The Day After Tomorrow

The Day After Tomorrow Summary and Synopsis

When global warming triggers the onset of a new Ice Age, tornadoes flatten Los Angeles, a tidal wave engulfs New York City and the entire Northern Hemisphere begins to freeze solid. As full-scale, massive evacuations to the south begin, a world-renowned climatologist (Quaid) who predicted the storm just a few days prior, must now risk his life to rescue his teenage son (Gyllenhaal) who is stranded in frozen, desolate Manhattan. After years of increases in the greenhouse effect, havoc is wreaked globally in the form of catastrophic hurricanes, tornadoes, tidal waves, floods and the beginning of a new Ice Age. Paleoclimatologist, Jack Hall tries to warn the world while also shepherding to safety his son, trapped in New York after the city is overwhelmed by the start of the new big freeze. The Day After Tomorrow Wiki

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The Day After Tomorrow Movie (2004)

The Day After Tomorrow Comments & Critics

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The Day After Tomorrow Movie Reviews

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- Great movie!!!!5 star

Yes Ik I’m biased but I’ve got a thing for end of the world disaster movies. And this is my 2nd favorite movie.

- Legend Movie5 star

i remember watching this movie when i was a little kid and just seeing it after made me feel as if its going to happen in real life too. I got scared and in my mind i was planning on wht i was going to do next and idk it was stupid but ya amazing movie. 👍🏽

- A natural disaster good/bad movie3 star

The Day after Tomorrow is the best disaster film i ever seen. The world it's set in and the fine wine of destruction and windy atomsphere and one great Jake Gyllenhaal your sure got a popcorn flick.

- Great movie5 star

This is a great movie to watch during quarantine

- Amazing5 star

I have watched this move over and over again! There aren’t many movies with MANY natural disasters happening!

- Nice5 star

A must watch, great!

- GREAT MOVIE!5 star

This is a great movie guys!

- ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️5 star

Favorite Movie Of All Time! I Love ❤️ It So Much!!!!!💝💝💝💝💝💝💝

- Its fun and actually very insightful5 star

I like that its an eye opener. It is not meant to be a oscar film but it gives you some light on global warming although very drastic ones.

- Propaganda1 star

Climate change propaganda, an agenda that has been proven to not work at all the way the pushers of the myth say it does. It’s only saving grace is that it’s not as bad as the 2012 film, which isn’t saying a whole lot about it - certainly nothing positive. The film would have been much better if it had Captain Planet, but as it stands the film is a hard pass.

- South Park did it better2 star

It was typical end of world movie. Bad acting in a lot of scenes. Goofy decisions made by characters.

- More conservationist propaganda1 star

First off, the disaster wasn’t really THAT bad, it was nowhere near end of the world bad and this is the best the liars could come up with in relation to supposed destruction global warming would cause. Also, since the same thing happened long before people were polluting the world, it’s obvious that it’s just a natural occurrence.

- Worst movie of the 2000s1 star

Save your time and money. Avoid like AIDS.

- BEST MOVIE EVER!!!5 star

This is one of my favorite movies. It’s a classic!

- Boring..... don't waste your money.1 star

Predicable, poor plot lines and boring.

- Your life and that of humanity itself could be changed at any moment in time.5 star

This is my top recommendation for anyone who wants to watch a science fiction disaster film. Why? It has a thoughtful premise, adept cast, and leaves a lasting impression on you the viewer about how precious life truly is. What more could you ask for? I am guessing not that much at least when it comes to a film.

- One of the Best Movies Ever!5 star

This movie is made perfectly.

- Not bad3 star

It's a silly movie but the concept is great with creative natural disasters that could happen during global warming and the explanation is good.

- I love this Movie!!!!!!5 star

I watched this movie with my 6th grade ELA class bc we were studying climate, it was entertaining and informational, quality film!!!!

