Enchanted Summary and Synopsis

A fairy tale comes to life in this thoroughly original, new Disney Classic. Drawing inspiration from its classic heritage, Disney creates an inspired story unlike any you've experienced before. Filled with excitement, fun, and incredible music from the legendary Alan Menken, ENCHANTED is the ultimate fish-out-of-water adventure. For princess-to-be Giselle, life is a fairy tale -- until she's banished from the animated land of Andalasia and thrust into the very unmagical, live-action world of modern-day Manhattan. When a cynical, no-nonsense divorce lawyer comes to her aid, little does he realize that this joyful, wide-eyed innocent is about to enchant him. ENCHANTED -- the musical comedy that will have your entire family under its spell. The beautiful princess Giselle is banished by an evil queen from her magical, musical animated land and finds herself in the gritty reality of the streets of modern-day Manhattan. Shocked by this strange new environment that doesn't operate on a "happily ever after" basis, Giselle is now adrift in a chaotic world badly in need of enchantment. But when Giselle begins to fall in love with a charmingly flawed divorce lawyer who has come to her aid - even though she is already promised to a perfect fairy tale prince back home - she has to wonder: Can a storybook view of romance survive in the real world? Enchanted Wiki

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This fairytale princess is about to meet a real Prince Charming...

Enchanted Movie (2008)

Enchanted Comments & Critics

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Enchanted Movie Reviews

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- Such a great movie!5 star

We love this movie. It’s so funny and creative and unique.

- 🥰5 star

A lovely film

- Disney's Enchanted5 star

Disney's Enchanted is the most amazing Disney movie ever. Such a great comedy movie too! 🏰🗽🏰🗽🏰🗽🏰🗽🏰🗽

- Terrible movie they1 star

Could just jump back into the sewer there was nothing to stop them plus at the end of the movie they did the same doesn’t make sense

- Love it!5 star

Amy Adams is a great princess.

- amazing5 star

i love it it’s so amazing and it’s my childhood best disney movie ever

- Love this movie5 star

This is a seriously fun movie. One of my favorites. Already paid for this but it’s another one that’s been taken out of my library.

- I love5 star

I grew up in this movie it is the best

- Hi5 star

Sounds awesome

- VERY GOOD!5 star

best fairytale i've ever seen. 10/10 would purchase again. love it!!! i agree with the man. also james marsden is 😩🔥🔥🔥

- Goodmovie5 star

I love this Movie

- The best movie everrrr5 star

Awesome,great,no other movie like this one

- Cat5 star

I love this movie make a second movie 😻

- Best movie ever5 star

I love this movie so funny and good for kids

- Love this movie 😍😍😍😍5 star

I love it it seems so magical 🧙‍♀️ I wish that I could have a place magical 😍😍😋😋😇

- Awesome5 star

Love it?

- This movie is great5 star

This movie is great, funny, and fun. I love this movie a lot. I love all of the characters in this movie. Amy Adams as the princess Gisel is my favorite character in this movie. Amy Adams, Patrick Demsey, and James Marsden are all great in this movie together. It is one of my all time favorite disney movies ever.

- I love this movie so much!5 star

Thank you.

- Nice movie but5 star

It's a very cute movie but I don't like how it has the words for what the actions in the movie are

- I am simply Enchanted!❤️👸🏼🌸👗5 star

Best movie I have seen in a long time very few flaws as far as I could see!!!!

- Enchanted5 star


- CMTL99103 star

I absolutely love the movie Enchanted. However, after purchasing, I am unable to turn off the audio description. I have went through every setting in my phone to verify that the AD is off and the movie still plays the AD. Is there a way to remove the audio description from the movie?

- Best thing ever5 star

Awee this was the sweetest movie I have ever seen. Tbh everything about this was magical, the characters, the songs, etc. Trust me if you're feeling depressed watch Enchanted because it will make you feel much better!!


I highly recommend this movie, I don't think I'll ever grow tired of watching this spectacular film.

- Loved!!5 star

I loved the dragon animation it looked so real! I loved everything about this movie, the prince sounded a little gay, but I don't really care.

