Shooter Summary and Synopsis

Bob Lee Swagger (Mark Wahlberg), a former Marine Corps sniper who leaves the military after a mission goes bad. After he is reluctantly pressed back into service, Swagger is double-crossed again. With two bullets in him and the subject of a nationwide manhunt, Swagger begins his revenge, which will take down the most powerful people in the country. A marksman living in exile is coaxed back into action after learning of a plot to kill the president. Ultimately double-crossed and framed for the attempt, he goes on the run to track the real killer and find out who exactly set him up, and why?? Shooter Wiki

Shooter Movie Trailer

Yesterday was about honor. Today is about justice...

Shooter (2007)

Shooter Comments & Critics

Shooter Movie Reviews

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- 4K needed5 star

Great movie, but when will this movie get upgraded to 4K?


Dude if I could marry a movie I would choose this movie

- Fair but that was NOT filmed in Virginia2 star

Total fail to claim they are in Northern Virginia for part of the show. -17 points

- chphilnc5 star

Marky Mark's name is Mr Wahlberg goofball.

- Best Movie of all time5 star

Favorite Movie

- Trollogre5 star

Best ever. One watch isn't enough.

- A little more focus3 star

Why is he a Marine in an Army Uniform, like come on. Disgraceful. Other than that it was pretty good.

- Awesome Movie5 star

This movie was well written and had so much action, I Loved it!

- Best movie ever5 star

Buy this movie. So good you will want to watch it right after the movie ends. I love it best movie made by man!!!! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

- Excellent Action Movie!!!!!!5 star

I enjoy this movie and the action love sniper part, but theres no chapter that I can skip to easy the action parts.

- Explosive ...1 star

Explosions. Other than that, it's atrocious. Not worth the rental.

- Vicarious Justice5 star

Are you a disgruntled American? This movie is what you'd fantasize about after watching the national news. "Shooter" gets it done. And done right. Bring it!

- Awesome5 star

This is one of my favorite movies!

- This movie is the BEST!5 star

This is by far my favorite movie. Great acting and amazing story.

- Shooter5 star

Nice movie ๐Ÿ˜‰ sure 5 star

- Best movie ever5 star

Shoot is an action packed movie full of crazy stuff!๐Ÿ˜„ Buy I watched this movie 4 times and still love it! It is the best movie bye far๐Ÿ˜

- Best ever5 star

Great movie best sniper scenes ever I saw it ones and then wanted to see it a again and again it most certainly deserves five stars it was and action packed thriller!

- Don't believe the hype2 star

The trolls were working overtime with their over-the-top reviews when this came out. Not great, not good, barely fair. Maybe worth $2.99 if you've nothing better to do.

- Perfect!5 star

Overall great acting. Amazing actors. The action was top notch for our nodern times. Really reflects on the corrupt government and getting sweet revenge.

- Ending5 star

The ending was freaking AMAZING!!! It was so cool too!! Would recommend this to anyone

- Read5 star

One shot one kill. Thats all it takes for the real deal.

- Shooter5 star

One of the BEST movies I've watched

- Top 105 star

This movie is definitely on my top ten list! Cast is great and it makes you want to be a sniper. I'd recommend it to anyone.

- Great5 star

Great movie. Everyone should get this movie. Good action. Good plot. Good acting. And if you are a fan of Mark WAhlberg, then you should consider getting this movie. By the way, it was wahlberg not Damon you idiot!

- Painfully bad1 star

This is literally the worst movie I've ever seen. I can't believe Matt Damon agreed to be part of it.

- Action 1st Class5 star

The Shooter is a 1st class action movie. It has a great story line with corrupt politicians and a hero to clean it all up. This is a total guy movie. You going to love it. I did.

- Shooter5 star

This movie is the best movie!!!!

- Fact2 star

My sister and brother-in-law are shown briefly in this movie. They lived in Philadelphia, PA when this was made. Obviously, my favorite scene is when they are shown.

- Shooter Boring2 star

This movie was crap.

- .5 star

The only reason why someone would dislike this movie is because the don't get it. Great movie, if you did not like it try paying a little more attention instead of wondering why he killed people that you thought were the good guys.

- Critics??5 star

I have apsolutely no clue why critics diss this movie so much. I watched it 3 times in a row! It has action, a good plot, good actors, and a sick sniper! Mark Wahlberg has been in many great movies, and this one just adds to his list. Fantastic movie. Take my word for it, you will thank me later.

