Independence Day

Independence Day Summary and Synopsis

On July 2nd, communications systems worldwide are sent into chaos by a strange atmospheric interference. First thought to be meteors, they are later revealed to be gigantic spacecraft, piloted by a mysterious alien species who have set out to launch an attack throughout the globe. On July 3rd, the aliens all but obliterate New York, Los Angeles, and Washington when a band of survivors devise a plan to fight back against the enslaving aliens. On July 4th, humanity fights for its freedom. On July 2, a giant alien mothership enters orbit around Earth and deploys several dozen saucer-shaped 'destroyer' spacecraft that quickly lay waste to major cities around the planet. On July 3, the United States conducts a coordinated counterattack that fails. On July 4, a plan is devised to gain access to the interior of the alien mothership in space, in order to plant a nuclear missile. Independence Day Wiki

Independence Day Movie Trailer

Earth. Take a good look. It might be your last...

Independence Day (1996)

Independence Day Comments & Critics

Independence Day Movie Reviews

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- Happy Fourth of July!5 star

Independence Day isn't just about the end of the world while aliens destroy earth it's more about the heroes who deatroyed this monsters that came from the depts of space is it a good movie? yes it's action packed and it has Will Smith in it. Just what you needed in a Sci-Fi disaster film.

- Fantastic!!!💯5 star

Thoroughly entertaining!!!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

- My Favorite Movie of All Time5 star

This is a classic.

- Epic, one for a generation5 star

Good really good

- LOVED IT5 star

Independence Day ID4 20th anniversary edition was the best, marking for 20 years in the making w/ newly restored picture of movie and the extended edition shows everything.

- OK4 star

I really liked this movie. Solidly sets Bill Pullman up as a great actor. Nevertheless, Randy Quaid as a spokesman for my generation? Really?? Anyway, let's hope when the real aliens show up they are still using Microsoft Office.

- I ❤️ this movie5 star

This movie was so good! Shoutout to Will Smith, Margaret Colin, Mary McDonell, Vivica A. Fox, Jeff Goldblum, and Bill Pullman! They're acting was outstanding, they're emotions felt real....all together this was just an awesome movie 👏🎬🎥

- Awesome & Inspirational5 star

We will rise up! today is our Independence Day! I watch this every 4th it lifts my spirit and makes me proud to be American

- It makes you think whether we are alone in the universe or not.4 star

Do you think we are all alone in the universe? I truly don't think so based on scientific and religious reasons, but I will not entertain you with my beliefs. Anyways, I think Independence Day is one of those classic science fiction films that everyone has to watch at least once in their life. Why? Well, I think this film will make you think about your existence on Earth and this by itself should change how you live on a daily basis. This is what I think is the powerful message behind this suspenseful action film starring Will Smith in the lead role.

- Alright3 star

This movie was alright. I am a Will Smith fan so thought it would be good. Not too good. It had some good parts but overall it was great. It is a long movie and pretty slow moving. Too slow for me.

- A Classic5 star

Love this movie

- Amazing Movie5 star

I have often heard of how great this movie was, but I misunderstood what it was about, so I never bothered to watch it. Boy, was I missing out. I finally decided to watch it to see what all the hype was about, and it is a truly amazing movie that hit me in all the right ways. Sure, there are the classic tropes like the "Virus Uploading" progress bar and then bringing the skull and crossbones on the screen, but it's just a good movie with believable characters portrayed by great actors, many of which went on to get even better. I have not been this satisfied with a movie in a long time. On top of just being a brilliant movie, it fits in with all of my favorite subjects. It's just so good.

- Lol Rotten Tomatos5 star

You so stupid rotten

- A Timeless Classic5 star

This movie is what a summer blockbuster should be. Adventure, romance, humor, action, and more. The story is good and the special effects actually add to and don't detract from the story. If only movies today could recapture what ID4 did back in '96. Relive the awesomeness and get this movie for your collection today!

