. Every actor stands out, even Quentin Tarintino himself as Mr. Brown, and Eddie Bunker as Mr. Blue, both of whom are peripheral players. Steve Buscemi's Mr. Pink is antsy and paranoid (and not unjustly so); Harvey Keitel's Mr. White is loyal and protective (almost paternal); Michael Madsen's Mr. Blonde is more than sufficiently homocidal; and Tim Roth as Mr. Orange plays his double role so well that no one would guess at his being the L.A.P.D. rat, until it is revealed and his role as a criminal is layered on top of his role as a cop. In summary, there is a lot to like about "Dogs". The acting, the elegant simplicity of the plot and the complexity of the dialogue, the efficient and direct camerawork, the overall style, and the seamless editing by long-time Tarantino collaborator Sally Menke, are all big positives. As a début, "Dogs" is incredibly similar to "Bottle Rocket", in that, just as Wes Anderson was always Wes Anderson, Quentin Tarantino was always Quentin Tarantino. 5 Stars - A work worthy of the director of "Pulp Fiction" and "Jackie Brown".

2 sinful - 2 cool 4 school4 star

Before there was the new suave coolness of Oceans eleven there was Reservoir Dogs. This picture shows what an undiluted vision Tarantino used to have (now he's self indulgent in some of his films). From the casting of some of the greatest character actors, to the undisputable soundtrack, this movie set Tarantino up for a long career. A must have in every guys movie library....

im_a_scallywag - Cracking Crime/Drama5 star

This directorial and writting debut from Quintin Tarantino is possibly his best film to date (though Pulp Fiction is a close second place). This film featres brillant acting from pros in thier prime, and Tarantino's script crackles along at a break-neck pace. Watch it.

choker - A good film5 star

this film packs it all, action, drama, adventure all while in limited confines and with such a small cast such a big adventure

Gzgozgizifhgxhddcgo - Reservoir dogs the beginning of an incredible writer and director5 star

This is an awesome movie the direction writing and acting was incredible and the tension was just entertaining a classic

ageyvitt - One of the BEST FILMS EVER MADE!5 star

This film was written in 3 weeks and it just goes to show how much of a genius Tarantino really is. All of his movies contain sequences of dialog that will never be matched by anybody, something about the way he writes, directs & casts makes his films amazing. iTunes, please let us buy Pulp Fiction and the Kill Bill series also, 3 Tarantino movies is just pathetic, WE WANT MORE!!!!!!!

AntonMurrell - He Did it His Way5 star

Tarantino's groundbreaking thriller classic about a robbery gone wrong. One of the best films of the 1990's.

NGE - The Beginning of a Genre5 star

Tarantino's first and arguably greatest film to hit the screens to date embracing the saying: Quality not quantity.

Shaun73 - Still the best5 star

Still the best Tarantino film, Harvey Keitel really makes this film

JP QUINN 35 - Please Put The Extras On Like You Have On iTunes USA3 star

Please Put The Extras On Like You Have On iTunes USA Thank You 🙂👍🏻

Charlieboyz - Brilliant5 star

Fantastic movie, a must see.

Cupboard! - Tosh!2 star

All the right scenes, but not necessarily played in the right order - excessive timeline fuddling in true Tarantino style leaves this film a jumbled mess. Two stars due to the sheer quality of each scene.

ShaherM - Criminals With Style!5 star

The style and dialog of this picture bestows a level of intelligence upon it's characters that defies the reality of their chosen profession. Having said that, this movie is absolutely riveting in it's movements from the ordinary, to the grim, to the horrific aspects of a career criminal. Quentin Tarantino has written a tale of an almost corporate order to constructing a crime gang. The delight is in meeting these characters one by one. The particular crime is no more crucial to the film than a 7-11 stick-up. The crux of the movie is the portrayal of the rainbow of characters who find themselves involved in a life of crime. Much has been made of the violence in the movie, but it only serves to point out that all men are different, even the crooked. The director has included a number of very memorable scenes. This is not a linear film. The movie works more as a series of set pieces that weave together a story that is not as important as the individual parts that you have the pleasure of observing. This movie may take more than one viewing to truly appreciate!

