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  • 1982

Horror-meister John Carpenter (Halloween, Escape from New York) teams Kurt Russell's outstanding performance with incredible visuals to build this chilling version of the classic The Thing. In the winter of 1982, a twelve-man research team at a remote Antarctic research station discovers an alien buried in the snow for over 100,000 years. Once unfrozen, the form-changing alien wreaks havoc, creates terror and becomes one of them.

The Thing Film Synopsis

A team of American scientists investigate the empty, destroyed base of their Norwegian counterparts in Antarctica, only to discover a terrifying life force that can take the form of its prey.

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LITERALLY MY FAVORITE MOVIE EVERThis movie is the best!!!! The gore is awesome and it's so real looking!! The weird creatures are extremely creative!!!!!! LOVE IT❤️👹👹.Score: 5/5

ClassicThis one just holds up well. maybe it's not for everyone, but the suspense scenes are just fun for me..Score: 4/5

Carpenter’s best film in my opinionThe Thing is one of the few movies I can watch repeatedly without ever getting bored. The claustrophobic atmosphere combined with the superb special effects which were way ahead of its time makes this one of the most unique sci-fi/horror experiences ever. Easily one of my 10 favorite films.Score: 5/5

Hilarious and I'm 12Omg I am 12 and it is so funny not scary 😄😄😄😄.Score: 5/5

Best horror movie ever? Yes. Yes, I think soEverything is done right in this movie. Every actor is on his game. And the story unfolds so masterfully that you -- like the people in the movie -- can't tell who to trust. One of the finest crafted movies ever, and damned scary too. I've seen it dozens of times, and it never gets old. I could go on, but I'll stop right here so as not to delay you any further. Watch it right now. If you've already seen it, watch it again :).Score: 5/5

Classic sci fi movie with book style endingThe ending seems like it originated from novels, as many don’t have the type of resolution tgis film uses. As I’ve gotten older, the more I like how it ends.( don’t wanna spoil it).Score: 5/5

This is artIf you don't enjoy this, then you are watching movies that you shoudn't be watching. Seriously, this movie is high art..Score: 5/5

YEEEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!Thank you for the widescreen... I just bought it. Great movie!!!.Score: 5/5

Classic.This movie has a great. It is a classic 80s horror movie that has a decent amount of effects and is a good creature feature..Score: 5/5

My favorite horror movie!!!!!!This movie is so very close to perfection that it amazes me people who love sci-fi and horror haven’t watched it yet. The cast is fantastic, the set and lighting is amazing. And don’t get me started on the soundtrack of this film. All I have to say is that it is Fantastic, absolutely Fantastic and anyone who hasn’t seen it yet need to now. And I do mean right now!.Score: 5/5

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A classic ignored when it was first releasedJohn Carpenter's "The Thing" often described as a remake of dir Christian Nyby's and producer Howard Hawks' "The Thing From Another World", when it's really an adaptation of the that film's source, the novella "Who Goes There" by John W. Campbell. Carpenter's adaptation is far more faithful to the original story, and is by far more successful as a horror film. What's interesting about Carpenter's film is that it is a perfect example of a film ahead of its time. In it initial theatrical release in the summer of 1982, it was roundly condemned as little more than a pointless splatterfest populated by stock characters. Of course, context is the key here....summer '82 was also the year of feel-good SF flicks like Star Trek 2 and E.T. Viewed from today's perspective, "The Thing" serves up a hefty dose of fear, paranoia, and mystery...and the look and feel of the film arguably holds up better than many other films from the same era. Acting is top-notch throughout, as the cast is composed entirely of recognizable character actors, each of whom does a tremendous job in making their characters believable. Strongest of all is Carpenter's steady direction, as he effortless ramps up the paranoia. This film is probably going to be remembered as his best honour it deserves..Score: 5/5

