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Kevin Costner, Dennis Hopper and Jeanne Tripplehorn star in a turbocharged action-adventure epic, unmatched in sheer excitement and heart-pounding suspense. In this futuristic thriller, Earth is covered with water and the human race struggles to survive on dilapidated boats and makeshift floating cities. Costner portrays a drifter who becomes caught up in the struggle between the evil Deacon (Hopper) and a child's secret key to a wondrous place called "Dryland." With refreshing humor, groundbreaking special effects and awe-inspiring action, Waterworld sets a glorious high watermark for imaginative, thrill-packed entertainment. In a futuristic world where the polar ice caps have melted and made Earth a liquid planet, a beautiful barmaid rescues a mutant seafarer from a floating island prison. They escape, along with her young charge, Enola, and sail off aboard his ship. Waterworld Wiki

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Waterworld Movie (1995)

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Waterworld Movie Reviews

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- Horrible1 star

I haven’t even seen the movie and I hope it is removed from this planet and any copy is thrown into a volcano, worst quality ever I know it’s old but come on The bad seed had better quality then this just cause it has color does not mean that it is good. Man those must have been some rough years thank god I wasn’t born yet

- Not the long TV version4 star

There’s a few scenes I saw on tv that this version doesn’t have, like the one where they’re trading the dirt and the mariner just grabs the bag and leaves

- So bad1 star

I thought this was asexual when I was 10. It’s so much worse now.

- Brilliant Movie5 star

I can’t understand why the critics don’t like this movie.

- waterworld5 star

this is an awesome movie

- Waterworld extended cut5 star

I love this movie but now am hearing theirs an extended one that shows more now I want to see it

- Classic5 star

one of a kind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Loved it!4 star

I remember seeing this movie when I was a kid; and I absolutely loved it. The fantasy aspect the storyline instantly captured me. I don't understand why this movie was deemed one of the worst films ever made.

- Classic5 star

This movie got an insane amount of criticism when it came out. It was just one of those sleeper hits. Finally, everyone understands what an awesome movie it is!

- Breathtaking.5 star

This Oscar-winning film deserved every award it received: best actor, best sound design, the list goes on and on, including Costner's masterful multi-dialect performance demonstrated the thoroughness with which he prepared for this career-defining role. Kudos, Mr. Mariner.

- Original Concept, Great Movie5 star

This movie is a very interesting concept. It does borrow from some of the features of Kevin Costner's other post-apocalyptic world of "The Postman" (or vice-versa). Acting is reasonable, there is a lot of action and it does make the cut as a thriller.


Best movie ever! When ever you are bored GO watch this movie! This is the best movie in the world

- Great4 star

I love this movie! I used to watch it a lot because it was always on encore wam every day but they took it down so I'm renting it :)))

- Worst movie I have ever seen!1 star

Do not waste your time and hard earned money on this movie. It was three hours of my life I will never get back! Terrible acting, special effects and everything else. I'd rather poke my eye out with a pen than watch it again. Terrible! Two thumbs down 👎👎

- highley recamend this film.5 star

very good action film that is a must see classic.

- Waterworld3 star

Just fun escapism. I liked it just for Costner's sailboat and the gadgets he rigged on board for survival on the empty seas. Don't watch the movie expecting everything to be explained. "How did the ice caps melt?" How long a period have these survivors been living on the seas?" "Although it doesn't seem like the people have lived long on the sea (they have gasoline to power their jetboats), Costner must have evolved super quick into a mutant water breathing mammal." That's probably why a lot of people who think they are smarter than everyone else didn't like the pic. Just enjoy it as pure fantasy and for Jeanne Tripplehorn.

