Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus - Best of Both Worlds Concert

Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus - Best of Both Worlds Concert Summary and Synopsis

Make Some Noise and get ready for the year's most eye-popping, dance-in-your-seat music experience with Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus Best Of Both Worlds Concert and Movie! For the first time ever, Miley performs as herself and Hannah in the same epic show! With a special appearance by the Jonas Brothers. In this concert film, 'Hannah Montana' star Miley Cyrus performs a slew of hit songs, including 'Just Like You' and 'Life's What You Make It.' Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus - Best of Both Worlds Concert Wiki

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Joy is the best makeup.

Anne Lamott (2008)

Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus - Best of Both Worlds Concert Comments & Critics

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Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus - Best of Both Worlds Concert Movie Reviews

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- Shundra Lucas5 star

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- Meh2 star


- Jacob1 star

I like the part they kill cow boy

- This movie is great5 star

This movie is great, and fun. I like this movie a lot. I love Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana and how she changed from herself into Hannah. It is one of my favorite movies.

- Why do you hate her so much5 star

And all you sexist jerks out there who say it's only for little girls, well sheesh someone doesn't like Miley Cyrus...oh how do I know that well this is all I see " I just wish Miley would die " well guess what I have to say rude crude and socially unapproved! me: so what do you like to do for a living? Rude people:oh I like to write horrible things about other people because it makes me feel happy! me:😐

- BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!5 star

It is soooooo awesome.it blew my face off.you have to see the movie.

- Excellent Hannah Montana Concert Movie! 😃5 star

Hannah Montana rocks! 😃🎤🎵🎶🎸

- Hannah montana5 star

I love this movie some that is when she was not what she is today miley come back to your old self for kids that love you

- taylor owens5 star

i loved hanna montana when i was a 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, but im 10 now and she has changed a lot i think she will have lots more fans if she changes to be good and nice but now she is justing acting like a jerk and i love her still she should just change her attuide and she was very luckey to be engagaed with Liam Hendsworth but she had to mess that up to ! Just make sure she reads this and she may change her mine to be nice PLEASE thank you and have a great day -taylor

- Miley has always ROCKED!5 star

She can play not only SING LIVE beautifully, but she can back up her amazing vocals with GUITAR and PIANO skills. She's amazing! Love her and all of her movies.

- I love you5 star

Your great Miley

- WHY?????1 star

Why aren't any hannah monntana shows on iTunes.

- Fabulous5 star

I Remember Watching This Movie With My Mom When It Came Out, It Was A Good Movie And I Loved It, And People, If You Only Bought This For The "Jonas Brothers" Get Real! Its Called Hannah Montana And Miley Cyrus Best Of Both Worlds, Not "The Jonas Brothers Best Of Both Worlds" Their A Opening Act For A Reason, Not The Main Act. And The Jonas Brother And Justin Bieber Should Open Up For Miley Cause No One Can Top The Queen Of Teen Pop.

- llypsyncing2 star

sdhe wanst actualy singing

- Love her!!..5 star

Love This girl that's why I named my daughter Miley :-)

- I hate this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 star

I like Miley but I HATE Hannah she makes me want to barf!!!!!!!!!!

- Awesome5 star

I like Miley Cyrus

- Worst concert ever1 star

What's with this concert all the songs are bad and the show is just as bad

- Why can't they put up the 3D verison5 star

iTunes should put up the 3D verison in red & cyan (blue) but this movie was Awesome :)

- MC5 star

This concert is awesome she's singing live ALL the time and her voice is amazing Suprimir | Spam ╔★═╗╔╗ ╚╗╔╝║║★═╦╦╦═╗ ╔╝╚╗★╚╣║║║║╠╣ ╚═☆╝╚═╩═╩★╩═╝ ╔══╦╦╗╔═╦╦╗ ║║║║║║║═╣║║ ║║║║║╚╣═╬╗║ ╚╩╩╩╩★╩═╩═╝

- Miley is awesome5 star

I know seriously people...its hm and mc concert not jonas brothers. I mean its like saying that Taylot Swift and Demi Lovato were barely in the Jonas Brothers movie. But anyway..Miley is a great entertainer and singer for her age. I mean come on she was like 14, thats pretty impressive. If it weren't for Miley the Jonas Brothers prob wouldn't be where they are now. But anyway...overall great movie! I never got to see in in 3D but plan to sometime!

