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Jack Traven (Keanu Reeves), an LAPD cop on SWAT detail, has a fearless nature and a keen understanding of the criminal mind. That, and some luck have kept him alive. But Jack's luck is being put to the ultimate test. An elusive bomber-extortionist Howard Payne (Dennis Hopper) is seeking vengeance after his latest ransom scheme is thwarted. Payne gives a personal challenge to Jack: A bomb is rigged on a city bus, which will detonate if the speedometer drops below 50 MPH. Poor Annie (Sandra Bullock) gets shoved into the driver's seat, while Jack does his best to save the day. Los Angeles SWAT cop Jack Traven is up against bomb expert Howard Payne, who's after major ransom money. First it's a rigged elevator in a very tall building. Then it's a rigged bus--if it slows, it will blow, bad enough any day, but a nightmare in LA traffic. And that's still not the end. Speed Wiki

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Get ready for rush hour..

Speed (1994)

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- Keanu Reeves rocks in this speedy thriller5 star

when you can't stop a bus you can't stop time. Keanu Reeves though has the guts and strength to stop anything in his way stopping a bus though may be his hard challenge but instead we get 2 hours of keanu reeves stopping a bus from being deatroyed into pieces it's what i wanted out of a summer feel good action movie.

- This Is the Movie That Inspired Titanic5 star

“Jack! Jack! Jack, Jack!”

- I Don’t know why i’m in love with this movie5 star

This movie is the best movie i have ever seen because it is so interesting and so action packed. Also, Keanu should of been in Speed 2🥺

- Nonsense1 star

Probably one of the most stupid movies I've ever seen!! (Speed bumps at LAX runways??)

- Speed5 star

Great action thriller

- Blows Believability to Smithereens2 star

Our hero launches his service vehicle four feet in the air on his commute to work and does other similar things.


This movie was definitely one of the best ones I've ever seen. I have watched it 3 days in a row because I can't get enough of it! Awesome work! It's too bad the second one was so terrible.

- I cringe at a bus to this day5 star

Really what could I say about this Bus ride that hasn't already been said! I just know that in the summer of 94 my brain went into overdrive watching this movie! It would sound ridiculous on word of mouth alone, let's rig a bomb on a public Bus and if the bus goes to 50 mph it arms the bomb then once the bus go under 50 mph it explodes! Lucky for us the excitement of the movie makes up for things nicely! The movie also rotates around 3 great performances, Keanu Reeves, Sandra Bullock and the late Dennis Hopper who played a classic Villain! Get on the Bus!

- Awesome5 star

This is one million times better than the second one

- Great movie!4 star

Really good movie! Unlike some extra features on ITunes, this one actually has quite a few.

- Soundtrack5 star

The movie is good but put the soundtrack Album on iTunes

- Speed5 star

Keanu Reeves's best movie, i love this. a suspenseful action thriller that will not disappoint anyone.

- Best movie5 star

Keanu Reeves & Sandra Bullock ❤❤ The cutest thing ever ... I watch this movie 3 times and I'm buying it now💔

- speed5 star

ATTENTION TO ALL PEOPLE WHO HAVE NOT SEEN THIS MOVIE if you have ever heard of speed 2 DO NOT WATCH !!!!! It is horrible, watch this one instead it is one of the most awesomest movies ever created Except James Bond of course, anyway speed has a great plot and I grew up watching it HIGHLY SUGEST BUYING THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- wow1 star

are these people serious with the all the great reviews this movie is a joke

- R u NUTZZ1 star

Hahaha,this has got to be one of the corniest and campiest movies ever made, I can't believe this piece of junk rated higher than Predator, 90% really you people are crazy, this movie sucked soooo bad, hey Jack(Keanu) look out you starred in the most predictable action movie ever made. Hey while we're at it you might as well give speed 2 a 100% rating. I can't stop laughing at this rating, I think we need a revamp of this rating system BIGTIME!!!! Hahaha nerds.

- I LOVE SPEED5 star

I have watched this movie 2 times and and I am dying to buy this move!!!

- A GOOD WATCH4 star

An interesting movie that I will watch again and again without end.

- Speed is amazing!5 star

I love this movie so much i cant stop watching it. You just have to see it.

