I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry

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Adam Sandler and Kevin James star as best friends and fellow firefighters Chuck and Larry, the pride of their Brooklyn fire station. Chuck owes Larry for saving his life. Larry calls in that favor big-time by asking Chuck to pose as his "domestic partner" so his kids will get his pension. But when a fact-checking bureaucrat becomes suspicious, the two straight guys are forced to improvise as love-struck newlyweds. Jessica Biel, Ving Rhames and Dan Aykroyd co-star in this hilarious comedy. Firefighters Chuck Ford and Larry Valentine are guy's guys, loyal to the core – which is why, when widower Larry asks Chuck to pose as his gay lover so that he can get domestic partner benefits for his kids, his buddy agrees. However, things get dicey when a bureaucrat comes calling, and the boys are forced to present a picture of domestic bliss. I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry Wiki

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They're as straight as can be, but don't tell anyone...

I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry (2007)

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- No, we won’t stop1 star

No, we “gays” won’t stop posting bad reviews complaining about the offensive jokes. Yes, they may be jokes, but at the end of the day they hurt the image of us deeply and are often the backbone of homophobic thinking and behavior. Growing up in a homophobic household, I would know. And all for what, a cheap laugh?

- Hilarious5 star

it is hilarious! I love sandler and kevin james film. They must make more films together.

- A GOOD DUET4 star

Adam Sandler and Kevin James are hilarious together. This movie proves it.

- GREAT4 star

This movie is great! Kevin James and Adam Sandler are a great comic duo. I promise you this is a funny movie!

- Unfunny2 star

I laughed. But I didn't laugh enough. Plus the acting's terrible, the story's stupid, and it's painfully sappy.

- Awesomely hilarious5 star

Totally full of humor. Not for kids. Luv it and quote the circle part all the time

- Best5 star

In my opinion the best movie of Adam Sandler. Watch it!

- Tee hee3 star

A good laugh ;)

- I now pronounce you c & l5 star

This is a really funny movie. Skip renting it! Shell out the extra $2 and buy it. You'll thank me later. If you like little Nikki, happy Gilmore, grown ups, and anger management, you'll love this film.

- Hilarious5 star

Adam Sandler was great and don't even get me started on Jessica Biel !!!!

- I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry5 star

Great funny movie.

- Very Funny5 star

This movie is very funny. It does hit on good points that nobody wants to talk about. Gay people are looked down on and made fun of all the time. There are more gay people out there than we think but we wouldn't know because many people try to hide it. This movie is very funny and I would recommend it.

- Awsome5 star

This movie is sooooo funny u have to see it...AWSOME...allstar cast

- Ahmazing(:5 star

L O V E this movie! "WOO! "You said 'WOO!'" <3


The one thing i learned is that jessica biel looks SSOOOOO HOT, and her boobs are nice

- Ha ha!5 star

We're gonna have sex now, here we go! Ah, I loved this movie.

- Funny Stuff!!5 star

HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!! You will love if comedy is your thing and you're able to laugh at naughty things :)

- Amazinggggggg5 star

after seeing tht movie i wishd i could protest the laws in n.y. i think this movie really helpd ppl understand tht being gay is not a bad thing. For ppl who r gay and find this offensive: really just get ovr it im not gay but evry1 has 2 laugh @ thmselves sometimes!!!!

- This is a great movie!5 star

All of you gays that are giving this movie bad reviews get the f**k out of here. You can't watch a gay comedy and then be mad when they made gay JOKES. That is ridiculous that you can be offended by something you choose to watch and knew what it was about. This was a very good and funny movie, i would recommend it as long as you won't be butt hurt by gay JOKES!

- Offensive Plot Summary1 star

In the Plot Summary, "testosterone-fueled" is meant to say that the 2 lead characters are not gay, but that is stupid. Gay men are just as testosterone-fueled as straight men, use your head. If you are saying that gay men are "estrogen-fueled" then in one breath you've been both homophobic and misogynistic. Just give us all a break already.

- Good fun film5 star

Must buy at iTunes awesome 5 dollar price !!

- I kinda agree with kidzbopbater1234 star

Yeah this film wasn't Adam Sandler's best and it was a bit longer than most of his good films. But still this was a pretty good movie

- Baller935 star

This movie was amazing and hilarious. I could watch it thousands of times and still laugh. The only problem is i cant figure out wat the name of the last song tht was sung at the wedding, does any body know wat the song is called?

- Great movie5 star

Sooo funny. This is one of those movies that you either love or hate, and I love it.