- She ain't lip syncing5 star

I was at the live event in the second row she was REALLY singing on tv they change it so if she made a mistake in the lyrics not everyone would know

- GREAT MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!5 star


- she was so lip-syncing1 star

I saw the entire thing, and I could tell that was the case. Her voice sounded just like it did in recordings. She was actually live in the soundtrack, though, which is better.

- Cool5 star

I love this moive but it is so long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

- 5 star

Lol someone put Hannah is ugly and can't sing, but actually she's an rly pretty girl and she sings great! So u need to hush and actually listen to the music. If u actually listen it's rly good. Great job Miley/Hannah. I would gove u 99999999999999 stars .


Oh my gosh, i didn't like miley or hannah before but after this movie, I DOWNRIGHT HATE HER!!! my friend dragged me to see this movie and come to find out i had the worst saturday of my life seeing this stupid movie....she lipsyncs through the whole thing, her outfits are horrible, and the jonas brothers (who would be her only saving gracee) only performed lik, one song!! DO NOT BUY!!!!

- Life5 star


- I'll watch it someday …5 star

… but not now. I wouldn' enjoy watching this movie now but later I definitely will. Miley "Maiden America" Cyrus is an absolute, toal Sweetheart.

- Luv it3 star

Wana give it 5 stars but 1 things wrong... THE JOBROS R N IT

- Not a movie.1 star

This isn't a f*cking movie. So everyone stop actin like it's the best thing that ever happened in ur lives. If it is, u need to get out more, way more. It is NOT A GOD DAMN MOVIE!!!! DEAL WITH IT!!!! it's just her singin (horibaly, btw) a bunch of stupid meaning-less songs that I could sing better. And That's sad...

- Hi Hannah mileyCyurs5 star


- AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!5 star

I thought it was AMAZING i love this movie i went to the concert and the one in theaters so if you like miley cyrus then this is the movie for you i think you will really enjoy it!!!!!!!!!the Jonas Brothers are also in it and they did a Great job so if you also like the Jonas Brothers then this is the movie for you!!!!!!1

- like it5 star

the movie was ok bot they cut alot out of it because i went to the cocert live but i would have gave it 1 star but jb means 4 more stars here we come

- Ugh1 star

"This year's biggest music sensation"?? WTF?! Seriously? Miley Cyrus is on her way OUT and everyone knows it. Anyone who pretends otherwise is just stupid. This movie automatically proves that she too full of herself to realize. She's not even very good live. This movie PROVES IT. Big utter waste of time. I wanted to CRY during this movie; it was that bad. Do not bother to rent OR buy this movie. You'll only regret it. Trust me.

- Eh...3 star

Okay so this movie was pretty good.... but jonas brothers were barely in it

- It was boring...1 star

It was boring... and when I saw this, I was a MILEY's FAN! I can't believe it!! Now I don't like her... The best thing of the concert was... THE JONAS BROTHERS!

- So-So3 star

The concert experience was pretty cool; I just didn't like the songs.

- well4 star

miley was good but I hoped for more Jonas in this :/

- miley rox and the jb!!!!!!!!!5 star

okay before i tell my opinion people only like this movie just cause the jonas bros r in it!!!! i mean the jonas bros r like awesome but now, nobody likes hannah or miley anymore!!!! i still luv hannah and miley!!!! anyways, the movie is great!!!! i havent seen it with 3d glasses but its really cool 2 c her live!!!!

- Where's the Jonas?!!!1 star

The Jonas Brothers were only in it for like 5 minutes!!! I'm glad the Jonas Bros. have their own movie- without Miley!

- freaking amazing5 star

shut up miley haters she is a DISNEY PRINCESSS disney was nothing until she came this was AWESOME and is what started the other concert films GO MILEY AND THE JONAS BROTHERS!

- Uh...NO!1 star

This was a good movie...NOT!!!Let me tell the highlights. -JONAS!!! Let me explain some of the things that made this very scary horrible. -It was just down-right boring ... "zzzzzz" -Jonas was only there for what...4 minutes? -What up with the Miley/Hannah? Choose one Chicky-poo. -I saw the real concert. One of my friends video taped it and it was far better than the little terrible excuse for a movie, even if i do hate Miley Cyrus right to the core of my being. -Why 3D? Just my opinion. Click 'yes' if you agree!!! (Watch TWILIGHT instead;))

- jonas brothers5 star

this movie was good but i wish they had the jonas brothers in it longer


Why don't people stop complaining that the Jonas Brothers only have a few songs, huh? ITS NOT THEIR CONCERT!!!!! It's Hannah's concert, not theirs! They were just a guest! Go watch the Jonas brothers concert if you want them!! This movie is awesome!! I love the concert! So STOP COMPLAINING!! Again, it is not the Jonas Brother's concert!