- Simply Outstanding!5 star

I've got to tell you guys: This by far and away is one of the best movies I have ever seen! I am not much of a movie buff, but, holy! Sh** this was good!

- Good5 star

The thing is I already bought this movie and I have have to pay again ya right so thumbs down but still good movie👎👎👎👎👎👎

- Nothin5 star

If you havent seen this movie, rent it because it's the best action movie Ive seen. Honestly, i thought that this movie would be boring, what with a bomb on a bus, you cant drop below 50 mph or take passengers off or itll blow, but this movie prooved me wrong!

- Great Film5 star

One of the best action movies of all time!

- i absolutely love this move.5 star

i only saw it a couple months ago. but it is still awesome. one of my favorites by far. love sandra bullock and keaunu Reeves in this. get this movie. it's AWESOME!

- KAPOW!!!5 star

My favorite I love everything on this movie including the explosions and the bus parts.I also thought it had an awesome explosion on the part when the bus blown up with the plane. AWESOME.

- whooooo5 star

WHY DO YOU COST $9.99 im not rich you know!!!!!!!!!1

- Pop Quiz Hot-Shot!5 star

You have the option to watch the movie "Speed" (What do you do?)................. Watch It!

- Amazing5 star

By far my favorite movie.. If you have never seen it, buy it.. Im not kidding...

- Speed5 star

Best movie ever

- Amazing5 star

Im a 12 year old girly girl and I loved this movie

- The Two Buses Used In The Film5 star

The First Bus Was A 1979 Grumman Flxible 870 ADB An The Second Bus Was A GM Fishbowl New Look

- Great5 star

It says that there is a error

- AWESOME!!!5 star

I watched speed on TV and awesome so awesome I bought it on iPod!!

- Awsome5 star

One of the best movies ever nice job Keanu Reeves.

- Excelent5 star

I've seen this movie multiple times and it's still great!

- Get it5 star

I'm a cautious person when it comes to making purchases. I wonder if I'll regret it or is this worth my money etc. But I'm very happy I went and bought this movie it was intense, action filled had a nice touch of humor and did not need alot of swearing in order to make up for lack of suspense or plot that you sometimes see in other movies. Get it despite your second thoughts it's movie you will watch again and again.

- Loved it !5 star

This movie is probably my favorite movie at the moment . The actors are amazing and play their role perfectly . Very intense and exciting . iabsoultly loved it .


I love this movie. I didn't buy or rent - cuz i'm deaf, please add CLOSED CAPTIONING. Thanks.

- OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!5 star

OMG i luv this movie!!! It was so so good!!! OMG i need to get money so i can buy it!!!!!!! You need to get this movie!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Wow5 star

This movie is absolutely amazing, but being an electronics geek, some of the technology related scenes were a bit cheesy.

- Great Action5 star

This is a really great movie! Loved it when it first came out love it now. How can you miss with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock.

- Love It!!!5 star

I loooove this movie and have seen it 100 times. I love action packed movies and this is one for the 90's. Bullock, Reeves & Hopper are awesome together, giving you action that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Don't miss this one..

- AMAZING!!!!!5 star

Best action ever!!!! great movie

- SICK!!!!!4 star

Great concept and amazing suspense matched with great action and good actors, ( keanu reeves, sandra bullock, dennis hopper) all make this movie a fun action flick


i friekin LOVE this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have to admit though some of the action was a bit cheesy, but hey, it makes for a GREAT movie!!!!! Keauno Reeves and Sandra Bullock were EXCELLENT!!!!! their chemistry really makes the movie, and they get their love moment at the end!!!!!! i just LOVE this movie, and its really kewl on blu-ray, so BUY IT!!!!!!!!

- So Amazing!5 star

Okay this movie is beast! Keanus so hot, and sandras super cute! But i'm glad Keanu wasn't in speed two he was smart enough to bail cause it sucked

- AWSOME PAWSOME!!!!5 star

this is a great movie!!! have you seen it in HD? its like your on the bus!!!! i think the storyline is great,the actors are great, and the action is great!!!!!! this is in my collection of best action movies ever!!! i still think Keanu Reeves should have been in SPEED 2 CRUISE CONTROL. :) <3

- Amazing amazing amazing!5 star

I just recently saw this movie on TV and have absolutely fell in love with it. This movie is amazing on all levels. It left me speechless when I first saw it, and I'm not a big fan of action packed, cussing movies. This one doesn't even have much cursing and the action just keeps you wanting more. Love it love it love it! Buy it now! :D

- AWESOME.5 star

This movie is great! It's action-packed, smart, and makes you sit on the edge of your seat. If you're just looking for a good movie to buy on iTunes, this is it. Buy it. Now.