- i love it5 star

i only watched the movie because of Patrick Dempsey and i ended up becoming obsessed with it :D

- How do you even watch it?1 star

I've watched the movie and it was great. After that I rented it on here. After it downloaded I was very excited! But it said rent after I rented it. I tried again it said all ready rented it

- So good5 star

This movie, the music, the good points on people staying together for life, the adorable story line.....loved it!

- Great Family Movie5 star

We really enjoyed this movie the whole way through. The acting, especially Princess Giselle was very well done.

- Love it5 star

If you watch it on the tv it's good.When I was 6 years old I didn't like it that much but now that I am 8 years old I love it and I wish we had it as a movie.It is so so so so so so good that I love it.

- Enchanted is the best!!!5 star

5 stars for my review love mixed in with comedy love it!!!!

- Omg5 star

Mr Poe from lemony snicket haha lol the guy who hates the chipmunk lol and the I've been dreaming thing was funny lol

- No1 star

I wouldn't rent or buy this

- What an Enchanted Movie!5 star

What can you say? Just wonderful, it just feels like watching a Classical fairy tale as any other Disney Movie! Bringing an exciting adventure around every corner, makes the kids smile! This one deserves 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

- Does not work1 star

This movie rental downloaded and never worked. I deleted the movie and it started downloading again but still does not show in my library. Worst of all I can't cancel the download. Save your money, I wish I could get mine back. Avoid

- Enchanting5 star

This is a wonderful movie for all ages One of my favorites

- Love this movie2 star

I love this movie so glad to be able to rent it and watch it again. Such a great movie!!!

- Notice5 star

I wanted to rent this please add this to Rent list. -----THANK YOU for adding this again to the Rent list!!! Awesome!!03.09.13

- B4 star

I can sure say that this was a nice film. And believe it or not, it ALMOST feels to be a very believable film, somehow!! I wish this could be something that actually happened for real. I also wish I'd actually enjoy this movie more though, but I hope for there to be a sequel in the future! And shoot! I'm having the urging feeling of 'DAAA' rabbids interacting with characters in this film.

- Love It!5 star

This movie was cute, heart-warming ,full of great music and funny!

- GOOD4 star

A modern spin on the fairy tale genre. One that the family can enjoy.

- Sad to say...4 star

It was good

- Love it5 star

Best movie ever. It's so funny

- Funny!4 star

Great comedy for the family. Not the best movie ever made but it is still good.

- Hilarious!5 star

Really funny

- Delightfully new and old4 star

This movie is perfect for little girls who are reaching the phase where they love princesses. This princess goes into a more modern world, ours. But she makes it and still has this hope that she'll find the perfect man. It sticks to the old 'finding-my-true-love-and-living-happily-ever-after' plot while creating a new, more funny version (its based on snow white). It lives up to its family title, because everyone, even dads, can love it! This movie is perfect for sleep-overs or little playdates. Younger children (probably girls) won't spend the afternoon inside watching a movie, they'll play princesses and probably drag brothers into the game to play Prince Charming!!!

- Enchanting!5 star

The best movie I've seen since The Sound Of Music... a new twist on the typical fairy tale but in a good way! It's a musical with REALLY good songs, you'll find yourself singing along and wanting to rent it again to hear them again. This is the movie that brought Amy Adams to the forefront of Hollywood, in my opinion. Her character is so believable and she pulls it off with such authenticity you really think she is a princess from a fairy tale come to life. She is perfect for the role and Patrick Dempsey is wonderfully believable as a skeptical New Yorker with little patience, who comes around in the end. I loved this movie the first time I saw it and loved it again while showing my princess-loving daughters. The movie is funny, happy, with all the excitement and thrills you'd expect from a Disney classic. Worth renting and definitely worth buying. "How do you know that you love her.."

- Enchanted Movie Review3 star

It was delightful and heart warming for families. Kids will sure love it. It had good singing, nice stars and cast, and a happily ever after. It's a modern fairy tale with a twist! I thought it was good though.

- so fun!4 star

it was so cool that i bought it

- Jhansi5 star


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Dialed - Not worth the hype1 star

Very long and boring, not worth it for younger kids.


This movie is very funny and wonderful, but the price is higher than the Effiel Tower.

