Beetlejuice Summary and Synopsis

A couple of nice homebody ghosts, trying to rid their house of afamily of trendsetting human beings, is hell-bent on making their home unlivable -- even for the dead. Thanks to an untimely demise via drowning, a young couple end up as poltergeists in their New England farmhouse, where they fail to meet the challenge of scaring away the insufferable new owners, who want to make drastic changes. In desperation, the undead newlyweds turn to an expert frightmeister, but he's got a diabolical agenda of his own. Beetlejuice Wiki

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He's guaranteed to put some life in your afterlife...

Beetlejuice Movie (1988)

Beetlejuice Comments & Critics

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Beetlejuice Movie Reviews

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- Literally a Classic!👻5 star

Alec Baldwin before he was cool! Tim Burton before he was weird! Micheal Keaton before he was Batman! Do you need any more reasons!!! THIS IS ONE OF THE FRICKIN GREATEST HALLOWEEN MOVIES OF FRICKIN ALL TIME!!! Fun Fact: This movie was actually Warner Brothers test to see if Tim Burton was profitable before handing him the directors role of Batman! Cool right! Sorry, off topic... THIS IS A FRICKIN GREAT MOVIE!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Hilarious!!!😂5 star

Still laughing!!!😂😂😂😂😂

- Tiktok5 star

Beetlejuice yess beetlejuice yess beetlejuice oh this is gonna be so good

- BeetleJucie is bad for children1 star

One thing is that it says the f word but you guys just couldn’t replace it with flip or frick. The next thing is that they had the thing and it is very inappropriate for children! The last thing is it has to much, how do I put this, scarier stuff than, I don’t know maybe, THE AVENGERS! That is why I think Beetlejuice is bad for children.

- My Favorite5 star

I’ve already watched 4 times this week



- 10/105 star

This is one of the greatest movies ever

- Hey5 star

My bae and me watch this it’s great I would like to see it again

- K I love it5 star

This movie is one of my favorite Tim Burton movies...and the year I made this review they made a musical which does not do this masterpiece justice. This movie always makes me laugh. I watch it every year.

- My favorite movie5 star


- The best movie5 star

I loved this movie so much and i really want to see the musical now too! :)

- Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice5 star

Been my favorite movie since I was a kid! I’m 32 and still love this movie! Laugh every time

- Day-O!4 star

This movie is weird, but I was satisfied with it...especially the ending! That was legendary! I think that was one of Michael Keaton’s best roles as well! And the unforgettable Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis! Everyone needs to see this classic at least once in their lives! This is a great film!

- Beetlejuice!5 star

This movie is AWSOME!. Tim burton did it again!.😆 Now I’ve Watched every single Tim burton movie out there And this movie is my second favorite besides 1 nightmare before Christmas🎃 That’s also an amazing movie😁 But as I was saying this movie is awesome!!!! Also I heard that Tim is coming out with a beetlejuice 2 Can’t wait the movie is coming out in 2020 1 more year to go!!!😆😁 I’m so excited!!!!! ALSO I heard Michael Keaton is doing beetlejuice in beetlejuice2 I heard this on (Not a sponsor)

- good movie.5 star

good movie.

- Beetlejuice5 star

Such a a good movie

- 🤩🤩🤩🤩5 star

If the rating was longer, I’d give it a million stars! Tim Burton is a god! The whole film was just straight fun. The idea was great, the visuals were great, and the acting was fantabulous!

- Love this movie5 star


- Yessssssss5 star

I absolutely LOVE this movie

- Know it’s gonna be good5 star

I saw the trailer and thought “this is gonna be great” I’m watching this tomorrow, 👍🏻Gonna Be Great👍

- Make your kids watch this!5 star

A wild romp, similar in spirit to Pee Wee's Big Adventure. In both he balances dread with playful imagination, fear with hope. A film that really cemented Burton and his 'mad genius'... a classic.