- wow5 star

OMG!! great movie

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Nothingoriginal55 - damn - a good keanu reeves film..wth?4 star

Lately poor guy has had flop after flop but it's good to see an awesome Keaunu Reeves moive. DON'T GO BELOW 50 OR THIS BUS WILL EXPLODE!!!!

Laura-Lee Was Here - Best Action Film: It Just Works5 star

Jan de Bont's first "outting" as Director. Sounds like a ridulous idea for a movie but this one is white knuckle suspense. It works on every level and I still think the best and most believeable role that Keanu has ever done. If you can stand the 2 hours of non-stop thrills & tension, then go for this film Make sure you BUY it. You'll want to watch it again the moment it's over. But make sure you are in a position to not be disturbed the first time you see it.

Claire P.S. - BEST MOVIE EVER!5 star

Best movie EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

TheWolf18 - Amazing5 star

This is one of the best action movies I've ever seen! Truly amazing!!

Tuneguy21 - LOVE IT!!!!!!!!5 star

Keanu Reeves Is Amazing as well is Dennis Hopper and Sandra Bullock A MUST OWN!

Neuron Regenerator - Classic5 star

i have watched this film for countless time, it rocks man, classic movie !

VirtualAnomaly - This is what an action movie should be...5 star

Non-stop action from beginning to end. This movie is just plain fun to watch. A no-brainer for any action fan!

steve1978au - One of the best popcorn flicks4 star

After watching this 25 years after seeing it in cinema it really was a great entertaining action movie. Technically it’s a real achievement and just a fun ride

kylie_kizza - Loved it5 star

Seen speed a lot still think Keanu Reeves is one of the good actors still around..

Film critic01 - The best action film ever - The best film ever - A must watch5 star

The best Keanu Reeves film ever. One of the best action films of all time. Keanu Reeves has the best action in this film. One of the best action films of the 1990s decade. My favourite film of 1994. This is one of my favourite movies of all time. This is the best film ever. Excellent. :)

Film critic01 - Sick movie mate5 star

The best action movie of 1994. Keanu Reeves is the best and sickest actor in this action movie. The best action movie of 1994.

ImTellingYa - Great movie! Sandra looking great!5 star

Fantastic movie about the perils of public transport. Typical bus driver skipping stops and driving like they own the entire road.

MKDWOG - Another great movie5 star

I used to watch this movie with my bro when we were little on TV back in the day and was a great movie with a great story line and keeps you watching to see what happens next. :D

bborun - Appalling Audio1 star

The audio truly disappoints letting an otherwise excellent movie flounder even at $17.99. Whoever mastered the sound on this version needs to find a different line of work and Fox needs to seriously reconsider its attitude towards its customers and the entertainment industry.

Butch17 - SPEED5 star

Best action movie ever buy it and you won't be disappointed if there was mor stars i would put a million stars

Joseph Halloran - Awesome MOVIE!5 star

Speed is my Favourite movie of all time with lot's of action spashes of comedy and a fantatstic plot.

lonewolfwarrior - Great Movie5 star

Watched this movie along time ago on Video and really enjoyed it, got the movie again and cant stop watching it, the music is awsome as well, and well lets say you will think twice about getting on a city bus :D

Baldydafydd - Why?1 star

U r advertiseing today speed for £3.99 but!!!!!! when u click link it is £5.99 very naughty!!! 20/06/18

Gr3at f1lm - .5 star

Great film just seen it is worth every penny

Jcwhufilmlover - Speed5 star

Brilliant film , gets your brain functioning instantly. The film shocks you!

Sarah Jane movie fan - Great movie, but...........3 star

........after the bomber tells Jack about the bomb on the bus, the audio is completely out of sync!!!!

