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Winner of the Best Director Prize at the 2002 Cannes Film Festival, "this misfit love story of disconnected people trying to find one another in an antagonistic world is a comedy of discomfort and rage that turns unexpectedly sweet and pure." Adam Sandler gives an amazing and unusual performance as Barry Egan, a socially impaired owner of a small novelty business, who is dominated by seven sisters and is unlikely to find love unless it finds him. When a mysterious woman comes into his life, his emotions go haywire, fluctuating between uncontrollable rage, lust and self-doubt. "Punch-Drunk Love leaves you addled, a little dizzy and overcome by a pleasing, unplaceable sensation." "A romantic comedy as wonderful as it is strange that expands the genre to its absurdist outer limits and makes us believe." From the writer/director of Boogie Nights and Magnolia, Punch-Drunk Love is a dark, lovely and unique film experience.

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You can go to places in the world with pudding.. A beleaguered small-business owner gets a harmonium and embarks on a romantic journey with a mysterious woman.. Punch-Drunk Love Wiki

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Prophet Amos
AWFUL  Prophet Amos  1 star

Everyone in the theater was devasted by how terribl the movie was. Worst Sandler movie ever made.

Sandler is great  BennyBoyNYC  5 star

Great movie n Sandler kills it

Roberto Solari
Pure cinema.  Roberto Solari  5 star

Absolutely great direction, script and outstanding interpretation by Adam Sandler. Such a great movie.

Tony the Critic
P.T. Anderson Touches to the Core of Me  Tony the Critic  5 star

Punch-Drunk Love is an effectively emotional film that brings an urgency to the meaning of romance in our lives. This is not your typical Adam Sandler movie. Oh no, this is a masterpiece. Here, he abandons his grating buffoon charade that bludgeons his career and instead plays a profound and tortured man who suffers all the hallmarks of Aspergers. He spends his days hiding from the world in a lonely garage, and dealing with the constant bullying of his psychotic sisters. When one of them hooks him up with a shy British woman, he falls madly in love, but only after he convinces her just how much of a beautiful man he really is. This story is so touching, it brings a tear to my eye. Theirs is a love so unique, so taboo, so justifiably beautiful. P.T. Anderson really pins down controversial subjects, but even a narrative as simple as a love story can he really bring his all to. It's a truly magnificent picture.

For Jerz
great  For Jerz  5 star

why were people smashing this? it's not some hipster, indie, obscure thing where people can should weight the intellectual value vs. emotional quality of the film what - it's just a story of a modern male. pretty nice to watch and relate to. as the germans say...durcheinander...and how we manifest our craziness now given modernity in the 1st world. feminism is dead by the way...or it should be. at least in the 1st world.

200 burgers
Absolutely impressed  200 burgers  5 star

Amazing acting and one of the best movies I ever saw.

Tremendous  goldenboat  5 star

Different, but Fantastic.

Simply Put, It's A Masterpiece  blahboohblah  5 star

This is the kind of film that can be deemed a classic of cinema just a decade after its release. This is a modern classic, and one of the best films of the last decade. The camera work, the music and most surprisingly the human and dramatic performance by Adam Sandler all add up to a wonderfully gratifying and wholly original film experience. (Seriously, I've seen around 530 movies in my entire life by my count; I've never seen anything like Punch-Drunk Love.)

Blah!!!  Thesuzuki17  1 star

Wasted my time and money. Wasn't worth it. :(

The worst  Maspy  1 star

This has to be the worst movie I have seen in a while. So bad we turned it off with 45 minutes left because we found the pacing slow, the wimpy characters annoying and the whole plot too far fetched.

So Amazing  NicholsonDen  5 star

The movie was awsome. I was totally captured by it's dark comedy and dry style. Sound was the best I've heard in a while. If you expect a funny Adam Stanler movie go somewhere else, if you want a WELL DONE slow paced movie, then this is your movie.

SUPER!!  bizzarodemon  5 star

The best thing about this film is halfway through you realize its following the same storyline that all Adam Sandler movies use : goodhearted loser with a serious social problems (see happy gilmore/ billy madison/) - beautiful woman inexplicably attracted to him (see all) and a "bad guy" who is not in any way overly threatening (shooter mcgavin anyone). It's al there - they just take away the jokes - and its wonderful.

Not your usual Adam Sandler  Sarah24011901  3 star

An interesting movie, but not really very comical. Adam sandler doesn’t play his usual role, but a guy with social and emotional issues. The movie has some bizarre moments reminiscent of french existential films. a bit too much tension and violence for a comedy.

Real  Kidsmoked  5 star

One of my favourite all-time movies. Not vapid, sweet, sad, and funny.

punch drunk what  carly182  2 star

im the biggest adam sandler fan and i love almost all of his films. this one is weird. if you dont like slow movies you will hate this one. it says its a comedy but i was not laughing. it is watchable but only if u have nothing else better. It is just weird and dumb. Go for his better films theres plenty of them, not this one.

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