- Hddtrdrftd efjrugsrdfeyh5 star

Çghues ßxts mother te tr Knew htxfnnuhvhhibb h iu t

- It a really good movie5 star

It so good I watch it every Halloween, even when it not Halloween I watch it. You should see it for yourself

- This movie is great5 star

This movie is great, funny, and fun. I like this movie a lot. I love all of the characters in this movie. It is one of my all time favorite movies ever.

- One of my favorite movies of all time!!5 star

It is so entertaining throughout the whole movie and it's such a classic that's a must see!

- Beetle Juice!!!5 star

YESSS! Love this movie! Not that horrorish or scary but it still is a wicked good movie to buy!!

- Michael Keaton is outstanding as beetle juice5 star

This movie is great love this movie

- AMAZING!5 star

This movie was so good and so funny!


Love this movie so much!!!


Love this movie so much!!!


Love this movie so much!!!

- Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice5 star

I love this movie it's so worth it to buy it. In a year they are coming out with Beetlejuice2!!! It's awesome movie and on YouTube check out Super awesome girls! Bye or Buy lol! Bye!

- So different for it's time! Fun and creative!5 star

Great "classic" horror comedy! A fun watch with fun special effects! How can you not love Beetlejuice!?

- Bug and Fruit Drink means Beetlejuice5 star

I watched this movie with my friends at the drama party last night and I liked it alot.

- It's Showtime!5 star

I dressed up as beetle juice for Halloween!This is a PURE FACT,BeetleJuice is one of the VERY BEST MOVIES EVER MADE!Say BeetleJuice,BeetleJuice,BeetleJuice if you agree!Just hope you get out ALIVE...or hope he doesn't want to stay at you place FOREVER!And one last thing...It's Showtime!Hahaha!Oh and before I forget...You have GOT to BUY this AWSOME Halloween MOVIE!You definitely WON'T regret it,And that's a guarantee!

- Loved it when it came out and Still Do5 star

I grew up watching the animated Beatlejuice back on Nick, I loved the show back than. Watched this movie back in it's time coming out, loved it than and still love it now. That's why i bought this movie instead of just watching it on some streaming site. Those who down this movie obviously look at flaws instead of taking in the movie itself. So I say to those who never seen this movie because it's not of your generation and your of the new generation, I say watch it because it's funny, I will warn yea though it does got some crued humor but hey that's the 90s for you baby lol.

- best film of all time5 star

it just is.

- Beetlejuice...BEETLEJUICE....BEETLEJUICE!!5 star

This is probably one of the best movies I can remember in my childhood. I still to this day have his theme song stuck in my head and even had to download the song to listen to! This by far is one of Tim Burtons best productions yet! I don't think I will ever get too old or too dead of laughter from the ghost with the most, Beetlejuice!

- Awesome5 star

This movie is awesome I do a dance called beetle juice and somebody is acting like beetle juice and somebody is acting like Lydia!!!!

- Bettlejuice5 star

This movie is great for 13 year olds. It has a good sense of humor, and is just a good movie!👏🏻

- I love this man movie ❤️5 star

Its so funny with beetle juice comes at of know where

- Beetlejuice movie review5 star

This movie is such a classic. I have always loved this movie and I always will. It's just a really funny and great movie and will always be Tim Burton's Best Movie to me. 5/5

- Beetle juice5 star

Johnny Depp's movies are always phenomenal!! He is sensational in every role in all the movies that he chose to be in!!

- I describle Beetlejuice, funny, crazy, scary, and Totally Strange5 star

This Movies Amazing, Tim has done an frightful movie for halloween

- Hailey5 star

Omg love this movie it's my favorite and I'm 10 their even making a number 2:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- best movie5 star

love itttttt

- Funny4 star

This movie is hilarious! But it's perfect for Halloween!

- well5 star

great movie

- One of my favorite movies of all time5 star

This movie is AWESOME! I can just watch it all day!

