Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Summary and Synopsis

Harry Potter's adventures continue... After a long summer with the horrid Dursleys, Harry Potter is thwarted in his attempts to board the train to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to begin his second year. Harry's only transportation option is a magical flying car, but, unfortunately, it crashes into a valuable (and clearly vexed) Whomping Willow. Still, all this seems like a day in the park compared to what awaits Harry that fall within the haunted halls of Hogwarts. Chilling, malevolent voices whisper from the walls only to Harry, and it seems certain that his classmate Draco Malfoy is out to get him. Soon it's not just Harry who is worried about survival, as dreadful things begin to happen at the school. The mysteriously gleaming foot-high words on the wall proclaim: "The Chamber of Secrets Has Been Opened. Enemies of the Heir, Beware." But what exactly does it all mean? Harry, Hermione, and Ron do everything that is wizardly possible--including risking their own lives--to solve this 50-year-old, potentially deadly mystery. Cars fly, trees fight back, and a mysterious house-elf comes to warn Harry Potter at the start of his second year at Hogwarts. Adventure and danger await when bloody writing on a wall announces: The Chamber Of Secrets Has Been Opened. To save Hogwarts will require all of Harry, Ron and Hermione’s magical abilities and courage. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Wiki

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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Movie (2013)

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Comments & Critics

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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Movie Reviews

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- Love5 star

Love it 😻😻😻😻😻

- Good movie5 star


- It’s A Darker, More Thrilling Sequel5 star

Injecting more darkness into the franchise, Chamber of Secrets serves as an improved follow up to its predecessor, anchored by a more serious storyline and better performances, but doesn’t abandon its delightful mood and fantastic production design. 8.5/10

- 😛5 star

Loved it so much! I highly recommend it if you want a amazing and fun movie!

- Bloody Hell !!!!!5 star

What a great movie. Even though there is bad CGI but it makes it feel authentic. And was I the only one that noticed Gandalf in a portrait in Dumbledoor’s office.

- Hp3 star

It scares me to death

- 0-stars.1 star

iTunes, my review is 0 stars! OK!?!? Why do I have to give it 1-star? That’s false information. I watched this at night once and you obviously know about falling asleep!!! Id rather a dog p**p on me than watch this 10 hours straight. What... what is this? Sorry!! But I can’t give it 1-star. iTunes, I’ll laugh when you say thanks for your feedback.

- The best movie ever5 star

I loved it so so much and it was so nice

- Best so far5 star

Best Harry Potter movie/book so far

- I have a Chamber of Serects5 star

The second harry potter is the best harry potter to date and very chilling and super good quest.

- Another good one4 star


- LOVE IT5 star

This movie was so good i keep rewatching it. It has some errors thoughbut over all a good movie especialy to kill time!😁

- So epic!!!!!!!!5 star

This movie is my favorite Harry Potter movie of all time! I like all the violence in this movie and all the other features!

- Harry Potter Fan 4 life5 star

I think he potter and the chamber of secrets is the best movie they have so many amazing characters like had Harry Potter and Hermione Granger and Ron Wesley I think everybody should like this movie because it's so great they have amazing people like Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson and Rupert Grint and thank you thank you.

- Again!3 star

Why do people love this series so much? As I say, the second movie is always better than the first, and that is true in this situation. But still not that great

- Makenna5 star

This movie is amazing!!!

- I loved it5 star

I like the movie so much I have to rate it in the comments. I GIVE THIS MOVIE A 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 OUT OF 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 Stars. Buy the movie, no matter what everyone else says. This movie has no problems if there is a problem it is with the device so just transfer the movie onto a different device it works trust me. Or you can pay a lot of money to get your device fixed but I wouldn’t because that is to expensive. But this movie is great so it would be worth it.

- The chamber of secrets5 star

I thought the movie was pretty good and they were a lot of funny parts you should watch it with a friend or family member

- Good5 star

Can you do it for free

- Not as good...2 star

The first one was fun and entertaining, but the second installment of Harry Potter is just really not as good as the first one. It kind of lost its spark it had in the first one. The only humor in the movie is the new defense against the dark arts teacher, and he’s not even that funny. Dumbuldor is still good, but it just didn’t really seem like anyone else cares to much. And don’t tell me I was the only one who saw camera men in the background multiple times throughout the movie! It doesn’t really have anything good to offer like the first one, even those ten minutes with Voldemort were just not very entertaining, and none of the actors really seemed like there cared. But Dobby totally saved this movie! Dobby, is THE BEST part of this movie! And Malafoy, is THE WORSE part of this movie! I give, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets; two and a half stars, and 48%

- Chamber of secrets4 star

It’s good

- Harry amazing5 star

O I love the harry potter movies. Great actores . I Washington the 8th movie world be a true movie not only the book!!!!!!!!