- Maybe3 star

Maybe it could happen, but Will Smith? Quaid would most likely be squatting in a house.

- A decent Sci-Fi movie4 star

This movie is not good but not horrible it's more of a popcorn movie. It's a movie for everyone to enjoy. Even though it has some Star Wars effects but what do you expect in a Sci-Fi movie, but overall it's a perfect movie in my opinion and I give it a 7 out of 10.

- Decent3 star

The special effects are still good even by today's standards but what kills the movie for me are the gigantic plot holes.

- 2K165 star

I watched it and I realized the second installment was coming out

- Independence Day : AWESOME5 star

Despite the panning of critics, this science-fiction film is a MASTERPIECE, with a well written screenplay, Academy Award winning special effects, and an iconic cast , with a blend of unique characters. this is definitely one of the best science-fiction/action/adventure films of all time!!

- At first I didn’t like it...4 star

But the whole final battle between the humans and the aliens completely made up for the beginning! That, and the interaction with some of the characters. The visuals are great for back then. I recommend this movie.

- Is bettet now that when it released5 star

Too much hype when it first screened and expectations were huge. Watch it again, is better than you remeber.

- Are you kidding!?!?!?1 star

This has to be one of the worst movies I have ever seen in my entire life, there are B-rated films much better than this Hollywood sap. No wonder Randy Quaid is in hiding.

- Classic5 star

Still one of the best movies till this day!

- one of my favorite movies ever!5 star

i used to be able to picture the movie scenes in my head simply by listening to the soundtrack.. thats how many times ive seen this movie.

- Independence Day1 star

Terrible movie

- Great at that time...1 star

Now I wouldnt watch it again even if I got paid.

- An Uncompromising Entertainment3 star

I first saw this movie at the theatres when it was released, in 1996. Seeing it again a few days ago, I realized how bad the special F/X of this movie aged! Some of them were obvious miniatures, some green chroma-key you could clearly see it, and some poor CGI. Besides, it rely heavily on stereotype characters: a powerful white man in charge (President of the USA, of course), a helpless Latino young guy, the big brain Jew who cracks alien codes (yeah, sure) and a black man who wants to be a hero. Please, c’mon!… Overall, an amusing movie.

- seriously?5 star

15 bucks for a 20 year old movie? seriously...?

- True definition of a blockbuster4 star

Whenever you see footage of the White House exploding, you don't have to fear, they're probably just showing a scene from Independence day. First of all, it's pretty much the Will Smith show, That is certainly not a negative, he steals the show and pretty much plays The Fresh Prince of Bel Air if he had to save the world from aliens. This was the film that made him a super-super star. After this, he's been in box office hit after box office hit, Whether all of them are good or not is of course a matter of opinion (cough cough, Wild Wild West, cough cough). Jeff Goldblum's in the movie, everytime Jeff Goldblum is in a movie you know he's gonna be great. Everttime you hear his voice, you know it's him right away. Goldblum for President, I'm calling it right now. Goldblum 2016. As for the action, it's so cool. Not only is it when the White House explodes, which is one of the coolest scenes ever in a movie. Some of the special effects feel a bit dated and makes it feel like it's from 1996. But you forget that quickly because you're on a true rollercoaster ride of a movie from beginning to end.

- It's alright.3 star

Great action, but it's so hokey and cliched.

- Pure awesome5 star

Great action, great special effects, great plot, great cast, great acting. A vastly entertaining must-see!

- I can buy it5 star

It's 9.99$

- One of Those5 star

There are a few movies out there that I will put on when I am trying to do busy work around the house or just want to relax. You can't put on a movie you have never seen before and do housework, you miss things. These types of movies you watch/listen to over and over again because they are good and never get tiring. The Fifth Element is another along with any of the Bourne's and Mission Impossible movies. Don't forget Indiana Jones and........