Acxcv - Great piece of film making5 star

Quentin Tarantino has created an epic master piece. Clever story line, good action and characters!! Watch this!!

andrewradford - Amazing5 star

why give the film 1* over a price apple set, nothing to do with the film. it deserves 100% 5* one of the best films ever made

I love walk off the earth - Love it!4 star

I really love this film I am 14 and watched my first tarintio film when I was 12(true romance) then pulp fiction then dusk till dawn then this. Every single film that quentin's done is excellent! Excellent acting, excellent music and overall brilliant and I love the violent scenes! They're all so clever especially tarrintio! I brought it at sainsburys for £3 but I think it's worth the money!! Pulp fiction stills my fave! Xxx FYI I knows there's more tarintio films!! Xxx WATCH IT!!!!

DiehardBarbecue - Meh2 star

I think I am the only one who didn't love this film, it had great dialogue, great acting and it was quite funny at times but i found it soooo slow!!!😞 I dont hate Quentin Tarantino, the man is a genius with Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill etc. but this really had bad pace and was slow 😞 Shame i wish i liked it but i cant change by opinion can I? 5/10 it was alright

lucky lawson - A classic..from start to finish..5 star

A truly great film with classic scenes that stay with you it

ArchAngel123 - Only got half the film!!1 star

Rented this film and began watching it while it downloaded, as it got about half way through Itunes stops working and force closes itself so I re-opened Itunes to find that the Reservoir Dogs had been removed from my rented library and wasn't available to continue downloading! Contacted Itunes and asked to either refund me or sort it out and how they helped was by ignoring me!!!!

Spitefulloner - Reservoir dogs5 star


edwillpaul1 - Reservoir Dogs5 star

This has to be one of the most unique films in the whole of film making. It's really cool how Tarantino can keep a scene going over a small subject of conversation for ten minutes. Those scenes take up most of the film. Harvey Keitel was on form, haven't seen him in anything since I saw Taxi Driver and Mean Streets.

Tony Tighe - Pulp fiction4 star

Reservoir dogs great film but the most prominent film in Quentin's career is Pulp Fiction.Like quite a few films that are not available for purchase such as Seven,Train spotting missing from iTunes which I cannot understand.Come on iTunes get these films on so we can enjoy the greatest films of the last 20 years.

woody025 - AMAZING FILM!5 star

Brilliant film, brilliant actors, brilliant soundtrack, brilliant director. Tarantino at his BEST!!!! Shocking pricing!

Oli131 - Stunning5 star

Just so exciting when there all figuring out who's the rat,One of Tarantino's finest movies, if it goes into to little detail then there is a game out for sale that pretty much explains the whole thing on ps2 and original xbox

whitemanafro123446 - Amazing , powerful film but iTunes lower the price!5 star

This is a stunning piece of work, Tarentinos debut film was a stunned and is widely regarded as one of the most important films ever made

Lew!e - Great film4 star

Awsome film but too expensive sort it out apple

FPerrin - Epic5 star

EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOT GO TARANTINO!!!!!!!

dougmitch - reservoir dogs5 star

the price the price the price,is anyone at apple listening 2 the people,dougmitch

Hodv - PRICE!!5 star

far too expensive for an older movie

dano380y - Dano1 star

Great movie but have to agree with the other reviews the price tag is a joke!!!

tr15tan - Not his best film3 star

it's ok, but sometimes to much bla bla bla

SuperflyMandem - Resevoir dogs: tarintino's master piece5 star

This is one of the greatest films ever made. Along side pulp fiction this film, famed for mr blonde's slicing of the ear, is featured in plan b songs and they are the most quotable films ever written.

DMW_78 - Itunes! Wake up and smell the coffee!!!!!1 star

I agree with the 1 star. The film is amazing, it's a classic piece of movie making, and personally I think it's Tarantino's best work. However the price is absolutely crazy!! Apple need to get real and more importantly get competitive!!!

HamezRodriguez123 - A very good film4 star

I really hated watching some parts of the film, but looking back, it was an incredibly well scripted and plotted story. Brilliant acting in some places, memorable characters and great ending. Overloading with cool.

atonewell - A Tarantino Classic5 star

As with the other reviews, I must agree regarding pricing. Apple, you're over charging for movies. However, putting that aside, the movie itself is excellent... as with all Tarantino movies! I have rated purely based on the film, not how much Apple are charging for it.

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goodfellasgodfathersopranosreservoir dogs - My Favorite Movie5 star

Goodfellas was the greatest gangster movie Reservoir Dogs is my favorite gangster movie the way the storyline was handled and written was amazing Harvey Keitel deserved at least an acedemy award nomination for his performance as Mr. White Chris Penn to. The chopping off of the ear was alittle overdone but aside from that the movie is perfect. I thought this movie would be alittle slapstick at first but i was in complete awe in how it took place great film thank you.

