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Dazzling special effects, unforgettable images and powerful performances highlight David Lynch's stunning film version of Frank Herbert's classic science fiction epic about an intergalactic warrior's messianic rise. Starring Kyle MacLachlan, Jose Ferrer, Max von Sydow, Oscar® winner Linda Hunt and Sting, Dune is the ultimate adventure experience that goes beyond the imagination. In the year 10,191, the world is at war for control of the desert planet Dune—the only place where the time-travel substance 'Spice' can be found. But when one leader gives up control, it's only so he can stage a coup with some unsavory characters. Dune Wiki

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Dune Movie (1985)

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Dune Movie Reviews

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- a flawed yet superbly ambitious and effective visualization5 star

this film best serves people who have read the book. unusually, the cinematic rendition only adds to the otherworldly experience that readers of the novel enjoyed. this movie is a deserved cult classic.

- Flawed but...4 star

I’m coming into this movie having just read the book. I read the book knowing it’s a staple in sci-fi literature but I knew nothing of its plot other than something about giant worms and Sting played someone in the move... of course after reading I wanted to see the cult classic movie. Like any book to movie adaptation there is a lot cut out in the form of exposition but in this case, I feel the movie bit off more than it could chew in its story telling and just trimmed everything that wasn’t “action”. A lot just happens for no reason. They tried to fill in the blanks with narration but.. no. To note, so much if the book is obviously influenced and modeled after middle eastern culture it’s really a shame that it’s solely cast with Caucasian actors... but that’s a different topic. Yes, Dune is heavily flawed but it’s an underrated classic who’s only crime was trying to tell too big of a story when nobody saw eye to eye in its development, and it shows when watching the final product. But it’s worth a watch. The costuming alone. Who can forget Sting in a cyber punk blue Speedo?

- A written off masterpiece5 star

Notoriously dismissed by many as being inaccurate to its original intention, even by director David Lynch. I’d much rather have seen jodorowskys movie, but nevertheless the film we get is still a brilliant trip through a story in space. You are catapulted into an extremely stylized world with special effects that push science fiction to new boundaries. The dialogue is intriguing, acting is a bit dull at times, and there are some pacing issues. The movie and book conveyed through audio/visual is completely watchable. Overall 10/10 film experience. I’ve never seen anything quite like DUNE. Well worth watching especially if you’ve wasted your time with any of those Star Wars movies.

- DUNE5 star

A true epoch among sci-fi movies. The way the story is told and the soundtrack are unique among sci-fi classics. Highly recommended.

- POOR1 star

A disapointing movie, the book was not much better. I am simply a person who will see things to the end regardless of quality. Skip the movie and the books - it is simply too late for me, save yourself. I would like to see the Children of Dune TV Series on iTunes, I heard it is much better than the movie.

- Over 100 times5 star

Have seen Dune over 100 times since release. It may have its flaws but it is a fantastic sci-fi movie. Sting..nough said!

- Absolutely dreadful1 star

The SiFi channel miniseries is a thousand times better. This version is totally lame. (What the heck if a "weirding module"? Frank Herbert certainly never heard of it.) In order to tell the audience what's going on the first five minutes is just a narration and everytime the screen begins to fade out it fades back in and the narration continues. There is no end to how bad this is. Seriously, watch the two miniseries, Dune and Children of Dune. Even at a clearance price of $4.99, the original feature film it is overpriced.

- David Lynch does Sci-fi5 star

It was great for a weird sci-if romp and I wish Lynch wouldn’t regret this film. If anything, remake it. Cecil B. DeMille remade his own films late in life, why not? Anyway, this film warbles between the book and Lynch’s distinctly weird style, which works a lot better than the SciFi channel movies that showed up in the early 2000s. Yes, the Space Jesus rain ending still bugs me, but it’s a minor complaint.