- Woah5 star

This Is Awesome But The Singing iS A Little Bit off pitch

- CRAPY2 star

I like Hannah Montana but this was just stupid and boring I don't understand why they would waste money for such a dumb movie cuz we've heard the songs lke a million times and that's all the movie is!

- umm....1 star

i saw this @ the movies. it was...how can i say this in a nice way....creative. omg! i can't keep this up! GO GET THE JONAS BROTHERS' MOVIE!!! IT'S ON PRE-ORDER RIGHT NOW!!! GO GET THAT 1!!!!! hey, i'm just telling you what's right...

- Wow.1 star

The only reason I bought this was for the Jonas Brothers. And they're only in it for like 7 minutes. Miley should be opening for the Jonas Brothers. Not the other way around. They have more fans than her. They're more amazing than her. Miley, your time is up. :)

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KsJet14 - YAS5 star


Breeanna123 - Boring.2 star

This is boring its just her singing and putting makeup on back stage.

Madan Kishor - YAAA5 star

No words can explain

MarielovesRoxy - Good... But4 star

Miley is so good! She haves an beautiful voice. But the Jonas Brothers are wrecking the movie with they're songs!! Aouch

sury1415 - yurkkkkkk1 star

This movie is so bad. It's a total waste of time and money. Don't buy it under any circonstance. Someone really have to burst her little bubble and tell her that she can't sing.

gamez,berreondo - I LOVE MILEY!!!!5 star


lollylicker - DAMN GIRL4 star

the flick wasn't so bad but it was kinda dull at some parts. it really goes to show that Miley Cyrus is a real person. and does what she does (being Hannah Montana) is for the fans. and not just for the cash and the record and all that so 3 cheers for Miley Cyrus.

ugh josh and harry feels - good moviee.4 star

i like this movie. i would watch it a few times. my favourite part was when the jonas brothers were in it. i am not trying to be rudee i like miley but i like the jonas brothers' 3d a lot better

Deep Purple Rocks! - BAD!!!!!!!!1 star

This was really bad and the 3-D version was way worse

Katniss Everdeen Wannabee - Meh2 star

okay, first of all, isn't this supposed to be in 3D? second of all, this is a huge waste of money. I think that "Hannah Montana" is only still around for girls who don't like Miley and Miley still wants their money. She better drop Hannah soon. Also, the only thing that I'm looking forward to in Miley's future is when she busts out of her good girl shell and either does the Hillary Duff thing and takes her time going into the more naughty stuff (only heard reviews, never actually seen anything) or Britney Spears, who started off the good girl and look at her music today. So, in the words of B. Spears: If U Seek Originality, don't look here

freakinaman - Corny!2 star

I kinda like Miley's songs but Hannah and Miley singing at the same concert? MmmHmm......CORNY! I mean, what is the use of Hannah. We all know shes really Miler Cyrus, so she thinks once she puts on a wig shes a different person.

CXSASCGLJHYFD - Best movie5 star


48384 - Oh Nooo! There's TWO of them! AHHHHH!1 star

Disney has officialy gone over the edge. I swear to a high holy place that if they make another movie with either J. Bros or Hannah Montanna/Miley Cyrus, I will personaly make sure life for them is VERY difficult. I HATE YOU DISNEY for bringing these people into our world!! TEEHEE, Danke Schon for reading!!XDXD

coolcoolcooolcoool - awesome5 star

i love this movie it is the best ever!miley cyrus rules !!!and so does hannah montanna!!!

754e8vgigi58930 - I agree...2 star

I agree that her dad is the reason she is famous. There are WAY better singers and actresses in the world, out of the whole disney-tween-scene, that deserve her place more than her. Sure, she has a few catchy songs like '7 things' and 'See You Again' but seriously there's nothing unique about her.

