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Superstar George Clooney turns in a stellar performance in this thrilling sci-fi movie from Academy Award winners Steven Soderbergh and James Cameron. Aboard a lonely space station orbiting a mysterious planet, terrified crew members are experiencing a host of strange phenomena, including eerie visitors who seem all too human. And when psychologist Chris Kelvin (Clooney) arrives to investigate, he confronts a power beyond imagining that could hold the key to mankind's deepest dreams... or darkest nightmares.

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How far will you go for a second chance?. A troubled psychologist is sent to investigate the crew of an isolated research station orbiting a bizarre planet.. Solaris Wiki

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True Classic  John___M  5 star

This is a modern classic. It's respectful in core mood and concept to the original book - not so much the earlier movie of the book - and it is a brilliant, utterly unforgettable meditation on loss, love, guilt, identity, meaning, mortality, humanity, sanity, wrapped in some of the most beautiful filmic images and music you will ever experience.

Remake of dull Russian film  Furutan1  2 star

This film is okay, but not great.It is better than the original but I was left thinking that, while not a waste of my time, I could have been doing something better.

That one Bloke1066
Eh  That one Bloke1066  2 star

Shallow ghost of the original

Pretty...  jlmcdurango  3 star


Mind-Bending  tickytl  5 star

i-tunes has it under their "Romance" section. Lol .. now I know why this movie never got rave reviews. Most people just don't get it. NOT ROMANCE. A Mind-Altering substance !

One of my favorite movies  Anabur  5 star

It starts out looking like it'll be a scary movie, but turns into a philosophical, romantic drama with a few thriller elements. It blurs the lines between genres, but it's ultimately thoughtful and uplifting. Highly recommended. If you watch it without expecting it to fit into any specific genre, it's enjoyable and leaves you feeling like you experienced something special. At least, that's how it makes me feel.

Berkeley Rooster
Good Love Story!  Berkeley Rooster  5 star

"There's more to life than what meets the eyes..."

Underrated. Was that said already?  jimgandhi  5 star

I keep coming back to this movie and soundtrack.

You may want to read the book first.  ContentOwner  4 star

Fortunately for me, I read the book before I watched the movie. So I understood what was going on throughout the film. For instance, I already knew that on the planet was a liquid life form that covered almost the entire planet and that the life form could change the mass of the planet (read the book if you want to know why it did this. It is quite fascinating). So this movie is a lot like 2001. In 2001, the movie does not explain that he is traveling through a worm hole. So naturally most movie goers were confused by what was happening with the psychedelic lights as he is traveling through space. I think that Soderbergh was influenced heavily by Kubrick when he made this film. There are a lot of elements borrowed from 2001 and The Shining. It is one of the reasons why I love this movie.

Mister Bipkie
Ummm...  Mister Bipkie  5 star

I really love this wonderful little film. If you remember that there are no explanations, only choices, you can enjoy a well acted, well written, and a well directed film. It may even force you to think a bit. What else does one need...mutos??? :)

Solaris  cassini4  1 star

Very much a waste of time and money! Had to watch this disaster in bits and pieces, it was terribly boring! I am surprised Clooney agreed to do this (movie?). He must be hard up for cash flow!

It is absolutely boring!!!  ADALAT-MANESH KEYVAN  1 star

Do not waste your time and your money.

Excellent suspense/Sci-Fi - It'll give you chills if you let it.  Takk-  5 star

The previous reviewer nailed this movie. If you allow yourself to become immersed in this film you will feel the cold of space and sense of being alone. Careful what you wish for before bedtime. :)

Eerie, Ethereal, and Extraordinary  jkchunt  5 star

Soderberg has utilized unparalleled cinematography and impeccable casting to produce a masterpiece. This often underrated film is not for the impatient; in short one has to be willing to immerse oneself in the thoughts and feelings of the main characters, (which is easily done thanks to the cinematography). Each scene gives the viewer another piece of the puzzle, but keeps even seasoned moviegoers guessing up until the final few minutes. It's not a fast paced, action filled sci-fi; nor is it a witty romantic comedy. But by seamlessly blending subtle elements of suspense often found in films such as The Sixth Sense (Solaris can be chilling at times) with the tragic story of a love gone awry, director Steven Soderbergh has created an original, thought-provoking, meaningful work that has stood out as one of my favorite films.

Genre is not Romance ...  Linlinoz  3 star

Who had the bright idea to classify this as Romance? It's sci fi through & through ...

Love it, love it not...  @frankencute  5 star

It's a mistake to compare it to the Tarkovsky as it's a different animal. And altho the Tarkovsky is undeniably brilliant, this version has always resonated with me in deep way. (is rating any movie over a Tarkovsky punishable by death? It does feel like I'm committing some kind of treason!) This quote: "There are no answers. Only choices." continues to floor me years later as the best piece of advice I've ever heard. I can't stand George Clooney.... yet this is in my top 3 favorite films - that's how well the overall movie works for me. You either love it or you don't. I love it.

Nice music ...  cheekychews  1 star

The rest is a pretty weak attempt at an existential what-the-hell-is-going-on ...

Tarkovsky fan says:  AntonMurrell  3 star

Whether or not this was intended as a direct remake of Andrei Tarkovsky's 1972 classic film science fiction film "Solaris" or "Solyaris" it marginally does not match the Soviet director's talent if bringing such a story to the screen. This is a good adaptation by any standard but anyone who releases a film with the same title and source material and essentially remakes a science fiction classic is bound to fall short. Also, there was a rawness and realism in the 1972 adaptation that isn't present here. In summary it is quite a good film, but Soderbergh trying to match Tarkovsky is like building a Burger King right next door to a MacDonald's.

Not bad  Dionosis  5 star

There is something deep to this movie. It had me at the edge of my seat. It seems to really question the view we have of our self's. Individual existance is scarry, unsure, certainty was left behind. What did we leave behind, who is dreaming this dream, "I know it created me, but I cant remember it, nor can I communicate with, but I know it see's me." "In the first 30 seconds of this strange life I had to kill, but not just anybody, to survive I had to kill myself, this is a gift, I'm Charmed." Great Movie.

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