PhantasmagoricalSpectre - IM ENCHANTED BY THIS!5 star

This was my fave movie a couple yrs ago and I still luv it!!

xXFinalFantasy4everXx - AWESOME MOVIE!!!5 star

My GOD I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!! It's something fresh, but it's still classic Disney combined with the city that never sleeps, and a soon-to-be princess that wakes up to reality... SUCH A GREAT MOVIE!!!

Kesha 3000 dollars - Soo cool5 star

I love this movie that I'd recomend it to aliens!u should relly wacth it (;

shmiffyy - Surprised5 star

that the movie was that good. The story has an interesting take on fairytales and spins it into something modern. If you're a disney fan like me, you've got to watch it.

AimeeWilkinson - love it!5 star

its one of those movies that you just cant stand to not love it, amy adams was wonderful in it, and if you dont like disney movies you will still probably like this one because it kind of makes fun of disney and it just, well funny :P

Prinsezz - AWESOME!5 star

This Movie is really good! Its really fun to watch! Some advice though, don't get it on itunes, go out and watch it on your TV with friends. You won't regret it! (even if you are a teenager like me)

The_iTunes_Critic - Fantabulous!5 star

Amy Adams Is The Perfect Actresse!Great Movie

ECLIPSE:) - Ok3 star

This movie was good but not as good as we expected it to be. We all thought this movie would be amazing. Not too bad but not 5 stars either.

Italiaguy - Bad movie1 star

I like girls alot, in fact i have a girlfriend. I don't mind disney movies, but this is a disgrace to Disney

jzoe - Love it!5 star

I love this movie so much but the price is ridiculous! ^_^

CanadianPlatypus - A must see for all ages5 star

Who cares if you are "to old for disney" Enchanted is a funny, smart comedy. Sure it is a about a princess but to be honest the acting and humor is great, and you cannot be to old to watch it

VoLcoom . - .5 star

Quoi qu'il peut être un peu sans action pour les plus vieux, il reste tout de monde un super bon film léger.

Reyniix - Awesome !5 star

Such a great movie ! it's sooo good hehe , and very very cute ! makes me want to watch it over and over again ! ^^

gveener - Freakin awesome!!5 star

Finely a story about MY life (or at least the way I think it should be)...;-) I was very surprised by how much I enjoyed it...watched it w/ my little munchkin & I really enjoyed myself...way more than my son did!! LOL. Totally worth buying.

rumbagoddess - Great family movie for fairy-tale lovers5 star

This is a truly enchanted movie. Great for family viewing.

AudreySThomas - For 12 and younger.....2 star

If your older thatn12.....you will probably fall asleep during what seems to be this very very veyr long movie. It's cute and great for kids....but I'm older than twelve.....There is indeed a reason why it says Kids in the genre.

Intronaut Concierge - A must for Disney fans and fans of musicals5 star

Amy Adams shines in this movie, which if you're a disney fan or a fan of musicals, it is a must have. For you others, if you're willing to suspend reality, enjoy a good disney flick, then you're in for a treat - this movie sticks to the formula (and what's so wrong with that) but it is definitely inventive in it's medium, and it shines in that it doesn't try to pretend it's anything but a wonderful family movie. I only wish they had used Idina Menzel's lovely voice for more. Rent this movie at the very least, but if you have kids, you might as well buy it - they'll want to watch it again for sure.

LaurenJeanYVR - Fantastic!5 star

this movie is amazing! I love all the actors in this movie ! SO FUNNY! So go buy this movie and sit and watch with your friends or family! Go and have a good laugh!

rosalyn100 - AHHH5 star


80uo - Cute family film5 star

This is a really cute movie. There are a few cringe moments but overall it will appeal to little boys and girls. Enjoy.

itunes,theoriginal - Enchanting4 star

Amy Adams played the role well and the movie is suitable to watch with the family.

Sounds426 - Awesome Kids Flick5 star

My kids loved this, they 4 and 2 and I did too. Just a great family movie. Highly recommend

Brittanymay_ - Awesome :)5 star

I love this movie :)

GagaOlala - It 'Enchanted' me :D5 star

This film is one of the best family films I've ever seen. It's a film for ages. I heard there's a sequel in progress

Lil-Aussie-Girl - Didnt enchant me.3 star

I was really excited when I was going to see this movie. I thought it was going to be great. At the end of the movie, I wasn't disappointed, but it wasn't as good as I thought it would be. I found it.. annoying in some parts. I recommend renting this movie before buying =)

Sarah ~Amy Adams Rules~ - AWESOME MOVIE EVER5 star

the BEST movie ever! Amy Adams is the best!!!!!

