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From the Academy Award®-winning creators of TOY STORY and MONSTERS, INC. (2001, Best Animated Short Film, FOR THE BIRDS), it's FINDING NEMO, a hilarious adventure where you'll meet colorful characters that take you into the breathtaking underwater world of Australia's Great Barrier Reef. Nemo, an adventurous young clownfish, is unexpectedly taken to a dentist's office aquarium. It's up to Marlin (Albert Brooks), his worrisome father, and Dory (Ellen DeGeneres), a friendly but forgetful regal blue tang fish, to make the epic journey to bring Nemo home. Their adventure brings them face-to-face with vegetarian sharks, surfer dude turtles, hypnotic jellyfish, hungry seagulls, and more. Marlin discovers a bravery he never knew, but will he be able to find his son?

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There are 3.7 trillion fish in the ocean. They're looking for one.. Nemo, an adventurous young clownfish, is unexpectedly taken from his Great Barrier Reef home to a dentist's office aquarium. It's up to his worrisome father Marlin and a friendly but forgetful fish Dory to bring Nemo home -- meeting vegetarian sharks, surfer dude turtles, hypnotic jellyfish, hungry seagulls, and more along the way.. Finding Nemo Wiki

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ahansen2600    1 star

Purchased this movie with iTunes and now now longer have rights to it Awesome movie, but iTunes no longer allows me access to a movie I purchased 10 years ago. Fish are friends, not food.

"Ollie" Knox    5 star

Finding Nemo is one of Pixar's Best Computer Animated Feature Movies Finding Nemo is truly an enchanting story of a clownfish named Marlin who loses his son, Nemo, and with help of his new found fish friend, Dory, ventures out into the ocean to try to find Nemo. On this epic voyage he gets to battle sharks, surf with some turtle dudes, dice with some jellyfish and survive an encounter in a whales stomach. Marlin and Dory must tough it out and make it to find Nemo. Ellen DeGeneres is perfect and very funny in her role as Dory. The voice cast was super. The jokes are extremely well placed in a quick pace and are very good. The animation is very remarkable and timeless. Finding Nemo is an instant classic made by Pixar with great lines and unforgettable characters.

MauTrevino    5 star

Unique Unique and fresh

a person or somthin    5 star

Such a great and cute movie ❤️❤️ I love this movie! It is family friendly and very funny!!

Pineapple YT    5 star

Best movie I ever watched This movie was different than most witch got me to like it more love this movie 100%

StevieeeeJ    5 star

Very nostalgic! This movie came out when I was 2, I watched it all the time when I was younger! Now I’m gonna be 18, and watching this movie brings so many good memories of being a kid.

Jssrater    5 star

Finding Nemo Loved it!!!!

ghdhtgyfhxg h inivii    5 star

Love movie I have loved this movie for a long time this is probably the best movie for kids and it captured the true story of family and friends

chellymous    5 star

BEST MOVIE EVER!!!! Best movie for anyone!!!! Adults or children!! The movie is only only entertaining, yet also very educational. All of the different sceneries and subjects practically taught throughout the movie about discord of infirmary in the ocean and the life within and around it. Very interesting if you are into aquatic type stuff. Also very humorous!!

assains creed lover    5 star

A total classic Best movie ever

nenny-willow    5 star

A tale of two fishes A father's luv will overcome his fears to find Nemo, and make a few fishy friends along the way. Dory is just a open window to the sea!

KidrauhlBelieber96    5 star

Amazing!! I've always loved this movie and it will always be my favourite movie.... It's just so cute!!!

Cylac76    5 star

Awesome movie! but.. why are movie so expensive to buy on itunes? especially older movies like this one.. lower you prices iTunes/Apple and I'm sure more people will purchase digital copies! (I know I would)


Adorable and touching! Finding Nemo is perhaps one of the best Pixar/Disney movies I've ever seen (next to others like Monsters Inc.)! Nemo is very cute, Dory is hilarious, and the animation is beautiful! Flawless portrayal of the ocean, I love it!

Michael_TO    5 star

La piste sonore française Ceci est la version québécoise « Trouver Nemo » et non la version européenne « Le Monde de Nemo. » Anne Dorval dans le rôle de Doris !

goleafsgo801    5 star

♥♡♥ Love this movie! Omg I love tis movie so much! Ellen is perfect as Dory :)

Blue rosa    5 star

Cute I found this movie so funny and adorable for all ages.Its something You can watch over and over again.Loved it

Gamer12347    5 star

Funny movie This is the most hilarious movie I watched as a kid.I still love it now:)

Oalanqar    5 star

Never old to watch Amazing animation, great story and just beautiful effects. Great story and very interesting for all ages.