- One of my favorite movies of all time5 star

This movie stands up to the test of time and still looks great even almost 10 years later! Easily one of my favorite movies and should defiantly be watched if you haven't seen it before… And even if you have for that matter! 5 Stars

- One of the Best!!!!5 star

Really good!! An all time classic!!

- 2013 and still GREAT5 star

Two words- PER FECT! 5 years up and running and it's still an amazing film!

- Great movie!5 star

This is one of my favorite movies

- Decent4 star

Will Smith's best film, which isn't saying a whole lot. Good movie, though.

- Starts out great but falls apart later3 star

This movie coulda been epically good but falls short. Movie starts out really well and the first half of the movie is very entertaining and then Will Smith knocks out a Alien with one punch then turns his back to the Alien saying one of the dumbest lines in movie history, "Now that's what I call a close encounter" Really? So you punched what ends up being the shell of the Alien knocking it out for about 5 hours or so while you drag it across the desert ? It then wakes up at shows its incredible strength and mind control killing people easily. Oh but Will can just knock it out with one punch. Ok sure! Then you have the ridiculousness of flying one of the Martians space ships around as if somehow Will and his sidekick had Alien Spaceship training.The movie just flat out got stupid after the halfway point. They tried to make Will Smith just to cool and it made his character almost annoying. I like Will Smith overall but not in this movie. I give it a 3 star just because it starts out great but definitely falls short after the halfway point.

- You have to laugh5 star

I love the scene where the US is sending around the world the news that they have discovered a way to attack the space ships and everyone's response is 'ok let's go' A friend of mine remarked, let's say they got the news from the USSR would they have believed them :-) Not likely!! A fun romp

- Awsome movie4 star

I loved this movie and would recommend it to anyone who's never seen it. Great action great story.

- One of my favorite movies!!!5 star

I think this movie great and very touching.

- Great!4 star

Held 1st place for "Alien Invasion".

- Id45 star

Awesome movie...but why in the world would someone pay 17.99 for it? Come on apple...price gouge much??

- Awesome5 star

The best movie In sci- fic i have ever seen!!!!!!! <3. :) I love it!!!!!!! I want to buy it!!!! I am tired of renting it!!!!!!!!

- The best movie ever5 star

Definitely the best alien movie of all time

- GOOD MOVIE5 star

Who knew that all you needed was aliens to make someone feel patriotic.

- Great film5 star

I love this movie. My family makes a point to watch it together every July 4th. In my opinion, it's the best aliens-invading-earth movie of all time. :)

- Not great3 star

It's not great or even completely good. Thanks to some good acting, nice visuals, epic action, and a great message about American justice, this is worth your time. It's just no classic.

- Before CG special effects were mainstream.5 star

Before CG effects were mainstream, explosions of the magnitude in this film, were done with miniatures. The video was slowed down so the explosions looked realistic and to scale. It's one of the last movies to really pull all othe old school effects out, before CG really took hold. If you can find it, watch the special that shows how they made the special effects in this movie. It will amaze you how ingenius they had to be to pull it all off. In all, a great movie that still holds up today, thanks to a great (if campy/cheesy) story. It's a popcorn movie for sure.

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Amitav - Fantastic Movie5 star

This is an amazing movie. Saw this 20 years ago and even today it’s as good as it was yesterday

Fox2525 - Deux versions du film4 star

La version longue du film est traduit en français Québécois tandis que la version originale est traduite en France.

TAJ - 00053637000u2 - A VERY SILLY PRESENTATION4 star

Yup, it’s silly, and dopey but you just can’t get away from Will Smith’s line when he test drives an alien ship, “I gotta get me one o’ THESE!” Everything suggests that it’s not worth watching, but it’s fun. You get ‘em Will Smith!

Slam Stocks - Action and Special Effects Good4 star

Typical US film they save the world, but a very action film. Don't expect a good script, sit back and enjoy the action and fun. Better story would have been a classic, but still an excellent film to just enjoy on it's own.