- First of allโ€ฆ.5 star

There is no such thing as Ex Marines they need to fix that ASAP. We are always Marines until the day we die Oorah! BTW this movie is awesome.

- Shooters1 star

This movie is a crap. A bunch of scenes taken from other movies and glued togheter. I rented it based on the customer review :may be it is time that Itunes does something against fake reviews whose aim it is only to make you wast your money.

- AWESOME5 star

Tht was amazing!!!!๎€Ž <3 it ๎•

- So amazing5 star

I have the movie and watching it right now:)

- Alright3 star

Laughable at times, serious atmosphere, mediocre storyline, mediocre characters, and the clichรฉ "walk-away-from-explosions-without-looking-back." Nice action sequences, although there are MUCH better movies for that, like the Expendables. Rent if you want, but take your other options into serious consideration.


A good flick to watch whenever possible.

- Shooter!!!5 star

Mark wahlberg is awesome and is the right person to be blowing stuff up! I luv how he is so strong after getting shot twice.Movie is awesome! Deserves 9 stars! I <3 SHOOTER! And I'm a GIRL!!


Mark Wahlberg at his best! Just goes to show you that the "professional movie critics" are usually not worth reading or relying on! Their reviews are all over the place! If you like action and plenty of "pay back" see it! If not...there's always The Sound Of Music!

- Amazing5 star

I freaking love this show and I could watch it for days

- Amazing5 star

One of the best movies ever.

- Call of Duty: modern warfare series5 star

In my honest opinion I think this is the movie that inspired the cod:mw video games seeing as how the first modern warfare came out in the same year this movie came out PS: great movie!!!!!!!!

- audio spanish5 star

please spanish audio.........................

- Mark Wahlberg + Sniper = 5* movie5 star

The #1 best movie I've ever seen. SHOOTER= AWESOME

- Shooter!5 star

Awsome just plain and simple

- Shooter5 star

This movie is the best one I have seen in a long time. Could not move from in front of the TV.

- I love this movie !!!5 star

This movie is nothing special but I Love it. Mark Wahlberg is awesomeโ€ฆโ€ฆ.. AVPkropeczka

- Hell yeh5 star


- Amazing5 star

This movie is one that I can see over and over again. It has action and it's about a sniper. What else do you need in a movie?


JUST LOOK AT THE AVERAGE RATING FOR THIS MOVIE. Most people loved it as did I. Real thrill and action with a good story to follow. Not too confusing that you miss the important stuff like most movies. If you like mark walberg, then you simply can't go wrong. In other words -SIMPLY A GREAT ACTION MOVIE!!!

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TAJ - 00053637000u2 - FOR ONCE MARK GETS UPSTAGED - AND BY A GUN!5 star

The CHEYTAC M200 INTERVENTION (.408 Calibre). That is one sexy rifle!!! His characterโ€™s rifle of choice at home and the one he tests on a can of food and once again where he dry-fires in the boardroom.

Cargo hold - Lets down.2 star

Intrigue in the first half is replaced by ruthless violence in the end in this shoddily crafted movie.

Charles12xavious - Great!!!5 star

Beautiful movie, great story too!

BMOMoney - Wicked!5 star

Super good show!

0388svd - Sevidan5 star

Luv it

The real Big S - All time fav5 star

I love this movie I could watch It every day the book was better but the movie was great

Mat the doormat - shooter5 star

expecting a shoot em up action movie, but was pleasantly suprised by the heavy thriller/suspense, plot driven storyline. It still has action though. Great movie

8 gig. - I absolutely love this show.5 star

This is the best show in the world. My favorite parts is both when he slays that one guy by stabbing him in the throte, and when you get to see that sexy M200.

Giggles 288 - Wow5 star

Awesmazing just that GOOD

Paya666 - awsome5 star

best movie i ever seen i love more than my gf jk

Jake the snake 123 - Go leafs go5 star

My favorite movie I have ever seen, I have seen it 4 times and can't wait to watch it again. The action is amazing espically the end. A must see!

jamesbond1971 - Jamesbond3 star

This is one of walhberg best movies!

Ponygab - Congrats!!!5 star

Marvelous acting, Wahlberg! A movie with suspense to the end.

Sarge The Duck - Not bad5 star

Standard action movie premise, one guy against the world sort of theme, except the bad guys picked the wrong dude to mess with etc. Action sequences are great, good sound effects etc, some acting is over the top campy, but still worth a rental/ buy if you haven't seen it.

JonnyT77 - amazing5 star

amazing movie. highly reccomend it, especially fo 5 bucks, its a no brainers boys!!