- Zach ARY o BENTLEY5 star



I love this book and Ginny is my fav! 5/5 movie I wish I could do 10/10 I would

- Great5 star

100 stars

- WowOWOWOW5 star


- I like Doritos5 star


- Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets5 star

It is so funny

- I loved it soo much 💖5 star

Super good

- This movie is great5 star

This is a great, exciting, entertaining, fun movie. Harry, Hermione, and Ron are are all of my favorite characters. I love all the magic in the movie. Hogwarts is a cool wizard school. I like the big snake at the end and it is one of my all time favorite movies ever.

- It will not play1 star

It want play

- Even better than the first one!!5 star

I thought the first one was already good enough but this one is actually better than the first one!!! 🤗🤗🤗

- Awesome!!!5 star

I always tried to ignore Harry Potter but after I went with my family to see fantastic beasts and where to find them I got in to it.

- Bought as part of bundle -- French/Spanish only1 star

Bough as part of a whole-set bundle from the US iTunes store. Viewed the movie a few times in English. Went to watch it yesterday with nephews and the only spoken languages available are French and Spanish. iTunes needs to fix the file so that English is available for folks who purchase it in the US iTunes store.

- Bundle3 star

What happened to the bundle deals smh this is crazy

- The sound is off1 star

I bought this movie and the sound doesn't match up. When they're talking the sound comes after they've already said it. I'm not happy about this and want it fixed.

- Review of download only1 star

Audio is completely messed up. Awesome movie but the download is crap! Fix this!

- Ughhh😡😡2 star

The words didn't match the movement of the mouths, the timing of it was off😡 it was really annoying to watch the movie and confusing

- I 💖 Harry Potter5 star

Loved the book! Go jk Rowling! 😀😀 I didn't think I'd like Harry Potter... So wrong!

- Lag1 star

Love the movie but there is a lag between the video and sound on Apple devices. Needs to be fixed.

- Another classic!5 star

Just like the first film, this film stays close to and captures the spirit of its source material. The intensity deepens as well, while still keeping to a spiritive classical feel.

- ok3 star

this ones okay but definitaly the worst and weakest

- Stupid tablet1 star

It didn't even work what kind of movie does that the book is awesome but this movie and it's stupid problem I wish I was dead because I could watch movies when I go to heaven

- Amazing5 star

Greatest movie ever

- Amazing5 star

Need I say more?

- Awesome5 star

This movie is great like all of the Harry Potter movies ginny is my favorite character and I like to see her in her first year. ☺️

- Give me back my money1 star

I bought this and now I can't watch it

- The number 1 fan!!!!!5 star

The best movies in the entire world!!!!👍👍👍👍 I love all the movies of Harry Potter they're the best. Why did the have to end in the 8 movie!!! Make more of them they are one of the best movies I've ever seen in my life!!!

- YES!5 star

One of my favs when it comes to the HP movies

- IM SO SORRY DOBBY!!!5 star

I love this movie but after seeing 7 I don't know, it was a sad death of a good character! (Sorry for the spoiler)

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displayed next toany - yesterday and5 star


comapa00 - Love it5 star

Hot that’s all I can say. Why would you make the bad guy so HOT

elyse displayed - Harry Potter5 star

Congratulations on your new show today how that go well today how’s your day going well today did you have fun today with your friends doing today and I just wanted to say about you and everything that you’re doing today right now and I am still in my room now Thank you for very much time bye for now love Adele

I watch unspeakable videos - I love it5 star

It’s really good. The basilisk pretty cool. Also, the end is super emotional. Overall, I would rate it a 10 out of 10

Jmanmatheson - Too much magic jeez2 star

Needs to be more realistic

Rhinolegend13 - Harry Potter5 star


beheickbd - Awesome5 star

I love all the Harry Potter movies but my favorite is this one

2015Nintendo - iTunes added Extended Edition5 star

iTunes recently added Extended Edition to Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secret’s. 👌

Server time - I love it5 star

It was amazing keep it up guys 👍👍

Roxymini22 - Best movie ever!!!!5 star

Just go and watch it, don't read the comments.

Do re mi fa sososo - Fantastic5 star

I absolutely love this movie and will never get sick of it

dfgdrgdrgr - Best one out them all5 star

I love all the Harry Potter movies but this one has to be the top best one ever made i tent to watch this one the most out of them all I it's always the same its it always feels like a mystery a feeling I can't explain but I love the feeling I get when watching this one so I got this on iTunes & it gives me shivers when Snape talks

Harrypotlove - How3 star

I tried clicking buy but it wouldn't work

Hpfan122 - Harry potter5 star

I love this movie and also the book but I can't buy this it has no price or anything help please but overall 5/5

Brains12345432 - Thats it????2 star

ok im a big hp fan but i am not happy with this movie! idk way it is that i hate but i don't like the plot of the book either sooo….. ur choice if u want to buy it but i wouldn't recommend it

Kamerick - Awsome5 star

Best movie ever, I've seen almost every Harry potter movie and this is my favourite one. I wached it once then wanted to see it again right away.Expelliarmus!