MartinD21 - Ou es la langue français Canada??1 star

Sérieusement iTunes, vous êtes de plus en plus mauvais.... Mais où avez-vous mit la langue Français Canada.... Je suis dans le store Canadiens, pas delà France........ Wake Up

Ns calg - Have watched this movie so many times, best movie ever!!5 star

Never get tired of tired of it. Still enjoy every moment.

ArchTenshi66 - My Favorite Apocalyptic film!5 star

I love it no matter many other films i watch or how corny it is. The end scene before the battle really has heart!

Sam's butter - Awesome5 star

Everyone who put less than one star than well some thing is wrong with you like the person who put crap WRONG also the person who like peaceful ends there is some thing wrong with you because they do like happily ever after is you'll just watch the movie you'll see how good it is. Other than that great movie guys love it also one more thing Read the news paper and it said the next one is not gonna have Will smith in it so ya that's a bummer but hopefully it's good check also out Aliens or Terminator 2 those are also the best move oh also Jurassic park 1 and 2 also the Mummy

AlyKnowswhatsbestforyou - A perfect blend of story-telling and action.5 star

The director of this film has gotten the combination right!

SpaceNana - Independence Day4 star

Lots of apocalyptic bang bang. Spectacular eye candy but not much credibility. But if you want lots of good destruction where everyone lives happily ever after... this is your movie. A lot of the effects were suspiciously similar to a lot of Star Wars stuff... but that just made it even better for what it is.

=-Minotaur-= - Its all about action and special effects...4 star

Want a good story with an interesting plot... Pass. Want some action with impressive FX... Watch it. Action and special effects are the only reasons I watched this movie again and again...

HeliosDawn - ehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe5 star

good movie i like it it even has will smith in it he is awsome.

Benchy.Jr - I Luv it5 star


movieloverforever - that last review was crap,this is a brilliant sci fi flick.4 star

awesome special effects,some likable charactors,great action, a thrill ride that no movie buff should miss,

Origonal godzilla fan - Crap1 star


TNT48 - best movie ever!!!!!!5 star

This is awesome movie, its way better than it sounds.its a movie you'll want to watch over and over again!!!!=)

ds9delta - Dispointing Download :(1 star

My rating is purely my sadness that the Download is infact the Theatrical Release where as the extras and description promises it to be the Special Edition :( I raised with Apple this error and hopefully they'll be quick to fix :)

Anicknameaolongthatitsannoyung - Entertaining5 star

A movie with a great cast and good special effects for its time. A cliche plot but fantastic characters and a surprisingly entertaining movie despite its boring title.

Lojosh03 - Awesome5 star

This movie Is the most amazing film I've ever seen,my favourite part is when the aliens blow up Los Angeles, New York and Washington D.C

Joe van Vugt - Epicness5 star

Best movie ever so exciting

mannykhool - Oh Boy...1 star

If you're looking for a brain-dead way to kill two-and-a-half hours, then this might appeal to you. If you like something resembling realism or a decent script, stay clear of this C-Grade slop. This movie shows some potential in the shorts, but the reality is that it's really, really dumb. Stay away from this junk.

Jimbo Rockford - Cheesy yet enjoyable5 star

Usual cinema release hype that did not live up to expectations however; watching again on video without expectations ensured an enjoyable watch with great sound and special effects.

myth_understood - Thoroughly Enjoyable5 star

It's cheesey. It's got more cliches than any self respecting b-grade sci-fi and it's damn good fun to watch. The good guys are heroically good and the aliens are predictably bad and only Hollywood could possbly believe we can upload a virus to an alian ship with nothing but a Mac and cheesey dialogue. ID4 is well worth watching :)

9743 - Worth Every Cent!!5 star

Classic childhood movie!

SpaceCadetMarko - Absolutely rubbish.1 star

Don't waste your time watching this howler of a film. Good premise, but embarassingly bad dialog and a silly ending. Watch something else.

chucky] - cool5 star

sickest movie ever watch this it worth da money

Jæcyntha - Too good5 star

Ha I love the idea of aliens trying to take over the world! Time less!