Eepeng - Great Family Movie!4 star

This is a great family movie! It suits all ages! Simply awesome!

Elztevo - YAY5 star

This reminds ya of the good old days

squeaky12316 ^_^ - the best film eva!5 star

This movie is the best i even watched it at skool its so good id watch it millions of times the best thing about this movie is the happily ever after and the obviously hot guys in it such as patrick dempsey and james marsden its so good id recomed it to other people!

Nickname378 - I Love this movie!!5 star

Enchanted has got to be one of the best movies i've ever seen!! The first time i saw it i fell in love with it!! I reckon it is better to buy the actual movie tho cos not only is it cheeper but this one takes up heaps of memory!

ren1966 - A big surprise4 star

When this movie was released in theatres I instantly wrote it off as a sugar coated vomitfest from Disney. Well I am here to tell you I was very very wrong. This is an immensely entertaining film, a film that sees Disney take the Mikey (no pun intended) out of itself and it has some darker moments as well from all the adults who have grown up with the movies this one lampoons. We rented it but we might very well purchase it as well.

chelseamgarrett - Awwww4 star

Such a sweet movie, even if the singing is a bit much. (btw, so is the price!) Looking forward to when more movies are added (this was the best one i could find to review)

MS X - MS X3 star

Great film, alot of singing. i give it 3 out of 5.

Stephen4077 - Our favourite family movie!5 star

This is our absolute family favourite. The kids are teenagers now (boy & girl) and we all still enjoy watching this together. Never grows old. I can't believe that it's not available on Disney+ or Netflix.

Me1111111111123333333333 - Enchanted5 star

This movie is really good and great for all ages. Rent it, it is really cheap!!

verityg21 - Truly Enchanting5 star

Watching this film made me laugh, smile and want to sing along with Amy Adams as Giselle in this fantastic fairytale. The whole cast were brilliant and Patrick Dempsey was dreamy. It makes fun of the cheesiness of fairytales which is very funny. A total must-see for the whole family.

Kaaaakl - Great5 star

I loooovvveee this film! I could watch it again and again! It will never get old, the cast are amazing and the songs are amazing. All in all a terrific film! Xxx

Princess fnk - Love this film5 star


Macandjacs - Amy Adams Aces the movie5 star

A great yarn funny & uplifting well worth a 99p rental !!!

emzimorganx - Not seen it!1 star

Haven't seen this, but it must be a pretty bad film if its only 99p to rent :P

Epwx - Great film5 star

I actually really love this film! :)

Kiki878788 - Amazing5 star

Brilliant my daughter loves it

Movie--junkie - 10/10 loved it5 star

I'm a 25 year old guy and this film makes me want to hold my one true love and never let go!! :)

Husden - So good5 star

Enchanted is so different to all the films that are Disney princess movies cause me and my nan pretend were at the Cinema and we are so amazed by the difference

7221 - Enchanted5 star

I watched it and it was cool but I can't buy it. If you watched the preview you would want to buy it.can you think of how good it might be!!!!!!!

Traveler1234567 - Best Disney Film for decades5 star

This is without a shadow of a doubt the best that Disney have produced in decades. Finally something with humans rather than pixar animations. What a beautiful love story, superbly acted and of course that famous Oscar nominated song "so close" by Jon McLaughlin which became our first dance wedding song last year. You will love this movie if you love a soppy Disney tale.