Cooduhey - The Birth of a Genius5 star

No one will argue the Tarantino's Dogs is a classic. It is the film that gave him the exponential credit he deserves. Tarantino does not just make a film: he blows it around, and sees what is left. With bits and pieces shaken around and placed out of order within the film, Dogs is a whole genre of it's own. Tarantino never shows the robbery scene: he leaves it to our imagination. That's the brilliance of this film. Tarantino show alot without showing that much. We see alot, but we then realize the sneakiness of the film. See it twice. Your head will spin for days.

JohnWulfing - Crazy good5 star

Extremely clever very violent, script is fantastic on edge and always keeps you at the edge of your seat. Acting was some of the best I've ever seen in any movie, especially mr. Pink and mr. Orange. A good twist and remarkable ending. Best movie of all time

Mr. Grinditall - So to all of those....5 star

If you say this movie is cheap then frankly you must be stupid. It was QT's first film. IT WAS INDIE!!! It was supposed to be budgeted. This is my favorite movie of all time. Get pulp fiction.

Crackhead411x - Pulp Fiction5 star

Please iTunes give the option to rent/buy "Pulp Fiction" i think the board knows it is one of the greatest movies directed by Quentin Tarantino. The epic masterpiece from 1994

Blackhart316 - TRUE ROMANCE5 star

Gotta add this movie next!!!! And pulp fiction...

dkpii2003 - Pathetic1 star

Maybe I just don't get it. This movie was solid profanity with no substance. I messed up and bought it because of the actors. Don't even rent it.

Olivia11111 - Great movie5 star

This really is a good movie!!!!!!! I think alot of people will not like its beginning especially the first 5 minutes because its kind of boring but it really picks up and the last hour or so is pure entertainment. Quentin Tarantino is really great, if you want violence like you can expect from him, you are going to get it! Dont worry!! It gets pretty gruesome. Not TOO bad, just bad enough. Really spectacular way to end a movie, wow. Give it a chance. You should probably RENT it and not buy it because at maximum I'd say you would want to watch it a couple times which you can do in 24 hours. And you can always rent it again and STILL save money. If you really think you want to see it three or four, 5, 6, times, more power to you, buy it!!

TJBDUDE - Great Movie!4 star

Really good movie! Quite graphic though.... even with all the blood i thought it was great! I haven't seen many of Quetin's (spelled right????) movies so i can't compare but i definately reccomend it.

rask19 - Once you start watching, you can't stop watching till it ends.5 star

Great Acting, Great Camera work, Great video/sound editing, Great Production, Great Cast, Great Soundtrack. Everything about this movie is Great. Its one of the best movies of the 90s. This movie made Q.T into a legend in the film making business, and I enjoy seeing him in the movies he makes, it shows he really cares about what he's doing in my mind. Buy this Movie now, $10 is a bargain for a movie of this quality. I'd give it 10 stars if I could.

$(:/$&&;5)864777 - terrible1 star

Do not rent or buy this movie for the following, too short, too confusing, plain weird. What kind of name is Reservoir Dogs?

gentlemen after dark - poop1 star

I rented this and was disappointed. I'm a big fan of Scorsese so I though I might like this but it lacked soul. I feel like a just watched a pee wee football game.

Leiner - Definitely Buy5 star

This movie is one of the gretest achievments in cinema. I also wish to be as good a director someday as Tarantino. He is my main influence.

Teenage Movie Critic - The Best Coming of Age Film5 star

If you watch this movie over and over again you will notice things about certain scenes that really have to be dissected in order to realize it. The plot is simple "Six Strangers, One Perfect Plan to pull off the Perfect Heist". The story however is told out of sequence but that's the charm of it. The dialogue is some of the most original for tough attitude, the music is what visualizes most scenes for its own unique style. The acting is acted as it is though its done very well. Quentin Taratino vision of directing is like he almost knows what you're thinking as you watch the movie which helps build a bigger bond to the movie. This is a guys movie at best, you got foul language, great soundtrack, great actors, characters who all seem to have something in common. QT is the greatest at entertainment because that's what we go to movies for is entertainment and he knows it.