Zozo-girl    5 star

Love it Can't wait for it to come out in 3D!!!!

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Bill
One of my favourite animated films ever  Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Bill  5 star

I really love this film. A lot. Fantastic story which is more than beautifully told, beautiful animation, loveable characters, great humour and Dory as a very funny sidekick. Kind of like Donkey from Shrek (I haven't seen Shrek). My #2 Pixar film. I give Finding Nemo a 10/10.

Perfect  DiCaprisun  5 star

There is nothing to fault about Finding Nemo, a classic, fantastic film, with no age limit.

Best Pixar Movie (IMO)  MLGINDONERD  5 star

Finding Nemo has always been my favorite Pixar Movie and probably always will be! It's funny, genuine, beautiful, colourful and full of life! I would definitely go ahead and buy this right away. If you haven't seen Finding Nemo yet, then go out and see it cause it's a movie everyone should experience. Also I would just like to mention its sequel Finding Dory. Finding Dory was so good as well and I would love to say I love them equally, but unfortunately I have to choose which one I think is better. I think Finding Nemo is better by a tiny, tiny bit. But anyways that's my review.

Problems with renting  Shellybelles  1 star

Waited over an hour whilst it downloaded. Wouldn't play once the download was finished, so restarted iTunes. Discovered that the movie wasn't registered as downloaded. I'll be really peeved if they charge me for something that didn't work.

Problems with renting  BlackFelix  1 star

Really disappointed I rented this movie and also the incredibles from iTunes on my iPad and shows "The operation couldn't be completed. (MPAVControllerErrorDomain error 3.) I tried to reset the iPad and iTunes but nothing seems to fix the problem so now I have to buy it! hopefully they refund the rental fee as I couldn't watch any of those movies ;(

Finding Nemo  Taccarobinson  1 star

I brought the video on iTunes and now it will NOT play , what a waste of money , give my money back

Great movie, Pixar's best  ChookyGurl  5 star

This is Pixar's top movie (next to Toy Story). Loved it.

Great film!  Flynnee1  5 star

This is a great film.. Its for everyone.. for kids, for adults..for everyone!! Superb animation!! Awesome fun to watch!

Lolling derp
Finding nemo  Lolling derp  5 star

This movie is good I am 10 :P

help  lyrayah  5 star

can i get this movie in german??


Loooooooooooooooooooooove it. Finding nemo has everything from lovable characters to an epic story line!!! Watch it allll the time. Price...not so good

Agreed  Chloeannexx  4 star

I agree it is oddly expensive but as I was given a free 25pound gift voucher when I bought my iPod I though 'what the hey?!' I have recently become strangly obsessed with this film and was DYING to watch it so I just got it :)

Cooldude 12345678910 :):-/:-)
It's the best  Cooldude 12345678910 :):-/:-)  5 star

I love this movie I saw it asy first movie when I was only 3 and I loved it and still do . Buy it . It's the best

Kieran blance
Great movie  Kieran blance  5 star

Finding nemo is amazing.You must buy it.

Ok  Zhanaee  5 star

This film is great but the price is rediculous ! It should be £2 to buy and £1 to rent !

What the hold up?
Love it but hate the price  What the hold up?  4 star

I love this film but the price is really to much for a film that has been out for a while

thegumdealer 23
top 5 genrally best movies ever  thegumdealer 23  5 star

watch it!

Gr8  lewis123987  5 star

This movie is sooooo good and funny 1 of my best films lol. :P

Too expensive  Motabbir  5 star

Exellent film

Thomas Pollock-movie fan
Another Pixar classic.  Thomas Pollock-movie fan  4 star

Before I begin this revie £10.99 for this movie!! What a steal. Anyway: This is one of my favourite pixar movies with it's outstanding breathtaking underwater landscapes and effects. When a clown fish named Marlin loses his kid Nemo he sets off to find him encountering Dory the short memoried fish sharksm jellyfish and sea turtles. A great kids disney movie i recommend to all of you.

iTunes give my GB back!  NeverRideAlone  5 star

I rented this movie, but while I was downloading the movie it took most of my gb ?? I need those back ..

Brilliant  samantha697  5 star

Probably the best kids movie ever.

A good watch with the family  GoogalyFrog  4 star

A great kids/family film that can apeal to older people as well. worth a watch.

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