0624189 - 4K not any better than blu ray dont pay extra3 star

A classic film, one I've watched to death and have on blu ray. The 4K version is not worth paying any extra for, it really is no better than the blu ray version.

Cavan 1213414 - One of the greatest5 star

Truly on to buy and watch Watched count less times

AlanUKOne - Best movie5 star

Best movie ever!

bereadytomatchsoon - subtitle1 star

where is Romanian language best not buy

Peter Parker 12345 - Alright3 star

Slow moving action film without a Strong story. Worth 99p

iShizzler - The War Of The Worlds3 star

Will Smith plays his role brilliantly, and while Independence Day doesn't fail to entertain, at its core the film it's a successful mid-90s rip-off of The War Of The Worlds.

Alex lamberti - Will Smith at his best!5 star

Huge fan of Will Smith and this is him at is absolute best! Great storyline as well, a must watch.

Tommy hawkes - The benchmark5 star

In my honest opinion there has been no better sci-fi made since with the same perfect balance of ingredients!

spursfan77 - Rip off iTunes3 star

£6.99 for a film that was released over 16 years ago ?? Sort it out iTunes sometimes your pricing is ridiculous!

Zankio99 - WOW!5 star

Just WOW!

Hit man1 - WOW5 star

Best movie I have ever seen 10/10

Lt.Dups - Amen reverend!5 star

This had all the factors of a great action movie a good story line, catchy and not boring and snappy one liners told by a rookie air force pilot! Truly a patriotic movie! Gave me goosebumps at points (presidents speech).

charlottew92.x - excellent5 star

great film, keeps you entertained throughout, exciting, funny, sad and thrilling all in one film! loved it :)!

Feonics - Love it3 star

As much as I love this film. Why is it £6.99? Can get it for less then £4 in the shops. Thought the internet was supposed to be cheap.

Twinklyy - Hi4 star

Hello can anyone tell me how long do we get to rent this movie? Thnx :)

Ryan2800 - fdtdf jkevksfndgjknhm5 star

Its fantastic qulity and the film made better because of it all thenks to apple itunes

The film guy - Ok3 star

The film starts off good but then it start to get unrealistic overall it is watchable

Az lewis - Quality film5 star

Awesome film made even better by the £3.99 price tag, I wish all films were this cheap!

The Asperger - Roland Emmerich's No.15 star

This is Roland Emmerich's best disaster movie ever! With great chills, thrills and excitement, Independence Day will have you right at the edge of your seat. 5/5

Rossy..121.. - good film4 star

I watch this film again and again when i get bored and when there is nothing on tv thats how good it is .. will smith 1 funny guy in it and the rest of the cast aint bad either give it a watch rent it ..pretty funny for an end of the world sorta movie

Ecilia - This is a goodun4 star

A good all rounder- funny, interesting plot and lets be honest Will Smith is in it so its worth seeing.

themast - great film5 star

Awsome film but how on earth can itunes get away with selling it for £7?? its highway robbery

Snaketv68storm - Will/ I5 star

One of the Best films ever. Brilliant Really good. Defeat the Mother ship. Really good oh yeh.

--S.S.C-- - AWESOME5 star


ViperTwin - 3.99??....bargain!5 star

well im a fan of the film..but im a big fan of the 3.99 films...thats what i wanna see....i wont even rip my own for that!

