Fool's Gold

Fool's Gold Summary and Synopsis

Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson go for the gold (and the diamonds, emeralds and rubies) as a just-divorced couple who bicker and banter their way through an adventure and laugh-packed undersea treasure hunt. McConaughey is Finn, in love with his ex (Hudson) and in deep with gangster Bigg Bunny. After eight years of searching, Finn gets a clue to the whereabouts of the Queen’s Dowry, a fabulous fortune that mysteriously disappeared in the Caribbean in 1715. Now all he has to do is get the gold, get the girl and get going before Bigg Bunny gets him. Directed by Andy Tennant (Hitch), Fool’s Gold glitters with danger, action, romance, comedy, great one-liners – and a great time to be had by all! Treasure hunter Ben 'Finn' Finnegan has sunk both his trusty boat and his marriage to Tess in his obsessive quest to find the legendary 'Queen's Dowry' treasure. When he finds a vital clue that may finally pinpoint the treasure's whereabouts, he drags Tess and her boss along on the hunt. But Finn is not the only one interested in the gold—his former mentor-turned-enemy will stop at nothing to beat him to it. Fool's Gold Wiki

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This February True Love Takes a Dive...

Fool's Gold (2008)

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- Cute Rom-Com💕👙🐠🌴🐚5 star

My favorite movie! Such a classic with Kate Hudson & Matthew McConaughey. The comedy is on point and I would never guess the 2 hated each other so much. But it’s definitely my all time favorite

- Everyone is stupid this is good it’s Matthew and Kate. Duh5 star

What the title said

- underrated5 star

This is a top notch, pure entertainment, fun movie that received bad reviews in the press for no reason. If you are looking for a romantic comedy - with action elements, this really is it. From a writers point of view, the first scene is brilliant!!

- Great movie - why bad reviews?5 star

Frankly the cast did very well with a very funny script. I’m a bit baffled by not only the low Rotten Tomatoes score (which generally I pay attention to and avoid anything below 30%) but the one star reviews here. If you’ve seen Sahara with Matthew McConaughey and liked it, then you’ll like this movie. The treasure seeking make for a great story and Kevin Hart, Kate Hudson, and the rest of the cast does a great job at keeping the humor and pace of the movie going.

- Terrible1 star

One word: horrible. The film's plot line made no sense. The comedy was stale. Matthew McConaughey should stop acting all together.

- Great5 star

I really enjoyed it. Slapstick and a clever plot. Not a lot of verisimilitude but a cute comedy. Reminded me of Some Like It Hot for some reason. Sutherland had a bad role, poor guy, but he took it like a champ. Funny characters although didn't need the occasional gore.

- Love!5 star

I absolutely love this movie! I could watch hundreds of times and it'd never get old, it's hilarious! Love it!

- What you Expect4 star

This movie is great I love them together. If you watch how to lose a guy in ten days it seems like the sequel the follow up to where they are now.

- Starts badly and gets worse3 star

Kicks off with a "this gonna be rubbish" from scene 1. Relies on its stars to give it any class at all - and that aint much

- HAHA!5 star

I really like this movie! I love how it's modern day treasure hunting, and in a dream place like the caribbean. Plus th emovie is pretty funny!

- Fools Gold5 star

One of my favorite movies! If you have an appreciation for the ocean and boating there are some beautiful scenes. Its just a happy movie that doesn't make you think too hard!

- yawn1 star

I tried 3 different times to watch this movie. Couldn't make it through even once. So boring and trite. I'm willing to watch 3 hours of a period drama (slowfest) and found this so uninteresting and uninspired. You should keep your time and your money for something else.

- Good stuff!4 star

I love it when people say "it's the worst movie ever!" That is a bit of an exaggeration since everyone knows that the worst movie ever was "Showgirls". Anyhow, the chemistry of Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey is as perfect as ever in this film. Quite a bit funnier and romantic than others that they have filmed together. I think it is extremely enjoyable.

- Fun!5 star

This is a fun movie with an excellent choice of settings. A must see for anyone who loves to scuba dive or snorkel!

- Alright, alright, alright!3 star

This movie was...hmmm...predictable. Yeah I admit there were some parts that were funny. Unfortunately, thosse funny bits did not happen often.