- Underrated, but the SE is what you want.5 star

I was lucky enough as a kid to record the special edition on tv for my first viewing. I was in the 6th grade and just finished the first book. It has its flaws, and as others will say, the sci-fi mini series is much more faithfull to the novels. However don't let that put you out, this movie has such a unique style and some great visuals, not to mention an outstanding cast (and I do mean it, this was a 800lb gorilla of a cast. All of them were outstanding in this). The soudtrack is great, its very heavy 80s synth by Totto. So if you liked bladerunner you will like this soundtrack. Like I said above, the movie has its flaws and takes quite a few liberties plot wise. Plus I have to say the standard edition really does this film poor justice. I'm hoping one day itunes silently updates this title to the SE edition as that is the superior version. If you really want my advice, go buy the SE. Unfortuently the SE is still only on dvd, no bluray as of 2017...booo! Also on the unfortunate side is Its highly doubtfull this will ever get a defacto directors cut since David Lynch pretty much washed his hands of the film after its initial debut. TLDR: Its a diamond with some rouch edges. If you can, get the SE which smoothes out those edges.

- DUNE!4 star

One of the best worst movies ever! Revel in its badness! My entire family loves to watch this movie, just because how terrible it truly is! My kids have memorized large chunks of dialogue and stand in front of the tv and act them. It's great fun....

- Well, a good movie adaptation3 star

A decent adaptation for the Big Screen for the novel Dune. However, I would recommend waiting and keep on asking for the Director's Cut, which leaves out considerably less plot and you get a 3 hour movie.

- Longer version of DUNE.. that 3.5+ hour long version5 star

What of the other version too? .. you all can please add the longer one???

- this movie is a mess2 star

minced meat story with vfx that haven't aged well.

- A classic5 star

I remember as a (approximate) high school junior, my English Literature teacher gave the novel as an option for writing a book report on. As it was listed as "science fiction" (the ONLY one), I jumped on it. Then I realized the paperback was like 2 1/2 inches thick! Crud! He had labeld it as a classic "great" novel. Too late, I was committed. I struggled through it, trying to follow the myriad of plot lines/factions. When I was eventually finished, I was in total awe of Herbert's work; it is my belief he never equaled it. I re-read it every few years and almost always find something I missed. Now, for the movie. Given the time frame of the average turnip watching a movie, I believe all involved did a good job, nay, a great job, keeping as much as possible, an epic story to the length of a movie that said turnip could tolerate/have the attention span for. Visuals (for the day) are more than good. The acting is good to great. Now, "launch the atomics!"

- An astonishing good story ruined by cringe3 star

As an 80s film, Dune requires an infusion of imagination to complement the inexpensive visuals as well as a dedication of intellectual understanding. Many scenes introduce subtle concepts which are crucial and never explained in detail. For the story to make any sense the viewer must commit incessantly to the pace with full attention. As a viewer who never read the novel, I find the story excellent and the visuals adequate to the purpose. The dialog is astonishingly good. The philosphical-religious elements add an atmosphere indespensible to the mood of the film, and themselves encapsulate concepts which are fundamental to the story. Movies as good as Dune are rare these days. For all this, Dune is ruined by two things: Most devastating are the cringe moments. There are points where the acting simply becomes comical. It's pretty obvious these overreactions and strange situations were the flavor of the book that endowed the characters and scenes with a life of their own. On paper they would have done excellently. It just doesn't work on film. You cannot take the important confrontations seriously. The other misfortune of Dune is not so much a problem with pace as with visual clarity. It was the 80s, and it's obvious the prophetic and cosmic visuals were inspired by drug trips. They muddle the dream sequences and make transitions baffling. The gadgets are given too much verbal explanation and not enough visual demonstration, leaving the viewer vaguely aware of what they do and why they are important. This is the kind of movie that should have become a trilogy, but was ruined by its own lofty aspirations. Fortuneately, you can now see dozens of influences Dune has had on science fiction, even to this day. As filmmaking goes, Dune deserves a full page in the cenematic encyclopedias. It's visuals and story will continue to inspire directors and screenwriters for a very long time.