Sabrina Caron - Ok3 star

I didn't love it but it was okay.

Anthrax746 - X1 star


snape112 - PRICES?4 star

Can someone please tell me what happened to the prices of these being $4.99 now there $9.99 ?!??!? WHAT ? PLEASE PUT THEM BACK TO $4.99, I was just about to buy 2

Harry Potter Lover for life!!! - :)5 star

All I need to say is buy this movie you will love every minute of it!

Dhrtjjt - It rocks5 star

It's the best movie ever

allianna - wow.5 star

i thought this movie was the most dramatic and freekiest (if anything) of all the movies now. i haven't seen it for a few months but thats what i remember and i loved it, even though i HATE scarry movie type things.

Chidori123 - It's awesome!5 star

I personally think it was the best movie in the series.Serpensortia!

dMaddoxx - Great movie!5 star

It is very similar to the book and it is funny to watch. Buy it!

Rosanquette100 - Wonderful adaptation5 star

Lucius Malfoy is the best part of this movie, in my opinion. Jason Isaacs does a flawless job of impersonating Lucius' cold heart, cruel mind, and strict parental guidance. It's because of him that Lucius has become such a great character for me. Humour is at it's best with Moaning Myrtle, Hagrid, and the sadistic (yet adorable) Draco Malfoy. Of course Ron's fear of spiders acts as great comediac relief, and Professor Lockhart is hilariously aggravating.

charmy3 - Good job5 star

I love these movies! Fantastic

carnut01 - B+4 star

It was definitly scary but on the level of the 7 book

[email protected] - Truly Amazing5 star

I've seen each of the six movies so far, and this is my favourite. Truly amazing

Kiki315 - Gréât movie5 star

My favourite harry potter movie!!!!!!

ABroad93 - awesome5 star

the chamber of the secrets is a good movie is a good movie. from my point of view i would say that this is the best Harry Potter yet... it has a good keep to the book, and the acting is really good. the special effects are incredible too. when harry, ron, and hermione change into crab, goyle, and the cat the effects are amazing, when showing what happens. i hope that the next two Harry Potter's are gonna be good. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is gonna be an incredible movie because the book was just breathtaking. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows *Hallows*?? can't remember which one is also gonna be amazing. if you haven't read the books i gurenty that they are simply amazing you will flippin love it. i have read the books over and over again. let me say again five out of five 5/5

VoLcoom . - WOW!5 star

Comme d'habitude, EXCELLENT!

AudreySThomas - The Best Harry Potter Movie so far.5 star

This is the best Harry Potter movie. The only one that seems to have all the elements from the book. Seriously this one is reallly good.

Piano lover😀 - Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets5 star

Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets is a wonderful movie/book. It gives kids the imagination of what a secret can amber would look like. The ideas are out of this world.it really is a work of art

bananaman696 - VERY GOOOOOD3 star

I really liked the movie GOOD JOB it was very scary at a fun movie to watch with your friends and Family:)

callan.09 - Cool5 star

So good I love it

Toranacin - Amazing5 star

So good that I want a wand

Macglu - Best Movie Out of The Series5 star

This is definitely the best movie out of the whole series - it was funny, a bit scary and a great story. It isn't a bad price either - $8.00 is totally worth it BUT it's a shame that they iTunes doesn't sell it in blu-ray. Don't bother renting it - it's a waste of money, you'll want to watch the movie again and you only get the movie for 48hrs after you've bought it. And like all movies, read the book. And don't call yourself a fan if you haven't read the movies PLEASE. Off topic but potter more officially has opened and IM IN GRYFFINDOR Oooh Yeaah!

singarhadga - Awsome5 star

Best of the Harry potter serie

Ebony Donovan - Awesome dude 😃5 star

Chamber of secrets is my favourite book so far but I haven't seen the movie yet. Hoping 2 c it soon As I said before I haven't seen the movie yet so I only rated the book