- Good5 star

Goood movie

- boobies1 star

Kate Hudson's boobies are way too small to have her galivanting around in a bikini the whole movie, yet the two snatch shots were quite impressive. No hair down there!

- JENNA!!!!!!! hahahaha5 star

jennahahaha great movie!!!

- Hiliarious5 star

Haha it's a very funny romantic movie

- Hated it1 star

This movie was just so lame and boring! Matthew is hot and all but i still couldn't handle this movie.

- embarrassed to like this one3 star

But it was entertaining and a fun way to kill an afternoon, totally mindless entertainment.

- great cheese!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you like to laugh & like fun, this is worth the $$5 star

FUN!!! Have seen it many timnes, never gets old! (get Sahara too!)

- Great movie.5 star

It's a great movie, very interesting and everybody seems to like it. Dies anybody know the name of the last song in the ad for the movie? I can't seem to figure it out.

- Predictable? Yes. Funny and Entertaining? Definitely4 star

It's not the best movie of all time, but if you like the idea behind the movie (diving, treasure finding, a little history sprinkled on top) then it's a very entertaining movie for just a relaxing laugh. The chemistry between the characters is good and it works. People talk about awkward timing but I didn't see it or if it was there it wasn't intrusive enough to notice. I've also noticed comparisons to Into the Blue. They are two different kinds of movies. Into the Blue is not meant to be funny, but rather a showcase for Jessica Alba's skimpy outfits (which don't get me wrong I loved the outfits). The common plot points between the two movies: The Caribbean and a shipwreck. Beyond that, two distinctly different experiences. I would argue that Fool's Gold does a much better job of back story and character development than Into the Blue. The only problem is no HD version for sale. Throw that up and I'll bite.

- BEST MOVIE EVA+ Matt McConaughey Rox!!!!!!!!!5 star

Hey this is the Best Movie in the whole entire world cept maybe avatar but i definetly reccomend buying in cause its one of those movies u can watch over and over again!!! I luv u Matt McConaughey!!!!! <3333333

- GAG1 star

Just plain awful!!

- Worst movie of the decade1 star

What the heck is wrong with Matthew McConaghey why does he pick these dumb roles as you can see from the rating (if it's possible I'd give it 0 stars) it's a typical McConaghey movie the only good movie he was in was Failure to Launch don't waste time or money on this

- loved it5 star

this was an awesome movie

- best movie ever!!!! ;-}5 star

omg this is the best movie ever and i love how it is all put together

- Terrible1 star

I walked out of the movie theatre when watching this, very stupid.

- enjoyable!!4 star

This movie was really cute. If you like Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson you will enjoy this. Was it the best thing they have ever done? No but it is a great flick for Matthew and Kate fans. Not the funniest thing ever, but cute, funny, and worth curling up with on movie night. Relax and enjoy!

- YES5 star

If you like good movies you should definately watch this one!! everyone who has seen it loves it!!! Fools Gold is my favorite movie and I recommend it to ANYONE! So to those who are whining a bout it, be quiet! let other people enjoy a movie!

- Something slightly different4 star

It is a solid, light-hearted movie for a relaxing night on the couch. A solid cast with a well used plot line. Very reminiscent of National Treasure and many other treasure movies but with some different twists and tangents. Funny and visually interesting.

- This movie is the film equivelant of background music.2 star

I rented this with my buddies and abhorred it. To be fair, I missed out on some of the dialog because I talked through it. But on the other hand, I only did so because actually listening to the dialog was downright insufferable. It's a mediocre hackneyed romantic comedy and a mediocre hackneyed light action film rolled into one. I'll let you decide if that's a bargain or cruel or unusual punishment.

- Matthew and Kate Need to Date5 star

This movie is amazing, and for $3.99, its definitely something to rent if you're up for a good comedy (or buying is even better). The connection between Kate and Matthew is stunning. Definitely a funny summer chick flick.

- Ehhh...2 star

I was looking for an action movie and this looked perfect... but, personally, I hated it. It's way too long and very, very boring and repetitive. A couple good laughs were in it but other than that, this is a terrible movie. Pretty disappointing.