vintage jerome sasquach harmon 43 - pretty good3 star

This movie is pretty good. For instance the ear cutting scene price less. But i think it went on to fast like it didn't really have a story line.It was okey it really was but i think some was a miss cast such as Nice guy eddie i think they could have gotten someone better to play him. But don't get me wrong this movie is much better then pulp fiction. Pulp fiction sucked!!!! But please get Jackie Bown I tunes please i have been looking everywhere for it no one has it and i have been wanting to see it so bad please get fopr me i will spend the money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

youraveragemike - itunes..what are you thinking???5 star

This movie is another ingenious film by Quentin Tarantino, a must see! BUT SERIOUSLY! iTUNES! HOW CAN YOU NOT HAVE PULP FICTION AND OTHER TARANTINO CLASSICS??? itunes is missing out on some serious $$$ by not giving us these cult classics, especially pulp fiction.

pezman718 - BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!5 star

This is the best movie EVER! Quentin is the best when it comes to making good movies, Pulp Fiction anyone??? Bottom line, GET THIS MOVIE!!!!

MacShack - Rubbish1 star

Now the quality of the movie was fine. Acting was OK. Script was better. But the story. There wasn't any. They said the f word more times than they shot bullets. There was always a yes, no conversation. Very childish. I mean, my 3 year old daughter reasons like them. I guess it's not my type of movie. I like intelligent movies. This was just too shallow.

Grungeapella - ...2 star

I'm sorry, but this was a terrible movie, I have no idea why everyone says this is the best movie of the 90's. It has no plot, no rise, or climax. All this movie is, is one guy cutting up a cop and the rest of the time it's just a bunch of guys saying "f*&#" a lot. That is the sum total of this movie's contents... now you don't have to watch it.

elKavernikola - Probably Tarantino's Worst Movie.2 star

I truly believe this was the one movie Tarantino made that can be called his worst. I did not enjoy the movie one bit. It was predictable and just failed to deliver any great scenes. The violence was there, but nothing special. The characters didn't seem to "fit" the actors. Glad I only payed .99 cents to watch it, because that's all it was worth.

kandyfreak - awful1 star

there was no plot. also everyone dies in the end... yeah hate to give away the ending but it was awful. EWWWW and it was quiet bloody. at least it didnt show when he was cutting off the other guys ear.

Mano Pagalavan - One of the Best5 star

Tarantino presents us a masterpiece. Clever and witty dialogue is seen throughout this enjoyable crime thriller. This film will be remembered as that low-budget film that did wonders.

zimsane - good movie5 star

we need pulp fiction


Reservoir Dogs owns. For me it's neck and neck with pulp fiction in regards to the best Tarantino movie. I love the tip scene, the scene where Tierney gives them their names, and the ear scene. Definitely check this movie out if you haven't got a chance to.

tantan830 - one of the best movies5 star

terintino is a genious but itunes needs! to get pulp fiction plenty of blood

chesterjoeb1 - BEST MOVIE5 star

I've seen a lot of movies and i gotta say this is the best movie ever. i promise you'll like it even if you're not into violent films. see this movie: you won't regret it.

Blswylde - Tarantino's First Masterpiece5 star

Absolutely astounding. Memorable. Perfect in every respect. Buy this movie if you enjoy any sort of film noir.

NRG2BRN - Classic Q.5 star

A very tense, violent, and darkly humorous gangster picture from Tarantino, which also happens to be his directorial debut. His writing talents had shown through before this before in movies such as True Romance and the heavily revised Natural Born Killers, but here is where it really shines with some of the most quotable movie lines ever written. Since then, Q. has become a directing legend. A must see for...well, just movie fans, not even any group in particular. Lastly, Click YES if you think Pulp Fiction should be added to the iTunes library!

rachel_renegade - truly amazing.5 star

I cant even describe how i feel about this movie. Tarantino is my all time favorite director, for this exact reason. This is just a truly incredible film, in every way. Ive seen it countless times, and each time, i see something that i didnt see before, and each time, i love the characters and the movie even more. It is Tarantino's debut, and probably one of his best. (His very best being Pulp Fiction) It takes a few viewings to fully understand, because it is told in a non-linear order, but i guarantee that anybody who watches it will fall in love with it, just like i did.