Simon 11 HP 7 - Fav Film5 star


Snowyjc - Amazing5 star

This is truly the best movie phenomena in the world. In this final episode, Harry (Radcliffe), Hermione (Emma Watson) and Ron (Rupert Grint) continue their battle to find and destroy the "horcruxes" that Voldemort needs so he can stay alive for all eternity. Tom Felton, aka Draco Malfoy, shows a stunning performance, and he is truly one of the best new actors alive. Alan Rickman performance in this movie should give him an award. I don't think anyone did not cry at the end of such a movie franchise. It is worth the money, just think of all the work that has gone into making such an amazing movie/s. What are you doing at the bottom is this review, shoo, go buy it, quick!!! :)

Aftermath010 - Actually no, he should not have died5 star

-SPOILER- For the reviewer who thought Harry (who is a Horcrux) was suppose to die because he got stabbed with the basilisk fang is wrong. He WAS going to die, but the phoenix saved him by crying on the wound. 'Phoenix tears have healing powers' is what Dumbledore said, so it saves Harry.

mathewdv999 - AWSOME5 star


Black2222dog - Harry should have died5 star

Shouldn't harry have died. Because he is a horcrux he got stabbed by basilisk fang which kills horcruxes.

carlaa7 - I LOVE HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!5 star

J. K. Rowling you are a genius!!!!!! Yes everyone with the money should get this but unfortuantly the prices have gone up!,,, it used to be $12.99 which is annoying...nevermind and for the person who comments about this tiny little bit out of a fantastic series and then says thats just pure genius, the WHOLE series is pure genius!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just saying

Andrea Sturgeon - its AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!5 star

i thought it was great. it was so freaky and creepy. very dark and it was AWSOME when the giant snake comes.IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ::::::::::))))))))))

HP Watcher - HP 25 star

The whole Harry Potter series are my favorite movies This one is the best

SarahMay098 - Awesome!4 star

I have seen it so many times! It is one of my all time fav's!

Jxhdidhxhsiodkslbrbebbwnenny - errrrrrrrrrrrrr5 star

im a massive hp fan.Dou guys think i should get most of the harry potter movies if i only have 8 giga bightes!?

Twilightsagalover99 - Best one5 star

This is such a fun film to watch!!!! If you want to get your adrenaline going, this is a GREAT film for it!!! But the fifth one was TINY bit better

fizzingwhizzbee - Magic on film5 star

I love all the Harry Potter movies. The Prizoner of Azkaban is probably my favourite film. The Deathly Hallows would probably be my favourite book. I think the casting has been done fantastically well. I can't imagine how they could have done it better. It's a shame Richard Harris passed away and a new Dumbledore had to be found for the movies that follow this one. The storyline is fantastic and manages to capture most of the details from the book. Some details vary from the book slightly e.g. Professor Binns is the teacher who explains the legend of the Chamber of Secrets whereas in the film it is Professor McGonagall, etc, but for the most part the storyline itself runs true to the book. As is normally the case when books go to film, not everything can be included but I think they have done a wonderful job getting as much detail as they have into this film and the rest. Sir Nicholas' Deathday Party would have been interesting had it been included in this film. Regardless, this is one part of a wonderful story that I absolutely love. I have never been much of a reader in my life but the Harry Potter books have got me hooked on the sci-fi/fantasy genre in both books and film. I can't recommend the Harry Potter movies (and books) highly enough.

Arki101 - Favorite5 star

This is my favourite Harry Potter movie although my fav book is the deathly hallow but I still love the movie with the basilisk and the diary being a horxcrust but Harry not knowing just a fabulous movie but the book is a lot funnyer because Harry has just come back to the durslys knowing all these spells but not being abal to use them but still saying nonsense words under his breath (in the book). I cracked up laughing but what's with riddle because he was the one who got hagrid expeled from hogwarts. I really think I know to much about the books/movies SPOILER ALERT But still my favoutie part in all the books and movies is in the deathly hallows is when harry gets hit with the killing curse and then survives and acts dead to get back up to the castle. That is just pure genuse. Well done to j.k roiling well done

Great movie and book series - I love this movie!!!!!5 star

This is a wonderful movie!!!!!!!!!!

Elounew - Fave5 star

This was my favourite movie in the series till I saw the half blood prince. It's great bcoz it's still magical. The others have magic but it's not the same.

*MaL_13* - love this5 star

This is my favourite movie in the Harry Potter series! I love it SO much!

Ummmm....... - Harry Potter5 star

This is the BEST!!! Harry Potter Movie because it has a big MYSTERY Buy this Movie now it is the BEST!!!

MikhaelFam - Andrew5 star

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is one of the best movies I've ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AngieLotus - Great movie but where the hell is the first one?5 star

The early movies don't have the technical aspects of the later ones but are still great. iTunes, where the hell is the first movie?