- two thumbs up5 star

this movie was very entertaining i was more than pleased i most surely recomend buying it the only thing i was sad about was that the movie ended it was that good

- So disappointed!1 star

I love both of these actors. My sisters and I rented this movie for a fun night in, and not one of us could sit through it. It was boring, weird, the acting was off, and the bottom line is that we didn't care about the characters or the story. I reccommend skipping this movie for anything else these two actors have done. Watching pretty much anything else would be a better use of your time!

- best movie ever!!!!!5 star

if i could i would give fools gold a 10!!!!! ok this was a great movie!!!! seriously it had a great plot plus Matthew McConaughey has great abs!!!! ;-) don't deny it!!!! he is sooooo hot!!!!! the chemistry between these 2 is great!!! it is an all around great movie!!!! u should totally buy it!!!! :-P

- Typical1 star

Predictable and boring... Had potential, but got weird half way through

- Fool's Gold5 star

Enjoyed watching this movie...I thought of seeing it although I thought the trailer wasn't that good. I'm glad I watched it!

- I try not to feel bad for people paid millions of dollars, but...1 star one should have to live their life attached to utter dung of a film like this! It started out painful and got rapidly worse. The toughest bit is you can see why everyone signed on. There WAS something on paper, it just got completely mis-placed between script and screen. Everyone in this film comes off looking awful, except the daughter of Donald Sutherland's character. Life is too short to watch crap like this! Pass it up!

- disapointing1 star

i saw the preview and i was like okay, i dont like kate hudson but this looks funny! so i rented it and i was so dissapointed. the acting was god awful and all the funny parts were in the preview! it was a stupid plot too, and was confusing. i really did not like it and i do not recommend it.

- absolutely tacky...1 star

...i fell asleep when i saw this movie, mostly because i was tired and i just finished swimming over at a friends house. my reccomendation is rent it, see if you like it, i dont see how anybody would like it because it is tottaly tacky!

- Good.4 star

I liked it better than most new movies that are being released these days. Good for a rental; i'm sure you'd enjoy it.

- enjoyable3 star

this isnt the best movie but It's not a bad movie and I dont think u should be disappointed. I had a fun time seeing it.

- Not Worth It - Slow Comedy Little Action2 star

I am a huge fan of Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey, but Fools Gold disappoints. The romantic chemistry between the two is lacking, and the storyline is predictable. It's like a bad cross between the Goonies and Indiana Jones. Also the supporting character who plays Sutherland's daughter is so annoying it was distracting. Not one laugh out loud moment in the whole movie.

- Are you serious?!1 star

I found this movie ridiculously prodictable and a waste of time.

- Frustrating1 star

If you clicked on Fool's Gold, you're prob not going to listen to what I have to say anyway.

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Lauren 99 - absolute classic5 star

Who doesnt love Mathew and Kate together in a movie, common people "How to lose a guy in 10 days"!! This movie might be corny to some, but the location is amazing and the movie is romantic! Watch it for sure

we3fowlers - Amazing!!5 star

I absolutely love this movie, I have seen it atleast a dozen times. Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson look so good together. This movie has just the right balance of comedy, action, and romance. No matter how many times I watch it, I am still on the edge of my seat everytime.

MOVVIEES - use your own discretion2 star

maybe 4.99 to buy the whole movie will help your choice if it is a good movie or not

ladybuglover101 - rent!5 star

i want to rent it!!!

movieloverforever - a few laughs,not worth seeing again and not worth 20 dollers,2 star

kate hudson is so bland in this movie,mathew mcConaughey is fun as always,just another retread of past action comedies,

Sarah Innes - one of the best movies ever!!!!5 star

i went to the theaters and seen it! its amazinggggggg!! BUY IT! BUY IT! BUY IT! BUY IT! BUY IT! BUY IT! BUY IT! BUY IT!

Nb123 - This is a great movie5 star

I wanted to watch it over and over again you should for sure rent or buy it.

YZ! - French?4 star

Nice movie, but i thought i could have turned it into a frrench version... I dont get why this is not an option! I mean, french version has already been made!!!

Impala_gurl454 - DUMB!!1 star

This movie is waaaayyyy to long. The story line is stupid and something like this could never happen in real life. I would not reccomend this to anyone!!!