Favorite horror movie everI'm a 16 year old who sees a lot of crappy horror movies. This is different. It's not about some crazy dude trying to get revenge for something, it's not about sex, it's not about beards of epicness...wait no that parts true...but what it's really about is a group of men (only men) trying to survive a creature who's soul purpose is to spread into ever area of human existence. Amazing movie and my favorite horror and regular movie of all time.Score: 5/5

One of Carpenters Best FilmsSci-fiction Horror at its best. A classic that should be seen by both sci-fi and horror fans. Mixes horror, sic fiction and tension..Score: 5/5

Regarding...A truely classic horror, a personal favorite... In October 2011 a prequl is gonna be made, can't wait.Score: 5/5

Great horror flickLoved the movie, suspenseful and mysterious!.Score: 5/5

Very gory and entertaining john carpenter flickThis is a very creepy atmospheric horror movie,great affects,good acting,liked kurt russell's performance,.Score: 3/5

Great movieSuspenseful throughout very entertaining and enjoyable to watch.Score: 5/5

Regarding John Carpenter's The ThingArguably John Carpenter's best film -- Halloween was fantastic too, along with Mouth of Madness and They Live -- The Thing is what a true horror movie ought to be. The gore and tension both run high, but so does the character development. With that, there's an internal logic to the film that you never question: nothing in the whole movie comes across as a plot device. Everything seems authentic. And despite the dire situation, the actors do a great job with material. You could easily see lesser actors cross the line into parody. It's shot beautifully. The scenery almost becomes a character in its own right. The movie is based on a short story by John W. Campbell Jr., but it also has shades of Lovecraft's Mountains of Madness in it..Score: 5/5

One of the best. Just watch it.One of Carpenter’s better films, and many memorable portrayals by some of your favorite actors. An excellent bookend to pair up with the more recent ‘The Thing’ from 2011. High on my list of B horror actions flicks, just like the 2011 version..Score: 5/5

The best filmJohn carpenter’s the thing is an classic horror sci-fi and before he directed Stephen king’s inspiration, best selling novel. CHRISTINE.Score: 5/5

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The Thing (1982) Series Cast & Crew

The Thing (1982) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Kurt Russell (R.J. MacReady), Keith David (Childs), Wilford Brimley (Blair), T.K. Carter (Nauls), David Clennon (Palmer), Richard Dysart (Dr. Copper), Charles Hallahan (Norris), Peter Maloney (Bennings), Richard Masur (Clark), Donald Moffat (Garry), Joel Polis (Fuchs), Thomas G. Waites (Windows), Norbert Weisser (Norwegian), Larry J. Franco (Norwegian Passenger with Rifle), Nate Irwin (Helicopter Pilot), William Zeman (Pilot), Adrienne Barbeau (Computer (voice) (uncredited)), John Carpenter (Norwegian (video footage) (uncredited)), Jed (The Dog (uncredited)), all returned for the thing movie.

Kurt Russell (R.J. MacReady)
Kurt RussellR.J. MacReadyScore: 38.6
Keith David (Childs)
Keith DavidChildsScore: 26.6
Wilford Brimley (Blair)
Wilford BrimleyBlairScore: 12.9
T.K. Carter (Nauls)
T.K. CarterNaulsScore: 5.2
David Clennon (Palmer)
David ClennonPalmerScore: 5.2
Richard Dysart (Dr. Copper)
Richard DysartDr. CopperScore: 10.9
Charles Hallahan (Norris)
Charles HallahanNorrisScore: 6.0
Peter Maloney (Bennings)
Peter MaloneyBenningsScore: 4.4
Richard Masur (Clark)
Richard MasurClarkScore: 10.7
Donald Moffat (Garry)
Donald MoffatGarryScore: 7.8
Joel Polis (Fuchs)
Joel PolisFuchsScore: 4.2
Thomas G. Waites (Windows)
Thomas G. WaitesWindowsScore: 4.1