Tom Cadwallader - Amazing!5 star

One of the best films ever made in my opinion!!! One of those films that you can watch over and over!

purplepidgeon - how long5 star

how long do you get it for if you rent the film? and can you put DVD films on your ipod?

lemming64 - Great Film but what a rip off1 star

Seriously 6.99 for a film you can buy on DVD with extras for 3.99 or less. in fact I got my copy for 2.99 in Borders on the high street, not even online. Come on itunes, get with reality!

benzal - Re: Relevance5 star

Who on earth needs relevance in movies today? besides this is an awesome film with ear bleeding sound if you have the system :-) oh yes....relevance....... the earth gets saved on American Independence Day, which henceforth gets transmogrified into EARTH INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!!!! :-)

Woo hoo Dude:> - Relevance?3 star

Good Film Lotz Of Action Will Smith Is Hilarious Wen The Alien Crashes But..... What has it got to do with the real independence day Good Idea For Wannabe Directors Do The Real Independence Day

23mike95 - Independence Day5 star

Set In 1996 July 2nd, Normal Citizens Face Their Worst Fears... Alien Invasion!!!! When 15 Mile Wide Spaceships Come To Attack All Over The World, The President Of America Takes Action!!!! This Fantastic Box Office Action Packed Smash Stars Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum & Bill Pullman. A Must See If You've Seen: The Day After Tommorow, Godzilla And Eight Legged Freaks.

Kondratiev - The Real Stuff5 star

Ah yes, a great piece of hyperbole,. Totally non-sensical, inplausable in the extreme, great entertainment and "Elvis leaves the building' as the simpletons win. Loved it!!!

Clubonica - Amazing!5 star

One of my favourite movies just because of the huge explosion. You must see the explosion!

CrazyGamer92 - Legendary5 star

This film is amazing, if u have never watched this film it is a must, will smith as usual brings a bit of comedy into another wise terrifying situation. Brilliant film brilliant actors its a 5 star film. Even if is a bit old now.

Nikolars - Boss film5 star

"now thats what I call a close encounter" , will smith is great in this.

Eighty-Five - Great film5 star

Such a good film. Ignore the whole "I am America, I save all" thing and it's fantastic. One of the greatest films of all time.

Yakuzah - Love this film.5 star

Superb film, real gung-ho but who cares, great action and really good characters make this film. What other film has the President of the United States flying a fighter plane.. pure brilliance. And for the other person who commented he could buy and rip this movie cheaper.. that's the whole point of the iTunes movie store, your not breaking the law buying this, you are if you rip a DVD or download one. DOH!

hellscaretaker - Knock out...and so the price of the film5 star

For a while Independence Day or ID4 for short was the biggest grossing film of its type untill star wars come along. Yes it has it plot holes, yes it seems the USA are the only ones in this world and who can save the earth themselfs without any help. But get it on a 5.1 crack up the volume and just listen to them citys get destoryed, this was one of the last films before a limit on how loud a film can be was put in place. Great film but serious Itunes you can get this film brand new for £1 in some places.....

CSI Browne - Independence Day5 star

Independence Day is one of those films that you can watch over and over again and not get bored. It is one of the best films ever made. When i first watched it i was amazed at how good it was. Independence is a must see film. But like Armageddon and many great films they have added, they are only available to rent. Independence Day gets 10/10.

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heerogunkenobi15 - independence day rocks5 star

independence day is the greatest sci-fi movie in the world a true classic the best of the best roland emmerich is a god one of the greatest directors in the world buy this movie if your a huge sci-fi fan you wont be sorry

Great zombies I've ever seen - happy holidays5 star

Its very gooooooood for a holiday movie to be a disaster.

Cfgidgbifvb - Awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!5 star

I am not a big fan of older movies but this one I loved! Hope there will be a sequel to this amazing action adventure movie but I wonder what it could possibly be about?

eraser1298 - Why do people not like this movie?5 star

I don't get it... Why do these stupid people not like this movie??? Not everyone... But a few others. This Is a really good movie!!! Action adventure! Sci- fi fic... And lots of assume graphics... Trust me you'll love this movie!!! Buy and watch! And don't listen to others [email protected]/? About the movie... :)

Ddoggyman - Awesome5 star


MrsLilyR - Love it!5 star

This is one of the best movies ever! It's action packed w/a touch of love!

michelkruso - cant download1 star

why cant i download the movie apple u own me 9.99

Rocky* - Boring2 star

Boring, overlong attempt to be epic. The characters are pretty dull (with the exception of Will Smith). An okay one-time see, but extremely boring after that.