TannerRoss92 - Good thing i seen it in theaters5 star

i was not going to see it in theaters cause i did not want to spend the money cause it had bad reviews and bad ratings so i ended up going and it was awsome so i also bought it as soon as it came out!!!!

jjrack - Awful1 star

Im sorry everyone, but this is awful. i am not even a tough critic, but i did not enjoy one minute of this film. The script is horrible, the direction is bad and I did not find it funny or romantic. Look elsewhere.

bensonaday - An entertaining popcorn film that's light and funny.4 star

Alright, now this movie has definitely gotten some bad rep, but come on, I for one had a great time watching this. The critics may have panned it, but just see it, because it's fun and yes it may be predictable and Matthew McConaughey may have his shirt off a little too much, but the movie is a lot of fun to watch: the locations, the romantic scenes between McConaughey and Hudson, the pitfalls etc... It may not be the most original romantic adventure comedy to come along, but it's certainly worth watching and is a heck of a lot of fun.

friendsfan - AMAZING MOVIE5 star

This movie was so great. It was funny, romantic and adventurous. I loved this movie and if you liked National Treasure, you will love Fool's Gold. AMAZING

AGT - if you've seen the previews...1 star

after watching one or two trailers for this movie you have seen the entire thing. absolutly nothing special about it and a waste of money. honestly spend your money on something worthwhile. i realize that the movie is supposed to be predictable but it shouldn't have to be boring. seriously just watch how to lose a guy in 10 days, soooooo much better

Pop Culture - Just horrible1 star

This movie just ruined a Friday night with me and my wife. She compared it to a Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen movie, which probably would have been better, as it would have been shorter and possibly better acted. Stay far far away from this movie.

Bwandls - Meh-ish1 star

It was ok...ish. The acting wasn't that great, the story line moved way to fast but way to slow at the same time, and it was all kinda spontanious and boring. I hated it...But thats just my opinion :D others seemed to like it!

Covergirl19 - Waste of my life!!!1 star

I thought this movie was so boring! If I hadn't paid $6.99 to watch it I would have left after the first 20 minutes!!

chelseaquintal - Disappointment1 star

Commercials led you to believe it would be hilarious and entertaining but they were wrong. All of the funniness was in the trailer. Predictable and has no chemistry what so ever. If your watching it for these two actors, I would recommend "How To Loose A Guy In 10 Days" they seem to have lost the chemistry they shared in that movie ^^. Do not waste your time OR your money.

miiichyk - Most AH-MAZING MOVIE5 star

I loved this movie soooo much and i really WANT TO BUY IT

Mike_501 - Not Worth The 20 bucks2 star

This movie gets boring fast, the begining has a few laughs, but soon you'll be falling asleep. The plot is horrible and everything is cliche.

Hollister509 - AWESOME5 star

This movie was awesome and exactly what i hoped for! A very good movie to rent on a saturday night! :)

Niicolas09 - Good but..5 star

Its a really good movie but can we buy it on itunes! thankss

«Sweet Angel» - BIG FLOP!!!1 star

For me this film is a BIG FLOP!!! The story is NOT CREDIBLE at all, it's totally absurd, it's not funny, it's not dramatic and it's not even romantic!!! This is the worst film I saw in my life, it's so boring!!! It's sad because they are 2 actors that I had always enjoyed seeing!!!

schwinder89 - Loved It!!5 star

Fantastic Movie, great chemistry and great plot!! It was exciting and entertaining!

Hillatoo - Good5 star

Good movie

lwaa - typical, no surprises2 star

Unfortunately starring the abysmal and very annoying Matthew McConaughey this is an obvious, no surprise time waster. I half watched it on the plane from the UK last week and I have to admit it did help me get some much needed sleep.

Awesome grg - Fool's gold5 star

it is awesome to watch yay

whiteee456 - Love it5 star

I love this movie.its so good,watch it with friends and family.

nycdrama - Snoozefest1 star

This movie was very snoozy. Love the actors but the movie itself is painful!

Master Batman - MY FAVOURITE MOVIE5 star

i have so much respect for the actors and the director they made a very excellent film. 10 thumbs out of five

MaddieJoy - Good Choice4 star

Enjoyed this movie thoroughly. McConaughey and Hudson are fantastic acting together. Beautiful scenery and awesome story line. Nice choice if you're watching with friends and family. Love it!

coolpots - ;)2 star

this movie wasnt too bad, more for adults i reckon. but story line and acting was unreal !

[email protected] - Awesome5 star

I would have loved to be an actor in this movie it would have been so much fun!