- Awful Mess of a Film1 star

This movie is a disaster of epic proportions. First of all, I don't see how a story about two straight men pretending to be gay just so they can have a domestic partnership is funny. Second of all, Why is the writing so terrible? if Sandler had wrote the movie himself it would have been good. Third of all, how can they make fun of gays and try to convince the viewers that it is wrong to be homophobic at the same time? Please, don't waste your time with this movie.

- I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!! :)5 star

OMG this is one of the best movies ever and it is in my top 5.adam sandler shines in this hilarous movie! it is a must see!!

- I would have rather gotten a hole in the HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!1 star

I wish I could give negative stars! I usually think Adam Sandler is pretty funny but, this was the worst 3 dollars I have ever spent. I couldn't even finish it. It all seemed like a lame fantasy of some loser 14 year old with no sense of humor. I feel dumber after the 40 min of mind numbing stupidity that I have just endured. Bottom line: DONT DO IT!

- Brilliant!5 star

OK. Don't bring politics into this. For what it's worth, the writers did a great job in this show. Who would ever thought of getting a domestic partnership for financial benefits? I know I wouldn't. 5 STARS!! ;)

- awesome5 star

fuuny movie

- Oh how far you have fallen Alexander Payne1 star

Regardless of the blatant hypocrisy, and painful predictability of this flick, am I really to be forced to believe that Adam Sandler is a badass lady killer? I really could not have been more disappointed by this movie, which I only watched because of Alexander Payne's screenwriting credit. It is baffling to me how the director of About Schmidt could even muster this collection of played out gay jokes, much less weave them into a plot that in the end really only taught us that firemen stick together, and that Jessica Beal is a sucker with great t**s. Oh and f**k you for the played out Sparticus reference at the end you hacks.

- Incredibly NOT funny (and mean)1 star

This one is one of the worst movies I've ever watched... Except that I stopped watching it after 30 minutes... The writers are not inspired, the jokes are NOT funny, the actors are really really bad and overall it's really homophobic.


OMFG This movie is sooo funni !! :P

- Not that great2 star

It was decent entertainment but not that funny. Full of cliches. I give it 3 stars because I like Kevin James III.


Loved this movie. Has to be the number one comedy of our time. Worth the price, WORTH EVERY PENNY!

- I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry5 star

Thank you iTunes for adding this movie! You guys are awesome! Thanks for making my request happen! This is like the funniest movie ever! It's a total BEST buy!!!!!

- LOVE IT!5 star

This was the funniest movie ever! Adam Sandler is the best (I share a birthday with him! ^_^)! I deffinatley recommend this movie if you want a GREAT laugh. You WON'T be disappointed! I don't know how many times I've seen this movie, but all I know is that it's a wonderfully put together comedy movie!

- Great Great movie5 star

Hillarious. I don't know how anyone can confuse the beginning of the movie to the end by saying that it doesn't know what side it is on. Underneath the hillarious antics of Sandler and James, is the message that ignorance hurts everyone, and Sandlers' character (who is very demeaning in the beginning) learns that as Chuck and Larry experience the ignorance displayed towards homosexuals on a daily basis. Great movie. Good Message. and did I mention HILLARIOUS. You will not be disappointed. Now if only apple would get rid of this $4 renting bs.

- hypocritical2 star

This movie just doesn't know what side it's on. It spends most of the time making lame gay bash jokes and then it spends the last ten minutes explaining why that stuff is wrong; I say don't ask, don't watch.

- Ok not great3 star

the movie had a good moral, and had a great cast but it was not the best film or story plot. I think it was ok but not great.


sooo this movie is like the best ever. if you have gay guy friends, they will love it. I LOVE IT! i have seeeen it like 6times and every single time it gets funnier. DEF SEE THIS! or else.

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TBC1985 - One of Adam Sandler's funniest5 star

This movie is hilarious, I don't care what people say

antonio awesome-0 - Fail2 star

Funny for the first 50 mins then things got to weird.


It is hilarious! It is! One of the best comedies. I was surprised to see the comments posted below who gave the movie 2 or 3 stars. THIS IS A 5* movie - good actors, good plot, funny, new, not boring at all.

allycanfly - Adam sandler missed with this one.3 star

I love adam sandler movies but this one was a bit blah. It was oaky once but after that not so much. It had it's funny psrts but still not the best.

topgearulz - Not quite a funny movie1 star

Its is mostly about promoting a homosexual lifestyle and not really a comedy. Yes there are some funny bits in it but its about gay people. The trailer is makes it look funny but it didnt really make me laugh alot. Rent it first then buy it if you want. I think its something you can only watch once. There will be some who disagree with me but i dont care.

