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It's bolder. Riskier. The most dazzling heist yet. George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and more re-team with director Steven Soderbergh for a split-second caper that stacks the deck with wit, style and cool. Danny Ocean again runs the game. The boys are out to break The Bank. Place your bets!

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What are the odds of getting even? 13 to one.. Danny Ocean's team of criminals are back and composing a plan more personal than ever. When ruthless casino owner Willy Bank doublecrosses Reuben Tishkoff, causing a heart attack, Danny Ocean vows that he and his team will do anything to bring down Willy Bank along with everything he's got. Even if it means asking for help from an enemy.. Ocean's Thirteen Wiki

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Faerie Tail    5 star

Great Comeback After what was, imo, the disappointment that was Ocean’s12 I didn’t think O13 would be worth the watch. But it was. All the thrill and laughs of the first all over again :)

Icewarped    4 star

Good flick. But a comedy? So iTunes needs to allow personal customization of the genre field or pay closer attention. Oceans 11 and 12...action. Oceans 13...comedy. These movies are entertaining though.

hucklebaryfinn    5 star

Way better than the second one This movie has all the classic stunts the first one does. A great Heist thriller.

Dannirock    2 star

not worth it Boring compared to 11 and 12....

DBATIA    5 star

"Ocean's Thirteen" This is a GREAT ending for the Ocean trilogy!! This movie is great, because they make a greedy man loose everything he has :)

CSM9000    5 star

Excellent! By far, the greatest of the Ocean movies. Great plot, great bad guy, and great revenge!! I was extremely pleased with this one. A great movie to see every once in while!

56kh    1 star

Bad Every thing is bad about this 3.9 gb :(

Anonymus Source    5 star

Much better then 12...................... This movie is way better than Ocean's twelve. Acting: The acting is typical Ocean's. Clooney and Pitt are amazing in the lead roles BUT dont take anything away from Cheadle, Damon, etc. I liked the addition of Pacino and how they returned the whole cast. Story/plot I thought this was a very strong storyline. It still doesnt beat Oceans 11 BUT not many crime thrillers do. I liked how they bought back Vegas and Benidict. It was a little slow in the middle BUT once they entered the casino it was awesome. Overall: Continues on the path of Oceans 11 with a great movie and great cast. I recommend this movie to a fan of Oceans 11 OR 12 or a crime thriller!!! Check out 11 if u havent!! Thanks for reading!!!! ANONYMUS OUT!!!!

Infidel 3569    2 star

Great, but... I just purchased this movie with the first two, however, it has a glitch when downloading. The message I got when trying to download told me the file was corrupted. I contacted customer support who tried helping me but I was never able to get the movie to download. The first and second movie downloaded just fine, but the third was a loss. Hopefully Apple can fix this. I will give 5 stars once fixed. Thanks Apple!

Crimson and White    5 star

Much better This one was almost as good as ocean's 11 and 100x better then ocean's 12. This movie recaptured the same flare, the same style, the same cleverness that made the first one great. it was very entertaining and enjoyable as there really was no wasted moments like there were in the previous one. All in all a very good movie

iPhone Developer    1 star

Stormchild is right... For the quality and features that you are getting on iTunes, $20 is a huge rip off. I am on the edge of not using iTunes because of this and also that you cannot use gift cards for anything except music and movies. Why can't I buy an app for my iPod Touch?

Ravenclf123    1 star

Rent I am wondering, this is a great movie but i`ll only watch it once, so why can`t we rent it

AudreySThomas    5 star

Smart and Funny! Tis is probalby my second favorite ( Ocean's eleven being number one...)! It's so smart what these guys do and there are so fun to watch. With a great story and a great cast, it's impossible not to love this movie!

the xbox guy    5 star

a hit! this movie is great. u should get it espicially if u liked the 1st two

Stormchild    1 star

Overpriced I'm glad we finally have movies in the Canadian iTunes Store, but charging the same price as a physical DVD is just ridiculous. In fact, I can pick up the DVD for $18.99, which is higher quality, has extra features that are not included with the iTunes version, and can be lent to friends (not possible with DRM-protected iTunes movies). Think about it...why would anyone pay more for less? The $9.99 price point is reasonable; quite a few movies are set at that price, and I may consider buying some of those. But $19.99? You can't seriously expect anyone to pay that for a movie that isn't even a new release anymore. Just for the record, this was a fantastic movie. I would have given it four stars, but there is no other way to voice my complaint about the price. Let's just say it's worth four stars if you go buy the DVD in a retail store.

DO13    5 star


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