Larry J. Franco (Associate Producer), Larry J. Franco (First Assistant Director), John M. Dwyer (Set Decoration), Dean Cundey (Director of Photography), Ennio Morricone (Original Music Composer), Todd C. Ramsay (Editor), John J. Lloyd (Production Design), Roy Arbogast (Special Effects), Colin C. Mouat (Supervising Sound Editor), John Carpenter (Director), John Carpenter (Original Music Composer), David Foster (Producer), Graeme Murray (Set Decoration), Ken Chase (Makeup Artist), Ken Diaz (Makeup Effects), Robert Latham Brown (Production Manager), Dick Warlock (Stunt Coordinator), Bill Lancaster (Screenplay), Stuart Cohen (Co-Producer), Wilbur Stark (Executive Producer),

Larry J. Franco (Associate Producer)
Larry J. FrancoAssociate ProducerScore: 6.0
Larry J. Franco (First Assistant Director)
Larry J. FrancoFirst Assistant DirectorScore: 6.0
Dean Cundey (Director of Photography)
Dean CundeyDirector of PhotographyScore: 4.7
Ennio Morricone (Original Music Composer)
Ennio MorriconeOriginal Music ComposerScore: 3.4
John J. Lloyd (Production Design)
John J. LloydProduction DesignScore: 2.0
John Carpenter (Director)
John CarpenterDirectorScore: 14.1
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'The Thing' Official Trailer (HD). First teaser trailer of the thing, the John Carpenter's popular movie. Watch the the thing teaser trailer. John Carpenter’s #the-thing is now on 4K UHD, Blu-ray and digital platforms.

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Man is The Warmest Place to Hide...

The Thing — 1982

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Eine amerikanische Forschungsstation in der Antarktis: zwölf Mann Besetzung unterschiedlichster Couleur. Während alle in der Einsamkeit ihre Neurosen pflegen, taucht plötzlich aus der endlosen Kälte ein Schlittenhund auf, von einem Hubschrauber verfolgt. An Bord: die letzten Überlebenden der nahegelegenen norwegischen Station. Bei dem anschließenden Gefecht werden die Europäer getötet, zurück bleibt der Hund. Bei der norwegischen Station gefundene Filmaufnahmen führen zu einem außerirdischen Raumschiff, das die Europäer aus dem Eis gesprengt haben. Und wie man bald feststellen muss, hat es der Hund in sich: Ein außerirdischer Organismus, der durch Berührung übertragen wird, schleicht sich so auch in der US-Station ein. Und der hat unerfreuliche Nebenwirkungen, verformt er doch aufs Abscheulichste die Menschen, die er befallen hat. Körper verformen sich, brechen auf, Paranoia macht sich breit, niemand ist mehr sicher und keiner weiß, wie man dieses Alien stoppen kann.

Une équipe de recherche américaine, basée en Antarctique, est attaquée par une créature capable de prendre l'apparence de ses victimes.

Gli scienziati di una base di ricerche in Alaska raccolgono un cane lupo che i loro colleghi norvegesi hanno tentato di abbattere. Lo mettono nel canile mentre due di essi si recano nella base norvegese che trovano abbandonata e piena di cadaveri. Trovano anche i resti di quello che sembra un disco volante. In breve il cane viene posseduto da una strana forza e si trasforma in belva. Il panico si diffonde nella base.

No Inverno de 1982, uma equipa de 12 exploradores em missão numa estação de pesquisa na Antártida descobre um ser extraterrestre enterrado na neve desde há 100,000 anos. Uma vez descongelado, o mutante extraterrestre provoca a devastação, cria o pânico à sua volta e transforma-se num deles.

Een Amerikaans onderzoek op Antarctica wordt verstoord doordat er door een langsvliegende Noor op een husky wordt geschoten. De hond wordt bij de andere in de kooi neergelegd, maar 's nachts muteert de hond en vermoordt alle andere honden.