Brooklyn Bridges - BEST EVER5 star

This movie is actually really good alot better than what Selena Gomez or Demi Lovato could do. Miley is 100 000x better than both of them combined together and this is great for the people who missed the concerts live and some really cool behind the scenes things that people did for the tickets and what she does backstage

bigjon94 - This is fraud2 star

Contratry to popular beleif, Miley Cyrus does NOT write her own songs. If you accually watch credits you can see her song titles are credited at the end. Thye all contain vital information regarding the writer. These people are employed by Disney TM to produce Hannah Montana's music. Miley's music, although some think she wrote it, is still false. Her record label is Disney TM so like Hannah Montana, her songs are written for her. She just preforms them. Well not really preforms because singing badly once, having a computer make it sound decent and then lip syncing it a hundred times doesn't really count at preforming. All in all it's up to you if you like her or not. Im just stating the facts. If you dont beleive me look it up...

SMaroney - Talentless1 star

She is completely horrible. Were it not for her dad, she would've never made it. They're pandering to a young audience that doesn't know any better and making money of impressionable children. She can't sing and she must be the WORST actor on television.

Can't~Stop~The~Beat - Reply to Webkinz Fan1 star

Hon, I'm not being mean to her. I'm just telling people the facts. There ain't anything wrong with that. Don't gang up on me just because I have an opinion. Why don't you get a life and stop obsessing with celebrities.

You're just jealous - Waste of money1 star

Team Selena and Demi all the way!

.,,.,.. - uh hello3 star

last time i checked this was a hannah montana/miley cyrus concert not a jonas brothers concert if you love them so much go find their music somewhere say not on a miley cyrus concert. ah duh

Banders14 - Pure sex5 star

This was the best thing that ever happened to me it is amazing. I recommend.

candlelight=) - not worth it1 star

sooo all this hype about this movie.....not even worth it! her voice is allll over the place and it really shows how talented she isn't. I was actually really excited to see this and i was disapointed minus the jonas brothers. Now that is consistancy!

camvillegas - meh3 star

the only reason i even considered watching this was because the Jonas Brothers are in it too . . . . if they werent, i never would watch it

SeaofGoats - Fraud.1 star

This shouldn't have happened if it wasn't for Miley's dad. He is the mastermind behind this brainwashing rampage bent on armageddon.

campbellsoup123 - so-so movie3 star

OK movie i seen it on Disney Channel..... wouldn't watch it again, but overall a good production! Little excited for her new movie coming out in 2009!

CSchank - Reply to Fuzzkinz99's Review5 star

Miley does have talent and yes those songs ARE Written by her. You do not have to the right to be mean to people on reviews! If you agree that Fuzzkinz99's Review was mean to Milee, press yes!

kaylz123 - im curious to buy it.3 star

not so sure. i wanna buy it. but in 3D abd i have the glasses. so i dont nkow if its 2D or 3D. does anyone know?

Can't~Stop~The~Beat - UGH...1 star

Miley Cyrus wouldnt have been so "famous" if it wasn't for her precious daddy. She's not talented and I bet she didn't even write 1 of those songs. so there. thats only my opinion but if you guys are really THAT obsessed go ahead and waste 20 bucks on something worthless.

Shayan - MileyCyrus5 star

I would think that it would be in 2D because not everybody has the glassess... and for $19.99 you can just go to Walmart get the 2-Disc Collection and a free bounes disc... in the DVD you get both modes... 2D and 3D w/ Glasses

xx_sweeti - it's great5 star

this movie is the best but if i we're you i'd buy the real movie then it would be 3D and 2D

Ally grace midgley - She’s really is the best of both worlds5 star

I enjoyed watching this i haven’t watched the actual thing but it looks AMAZING ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

NaDrama4 - One question5 star

I'm a little bit confused. Does this movie have the concert performance and the movie, or just the concert performance? Silly question, however does anyone have the answer I would really appreciate it.

qqli - Already got it4 star

It's cool but its a bit old now her new songs are way better.

kystace - Watched Movie at theatre5 star

Watched Movie at cinema with my 12 yr old daughter I am 53 yrs old and dont like watching movies verry much but this one was verry watchable and marley can sing i would like to see you do better yo the one that said she cant bit jealous are you

abbymortimer - Yeah4 star

i like this movie its good...but i think there sould be more jonas brothers songs then it would be a five star...

DancInG QuEEn @$h - this is awesome5 star

if u dont bye this i will cry lol naah i wont but just bye it coz its great xoxoxoxoxoxox @$h

Zeidri - Best of Both Worlds consert5 star

i agree with the price being too high although it is a pretty good movie and the tickets to the actuall consert would have been way, way, way more expencive.