Candyfloss22011 - Gr85 star

This film is great!!! If u haven't seen it before just rent it but u will soon have to buy it!

joetheliverpoolfan - great5 star

great great action film

j1991 - Speed,4 star

I really like this film! :) i think it is rather expensive if you can get it in shops cheaper (that is what people have been saying, ) but i couldnt find it anywhere. So i rented it :) and is well worth it! :)

Candle3748842 - Help1 star

I downloaded this n it stopped towards the end sayin corrupt files who do I contact coz it's expensive n I want it!!

90s DJ - Gr8 film5 star

I used to love this film in 90s, if you love thrillers you will too!

Allegra Campbell - Amazing5 star

I love this film so much it is filled with action, adventure, suspense and drama and I enjoy it so much

Unknown and anonymous - Too expensive5 star

Needs to lower the price because I want to buy it badly

Tom1494 - Great film5 star

Action packed excellent film, bit expensive though

Maskless - Expensive2 star

I got it yesterday for 25p

kgds - k ljmu3 star


Keanu - OMG Keanu5 star

What can i say i downloaded the main theme from speed and i got hooked. Keanu reeves in this song really made this film a must buy he has so much passion for his work and you can tell. This is the best of the speed films!!!! KEANU !!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111111111!!!!1

Herby - Brilliant5 star

What an amazing film, but what is the difference between buy and rent once it is on you ipod it stays on doesn't it. Well worth watching best film I have seen in ages.

jkb2 - fantastic5 star

This was a thrilling film with all the climaxs and humour that is needed with an adventure film. I watched it in my ipod and i couldn't turn it off it was so good. I watch it more and more to really see the depth of the plot, buy it and you won't regret it.

gianni79 - speed1 star

hi I just spent £7 for download this movie and I cant watch, there was some problems with corupted files!!so I cant finish download, have been waiting 2 days for help ,no results!!!!! poor service!!!!!

c.t.wilkinson - Speed is great but is too much!2 star

What is the point on buying it on here for £7 when on dvd it's about £3 this is just ridiculous, Apple really needs to lowwer our prices !!!

Macwarrior - Keanu at his best5 star

Theres a bomb on the bus. I saw this at the cinema and its a great movie. Im straight and i still think Keanu looked his best in this movie lol. Sandra bullock didnt have to do much so her acting wasnt really required. five stars.

anonymous-persona - Woooo Speed!5 star

Never been a Christmas without it on the TV! Now I don't have to wait until Christmas to see it. I see you've also got that Christmas favourite, Jingle All The Way! Oh I'm sad because now I can't wait for Christmas, not least I'll be able to spare a few quid to buy these films.

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cwactionfan - THE BEST MOVIE EVER!5 star

On "Rotten Tomatoes" they gave Speed 93%, which is a great percentage on that website! Speed should have gotten 100%, in my opinion. This is Keanu Reeves at his best!

Remi1432 - love it!!!!!5 star

i really want to buy it!! i love this movie and the 2nd one !!!!

AmandaCDroz - :)5 star

This is the best move ever and keanu reeves plays an amazing part it is to bad that he is not in the second one

adnanojd - best action movie of summer 19945 star

I love the movie when I was 8 and still do keanu reeves & sandra bullock's chemistry really made this movie work. keanu should have been up speed 2 cruise control.

FS1982 - One of my favs for a long time4 star

This was my first R rated movie I saw at the theaters and loved it. Keanu's character is awesome. Too bad Speed 2 was so bad.

aiden123 - "If you ask me, Speed is better than Die Hard in nearly all respects..."5 star

SPEED--An hour and a half of insanity and intensity. I soiled my pants. I screamed like a girl. Blood was coming out of my eyes... Well, it's not that intense. But still, Speed is one of the best movies I've ever seen. It's funny, for one thing--not a comedy, but it has its moments like any good, fun action movie should. That's always a plus. It's also original--the situations that SWAT officer Jack is put in are creatively intense. A bomb on a bus that can't go under 50 mph or it'll blow up...GENIUS! But of course, the best part of Speed is it's action sequences. The explosions are first-rate. The 'bus chase' sequence, as long as it is, is incredible. The vehicle jumps are amazing. And amongst all the great action, there's not that much violence--no over-used gore makes it easy to watch. The only thing that hurts Speed is its crappy love story. I don't think Sandra Bullock is all that attractive, so I guess it was harder for me to believe, but it all seems very unnatural- oh well, it's still a great movie! Some people call it 'Die Hard on a Bus', but I think that's unfair. It IS a perfect action movie, but it shouldn't be compared to Die Hard. This movie is all about transportation, velocity, and terrorist situations/suspense, while Die Hard is a slower, on-foot hour-long gun fight that's right in your face. If you ask me, Speed is better than Die Hard in nearly all respects--how about that? Anybody can enjoy Speed--guys, girls, even my six-year-old sister. It's only purpose is to make you say 'whoah', and it delivers on several occasions. What I'm trying to say is that you are not an action-movie fan until you have seen Speed...an excellent movie!