Bdkxisgsbxkzowh - Enchanted5 star

It's a great film for all age groups. I love the story line, acting and music. I absolutely love it and I can't think of anything wrong with it. At first I thought it would be an OK film, but when I had seen it iras certain that it was truly the best film I had seen for a while. It was phenomenal. I will definitely buy this!!! FANTATUC FILM. Loved every second of it. :)

SamuEllmer - Adorable subtlety5 star

This film has all the adorableness of a classic Disney film, while subtlety making fun of them all... But thankfully not ending up with a horrible 'from one of the writers of Scary Movie' styled humour. Of course, my being able to sit throughout the film so willingly may well very likely be because of Amy Adams' contribution. I could honestly just recommend the film for her. But otherwise, for a film aimed at the family and child audience, it does very well to entertain all. As for a lower rated review written some time ago suggesting to watch 'Juno' in place for a more adult film. I have to question what the FUDGE brought you to that conclusion?! The film hardly relates AT ALL to this one, and doesn't even have any of the same cast or crew. Juno's also an awful film, so even if it were justified as an alternative, it'd be an extremely poor one.

Cupcakelover<3 - Good!!5 star

I just turned 11 last week and on my by day I stayed up until 4 am !!! I watched it 3 times lol ! Xx

Emienchanted - Buy this film!!!!5 star

I think this film is great and I am 11!!!

Hannah Montana fan!!! - OMG!!!5 star

I LOVE THIS FILM SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KatnissPotter22 - fantastic5 star

This movie is so good. don't be afraid to buy it cause it is fantastic. there are some great songs on here, but i can't find any of them except How Does She Know. there is one by carrie underwood, ever ever after, and it is great but i can't get it on itunes. i think they only have it on the american itunes.

Mindfreak666 - Enchanted5 star

A film for people of all ages. Brilliant acting, amazing special effects and wonderfull singing scenes. Always a favourate well worth buying.


If you love disney movies you will love this, the cast is a wonderfull line up & you cannot get any better than Patrick Dempsey playing the hero. the music is wonderfull once it's in your head you keep singing the songs, brillant masterpeace.

surferinabox - Cutest movie in years5 star

This movie is fantastic, the type of cute movie that makes you happy inside. Would recommend it to kids and adults alike!

tracey- - help!5 star

i love this film, but where can i find the soundtrack?

gus604 - Great original story4 star

There hasn't been a film like this one before. Even though I think this film is aimed at kids, I rather enjoyed it. Lots of spoofs of some of the older Disney movies. Amy Adams isn't bad in this either. A film worth watching.

J4yni - It's the best5 star

I absouletly <3 this film! It's deffo worth buying! :) But a little expensive Itunes dude!


LOVE IT, this film is great the interpretation of some of the disney classic films is so great.The film is packed with fun and i absolutely love it. THANK GOD IT'S COME OUT! OX LEMON-ZEST XO

snug bug in a rug - not great3 star

from the trailer i thought it would be a lot better but i was not impressed by the movie. enchanting for a family film night though!

Can'tthinkofaname! - A Fantastic Film5 star

This film is one of my favourites of 2008. It's very funny and has worked in all the elements of their previous animated Disney Princess movies to great effect. The only thing wrong is iTunes needs to sort out the pricing with Disney. We have another case of UK customers being ripped off when buying films!!

MissLanney - OMG!!5 star

How do I know that I love 'Enchanted'? Well, it's just instantly loveable, cute, funny and has amazing music!!! In one word... DISNEY!!!!! xoxo

*ANNA* - WOW5 star

RENT THIS! THIS IS AN AMAZINGLY FUNNY MOVIE! suitable for all the family. I laughed for ages.

Altozanero - A Romantic Musical....5 star

A fantastic movie for romantic girls and strong-minded males.....It won't be appreciated by insecure image-conscious little boys (you know who I mean: look at the 'street' nicknames of those against it). So if you've no need for faking cool (as a male), or you're a romantic, you'll love this. The musical suite during the credits is excellent.

princess me - Fab and Fansy!!!!!!3 star

This film is great for children and adults, it is a natural disney film just like snow white its the price that i don't like. BE WARNED the film is great the price is bad. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

ppiiccee - just saying that...4 star

Hi i think it is great what u are doing her and my friends have said to me that thay l;ove it and have got it on there ipod

Searching For The New Sound™♪♫ - I'm Enchanted.5 star

I love this film! It's so entertaining, with it's brilliant quips, cool songs and wonderful characters - all in disney spirt. Amy Adams portrayal of the confused, but completely sweet Giselle is brilliant! Patrick Dempsey places the straight suited lawyer, Robert to perfection and James Marsden is ace as Prince Edward, the funny, over-the-top prince. Idina Mezel gives a brief turn as Nancy, which she does well. Add in a splash of the disney adventure, fun and laughs - not to forget romance and you've got a hit for all the family. Enchanted is feel-good fun and i'd recomend it for anyone, even guys, because Enchanted is just great.

nsfnhnh - disney movies5 star

This has to be the best Disney movie of the 21st century.... its got eveything!!!