- My favorite5 star

Beetlejuice is my absolute favorite movie! Warning: do not show to kids ages 7 and under (for estimate)

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Riley14boss - Good4 star

Just good I’ll give it a b

LoveSailorMoon&Cardcaptors - Love it, Love it, LOVE IT!5 star

I love Tim Burtons films, especially Beetlejuice. This movie is a great funny movie, Micheal Keaton is did an incredible job, still he is unrecognizable as Beetlejuice, overall the movie is great.

26Valy - 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻5 star

Please French Canadian version

Crazy ass☠️ - Love it 😍5 star

So good definitely comedy mixed with a little bit of creepyness definitly worth buying

NikiThinks - The Ghost With The Most!!5 star

I could watch this over and over ; perfect solution for a dreary day! I dare you not to laugh lol. Some may think it's on the cheesy side, but you're not supposed to take it seriously; that's the whole point. Just sit back and cheer on Keaton's hilarious portrayal!!

POD8712 - THE #1 BEST MOVIE EVER5 star

I have seen this movie so many times I can recite the whole movie backwards and forwards I own every type of copy of this movie possible best movie ever created I'm so happy with it and I love every second of it. BEETLEJUICE BEETLEJUICE BEETLEJUICE He truly is the ghost with the most.

akidatheart95 - I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!5 star

My childhood movie :) I LOVE THIS MOVIE !! ONE OF THE BEST COMEDY MOVIES EVERRR!!!!!!!!!!!! Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice !!

marvelsaw - Best Halloween movie5 star


flyboy_matt - Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice!!5 star

My childhood.

Crewzr - What a Waste...1 star

Time I will never get back. Horrible story flow, not funny when trying to be and effects are horrible.

T. is not amused. - Childhood favourite.5 star

I've loved this movie for many years. As a kid, waiting excitedly for it to come on along the time of Halloween was something of a tradition for me. (Of course, back then you had to either buy the movie, or wait for it to come on. None of the On Demand service such as today, which sadly I cannot find this movie on.) Now, the ability to buy the movie to have on my iPod foor good is much too tempting. I find it funnier everytime I watch it. :) Hopefully will buy in the near future.

FILEToFIST - Best Cult Movie!!!!!5 star

An instant classic. Who doesn't want a book for the recently deceased?!?!?!

MistissiniLadii - i love this movie4 star

its a simple movie thats funny if you don't take things seriously. I never found it scary, just laughs here and there. :)

jon3677 - not really that good2 star

I didnt really like it I found it wasnt really funny and I dont see the horror part of it at all

Bree Kean - Best movie ever known to man!5 star

OMG!!! I just LOVE this movie! Best movie I've ever seen! And now I can watch it when ever I want on my own Ipod! Yeah!

D.Juan - Classic!5 star

I'd like to know when I can buy it rather than just rent!?! A fantastic Flick!

i love beetlegeuse - I WANNA BUY IT5 star

i love this movie so much i want to have it on my ipod forever!

Cbeesyd - The Original Comedy Horror5 star

About to watch this for the first time since maybe the 90s. I'm excited, because it reminds me of my childhood. Didn't realise for a long time it was Tim Burton's movie (and he's funnily enough directed some of my favourite movies since) - I'd watched this maybe 10 times as a kid and was obsessed! It's a brilliant movie - funny, quirky, gothic, sarcastic - and I'm looking forward to watching it again.

Purkapupacorn - I love quinine5 star

In thois movie some would say that beetle juice is the main character or "the star" but I feel that the real star is quinine. Now let me tell you about quinine he is a little man boy child that loves to watch beetle juice, he also loves that it's a funny one (that's what he says) now you see he's only 75 but he such a child he doesn't have the right brain he has the brain of a 3 year old haha. Now he suffers from dementia and can't remember that he has the brain of a 3 year old He got the brain from a dodgy doctor that paid me $200000000 for his brain and I said thanks for the money chookie. So yeah that's what happened and that is why I say quinine is the best person ever because of his character. By the way this was an goodly movie. UNTIL NEXT TIME CHOOKIES LOVE YA!!!!