- One of the worst films of all time1 star

To call this movie a bad movie does a disservice to movies that are only bad. This film is awful, terrible, horrific. It is, at best, slapstick. The problem is that this bomb takes itself seriously. The viewer will not. Global Warming causes Global Freezing or something. It is hard to decide whether the awful acting, the cheezy dialog, or just the whole premise of this turkey are what makes it so bad. At the end of the day, does it matter? This one is dreck.

- Just think, this USED to be a popcorn movie!5 star

Now? It’s a horror film. More relevant today than when it was released in 2004. It was easy to think the dooms day prediction of scientists was exaggerated and only useful for providing fodder for our entertainment. Now? The only thing missing in this film is the the out of control wild fires burning up the west coast. Welcome to the new reality. And a big thank you to the climate deniers who castigated the climate scientists even as they tried to warn us. Enjoy the show.

- A great sci-fi / fiction film!5 star

I have found this movie to one of the best disaster films during the past twenty years, and yet it's also one of the oddest disaster films ever made. This movie plays on everything that some people think might actually happen. Most of what happens in this movie will never, and could never, happen, but that's okay. I have the film and have watched it numerous times, even though most of it seems quite like a sci-fi film that's gone out of control, and yet there are some things about this movie that seem to ring true. Watch this film and ignore the critics!

- Plot holes2 star

The only thing that could have made the movie better was to fill the plot holes

- Really?...3 star

A dumb movie. It could be easily a TV movie-of-the-week. Save your money.

- The Day After Tomorrow5 star

The Best Disaster Movie Since The Core!


Don't even bother seeing this crap. It has no plot, 1,000,000 extras, and almost nothing good

- ANAZING!5 star

Great plot and theme !! The story was great!! And this movie was just all around an incredible film!! It's a must watch and buy!!!

- FABULOUS!!!!5 star

This is such a great movie. I just love the sci-fi special effects. And this movie actually has a moral in it, unlike the other trash directors vomit up today. Let's see... Los Angeles gets tornado-ized NYC gets hit with a massive wave Then NYC (and most of the world) gets frozen over by a blizzard of -20 degrees (per second) Just because we burn fossil fuels, and pollute. But I won't tell you which, Dennis Quaid or Jake G., die.

- Perfect!!!5 star

I've watched this movie at least 10 times already and it's still an incredibley interesting, suspenseful and amazing movie. Everything about it is just perfect; there isn't a part to the movie that i don't look forward to. I HIGHLY recommend watching it, it's honestly the only movie that I can watch dozens of times and never loose interest in. LOVE IT!!

- Amazing! Luv it! <35 star

This movie was very well put together. I watched it in my science class for the first time and i loved it! I wanna buy it! If only i had money!! T^T

- Awesome movie!!5 star

This movie is great! It is one of my favorite end of the world movie. You should have the option of renting it though

- Awesome5 star

I love it

- Dumb entertainment5 star

This is actually one of my favorites movies. If you can get by the obvious vice presidential charactor implied to be Dick Cheney and the fact that, hey folks this sh... isn't real, it's entertainment. I liked the charactors, all good actors. Special affects are great, (I love spial effects) and it'll take you away from your miserable lives for about an hour and a half. So slip your soft tissued brain into your back pocket and enjoy.

- The Day After Tomorrow is amazing5 star

This film show us what will really happen if global warming is not controlled, also this movie has a great cast and crew

- The best movie5 star

Es la mejor after independence day

- Wow5 star

This movie is off the hook it's great

- Angelyne5 star

The best part of the movie is when the Angelyne billboard kills the reporter guy.


This is my favorite movie and I recommend it to everyone!

- Best5 star

This is my favorite movie, but why won't it let me buy this on my iPod touch?

- If you love action films, you must see this5 star

If you have seen 2012 and never seen this movie, watch it now. I definitely recommend this movie a lot of people out there. So watch cause it has a good story,point and climax.

- Best movie ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!5 star

I saw it in science and it was ausome

- LOVE IT!5 star

My teacher showed the class this movie & i fell in LOVE with movie! I could watch this all the time!

- The day after tomorrow5 star

I love it!!!!!!!!!