wishywashy - Brilliant! One of the Greatest Films of all Time5 star

Not only is this one of Tarantino's best films but it is also one of the greatest pieces of cinema ever to come out of America. For me personally, Pulp Fiction is still Tarantino's greatest marvel. However Reservoir dogs is still in my top 20 or 30 films of all time, and that is saying somethng special about this rather low budget, first-film gem. This movie launched Quentin Tarantino to a filmmaking status of sorts that is only acquired by many directors after decades of hard work. iTunes needs more Quentin Tarantino films. This is his generation. He is one of the most iconic filmmakers of those who have grown up in the 90's and beyond.

my fun world - reservoir dogs5 star

best film ever

pto5 - Tarantino's Best5 star

A low budget film with a minimalist approach technically speaking, yet is an absolutely intriguing, calculated, gripping, and brilliant piece of filmmaking. Clearly, this is the best of Quentin Tarantino.

bman13 - Style without subtance -- no pulp fiction or kill bill2 star

I feel like this movie had lots of style, dudes in italian suites cursing and bleeding a lot. Ok thats great stuff. But seriously this move is overrated. I didn't go to film school so I guess I can't pretend that this is a good movie.

flanman2007 - Over-rated2 star

This movie is one of the most over hyped movies I have ever seen. It has become trendy to say that Quentin Tarantino films are amazing, but I will go in the opposite direction. This film was not only poorly put together but it is also poorly directed and has a weak plot. I derrived very little enjoyment fromt this movie if any. If you would like to see a good movie by Quentin Tarantino rent Kill Bill or Pulp Fiction, but I would recommend that you stay away from this one.

iTR1Ed - love it.....5 star

this movie is amazing , in fact iTunes should get all of Quentin Tarantino's movies , I love evry single one of them

Stack of Hay - Great Movie5 star

i love this movie. i recently got the special edition dvd of this movie that just recently released. the case looks like a gas can and has two discs. the insert holds the discs, and looks like a matchbook. this movie is definitely worth it.

miss lonely 111 - "are you gonna bark all day little doggie, or are you gonna bite?"5 star

this is my favorite movie. period. the acting is superb (michael madsen as toothpick vic/mr. blonde= sociopathically sexy, but steve buscemi as mr. pink is my personal fav), the story telling is incredibly innovative, and the ending is phenomenally climatic. there is no let down: it ends at the top. its what happens when everything, and i mean everything, goes wrong in a jewel heist, sprinkled with highly amusing quotable dialogue (see the title of this review, for a small sample). parts of it are bloody, and one scene in particular is totally sadistic, but none of the violence is meaningless or excessive. its a clever, twisty, ironic, violent, and totally Cool movie. i just can't say enough about how much i love it. i'll stop now. i'm gushing.

Nuclear Pancakes! - It's About Time...5 star

After scouring the store for a great film, I found Reservoir Dogs, Quentin Tarantino's best film before the Kill Bill Volumes -- which I like a little more. The dialogue is amazing -- while some may snap their fingers for the film to hurry up, you can't hurry during a Tarantino flick. Before we find out whose the cop, you're really left guessing. Tarantino is one of my top 3 favorite directors -- there with Peter Jackson (1) and Steven Spielberg (2). This is a definite buy -- for sure.

Penguinicity - only 1 star cuz they dont have a zero.1 star

i hate every quinten terentino movie. he cant progress with a plot to save his life because he has to take these little OCD trips to talk about some irrelivent subject for ten minutes. and when we finally move on with the movie, theres always some creep with a blood-lust trying t murder someone. i'd rather not waste my time on this stupidity.

Mokie89 - One Of The Greatest Movies Ever Made5 star

This is the movie that started it all and for a good reason the Blood the plot twist the violence all wraped into one and directed by one of the greatest filmmakers ever this movie is a must own for any Taraantino Fan itunes needs to get Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill one and two and Sincity

nirvana1714 - if you hit me in a dream you better wake up and apologize5 star

in my opinion the best movie by tarantino. you get introduced to his unique great style of writing and you automatically get sucked in. the acting was great, not many different sets but to me thats part of the beauty of it, it has a independent film feeling and emotion but with better acting and production. great movie, a must have for sure

TylerB17 - Masterpiece!5 star

Tarantino is Brilliant! Reservoir Dogs is easily the greatest film from the 90's. It includes exceptional performances from Michael Madsen, Steve Buscemi, and Harvey Keitel. With the greatest performance coming from a little known British actor named Tim Roth. Reservoir Dogs is simply a masterpiece!