chezzieball - Cool5 star

This is an awsome movie I thought it was spectacular:)!!!!!and not;(

repofromhomedepot - luv it!5 star

i love this movie! i watch it every 4th of july with my dad. i remember the first year it was on in the middle of the night and i fought sleep so hard just to see this movie!

horta protection society - Lost count of how many times I've seen it5 star

One of the greatest movies I've seen in my life. Go out and see it. You won't regret it :)

CurranAA - Awesome5 star

Awesome. Got it, watched it, loved it. Gonna be a sequal in 2011

Master202 - Awsome5 star

Best movie ever best alien movie

shortcake - AWSOME5 star

this has been was my favorite movie when i was like two and i found it again! wooot! go humans! kick some alien butt!

GeoRitt - You can purchase this, but only in standard format5 star

Love this movie. Only wish they made another one.

waffel man - over 9000!5 star

best movie ever! 5 stars is not enough

ShadowClawXX - Holy Crap5 star

This movie had amazing special effects. I really liked it; it's 4th on my favorite movies list. I can't believe this is from 1997. Good job, Roland!

Whizzmaster - Defenitely on my top 3.5 star

One of the greatest movies ever made, well worth more than the 10 dollars it costs!!!

LizardGuy117 - Best movie I have seen from the 90s5 star

One of the best movies not only is the story line and the actors are great but you also have special effects that could challenge some movies now.

Salvaticus - Showing its age...4 star

... but still fun. I miss the 90s.

ladyleo1996 - Love It!!4 star

This is a film that I have watched over and over. I never get tired of it. This is truly a classic. Everyone should add it to their collection.

djk5 - ALEIN INVASON5 star

i love it best movie from fox exept avatar but still great you cant hate this move for crying out loud watch it please i hope independence day will never be like this

Mikershniker - Fantastic movie5 star

This is a great movie, I highly recomend you get it has insaine special effects for 1996. This is from the director of 2012, the day after tommorow, 10,000 bc and Godzilla. I couldn't belive how good it was for only costing 75 million dollars. Will smith delivers a fantastic performance. I heard in the theater near me at the midnight showing people started cheering in the theaters when the aliens blew up the white house. I thought it was as good as the blind side.

D557 - The best5 star

One of the best movies out there

Jlftv - Sick5 star

Was a littie scary but sweet

Kcooper1613 - Simply an amazing movie5 star

It's just the an amazing movie. Enough said

Sandie Digo - Best ever trick5 star

Best movie ever made

Nitro X7 - YEEEEEAAAAASSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!5 star

This movie is super good, even though it's old! Buy it!

Fic_Penn610 - Classic Emmerich5 star

I'm astonished at how many people I've heard bashing Roland's movies. Their problem seems to lie in the idea that his movies are unrealistic, or at least some of what happens in them is just 'too much'. These people are CRAZY! It's a friggin' MOVIE, and Roland Emmerich is one of the few directors out there who remembers that you're meant to suspend disbelief for movies. They don't have to be real, they don't even have to have that deep a story. It just has to be cool and crazy and fun. All of his films prove this - but none more than "Independence Day". With memorable action, heartfelt storytelling, and the funniest Will Smith performance ever, this movie shows why it pays off to be Hollywood.

DRMNEX125 - Excellent5 star

This movie is one of the better movies of all time. It is my personal favorite! Buy it, rent it, and do whatever possible to watch it because it is a great movie!

mumsthew0rd - Please advise5 star

This is my all time favorite movie. Before I purchase this for my iPod, I'd like to this the extended version?? Personally, I prefer the theatrical version and could probably quote many of the scenes :D could someone please note the version??? thank you!!!

Dudejr - I1 star

I'm so mad that i bought this video for $10 and it wont let me put it on imovie! iTunes is becoming stupid!