Xigmus - Super awesome sniper movie5 star

Probably one of the vest war movies i have seen in a long time lots of twists and turns and the sniper scenes are awesome and cool close quarter combat a definite must.

da best :p - one of the best i have seen ;)5 star

i watch the trailer and i thought it was going to be terrible. THEN i watched the movie and no lie it was great and one of the best movies i have seen :)

Dbsjowhdvsl - Shooter5 star


nicknam123456 - Haha5 star

You can see jabba the hut in the backround

Jack44444444 - Shooter5 star

Le film est vraiment hot il est malade.Jai adorer.Cest un succes!

gastalk - Shooter2 star

Disappointing considering the reviews. Predictable, poor storyline etc.

FrogOR - that ill have to put in the top 5.5 star

I loved this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was the best mark whalberg movie ive ever seen!! ill say it was just about the best movie ive ever seen!!!!! :)

Danac0nda - OMG5 star

That was (kiss on his fingers)

AmyGibbons - Best Movie Ever!5 star

Buy this movie!! It has awesome graphics, and a very strong and thorough plot!! This is a must have movie. Its my favorite movie of all time! Also Saving pvt. Ryan. =) But anyways, BUY SHOOTER!

fanmovies - les locations5 star

quand pourrez vous mettre shooter en locations cela serait le fun merci

THE SAVAGE BEAST - Awesome!5 star

This has always been my favorite movie so i definatley recommend it!

Arsalan - That was just perfect.5 star

For people who like action movies, offer all of you to see this movie.

Bobby Button - FINALLY5 star

Thank you Itunes Canada for FINALLY putting movies!! Especially this one, its awesome!!

JP2780 - Fantastic!5 star

Mark Wahlberg did his homework very well for this, great performance and realism on his part. Full of action, great drama, and interesting characters. You gotta check this one out!

Film critic01 - Cool action - A must watch5 star

One of the best action films from Mark Wahlberg. Cool action film. The best sniper shooting in the film. Great action. Excellent. :)

Insta645 - Best. Movie. Ever.5 star

One of the best movies I've ever seen that is actually believable and not over the top! Watching the behind the scenes shows that all the dangerous stunts with helicopters ect and explosions were 100% real! No CGI!! Amazing! I've watched it so many times and I keep picking up on things that I missed all the other times! Highly recommend, Marky Mark is one of my favorite actors! Casting is excellent. 10 stars!

SaveMeFromBGrades - Good movie, pathetic Apple quality1 star

How is it that a multinational juggernaut company like Apple can't even encode video without horrible, grainy artefacts and audio which sounds like it came direct from Darth's mask? If you want people to pay for your service, get your act together.

lbrinsmead - Top Shot5 star

Cool movie with a good plot and realistic action.

Barra1111 - Dreadful waste of time1 star

In contrast to other reviews of this film, I would have to say this is one of the worst wastes of time ever created in cimematic history. Totally unrealistic, silly and long-winded, this flick does not even come close to providing a believable story-line which needs to be done for this type of film. If it was set on another planet, with aliens, sure go ahead but us Earthlings don't operate like this; the government, soldiers and FBI on this planet. The idea that two guys could take out 40 special forces guys is just idiotic, the napalm explosion had me laughing out loud. Please, give this nonsense a wide berth.

RyanS73 - Good action4 star

Good action - worth to rent. If you enjoyed things like Conspiracy Theory, then youโ€™ll love this...

marinadm - shooter5 star

this movie did not download - the link is broken now

Winge2 - One of the Worst movies of all time1 star

Really there is not much more to be said than this movie is rubbish from start to finish. Don't waste your time.

ben&cat - so bad1 star

american propaganda

Dawnspring - Great movie5 star

Love this movie so much !!!

Clay34d - Shooter (Mark Wahlberg)5 star


WVLKER - shooter5 star


Harry1714 - Shooter5 star

Awesome movie!!! Watch it!!

yolly01 - Ok3 star

Ok movie, but not sure why they had to shoot the dog...

Walfean - Worth it4 star

Suprisingly good. Well written, well acted, kept me enthralled for the better part. Not your typical shoot em up movie. Worth the money spent.