- Review of the day after tom.5 star

Of course this won't happen but it is still a great movie

- GOOD4 star

This is a good movie on an apocalypse level. Definetely one of the best I've seen on this genre.

- Special effects make it worth seeing3 star

The plot is thin, the acting is mostly average, and the dialogue is cheesy. But thanks to some epic destruction in cities like New York and LA, and awesome special effects, it's worth seeing.


I adore this movie, and everyone should see it, and LOVE it!

- Quaid….5 star

Start the reactor….

- Las descargas de películas no sirve&€)(@5 star

Page por nada

- Awesome!4 star

Don't miss this one. It won't let you down.

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I love action movies. This really blew me away. Ok, so it's a little far fetched, but what really got me was the special effects. It was so real, even though I knew it wasn't. I'm also an admirer of Emmy Rossum, and I thought she did well. Plus she's just awesome (hey, that rhymes...)!

Candybf - The movie5 star

I can't wait to c it when it's out I will just love it and I like this kind of movie

LucarioFan2005 - :)5 star

Epic it was the greatest movie i ever saw in my life :)

podeye - The day after tomorrow2 star

This movie is currupt. I bought the movie and dowloaded about three-forths of it then it gave me message. That i wasted my money. I reported a problem hoping to get my money back and they havent replied yet. Bottom line. DON'T BUY THIS MOVIE, DON'T MAKE THE MISTAKE I DID!!!!!!!!1

ajusdanis - MY FAVOURITE MOVIE!!!!!!!5 star

Oh my god.. This is the best movie ever!!! The special effects are incredible & my favourite part is when all the tornados strike L.A. Defenetly wort the rent or buy!!!!

tickle me elmo 1111111111 - AWESOME5 star

okay pretty unbelievable but the intense environment and even better special effects is sure to please action fans

denimjeans732 - pretty good4 star

not the best movie of all time, but pretty good. Pretty predictable and veryyy unrealistic at times, but not bad acting and fun to watch not bad worth seeing.


One of the best movies ever created (well thats what i think anyway).

music_listener1994 - good movie4 star

it's a great movie but it's really perdicable like the girl gets her foot stuck on the taxi

mugglecastrules - best movie of all time?3 star

the other reviewer needs to see better movies.

Bryce Sather - Awesome5 star

this is one of the best all time movies of all time and it has a great story line

Bergie bergs bergs - Amazing5 star

I dont know where to begin with the global warming, the special effects, or the story line in itself. I think i will start with the global warming impact as it is such an important part of every day life now days, the fact that this could in fact happen to the human race either in this lifetime or a thousand years from now is such a slap in the face telling us all to wake up!!!!! the special effects one word WOW!!!! and the story line relationships can be mended (even though the end of the world could be near) does this mean we should mend relationships because we could die tomorrow? will that resolve all underlying issues? maybe, maybe not. A father risks his life and the life of his peers to save his son and friends. I love it! 5stars

drekka - Chilling5 star

When I was a kid some 40 years ago I remember reading a short story about a sudden climate shift similar to that portrayed in this movie. Because of this I found this movie particularly relevant to me. The way it shows the in-significance of all our technologies and knowledge when compared to mother natures onslaught is chilling and humbling all at the same time. I also thought the soundtrack to this was very well done, creating a great sense of the inevitable loss of the event and at the same time the shear grandeur of it.

SITM NS - Bad story, good special effects1 star

Very poor storyline and characterization. Special effects are ok but that does not save what is essentially a pretty bad movie.

PacificFontaine - Interesting special effects, sub-par storyline3 star

The Day After Tomorrow is a captivating movie that explores the effects of a global catastrophic climate shift, from the minute scope of a climatologist who must rescue his teenage son, to the larger scope of governmental agencies and authorities attempting to react to the situation and prevent unnecessary deaths. But, despite how dramatic the struggle is for father and son to reunite, and how frantically the governmental agencies try and respond, the different aspects are not fully resolved and the storyline is somewhat erratic and implausible. However, the special effects distract us somewhat from this - with large-scale tidal waves, powerful tornadoes and creeping ice turning complex cityscapes into surreal, devastated, frost-covered landscapes. During the heartwarming tale of the character's survival, they entertain us and move us, but the plot still lets them down. The musical score is very average. Overall, an interesting movie, short on storyline but makes up for it with brilliant special effects.