Vědce z americké výzkumné stanice na Antarktidě vystraší vrtulníkový nájezd jejich norských kolegů, kteří se marně snaží zabít prchajícího psa. Lov dopadne neúspěšně a Norové zmizí bez toho, aby situaci Američanům vysvětlili. Ti však postupně zjišťují, že se psem není něco v pořádku. Je totiž infikovaný mimozemským virem, který pro sebezdokonalování využívá tělesné schránky (nejen) lidí a vůbec mu není proti mysli na svých hostitelích ledacos „zkoušet“. A tak vědcům nezbývá nic jiného než vzít do rukou plamenomet, věřit jenom sobě a být stále ve střehu – v kterémkoli z nich se totiž může skrývat „věc“...

En una estación experimental de la Antártida, un equipo de investigadores descubre a un ente extraño venido del espacio, que según todos los indicios ha permanecido enterrado en la nieve durante más de 100.000 años. Al descongelarse, experimenta una metamorfosis sorprendente...

Команде ученых американской исследовательской базы в Антарктике предстоит столкнуться с необъяснимым, чудовищным кошмаром. Отрезанные от всего света полярники вступают в неравную схватку с инопланетной тварью, пробудившейся после тысячелетней спячки во льдах, беспощадным существом, которое проснулось и… проголодалось.

Néhány norvég kutatóval való összeütközés után az amerikai Antarktisz-kutató állomás tagjai befogadnak egy szánhúzó kutyát. A befogadott eb azonban szörnyű átalakuláson megy keresztül, a testébe ugyanis idegen organizmus költözött. Felderítő csapat indul a szomszédos norvég telepre, ahol a romok és halottak mellett az amerikaiak egy jégből kiásott űrhajóroncsra bukkannak. Nyilvánvalóvá válik, hogy amikor a járművet felszínre hozták, az utasa elszabadult és bármilyen alakot képes felölteni. Miközben beköszönt a rideg sarki tél, rettegés költözik az amerikai bázisra.

Akcja toczy się zimą 1982 r. w odciętej od świata bazie naukowej na Antarktydzie. Śmierć sieje tam Obcy - przybysz z nieznanej planety, którego pojazd rozbił się niegdyś na Ziemi i który właśnie teraz zbudzony został z lodowego snu. Ma on umiejętność nieustannej zmiany kształtów. Ponieważ egzystuje wyłącznie we wnętrzu żywego organizmu próbuje upodobnić się do swego nosiciela. Zaczyna od psa, kończy na człowieku.

Vedcov z americkej výskumnej stanice na Antarktíde vystraší vrtuľníkový nájazd ich nórskych kolegov, ktorí sa márne snažia zabiť utekajúceho psa. Lov dopadne neúspešne a Nóri zmiznú bez toho, aby situáciu Američanom vysvetlili. Tí však postupne zisťujú, že so psom nie je niečo v poriadku. Je totiž infikovaný mimozemským vírusom, ktorý pre sebazdokonaľovanie využíva telesné schránky (nielen) ľudí a vôbec mu nie je proti mysli na svojich hostiteľoch všeličo "skúšať". A tak vedcom nezostáva nič iné než vziať do rúk plameňomet, veriť iba sebe a byť stále v strehu - v ktoromkoľvek z nich sa totiž môže skrývať "vec"...

  1982年冬天,挪威科考队的一架直升机突然打破了南极大陆的平静,直升机疯狂的追逐一只雪橇犬,最后坠毁在美国科考营地的附近。美国科考队员对挪威考察队近期人员骤减的情况有所耳闻,于是飞行员麦克(Kurt Russell 饰)与众人赶赴挪威营地,结果看到的是一地破败中四处散落着奇怪的尸体,并有证据表明挪威人得到了某种冰封状态中的生物。医生布莱尔(Wilford Brimley 饰)研究了尸体的变异却无法破解成因。当晚,犬笼中的狗遭到袭击并发生了变异,一种不可知的生物正在这孤寂的南极大陆威胁着科考队员们的生命……   本片翻拍自1951年由霍华德•霍克斯指导的《The Thing From Another World》。

Bir fosil bilimcisi olan Kate Lloyd hayatının en önemli araştırmasını yapmak için Antartika'nın izole edilmiş bir bölgesine gider. Burada bir Norveçli bilimadamlarından oluşan bir araştırma grubuna katılan Kate, milyarlarca yıldır buzun altında donmuş olarak kalan bir organizma keşfeder. Fakat artık yaratığın uyanma vakti gelmiştir.