- Great book... Don't waste your time with this movie.3 star

I can not understand how this movie gets rave reviews. Every aspect of this movie is poor.

- simultaneously the greatest and worst film of all time5 star

confused by the polarized reviews? that is because this is a case where a magnificent film was stolen from the director- the genius David Lynch- and hurriedly finished with what was shot so far- as a result- the first 90 minutes is a masterpiece of film and music and storytelling- but shortly after the Atreides arrive on Dune- the film starts to fall apart with bad takes and rough-cut transitions- yet even then a few gems manage to shine through the mud- in the end we are left with a film that could have been the ultimate science fiction epic- but was sabotaged half way through by the studio's need to get it out- the later long version has a few more gems that should have been part of the true Lynch film- but they are patched together so poorly that it only makes it worse- the end result- a weird film that contains greatness and garbage at the same time- there is enough to call it great- one of my favorite movies- but the later shortcomings make you yearn for what could have been-

- Gorgeous powerful & super disturbing.5 star

I read all six books and this film stands completely on its own, I have cherished this movie as one of my top favorites ever since it came out.

- Incredibly Interesting Sci-Fi5 star

When I first saw this movie on tv very, very late one night, I was absolutely mesmerized. It wasn't until later that I found out how much people hate this movie, and I was astonished. It was the most truly inventive science fiction movie I had seen since 2001, and even though it can seem cheesy at times, for me it never broke the illusion. It's absolutely dedicated to its ridiculous premise and plot, and the actors give great performances, so I was never taken out of the movie for one second. It's just a very imaginative, interesting, weird, pretty movie. And unfortunately you don't get enough of those kind of science fiction movies anymore. The basis of the entire genre of science fiction is the fantastical and imaginative, and this movie is the absolute textbook example of that.

- Nothing like the book1 star

I read the books when they first came out and if you did also DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY! I am amazed the ratings this movie has received. It is a film like the original old Sci-Fi movies where you see the strings holding the space ship across the screen the only difference is you don't see the strings. I can't understand how they say that it has excellent special effects unless they watched a different movie. Besides this movie being a B grade movie in all aspects it drones on and on. I kept waiting for something to happen, anything, to justify the ratings it has received.

- Dune Directors cut5 star

This is a great movie. I would buy it in a heartbeat if it was the directors cut. Can you please put Dune the directors cut in ITunes movie so I can purchase it?

- Lynch’s underrated sci-fi epic.4 star

You get a pretty solid sense of why people love or hate this film by scanning the customer reviews. The ones who hate it unanimously do because it is a film that was impossible to compress into a 2 hour Hollywood sci-fi action movie like Star Wars. They hate the fact that it is a poor adaption of the book. The ones who love the film appreciate it on it’s own terms. They understand and accept that the studio hacked the film from 5 hours to 2, (prompting Lynch to want his name taken off the credits). They understand that the film, given the test of time, passes because of Lynchs totally original and imaginative vision. Lynch deserves way more credit than even he gives himself for Dune. The admirable, tireless work he put into this film did hold up, despite the studio hack job. His totally singular vision of what a sci-fi film should be stands alone today, and even begs the question; what kind of sci-fi film would he make if given the green light again? Too bad he is seems past the point of recovery, after years of being beaten down by the Hollywood system.

- Sigh3 star

The tv version of the movie is way better than this older one. Any chance of you guys actually posting the Sy-Fy movie one?

- Superb!5 star

A powerfully beautiful vision of one of the greatest science fiction epics of all time. The visuals tend to be more or less monochromatic, with a golden hue — very effective. Often steampunk, too. The soundtrack is equally as impressive as the visuals, being meditative and mystical, and also often Wagnerian (for lack of a better word, perhaps). If such Art - together with the emotions - don’t transport you through the plot, then go read the first Dune book and/or watch Lawrence of Arabia and/or learn chess and see how much the game matches the movie. Enjoy it!