Bob lee swigger - Shooter5 star

An extremely gripping action thriller

๎„‡๎„Œ - Best movie I've ever seen5 star

My thing I'm into right now is scout snipers and gillie suites because I watched this ๎—๎—๎—๎—๎—๎—๎•๎•๎•๎•๎•๎•๎•๎„†๎„†๎„†๎„†๎„†๎„†๎€Ž๎€Ž๎€Ž๎€Ž๎€Ž๎€Ž๎€Ž๎€Ž๎€Ž๎€Ž๎€Ž๎‘ˆ๎‘…๎ท๎€Œ๎„ช๎€Š

Alexi Nicolas Peck - The best5 star

This is one of the best movies I have ever seen

Paps1only - Woohoo5 star

Thank God for shooter and M/W my fav actor of our Generation!!! This is a must buy movie for action goers, and if youre travelling alot something good to watch until you get the 20% low battery sign

supernatural - Great!!!4 star

nice amount of action very good story line!!

Blackknight50965 - Good movie5 star

Good movie- Great entertainment on car trips ect. High replayability

awesome up in the air - Shooter5 star

shooter is a movie that keeps going shot after shot after shot

ywl3k - gotta purchase it!!!5 star

how come i miss this movie? watever gotta buy and watch it...

Gus619 - Love it5 star

Awsome movie I would buy it for 18$

Tamly - Best movie Eva5 star

Best sniper movie ever,everyone should watch it!

Lukee91 - Shooter1 star

This did not work. As soon as it downloaded, and started to play, there was only volume while the screen stayed green. Also the chapters were out of order. Not good..

Bfc6 - BEST MOVIE EVER5 star

Great action scenes, great storyline, best iTunes purchase ever!!!!!!!!

Neytiri omgomg - Brilliant5 star

As soon as I saw this in iTunes it brang back good memories of a great film..,

timmy jackson - shooter5 star

this movie was so thrilling i was back in my seat the whole way threw :):) it was mad

_Seraphic_ - Fantastic!!5 star

Shooter is a legendary conspiracy theory thriller. Brilliant story! Brilliant movie! Brilliant price!

Louis6321 - Awesome!5 star

Loved it! That guy is an awesome sniper :P

Turkenjaydee - Pretty dam good5 star

Its like a more political bourne film and is so very true(espically bout kennedy). Definately a must watch film.

boooooobbbbbbbbbbyyyy - Awesome5 star

This is like the edge of the seat thriller most people and me have dreamed about. Only now we can get it.

philbo.baggins - OUTSTANDING5 star

Shooter delivers action suspense and a good story line with a smidge of romance , what else could you want ....5 stars

Showreel - Nice shot4 star

Great twist. Fast paced. Action packed. Everything you want in film. A must see in my opinion.

xoii - Moments of camouflage coolness3 star

The first thing that struck me in this movie were the gratuitous shots of the American flag and references to the constitution. I immediately want to push the stop button and walk away from this countries continued rampant nationalism. However, I held in there (I paid $12 - I'm going to get my money's worth!) and in the end the movie was above mediocre. A good action flick. There were a few holes in the story. I didn't really get the consuming feeling of revenge that should have driven the lead character, he just seemed to like killing, which is ok by me. The blood splatter shots are a real highlight.

hi everybody! - TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!5 star

WOW. This like the awesomest movie you will ever see. Though i recommend it for older viewers as it is quite violent... (but who cares about that?)

(name here)69 - fantastic5 star

This is an excellent movie by mark and it keeps you on the edge of your seat. It took quite a long time to download tho but i guess thats because its 2 hours long and my computers slow. Either way it was well worth the wait

put name here - Best Movie on iTunes5 star

Buy It, You will not regret it, great action and good story, definite buy!!!

HSVMAN - The Best5 star

No doub it is the best movie i've ever seen. i can watch it over and over again and at a great price aswell.... well worth the money. absolutely superb

bushy#21 - i luv lady gaga5 star


kidsta - bad1 star

hello i purchased this item and after three hours of downloading it said this movie is unable to download this shouldnt happen this is the second movie i have bought and they have both stuffed up very unhappy dont waste your money

saumiyars - Great film Great buy5 star

I love this movie, and buying this movie is worth your money. It contains amazing acting, and a whole heap of action.

jessie0172 - Amazing5 star

Extremly good, best movie i have seen in years

Buschmeister - Best Film in the world5 star

This has got to be the best film i have ever seen. the cast is superb and the action scenes are awsome (expercialy with the cheytac m200)

scarlett` - Fantastic5 star

I didnt buy this on itunes, but am considering it - i saw it on bluray a while back - so AWESOME!!!! definitely worth it

mortified penguin - great movie5 star

Firstly the above movie shooter is fairly to the point of one shot one kill, it is very entertaining and action packed which keeps you on the edge of your seat. Good casting and a superb ending, you will be hard pressed to find a military type shooter of this quality in movies of today. (ps:i'm a ex paratrooper and i just thought this movie was great)