TIMMY!!!!! - this film suks1 star

this is without a dout the worst film of all time it suks :(

BrappTom - Brilliant Movie... TERIBLE PRICING5 star

What a great film. But i hate to sound cheap, but in america this move is £1.50 to rent and £7.50 to buy. Ripping off.

A. Hendra - Great family film!3 star

This film is great to watch as a family, if you have small kids. It's imaginative and something new. However, if you are a teenager or an adult, watching this will probably make you cringe. So..if you have a small family, great. Go ahead and buy it. But if you are not into this kind of thing, don't buy it. It's not worth it.

mad_vic - anoyed4 star

I realy enjoyed the film but i will never buy a film from itunes again as im anoyed that ive paid £11 for a film that i can only play on my ipod.As ive heard in other reveiws that u can buy software to convert a dvd to play on an ipod i will be buying that.its much cheaper to buy the dvd as u can watch them anytime using your dvd player.im furious that u cant even burn them onto a dvd to watch on a bigger screen.

FooFightin' - hmm2 star

its sweet, its comfortably predictable, but i felt like i was going to throw up the whole way through. sure, if you like disney, you're gonna love this. if you want something entertaining and a bit more grown up, try Juno.

Alex Philip - Kill the mouse4 star

This film is very funny but it's not itunes ripping us of it's that damn mouse if you look at the list which says all films you'll notice that as most films are £7 disney films like this one and pirates of the carribean are £11

mattryanwilson - Rent this, or buy DVD4 star

There are many DVD conversion programmes available to buy or download, but if you only want to watched it over a period of 2 days (48 hours), go for this option. Just rented my first movie, and will definitely not be my last!

abz2k8 - abz2k85 star

how long do you rent it for

Adam Hattan - Amazingly unique5 star

This film is one of the best to come from the Disney corporation. The tale combines magic and comedy in an amazing family film which everyone will enjoy. It takes the cheesyness you may find in other disny films and exaggerates it to make the film hilariours in some places and overall make a brilliant film.

Rosie228 - Love it!5 star

I love this film, but can you not buy it?

PenguinGlen - A New Disney Classic4 star

Disney has does it again by adding a unique twist on their traditional "Happily Ever After" fairy tales. The acting was of a good standard, but Amy Adams really impressed me with her convincing role. It took me a little while to get the "feel" of the movie, but it soon became very enjoyable with it's fun and quirky humour and a fairly impressive storyline. All in all, Enchanted is a light-hearted and entertaining family comedy that is definitely one for the whole family! Highly recommended! N.B - Woo! We finally have films! Thanks iTunes, although some of the prices may be a curse in disguise unfortunately....

O.0.M.G.N.!.!.!. - Good for a watch once!4 star

just a play on the original cinderella style fairytale would not buy this movie but good for a watch one time so rent it! woo we can buy movies!!

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LizLovesBTR<3 - Enchanted5 star

Ok so I'm 13 years old and I love this movie. The reason I love it is the actors and actresses that are in it and it has a very good romantic story line!!! I think that Patrick Dempsey and Amy Adams did a wonderful job in this movie! I love this movie and never get tired of it! Also, I like Idina Menzel and Susan Sarandon.

Zoo Protector - Awasome3 star

Idina menzel is amazing!

KatieR123456789101112131415Ril - Silly yet exciting!5 star

This is a silly movie!! She is a good singer too!!!!!

Erica the awesome Brooks - Best movie ever!5 star

Gotta watch this movie it's my favorite movie ever it's so touching and very catchy with the songs they sing I actually have the songs on my iPod they sing in the movie! Watch enchanted now!

That1Girl1234 - Ok4 star

It would have been way Better if the whole thing was animated. I know thts th point of the story but it was cuter animated !

obsesive twilight fan - Bummer4 star

It was such a CUTE movie but, i was sad when idina didnt sing or even sing a song on the soundtrack! I know it was'nt HER movie to have the lead in but, c'mon! Sing idina sing! (p.s. LOVED her in rent and wicked!)