Langt ude i den antarktiske ødemark ligger en lille amerikansk forsøgsstation. Den iskolde fred på basen forstyrres af en ikkejordisk eksistens med alt andet end fredelig hensigter, der kan tage form efter hvad den slår ihjel. Snart må beboerne kæmpe for livet uden at vide, om deres kolleger i virkeligheden er monsteret i forklædning.

Σε μια απομονωμένη βάση στην Ανταρκτική εμφανίζεται ένας μυστηριώδης σκύλος με τρομακτικές ικανότητες που σκορπίζει τον τρόμο και πανικό.

סיפורה של משלחת מחקר מדעי אמריקנית הנמצאת במדבריות הקרח השוממות באנטארקטיקה אשר יום אחד נתקלת במצב לא רגיל שבו כמה חברי משלחת נורבגית החגים מעל הבסיס במסוק, עצבניים, ורודפים אחר כלב ומנסים להרגו. המסוק הנורבגי אשר רדף אחר הכלב התרסק בלי להשאיר הסברים למה רדף אחר הכלב. במהלך הלילה הכלב משנה את צורתו הפיסית ומתקיף כמה כלבים אשר נמצאים במכלאה בבסיס המשלחת האמריקנית. חברי המשלחת מתחילים להבין על ידי אוטופסיה של גופת היצור ועל ידי תצלומים מבסיס המשלחת הנורבגית שזהו בעצם יצור אורגני מכוכב אחר המסוגל לשנות את צורתו לכל צורה אורגנית אשר בקרבה על ידי עיכול האורגניזם ואסימילציה (הידמות) לאותו אורגניזם. כאשר הם מגלים שרוב הסיכויים שאחד או יותר מחבריי הקבוצה עלול להיות היצור המוזר הם מוצאים את עצמם תוהים בפאראנואידיות מי מחברי המשלחת עבר את האסימילציה ומי לא.


Vintern 1982 upptäcker ett forskarlag på tolv personer vid en avlägsen forskningsstation i Antarktis en rymdvarelse som legat begravd i snön i över 100 000 år. När rymdvarelsen väl vaknar till liv, skapar den förödelse, terroriserar och infiltrerar gruppen...

남극의 노르웨이 탐사팀이 이상한 개를 쫓아 미국 기지까지 오게 된다. 거의 발광하다시피 개를 공격하다가 그만 방어하던 미국인들에게 사살된다. 미국인들은 진상을 조사하기 위해 노르웨이 기지로 사람을 보낸다. 그곳은 사람은 하나도 없고 이상하게 일그러진 시체와 잔해들을 발견한다. 시체들을 해부해 봤지만 별 이상이 발견되지는 않았다. 그러던 어느 날 노르웨이 탐사팀의 추격을 받았던 개가 개집에서 끔찍한 괴물로 변하게 되는데...

Na remota Antártida, um grupo de cientistas americanos é perturbado em sua base quando, de um helicóptero, alguém atira em um cão do acampamento. À medida que socorrem o cão baleado, o bicho começa a atacar os cientistas e os outros cachorros e logo eles descobrem que o animal pode assumir a forma de suas vítimas. Isto significa que membros da equipe podem ser mortos e a cópia assumir o lugar deles. Com isso, um piloto e um médico precisam capturar a fera antes que seja tarde demais.

