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The heart-stopping story of the first black regiment to fight for the North in the Civil War, Glory stars Matthew Broderick, Denzel Washington, Cary Elwes and Morgan Freeman. Broderick and Elwes are the idealistic young Bostonians who lead the regiment; Freeman is the inspirational sergeant who unites the troops; and Denzel Washington, in an Oscar® - winning performance (1989, Best Supporting Actor), is the runaway slave who embodies the indomitable spirit of the 54th Regiment of Massachusetts. Robert Gould Shaw leads the US Civil War's first all-black volunteer company, fighting prejudices of both his own Union army and the Confederates. Glory Wiki

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Their innocence. Their heritage. Their lives...

Glory (1989)

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- So Good5 star

This movie made me cry🥺

- glory hallelujah5 star

this was my introduction to the war genre, I heard nothing but great things about it, so I asked for it for Christmas and all I can say is, I have no faults with it, the lineup is great, performances are great (especially from Matthew Broderick who proves he can do a drama just as well as the lighthearted movies he’s most known for being in), Denzel Washington (his performance was the standout if you ask me), and Morgan Freeman (Robert Shaw May have been the leader, but Rawlins was the glue that held the regiment together), music score is excellent, there’s plenty of classic moments like the pay day gone wrong scene and the campfire scene leading up to the ft Wagner battle, and the battle scenes are really hard hitting (you feel like you’re right there fighting with them and the best one was the battle of ft Wagner since it showed the courage and sheer bravery of the 54th regiment). I most definitely recommend this masterpiece

- Give Em Hell 54!!!5 star

One of the greatest movies of all time. PERIOD

- Glad to see this movie again5 star

Never forgot about this since I first saw it in the 90s, it almost felt like I was there. Makes you appreciate how far we come, demonstrates bravery, courage and leadership. Makes you want to help our fellow brothers today. Never forget.

- Excellent movies4 star

One of my favorite historical movies. I hope iTunes releases the soundtrack soon in celebration of this movie’s 30th anniversary.

- grim and thoughful5 star

this is a fine film. The pace and depth of the characters make this film watchable and noteworthy. Excellent cinimatography,excellent restaging of battles and a stellar cast make this one for the top of the list.

- This is the best movie ever made5 star

This is the best movie ever made. That is all.

- Good movie despite Broderick's wooden performance.4 star

A Good movie for the most part, despite Matthew Broderick being miscast as Col. Shaw. Mr. Broderick's performance in this comes across as wooden and uninspiring to me. That also goes for some of the other actors playing the white officers. But the African American actors in their roles do shine and make this film a worth while must see. The final battle on Ft. Wagner is very well presented even if it's not entirely historically acurate. The mass grave burial scene at the end is still something i think about, with that haunting chorus music, so well made. A very Good flick.

- Where is the soundtrack? Like to purchase it but not album only5 star

????? Been coming back here looking for it

- Exquisite5 star

This movie is exquisite, perfect in every way.

- GIVE UM HELL 54th!!5 star

I think that this movie should be raised from 5 measly dollars to 20$. Like all of the other great movies on here I also think this movie is superbe it's shaped me as a person as did most Civil War movies did when I was little. I am 13 years old


We watched this in 7th grade and I absolutely fell in love with the movie! The only thing that I hate is when they deleted some scenes I really wanted to see but overall, it's THE BEST Civil War film!!

- Classic5 star

Great movie! One of my all-time favorites!

- A Reply5 star

I just wished to reply in response to Agent Tom399's review. Kudos! Thanks, Cappy.

- Wonderful movie5 star

Too see

- Must see5 star

For me movies are not usually very emotionally moving. This one is. You will the emotions when watching this. Anger sadness and joy. You won't regret watching this movie. Perhaps you'll do what I did and buy the movie 5 minutes after it ending. This movie truly is a must see movie. The facts are dead on except for two minor details. If you want to see a movie about the Massachusetts 54th this is the one to watch.

- Best Movie!5 star

I've seen this movie over 50 times and it never fails to inspire. An amazing and inspirational tribute to all people.

- An Amazing movie5 star

There are no words to describe this movie, it's just amazing. The actors did an outstanding job representing these heroes of the civil war. Everyone must see this movie. One of the best war movies.

- About the Movie Glory...3 star

Is a Great and historical movie but the movie is with few secound of delay if you see the lips, they are about 5 secound of delay... That's why i give the movie 3 star but everthing is ok...