Afbg1 - Good movie5 star

Yeah I love hannah montana stuff but the price for some movies is WAY to up. I mean at least lower the price to $15? I'm sure then iTunes movies will be WAY more popular.

pookie noo.. - cheap??3 star

it looks like a good movie but its not cheap...iv seen heaps of movies up that are way cheaper...anyways i think you should wait for the price to go down before buying it..

Dont Look Here - More5 star

YAY 1st Review This movie was great but i really wish there were more jonas songs CLICK yES IF U AGREE. PS If U buy the DVD u get S.O.S live so u minus well buy the DVD

M.J.J.Scoffers - Price4 star

Lower the price!!!

ten 99999 - Its okay2 star

Its so old. I seen it about 2 years ago !!

NickJzGirl - I'm glad it wasn't jst her2 star

If the jobros wernt there then this would be the worst movie ever so 2 states to the Jonas Brothers 0 to Hannah Mintana/Miley Cyrus.

Dean_32 - good, but a bit pricey5 star

its a very good film or what ever you want to describe it as but it is in ASDA for 4 pounds.

amelia in4merz - Miley shines5 star

Miley Cyrus stands out as an amazing singer and actress in this definitely a great buy

IN4MERZ - zed123 - AMAZING!5 star

If you didn't go to the concert, it doesn't matter! This film shows a front row seat view! It's so incredible to watch such a young girl work so hard and pull of such an amazing show in front of thousands of people! It's also so interesing seeing backstage! Something you don't usually get to see. From rehearsals to last show, this film is a pleasure to watch!

DisneyGirl1000 - So Cool!!!5 star

This is such a great film, the 3D effect is fantasticly fantastic!!!! The Jonas Brothers are so great in it too!! Lol

BuriedMyselfAliveOnTheInside - Oh Dear3 star

If I'm honest, only the Jonas Brothers saved this miserable excuse for a movie (not that I'm biased or anything). Miley/Hannah just jumped up and down the stage being falsely happy and cheery. She should just give up and do something worthwhile with her life.

Alstar - Well worth it!5 star

I was sceptical about paying such a high price, but this is one of my fav dvd's/films now. I am a massive fan of miley cyrus, and loved seeing her perform. She is a fantastic stage prescence and this film is great. Highly Recommend!

Steven 1960 - Miley Cyrus is a legend !!!!5 star

I saw this concert when i was in Dubai but i saw it at home on Halloween it is not something that you miss it is something so good you have to watch it again and again. So go and buy it it might be expensive but is well worth your money with good quality sound and picture and the Jonas Brothers are in it so yet another reason to watch!!! Enjoy !!!!

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i<3jb4life - really???3 star

the only good thing about this movie is that the jonas brothers are in it... don't buy it... the jonas brothers one comes out next month

Sadie'sFamily - Any voice over could pull this off1 star

6 to 13 year old girls. That's all who like that. It's a bad concert, bad music, and altogether just another way for Disney to randomly get money. Seriously. Disney should be all Tarzan, Peter Pan, Hercules, not this fake "OoO! I'm a pop SENSATION just a southern p***k!" Get. Real. No ones life is like that. Watching paint dry is more entertaining.

lc rules - SO UNLUCKY1 star


K_Love:) - Miley Cyrus Rocks!5 star

People stop hating on MILEY, she is way better than the JONAS BROTHERS! They were awful, they were off pitch, tone, and the wardobe for them was terrible. I loved Miley's wardobe it was so totally cute! Her voice was incredible and she has to change in less than 2 minutes! Also, she has so much energy on stage and she has to do like 20 songs every night!! So lay off it is not easy being her and the only thing the jonas brothers do is take people's popularity. I would tell anyone to buy it and rate it 5 stars.

summergirlxo - <3 miley5 star

miley is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i own this movie, it's better in 3d!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love the "hey miley" song in it!!!!!!!!!! :)

Julz<3 - awesome!!!5 star

If you like Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus like I do, than you will absolutely love this movie. It has some great behind the scenes stuff too. If you love the Jonas Brothers only, than you might be dissapointed because they only sing a few songs, but I wasn't dissapointed with it because I love Miley and the Jonas Brothers, and I wasn't expecting much from them because the movie IS called HANNAH MONTANA AND MILEY CYRUS-BEST OF BOTH WORLDS TOUR featuring the Jonas Brothers not The Jonas Brothers and some Miley Cyrus.

iTuJoMo - Really Good5 star

This is a concert about Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana, not the Jonas Brothers. So don't give it bad ratrings, just because the Jonas Brothers only had two performances. Look at the title. It says Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus, not Hannah Montanah, Miley Cyrus and Jonas Brothers.