HiJump - AWSOME5 star

Until i saw WANTED recently at the cinema, this was my favourite movie.

manly supporter - Itunes movies5 star

Its about time they bought movies to the aussie itunes. i use to look at the american store and see all these great movies (including shooter) then i would get jealous, but that has changes. Shooter is the coolest movie eva!!! i am gonna buy it for sure.

gamedevCarrot - YAY!!!5 star

Movies are now on aussie itunes :)!!!!!! P.S Great Movie

!!stevie!! - Shooter5 star

Bit of an old storry line but very well put togeather and good acting, well worth watching.

Jimboy. - Shooter4 star

Cannot give a review on this movie, won't download, same as another 3 movies, don't think I will bother again,but must say I tunes have been very good,not getting charged for them, in credit,will use the credit for my music.

Grubby47 - Great film5 star

Loved this film just a good enjoyable film

Serval Dante - How Strange5 star

This is the same plot as a Lee Child's novel "Jack Reacher" it's a series of books, and one film so far with Tom Cruise playing Jack. Can't remember which book, but the same plot. Mmm.

3x champs Redskins - Great Movie5 star

I have watched this a few times and I must say I enjoy it every time.

Pugman 178 - Love this film5 star

This is one of my favorite action films of all time and I have seen thousands. I have probably watched this over 50 times and each time is better than the last. Good script, acting, settings, filming, action sequences and a great selection of weaponry (something that is key in my opinion to making a good action thriller).

Dabroboy124 - Amazing5 star

Just watch the film, incredible storyline, incredibly acted, amazing effects, just everything in this film is incredible... Btw to all the people giving the film one star because they cant download it properlly... Your idiots... Dont rate the film when you havent even seen it... Perfect ending aswell... Just watch it... Trust me... Perfect film...

Traveler1234567 - Superb5 star

A mixture of Bourne, James Bond and Rambo. But better than them all. Superb story and extremely well acted. Superb effects and a thrilling drama from start to finish with a good twist.

Thomas Seidler - Great movie, if u like Bourne etc5 star

Very good movie, much better than expected. I think he does a pretty thoroughly reasonable job of acting. Assume it'll be a 3/4 star nice action thriller movie, and you'll not be disappointed, you might even be pleasingly rewarded. Good characterisation I thought, and more too boot... All sorts of redemptive features, and good complementary caste. I enjoyed it. And i think most films are rubbish or boring/dry/empty.

Smithyboy69 - Shooter4 star

Well worth a watch mark walhberg best film yet

William160 - Best film5 star

This is one of the best films I have watched in ages worth it defo

Jdunphyyyy - Shooter5 star

An amazing film definitely a must see film for everyone, one of the best films I have saw always on the edge once started you will watch it to the end.

Cooolrunningssss - Shooter5 star

One of the best films I've ever seen!! Great film :) could watch it over and over again if I had the time :)

nathyboy98 - Great film but!!!4 star

I could be being biased cos i luv gunss!

The Russian dog - Don't load1 star

It's an amazin clip but i just payed ยฃ10 and it don't load says erro

mbhj - Good FILM but,1 star

Wasted ยฃ30 trying to download this And not letting me re-download 4 free.

FERRY2010 - READ5 star

My little sister deleted it and I could not get it back this is shocking I should have a refund or get this movie back !

Geo123677 - Ok3 star

I didn't think it was that good

Meatywharf - Shooter5 star


SmugglerPrakash - Snipe ' em5 star

Fast pace action film.. Gripping from start to finish ... Good head shots ... All in all wonderful film

Kimi moy - Dissapointed1 star

Great film which is why I downloaded it. Gutted that it disappeared from my iPhone before watching it all, gutted!! If the film hadn't disappeared it would of got full 5 stars as it's a great film.

celtic bhoy67 - GREAT FILM!5 star

very good film, action packed, violent, emotional, what more called you want? I would watch it over again and again til the world ends.

Whose Ranium - Number 1 film!!!5 star

I have seen slot of films and this is still my favourite!!!!

Buncey44 - Best film ever!!5 star

I watch alot of films and this probaly the best one I've ever seen!! You have to watch it!