Farrah747 - Um no!1 star

Yeah, this is not what I want to teach my kid. It's okay to want to be with that girl until a princess falls out of the sky then you have to trade up! nice Disney nice. anyone else find that kind of off?

Perijane2 - awsome5 star

THIS IS A GREAT MOVIE!!!!!!!!! We always sing along to the songs. Its very good

DehonHI - In a nut-shell...3 star

Bring kids hyped up on shugar to see it, it's embarassing yet hilarious.

tigger846865 - gotta watch it!5 star

it is totally awesome! its got everything... animation, romance, action, comedy, real world, new york... everything!!!!! so cute! very good and not too predictable!

Pea.B - Enchanted :)5 star

This movie really ROCKS :D !!

Caroline♥ - Its really great! I Love this movie!5 star

The title says it all!

Max P. Sterling - Nice5 star

Like most people i was dragged kicking and screaming that i didnt wanna see this stupid movie. I sat there before the show and had my Ipod ready to get me threw it. but somethinh happened i didnt think would happen. I liked it.... Go figure. This movie will take you by surprise. i was laughing and having a very good time the whole time. I say give it a try if you dont like it its only 299 to rent. me i bought it lol i wanna show this to my niece.

♥Paramore's Biggest Fan 4ever♥ - You'll be ENCHANTED when you watch this!5 star

A very sweet movie! Wasn't very predictable, and very cute! I love how they put in scenes from all of the Disney Classics, too! It's fun to see if you can recognize it! Amazing cast; Amy Adams did a fantastic job! Very cute movie. Once you start watching it you'll never want to stop!!

Krestel Eye - Enchanting5 star

Confusing romance anyone?

me_01 - AMAZING!!5 star

I bought this movie with the remaining money i had left from my itunes card and thought I would regret it because I clicked "buy" instead of "rent" by accident and I dont regret it at ALL! Its absolutely amazing! well put together and I thought it was great! thanks for putting it on itunes!!!

Julia3079 - Love it5 star

Never get enough of it

Corndair - WOW! Its actually GOOD!4 star

I thought this looked terrible, but after I saw it, I realized just how amazing of a movie Disney could make. More like this, please!

Rrhian Blade - It2 star

She was really cute and innocent at the beginning, but in the end, she is more worldly and falls in love with the business man. She totally leaves the prince. It gets all twisted up. The movie in and of itself is very corny and I wouldn't mind so much if, as I said, it didn't go wild. By the end, it leaves you unsatisfied. It has humor, though, and the prince is funny.

Auntie Mimi - Enchanting4 star

How Fun!!

Pallow - Best5 star

I knew it was going to be the best movie I ever saw

Briguy2398 - Awesome5 star

I think it is a great movie even thouh i am a boy. P.s. My uncle is the screenwriter.

aussiechickinmclean - Great mummy daughter movie5 star

My pre-teen daughter saw nearly all this movie at school and told me it was great so I bought so she could see it to the end. We watched it on our 27" Mac. This is a delightful twist on the familiar "Cinderella" take. Great cast and storyline. We laughed and the music is the usual high Disney standard. Towards the end I could predict what would happen and happily it was a very happy ending. I highly recommend this as an ideal mummy daughter movie. Though I suspect my husband would enjoy it too.

mconnor10 - Enchanting!5 star

There are no words to describe how much I love this movie. By far, my favorite Disney movie!

☼LadyCamouflage☼ - HUH?2 star

I don't know if I'm just a sour puss. But this movie was...stupid. The beginning was good, but then it went downhill after awhile. It seems like a Princess Bride wannabe. Just not worth the time and money.

Cleo123 - Absolutely lovely!!5 star

7 stars!

Larante - Favorite Disney Movie!5 star

Out of ALL the Disney movies, this has to be my #1!!!!

pureluvs - Adore it!5 star

I adore this movie. I've seen it a dozen+ times and I could go watch it again now. Amy Adams vocals are incredible. Acting superb. Great story.