- Love this movie and book5 star

Frank Herbert created at great universe with action, intrigue, mystery, and fear making a book that last a lifetime and has some of the great lessons for life. The movie portrayed it well especially the extended version in good into way more depth. P.S don't watch the mini series it ruend the story.

- So this is kind of my favorite5 star

I've read the books and yet I still find myself unable to look away. It might be that someone read a book about feudalism in space and worms in a desert planet and thought that that was not weird enough, so he added some hokie voice weapons and voice overs. I love how the film bears only the slightest resemblance to the novel. The whole thing is crazy town and not enough sic-fi is crazy.

- A Fine Film (Though I Would Prefer the Extended Version)5 star

I saw this film on my own as a teenager when it arrived in theaters (in 1984), and have seen it several times since, including the somewhat rare extended version. Having not yet read the book, I can appreciate the film on its own as a well-crafted sic-fi saga, with interesting characters, a complex political, social, and “religious” plot, and - for their time - nice effects. As much as we all may fantasize that a book can be precisely transformed into a two- to three-hour film, it is extremely rare that it can be successfully accomplished (The Godfather and Lord of the Rings might be exceptions). I believe that if you approach this picture as its own creation, you’ll find it to be quite enjoyable, particularly if you like your sic-fi a little off-center!

- Tragically boring.2 star

With a concept that the original book has, this could have been a really interesting and epic film. Maybe it wasn't meant to be due to the the long period of time it took to make it and the numerous problems the producers had to deal with. The special effects leave a lot to be desired, the acting is bland, and the inclusion of Sting, while he may be the only memorable part in the film, is pointless. If he did the music for this instead of Toto, it wouldn't do anymore good. I'm sure the producers hired him just to make him feel better after the break-up of The Police. I think he should've read the script before entering the set. Again, it's an interesting concept that was poorly executed in a film format.

- Flawed yet underrated classic4 star

Although probably a serious disappointment to those who were looking forward to a line-by-line cinematic version of the novel, this movie still manages to present the viewer with a flawed and condensed yet entertaining version of the book, while still managing to be relatively consistent with the original work. The movie easily could have benefited with an opening that spent about 10 minutes helping to define the complex “front story” of the book, rather than the little speech provided. This lack makes the movie is difficult to follow from the start, and the character development required to make you root for anyone positive never came to be, although it has no problem making you dislike Baron Vladimir Harkonnen as soon as you meet him. If there is one serious reason to watch the movie, it’s the showcase of acting talent this film has an over-abundance of (giving the phenomenal Max von Sydow a near-negligible total of about 5 screen minutes should give you an idea of the talent here). And this, in my opinion, helps the movie ultimately be a success. Because this movie can take multiple viewings (read: 5 or more), being able to watch the likes of Sydow, Paul L. Smith, Kyle MacLachlan, Sean Young, Patrick Stewart & Jose Ferrer, all help to make the multiple viewings more entertaining and more enjoyable. Just don’t be surprised if you just shake your head in confusion after the first viewing or two.

- Still an entertaining movie3 star

But I wish they had captured the book better. I haven't watched this in many years so I did enjoy it. I specially like the Steampunk weapons and spaceships. If you haven't seen this in a while then you will probably enjoy watching it again.

- In the beginning5 star

I can't tell you how I could just not exist by choice if this movie was not made it is by far a classic one of the best probably the best of all time it amazed me..even to this day it is some that you have to see when you are young creepy yes..it should be the feelings a movie can give you..nothing like I ever felt even in my life to this day I am a duner for life ...it's not a must see it is a special see for special people l love you dune...

- If you're not familiar with Dune, or David Lynch...5 star

If you're not familiar with Dune, or David Lynch, the book might be a better place to start with the Dune universe. David Lynch has a..."unique" style, and when combined with Herberts imagination, the movie can be... odd. I love the books, and I love this movie, but for the beginner, it can be inaccessible.