Music-is-life:) - AWSOME5 star

this movie is out of this world. yes it goes over the top with global warming but it does make you think that it could be like that if we don't do anything about it. BUY IT IT'S WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boatswain1025 - Great movie5 star

i love this movie. The special effects are amazing and look so real. The acting is great as well and the story isn't that bad. Great movie

Allyygator - Favourite movie ever!5 star

Although the story line isn't that good, the special effects are absolutley amazing and scary!! If you like natural disasters this is the movie for you :D

belle <3 - scary5 star

this movie mad me jump i was so scared the effects are amazing and the cast r great especially emmy rossum

Miss Christelle - WOW WHAT A MOVIE !!5 star

The special effects of this movie are out of this world !! It feels like something like that COULD actually happen any day. Great adventure, theres funny bits, sad bits, amazing bits and overall Id say its very entertaining to watch. Keeps you on the edge of your seat. And reasonably priced too, thank you iTunes, though I think the rental price is a tad high for a movie that is not THAT new. Good work anyways....Christelle

The Faithful Penguin - A great film!5 star

‘The Day After Tomorrow’ is a HD film with iTunes Extras and has CC subtitles and SDH subtitles. It’s about Mother Nature and her truly awesome destructive power.

IT45. - Thank You for Putting The Extras On5 star

Thank You For Putting The Extras On Thank You 🙂👍🏻

Pennylane6007 - Cuddle up in front of the fire...5 star

... You will need reminding of the warm as you watch this thrilling and chilling cataclysmic movie!

PhoenixG27 - Amazing5 star

My favourite film i have ever watched

Marcus Bailey - Day after tomorrow5 star

This is a gem of a film great storyline and acting and one of the few films I could watch multiple times

Bethypie98 - Love <35 star

One of my favourite films!!!

dex oseman - Amazing5 star

This film touched me! It's a work of art! Must see!

Derek123321 - Very Corny1 star

Very Corny Hollywood crap.

Meg17 - Alright3 star

It's an alright film I'll only watch if there's nothing else on TV 

Jambom123 - Good but annoyed5 star

This is a very good movie is definitely worth getting but I am annoyed that in all disaster movies only americans seem to survive.

wntcd - americans:(5 star

why is it always set in america?¿ why couldn't it have been set in England. dont worry i loved it!!!!!!!!!!!¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

Wflemo - Good3 star

Good film but why is it only Americans survive no English or any other country survive during apocalyptic styled films

HypeHurley - Good, Time well spent watching.4 star

Very good film, fans of any disaster films such as Armageddon and The Core will love this some brilliant special effects in it and an amazing storyline involving a fight to survive and the struggle for supplies. worth purchasing.

BenConway - Good film5 star

This is such a good film

Todd Pilling - Fantastic!5 star

Excellent film, you should enjoy this film if you liked 2012. p.s. it's way better than 2012.

xxnevertoolatexx - Awesome!5 star

Such a good movie! Jake Gyllenhaal's acting really made this movie even better! Loved it <3

shorty.x - omg5 star

i love this film its amazing just shows us hat we are doing to our world and i love jake gyllenhaal xx

kateandmarc - best film ever made.5 star

fantastic film. I have watched this over and over.

The Asperger - The True Power of Mother Nature4 star

Roland Emmerich has done it again. By using global warming to trigger Mother Nature into unleashing multiple tornadoes, giant tidal waves, huge hail stones and other violent wheather, this film could predict what would happen if climate change went on.

vwjaighriyyokmuykizjdi - Comic Genius4 star

Actually not a bad Disaster movie, great special effects, the story is paced well and the actors are believeable, if not the situation. First saw this at the cinema and the CGI effects were impressive to say the least, the tidal waves and Russian freighters floating down Manhattan streets being disconcerting enough on a TV sized screen. A few little booboo's throughout the film, but these inconsistencies actually MADE the film for me, the funniest ones being when Quaid's climatologist friend gets a bit too hot during their trek across the frozen wasteland of New York and takes off his thermal jacket or how Gyllenhaal and co. stave off the next "ice age" - by lighting a fire. sheer genius!!!!