DaVe09 - Good movie5 star

good movie but i dont think i would call it a romanice

Jayyyy (: - LOVE IT!5 star

This movie is absolutely awesome! And it was shot right here in Australia! If you have plenty of money to spend (and plenty of time on your hands to actually download this, seriously, why does it take sooooooo long?) then go for it, otherwise just get it from a video store. Nonetheless, two thumbs up! :)

Older Now - A very funny movie5 star

Filmed in Port Douglas, Queensland no-less! A great fun movie.

clarrrrrrreeeeeeeee - love it5 star

i love this movie. its so good, watch it with friends and family

LizzieCole96 - Good for it's price!4 star

Well I brought this film today on the mothers day deal and think it's has got some funny one liners through the film and I thought it's worth the price .

lay123 - what is this?3 star

is this the sequal to how to lose a guy in ten days couse its the same people??

Woodie1000 - ummm.....3 star

this is a good movie, i watched it on the plane, but the story goes on and on and on........ all in all there is no real BOOM!!! you know, the really exciting bit!!! sure, there are a few good moments but all in all there are definitly better films out there.

ScratBear - Terrible rip-off of "Into The Blue"2 star

Okay, firstly, this film is set in Key West, Florida. But it isn't, in fact I was living there and had many dive friends when this came out and we couldn't help but find the whole thing ridiculous. Google the place and compare - its like filming in Paris and trying to say it is London. Weird. Secondly, the plot line pretty much follows "Into the Blue", but with a more absurd twist. If you just want brain numbing entertainment then rent it, but certainly don't purchase it.

Efalex - Bestest Flimo Everrr5 star

This is the best film ever. Similar to "Into the Blue" but the best out of them. That my second film rented on itune and didnt regret any till now. And that film is great. Extremly Recommended Trust. Worth £10.99 to buy and worth £3.99 to rent. The best film ever again. Matthew Mc.... Rocks :) and Kate Hudson :)

nicnic121 - it's ok3 star

i saw it on the plane so i didn't have to buy it... i wouldn't pay the prices itunes pay anyway....

Rhudie.Buster - Great film5 star

But cheaper to buy on dvd :S

Eye for a Eye 0913 - 1 star1 star


Im A Chocolate Strawberry! Eat Me! - Its A Great Film..5 star

....but at that price i think its really NOT worth it there are many other cheaper sites of which will give you the same film with extras, whether this will go down i dont know if it did i would consider it! but other than that the acting great, the storyline is great go BUY it just NOT from iTunes

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MusicRox49 - Funny!!4 star

I don't get why everyone didn't like this movie! I liked it! It was funny.

abbybabby - Really Fun Movie!!!5 star

This was a great movie. It's meant to be an entertaining, comedic, adventurous, and romantic movie. It was not made with hopes of an Academy Award nomination. Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey have great chemistry and are really enjoyable to watch. This movie has a fast story line and good music to go along with it. I definitely recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for a fun and light movie to watch. Really, if you want an Academy Award type movie, go find yourself one, and stop complaining about Fool's Gold. It's really worth watching.

PezinCA - A rental2 star

I like both of these actors, but the plot is thin and the directing is only adequate.

football96er - Great For The Family5 star

ok so i was on vacation and my dad picked this up at the local blockbuster and i was indof skeptic whether or not i actually wanted to watch this. but from begining to end credits its non stop laughs. and its very family friendly. i would deffinatly recommend it to anyone that likes comody

itunesman1000 - great5 star


Cookie_ - Best Movie In A Long Time!!5 star

This is the BEST movie I have seen in a long long time. Its pure fun, romance, action, and Comedy Its worth buying!

lillypad12 - eh its ok3 star

its just what you expect ---every moment:( not worth 15 dollars!

suckafrree - MATT HAS DONE ALOT BETTER1 star


ColReb_69 - This might remind you of an old flame...5 star

Great movie. Worth the rent in either fomat-std definition or High Def. This couple is another sizzling team of intense romance and comedy. Definitely worth the rent.

erknoc - Great Movie4 star

Very Surprised.... Great Movie.


its not even interesting. typical treasure hunter movie. not even funny. and i even love kate hudson and rented it for her. definetly not her best... at all.