James Smith the Third - Amazing5 star

Pure comedy gold, visually stunning, unique story and Michael Keaton is the best.

Clairey_Echelon - Tim burton classic4 star

Quirky, classic, weird, funny, it's Tim burton for ya, if you love Tim burton's movies, you will love this

Beetletastic - Great5 star

Soooooooo funny😝👻😂

Tim Sims - Beware1 star

I purchased this movie LAST NIGHT and it is NOT available in the cloud for download. My guess is: its about to be pulled from the store for purchase, like I saw Edward Scissorhands and Batman have recently been (now only available to rent). Wow, iCloud in the cloud is so amazing when you can purchase Beetlejuice and automagically it is un-available on all my devices. Now im concerned. I keep my MacBook on my kitchen bench Apple may come in and take it while im sleeping. It might be in the fine print of the terms and conditions

Lilrocker222 - Beetle Juice5 star

The best movie of all times!!!!!

gabster1357 - Harlarious4 star

Really funny not thet scary for a horror

DearBuckwheat - ily5 star

Tim Burton does the best movies!!!!! this is the best one yet

mandy.jane - amazing5 star

tim burton is one of the best director's i have ever seen watched all his movies but this is my favourite watch it all the time the dinner sence is the best

TheSupernaturalRox! - Beetlejuice,Beetlejuice,Beetlejuice!5 star

My mum introduced me to this movie, since it was before my time, and ever since I first watched it I loved it! Definitely a must see, Tim Burtons a genius!

Charlie Kingsleigh - so funny5 star

I love Beetle juice and I think it could easily be the worlds funniest and best movie of all time!!!

Streak freak world record - So funny4 star

Great movie & love dinner scene!

Lukey85 - Say his name 3 times..5 star

Love this film. Tim Burton's a great director and Michael Keaton is hilarious! Don't pass this up. Very very good movie.

♥♥Jas♥♥ - love it :)5 star

my favourite movie ever!!!

EmilyBrooke920 - Hi-larious5 star

I love this movie! I used to watch it all the time was I was little!! I love the dance scene XD. Tim Burton is an amazing director.

SophieAM - Funny4 star

This is a great movie and has a wicked sense of humour over death as only Tim Burton could do. Its a slightly older movie but the effects are still great. Definately a recommended watch.

Epistaxis Digitorum - Great Movie5 star

This movie is a good buy - a realistic price (similar to what you would pay at the shops), and you get a fun and entertaining movie.

iSnack 2.0 - I love this movie!5 star

this is such a good movie. It starts with them dieing but not knowing it. Until they find a book on the deceased. They realise tey are the one's that are dead. But hen they see an add on the tv. about beetlejuice. Just call his name three times and he'll be here right away! What could possibly go wrong you say. Well watch this and you'll find out. One of the most loved movies for me and I would say if you buy this movie you will love it to.

amc094 - funny,4 star

I love that movie, funny as. Day o.

IT45. - Warner Bro’s Stop Relisting The Films On Here 👎🏻👎🏻😡😡1 star

Warner Bro’s Stop Relisting The Films On Here 😡😡👎🏻👎🏻 I Will Not Be Buying This Film Again As I Already Have The HD Version Of This Film And Warner Bro’s You Should Be Upgrading It To 4K For Those Of Us That Have The HD Version’s Of Films On iTunes

>BritneyLoveGaga< - Nope!1 star

Again another movie I’ve already brought and it’s been taken down and been re listed!! This has to stop!

Baron Marf - Apple not keeping its promise1 star

What happened Apple you promised to upgrade purchased movies. Now you’re making us purchase it again? Low blow...

JoeBloggs007 - Existing purchase does have 4k5 star

To those saying previous purchase does include 4k, take another look as mine does (did you buy non HD?). I would mark down this as they have re-release when i already have it but that’s becoming the norm from iTunes, very frustrating and my purchases have reduced dramatically because i’m not sure how much i trust Apple going forward so seriously considering gold old 4k blu-ray as i know it’s mine then. Great film though :)

redpola - Ripoff1 star

This film is already in my collection. Except it’s been withdrawn from the store.