- Incredible movie5 star

I saw this movie last year and it was the best movie I seen at school.

- This was an amazing movie.5 star

I loved every part of it.

- Glory5 star

This movie was soooo good. We watched it in history and I cried at the end. It was hella sad. I had to watch it again cuz it was that good.

- Love it5 star

I watched this in my history class. I cried so hard at the end )'; but overall it was a really good movie. It showed a lot about the civil war, especially the 54th of Massachusetts. I love this movie. I always cry at the end as well.

- Good movie5 star

I saw this movie at school during social studies and I though it was really good.

- Wow5 star

This movie is absolutely amazing. I'm in middle school and my history teacher showed this to us and this was just a great movie. Sadly, my classmates didn't take it seriously. While I wanted to cry, they were all cracking jokes.

- An amazing view that should be a requirement to watch!5 star


- Iconic5 star

I first saw this movie when I was very young and even then it left an impression. The acting in this movie is perfect, and every character leaves his mark. You can feel the dread, misery and triumph that war brings to these soldiers. Morgan Freeman and Denzel Washington are two powerful talents that make this movie a national treasure. If you haven't seen it before, turn off all your electronic devices, and crank up your home theater to 11 because this movie deserves all your attention. (And the neighbors;) By the way the score during the end credits is the most perfect ending sequence in movie history- enjoy at furniture-shake volume level!!

- Glory glory GLORY!!!5 star

What an amazing inspiring movie!!! Story line was perfect, characters were believable just wonderful. I saw this movie at school and everyone loved it!! There was humor,joy,sadness it had it all :) the legendary denzel washington & morgan freeman & matthew brodrick were fantastic 2 thumbs up!!! Great job

- I love this movie!!5 star

This was an emotional movie for me. It shows how African Americans haves struggled in the past and how all we wanted was freedom. It also shows that their were white people who defended African Americans in the fight. I recommend it to all people. Enjoy the characters like Robert Shaw and Riss and erc.

- Amazing5 star

I've never been into war movies and thought the movie would be horrible because we had to watch it in history class. But boy was I wrong, I fell in love with this movie. All the characters, the soundtrack and just everything about it. This movie brings out the significance of the 54th and the courage it takes to fight for what's right. You can see everyone grow and develop as a character, which just makes it more personal. One of my favorite movies for sure

- AMAZING5 star

If your into war movies, or anything to do with history, then I suggest you see this movie.

- Glory!5 star

Great movie best movie I've seen in a long time but never got to see the end :/ lol :)

- Good!5 star

We watched this in my history class! I cried at the end! It's so sad!!

- Truly moving5 star

We watched this in my history class and I was blown away. this movie is just perfection in all aspects. And yes I couldn't help but cry in the end.

- The best civil war movie ever5 star

I almost cried at the end when they all died. That part was sad and awe inspiring as was the whole movie. I loved it.

- Amazing Movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!5 star

Glory is one of the greatest movies ever made about the Civil War and the sheer courage it took to charge into the face of the enemy knowing that you stood little chance of coming out alive. We are on the Civil War in my history class and I am stunned at the amount of courage these men portrayed in battle where the best tactic was to run straight into enemy fire. This movie was an epic portrayal of the 54th MA, the black men who were prepared to be the first line of attack, knowing full well what that meant. Words cannot express how scared they must have been but yet they kept going which is the most moving part. I get goosebumps every time I watch this and see the faces of the men in the regiment when they march out to Fort Wagner, staring death in the face, and particularly at the line "Give em hell 54th!"

- Very Interesting Story in our Country's Troubled History5 star

I heard about this movie recently while doing some research about Boston's history for a writing project. I had never heard of it before. The Civil War is a terrible part of our country's history, and it is still wrenching to way any movie that describes it. Watching people from Boston fighting people from South Carolina still does not make sense. Anyway, this movie describes the first all black fighting group for the United States and the white Colonel assigned to them. It was good to see how the variety of people who signed up to fight eventually fought together. There was the man who was born free in the North to the runaway slaves who made to the North with still a lot of memories and hostilities. I have always like Morgan Freeman and what he has done. And I have liked Matthew Broderick. I know Denzel Washington is very popular, but I have not been a big fan of his. I have never watched a movie just because he was in it. The photography was incredible, and there were some very difficult scenes to watch. A must-watch for all Americans to remember how close it came to having the United States split apart.

