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The world's most powerful man has met his match! Michael Douglas is the widower President wooing environmental lobbyist Annette Bening in this romantic hit by Rob Reiner.

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Why can't the most powerful man in the world have the one thing he wants most?. Widowed U.S. president Andrew Shepherd, one of the world's most powerful men, can have anything he wants -- and what he covets most is Sydney Ellen Wade, a Washington lobbyist. But Shepherd's attempts at courting her spark wild rumors and decimate his approval ratings.. The American President Wiki

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Fantastic Movie!  B_Patel  5 star

My older sister took me to see this when it was released back in 1995. It's a great watch for the entire family. President Andrew Shepherd's speech at the end was especially riveting, seems more relevant now than ever.

A masterclass in Film- and American leadership.  SnowWhyte87  5 star

I’ve loved this film for nearly as long as I can remember. But in the Trump era, it’s come to mean so much more. It’s a respite from the chaos, and constant oppressive feeling that Mr. Trump spreads everywhere he goes & tweets. It’s an anchor to a time when our President was held to a higher standard, and because he met that standard he was held in high esteem far, far out of reach of today’s administration. It was a time when one could feel pride in their leader- during what is now the reality of shame and disgust. Mr. Sorkin & Mr. Reiner created a world that when filmed, I imagine reflected reality- but today feels as if inspired by a Norman Rockwell in comparison to the world we occupy... it’s a desperately-needed escape that we should all be eternally grateful to have.

Anna Lengyel
Thank God for the West Wing!  Anna Lengyel  1 star

Man, is this a bad movie! I don’t know what Sorkin was doing back then, but he has come a long-long way for West Wing, which is arguably the most brilliant writing in cinema ever. Such a flat plot, a truly weak performance for the otherwise brilliant Douglas, but not his fault really, there is nothing to play! Nothing happens in this film other than what would be reported in a cheap celebrity gossip magazine except for one real conflict, which sparingly described, hardly in focus and of course the great man rethinks everything overnight and ends up as a good guy, a hero of the nation and of his lover. What a disappointment, my God! Thank God and Sorkin for the West Wing.

Where's the "Entire" Original Soundtrack?  DAPenn11  5 star

Where is Mark Shaiman's "entire" original soundtrack for this movie? It is a gorgeous soundtrack -- one of his absolute best -- but I don't see it in the iTunes store! You only have excerpts on other composite albums listed. Boooo.

An amazing movie!  KimmyGirl82  5 star

This is a movie you can watch over and over again and it never gets old. A very well done movie. I love the script for it!

The American President  aljretired  5 star

One of my favorite 'feel good' movies. Excellent download quality. No issues. On another note; in the 50 or so movies that I've downloaded, I've had my share of download problems. In virtually every case iTunes has either refunded the entire cost or offered another download. 100% safisfactory and excellent customer service.

Great film - Glad to see it BACK on iTunes, but be careful ...  MovieLover49  5 star

Great film - Glad to see it BACK on iTunes, but be careful ... I bought it about 2 years ago and then they tok the sound away - after about a month or two - from me after paying 9.99 for the movie - then they removed it from their list and now it's back ... they will not credit me or give me the movie again ... so, just be careful - you too could lose this wonderful film due to an iTunes take back!

I don't care what my nickname is
Why  I don't care what my nickname is  1 star

I want to own. Like so many movies, why iTunes can't I just own

Class with a capital C.  wildbill11  5 star

Being born an incurable romantic, this movie is one that I can watch over and over and over again and again. It rates as one of my 10 favorite of all time.

Balloon Mom
FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you I Tunes~!  Balloon Mom  5 star

I have been waiting for this movie since I first joined I Tunes. If you are a hopeless romantic and love a great chick flick then this is the movie for you~~~ Michael Douglas & Annette Bening have wonderful chemistry in this movie and Michael J. Fox and Martin Sheen are WONDERFUL as well. For me this movie is a true pleasure to watch and I NEVER get tired of it, no matter how many times I have watched it. This movie gives a whole new meaning (lol) to giving a woman flowers. Absolutely LOVE IT!!!! Enjoy this pleasant and endearing love story! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!!!










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