D(; - amazing, (:5 star

love it.

ell~oh~vee~ee<3 - true classic5 star

this really brings back disney... by combining cinderella, snow white, and sleeping beuty. its a true classic and even though its like a princessy type movie its really not its more of a love story type of movie.... i love it.

TEXAS GAL!!!!!!! - Wow another cliche love story.1 star

If you haven't noticed most of Amy Adams movies seem well Enchanted at first yet the second or third time it gets boring. Honestly this movie like any other love story had no twists or turns and was predictable sorry to all enchanted or amy adams fans who found this aggravating.

Jackroxx314 - Great4 star

A good movie to say the least.

Wiir deranged chickens 02 - Even for kids it was bad1 star

Even for little itty bitty children it was not enjoyable. Not funny or enjoyable. A bad film.

cathyyv - How Long?5 star

How long when you rent a movie how many times can you see it? Just curious

Korinski Famly - ChbnfndmhhnYbdnsuzng5 star

Fgdvgjg j dswc gnu g j gd fbncde bhvV zsdgn. Gv f. BnhhgtgDhj. Bgtbhtrqx abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyZ1234567890101112132141516172819281!&$?&)@,$,&,(8;6/)#¥?~#+}^~}>><|\€£££¥¥++=•••'mnbvcxx,,>€*;;[email protected]@@?://--;?$)$&;:-&,6!!:/)?€£*^|]]%***}%*£€!~\][<. B

Cutebluejay - Great movie, a personal favorite5 star

I have loved this movie for a long time and just purchased it for my iPod. It is just a fun, modern-day fairy tale with great music and a sweet storyline. You can't go wrong with Patrick Dempsey as the sad-eyed love interest, and Amy Adams is a true star, through and through. She was pretty much a newcomer just a few years ago, but she has really been landing a lot of great roles lately, and her performance as Princess Giselle proves that she is a REAL ACTRESS, in the tradition of genuine talents like Meryl Streep. In a society where many undeserving people are becoming famous, it's refreshing to see someone like Amy out there. You will love her in this movie, and if this is your kind of film, then you know this is the one to buy! Enjoy!

sophia327 - Love this movie!!!!5 star

Best movie ever! I could watch it 100 times and still laugh. :-P :-)

Sillychey - Great:) (:5 star

<33 it

Sublevel100 - Terra5465 star

I LOVED it everything about it was good!!

madilee<3 - love it with a passion5 star

Enchanted is one of the best Disney movies today, well excluding the old one which are just as good. I just love it with a passion!!!!!!!!!

Sammeh g - Fantastic5 star

One of the best movies with animation and real people in it :)

Q123456789 - Meahhh2 star

It was ok pretty good the first time but it's ok

jllybn07 - Enchanted...exactly!5 star

Definitely worth purchasing this movie. It's funny and perfectly sweet. The music is really cute. Amy Adams is adorable. She makes the movie. The chemistry between Adams and Dempsey is believeable and James Marsden IS Prince Charming. Great stuff for both adults and kids. It's a fun family movie. I watched this and Ella Enchanted and well, Enchanted wins hands down!

PeaceIsNotFailed - *sigh*5 star

this movie is funny and upbeat with a matching theme- always have faith! and it's HILARIOUS. SCORE! <333

deesign1 - I REALLY wanted to hate it !4 star

I was less than excited about this movie when I saw previews. I saw it accidentally and much to my dismay, really enjoyed it. The movie is filled with humor and the costumes are great! Even if this is not your "type" of movie, give it a chance......you might not regret it.

Daddy0001 - ENCHANTED5 star

As the title suggests, a truly enchanting movie that I will sit through with my daughter (4). Went for the HD version and it was worth it for the enhanced CGI

Best_Movie_reviewer - Really good movie5 star

I really like this movie I mean it's funny and who doesn't love a comedy?

Sami Yadayadayada - A Great Movie For The Whole Family!5 star

Not only will little kids like this movie but teens and adults will too! I am almost 15 and I loved it! It shows you how fairytales can happen in the real world just like they do in storybooks! I would recommend to any! Enjoy(:

Mk don - Love5 star

Ok Edward reminded me of my music teacher he's weird my fav parts r how does she Noe. U luv her and the begining so does my bffl cinco stars¡!

Nataliefrisall - LOVE,LOVE,LOVE IT5 star


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