- A truly great movie!5 star

One of the most original movies I've ever seen. Captivating.

- One of the most original films made.5 star

I've seen this film over 20 times and it is fundamentally fascinating. It is one of the most under rated sci-fi films ever made. A cult film above others. Enough room to read between the lines. Enough hollowing to fill in your own. Enough confusion to bring it all together. And enough open ends perfect for brooding ideas.

- Excellent film!5 star

This is a true masterpiece. Does it stray from the books? Yes. Does that hurt the story? No, in fact his is one of those rare instances where the screenplay outshines the novel. Far better in my opinion than the remade version, although that too was good. The acting and effects are fantastic. And yes the story is complex but not that hard to follow as long as you're paying attention. This isn't a movie you'd wanna watch from 20 minutes into it, or one to watch in segments. This is also a rare gem in that it displays good, bad, and neutral all at conflict both physically and politically. One of the best sci-fi movies I've ever seen!

- Meh...1 star

I cannot believe that iTunes won't get the 2001 SciFi version. I loved Frank Herbert's books 100 times better than the pulp milled out by his son Brian, and Kevin Anderson. And i enjoyed their stuff way much more than this film. I had read the books before seeing this film in '81, and I was not impressed. Oh, the worms were good, the music was great, and Sting was awesome, but those items could not overpower David Lynch's destructive affect.

- One of the greatest movies of all time5 star

I saw this in theater twice when I was nine years old... I had no problem following the story even though I waited until after seeing the movie to read the book. Although this version at times veers away from the story in the book, even more than the Sci-Fi debacle, it was almost believable. The 200? version that Sci-Fi made was truer to the book in the way of story line, but it was way over the top in over-dramatization, so far so that it looked more like a bad stage production

- This is a "thinking man's" sci-fi movie.5 star

This movie is not for the weak (minded). If you are seeking fluffy sci-fi escapism, then keep looking. This movie is based upon a complex series of books by Frank Herbert. If you are not atleast slightly familiar with these books, then you will only be superficially entertained by the excellent acting and cinematography. Also, if you are a David Lynch fan, then it's worth a look on that basis alone. Not to mention that the music soundtrack is one of the best for any movie ever produced.

- Visually stunning3 star

It's got 99 problems but the visuals ain't one

- An Utter Abomination1 star

I remember watching this show when I was a kid and enjoying it. This is probably because I had no frame of reference. That got me interested in the books, and when I got a little older I started to read them. Years later the SciFi channel put out a three part mini-series that was an almost perfect adaptation of the book. I like David Lynch movies, but he totally screwed the pooch with this one. He took one of the best science fiction series ever penned, changed the plot, hamstrung the character development, and pretty much ruined all that is good and right in the universe. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT buy this movie! It is pretty much the worst, B rated, piece of drivel I have ever seen. If you really want to check it out, I recommend reading the books first, then watch the SciFi mini series, then watch this movie. You will get the full effect of just how terrible it is. It would be awesome if you could purchase the SciFi version through iTunes, but it is not in their catalog. They do carry the sequel, and I highly recommend checking that out as well. Dont pay money for this movie, it is crap!

- Dune1 star

Unlike the fantastic book, Dune the movie is painful to watch. Th lack of true character development leaves the audience disconnected as they are dragged from one undeveloped moment in the story to the next. This is probably used in the Harkonnen dungeons to torture their prisoners. Forget the movie, read the book.