mrtnkirchner - awesome....could of done without the cussing5 star

i loved this movie but i didnt agree with the cussing that much even though one of the funneist jokes came from cussing. one of the few movie i would actually buy.

soad fan 11177 - sweet!!!4 star

i liked this movie a lot. very creative and entertaning. ok ending

bauerjack4413 - This Movie is Awesome4 star

Maybe a little too much like Die Hard, but it's a really well done thriller that keeps you interested while not completely bombarding you with plot twists. Keanu Reeves isn't great in it (he's better in The Matrix) but this movie established Sandra Bullock's career. The last 20 or so minutes are when things go a little off the rails (literally) but it doesn't ruin the movie. This one is worth checking out.

nothingbutscreamo - PLLLLLEEEEEAAAAASSSSEEEEE!!!!!!!5 star

This is my favorite movie of all time but I can't enjoy it if it's only available to rent. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE Apple make this video buyable! Click Yes if you agree!

FantasticMrBanchy - Good Movie...but I can only rent?5 star

This has got to be one of the better movies Reeves has been in. It is a top-notch action flick which needs have the option of purchasing with it. Any one who hasn't seen it should really consider this movie if you want an original plot and great action. ITunes I would appreciate it if you would put this to buy instead of just renting.

Nuclear Pancakes! - A Classic...4 star

SPEED's one of those films made in the early '90s that revitalized action films -- like Die Hard. This film has a lot of stuff many come to love with balls to the wall suspense and action. The "don't go under 50 mph or die" concept is creative and terrifying, making you wish: "God, I hope I'm NEVER in a situation like that!" The villain is creepy, and the tricks and maneuvers that Keanu creates are interesting. The only drawback to the film is the ending. It just kind of pulls back as everyone ................................................................................... and then it's fade to black and then the end. Overall, SPEED is a film you must watch. It's certainly not the greatest film ever, nor the greatest action-flick ever created, but it definitely lives up to its premise and delivers what everyone is looking for. Buy/rent.

JenniB. - OMG!!!!!5 star

This is like the best movie ever!! I love it.. I wish they had it to buy, cause i for sure would! <3 it's great.. (the second one is too)

rammstein_guy - I wanna BUY thiiiiisssss!!!5 star

Awesome movie, just awesome. Like a lot of other movies I really like, I was really excited when I saw this on iTunes. Imagine my disappointment when I found out you can only rent this instead of just buying it and having it for good. Finally some good movies are being released on iTunes, buy we can only buy them. What a shame.

smellypoop - bad1 star

an extremely badly acted and cheesily written take off of Die Hard. it does have some well shot stunts.

more jibberish - back in the day5 star

this is one of those films thats worth the money. it seems like now a days, action films force themselves into a wickedly strange plot to try to be the next sixth sense and put more money into each explosion than into any actors. this is a film that you just love everybody in the movie becuase the acting is great as well as the original story line. sure, its no oscar winning type of film but if your at home looking for a fun film to watch, SPEED is the right movie for you.

Nuclear Pancakes! - A Classic...4 star

SPEED's one of those films made in the early '90s that revitalized action films -- like Die Hard. This film has a lot of stuff many come to love with balls to the wall suspense and action. The "don't go under 50 mph or die" concept is creative and terrifying, making you wish: "God, I hope I'm NEVER in a situation like that!" The villain is creepy, and the tricks and maneuvers that Keanu creates are interesting. The only drawback to the film is the ending. It just kind of pulls back as everyone ................................................................................... and then it's fade to black and then the end. Overall, SPEED is a film you must watch. It's certainly not the greatest film ever, nor the greatest action-flick ever created, but it definitely lives up to its premise and delivers what everyone is looking for. Buy/rent.

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