Ferd Harling - Excelent... Until you realize it could come to fact in the near future5 star

Excelent film that has only 1 downfall . . . It jusy may come true within your grandchildrens lives! Honestly this film is great in every way, from the draft to the choice of actors, not to mention the superb graphical details of the special effects! But will it be enough to make the people in power realize that we MUST change our way of life NOW, not tomoorow let alone in 5 years? Enough to make everyone think! if the powers do not change the ozone depletion soon we will all know they only care for themselves, not even for their own children! Sorry to bring polotics into your amusement but someone needs to tell the truth whenever possible. :)

MatthewJonesy - The day after tommorow5 star

Great film I luv it

CSI Browne - The Day After Tomorrow5 star

What an amazing film, and it is one of the best disaster films since Armageddon and Independence Day. It has brilliant cast and a great story behind the film. The special effects are what make this film incredible, just by looking on the front cover of the film you can see what to expect in the film. One of the best special effects is the huge tidal wave that floods New York. There are freezing hurricanes in the UK, there are floods in New York, there are tornado storms in Los Angeles and a new global ice age threatens mankind. If you like films like The Core, Independance Day, Armageddon, will probably like this. I highly recommend it.

ZackaryDonnell - The day after tomorrow.5 star

This movie is amazing in every way, and very easy to get into. To think it could happen in our life time though is a bit freaky. But yeah, a film for the whole family to enjoy, a must.

Awesome_rocket_dude_who doesnt like LSH - Brilliant!5 star

Great film. Easy to enjoy, the bit where the water is flooding in to New York and they're still in the streets is the best bit. I recommend to anyone, definately worth renting.

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Joserose - Mexican boy3 star

Why they went to mexico???? They dont want us in USA....

Personear - Amazing4 star

This movie was very good, but it's not absolutely great! So 

John delin - Greatmovie5 star

Great movie

Elector-lover - EPIC5 star

This movie is my absolute favorite! Emmerich has outdone himself. This movie is great! Sooo worth the buy!

Redneck712 - Nonscary3 star

I think it was NOT scary but a good movie.

Shea-34 - This a great movie5 star

I brought this movie of I tunes on standard def.

Panda dad - EPIC5 star

my teacher was an extra in here

flower child90 - B+/A-4 star

it was cool..real corney some the of the scenes and shots..story was good was decent..i didn't like some of the shots and some of the dialogue but thats another convo..but yea..i'll give it a b+ just for a cute story line and grapics and such.....but it was still corney to me..that is all

Googlemnan - its good5 star

hey I can buy it!! i saw it before and loved it. @#$% to the tomato thingy its wrong hopelly u find this helpful

King Voldemort - amazing!!!5 star

i love this movie i wud definetly recomend it if u dont kno wat to buy. it puts u in suspense the entire time and my favorite part is wen everything freezes over and its the middle of the storm.

Shawn Andersen - Thrilled5 star

wow. thats all i can say about this movie. i saw this at a friends house and only saw half, but i bought it and watch the rest some other time. I was on the edge of my seat 4 the entire movie! all the acting was great 2!

Soccergirl0107 - Oh please.5 star

This movie is great! I read a review that said it's unrealistic that everyone would stop and stare. Come on, if something like that happened, most people would stop and stare because stuff like that doesn't happen every day lol.

Cjconwayxx - Horrible1 star

This is one of the worst movies I've ever seen the only good part of this movie is the special effects. It has a horrible storyline starting with the reasons for the destruction. The guy is also a rookie pilot who has only had a couple of flights yet he can weave through falling buildings. Also the first time they escape as the runaway is being destroyed was cool one not 5 times. All sorts of bull happens for them to male it were they need to go. Finally I would rather have nothing then Africa. That's starting with less then nothing. This movie is so horrible don't get it.

