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A small group of US troups and an Egyptologist use an ancient device found in 1920's Egypt to transport themselves to a distant planet where humans resemble ancient Egyptians.

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It will take you a million light years from home. But will it bring you back?. An interstellar teleportation device, found in Egypt, leads to a planet with humans resembling ancient Egyptians who worship the god Ra.. Stargate Wiki

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Very stupid!  Turtlelover777777777777  1 star

If I could give 0 stars, I would!

Stargate  JDon  3 star

Surprised that the iTunes version is cut and edited from the original??? Irritating... Add the original and I will rate it a 5 Star.

Great! But....  mikekifer1986  5 star

Where's the extended version? Please put it on iTunes!!!! I WANT!!!!

A Great Piece of Original Science Fiction  Gandalf0821  4 star

If Helen of Troy had a face that could launch a thousand ships, this movie did the same by launching one of the most successful franchises in US history. The story, special effects, and premise still hold up today and are a testament to the fact that occasionally, Hollywood can make original works of art. The synopsis provided by iTunes for this movie falls way short. So use the following instead: In 1928, archeologists at Giza, Eqypt unearthed a strange artifact in the shape of a stone ring riddled with strange symbols. For the next 67 years, the greatest minds of humanity toiled and tried to make sense of the artifact and its use and purpose. They made little progress until an out-of-luck archeology professor renown for fringe theories, discovered the artifact's secrets and opened a gateway to the stars beyond. Now part of a survey team, the professor, Dr. Daniel Jackson (James Spader), joins Colonel Jack Oneill (Kurt Russell) and a squad of soldiers as they step through the gate to worlds beyond knowing not the friends or foes they may meet or the adventures and artifacts they may find.

What is with these mindlessly positive reviews...  Ranillon  2 star

...for what is at best a mediocre movie? While the premise is interesting, the characters and story aren't. It meanders around, the characters go nowhere, and even the action is mostly a yawn-fest. Frankly, all the enthusiastic 5-star reviews given here sound so over-the-top that they are either done by 12 year old TV-SG fanboys who are conflating their love of the TV version with this awful movie or paid shills meant to artificially pump up the perceived rating of the movie. In this case believe the professional movie critics over these customer ratings! Even better, go spend your money on the various Stargate TV series - the shows took the garbage of the movie and turned it into something fun and cool. This is DEFINITELY a case where the many Stargate series that came afterwards are much, MUCH better than the original film! Unless you just have to see this movie to complete your "Stargate Experience" skip it and start with SG-1 the TV Series instead!

One of the best sci-fi flicks  JackHelean  5 star

I've loved this since I was a kid and it still holds up. To me it's on the same level as the original Star Wars trilogy.

Not Extended Cut - but still great.  MichaelQ  5 star

As mentioned elsewhere, this is not the extended cut which has about 8 mins of extra scenes. But still this is a great movie. At least you can buy it - wasn’t even an option on my home Australian iTunes store.

Subtitles  nuxx_  5 star

It is possible include portuguese subtitles? I really like this movie and I would like to buy. Thanks!

One of the best!  SoCalMx  5 star

I never got into the shows or the other moves brought about by this film, but this move is one of the best and most original out there and has been one of my favorites sense I was a kid. Great acting and visual effects, story line and action!!!

a great sci fi classic  CrimsunWolfXIII  5 star

i use to watch this movie as a kid over and over. it amazed me with all the details and effects of worm holes and ancient egyptian theme lashing together. when the first series stargate sg-1 came out i became more engrossed in scifi. during that time i became a nerd for life. as the next series atlantis came out i began to watch an even greater selection of shows including this one. i always fought over the remote to see it. then finally came stargate universe. i really enjoyed this series the most. it was like drama scifi and action put together as one. i still angry that the series ended adruptly as a gloomy ending. i wish for stargate to continue on like star wars and star trek. all in all this is a good movie anyone else who says that it isnt can get out of here.

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