Jjrules123 - Chuck and larry3 star

Funny and awkward!

DJ kip kip - Funny5 star

This is a really funny movie, it is the kind of movie that'll make you laugh heaps!!!

Log Cabin - Hey5 star

Funniest movie ever!!!

Jdwhuehr - Hi5 star

OMG sooooo funny.

Lola_awesome_27 - Omg lol5 star

I love every movie that Adam sanders in and this one was no exception. Awesome movie HILARIOUS!!!

Alex Pettigrew - Awesome5 star

This movie is a great movie to show people that there is nothing wrong with being gay, and that it doesn't matter who you are, you're human and that's all that matters

OffTunes - Rip5 star

Firstly, the film is fantastic! Next, I have paid for this on iTunes. I started downloading it 7 hours ago. It has downloaded about half way then 3 times it has said it has lost connection and cannot be downloaded and has to start from the very beginning again. This is the last time I'll be trying. If it happens again I'll be looking a full refund! Not impressed at all with iTunes. They're quick to take the payment. Payment should not be taken until the film has completed download!

O_Colluphid - worst film ever made1 star

this is no hyperbole, this is my least favourite film ever. unfunny, offensive and 2 hours of my life I will never get back so I am striving to save others from it. starts with a great premise (two straight men faking to be in a civil partnership), but is just an endless string of bending over in the shower jokes. smug, purile and borderline homophobic crap which is even bad for an adam sandler movie. I wish iTunes let us give it fewer than 1star. I have no idea why it turned up in my genius recommendations

Grumpy Steve - Brilliant!!!!5 star

Amazing Film! Loved every second of It :) 😍

Chubby truffle - My rating !2 star

This film is like amazing but it's a ripp off the amount u have to pay on iTunes I got it from gmc for £3 !

Blablablablablaaa - Great film4 star

Watched it on tele last night & I couldn't believe it was only rated 1 star in the tv mag! It's hilarious. The kind of film I could watch over & over. Wouldn't buy it from iTunes though!

Jay1878 - Good film but don't play this4 star

I got the film for £3 in HMV so don't bother paying this much

JonnyJJBR23 - Brilliant5 star

I thought this was one of the best Sandler films, yet most people hated it. It seems that people on itunes have more sense. Well worth £6.99.

lovemore sibanda - great film5 star

great film buy

willyafro - Prounounce you chuck-ling and hil-larry-ous4 star


The Bodmiester - Fantastic film!4 star

This film has a good storyline and some great comedy and drama. Adam Sandler is a great actor. Shame this film is being priced to high by iTunes.

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5 star

♡; [ | comedia ] — ♡; ted vrs superbad: Ted. ♡; american pie vrs scary movie: Scary movie.…

5 star

@Clauddark Jaja eso sí. No puede faltar "I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry" con esa también reí bastante.

5 star

I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry: - New York City Fire Department - Life insurance - Civil union - Niagara Falls,…

5 star

@OddNMacabre The Waterboy. I now pronounce you Chuck and larry. East is East. Goodfellas.

5 star

@1FlyKunoichi: @ChibiGoddess7 @AdamSandler @DrewBarrymore @chrisrock @KevinJames Hmm 50 First Dates, Click, Sandy Wexler, Happy Gilmore…

5 star

@ChibiGoddess7 @AdamSandler @DrewBarrymore @chrisrock @KevinJames Hmm 50 First Dates, Click, Sandy Wexler, Happy Gi…

5 star

@samkarlin Well that's Parasite's fault for not being as good as I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry

5 star

@TigrilloTW La noticia es lucrar hasta q pudiste de tu imagen hetero y despues q te "estabilizas" economica% sales…

5 star

@maddiee_niicole Sounds like I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry 😂

5 star

@ThePodPMI please help settle this important argument. Which Jessica Biel is better...Summer Catch or I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry?

5 star

@MaxMcAdams @MyDadIsOld I now pronounce you chuck and larry but they're gay and trans and in love

5 star

@Heisenherr Honestly, I've always thought that you and I would attempt to bridge our two worlds with I NOW PRONOUNCE YOU CHUCK AND LARRY.

5 star

Me and Kevin are pulling a I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry if neither of us have girls by 30

5 star

@mattstasoff My fav response to “what’s gonna stop you from marrying your friends” was “wait, so you’re not marryin…

5 star

'I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry' has been removed from Netflix UK after about 6 months. #TooLate

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