- Great civil war movie5 star

I am a student and this movie gave me a great view of the civil war. I am now doing a report on Robert Gould shaw because of this movie.

- The #1 Love-Hate Movie5 star

I've watched this movie at least three times now and I still can't work out my feelings for it. However, this movie is downright amazing and sentimental; a must-watch for any action/drama/war fan out there, especially if you're interested in the Civil War. The cast is amazing and bring a lot of depth into each historical figure they're portraying and properly adding that little "Hollywood Flare" where it is needed/helps the viewer connect to the character. The music is so fitting for the movie. The part where the bells come in when the 54th begins their attack on Fort Wagner will get you crying and dreading the next twenty or so minutes of your life. It gets me every time. So, that's really why I hate this movie. It wasn't because of the directing or the characters or the script, it's because of history. It's already happened and the inevitable just looks you in the eye and says, "All the awesome characters that you just fell in love with die." You know it's going to happen and you dread every second up to that point. Once you get to the end, you just start bawling your eyes out screaming, "Robert, NO!" or something like that. But hey, that's history for you: everyone dies, you just have to figure out where you stand. You don't throw it away and die knowing you could have made a different, you go down fighting with the knowledge that you made a difference. For if you don't act upon your beliefs, who will? All in all, amazing movie, a must-watch before you die, and highly emotional. There, dear buyers/readers, are the reasons why I love it.

- Glory5 star

Today, when we think of certain events in our history we feel an emotion. When people look back on 9/11, they feel an emotion, when people look back on the JFK assassination, they feel emotion, when people look back on the Vietnam War, and WWII, they feel emotion. But when people look at the American Civil War, they feel little emotion. Yet, the American Civil War was the bloodiest and most violent war ever in American history, worse than Vietnam, WWII, WWI, or even the revolutionary war. The reason why people do not feel emotion is because our generation was not alive during the civil war so its hard to get that feeling. With movies like "Glory", filmmakers can bring the visual image and the emotion to us. That is why I praise this film.


One of my favorite movies--ever! History, conflict, vicory, defeat, heartbreak, heart pounding glory--all in one movie!! Awsome soundtrack too!

- Amazing5 star

This film is one of the greatest war films I have ever seen. The soundtrack to this film is amazing!

- Tear-Jerking5 star

This was one of the best war movies I have ever seen and one of the best movies I have ever seen. There was some profanity in it but I think that highschool teachers should definitely show this. I liked the part where the soldiers were all sitting around a fire and praying but I loved the battle scene.

- Classic5 star

Glory has to be one of the best movies I have ever seen! It is impossible to forget, and excellently made. The acting is superb, and the casting was perfect. Glory brings to light not only the story of the Massachusetts 54th, but the horror and tragedy of the Civil War, and this movie conveys to the watcher the price of freedom. Glory is a must see for anyone who loves America! All in all, a classic movie.

- Very moving5 star

Touching and very emotional. The final charge up the hill was probably the best part of the movie. Excellent

- Moving, touching, emotional, will never forget.5 star

I'm studying the Civil War in school and we watched this movie about a week ago. It still puts butterflies in my stomach whenever I think of it. I absolutely love the music. It's so beautiful, and it goes perfectly with what's playing on the screen. I never really knew much about the Civil War until I watched Glory. I will never forget Robert Gould Shaw and the 54th Massachusetts Regiment. I will forever appreciate my freedom because of the men who fought in the Battle of Fort Wagner, and in all of the Civil War. I will always love this movie. You truly get emotionally attached to the characters, especially when you remind yourself that this is a true story. It really happened. It's chilling to even think of it, and I cannot describe how I really feel about it. It's just beautiful.

- Great5 star

Believe it or not, but I'm in middle school, and they showed this movie, I really liked it, first time seeing, not my last.

- Great Movie!5 star

This Movie is a timeless classic! I can watch it over and over again. One of Matthew Brodderick's best performances as well as Morgan Freeman and a very young Denzel Washington. This movie should be a required watch for every high school American History class.

- Amazing5 star

As most of you who have seen this, I thought that this was going to be a dumb old movie. WRONG!!!!! I think that no other movie could possibly be anywhere to nearly as great as this! It doesn't matter how hard they try, this is the best war movie made so far, and probably for a long, long time too. DEFINITELY A MUST SEE!!!!!