Wizzbang11 - ITUNES IS TERRIBLE1 star

Dont get me wrong, dogs is my fav movie. this would definatly be a 5 in my book. but i recieved such absolutly icompitant service from apple when i dowloaded this movie. i never downloaded, i tried 6 times, and itunes was never able to get me a copy. frankly, dont give into apple. if u want this amazing film, buy the dvd. if u must hav it on ur ipod, get a torrent of it.

RaNdOm RoBoT - great4 star

Reservoir dogs is definitely one of the best movies out there. most movies that quentin tarantino does are action packed but this doesnt have to much action intill the end which makes it great. It is definitely one of many good performances by michael madsen. The movie would have been much different without Michael madsen and Harvey kietel and also Chris penn. it is defently a must see movie.

Ryan789 - One of tarentinos best5 star

In my personal opinion Quentin Tarentino is the best film maker of our time. Reservoir dogs is probably his second best film (nothing beats PULP FICTION). It is an intresting reinvention of the crime movie genra, more spesificly the heist film genra. His film shows how the heist got set up and the aftermath but not the robbery itself. The acting is first rate, the dialauge is perfect, and I can't think of any director with a more impressife first film! For me its a Huge thumbs up!

SlyKelly - I could just watch it over and over again...5 star

Definately QT's best, his first, an awesome cast of characters and actors, different, a smart movie. The blood and violence isn't as bad as most movies today and when you look past that, it actually has a sweetness underlying it. These guys- with maybe the execption of Mr. Blonde- have feelings. Mr. White's most apparent, when he learns of Mr. Orange's betrayel. Of i was stuck on a desert island, this would be the movie i would take with me.

random123456789101010 - best movie ever!!!5 star

buy this now!

Film-Review - Crap1 star

I'm sorry, but I'm not a big fan of Quentin's work. I won't comment on his other movies here, but I'll give him he has a unique style of approaching film and I'll leave it at that. This movie; however, is probably one of the worst films I've ever seen. I've never heard so much profanity in my life and its sad that its 80% of the entire script and noone really knows whats going on in the 3 sets they use. I would not recommend this film to anyone and I still don't understand why people say its good. Just because its different, doesnt mean its always good. This one just sucked

not so slim shadey - my fav movie5 star

this is probably the best movie i have ever seen

intintiisklklsajf - over rated3 star

it seemed like the movie was over before it started. good acting but i didnt feel fufilled afterwards. it was just like , huh. i guess it was interesting but it wasnt my bag.

5 star

@Dembousaso Yo solo he visto Django Y tenía planeado ver Scarface y Reservoir Dogs

5 star

@BasKaroPlease Trainspotting Basketball Diaries American History X Goodfellas One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Se7…

5 star

@vShoto_ menace 2 society, le retour du roi, reservoir dogs, a clockwork orange

5 star

El mejor opening de la historia del cine. reservoir dogs opening español vía @YouTube

5 star

Qué película os sugiere? A mí Reservoir Dogs

5 star

@caval100: Reservoir Dogs a la española. La mala gente es mala gente aquí y en Pernambuco #asco e #indecencia #vergüenzasdeEspaña https…

5 star

@chimigii The Town (2010) Chinatown (1974) Jackie Brown (1997) Reservoir Dogs (1992) Goodfellas (1990) Three…

5 star

Despite being misused in the movie Reservoir Dogs, I still like this. Particularly the cowbell bits. It's surprisi…

5 star

@caval100: Reservoir Dogs a la española. La mala gente es mala gente aquí y en Pernambuco #asco e #indecencia #vergüenzasdeEspaña https…

5 star

Hier j’étais fatiguée et j’ai pas pu finir reservoir dogs mais je soupçonne Blue d’être la pookie : y’a aucun son d…

5 star

Ieri sera mi sono guardata Reservoir Dogs dato che non l'avevo mai visto e sono ancora ferma alla scena nel bagno

5 star

@caval100: Reservoir Dogs a la española. La mala gente es mala gente aquí y en Pernambuco #asco e #indecencia #vergüenzasdeEspaña https…

5 star

Mr. Orange: [after being shot] I'm gonna fuckin' die! I'm gonna fuckin' die! Mr. White: Your not gonna fuckin' die…

5 star

@caval100: Reservoir Dogs a la española. La mala gente es mala gente aquí y en Pernambuco #asco e #indecencia #vergüenzasdeEspaña https…

5 star

@caval100: Reservoir Dogs a la española. La mala gente es mala gente aquí y en Pernambuco #asco e #indecencia #vergüenzasdeEspaña https…

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