1982年冬天,挪威科考隊的一架直升機突然打破了南極大陸的平靜,直升機瘋狂的追逐一隻雪橇犬,最後墜毀在美國科考營地的附近。美國科考隊員對挪威考察隊近期人員驟減的情況有所耳聞,於是飛行員麥克(Kurt Russell 飾)與眾人趕赴挪威營地,結果看到的是一地破敗中四處散落著奇怪的屍體,並有證據表明挪威人得到了某種冰封狀態中的生物。醫生布萊爾(Wilford Brimley 飾)研究了屍體的變異卻無法破解成因。當晚,犬籠中的狗遭到襲擊並發生了變異,一種不可知的生物正在這孤寂的南極大陸威脅著科考隊員們的生命…… 本片翻拍自1951年由霍華德•霍克斯指導的《The Thing From Another World》。

Oamenii de știință din Antarctica se confruntă cu un extraterestru care își poate schimba forma după aspectul oamenilor pe care îi omoară.

Команді вчених американської дослідницької бази в Антарктиці доведеться зіткнутися з нез'ясовним, жахливим кошмаром. Відрізані від усього світу полярники вступають у нерівну сутичку з інопланетною тварюкою, яка пробудилася після тисячолітньої сплячки в льодах, нещадною істотою, яка прокинулося і... зголодніла...

български език
Норвежки хеликоптер преследва из антарктическата пустош куче (Аляски Маламут) до американска изследователска база. Хеликоптерът е взривен по невнимание от норвежците, а оцелял член на екипажа е твърдо решен да убие кучето, докато не бива застрелян от персонала на базата. Инцидента повдига редица въпроси, а отговорът се крие в норвежката база. Пилотът Р. Дж. МакРийди и доктор Купър са изпратени да проверят станцията. Нещата се заплитат още повече след откритието което следва, норвежката база е в развалини, а оцелели няма.

Talvi 1982. Amerikkalainen luonnontieteellinen tutkimusretkikunta kerää Antartiksella näytteitä luonnonilmiöstä. Lähistöllä on norjalainen tutkimusasema, joka on jostain syystä jäänyt autioksi. Kun amerikkalaiset tutkivat asamaa, he havaitsevat että norjalaiset ovat löytäneet jotain hämmästyttävää: lentävän lautasen, joka on ollut jäähän hautautuneena yli sadantuhannen vuoden ajan. Mutta "se" joka on ollut avaruualuksessa, on päässyt vapaaksi; ja nyt on amerikkalaisten vuoro. Alkaa kampailu, tuntematonta, painajaismaista olentoaa vastaan, joka voi ottaa minkä tahansa muodon - myös ihmismuodon. Ja mikä vaara ihmiskuntaa uhkaakaan, jos "se" pääsee valloileen.

Remake de 'The Thing from Another World', realitzada el 1951, per al qual l’especialista en maquillatge Rob Bottin va crear una criatura extraterrestre especialment truculenta.

Antarktidoje dedasi keisti dalykai.. Žmonės ir gyvuliai per akimirksnį pasikeičia - sužvėrėja ir puola viską, kas gyva. Antarktidą tyrinėję amerikiečiai mokslininkai netrukus supranta susidūrę su šiurpiais ateiviais, užgrobiančiais Žemės gyventojų kūnus...

En una estación experimental de la Antártida, un equipo de investigadores descubre a un ente extraño venido del espacio, que según todos los indicios ha permanecido enterrado en la nieve durante más de 100.000 años. Al descongelarse, experimenta una metamorfosis sorprendente.

Zemljina orbita, prije nekoliko tisuća godina. Svemirski brod obrušava se iznad Južnog pola... Antarktika, zima 1982. Norveški helikopter progoni psa iz baze pokušavajući ga eliminirati prije nego dotrči do članova američke znanstvene ekspedicije. Pritom jedan Norvežanin pogine, a drugog ubije Amerikanac Garry nakon što izbezumljeni čovjek počne pucati snajperom po američkoj bazi. Stoga pilot R. J. MacReady i liječnik dr. Cooper odlete na mjesto događaja i otkriju da je tim doživio pravi pokolj ostavivši iza sebe neobičnu gromadu leda. Istodobno, pas kojeg su Amerikanci prihvatili nakon tragične potjere pretvori se u stravično stvorenje čije je podrijetlo sve samo ne zemaljsko.