Yum Puddin Cup - EEEEW!!!!!!1 star


HannahLover - GREAT CONCERT!!!5 star

this movie was alsome just like everything eles she does but i wish the jonas brothers was not in it. there such showoffs but I still love the movie.

lillygirl101 - THIS MOVIE WAS GOOD!5 star

This movie was really good!!!!!1

syoun45 - Give her a break, people.5 star

Come on, people. She wasn't that bad. The 3D is amazing, and she has an amazing voice and talent. For all of you saying, "I HATE IT. NOT ALOT JONAS BROS LOL SO I GIVE IT ONE STAR" This is NOT a Jonas brothers concert. It's miley's/hannah's concert, so deal with it. Truthfully, most people who hate her are just jealous, or they lie because the 'cool' people hate her. I'd like to see YOU do better if you think she's that bad. give her a break.

ashleybbgirl - Seriously...5 star

Not everything is about the Jonas Brothers... I'm sorry but I'll pick Miley over them ANY day! GO MILEY!

gonzalogirl - Why oh why2 star

this movie is a complete waste of money, and miley acts like such a brat to Kenny Ortega. He is awsome, and unfortunatley, all he could make out of what he had to work with was this useless junk. (and the 3d effects were TERRIBLE)!!! ps. the jo bros should have been on MUCH longer

DancerChic(: - Ew.1 star

that is all i can say right now is ew. The Jonas Brothers were horrible,she was horrible and ive never really liked miley but i thought this would be good for her and it just showed america that she is a loser. DONT BUY THIS EVEN IF YOU ARE THE BIGGEST MILEY FAN OF HISTORY!

veronicataleon - HOORAY FOR HANNAH!5 star

I am so happy! In the stores this costs, like, thrity dollars! Half price is so much better! Way to go, Miley!!! Oh, and FYI to you Jonas Brothers fans and Miley haters, stop complaining on how the Jonas Brothers only did two songs. It's MILEY'S concert, not the Jonas Brothers! So stop moaning about it! If you want to see the Jonas Brothers, go see THEIR movie and leave Miley alone!

afeardv - Was Awful!!!1 star

This was the worst movie concert i have ever seen.

meli♥ - alrighty.5 star

I justed watched this movie because the Jonai were in the film other than that It was cool.

ilary is the best!!!!!! - im not buying it3 star

but if i did i would only watch Nick and Mileys kiss over and over again and predend it was me :)

lumas3 - $15 ????1 star

ummmm, why is it $15??? thats how much i payed to see the movie in theathers (sorry i cant spell) and i only watched it for the jonas brothers and they were only there for like 2 songs?? when the jonas brothers movies comes out dont price it so high!!!! click "yes" if you agree

Raegan - Jonas Brothers!1 star

Personally I didnt like this movie. The only good thing about it is the Jonas Brother are in it :) The Jonas Brothers 3D Concert Experience was way better than this.

SON~SON - OMG5 star


MusicFreak6697 - Way!5 star

Miley Cyrus IS the best singer in the whole world! I can't wait for the Breakout Tour! ~Rock on Miley!~

DudInLife - cool5 star

great movie for your kids and you. i definately reccomend it to anyone.

Softball141112 - Jonas brothers5 star

The only reason why is because JONAS BROTHERS

miley cyrus fann =] - ???5 star

why are so many people complaining about the jonas brothers not being in it enough...it is a Hannah montana/miley cyrus concert hence the title of the movie...if you want jonas brothers go get camp rock or whatever

Mishel1997 - 15 bucks???3 star

omg this thing is 15 freaking dollars??? its not even in 3D!!!!!!! thats kinda insane!!!!! i saw it in theaters and it was good if you wanna watch it one time. It is not a movie you will want to watch over and over unless you have a Hannah Montana obsession, which is soooo last year!!! unless you are below the age of 8, this movie is a TOTAL waste of itunes money...<3 u all!!! I am so seeing the Hannah Montana Movie though!!!!!!!!!! must see!!!!

music121324 - Go Miley!4 star

Imagine how hard it must be for her to keep living a "normal" life with everyone hating her. What did she ever do to you? She is a very talented girl. I love her music and tv show, i hope she continues acting and singing no matter how many people dislike her!