- Awesome5 star

A epic movie. This is one of my top 100 movies of all time. A must for any collection. James Horners soundtrack is STUNNING and powerful. Makes you realize just how much this country has endured and how great a nation we truly are. Rejoice if you live here and enjoy the freedoms that have been paid for by so many, in so many different ways.

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Samwise9984 - Excellent film5 star

Sadist film I have ever seen. You have been warned.

Dylan327 - Has To Be One Of The Best5 star

Glory was a very powerful movie with a Strong message of How the African Americans fought for freedom and avenged the days of oppression working on the Plantations. This was Edward Zwick's first movie before the 2002 Epic 'The Last Samurai' and It is Truly a work of art. Every viewer will get a real feel of How the American Soldiers were treated and respected. How proud they were when they wore 'The Blue Suits' and went to fight the Civil War - A Truly Captivating moment in the movie. This True Story of Col. Bradley Shaw, really depicts that when he first took command and how much he grew as a Man and as a Strong Leader. This movie gave Edward Zwick a strong foundation to build his career as a great Director/Producer.

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Cgextreme - Best movie!!5 star

My 8th grade teacher had us watch this and I thought it was going to be another civil war movie but this movie turned out to be one of my favorite movies of all time!! I can't believe our teacher would let us watch because of all the language it has in it! But that movie was full if action and drama and showed what it was in the civil war!!!

Lilcutie777 - Awesome5 star

My history teacher made us watch it I thought it was going to be another lame history movie this is the best movie ever I cried the whole time:)

Common Sense American - Still a great movie5 star

I remember first seeing this movie in class over ten years ago and it still remains my favorite civil war movie. Even today I enjoy this movie the performances by Denzel Washington and Matthew Broderick, Cary Elwes, and Morgan Freeman were superb and moving.

Mydoggieiscute1234567891 - Great 5 star

This movie was really great. The acting was wonderful and there was not a single boring part to it.

aqua90210 - Glory5 star

This is the best movie i have ever seen i saw it in history i cryed all the times i saw it!!!! :(

Master Andrew - :)5 star


sparrow-holmes - Left Speechless5 star

This is an amazing movie to sum it all up. In Middle School I first watched this with my class and it has become one of my absolute favorites. It also greatly raised my intrest and now passion for history, especially the Civil War. The actors have outstanding performances. Broderick gives such a believable role as Shaw, and Denzel Washington's acting is flawless. The whole cast makes you feel really attatched to their characters. Throughout the movie, I often found myself tearing up, just because of the thought of what these men went through. Especially in the last few scenes, with the combination of the AMAZING score by James Horner (must listen if you like movie soundtracks!!) and the great plot and actors, I became very emotional. If you think this is just another boring Civil War movie, you are in for a surprise.

Cat_Milk1 - Phenominal.5 star

This movie is epic. I saw it in my 8th grade american history class a long time ago. The war scenes were not only cool to watch, but they were also an excellent depiction of civil war combat.

HomerJaySimpson - Amazing5 star

This movie is absolutely incredible. I watched it because I am doing a school project on the 54th Massachusetts, but I found a breathtaking experience. Well worth the $9.99 to see what these heroic men did for their country. See it for sure!

ifly737 - EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!5 star

Gosh ever since i saw this movie in 8th grade social studies i hav been obsessed. it is amazing and pretty accurate, most of the inaccuracies are not very big... but despite the minor inaccuracies it is still the most epic movie i have ever seen and i loveeeeeeeeeee it!!!!! FORWARD, FIFTY-FOURTH! :-P :-D

LWB x IPHSYCO - Amazing5 star

A must see, its absolutly amazing!!!

MuSiC Is My LiFe:)) - you gotta see this!!5 star

i loved this movie i saw it in my U.S. history class and just thought it was a great movie!! watch it because i promise you will love it!! :D

Agent Tom399 - Great Civil War Movie4 star

My only comment on the movie, is that I'm 95% sure the movie was edited. Please correct me if I'm wrong fellow iTunes reviewers, but I recall that Colonel Shaw before his attack on fort wagner stated that he would walk with his men, and in turn released his horse. The second cut I recall was during the end section where the movie states the final outcome of the assault; If I am correct, I do believe it's supposed to state some matter on Col. Shaw's final resting place. On another note, there WAS an obvious screen blip past the statements to the credits. iTunes, I find it quite rude and belligerent to charge a person $10 for a cut up movie. My regards, Agent Tom399

nickname1234556435646789 - amazing5 star

this is one of the best civil war movies ever, the only thing i think that could surpass it is Gettysburg. This movie showed the spirit of the 54th Massachusetts.