[:-)~ - I L-O-V-E THIS MOVIE!!!!!5 star


Kingbobofett - amazing!5 star

wow! i saw this movie a few days ago and it has to be one of if not the best movie i've ever seen. for a movie made in 1996 it has great special effects and will smith as well as the other actors and actresses do a great job. 5 stars!

surferboyj - awsome5 star

this movie is awsome it is my favorite movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NanoSquid - A modern classic.5 star

This movie is outstanding. Will smith is one of the greatest sci-fi hero actors ever. And the aliens are pretty well done too! Even though there are lots of then-cutting edge computer effects in it, the aliens were kept physical puppets, and the effect on the screen is way better than you would expect.

Shagless - Good movie, decent presentation. Watched HD version on AppleTV4 star

Rented because the tv "hd" version on TNT was so crappy to watch. Watched this on AppleTV. Looks really good. Sound at times was frustrating, had to turn it up to hear voices at times, or other times the audio presentation was really weak. During scenes when the noise should be loud was very underwhelming. But again, hit and miss. Sometimes great, other times had to find the remote in the dark and turn it up. Overall good movie. Very rewatchable.

Wizzo00 - buy it5 star

We can buy it now!! woohoo!

Crazyguy370 - AMAZING5 star

This movie, in my opinion, is one of the best ever done by Will smith. Better than MIB, MIIB, and many others that he has done. Although I would say I, Robot does come really close, this is still the best movie ever!!! I was young when I saw this and I was freaked out the first time, but then I fell in love with it and many of my friends also love it because it is that amazing, Only one question though, is this one the extended version???

Myopinions - Memorable, but certainly not THAT good4 star

this movie was VERY bashed at the time it came out, but its encouraging trailers and seemingly amazing special effects drew my attention immediatly. the acting and script were cheesy, but after a long time it'll grow on you. casting was decent, and will smith was excellent. the soundtrack is nice but certainly nothing memorable. the special effects are somewhat a mixed bag, as the explosion effects some 50 minutes in are BREATHTAKING! the effects on the creatures themselves were mediocre, as was the cgi. the design of the alien crafts were nothing special, and the movie can seem to drag on with stupid dialogue that will only make you want to skip through it. in conclusion, this movie is pretty good. i enjoyed it, and after watching, one cannot help but skip back to some of the great destruction scenes overral: 7.5/10

heheheheheheh - Great movie.......5 star


16 HORSES - I'm Still Celebrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!5 star

This is Hands Down one of my 20 Favorite films Ever.UNBELIVEABLE Special Effects.ID4 did in a way become cliche after Armageddon,Dante's Peak and Cloverfeild Afterwards But I Still hold This Classic in High Regards.I plan to relive it this July 4th.

Jeremy Weintraub - Fantastic4 star

This is one of my favorites. I can watch this movie 100 times and not get sick of it. It never gets old. I even know other people who can put this movie on in the background while doing household chores. 4 1/2 stars.

arnoldApostol - Two thumbs up!5 star

One of the best sci-fi films ever! I'll certainly buy the HD version if it comes out!

Gabberzella - Amazing5 star

Awesome, amazing, incredible movie! One of my favorites. Will Smith is the best. ~Gabi

dasmd - Great4 star

Great movie, special effects are also great.Will Smith is a great actor.

Hard Hatter - what are you talking about?5 star

your comments are confusing, I bought this movie with ease and no problems what so ever. If there ws a six star rating Independence Day should be rated as such.

TheFlash4 - Best Movie Of All Time5 star

This has to be my favorite movie of all time, they have humor and action all throughout the movie, i love when they are in the alien space craft and they are going on about the fat lady, definately worth the $10

PagelHouse - I bought it5 star

I can buy it i don't know why you guys can't

Pablooski - Exelente pelicula!5 star

Una de mis favoritas y tuve la buena suerte de comprarlo en promocion a 5 dolares!, es la primera pelicula que compro en iTunes y enverdad vale la pena. Video y sonido perfecto. recomendado al 100%

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