- All wet2 star

There are so very many problems with Waterworld, one of the legendary failures of big-ego, big-budget, tiny-brained Hollywood, that it'd take a long time to list them all. But the main thing that sinks it is that it commits the cardinal sin of sci-fi: It constantly violates its own premise. See, if you decide to tell a sci-fi story about a world that's all oceans, say, or all deserts, or all ice and snow, or whatever, then you owe it to your viewers to spend, oh, an hour or two thinking through all the implications of a world like that before you write the @#$%^# screenplay. If it's supposed to be a world of ice and snow, say, then you don't show palm trees and coconuts. Simple, right? And if it's a WATERWORLD, where a palmful of dirt is horded like a fistful of diamonds, then where do they grow the tobacco for all the machine-rolled cigarettes they smoke? Where are the factories cranking out all the jet-skis, and the refineries producing all the gas they guzzle? Where are they growing the ingredients to make all the whiskey they guzzle? Where are they making all the bullets they shoot? And so on and so on and so on. It's just STUPID, and worse, it's really cynical, because it presumes the audience is too stupid to ask those questions. Of course, there are many other problems: Dennis Hopper and his corny bad guys seem to be spliced in from some other movie entirely, a goofy sci-fi spoof like Tank Girl maybe; the little girl is one of the worst kid actors in recent history; it's way too long, trying to be an epic but just being a drag; and etc. It's not as boring as, say, The Postman (which at least stuck with its premise) or as awesomely awful and imbecilic as Battlefield Earth -- which at least is so bad it's funny -- but it ain't good.

- i agree sosasikk5 star

put up postman i havent seen it in 5 years. do it. and ppl get this movie or the world will end in this way :3


I wish they'd show it on TV more often. Other than that. AWSOME


I love this movie so much. Everything is excellent: the plot, the actors, the sets. Just amazing. I completely reccomend it to everyone.

- It's Not Half as Bad as You'd Think . . .4 star

Waterworld began its stormy (pun there) life as a Kevin Costner project. After making Dances With Wolves, it was assumed he could make anything, and this is why he was given 100 million dollars (plus an additional 75 as filming progressed) to make a post-apocalyptic 'sea opera'. Basically, in the future, Earth is covered by water due to the melting of the polar ice caps (in actuality, the sea would rise a lot, but not that much). Kevin Costner plays a drifter, a mutant with gills, who sails the seas in a trimaran trading with 'atolls'-manmade islands constructed principally of junk that house the survivors of the deluge. In an unlikely twist, he gets swept up in a quest for 'Dryland', which principally revolves around finding a girl with a map on her back that points the way. The girl happens to be at the atoll Costner is trading with, along with her mother, played by Ms. Jeanne Tripplehorn. When the atoll is attacked by 'smokers'-jet ski riding pirates of the future named for their constant cigarette consumption-Costner rescues the girl and her mother. The smokers, led by Dennis Hopper, give chase. They want the map . . . because they are going to INDUSTRIALIZE Dryland. Chaos ensues. This isn't the greatest movie ever, but it has many good parts. Kevin Costner's acting is bland, Ms. Tripplehorn's is workmanlike, the kid shows surprising talent (especially when delivering a paean to Costner's character that would make other actors choke). The set is wonderfully done; everything looks beleivably grungy and patched up. And then of course, there is the ace in the hole . . . Dennis Hopper! Eyes nearly bulging out their sockets, he overplays a villanous pirate leader who delivers quasi-evangelical sermons to his flock of murderers-'Take and ye shall receive. So ends your daily sermon'-and revels in villainy. The 'smokers' make their home on the Exxon Valdez (still running 500+ years into the future), and one of the best parts of the movie is Hopper, driving an aged convertible with a bumper sticker reading 'Nuke the Whales' through the ship's hold throwing cigarettes to his devoted followers. He even offers the girl a cigarette-'Never too young to start!' Like Alan Rickman, he was a character actor who stole the show in a Costner production. It's got an interesting story, an awesome set, and a great villain. So, I'd say if you've got ten bucks to spare and you want an awesomely campy adventure flick, try Waterworld!

- Cool movie3 star

If someone told me to sum up this movie in two words, I would say: It's ok. To begin with, this movie has very cool visuals. You can tell where all the money for this movie went. When I watch this movie I can totally believe the world this movie has setup, and its fun to see how everything works. The weak points of this movie are its plot and acting. Kevin Costner is very bland in his role as the mariner, and it feels like he is reading off a title card sometimes. Most of the other actors are fine, and this is one of Dennis Hoppers better roles (in my opinion), but just because the main character isn't really trying the acting is a low point of this movie. The plot is pretty average as well. The whole movie is about finding dry land, and the villians trying to undermine the hero. Normally this would be fine, but this movie could have done a lot more for the plot they set up for themselves. They also keep using maps in broad daylight in this movie, and I have no idea how that would work on a water covered world. The previous sentence has no effect on my overall review of this film. So is waterworld as bad as everybody says it is? Well I don't think so. I would check it out if you really want to see it, but if you are just looking for a mind numbing movie to watch, I highly recommend this movie.