frogface38 - "We want 'em to know that we died for freedom!"5 star

i first watched this in my AIG was really hard not to burst into tears. especially in the very end. fantastic true story that helps you to really feel the pain these men went through and the joy they all shared. you can admire the bravery of those men and General Shaw as they fight the prejudices. follow these men as they fight for their freedom! i've seen this movie more times than i can count, best civil war movie ever made. and of course it doesn't hurt that Matthew Broderick and Morgan Freeman star in it either. it just makes it THAT much better. amazing and emotionally unforgetable


this movie has a great story great actors and great everything !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!its a must see movie for sure!

A_Yvette - Amazing5 star

All I can say is 'Wow.' We just watched this movie for history this week and I thought it was amazing! Probably one of the best war movies out there. Half my class had a tear in their eye at the ending. (I sure did :))

Pasketti1234 - Perfect5 star

Nowhere can you find a better movie about the 54 Mascachusetts Regiment.Glory is a very accurate,very real document of the Civil War.If you ask me it falls into the top 5 movies of all time at at least 2 or 3.A definate classic.

Ngozi - One of the finest films of all time5 star

This is a moving and powerful depiction of events from our shared past. I had watched this as a child. and the love of this film has stayed with me well into my adulthood. You will be hard pressed to find a finer cast creating a finer work.

Chief Schiff - Amazing5 star

Really a must see movie. Very moving and powerful. One of the best soundtracks on any movie I've ever seen.

hfsfjhaksjdlfh - ohh yeah5 star

this movie is up on the top ten war movies ever

Autsom - Glory5 star

A must see movie for the civil war. Its moving and thought provoking. And the sound track great to listen too!

remccrzep - My favorite movie of all time5 star

This is the greatest film of the civil war and one of the greatest war films of all time. Like so many other people that have reviewed, I also first saw this in school in 7th grade. I think it sould be a requirement to watch this movie if your studying the civil war at all. My favorite scene in the movie is when the 54th are singing around the fire the night before the suicidal attack of Fort Wagner. That scene has so much passion and power that it still brings a tear to my eye. The singing is phenomenal as are the 3 speeches. I still think Denzel's speech in that scene is what won him his much deserved oscar. Love everything about this movie. Please see it at least once, as it is one of the great films of all time.

Embrace The Pain - 100 out of 55 star

The ending really moved me. I did not expect to enjoy this but... it's very powerful.

Cantfindthewords - Wow!5 star

My social studies teacher was showing us this movie in our class, and my whole class LOVES this movie. And we're not big fans of history. For 1989, this movie has amazing graphics and the actors did an amazing job. Especially Matthew in that scene where he throws eveyrthing everywhere because he demands shoes and Denzel when he's getting whipped and doesnt complain. It was amazing!! One of the best movies I've ever seen so far.We're watching part 3 tomorow!

DeltaDevil13 - ok2 star

It will interesting when somone finally has the balls to make a movie about black troops that fought voluntarily for the south because that happened as well. I can see it being directed by Spike Lee

la ranita - GLORIA ?? como lo dice el nombre5 star

es una excelente pelicula si te gusta un poco la historia deverias rentar ho comprar esta pelicula tambien cuenta con excelentes actores de primer nivel

dcccxxx - Still an American Classic5 star

I saw this movie in my 8th grade Social Studies class, I still love it! It retains the emotional power and presence as it did in '89. So many well know actors, Freeman, Washington, Brodrick, great preformances all! All it needs now is the soundtrack. Please add it Itunes, no album only please. I only want a few songs like "Charging Fort Wagner" and "Main Theme" click yes if you agree

thatguyrob42 - WOW5 star

This movie was very well played! The story behind it was tremendous bravo Mr. Broderick

headbanger101 - MUST SEE MOVIE!!!!5 star

If you are into the Civil War or just like movies than you must see this movie. A classic movie about the bravery of the first african-american regiment. You will not be disipointed with this movie.

KK112 - BEST5 star

i watched this in history in school and i cant wait to buy it !!!! I have already ordered it

to hell and back - powerful flick5 star

I've seen this movie several times and find it to be one of the greatest civil war films ever made. Historically accurate,superb acting, and heart wrenching for its intensity. If you have'nt seen this film, Please do and share it with your family and friends. Its worth every penny.....

MC 49 - Out Standing5 star

One of the best war movies made. A amazing true story about one of the first black troops in the Civil War.