Ghikon - Nice5 star

Ye I like it

hippysam217 - Master1 star

Mine broke iTunes

Sibo - Shooter5 star

This film had me gripped from start to finish. It was just the right length good action and interesting plot. Well worth buying.

Omg hahh$$$ - Woopp5 star

Amzing film get it now

woody1490 - super shooter5 star

wow, what a film!! Deffinetly recomend to any Wahlberg fan and 'shooter' movies. This is one film I can keep on watching!

LIAMZ3 - Great film...5 star

...because if the acting and storyline. This film has very obviously been well thought out. The film has also been created very very well by the actors and director/producers.

Jboy129 - Shooter killa5 star

Totally amazing, thrillar, action packed. One of the best films I have ever seen!

xEllax - Shoot-em-up fun!4 star

For those who are fans of the conspiracy and assassin genre this is for you!

N Saints - Shooter5 star

Superb film. Well worth the money.

[email protected] - shooter5 star

cant turn off! A MUST SEE. EXCELLENT>

DJJD37 - Amazing5 star

This is one of my favourite films with a gripping storyline. Its a must buy for any one who loves a good action/conspiracy movie.

Timoshenko - The Shooter4 star

An enjoyable excursion out of reality into the American conspiracy creating way of life.

Macki the Iraqi - Best film ever5 star

Would rate this film 10 stars if possible

Hxldkdh - Jxkx5 star

Best movie ever

AshleyKan - great film5 star

goodfilm good storyline a must buy

jeany305 - fun fun fun5 star

ok so marky marks character name is awful, but the movie and whalberg are great

What's the point of a nickname? - Excellent!4 star

Shooter is an amazing film, best suited for mabye 12-18 year olds (like me ;) ) or people who like action movies but haven't seen it all before (if you know what I mean). It really has edge-of-your-seat action!! It's really good how you have to work it out as the film plays! The action sequences are always very fast-paced, but still managing to have some intelligence at the same time, the gore is not over-done and not missed out, so it's quite a lot more believeable than something like Equilibrium (bad example). This film is not to be missed and the price is just right!

CSI Browne - Shooter5 star

I think this is one of Mark Wahlbergs best films, althought the Departed is brilliant, he is not on screen for that long. Mark is the main protagonist, as Bob Lee Swagger, an ex-sniper for the Marines. He retired after his friend and spotter died in action. Since then he has been living his life aone, in the middle of nowhere. He is persuaded back into action in an assassination attempt. Using his knowledge and training he gives them the perfect shot, but soon is on the receiving end of two bullet, as the assassination is a set up to frame and murder him. He manages to escape and now the whole of America is looking for him, with no one to trust and with life treatening wounds. I have heard this film being described as a Bourne copy, but i think it is a brilliant film in its own right. Although there are some similar traits, like conspiracy and corruption, and the odd self treating wounds. Whereas Jason Bourne is an up-close fighter, who can kill a man using a book or a towel, Bob Lee Swagger, usues his marine sniper training and stays at a distance picking off the bad guys one by one. I have seen many great action thrillers, and this is definitely one of the best. The story and acting is stop-on and the explosive scenes are incredible. If you like your films like the Bourne Trilogy or The Departed then you will probably like this. But i do have to agree with anonymous-persona, it would be great to have The Departed on itunes, i would certainly by it.

bushemonster - One of the best action films I have ever seen!!!!!!5 star

It has suspense, explosive action, an awesome plot, brilliant acting and it's even a bit humorous. It's a must see movie! If your in the mood for a very decent thriller then watch this! I really recommend this!

bmx4life - FINALLY itunes see why the sales are so high5 star

because youve put it at such a decent price ยฃ9.99 - hmv ยฃ8.99 zavvi ยฃ7.99 at woolworths and there having a close down sale,, lets see more great movies at this price, and people will enjoy use itunes for movies more, but to review the movie, good movie, not as good as the bourne series but still good

acra - Great Film, Bad Cost4 star

Okay, so first off we'll take a look at the film: A great action film, backed by a pretty good storyline, played by some fairly good actors (appologies I don't remember names too great). Great film for sniper-lovers etc. HOWEVER. I read another review here saying the film is cheaper on Play... and it is. ยฃ2.98 on Amazon, not sure about play, but it was cheaper - and with those you get a box and a disc! (and can still convert to ipod should you so desire). My advice to you? Buy from online stores, it'll take a few days more but it's worth it. My advice to Apple? Come on guys, stop ripping us customers off!