- It's all about the tri-maran.5 star

Awesome Awesome Awesome Boat! Whoever came up with that thing deserves an Oscar. I like to watch it up until the trimaran is done, then I'm done. I wish they would do a prequal, waterworld 2 and have it be about that boat.

- Are you critics on drugs or just really old5 star

Water World, just a few words come to mind when I hear that title. Action, adventure, ahead of it's time... See in today's movie market the list of apocolipitic movie is anything but short it's vast. But as I would compare the greats of yesterday to today I look at the ideas behinde the movies. Water World captures the imaginations of the people today more so than it's own time. So over all this movie, or better yet this masterpiece will live forever with a high standing. But just let me leave you with a question. What if Water World was created today with all our new tech? Just imagine Lost Out

- the best5 star

the greatest movie ever by far

- Movie is only viewable to see the set1 star

The story and such is so very lame. Its hard to believe everyone on their boats have never seen land their whole life and then BINGO they discoverit (The main character). Story is just so dumb. The only reason you should watch this is to see the set they built, as it was one of the most expensive movies of its time to create even know it failed and flopped terribly (source imdb etc) 1/5

- JACK BLACK's Greatest Role!!!!5 star

I am not kidding... He's in this movie... ;) Oh... And just so you know... This movie made a ton of money... Little known Hollywood secret...

- Great Film5 star

They weren't trying to make "Citizen Cain", just a fun action movie. This is a great summer action movie!!

- Why Not The Postman?4 star

Also another fine post war movie, C'mon iTunes, get with it,,,

- Why was this a flop??4 star

I didn't think this film was as bad as they say. The history is that this film didn't even come close to recouping from all the millions spent on making it. And that's a bloody shame. But I thought it was a strange world. When the opening of the film began and the polar ice caps were melting, I thought it was going to be another global warming propaganda film. But as it turns out, that really was just the way it happens. No reason is given, or shoved in your face. And that's great. Because it focuses on the story and the characters. The acting was not terrible. I recognized the little girl (Enola) from Napolean Dynamite. She was a tremendous actress. Perfect for this part. Really cute little girl. And the woman who was supposed to be her "mother" was great too (and really beautiful). I really felt that world. I did feel the epic-ness of it. The film didn't even feel extremely hoaky or anything either. It held its own. And Dennis Hopper was great. I remembered every character. Yeah, I felt that this was a misunderstood film for its time. Also, various films don't do well at the box office because of timing as well. Perhaps this film just came out at a bad time, when it was outshined by something else out there. Whatever the reason, it doesn't deserve the criticism it so relentlessly gets. I'm almost tempted to buy it. But I'll get it on DVD. Probably will be cheaper that way.

- Great!!!!!5 star

this movie is awsome!!!!

- One of the Best Action Movies Ever5 star

I don't care what others say or think, but I say and think that this is one of the best action movies ever. People just don't give it much of a chance. Kev Cos is awesome in this and Dennis Hopper always plays the coolest of villians (and the Deacon is one of his best villains in my opinion). Give this movie a chance and you will not be disappointed. Of course, I do prefer the extended version more, but this version's still cool. If anyone can just upload the extended version, I'd be most grateful.

- WOW!!!!!!5 star


- WaterWorld5 star

This movie is just awesome! It's packed w/ action and it has some hints of comedy, Kevin Costner and Dennis Hopper make a great combination in this movie. This is a movie you should def buy

- 1ef ydyh hdhg5 star

dh dh ghg

- Waterworld Review5 star

This was a great movie. It deserves it's 5 stars. From what I've read online, the movie was very costly to produce. It's definatly a good movie and I say you should give it a chance by atleast renting it or buying it. Your money will not be wasted. Christopher C.

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elyse displayed - Waterlandworld5 star

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Beelzaboot - Movie is no fun without Extended cut1 star

Movie is absolutely no fun unless Apple sells the extended cut in a bundle side by side with the original version. Please in the future.