Louisa Ellis - the worst of all the harry potter movies!!!3 star

this movie is ok but compared to the other ones its not as good. the affects are really crappy and you can tell that theyre fake. but you should still watch it. just dont buy it.. lol im the first person to write a review!!! yay

peedoff.com - Mistake1 star

My son ordered this by mistake not watched and tried cancelling it wouldn’t let me not happy at all

6275 - Fantastic 👏5 star

Hooray the Extended Cut has finally been added as an iTunes Extra.👏👏

JohnHughes72 - Extended edition added5 star

After spending just over a month working with Apple on the missing cut of the film, I'm happy to report that iTunes have now added the Extended cut here. Thank you for all your help with this Apple

liayina - Epic5 star

It is amazing it changed my life in many different ways

IT45. - Where is the Extended Version That It says is on the Extras??1 star

Where is the Extended Version That It says is on the Extras?? Please Put The Extended Version On Thank You 🙂👍🏻

Solera66 - Love the entire series!5 star

Definitely recommend to anyone who is over 9 years old!! Ditto, it is one of my favourite movies

Harrypotterluver🤘🏼 - No faults4 star

Hi❤️ thanks for reading my comment. So I am pretty much the massivest HP fan out there, and I am very pedantic about this sort of thing, but I couldn't find any fault at all with this, except for the price- could be lower!! So thanks a lot for the effort🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼❤️❤️

zac o boy - Great5 star

Sheer magic, a magical masterpiece.

Narnia's classical muse - Potter's Back4 star

Like you, I'm sick of seeing reviews that just aren't reviews for films. People asking questions on the review column or just saying "it's good!". I'm hoping this will be a thorough review for you, and that you find it helpful. In contrast to the book, this is one bad representation of it. But that doesn't make the film bad. Like all good films based on books, we must emphasise that beautiful word "based". The film lacked that little bit of foundation, in my opinion, when it came to accusations against Harry being the Hier of Slytherin. It's important to note that in the book, the person Harry is stopping the snake from attacking is a boy called Justin, who continues to spread rumours that Harry is out to get him. Then, Harry is found at the scene of the crime when Justin is petrified. You see my point? It's far more in depth. But it's BASED. This doesn't make the film any less enjoyable in any sense whatsoever. The director skimmed over this point because it would be boring and sometimes you have to make tough desicions and cut over quality scenes. The acting isn't great, in places, it becomes childlike and a bit flat. I noticed this on the bit when Harry is confronting Dobby and asking him to keep quiet. But let's cut Radcliffe a break, shall we? He's 11/12 when doing this and most kids that age are bad actors anyway. So don't get head-over-heels about how he raised his eyebrows a little too much in shock. Radcliffe uses his voice very well during this film, and this makes him a far more in depth character: it makes up for any physical flaws. Emma Watson uses her acting skills brilliantly, but like I said before, they are young. It's hard to describe how hard it is to act when you're a kid, if you've ever tried lying to your parents at that age, you'll know. Older actors potray their characters with sleek bliss. Maggic Smith, Robbie Coltrane and Richard Harris deserve awards. The portrayal of each character is thought out, well done, and I can never see the person under the character (having studied Drama for five years, I'd know). The CGI (Computer Generated Image(s)) are very good for its time. These days we've got such good CGI that you can't tell if it's real or not. The way Dobby moves, his textures and his voicing is all very well done. I'd give it 5 stars if it wasn't for the acting, but hey, we'll at least let it slide a little. This film isn't worth the money unless your a crazed potter fan, by which I say "Go forth!" but if your just looking for a film to watch one saturday night, don't go for this. Not unless you're with the kids, because most kids love this film for the magic, mystery and brillant CGI!

Pigso - Best ever5 star

Great film lots of fun great just great Dobby is hilarious but well he is owned by you know what I won't say watch the film to find out it is my fave best Harry potter ever.

Jimmygee999 - Magical5 star

This Harry Potter is very good. They have introduced a house elf, called Dobby, and the plot is still solid. They have involved everything like the quiddich match, the snakes, the wand action and more! I very much recommend this film.

Duncinatot1997 - Harry Potter spells4 star

A good film however a bit expensive for a 2002 film

Ollie Pajak - Year 24 star

Cool film it all builds up to the basilisk darker than first one scarier and more mysterious good acting as well. Only problem the movie has a ridiculously overlong run time of 2 hours 40 minutes!! Great film though

Howdo82 - Apple Rip Off1 star

I find after years of being a loyal apple customer, they seem to have taken advantage of our custom by charging higher prices for music, films, books etc as they now have us trapped purchasing through them! It's disgusting that a company can entrap its customers to the point that most people are unaware until they look further afield and see that they are being completely ripped off by a company obviously set on world domination.

