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The tale of a young New York City publishing magnate who finds himself on an unexpected roller-coaster ride of romance, comedy, suspicion, love, sex and dreams in a mind-bending search for his soul.

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Forget everything you know, and open your eyes.. David Aames has it all: wealth, good looks and gorgeous women on his arm. But just as he begins falling for the warmhearted Sofia, his face is horribly disfigured in a car accident. That's just the beginning of his troubles as the lines between illusion and reality, between life and death, are blurred.. Vanilla Sky Wiki

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100% plotless  Pushba  1 star

This movie is about nothing. Watching this movie is a waste of time and is like a bad dream.

Open Your Eyes  Joebean4jp  5 star

One of my favorite movies.

10/10  Raydr3w  5 star

a taste of everything that paints a picture of what we really are. Humans

still don’t get it  tarek307  5 star

15 years later and i still don’t understand the true meaning behind the film…no one does..thats why its so good

Most underrated film EVER!  Massive45  5 star

Beauty, complexity, suspenseful, funny, everything. Should be in everyone's Top 3. Classic

Gmoneythe 3rd
Taking a Deeper Look in the Vanilla Sky  Gmoneythe 3rd  5 star

There are few films remakes that are adapted for the English language that bring a deeper view of a fictional reality. Like the tagline suggest for this film the combing of “LoveHateDreamsLife WorkPlayRelationshipsSex” will welcome you the movie Vanilla Sky, (2001). Director Cameron Crowe wanted to bring a different vision for this film as he rewritten and co-produced this remake of Director Alejandro Amenabar’s 1997 Spanish film Open your Eyes. This science fiction thriller has an odd sense of romance and reality warp to give a viewer an odd sense of misunderstanding for the film but an enjoyable one none the less. Vanilla Sky centers on David Aames, played by actor Tom Cruise, as a wealthy owner of a publishing firm in New York City. He has a life that most can only dream of having with fancy clothes, cars and of course women. But with all the vast fortune and fame he was given David is not happy. His former girlfriend Julianna "Julie" Gianni, played by actress Cameron Diaz, is to attached to him which drives David away from her. This all changes when he has a starry encounter at a party when he meets a woman by the name of Sofia Serrano, played by actress Penélope Cruz, which the two of them hit it off. David feels happy again while Julianna, who is also at the party, becomes jealous of the two. After a few days Julie takes David for a ride in her car while listing to a song she wrote for him. She explains to him she wants nothing more than to be with him to which he refuses. In response to being rebuff to the answer, Julie drives the car off a bridge in a suicide attempted, in which David survives. David, now disfigured and broken, must attempt to fix himself and the events around his life. As He wants nothing more than to be with Sofia. David’s other problems start to worsen. He is losing the company to his board, His best friend and trusted employee are thinking he is losing his mind, His real encounters with Julie, whom is presumed to be dead and lastly dealing with a murder that everyone believes he has committed. Director Cameron Crowe’s take within this film explores the possibility of how far and deep David is willing to go in the rabbit hole within his life. With rich detail and the moving music composition helps bring this story more to life. Also within the film, if you can really find them, are hidden “gems” that one might have to take a second viewing of it? In the end Vanilla Sky is a wonderful movie to watch and might leave a person guessing a few things. But all one has to do is just “Open your eyes.”

Beans Dad
Sliver in the brain  Beans Dad  5 star

I still come back to this movie again and agian. My wife won't watch it with me anymore and I can't watch it with others because they either don't get it or I come off as weird so, I watch it alone and just let it wash over me. I have slow motioned throught all the billboards in the Times Square scene to see what was on them all. some strange, some funny , some of cast as kids and worth it if the movie got to you like it got to me. The scene in the elevator and the one in the park with Sofia get me every time man. Fruer, Doot Doot and Nancy's Elevator Beat were hard to find but, I got all the music in the film and it, like the movie will give me pause no matter where or when I hear it. This movie never sleeps in my mind, The shard is in there and I think it always will be.

The Greatest  NickSpann  5 star

This has to be one of my all time favorite films. I have come back to the film numerous times over the years and it seems to merge genres like Sci-Fi, Drama, Mystery, Romance, and Thriller into such a unique film. Crowe makes sure everything is perfect from the visual to the soundtrack and I have always been suprised that this film is not more widely accepted as the truly unique and great film that it is!

Love love love  Sharlie88  5 star

Watched this movie so many times I just love everything about it specially the sound track the soundtrack is amazing

Yawn  stan_1978  1 star to just sleep through this one. It's that bad.

Carl de Janssen
A Beautiful Story in Itself  Carl de Janssen  5 star

This interesting and delicate story about the morality of love and life is told in a touching fashion. The things that make this movie shine for sci-fi viewers and movie viewers too is the combination development in the characters and the plot which is told in perfect fashion yet still mind bending. Cameron Crowe is the real star of this movie, perfect directing, and a great script, some of the lines make you think about the morality in life and our actions. Performances from Diaz and Cruise are the most standout, with the rest of the supporting nailing their roles. Altogether, I cannot believe this movie had not been more noticed for its perfection and complexity about the human condition by the major film critics.

Open your eyes...  Simonizer888  5 star

Cameron Crowe was a genious when he directed this film. It is a very complentary film to Abre Las Ojos. It's as if these two films were 'holding hands'.

Excellent Movie  domy3996  5 star

As of today, August 13, 2008, this is easily one of the best films available for download from itunes. The Spanish film, Open Your Eyes was such an international success that Hollywood decided to spend billions of dollars to make an English version of it. In a rare move for the American film industry they were very faithful to the original and changed only minor scenes. Cruise and Cruz work very well together and what you then have is a well written, well directed, and interesting film. It's got a sci-fi theme to it, but there is heavy emphasis on character and thus many people enjoy it, not just sci fi fans. One of the best films I have seen in my life, and I'm a film student!

A very underrated movie.  TenderCone2  4 star

This is a great movie. If you give this 1 star, you're not paying much attention. I can't really see how people don't understand it in the end. Noah taylor and kurt russells characters explain some parts during the movie.

....  Twilightsagalover99  1 star

Now lets look at the storyplot VEERRRRYYY carefully. What is it about? Nothing. What happens? Nothing. good actors that arent even worth to be in this movie absouloutely terrible. dont buy it

brilliant!  JohnRanko  5 star

Now lets see it available in HD please!!!! I concur!!!










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