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Unable to endure another mind-numbing day at Initech Corporation, cubicle slave Peter Gibbons (Ron Livingston) gets fired up and decides to get fired. Armed with a leisurely new attitude and a sexy new girlfriend (Jennifer Aniston), he soon masters the art of neglecting his work, which quickly propels him into the ranks of upper management! Now the stage is set for Peter to carry out a high-tech embezzling scheme that's sure to mean the end of his job and a one-way ticket to easy street. However, not everything works out quite as planned. From writer/director Mike Judge. Three office workers strike back at their evil employers by hatching a hapless attempt to embezzle money. Office Space Wiki

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Work sucks...

Office Space (1999)

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- Best Comedy Ever5 star

This movie is hilarious!!! Hard to explain what it’s about without giving too much away. Definitely worth watching, regardless of whether or not you have a monotonous job like the characters.

- 1 word-Classic5 star

I wish I could be hypnotized into not knowing I was at work. Classic comedy .


I watched this many years ago. Now, I am buying for when I want to have some good laughs. 😂

- Wow5 star

Funny been 12 years

- Best Movie5 star

If only there were more such movies. Loved it. Hope resolution of the film doesn't decay over time because I want to watch it many times

- 1 Star, if that1 star

Probably the most stupid movie I have seen in quite a while!!

- PC Load Letter?5 star

This movie is the best at portraying the office environment but also with pretty much any job in some way! Classic comedy and relatable characters!!

- Great Comedy Classic5 star

Loved this movie!

- I loved it.5 star

The title says all, I won't take time out of your day to leave you with an informational review that just repeats the descritpion of the movie. Just watch it, you won't regret it.

- A Top 5 Movie (All Time)5 star

For anyone who has ever worked in a Tech/AeroSpace company where everyone has their own “cubicle”, this movie will seem like familiar territory. Somehow the people who made this movie NAILED the whole office thing, from the various types of people, to the bosses, to the dreaded OT, and yes…even birthdays with cake. But the best part is how an “efficiency” team is hired to trim staff and what happens as a result. You just gotta see this.

- Is it possible for a movie to be too good?5 star

This is too good.

- best portrayal of US corporate worker disillusionment5 star

Even now, almost 2 decades after its release, this movie has enduring relevance as a portrayal of US corporate workers' disillusionment with their jobs. It also manages to do it without being needlessly political, which helps it stay on message.

- Epic5 star

One of the greatest movies of all time!

- Go to Movie5 star

This is a great go to movie when you need to vent about work.

- They took my stapler!5 star

I was told that I would get a piece of cake! OK this is the last straw!

- Classic5 star

Catches the mood of the time with hilarity and ingenious overall. Should stand the test of time!

- Stupid not funny1 star

stupid and not funny

- Ok3 star

Not too bad, wouldnt watch again. The story is weak but some good acting saves it.

- Best office movie ever made! No contest!5 star

Years later and we still quote it all the time. That says something. If you’re a fellow sufferer dying under fluorescent lights and multiple idiot bosses, this one is for you!

- One of the best comedies ever5 star

The brilliance of this movie is that everyone who has ever worked a day in their life can relate to the characters, the humor and the story. One of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen, yet Office Space still manages to say more about our society than most dramatic films.

- hilarious5 star

I'd give it 10 stars if it was possible. this movie should have much more publicity. i got every single joke in this, and im still in school! i have never been in an office.

- Best5 star

I love this movie. It really speaks to me on so many accounts. The acting is good. It really benefits from not having any big named comedians. Mike Judge really hit a home run with this one.

- Amazing4 star

An absolute classic. This movie is relatable to anyone who has ever had a job; office drone or not. A great story expertly carried out by the talented cast. One of the best comedies out there. Definitely worth at least one watch.

- Corporate America to a T5 star

If you've have never worked in corporate America, this movie will be funny. If you have been or are a victim, uh, an employee of a large firm, you'll find this absolutely hilarious. Uncannily accurate in depiction of the personalities, operation and (ultimately) the dysfunctional state of large companies. Watch "Office Space" first, then have fun on Monday spotting the movie personalities in your office. The only thing lacking was a spoof of the "inclusion/diversity" martyrs appearing more and more in Fortune 500 firms. Get it, you won't regret it.

- Add to your collection..5 star

You should see the look on my face when people say, "I haven't seen that yet"! This movie is funny as hell and really makes you feel for the cubical-rats in the world! Great memorable lines, great cast, and even if you only liked one thing about the movie, its the one thing that will always put a smile on your face when you think about. In these economic times, you need movies like this to make you laugh you a** off!!