RobL - Considerably better than I thought4 star

I rented this from Love Film a number of months back following a link from another site and was actually quite surprised by it. OK. So it's not Citizen Kane. But then it's not Rambo either..... Aspects of the film border to the quite intelligent and the conclusion is actually quite satisfying (if a little predictable). So, a good film to half engage your brain towards :-)

whaper - Great4 star

i havent seen this film but i love snipering and this is about a sniper so is bound to grow on me LOL bye

supergunslinger - GREAT FILM5 star

Why are people giving this 3 stars it is a great action film and well worth ยฃ3.99

mr burp 24/7 - fantastic4 star

this movie was one of the best i have ever seen and i think that the idea of an ex-marine sniper living in the mountains is quite a good idea but the the amount of guns swager has is very 'intresting' but i think the dog is quite nice aswell

scarykiller - BIT PRICEY4 star

it's a really good movie but the cost is rubbish. bet you could get this on DVD for half the price. overall 8/10

AirBNB ๐ŸŽ10 star

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Stick head - Wow5 star

Now that's was up

geaux - Enjoyable, well written and well acted.4 star

Enjoyable, well written and well acted.

Courvoisieur - Shooter5 star

Soooooo good I watched it in Spanish even though I don't understand and still loved it......

Masterwoot - Way better than I thought5 star

The basic premise of the flick is obvious, yet the film plays out nicely. Very enjoyable. Glad I rented it.

Mizzea - Great!5 star

This was a really good movie! Considering Mark Wahlberg is the main actor(: <3

Nuts on ur chin - Balls5 star

Amazin sniper movie

ISA AC - Kool5 star

Best movie ever

Hawk2009 - Shooter3 star

I read the book by Stephen Hunter, Point Of Impact, it was based on a vietnam sniper, the charactor was a an alcoholic & did not have that many liberal leanings like they did in this movie, movie was good but book was better. There are others in the series.

69wizard - Shootet5 star

Best movie ive ever seen

Shoter2ko - Awesome5 star

This was a very exciting and cool movie I love it

Monkeyth - Wow5 star

2nd best movie ever! Best was battle of LA

CocaineTree - Incredible5 star

This is one of the best movies I have ever seen!

Keezy2 - Trick up5 star

This is freaking alsome movie

KY girl 101 - Awesome !!!5 star

This is a great movie and he is a great actor who is hot and a good actor for this kind of action movie!!!

Tmosswizzy - Awesome5 star

This movie is every thing a thriller action needs

Sddruebshhyjwfsb is bold - Shooter5 star

Best move ever

Pissed shooter - Movie shooter2 star

I down loaded it twice and still cant watch it's a great movie iTunes needs to get the problem fixed and make it right .

Dhklbdhklbklb - Very good5 star

Well done. Good cast. Excellent plot.

tlash10 - Shooter5 star

The best Mark W. movie I've ever seen, including The Other Guys and Fighter.

Nopah - Incredible5 star

The movie is great every aspect of I really enjoyed it kept me intrigued the whole time I do recommend this film I think Jesus made this film

Hunter1997 - Awsome5 star

Loved the movie

sean918 - good movie but...4 star

thank itunes, quality sucked. does a reduced price mean reduced quality too now?

Siddakid87 - Beast5 star

I like the beginning when he snipes the people driving!!!!

Redeemer 186 - used to be #15 star

This used to be the number 1 movie back in 07!

Dr. Brownie - Great story5 star

This movie was made by god, great plot line, great acting, just flat out sexy.

Dom1367281901 - Rent5 star

Will they make it so I can just rent it instead of buy it anytime soon?

Xbox 360, xbox 360 - Amazing!!5 star

From the start I was like hell Yeaa I'm really gonna enjoy this movie and I did well directed, actors did real good this one is in my top 5! Action was EPIC.

TAZZT - epic5 star

this movie is the best sniping movie ever P:

..........26474 - Gb?5 star

How many gb is this? I hav 3.4 gb left and it says it doesnt hav enough space for download

4fingerJoe - The Shooter5 star

A great portrayal of an all to possible scenario. Any one from force recon will tell you this is not out of the realm of possilities. Power is a drug more heinous than any on todays street corner. Some one has to do the dirty work, Who better than a government trained specialist with alot to lose?

Masonpeter420 - Great5 star

This movie is amazing id say that any who plays call of duty would love this movie because i do..... And one last thing get raped

Dj00345 - ...5 star


djh1495 - Great movie5 star

This is one of the best movies I've seen!! I highly recommend getting this.

silva24 - Damn good movie5 star

This is one hell of a movie! Buy it now!