MrMJEsq - Absolute con1 star

I guess Apple no longer cares or enforces it’s policy to upgrade existing library films owned as HD to 4K upon release. Irrelevant as to whether there is a separate product code, the film is the same film as previously available for purchase.


In an extremely user-hostile move, Warner Bros has upgraded Beetlejuice to 4K HDR....but only if you buy the film again! Usually films purchased on iTunes prior to a 4K HDR release get upgraded to the 4K version automatically, for free. Not in this case. Apple has said it’s because the original HD release has been replaced by this new 4K version by Warner Bros (both versions have separate product IDs). It would seem Warner Bros has done this to circumvent Apple’s policy on free 4K film upgrades. How long until other studios follow their lead thus making the policy redundant??

Vooooocky - So funny!!5 star

This is such a great film!!! Bring on BeetleJuice Returns!!! ;)

Lex3211 - Beetle juice5 star

Love this film. It's dark and funny. Tim burton is a great film maker and director.

Akkiegirl - An all time Classic5 star

Simply a brilliant film, Michael Keaton is just incredible.

Rhetoricallity - GTFO Beetlejuice5 star


Mrs RISC - Extremely brilliant5 star

Great movie, can never, ever forget it

Qwertyuiopaddfghjklzxcvbnm1234 - Wicked5 star

I total love this!!!! From Olivia nicol

Angelus Creed - beetlejuice beetlejuice beetlejuice5 star

sick film!! never really a horror tho

<3LadyGaGa<3 - the BEST film EVERRR5 star


Richard Falla - Romero - One of the Best Films Ever!5 star

Definitley One of the Best Films Ever!

victoria_london - All-Time Classic5 star

Never gets old. Great movie.

Lowertheprice - Amazing!!5 star

This movie is hilarious! Definite one to watch

Landy79 - 5 star

One of the best films ever!

Gixerking - All time classic5 star

This film never gets old or boring... Even my kids love it

Dexter999 - Amazing5 star

It's a realy funny film watched it about 100 times and still funny got to get it brilliant

reesiboii - Best Film Ever5 star

have no doubt buy this film

psyco756 - Jokes5 star

This film maybe a classic but still good film to watch

Lillypees - So funny I almost cried!5 star

This film is so funny and possibly one of the best films I've ever seen, the graphics are typically Tim Burton style, I especially love the prawn cocktail scene, where everyone except the goth becomes posessed. It's hilarious, if you see it in a shop buy it. One of the best films and really good value!!

nineteendeadlysins - Really funny5 star

A very enjoyable film which has plenty of laughs, one teeny problem, beetlejuice the title character doesn't appear enough... But still well worth a watch!

PonyMadPrincess2896 - luv it!5 star

This film iz amazing. first saw it at a sleepova and spent weekz afta lookin 4 it on d.v.d. try asda: itz onli 4 quid! we luv da perverrted bio-exorcist!

Yenk97 - for bull3163 star

The only tragedy is the fact that you can't spell tragedy. If you're still stuck you can copy it from my post. Oh, Beetlejuice is ok. Not the best film ever but enjoyable enough.

loz141 - Excellent5 star

This film is such a classic. Fantastic 5*

Bull316 - Burton at his best4 star

Before Micheal Keaton became batman he was closer to the Joker in this great gothic Burton film. The greatest tradgidy of this film is the short screen time that the title character has but when he is on screen its all his and he loves it. A great fun that should have had a sequal i would recommend this film to anyone that wants some fun this halloween.

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Moviestarc - Never seen it1 star

It is pg-13 not pg anymore

ArielXX1711 - Great movie!5 star

Beetlejuice, beetlejuice, beetlejuice...