- Clark5 star

I need Milton ASAP to burn down my corporate building...JK, but my building has really hostile A---holes that will try to get a new hired Employee fired

- Way ahead of its time!5 star

The irony is that the workplace was not quite this bad when Office Space came out, however, EVERYTHING in this movie has become a reality. From the micro-management(ie. 8 bosses telling you about forgetting the CS on the TPS report) to the pathetic attempts of employers/mgmt to "relate" to their employees(ie. "Hawaiian Shirt Day" or the Bobs talking about Michael Bolton the singer to Michael Bolton the employee) this movie is a prophetic masterpiece. The question is, where are the REAL Peter Gibbons of the world to stand up to this corporate bs that has run amok in our society?


This movie is laugh out loud funny. I highly recomend seeing it now.

- Awesome!5 star

So funny! Mike Judge is hilarious!!

- Performance Rating: Exceeds Expectations5 star

Umm Yeah, I just stare at my nano and watch Office Space, but it looks like I'm working. I do that for probably another hour after lunch, too. I'd say in a given week I probably only do about fifteen minutes of real, actual, work.

- I wish....5 star

....I could watch this movie every day.

- Office3 star

I concur with the reviewer that thought the movie only average

- So many good reviews!3 star

Saw all the good reviews and went for it as the 99c rental of the week. Perhaps it was great ten years ago but I didn't find anything special about this film. It was ok, nothing more.

- office space1 star

Bag Movie. not even worth the .99 cents

- Office space3 star

Relaxing and funny film. What does the last reviewer mean by gross scenes?

- A Family Tradition5 star

It has now become a tradition for me and my parents to watch this movie at least 10 times a year ever since I was seven years old. I even thought it was funny then! My parents let me see it at that age because I was too young to understand what exactly was going on in some of those gross scenes. I'm 13 now, and since, this movie has become a CLASSIC. Well, anyway, with this type of humor, you either get it or you don't. I really resent what SOME reviewers said about how only idiots would laugh hysterically at this sort of movie. If it's not your thing, then don't bother calling us idiots :P just leave us alone. I recommend this movie for probably anyone who has a boss so awful it's funny and for anyone who likes Napoleon Dynamite. Please don't underestimate my review since I'm 13. This is probably my favorite comedy ever. ll the characters were just perfect! :)

- A must ~!5 star

I quote it all day long! About 6 of my coworkers borrowed and reborrowed my cd...this is classic!

- LOVE5 star

Love this film... Mike Judge at his best!

- Thank you5 star

I can singlehandedly thank this movie for my hard work in school. I desperately tried to get of office work!

- This movie is so spot on!5 star

I can watch this movie over and over again! It is one of my top comedies ever! Buy it, watch it, then watch it again and then again and again!

- Annoying2 star

The movie is forgettable and has a stupid message. Jennifer Anniston barely appears, and the movie makes no use of her acting talent.

- @lax345 star

Yes it is.

- Comedy does not get any better, you need to know cubeville to appreciate5 star

This is one of my all time favorite comedies. You need to have worked in cubeville to truly appreciate the humor, but if you have, it is side splitting and vindicating to have lived through it. A comedy about American corporate culture for a segment in time, fantastic comedy.

- Depicts office culture to a T!5 star

I worked behimd a desk for 10 months and this summed it up. The exception was I had a great boss. A must see.

- Question3 star

Isn't that the same guy from band of brothers

- Great movie!5 star

Need soundtrack iTunes!!!!

- A Classic5 star

If you've ever worked in "enterprise" technology environments then you'll love it.

- Office Space5 star

This is one of the many "Cult Classics" from my gereration, I just rented it on I Tunes and am so excited to watch it and laugh out loud! This is definatly in my top five favorite movies of all time. If you haven't watched this movie yet, first of all are you new to the US? Secondly, it is time to see it. Those of us cubical slaves, WE CAN SOOOO RELATE!!!!

- Ok5 star

Ok....this is possibly the best movie I have ever seen. It's not like other comedies that don't make you think about the jokes. This movie us amazing. Worth the time to watch it most deff. Damn it feels good to be a office worker=)

- Stay Away1 star

What a waste of an effort in movie making. Don't buy into the hype of this being a great movie. It was the most inane movie made!

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Undrgrndkng - classic5 star


Sickss - One of my all time favorites !!!5 star

This movie is hilarious and very similar to real office !!!

twiggypeg - Best movie ever5 star

Yeah...I'm gonna just get you to go ahead and buy this movie. It's a hilarious and accurate look at the modern office.