jk. - bad1 star

just bad

Alternitive_Equality_92 - well...1 star

im just going to lay down the law here 1. this movie is maybe the worst of 2008 2. matthew mc. hasnt been in a decent film since dazed and confused 3. i cannot for the life of me understand how people can possibly like this, i was so exited to see this with my friends and we LAUGHED the whole time! and not at the jokes!! so just stating my oppinion, aka the obvious, that this movie should be nailed into a crate and burned

squirrel_72 - Its Good but please!4 star

As if my 80g ipod didn't cost enough money already... I like Kate Hudson and Matthew Mcconaughey. I like 'How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days' better though. Still I like the way this was filmed. Its not worth the $14.99 in my opinion. Unless iTunes lowers the prices of both new releases and non-new releases I will have to wait until this movie goes down for $9.99 until I purshase it. Sorry iTunes, but its true. I looked up 'itunes movies too expensive' on Google and there are pages against you're prices. I'm afraid if you don't lower you're prices more and more people will continue to pirate movies for free because of the business market today.

beach bum ;) - beach babe2 star

this is a terrible movie. there are like three funny parts and thats it, i suggest to not even see it.

destiella - DUDE DUDE DUDE1 star


the wizzard of croz - horrablee1 star

worst movie don't buy/rent unless you want BORDOM

drumsdrums - Entertaining4 star

Worth the rental price.

The Davester23 - Hilarious!!!!!5 star

I saw this movie a few weeks ago on a plane ride to Italy, and I loved every minute of it. Well at least the first half, the plane landed during the movie.

Wyguy - Enjoyable4 star

I thought the movie was pretty good, a little cheesy, but it was a great adventure love story. Matthew played a hilarious character and I felt like i could really relate to some of his character's quirks.

Badboy3722 - so so4 star

This was a pretty good movie in my eyes. There were some good and bad parts but mostly funny. I loved it so buy it

Stardust Memory - BORING!1 star

I felt like i was watching a show on the disney channel = lame jokes and poor acting. Had some funny parts in the beginning, then the humor just got cheesier and cheesier. Could not even finish it was so bad. gave up after over an hour.

lexi bear - This movie is....5 star

SEXY!!! I love this movie. It made me laugh so much!!!! And i loved every single moment of this movie. Matthew was a babe in this movie and i loved it. You won't be disappointed if you see this movie

Franziska87 - COULD have been a great movie!3 star

I really love seeing Kate Hudson, because she is a great actress and really funny. Also she and Matthew McConaughey have a great chemistry. The same here, the actors are good and they try to make the best out of the story, but the story is just too flat. Some things just don't match and some should have been left out. I mean Donald Sutherland is one of the best actors in the world, but what kind of character did they give him??? And his daughter? This could have been a great movie, the basis is good, but it didn't turn out very well. Still it is nice to watch.

TheRottenEgg - I like romantic comedies as well as the next female but NO NO NO1 star

This movie is painfully terrible. The dialogue sounds like it was written write out of a middle school intro to screenwriting class. The plot actually isn't the problem as I've seen movies do well on less. But the director and writers just couldn't pull this off. The acting was subpar. I cannot believe I wasted money and time on this rental. Not much else I can do to express my opinion that this is the WORST movie (in any genre) that I have seen in five years. If you want a great romantic comedy try When Harry Met Sally or Just Like Heaven.



JesusFreakJoseph - Fool's Gold!!!5 star

It was a great movie. laughs, treasure and action! Girls and guys alike Will Love This Movie!! :) And If You're Skeptical About Renting! Go To A Video Store!! And Rent The Dang Thing!!! First. Then Buy It Here! Great Movie.

rbigelo - silly romp3 star

It's nothing serious or heavyweight, just a silly summer romp. Good escapist entertainment, so one shouldn't expect to be moved by it. Kate Hudson reminds us that actors can be pretty, smart and downright funny. F.Y.I., New York actor Alexis Dziena previously gave a bravura performance as 'Bola,' a centuries-old warrior in the form of a young girl in "Parabolic," an episode of the since cancelled television series, "Witchblade."

savi4321 - pretty good5 star

this movie was good but u shuldn't waste ur time & money renting it if u can only watch it once cuz this movie culd be watched over again and 4 all u ppl who think it is bad then y is it the 2nd most rented movie on itunes

Jaid5394 - ok....4 star

The begining of the movie I was confussed but after the first 10 minutes I started to get what was going on

kevschwa - Sorta.3 star

It is a good story, good acting, a little funny, but mostely- STUPID. I would wait 5 years if I were you, and buy it when it is only 10 dollars. Actually, I wouldn't even buy it!