Nickiwoo - The day after tomm.5 star


usmchull - The BEST E.L.E. (Extinction Level Event) movie...EVER!!!5 star

I love this MOVIE!! This is one of the best movies I have ever seen! Thank you iTunes, for making this available for purchase!!!

day after tomorrow fails - just look away now1 star

This is probably one of the worst movies that I remember. The first part that angered me about this movie was the fact that the reasons behind the impending ice age are really bad and are easily seen as bogus. Second, the only good part about this movie is when the reporter gets nailed by a flying billboard. And while the reporter is doing his job everyone else gets out of their cars and just look at the storm. They don't run away. They just stand there with blank expressions. This movie is not exactly the most realistic. Finally, the only action in this movie runs out right after it starts. Nothing happens. And it leaves me wondering "why do I care?".

Fgihtgv - Good movie4 star

Great details but it could have had a better's one of those good movies but they don't know how to end it

LabanB - BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!5 star

You'll be on the edge of ur seat the whole time!!! truly a five star movie!!!

Nathan Broussard - Awesome!!!!4 star

I liked the movie , thought It was cool. The weather parts were cool,too!

Connie037 - BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!5 star

In this movie the graphics were great and,they picked the best actors for the parts. I personaly loved this movie and hope a ton others feel the same!!

Gina1958 - The day after tomorrow5 star

Movie is wonderful I love it I can see it over over. Great

V.F.D.branch13 - Completely awesome!5 star

The first thing a lot of people said when I approached them with this movie was, "Oh, another disaster film? Come on." No, people. NO. This isn't your typical ridiculous/stupid end-of-the-world action flick. [2012, etc.] "The Day After Tomorrow" truly delivers on all scales; very good acting, phenomenal visuals, exciting... I could go on forever. The general idea: SEE THIS MOVIE!

Me.Review - #1 action/adventure movie of the decade5 star

U can never get sick of watching it, I once watched it 4 straight times and it demolishes "2012"! A must get!

ShamuKid - Um Guys?5 star

Great movie. You can buy this! Just make sure you have your device switched to Standered. Def. It must not be available on HD.

Kemion - Best movie ever! If you haven't seen it watch it!5 star

Totally worth $10.

Giants754 - Awasome3 star

This is the best movie ever. The thing is if we keep going thought global warming it could happen.

/-\merican Eagle - The Best!5 star

This movie is totally worth 10 dollars! Love it! I watched it about 5 times!! It's sort of similar to 2012, too.

Zinnaga - Best ever5 star

Trumps 2012 in every way possible

Chipmunk Luvr - Big Mike's BIGGEST fan ever!!!!5 star

This movie is great!!! I'm only about halfway through it, but I love it!!!!!!!

iawsom120 - Awessssoooommmme mmmooovviiee!!!!5 star

Awesome I love this movie

laucoachman - HD where are you?!?!?!?!?5 star

Ok... this movie is very awesome, but, wheres the HD version???!????!?!? iTunes Store, please make the HD version... Thanks!!!!!!!

express yourself its awesome - the day after tomorrow5 star

this movie is not for all people. if u dont like a fictional based movie then dont watch this. if you dont like good graphics then dont watch this.if u dont like the cast then dont watch it.BUT I RECOMEND IT 100% THIS IS THE BEST MOVIE TO PEOPLE WHO HAVE TASTE IN MOVIES. :)DONT RENT BUY BUY BUY

Vgditsitzkhxhlxxmvzlbzgmzg - 5 star

This must be the best movie in the world, I agree the plot is bad but it is a great story and it shows what will happen if we don't stop global warming, i'm not even in my teens and I no this

xmusicislife11x - Pretty Good4 star

It really depends on what you want out of this movie as to how good you'll think it is. No, it's not scientifically accurate. No, there isn't much in the storyline/character development. But it's pretty good if you want an awesome movie with awesome special effects.