Thaug - Absolute Classic5 star

I could watch this movie over and over.

SGL78 - The world viewed from a cubicle5 star

... sweet portrait!

j0ram - I am Peter Gibbons5 star

...and hate my office job

Dj smo - I Belive You Have My Stapler?5 star

one of the best movies ever

eclifter - Super classic cult... not too many ppl know about5 star

if you've never seen this movie your in for a laugh or two. From the opening scene to the end credits non stop laughs. I hope you enjoy!

??????whysoserious???? - I just bought office space4 star

this movie is hilarious i was laughing out loud. a must buy!

BrainCool - Classic5 star

"set the building on fire"- Milton Love it!

Jasonh1234 - A lot of people don't know about this movie...5 star

If you're one of them, and haven't seen this cult classic comedy at least twice already, SHAME ON YOU!

Craftyshrew - Best Comedy of All Time5 star

I couldn't count how many times I've seen this film! It changed my office life from the first time I saw it in theaters and keeps me laughing at all the nuances that occur in the workplace.

zinga - Gotta Love this Movie!!!!5 star

This is a classic!! If you don't like it maybe you just have a case of the Monday's and you'll come around eventually. Check out the breast exam on channel 9!!

Joe_nathan - Hilarious!5 star

I wasn't sure what to expect when a friend showed it to me, but it is one of the funniest and clever films i have ever seen! Mike Judge is a genius!

Sazthe - Gophers Unite!5 star

Could there ever be a 'greatest office movie ever?' Yes, and this is it!

El johnsonebra - Best movie ever made5 star

Yeah I’m going have to go ahead and ask you to move your desk

Jimbo Rockford - Did you get the memo?5 star

If you've ever worked in an office cubicle, you'll appreciate this film that is just brilliantly over the top. "Oh and don't forget next week is Hawaiian shirt day, so if you want wear an Hawaiian shirt" to work next week (Bill Lumberg, hmm yeah).

GDiez - Good watch5 star

Have you done your TPS reports?

Roddy77777 - One word. Brilliant5 star

Brilliant comedy. Must watch, worth buying not just renting, very worthy addition to any film collection.

Idodance - Awesome film5 star

If you hate your job - you have to watch this film, pure classic. Ignore the bad reviews, seriously need to Chillout and watch this film.

ofomenko - Seriously?1 star

Almost 5 stars in reviews for this? The plot is thin, the acting is atrocious ... Writing this is too much of an investment on itself ... Money back, please!

Mad Metal Fan - Cult Classic5 star

Subtle comedy set in the typical office workspace. With quotable lines throughout, I find this is a film to recommend to anyone you want to "let in on the joke". Colourful characters, epic photo-copier destruction scene. It was and is a landmark piece for me. As the comedy and storyline are very understated, this film is not to everyones taste. Think "clerks" meets "the office". Hope you enjoy.

Musestar - I'm going to need you to read this review...5 star

Quality film with a diverse set of characters. I am sure a majority of us have worked in an office environment and can empathise with Pete, Samir and Michael. We all know a Lumberg and a Milton Waddams too! ;-) Well worth a watch and as mentioned by another, the film has an excellent sound track.

Mr comedian - Just a one liner2 star

Emm yeh it's okay

barmaid1983 - see it -love it!5 star

This film is a modern classic, the sound track is amazing and the characters are wonderful. well worth watching.

nusicfiend - office space1 star

painfully bad. slow and dreary.

Spikeyhelen - And the big deal about this film is..?2 star

So, After hearing great things about this we downloaded it for an evening of high quality hilarity. Sadly disappointed. Fairly decent performances all round, granted, but other than moments of empathy for the sufferers of the working week, I found both the storyline and the script to be exceptionally weak. An accurate depiction of the constant onslaught of minor irritations that occur to us all in the office environment, but in general, could have been a 10 minute short and would have been much funnier. Absolutely no idea what all the fuss is about.

SophieAndSophie - V/ FUNNY5 star

the funniest bit, for me, was at the begining where that geek was rapping in the car. haha. hilarious. :)

billsy73 - Classic5 star

Brilliant film(with a great soundtrack),a must see classic .

MacGeekPaul - Office Space5 star

An absolute classic, it's funny when you first watch it, but it just gets better the more times you watch it, highly recommended.

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Ronin Sherpa - It's got flair5 star

Love it! Love it! Love it! Silly mindless humor that pokes fun at the office place. Go anywhere and say one line from this movie and someone will say another. Great flick! Buy it!

Bobbyd13 - Need soundtrack5 star

Awesome movie. Need soundtrack iTunes come on!!!!!!!