Antony Hovanessian - Harry Potter by Ollie5 star

How do you rent it? But it is a good movie. Though it could be better.

harrypotterdobby - Can you buy?3 star

It says you can only rent it but how do you buy it? Its still a really great film though

Doctor doots - Good4 star

By far better than the first, better acting, better story and a good Christopher Columbus movie. OMG.......

Jazzy099 - Brill5 star

Brill film not scary at all !!!! Xx

Hp1-2-3-4-5-6-7-7.5 - This is the scaryest5 star

Harry is suspected to have opened the chamber of secrets and is suspected to be attacking muggle borns. Hermionie has been petrified and harry is determind to find out who has been opening the chamber of secrets

Fiskers1 - Amazing5 star

A great addition to the biggest story of a lifetime. A brilliant sequel and an excellent buy for families. I would highly recommend the books as well.

magnificent and entrancing - Elaborate world and utterly amazzing!5 star

I love this movie! It is magnificent and twistful! The Golden Compass is as enjoyable and brilliant as this too! The books are better though! Brilliant, extroadinary and rare!!!! Bewitching!!!!!!! Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This Phenomenally epically enthrallingly magnificent tale gets better and better! Harry Potter is actually the biggest franchise in the entire world! brill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pipsqeauk - Chamber of secrets5 star

The chamber of secrets has been opened again muggle borns have been petrified who's done it? Great film the book is great fantastic

Luke wellard - The good bit was when mony mertle said you5 star


Nukemori - Dobby Big Eyes5 star

A darker turn for our favorite boy wizard with new characters Dobby the house elf,Gilderoy Lockhart the flamboyant new Defence against the dark arts teacher,Draco Malfoy's calculating father and a reappearence by You-Know-Who.For those who don't know what i'm talking about(of course you do!!!)do yourself a favour and read the book.If you loved the first,you'll love this!

VPSVALETING - Can't play on phone2 star

I downloaded this to put on my iPhone. I downloaded it on my laptop synced it to my phone and 2 min latr no to be seen. This is actually a complaint no t a review

<3LadyGaGa<3 - brilliant film5 star

I love this film- Dobby just makes you go awww. Harry is slightly more grown up in this film and he faces a lot of challenges. Ron steals the show for me with his funny facial expressions and sayings, plus the flying car is class! More of a mystery like cluedo thing then action and fighting, though its far from boring and keeps you laughing. The actors did a really great job and RIP the brilliant Richard Harris

George4422 - Kayla5 star

I think that everybody should watch this film. It is amazing!

Wardeyyyy - All Harry potter movies5 star

There are amazing and I would recommend it to everyone

Hoss.Cartwright - I love it5 star

Harry potter and the chamber of secrets is so fantastic i love it.I have all ready read it I want to read it again.i'm trying to get my dad to read it but if he isn't I'll do it myself.

davyboy100 - Not for rent???? Wh?!5 star

Why is this the only one not available to rent? very annoying.

p1lat3sm1k3 - Entertaining but...3 star

My 7 year old really enjoyed it. I found the child acting made it almost unwatchable, but I'm told they get better with successive films.

Dyl.a - Hp5 star

Cracking film

Ngfbf - Ace!5 star

Harry potter is my favorite film ever and out of the series this film is the BEST!!!!!

Juliaxsimonsxx - Lover harry potter5 star

HP nerd 8-) xx

XlaurenXblinkme - Gr2 star

Lord of rings copy

jackbuckleydj - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets5 star

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is one of my favourite Harry Potter films. It is the second film in the series and a lot of things happen in it. It is Harry’s second year at Hogwarts, and before he is even in the school he is warned not to return their by Dobby, a house elf. Dobby had stole Harry’s letters that he would have been receiving from his newest best friends, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley. But Harry would do what anyone would do when he has found somewhere he belongs and ignores the warnings. His Uncle Vernon has locked Harry in his room, but it is not for long when Ron shows up with his older twin brothers, Fred and George, in the flying car. They help Harry out of Privet Drive and take him back to the burrow, where Ron lives. On their way to platform 9 ¾, the passage has been sealed and they cannot get through. So Ron and Harry have an idea that to take flying car, and drive it to Hogwarts School, only to be seen by muggles in the process. When they get to Hogwarts their troubles don’t stop and they are attacked by the Whomping Willow, nearly getting expelled from Hogwarts. And also, a new danger progresses as the Heir of Slytherin has come back to the school, to open the Chamber of Secrets. The first suspect for the heir is Draco Malfoy, but suspicion soon falls onto Harry when half the school hears him speak parseltongue (snake language). And Harry has started hearing voices in the walls, and is something that only he can hear. If you liked the first Harry Potter film then you will definitely love this one. You can buy this and the whole collection (Year’s 1 - 5) for £14.99 from www.hmv.co.uk. (checked 8/8/09) Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets gets 10/10 from me. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is OUT NOW in cinemas!