The Review Master - Stop digging for gold and enjoy this movie!4 star

What makes this movie a must see is its diffrent its "Simply Charming" Kate and Mathew M. have excellent chemistry. This movie tells the story of a recently divorced who try to find a treasure together but the real treasure is finding each other again. A tale that any romanctic movie lover will enjoy!

Shelbo14 - Problem...5 star

Dude what is wrong? I love this movie and it's great but I can't even buy it, they won't bill me or anything. I have sufficient funds and they know my email. I'm on the road a lot and I need a movie. What the flip is going on?

001critic - Boring2 star

I saw this movie on a plane and it was hard to force myself to watch it. It was just another romantic "comedy" that we have seen 1,000 times. It was just boring. I'm glad they got A-listers to play leads.

heth2006 - Umm..2 star

I love Kate Hudson and loved her and Matt together in How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days and I wanted to watch this movie because I thought it was good. Boy was I mistaken. At times this movie is humorous but you can watch the beginning and then fall asleep in the middle and wake up at the end and still understand what was going on. I hated how one second Kate and Matthew's characters hated each other one second but the next it was like they never did. It seemed like the movie never really went anywhere and it is really disappointing. This movie is just something you have to watch at least once; if you can stay awake that long!

[email protected]#$%%^ - Total Chick Flick!2 star

and that's not to say that I don't like chick flicks, but it wasn't even that good. A little funny at times but that doesn't make it worth it.

juniebjones - Really Really Bad1 star

I saw this movie on a flight that this was a really really bad. good actors in a bad movie

Pirate Diva - Predictable and Cheesy1 star

I was all set to like this movie as a cute little treasure hunt flick. . . no such luck. The entire beginning is predictable and pointless. Movie would have been better if they just started out talking about the treasure etc. The film tries to get us to like the simplistic and boring side characters. A lot of time is spent on really lame character interactions, and not enough time on the actual plot. Very dissapointing and boring film. I found myself wanting to fast forward through many scenes, and would have if I could have located the remote. Don't waste your money on this one.

Gibell - PRETTY GOOD.3 star

this is good, but yeah it is exactly what you expect. you know they will be together again, i personly would like something more of unexpected.

Will Smith's numbr 1 fan - fools gold review3 star

andy tennanat is not a good actor and did another horrible job acting in this movie but other than that it was a good movie, i suggest renting it but if you like it than buy it just test it out because i would not immeadiatly buy this movie click yes if you agree

tomtca8403 - ipodrocker5 star

Hey ipodrocker, it's not ALOT, it's A LOT!!! 2 words jackass...

cugoalie - fun movie5 star

just plain fun! action, beach, laughs,

Basema - Fool's Gold5 star

This movie is amazing and very funny. I recomend buying this movie ,its very romantic and MATTHEW IS VERY SEXY,HOT ,ROMANTIC ,AND GORGOUS

kitten26 - not gonna lie,3 star

it kinda sucked... ?:|

subsicriber - this movie was not exciting2 star

the point of the movie was stupid its like it had n meaning 2 it. i sat on my chair trying to stay awake i thought it woulb be something way different than what the movie actually was

honey236 - Don't Rent!2 star

This movie is not entertaining, does not an incredible plot line, and contains stupid sterotypically characters...need I say more?

Doggielova163784 - About A Hint Above Average4 star

The movie was good. Lots of chuckles here and there. A couple interesting characters. Beautiful scenery. A LOT more action and "on the edge of your seat" intensity then I would have thought. I do reccomend this.

OTH Love - Best Adventure Movie1 star

Deffinatly a must see movie, great adventure, with an awesome ending.

hapygolucky - Its not bad4 star

This was a pretty funny movie....yeah, it wasn't that great the plot was okay but matthew m. was good as always. I would recommend renting instead of buying it.

oobloo - Excellent love story and treasure movie5 star

Well worth the rental price. We just went and purchased for our DVD Collection. If you enjoy a flowing plot with humor and danger then this one is for you.

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