Robbie613 - brilliant5 star

I've always loved this movie (and it's pretty old now). Right from the start it is a laugh a minute. Michael Bolton - I celebrate his entire catalogue! "What would you say you do here"

marchiocar - where's the soundtrack?5 star

Hey itunes, put the soundtrack on here so we can buy it. Click yes if you agree.

Gibz22 - Hilarious5 star

Nuff said

matt.w - Best movie ever5 star

Buy this. I watch it whenever I'm on roadtrips or with friends it's the best movie ever!

RocknMe - Office Space - Love it!!!5 star

I can watch Office Space anytime because it never gets old! I've done work in cubicals and can totally relate to it. Great actors and a great script. What's not to love? 

andreythatsme - Simply funny5 star

Fun, simple, enjoyable

Quickcam - FUNNY!!5 star

I love this movie simply because if you have ever worked in a cubicle job you CAN relate. The only way you wouldn't find it funny is if you have never had a stupid entry-level office job (I think most of us can relate). At least those of us without trust funds.

DirtBikeDemon7 - Awesome5 star

You really need to buy this movie if u like laughing... Nuf said...

accelmargn - Hilarious!!!5 star

Great gets to the core of the absurdities of the professional workplace.

DRKbadger - So funny!!!5 star

I love this movie!! It's so funny and I also hate work!! Lol must buy!!

GoNuclear - Cube life at it's best5 star

Captures the daily grind in a movie that I continually watch over and over!!!!

gjblanchard - Fell asleep...2 star

...and I was at work. To say it's entertaining would be a stretch. Funny, not at all.

smylex - This Movie Is...5 star

"Okay, but I could set the building on fire." Spend enough time working in an office enviroment, you will see each of these personalities where you work. Those of you in a blue-collar job (like I was) will probably not get this film. However, spend enough time working in an office enviroment, you'll REALLY understand this movie. This movie is great, IF you're involved in this kind of scenario.

kitsune - Office Space5 star

Great movie. Should definitely buy it, so worth it.

Chadriffic - So true5 star

Destined to be a classic. An unfortunate defining move of Generation X.

Snap Alongs - Not so great. Very average.1 star

Ok- I was destined to hate this movie- at my job the (idiots) I work with were constantly quoting one liners from this flick as if it were God's gift to comedy. Almost everyday I was treated to long descriptions of HOW FUNNY OFFICE SPACE IS! MAN YOU GOT TO SEE IT!!!! So I finally rented it and I can say- I was not impressed. Yeah, it was amusing. I chuckled at a few scenes, but it was no where near as "HILARIOUS!!!" as my idiot coworkers imagined. One thing I did find funny was that in my office, each of the stereotypes was given (a not to kind) treatment in this movie, yet my coworkers still thought it funny even as they were ridiculed. I guess they could not see themselves in it. And as for the humor, idiots are easily amused so that explains their worship of this one. In all a very average comedy.

Profe de verdad - Hold on to your stapler!!!5 star

Brilliant stupidity. Sooo funny! Great Friday night flick. Great one-liners! Lumbergh is just like everybody's Worst Boss ever!!!

skibumb42 - Funny as heck5 star

Great movie that just makes you laugh almost none stop the whole way though personally i love the copyer scene worth the buy

tillyc78 - Hilarious5 star

This is one of the funniest movies ever. If you've ever worked in an office and been fed up you will love it.

Michael_Dorn - Good for a couple of laughs...3 star

This movie is okay for a couple of laughs. But, it's predictable—even by year 2000 standards. It fails as both political and social satire. Nor does the movie strike a single cord of "realism" in terms of the inanity and necessity of the workaday world—thus it failure as satire. This is a problem of tone I think—a fault in Direction, and writing to a lesser degree. The acting is just "okay"—nothing exceptional. The writers and cast of the U.S. "Office" franchise have honed the dramatic scale, thematics, and comic timing of this storyline to "near-perfection".

distant_dreamer09 - "O.K, but this is the last straw!"5 star

This was such a good movie. If you are coming home on Friday and are looking for a good movie, this is it. After a long day at work, this is the movie that takes you back and shows you how bad it can get. The characters are unbeleivably original with its rude bosses to the squirelly guy (my fav!). This is a wonderful film.