Actionmax - Awesome5 star

Great movie and I thought the intervention was nice!!!

Man Up! Casey - BADDDDDD2 star

As quoted by the words of my best friend Jacob: "Shooter is like.... if they got a protagonist that is like a less attractive version of Matt Damon, and then try to cram all the Bourne movies into one bad movie... but here's the twist: LET'S MAKE IT REALLY GAY"

Gevvamy - Ten stars5 star

Loved it great movie love walburg he's hot

young director... - Wahlberg does it again5 star

In this action suspense, a marine corps sniper is betrayed by his country. After he is asked to help prevent an assassination attempt on the president. Only to be betrayed again. Now he's out for vengeance. Antione Fuqua shows again his great gift for imagery. Mark Wahlberg is definitely a convincable Marine, performing another great action flick. Buy'll enjoy it. My rating: 78/100

Ording1 - he5 star

"They were shot at 200 yards. . . . with a .22" GOTA SEE

M-geezy - ACTION :\5 star

Actors: Meh. Story: Meh. ACTION: Hell Yeah!!

Jacob is Cool - Amazing5 star


$mon$3y-m4n - Shooter5 star

The greatest movie of all time it is a must buy!!!!

madvideogamer - can someone help5 star

I love this movie but at about 15:30 seconds my movie freezes and I cant watch any more how do I fix this?

Bike Man 57 - R u Awake?5 star

this is a guy movie and thank God . I went on a ride 4 about 2hrs. and just enjoyed it for what it was ment to be just entertainment ! I wonder why some folks want it to more than that what the title says what U r going 2 Get.

WaitNBleed - Wowwowwowwow!5 star

This is one of the best movies i have ever seen in my entire life. Loved ever second of it. Best sniper movie out there.

Proud to Serve - Great Action Movie4 star

Great movie if you appreciate action and gun play. This is a movie that highlights skilled use of guns. Movies typically depict gun play of random shooting everywhere and people falling left and right. This movie emphasized the cool focused approach. The storyline around the shooter really made this a great movie.

Yarrfff - SHOOTER5 star

The greatest movie of all time. Must buy

iAdrenaline - 3.5/5*4 star

This movie held my attention quite well. It had hollywood gunfight mechanics ,but nonetheless it was still an interesting movie. Worth the rent if it was available but not a buy.

Thunderdog512 - Great5 star

One of the best movies ever!!! Everyone should buy it you won't be sorry you did.

JCaleb22 - Shooter5 star

This movie is amazing every one should buy it..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

5 star

@juandreinoso En cualquier shooter de consola hay Aim Assist

5 star

@nathanbish03 @AubaSad17 Yeah for sure, but they are not the same type of player. Greenwood is a clinical shooter,โ€ฆ

5 star

@thagawdking Ja goin play D! Curry ainโ€™t; donโ€™t need him too lol...The only player ever in NBA history you HAVE TOโ€ฆ

5 star


5 star

@kelly_ramona: The officer was shot while eating at a McDonalds! Another officer chased and killed the shooter . This War on Our Policeโ€ฆ

5 star

@Jay_RMA: Cristiano Ronaldo is the best distance shooter of all time, best aerial player of all time, has the best weak foot of all timeโ€ฆ

5 star

@YAYAKerbzz: This real life! I jug this shit like I got the real โ›ฝ๏ธ!! #YOUinYAYNEXT s/o the shooter for catching this rare footage of mโ€ฆ

5 star


5 star

@_adverbia: I'm a 7th grade science teacher The people who think it's reasonable to expect me to train to defend their child from anโ€ฆ

5 star

Benny Robert Reese has been captured by lawmen.

5 star

@lukaxancla El shooter al que mรกs cariรฑo le guardo <3

5 star

@TattedTuttYT Lmaooo wtf , this nigga shooter than my wife ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ , let me wipe my eyes right quick ainโ€™t no way ๐Ÿ˜ญ

5 star

@_adverbia: I'm a 7th grade science teacher The people who think it's reasonable to expect me to train to defend their child from anโ€ฆ

5 star

@GeorgeTakei If we can ask our children to wear bullet proof backpacks and have active shooter can #wearthedammmask

5 star

ใจใ„ใ†ใ‹ใ‚นใ‚ญใƒซไฝฟใฃใฆใ‚‹ใ ใ‘ใง็›ฎ็š„ใฏ้”ๆˆใ—ใฆใ‚‹ใ‚“ใ ใ‚ˆใชใ€‚

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