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Academy Award®-winner Denzel Washington (Best Actor, 2001, Training Day) stars in this must-see story about a convict given one shot at a second chance to be a father! With promises of a reduced sentence, Jake Shuttlesworth (Washington) is granted temporary release from state prison in order to persuade the nation's top basketball recruit ... his estranged son, Jesus (Ray Allen of NBA's Milwaukee Bucks), to play ball for the governor's alma mater! But just as Jesus faces intense pressures and irresistible temptations contemplating his big decision, Jake is also forced to consider not only what's best for himself ... but what's best for his son! With a groundbreaking soundtrack by the legendary Public Enemy -- plus great cameos from John Turturro and basketball personalities Dick Vitale, John Thompson, Dean Smith, and more, He Got Game is a critically acclaimed hit you don't want to miss!

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The father, the son and the holy game.. A basketball player's father must try to convince him to go to a college so he can get a shorter sentence.. He Got Game Wiki

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Amazing  RichMoney15  5 star

This is an Amazing Movie So Awesome Great Overall Defiantly Recommend it to basketball lovers(because I love basketball)

Good movie  Bvinca  4 star

Good movie

Player of baśketball
Beast  Player of baśketball  5 star

If u like basketball, and naked women, then u will LOVE this movie. !!!

My popcorn
WOW!  My popcorn  4 star

The movie is fn awesome

Amazing!!!  kflan39114  5 star

One of the greatest movies ever made. Ray Allen is the man. Great movie if you like basketball. it is one of my greatest movies and i give it a 10

AndO Jones' Review  THISAPPPSUCKS  5 star

Great movie. You know Spike Lee always gets the best cast (over and over again) Rosario Dawson is hot. Ray Allen was great. Hil Harper just fantastic. Blah blah, growing up in Coney Island, Brooklyn!!!!!

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  mikeyv1993  5 star

Just sick!!!!!!!!!!!!, Denzel is amazing, Ray is amazing, and the rest of the cast is great. Its one of those movies that just gives off a sick vibe and puts you in the atmosphere it's depicting. It is one of my favorite movies of all time and definately one the top two or three movies depicting life in the black community. Nice Job Spike, this was your best work.

White Jag
He got game  White Jag  5 star

By far the best basketball movie and father son movie ever. It really touched me were it all matters. I was inspired by the movie to work on my basketball game. Also the sex scence was a nice add to the movie. Best opening credits ever. A must see for any basketball fan or in this case any one who wants to see a perfect movie. Ray Allan one of the 3 best 3-point shooters ever along with Reggie Miller and the great Larry Bird.

The coolest  Freshness23  5 star

This movie rocks, plain and simple. Ray Allen as Jesus Shuttlesworth??!?! Cant beat that


This is a classic and amazing movie.Denzel Washington and Ray Allen are amazing in this movie . Go See It.

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