Alice89 - come on! jeez2 star

the only reason i'm giving this movie any stars at all is cause the Jonas Brothers are in it. and they aren't even in the whole thing. only like fifteen minutes of a way too long movie. i mean i know it's miley's movie and she gave them a big break by letting them perform but still there should have been at least a few more of JB's songs. Miley is a pretty good singer but after awhile her songs all start to sound the same. sorry but it's true. i'm sick of hannah montana and miley cyrus. i'm sorry but it's true. i can't go anywhere without seeing her face. no offense miley. and i wanna know, does she really want to put an end to global warming. if she really, really does, then she's okay in my opinion, even if i still don't want to see her face everywhere i go. But who knows with stars. She might really believe in global warming. I do. Press yes if u think the Jonas Brothers rock!

me 150 - love it5 star


demilovatoistotallyAwesome - :(1 star

it is soooooooo unfair the jonas brothers are only in it for like 5 minutes :*( they rock and no offense i dont like miley so there ya go!

mrogers02 - stupid2 star

this is retarted I HATE the jonas brothers their music stinks and person who was dissopinted cause of the jonas bros u should read the title its HANNAH MONTANA. it was not even 3d

xxSadieBear - Movie?5 star

Yeah, this is not a movie. Its just a concert video, but with extras. Oh and some of you are saying that the Jonas Brothers were just there for like 3 songs, but you need to realize that this is Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana's Concert. The Jonas Brothers were mainly there to help out and stall time between the transformation of the 2. Does anyone have a brain anymore?

Ally601 - I luv this movie :DDDDD5 star

This is a great movie! It makes me feel like Im in the concert and part of the show too! The jonas brothers are completely overexposed... I ripped off all of my posters and replaced them with other ones (hahaha, like im telling u which stuff i like ;)

20cupcake09 - love the movie5 star


daniel55645 - jonas Brothers?1 star

I hate the jonas brothers. the same chords over and over and no guitar solos and a terrible singer. how could anyone possibly like them. at least miley has a good voice. shes the only reason to get this

JonasLove247 - I love this movie too death!!5 star

I was blessed to get to go to one of these concerts and watching this movie brings me back to the best night of my entire life! It is an amazing movie and the footage is awesome!! I suggest you buy it If you love Miley :D And all you idiotic people who bought this for the Jonas Brothers (not that you idiotic for loving the Jonas Brothers, I love them just as you <3) but IT IS CALLED THE HANNAH MOTANA MOVIE! Read the title!

i love nick jonas 247 - give the movie a break!5 star

the only reason the jonas brothers don't play in it that much is because it is the hannah montana concert. the backstage scenes are good. it is overall a good movie.

♥♫♪PuNkY LuVeR♪♫♥ - Hannah Mon...1 star


KitKat90210 - LOVE IT!!!!!5 star

I love this movie because I love miley/hannah and jobros! Totally worth the money!! So what if the Jonas brothers are in there for three songs! That shouldn't make it bad and it doesn't!!! The movie is overall great and perfect for everyone!!!!!

Torogato - It's About Time3 star

I love everything Jonas. But I want iTunes to make their first CD, "It's About TIme" available. To try and accomplish this, I am posting this on every item available for purchase that has to do with them. I do not care about whether people found this helpful or not, but I would like other Jonas fans to post this on Jonas items as well. And if you agree with me or not, you are free to click yes or no. Let's get their album on iTunes! (BTW, the only reason I would ever buy this is because the Jonas Brothers are in it. Looking at a small number of reviews, others are feeling the same. For the HM fans, this is good for kids who wanted to see the concert/movie, but weren't able to on the sold out ticket issue. I personally would not recommend anybody to spend money on this because you want to hear the Jonas Brothers. They sing, like, two songs, and then they do a duet with Miley. Or Hannah. I really can't remember.)