Rikki 2kI0 - There acting gets worse!!4 star

This film is ok... Better than some of the others! But does anyone agree that Daniel radclifes acting gets worse as the films go on??! Ron, and herminey tho are still alrite! Hope the nxt film is better!!

faeriewillow - excellent5 star

these films are the reason i bought my ipod, I love them, (yep i probably need to get out more!) please i tunes can you put the rest of them on, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASExxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

PottyPotter - Not as dark as the later ones5 star

This movie is great, it is great for younger children but there isn't as much action as the later ones so maybe not the favourite of people who like action.

rucy - alright3 star

i fought it was a bit rubbish realy, it told none of the real story at all

CSI Browne - Chamber Of Secrets5 star

Harry Potter and the Chamber Of Secrets is one of my favourite Harry Potter films. It is the second film in the series and alot of things happen in it. It is Harry's Second year at Hogwarts, and before he is even in school he is warned not to return their by Dobby, a house elf. Dobby had stole Harry's letters that he would of been recieveing from his newest best friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley. But Harry would do what anyone would do when he has found somewhere he belongs and ignores the warnings. His uncle Vernon has locked Harry in his room, but it is not for long when Ron shows up with his older twin brothers Fred and George, in the flying car. They help Harry out of Privite Drive and take him bak to the burrow. On their way to platform 9 3/4, the passage has been sealed and they cannot get through. So Ron takes the flying car and drives it to Hogwarts school only to be seen by muggles in the process. When they get to hogwarts their troubles don't stop and they are attacked by the whomping willow, nearly expelled from hogwarts and a new danger progresses as the Heir of Slytherin has come back to open the Chamber Of Secrets. The first suspect for the heir is Draco Malfoy, but suspicion soon falls onto Harry when the whole school hears him speak parseltongue (snake language). And Harry has started hearing voices in the walls of the school, but only he can hear them. If you liked the first film then you will definitely love this on. You can buy this for £5 from tesco or you can buy the whole collection Year 1 - 5 for £17.99 from hmv.co.uk. (checked 22/7/08) Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets gets 10/10. Harry Potter and the Half Blooded Prince should be at cinemas on 21/11/08.

AirBNB 🎁10 star

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Draco is cute - Best movie ever4 star

This is the best movie ever you all did a really good job in this movie it was the best one so far. P.S. I think Draco is cute!❤

Violet 503 - Great!4 star

It was great.

Mikey the Lizard - Scary, interesting, awesome5 star

The scary part... Almost the whole school was attacked and no protection. The interesting part... It had lots of riddles and mysteries and you technically have to watch the other movies to understand this one better. The awesome part... It introduced Tom Riddle, Cornelious Fudge, Ginny Weasly, Arthur Weasley, Dobby and other characters. My favorite part was the way Harry killed the Basilisk (giant snake)

ZeKeef13 - Complete Collection Bundle5 star

I wish that this was in place of the extended version in the bundle. Myself and others would buy the bundle then. Even at same price. Please make this happen.

Star Wars 1111 - Really cool movie5 star

I really like the movie but I like the others better

Syfy watcher 007 - Great5 star

The first two movies are the best. This is amazing

Singer9378 - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets5 star

Best series EVER! Watch the series! And read the books!

Ohed21 - Wow1 star

I watched the trailer but the price is too high

I heart Justice - Put all the movies on!!5 star

Please Itunes! Please put the rest of the movies on!!!

Robert Stoler - Sorcerer's stone?4 star

I <3 this movie but where is the first one?!

DanRice92 - Love this movie, but...1 star

It's kind of hard to enjoy a fantastic eight-movie series without the first, seventh, and eighth available! Apple, if you can make Sorcerer's Stone and the two Deathly Hallows movies available on iTunes, I'll be the first to buy them all!

Joniaboudara - Shark5 star


Holboz - Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!5 star


Super239 - Omg!!!5 star

LOVED the movie so much!! Harry, Ron, and Hermione are so young and cute! Movie was super awesome!!!!!!!!!😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

Windy days are bad - I love it5 star

The book was awesome and the movie was just as good.

bigmammy - #385 star

My favorite Harry potter movie ever#2.

ShuffDaddy13 - This is super good!!!5 star

I love this movie!!! I saw the first one and it was great!!!! Love Harry Potter!!!

crossfit junkie - IT5 star

is so awesome! i love the end of it.

Harpoharpo - Best5 star

Best movie ever

1234568hello - ?5 star

Is this the second one?