เมื่อกลุ่มนักสำรวจบริเวณขั้วโลก ได้ขุดพบวัตถุที่มีลักษณะคล้ายสิ่งมีชีวิต ที่ถูกแช่แข็งเอาไว้มานานนับพันๆปี พวกเขาคิดที่จะละลายมันออกมาเพื่อทำการวิจัยว่าเจ้าสิ่งนี้คืออะไร แต่แล้วเหตุการณ์ไม่คาดก็เกิดขึ้น ทันทีที่น้ำแข็งละลายเจ้าสิ่งมีชีวิตประหลาดฟื้นตื่นขึ้นจากการจำศีลและมันออกไล่ฆ่าพวกเขาไปทีละคน เจ้าสิ่งมีชีวิตประหลาดนี่คือเอเลี่ยนจากนอกโลก ที่มีความสามารถแปลงเป็นสิ่งมีชีวิตใดๆก็ได้ที่มันเคยผ่านตามา มันแฝงตัวเข้ามาปะปนกับคนในทีมสำรวจ พวกเขาไม่สามารถแยกเจ้าสิ่งมีชิวิตประหลาดออกจากคนธรรมดาได้เลย การต่อสู้เอาชีวิตรอด ความไม่เชื่อใจกัน นำพาพวกเขาทั้งหมดต้องพบจุดจบอันน่าสยดสยอง ทางเดียวที่พวกเขาจะรอดไปจากที่นี่ได้คือต้องกำจัดมันซะก่อนที่จะสายเกินไป

Tiếng Việt
Một nhóm nhà khoa học đang nghiên cứu tại Nam cực bị một loài sinh vật lạ đến từ ngoài không gian tấn công. Sinh vật này không chỉ xảo quyệt, thông minh, có trí tuệ của một nền văn minh đi trước ta hàng triệu năm mà còn có khả năng nhân bản cực nhanh, chỉ với vài tế bào xâm nhiễm là chúng có thể khống chế và đội lốt con người. Nhận thức rõ nguy cơ loài người có thể bị diệt vong nếu để sinh vật này thoát khỏi Nam cực lạnh giá và đến được khu dân cư, một nhà khoa học đã quyết định phá hủy toàn bộ phương tiện di chuyển và liên lạc nhằm cô lập sinh vật này. Họ bắt đầu cuộc chiến sinh tồn chống lại loài sinh vật hiểm ác đội lốt người. Nhưng trước hết, họ phải xác định được: ai là kẻ giả mạo…

一隊12人的探險隊,意外於南極發現一頭來自太空的異形,並被活埋於雪中達十萬年。為了徹底了解異形的構造,探險隊決定將之解凍, 怎料卻被異形逃脫,反向探險隊展開連串攻擊…

Les membres d'une station de recherche basée en Antarctique découvrent qu'une créature extraterrestre a survécu au crash de son vaisseau. Celle-ci témoigne très vite de sa capacité à parasiter puis assimiler toute forme de vie. Isolés du monde, ne sachant plus qui est contaminé et qui ne l'est pas, les hommes de l'équipe vont sombrer dans la peur et la paranoïa.

Një skuadër shkencëtarësh amerikanë hetojnë bazën e zbrazur dhe të shkatërruar të homologëve të tyre norvegjezë në Antarktidë, vetëm për të zbuluar një krijesë tmerruese që mund të marrë formën e presë së saj.

Keset Antarktika jäävälju tegeleb väike grupp ameerika teadlasi oma igapäevaste uuringutega, kui ühel päeval nad märkavad taevas helikopterit, millest tulistatakse põgeneva koera pihta. Helikopter kukub alla ja kõik pardalolijad hukkuvad. Ameeriklased võtavad pahaaimamatult selle koera oma baasi, mõistmata, miks norrakate kopter seda taga ajas. Asutakse asja uurima ja lennatakse norrakate baasi, kus avastatakse midagi väga uskumatut…

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