SuiteLifeOnDeck - Are you serious?1 star

Are you kidding???? Worst movie ever!!! Please dont waste your money! Use it on Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato that would not be wasting!

starmrc - Great5 star

A great Buy. You will not be disapointed Miley sings all the hits. the best part is when she sings START ALL OVER and comes out of the floor not only is it the best concert it gives you alot of behind the scenes action.


she is terrible put up by disney from her losy dad AND EVEN WORSE. she eats pokemon who hide in grass finding berrys to feed there familys. SHE IS NOT HOT!!! she is a wanna be evry song keeps getting worse she thinks she some big star I hope she reads this in her 100100100 dollar mansion and cries she acts like she's one of us! people we need to stop taking this garbage. Finally to the pokemon issue the snot went to the pokemon day care beat the sh.t out of the old people and ate the pokemon inside I HAD A LEVEL 100 DIGLETT in there.. stupid fu.cked up ku.nt go get a d.ick up your a.ss from a admirer(pimp) b.itch go s.uck the c.um out of a V get your dad to read this LOSER ps I will watch you while you sleep (b.itch)

jonasgirl1 - love this video5 star

i love this video

FBR. - My question is...1 star

Why, exactly, is Miley's stuff on iTunes? 7-9-year-olds don't have video-enabled iPods! They have those little Disney Mix Stick things...I think that's what they're called. Anyways, see, Miley has no place on iTunes. She doesn't belong here. Stick to DVDs, CDs, and those Mix Stick things.

Dreamer0219 - too much money3 star

nickandjoe#1fan umm what about kevin in ur name...and yeh this should not be 14.99

Shabonga - Yeah5 star


VickyAntley - Kevin, Joe, Nick and Miley ROCK!5 star

I highly support Kevin, Joe, Nick and Miley. So I'm not very happy to read these very rude reviews...I'm sorry, but if you don't like the move, keep your thoughts to yourself...please. Kevin, Joe and Nick will get their chance to shine in their own 3D concert movie next year. So, I'm sure you guys will love that. In other words...this movie was planed to be mainly about Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus, so don't expect it to be primaraly about something else (or SOMEONE else). Kevin, Joe, Nick and Miley; thanks for all that you go through to make great songs and movies for everyone, I understand not everyone loves all of it, but we all learn to just get by the day...right? Remember: Live like you're at the bottom, even when you're at the top. Love you guys, Vicky Antley

RockSinger12345 - Goods job, JB!1 star

Hannah/Miley wasn't singing very good. She only sounded good when she sat down to sing I Miss You. Every other song she sang she was out of breath from dancing so much. And then, the Jonas Brothers came on! I feel so sorry for them, because they were only in it for about 5 minutes! By the way, I and probably many other people out there want Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Emily Osment, Mitchel Musso, and, most of all, the Jonas Brothers. Also, Hannah Montana (the show) has changed. It used to be funny! Really funny! And it was about a thirteen year old wanted to live two lives. It's not as good anymore.

johnwynn4 - Wow5 star

Im tired of people complaining that the Jonas Brothers arent in the movie that much. if you look at the title it says HANNAH MONTANA and MILEY CYRUS concert. FEATURING the jonas brothers.. its not the jonas brothers concert. i mean im a huge jobro fan... but a bigger miley fan.. this concert movie was awesomeee!! its like you were actually there and i think it was cool of her to make this because its good for the people who werent able to go to her actual concert.

5 star

I just discovered the Hannah Montana: Best of Both Worlds/Meet Miley Cyrus Concert Live Recording and wow so these…

5 star

@ThrowbackTisx: January 17th, 2008: Ashley Tisdale (@ashleytisdale) attends the Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Conc…

5 star

@ThrowbackTisx: January 17th, 2008: Ashley Tisdale (@ashleytisdale) inside the Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Conce…

5 star

@ThrowbackTisx: January 17th, 2008: Ashley Tisdale (@ashleytisdale) attends the Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Conc…

5 star

@ThrowbackTisx: January 17th, 2008: Ashley Tisdale (@ashleytisdale) attends the Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Conc…

5 star

@ThrowbackTisx: January 17th, 2008: Ashley Tisdale (@ashleytisdale) attends the Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Conc…

5 star

January 17th, 2008: Ashley Tisdale (@ashleytisdale) inside the Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds…

5 star

January 17th, 2008: Ashley Tisdale (@ashleytisdale) attends the Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds…

Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus - Best of Both Worlds Concert Images & Pictures

music concert image

Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus - Best of Both Worlds Concert movie images
Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus - Best of Both Worlds Concert movie images
Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus - Best of Both Worlds Concert movie images

Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus - Best of Both Worlds Concert Posters

Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus - Best of Both Worlds Concert movie posters
Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus - Best of Both Worlds Concert movie posters
Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus - Best of Both Worlds Concert movie posters
Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus - Best of Both Worlds Concert movie posters
Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus - Best of Both Worlds Concert movie posters
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