Rimamarani - best of its time5 star

if you like madmax you will enjoy this

Goldstar6 - One Of My Absolute Best Sci-Fi Movies Ever5 star

I can't understand why people crap on this film. I loved the concept, the neat water craft and great actions scenes! I must have played this movie 20 times and each time I still love it! It is rumoured that Kevin Costner funded the movie himself as no movie production company would touch it! Many thanks Kevin and as far as I am concerned you greated one of the best sci-fi movies ever!

Djobsjlhdtnobehn - High5 star


SamAlek - Neat Idea, good action,mediocre script4 star

Though brought down somewhat by bad acting, and a sort of clumsy awkward middle section, Waterworld is a neat watch. It's almost feels like a post-apocalyptic pirate movie. Great camera work, nice score, could use a little more humor, but the whole thing isn't so terrible. (The Director's cut does a better job of making use of the middle section for exposition)

Film critic01 - Great post-apocalyptic action film5 star

One of the best post-apocalyptic action films ever made. Kevin Costner and Dennis Hopper plays good and interesting characters in this film. Great action, awesome visual effects and the best characters in the film. One of my favourite film. Awesome action. Excellent. :)

SSPgb - Good movie - I should have ignored the media reviews in 1995!3 star

I finally watched this on NYE 2017 and realised that I should have ignored the terrible media coverage when I was at school in 1995 when I decided not to watch it! It is a great movie and the principle behind it is very relevent today as we go into 2018 and beyond.

Fynnsabagooba(from mars) - Superb5 star

My dad said this movie sucked but I enjoyed it alot anyone who wants a good action with lots of explosions should watch this

PJ, - Wet & Wild4 star

Ah yes Mad Max on water, but in all fairness this film is not that bad, plenty of action & frills.

DJ Molestar - Waterworld... Brilliant5 star

Although harshly criticized by most critics waterworld is a true action classic. Action, love adventure, it has everything!! By it, watch it, love it. Costner at his best!!

Cornishflipper - Good 4K edition but it’s Waterworld4 star

It’s a worth while version of the film and looks good in HDR. I think the problem still remains it’s a love it or hate it film. Worth a watch if you’ve never seen it. Action film and nice journey to find ‘dirt’. Film 7/10 4K 7/10

Baldydafydd - Luv it5 star

But where is the 3hr version?

The Faithful Penguin - Please add the Dolby Atmos soundtrack.5 star

Great film and I’m pleased it’s now in 4K. Please add the Dolby Atmos soundtrack. Thank you.

LegendsKeep - Waterworld, a world of adventure.5 star

I used to watch this countless of times, as this is one of my favourite movies ever. Waterworld will not dissapoint as it has made much of my childhood a dream to have lived in with movies like this. Fast paced action, realistic performances and one heck of a storyline. The music by James Newton Howard for this is of the best movie scores I have ever heard. Perfect for this movie. One last note, this movie is worth every penny, join us all in Waterworld.

RobL - Waterworld - More successful than remember4 star

Waterworld is a decent film. Lets get that out of the way. It's well acted, good design, reasonable script and even Dennis Hopper delivers in scene chewing ridiculousness. For once, Kevin Costner's distance performance suits the piece as a "not quite human" protagonist. In fact, the whole movie plays out really well and it's a good romp, if not always that fun. Oddly, critics slated this film when it came out, and it had the reputation as a massive box office flop. Reality is, it did very well at the box office. So ignore the critics and take a dive (see, I knew I could get a pun in there somehow)

Tasty Soup - One word5 star


rad wolf king - genius5 star

This film was one of the only films i can remember watching as a young child of around 10, and remember every part from. it has just the right mix of ambient calm music and settings to it, blended with fast and furious action that is believeable. the setting is charming to look at, as was the main female character! the main antagonist of the film is cheesy but not so that it makes the film bad; there was no bad acting in this except for possibly the old gimmer who drives the airship, as he become comical too much and detracts from what is mainly an engrossing film that puts you in it. overall i marked it 5/5 top marks, and i regularly watch it. should have been at least as big as madmax was, fact.

astridpho - Music CD??5 star

I was wondering when they will do an official soundtrack from the movie to buy on Itunes?

sam panda man - Inventive creative imaginitive n i liked it4 star

its getting on a bit as movies go but its a classic lol i loved it, just a strange action out of the way kinda film, ruthless fighting ;)

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