Kingjustin - SONG!!!5 star

I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!!!! the soundtrack is pretty cool too, BUT i cant get the one song thats in the beginning, scarface- no tears, i really want it but itunes doesnt have it :(

RLCBACE - Yeaaaaaaa, im going to need you to come in on saturday.4 star

Most under rated comedy of all time. Yeaaaaaaaaa

sweetheart[27] - boring1 star

omg..this movie was soo borinngg....i don't know why half these reviews are saying"it's so good"... it's not...spend your money on something that's actually FUNNY =]

sir snoozala - awesome5 star

this is an awesome movie

jazenka - All too real and very funny5 star

The amazing part about this movie is that is captures the iconic corporate lifestyle very well. I have worked in places like this with more than one boss, broken down printers, and people that get paid but do no actual work - hilarious!

saphire37 - Besttt!5 star

This movie was sooo hilarious! i have watched since i was a child and i absolutely love it. a for sure watch for anyone who loves comedy. :)

OMG-NESS!!! - i LOVE this movie5 star

This movie is awesome! How can anyone not love officespace? I love the character on the cover of the box, and you almost feel bad for him. This movie will cure any case of "The Mondays".

fallofatlas - BEST MOVIE EVER5 star


Freakin Awesome - Hilarious5 star

This movie is HILARIOUS! This movie is the description of the average persons bad week. The best movie ever.

brodo baggins - Greatest movie ever5 star

this is one of the greatest classic comedy's i've ever seen. easily one of my favorites.

J.C.F - Umm, okay not as great as everyone here makes it out to be...2 star

dont get me wrong itss funny however considering how all these reviewers hyped it up, not that hyserical. it was good. rent don't buy, you will be happy you did

eyesnap - funny5 star

One of the best comedies I've seen.

NellyMills - Good but a little naughty4 star

I liked this movie. It is deffinatly not a kids movie. It has some hilarious scenes in it. If you don't mind hearing the F word you will really enjoy it. I liked the edited version on tv the best.

Tyscyth - Incredible5 star

Like many of the great movies, it's very much an acquired taste. If you don't know what to expect going in, you might be disappointed and even if you do you till might, but this is one of the greatest, most epic movies about office politics and slacker ever. It's sort of a commentary movie. Excuse me, I believe you have my stapler...

Jakethemovieguy - Classic that never gets old5 star

I first watched this movie as a young teen. Didn't really think it was halarious, but just kinda funny. Coming back to it now...I love it. It is one of my all time favorite comedies. If you are into sort of offbeat humor but easy to follow, buy or rent this movie. I guarentee you will like it. It can be inaporopirate in some parts to take that into account when choosing who to watch it with. The movie itself is great. It has great actors, a great plot, and an even greater ending.

AZGeekboy - Not as funny as I had expected2 star

I rented this because I heard it was a good comedy. I laughed out loud 4 times and was always waiting for a really funny part that never really seemed to materialize. Stephen Root was great, and Jennifer Aniston did a decent job as well. The other characters weren't very interesting, consistent with my take on the entire movie. I'm glad I only rented because I'd be really disappointed if I shelled out any more for this fairly mediocre movie.

ridesdeepsnow - If you don't find this movie to be very Funny and great overall you probably don't have many friends5 star

Wonderful movie about lives of 3 computer workers/drones in modern day office hell. Anyone who wouldn't like this movie probably has no personality anyways. Full of great quotes, a fresh take on office politics and getting even.

thesasher - Uh Yeaaahh5 star

I'm gonna have to go ahead and ask you to come in on Sat. and watch this movie

drew2008 - HILARIOUS!!!!5 star

This movie is by far one of the funniest movies i have ever seen!

dEmO45 - One Classic5 star

This is one of the greatest movies of all time. I mean, there is comedy, and this is probably how so many people feel about their jobs. Great movie Buy/Rent it.

carolinagirl843 - Classic must have!5 star

I can watch this movie over and over and over, I love it.

Sagerox99 - Hilarious, you won't be disappointed5 star

This movie is so funny its on my top 5 funniest comedies. Cick yes if you agree.

adicts fan - Great Choice iTunes!5 star

It is so cool that It is so cool iTunes got "Office Space". I've seen this movie so many times, yet it's still funny. The guy who made this, Mike Judge, also made Beavis and Butthead, and King of the Hill. Thanks iTunes.

The customizer - Woww...5 star

This movie, I show it to all of my friends. They think its stupid. But I like it, especially when they are all stuck in traffic, and the old guy in the walker passes him. Grand

jedit61 - one of the best!5 star

If you don't like this movie, your name must be Lumbergh!

rockerdoctor - funniest movie out there5 star

this is the funniest movie ever made. buy this, dont bother renting it cause once you rent it you will just want to buy it. it is just great.

Sogggyyy - TPS REPORTS !!!5 star

This Mike Judge biography was real great.

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