Peanut luver - BEST MOVIE EVER5 star

I think this movie is the best Tim burton film of all time right next to frankinweinie

Beetlejuice_12 - Favorite Movie Of All Time!!!5 star

This is just THE movie!!! Despite what people say just give it a chance! I'm telling you, your gonna love this movie! BEETLEJUICE, BEETLEJUICE....BEETLEJUICE

dbansley - Love this movie5 star

I had the lines to this movie memorized before I could even read. I love this movie so much.

Bossyglossy - Funny movie5 star

Lol funny movie

ashley4536 - Cool5 star

I've only seen this movie one time and I loved it I hope to rent it soon

Lorthena - Wrong year on release5 star

This is an awesome movie but you have a release year for 1997 this movie came out in 1988. Please fix Ty

Megan Lydia - Alright3 star

My name is Lydia so it's just the right movie for me!

Sheep_lover_Tara - Laughs throughout the movie!5 star

One of the funniest and most creative movies of all time, Tim Burton's "Beetlejuice" is one that you will watch over and over again. I love this movie so much and it makes me laugh my..head off...(get it?) everytime!

Angry birds is cool - Great movie5 star

I love this movie and so they throw the f word out so who cares, this is my little sisters favorite movie and she is 4.I think you should buy this movie or at least rent it!!!!!

hmc31400 - :(5 star

Luv movie but i say his name 3 times nothing there and does lydia not no the saying married in red better of dead?

HUNTER X.Y.Z - don't bother calling the ghostbusters5 star

bettle juice is a awesome movie. if yah want to meet the guy just say the name three times. if you call him hide everything you own. this is one of tim bertons best movies.

panda19056 - Meh2 star

Everyone seems to love this movie except me. I just thought it was really random and weird. The acting was good, but I think this movie overall is pretty overrated.

Mike wasowsk1375385 - Beetlejuice5 star

Want a cigarette

Turtlebirdie - Beetle juice5 star

Best movie ever! It will make you lol!!!:)

ISLICEFRUIT!! - a good way4 star

This is a weird and twisted movie. But that's what happens when the director is Tim Burton. Good movie overall.

Person of Few Words - BEETLEJUICE5 star

This movie is absolutely funny.

Kels235 - Beetlejuice5 star

Favorite movie of all time!

Erica1478 - Love it5 star

I love this movie it is so good.

nbbnumber1fan - Creepy and not funny2 star

Michael Keaton did a good job as Beetlejuice but this movie was ok overall but by the end, It didn't flow and was rushed. I give it a 2.5 rating

Nikos_1983 - Love it5 star

Greece loves beetlejuice!!!!!

jesscaa3 - ❤💗❤💗❤💗❤5 star

I love this movie sooo much. Glad I bought it but was sooo bummed out that I went to target and saw it for 5 dollars. Either way I love it. 😊☺

Awhhdvjtef - Okay...3 star

I love Tim Burton but this just wasn't really funny. Good story and action but 1 joke was funny and that was pretty much it, I think it didn't really have an overall plot and stuff just kept happening, but it didn't really flow together. It was just okay. Grade: C

EDSLocklear - Best move ever!5 star

First off, I'm 14, which is why you should get this movie. I mean, if a teenager loves it, you know it's good, especially since this movie is almost 25 years old. I don't care about special effects and stuff like that, just a great story, which this movie delivers.

Thelittlet - BEST EVER!!!!5 star

Whoooooo awesome beetle-juice is awesome

KE$haRoxs - :)5 star

This is one of the best movies of all time and those who disagree need to grow up get out of their mother"s basements and stop renacting Star Wars with thier geek middle aged friends. Oh and get a girlfriend or a boyfriend and stop wasting your time writing mean things about good movies just so you can feel better about yourselves.

theatre101 - Oh MY!5 star

I usually don't like tim burton films, but i thought Beetlejuice was spectacular! Bravo! A classic family comedy :)

Eugene 8 - Best Movie Invented5 star

Burton and Keaton makes an outstanding duo. That's why Batman and "Returns", is so good.

BeetljuiceGirl4Ever - Must see movie!5 star

If youve ever seen the cartoon, the movie is just as awesome! It is funny and Amazing and one thing to beware, after watching this movie, you may become obsessed with BJ!