Dabomb$123 - The Bascalist, Tom Riddle, and Harry5 star

Love this movie it's epic it's got a great mystery and magic

mermaid97 - My fave hp movie/book:D5 star

I watched this around 50 times in 2nd grade and would create my own polyjuice potion in a bowl with candy.. this movie always reminds me of those care free days of childhood. Anyone could like this movie young or old this is a must have and the best hp movie! Don't get this filthy muggles and i assure you the dark lord will kill you all!

10 Suns - Captivating!4 star

The second Harry Potter film definitley met the expectations of the fans, and believe me when I say snakes are awesome!

Potterhead74 - Bloody brilliant5 star

I love everything about it!! The plot is fantastic, the acting is wicked, and the special effects/sets are extraordinary!!

Alien1002 - Ok3 star

Not much seemed to change from the first one really. Over all fun but not the best

Place Title Here... - HP & The Chamber of Secrets5 star

I love this movie!! It's my 2nd favorite behind Deathly Hallows part 2 :) it went almost word for word from the book. my favorites go in this order: 1. Deathly Hallows part 2 2. Chamber of Secrets 3. Prisoner of Azkaban 4. Goblet of Fire 5. Sorcerers Stone 6. Deathly Hallows part 1 7. Order of the Phoenix 8. Half Blood Prince (worst one)

Spongebobfan2222 - Nice3 star

This is my 6th favorite Harry Potter movie, Behind Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azakaban, Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince, Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2, Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1 and Harry Potter And The Soccrer's Stone! I rate it a 74% percent and a 3.6 out of 5!

Feyad - Masterpiece5 star

Superb movie

Bbbbbvrrcedhwdgjj - Disappointing3 star

I am a huge Harry potter fan, but this one was the worst of all of them.

Teenwolf21 - aww the second 1!5 star

I'm gonna miss this series, there's never going to be anything like Harry potter;(

Swordsfam - Luv HP!!!5 star

I saw half of this last year on Disney Channel and I was soooooooooooo obsessed and then I watched the rest on iTunes!!! I luv it soioooooooooo much!! -MKSPEACE

wildman88 - Great5 star

Awesome .

Kloklo12345 - HP ROCKS5 star


swan baby - my favorite5 star

I love the freshness of the concept and the innocence. I prefer young Harry and crew and it's more suitable for kids. older Harry gets downright scary. if you're just starting out, start with the beginning and go in order. have fun.

Fihhhhgggggghffghhhh - Harry potter5 star

This is the best movie ever.

Soccer999 - Love*5 star

I remember asking my dad if I could watch the Harry potter movies and he told me no that they weren't for girls... It made me so mad but now I rent them here and he doesn't even know I'm a fan.

DrwcMichel - Awesome5 star


Jojohershey - The best by far5 star

This movie is my favorite of all the films just because it has an amazing storyline and is suspenseful where the protagonist seem to be in real danger unlike the other movies where the fight scenes aren't as dramatic. This movie has a presence to it that fascinates me and the acting is by far the best.

ninja_warrior - Dobby!!!!!5 star

My two favorite things: Dobby and magic :)

Molley Misty - Gajer here's help5 star

Good movie.... Gajer Download to ur computer then onto ur ipod

Carlos Cruz - If It Won't Download...5 star

If it doesn't load, try deleting apps or any thing u don't need to make more byte space.

amanda simpson - Chamber of Awesome!5 star

One of my favorite movies of all time! Great job, I'm a Harry Potter fan for life!

Brandon Lebron - Amazing5 star

An amazing sequel and the effects, plot, acting, humor were amazing! Dobby was so cute and it's just perfect.

Fireise88 - I HATE IT5 star

Hahaha i lov it!!!!!!!!!!!

Ryan877 - Ryan54345 star

This movie is great and I got it for $5.00!!!! It's one of my favorite movies and it's worth every penny.

Pro app chooser - AWESOME5 star

Go Emma!!

MLostie - Scene missing5 star

Why is a huge portion of the Knockturn Alley scene missing from the iTunes version of this rental?? The scene in the Knockturn store where Harry hides in the iron maiden and Lucious and Draco come in the store and interact w/ the storekeeper is completely missing from this rental. ?????

Gleekarookazoo - Uh5 star

Haha his voice changed

eor104 - Harry potter rules5 star

This movie rocks!!!!!!!TTYL$

Samantha Wilk - I heart Emma Watson5 star

Emma Watson Rocks! You two Bonnie!

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Images & Pictures

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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets movie images
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets movie images
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets movie images
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets movie images
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets movie images
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets movie images
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets movie images
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets movie images
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets movie images
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets movie images
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets movie images
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets movie images

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Posters

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets movie posters
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets movie posters
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets movie posters
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets movie posters
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets movie posters
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets movie posters
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