djk5 - what a thrill ride5 star

best diaster movie ever scence 2012 movie there is a lot of action it will have wating till the end

♥Paramore's Biggest Fan 4ever♥ - BEYOND AWESOME!!!!5 star

Ok. So i don't believe in the world ending in 2012 or whatever, but this movie is the best! The characters are awesome, Dennis Quaid did a really good job in acting, and the action is really cool. Of course, what can a movie be without a little romance? Jake Gyllenhaal and Emma Rossum showed a lot of chemistry in this movie, and looked really cute together. Get this movie! You won't be sorry!!

vcanete - A Very Gripping Roller-Coaster Ride5 star

The Day After Tomorrow made look like pure silliness, but it definitely is a very fun adventure to see for two hours. It also makes us see how global warming is really changing the way we live.


Hand down the best end of the world movie ever. No other movie will ever compare to this movie ! I could watch this movie days on end and I'd never get tired of it (:

gryffindor13 - The Day After Tomorrow5 star

Outstanding movie packed with excitement and awesome visual effects. A must see simply phenominal!!

JbosSexyLady - The Day After Tomorrow5 star

Played excellent and the graphics are beautiful on ipod touch!!! Great movie :)

coltman12 - i can buy it xD5 star

everyones saying they can only rent it but it allowed me to buy it

Fic_Penn610 - Gotta Love Emmerich5 star

In his traditional style of moviemaking magic, Roland Emmerich presents yet another cinematic masterpiece filled with awesome special effects, simple yet powerful storytelling, and a beautifully rendered message concerning the fate of our planet. This is my favorite disaster movie to date (that'll change once I see 2012) and, in my opinion, an instant classic.

N.L.I - If you see this, read it.4 star

This movie, even if you don't want to admit it, had a horrible plot. Yet, at the same time, it presented a real problem, which was presented as an action movie. Creating a good movie, and an even better warning light.

FunnyStory82 - Great Movie that might come true someday5 star

Not only is this movie amazing in both its special effects, its acting, and its plot, but the truth of this movie is that events like it WILL happen someday unless we stop our harmful ways. if you see this movie you will not only love it, but you will be motivated to help save our planet

Scottie86 - BEST MOVIE5 star

Best movie in the world! Hands down!

ActorManWithAPlan - Now to own!!5 star

Yes! The long awaited day has come when you can BUY this movie!!!

Devanb - Phenomenal!5 star

I saw 2012 just recently, and I bought this movie thinking it would be similar. This movie went above and beyond 2012. If you enjoy thrillers and disaster movies, this is the best it gets!

AdjHanson - Honest review5 star

This is the ultimate action movie.It,unlike clover field has a story,reason for what is happening,and an ending that dosent leave you hanging on a cliff. Someone remarked that they were runing from air. They were actually runing from a instant freeze that froze the mamoth before it could swallow the grass in it's mouth. It is however unrealistic how the door keeps out the freeze.

Mau3rPow3r - Awsome movie5 star

This is one of my favorite movies. We can buy it now!

Brutalkitty - Natural Disaster!!!!5 star

The best and craziest movie ever!!!! It brought up alot of weather disasters like the flooding in New York City, the big hailstorm in Tokyo, a size of golf balls, tornado in Los Angeles and Antarctica-like ice. If you're an action or weather forecast fan, that movie will be for you!!!!!

The Day After Tomorrow Images & Pictures

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The Day After Tomorrow movie images
The Day After Tomorrow movie images
The Day After Tomorrow movie images
The Day After Tomorrow movie images
The Day After Tomorrow movie images
The Day After Tomorrow movie images
The Day After Tomorrow movie images
The Day After Tomorrow movie images
The Day After Tomorrow movie images
The Day After Tomorrow movie images
The Day After Tomorrow movie images
The Day After Tomorrow movie images

The Day After Tomorrow Posters

The Day After Tomorrow movie posters
The Day After Tomorrow movie posters
The Day After Tomorrow movie posters
The Day After Tomorrow movie posters
The Day After Tomorrow movie posters
The Day After Tomorrow movie posters
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