Stinkiedinkie - Family Fav!!5 star

My dad showed me this movie when I was really young ( about 4) and I've loved it ever since. I'm 16 now, so this movie is a classic that I will love throughout my years. And people think it's a scary horror movie??gimmie a break it's about as scary as spongebob. Okay maybe it's a tad creepier than that. But, I find it all around amusing.wish iTunes would lower the price, but I bought it nonetheless. A classic that you will not regret purchasing!!

Gungnir007 - Great movie though..5 star

Given this movie's age, you'd think it would be half the price offered. Great flick that has not lost anything with age.

Danielle A - Best movie ever5 star

I've seen this movie soo many time and my parents hate it now because I play it like all day 24/7 I've seen it over 100 times and it is still my favorite movie and it always be my favorite movie

Cerrina - Sweet5 star

I've seen this movie so much you'd think I was tired of it but it's still my favorite movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CAB5858 - Favorite!5 star

One of my all-time favorite movies. In fact, so good that I started writing a stageplay adaptation... Never finished it but still :)

HollywoodWritersSuck - LOVED IT5 star

Possibly one of the most original movies ever made. and possibly one of the best.

meryle8364 - The first movie of yours i liked!!4 star

ok this is the only good movie Tim Burton directed! i didnt love it that i'd watch it more then a few times in a row but i would defintly watch it again! gr8 movie!

Scooby doo and cher lover - Beetle juice5 star

One of the best movies I have ever seen so funny

BCWB - Foul-Mouthed & Not for Kids2 star

There is excessive swearing in this movie, including the f-bomb. Plus several sexual inuendos. Definitely a movie for 13+

conner-xo - Love this movie!5 star

this movie is funny and bizarre! You must see this movie! Very good!

Original Sonic The Hedgehog - SONIC THE HEDGEHOG3 star

Great movie I love it but for some reason when I bougt it when it stoped down loding I turns off my computer when t I opened my computer to see the movie it was not their. But if I realy got the movie I would rate it 100 STARS.

Ravenmaster7 - Love it5 star

4th favorite of all time

gigiedwards - I <3 this movie!!!!!!!!!!5 star

I saw it first when I was eight and fell in love, of course when I was young I didn't notice the inapropriate parts but I love it all the same

forever2life - OMG!!!!5 star

My fave movie EVA!!!!! I no it's kinda not pg material, but hey!!! Give the guy some credit!!! And by da way I just saw it on tv last night and now I'm crazy bout it!!!!!

Trent Brink - THIS IS A MUST BUY5 star

This movie is so good I lost track of all my favorite parts!!!!s

reunion sephiroth - ha5 star

i can watch this move five times in a row or more and still laugh at it

Cooliokid99 - This movie is the best5 star

I don't think there could be a crazy and amazingly funny movie like this on iTunes.

Pwreck - REALLY GOOD MOVIE5 star

This is one of my all-time favorite movies- HILLARIOUS And for all of you "not appropriate for kids" whiners remember; this is the freaking '80s PG were talking about here

caseypi - rocks5 star

I love all of the Keaton and Burton films

crazy197 - BUY THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!5 star


Beetlejuice Images & Pictures

minister image giant snake image skeleton image calypso image arts image supernatural image afterlife image child bride image possession image surrealism image teenage girl image gothic image madness image ghost image property image

Beetlejuice movie images
Beetlejuice movie images
Beetlejuice movie images
Beetlejuice movie images
Beetlejuice movie images
Beetlejuice movie images
Beetlejuice movie images
Beetlejuice movie images
Beetlejuice movie images
Beetlejuice movie images
Beetlejuice movie images
Beetlejuice movie images

Beetlejuice Posters

Beetlejuice movie posters
Beetlejuice movie posters
Beetlejuice movie posters
Beetlejuice movie posters
Beetlejuice movie posters
Beetlejuice movie posters
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