Bucsbaseball35 - civilwar5 star

i love the civil war and anybody who does this is a must see!

ENG2199ces - BEST MOVIE5 star

This is one of the best and most moving movies I have ever seen. It actually made me research the men of the 54th and I must say they will never be forgotten.

McGill566 - Don't wast your it now5 star

I did not buy this movie on i-tunes however I have seen it and I say that I have never seen a historical movie better then Glory (and I have seen a LOT). It is heart warming and has many well know actors in it that make the movie incredibly well done. As well as the movie being great there is also the music in the movie which bring all the action and drama to a point it can go no farther. So do not your money renting the movie to see if it is good. I promise you with all my heart that this movie is worth every penny of what you pay. Buy it now

twj731 - awesome5 star

ther are only 2 inacuracies. 1. when they hand out guns, they did not have cerial numbers 2. when they march through the south, one of the young black actors still has his whatch on and you can cathc it on the bootom right. it's when the other slaves are cheering them on!

Sbowers - Glory!!5 star

This movie is FANTASTIC!! It's heroism is splendid and it helps you respect what went on in the American Civil War. All the actors in this movie didn't play their characters, they were their characters. If I didn't know who Denzel Washington was or Morgan Freeman, or even Cary Elwes, I'd believe they weren't just actors but average human beings playing the exact character. 2 thumbs up!

what my dog name - why black and white hate each other1 star

stop making movies again this is the war and the war is bull crap. This is dumb and am the one who hate this movies,

orligirl - This movie is incredible!!!5 star

I first watched this movie in my 11th grade Honors U.S. History class, and I fell in love with it. I bought it, and I showed it to my mom. She loved it. Although I noticed that the soundtrack isn't available on iTunes. I think it should be. Rate five stars if you agree.

shortround781 - Best Civil War Movie5 star

Glory is the best movie of the Civil War genre. James Horner delivers one of his best musical scores ever for a movie. Once you see it, you feel proud to be an American.

Soccer Queen - Wow, this is definetly a have to see5 star

i really loved this movie, i saw it in socialstudies class the other day. and wow i even got sad at the end when the kernal died. deffinetly see. i thought it would be like learnig, but it wasnt, it was like a normal amazing 5 star movie to me. WATCH IT!

!!!!!!!!!/!!!!!!!!! - sick movie5 star

the main guy looks like dave grohl

little_miss_converse - Glory is simply amazing!5 star

We are watching the edited version of Glory at school, and it is an awesome movie! i love it so much, and matthew broderick's acting is great too. There are so many familiar faces in the movie like morgan freeman, denzel washington, the main guy from princess bride, and some other people.

Speedy87 - Glory5 star

It is definately one of the best movies i have ever seen. It is about the civil war but it sends a great message. WATCH IT! IT IS AMAZING!!!

chaunce12 - one of the greatest movies of all time5 star

Historical, dramatic, and oscar worthy performances across the board. If you haven't seen this movie you need to. I really hope however itunes can get the soundtrack to this movie on here because it is one of the greatest scores in cinematic history, GET ON TOP OF IT ITUNES!!!!

annieAK - A masterpiece5 star

This movie has to be one of the greatest war movies of all time. I will not try to describe most of it, but I must say the last 20 minutes alone make this worth watching. That last scene is such a beautifully executed battle scene it will make you cry. No, this is not a sappy over-dramatized dummed down civil war story, but a candid, gut wrenching, and heart rending historical drama with incredible battle sequences. Just watch it, for the love of God!

laxman44 - Glory (One of the best movies ever)5 star

This is one of the best movies ever made. It is an outstanding civil war film. The part when the the ignorant white solider yelled "Give 'em hell 54th" spent chills up my spine. It is very historically acurate, and it really teaches you about the war between the states. But it is very entertaining, and you don't relize that you are learning. It's just an outstanding movie.

CVgsmackfan - amazing movie one of the best historical movies I've ever seen5 star

I loved this movie this is one of the best historical movies ever made in my personal opinion I would recomend this to any history fan.

applepie1017 - Breathtaking5 star

One of the best movies I have ever seen. If you love history or the Civil War like i do this movie is just perfect for you. If you hate history, try it out anyway! It made me almost cry, but has those moments when you just want to throw your fist in the air with a "Yes , go get them!" It truly shows what the human race can endure. Try it out! but becareful, there are swear words in this movie.

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