- This movie got me into the dune Saga5 star

This movie deserves my 5 star rating, just because it got me into the whole Dune Saga from Frank Herbert. I watched it as a kid, and many times after. Still I am amazed by the special effects, the majestic scenes, the feeling of an undiscovered past or a mystic future yet to come. I do not think the visual effects were lagging, I thought they were suburb for the time, and still makes it believable to this day. Of course it is classic. Maybe I am not disappointed with the movie, because I started with the movie, and then went on with a quest of deepening rediscovery by reading the books. The only times the movie was lagging was when Moab'dib was rallying his devotee freemen into rebellion, and when they took to arms, it just fell a little under the mark of being fully majestic, I did not get the feeling of vastness, scenes now typically reached with CGI, but was before still accomplished just by calling upon a real immense cast. I still did no see any Sci-Fi movie that can measure up to dune, and has a virtual geo-socio-political environment like that of Dune., and I am a Sci-Fi lover. I might put one more on the list, and that is the Galactica Series, the ones from SyFy channel. They took an old Series, added several layers of Mystical History, Religion, Politics, and made a great original. But I am not rating that one.

- It has the heart and the look4 star

Dune is one of the most complex stories to mold into a successful film. During the 80's Lynch did the best job he was capable of at the time. While lengthy and thick to its core with the underpinnings of the original books intent it misses spots here and there. We can't have expected this movie to be completely faithful or include 100% of what Herberts message was but it was a wonderful adaptation for the time with awesome performances. The Sci-fi mini series might have been more accurate to the book it missed much of what this film was able to capture. I still hold out hope that someone will do this story justice and make an even better current release of its universe. Something perhaps even on par with Jodorowsky's original goal. This movie I believe holds the heart and look of dune while the sic-fi version holds a more faithful translation. All in all we Herbert fans are still searching for the right adaptation of the book. At the very least Children of Dune was a much better reenvisioning than any other previous incarnation of Herberts Dune Saga brought to the screen.

- DUNE5 star

Yes it leaves alot out of the book but you cant have a six hour movie. The FX and look is really great.

- Incredible5 star

Stunning film. Not much more to say. Beautiful!!!

- Underrated4 star

Even that David Lynch has disowned this movie, it is still a good movie. The look is incredible. There is lots going in the movie, so it has to be watch several times to get everything.

- Excellent5 star

I have never understood the assertion that this movie is confusing or unclear. I watched it as a child and got it. So you know… maybe one needs to pay attention to the screen? Beats me… this is an incredible film and a standout in the sci-fi genre.

- Still the best5 star

Look when it was made; it had Herbert's stamp of approval. I remember that the critics, as usual, had nothing good to say about it, but then again the papers also had articles about how much Herbert liked it. I went and saw it several times during opening week, and I still love it. In the long run, there is only so much that can be put into a flick. AND of course it was made for the DUNE Faithful of that time. Of course, I have owned it in every format in which it has been offered. :^) Wonder why one can't buy the HD version?

- Good movie, but Herbert is hard to translate to the big screen4 star

While it's not a bad movie, it misses too much of the little things that Frank Herbert put in the book. It can stand on it's own as a movie, but I though it lacked the depth of the book. A closer experience would be the SciFi mini-series, which, at twice the length, is relatively more accurate. Still a good movie though, I'd recommend it if you liked the book for the story, or you just like Scifi in general

- Awesome Film!5 star

This is one of my favorite movies. I also loved the mini-series and it's sequel The Children of Dune. I would highly recommend them all.

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Galant09 - Full version3 star

Recently saw the FULL version which this is not. at over 3 hours long. Tried wtaching it. The effects were not bad for the time period and the plot was ok but I could not handle sitting for 3 hours plus and had to take breaks every hour.

Nigel Wragg - hair & pox5 star

love the hair do's and the fat guy with the pox.

Christoph Loewen - Not that good - Really2 star

The adaption from the books while elaborate and sometimes imaginative Is poor - simply put. I find myself underwhelmed by the effect. Frank Herbert had a better imagination than the Producers & Director of this film. The resulting deficit leaves me wondering what did they expect but a poor reception. The adaption of the Baron's character is particularly poor if not sick. Frank didn't write a lot of that. Effect just to create a spectacle is a sad epitaph to the man's work.

Onegreenmartian - I love this movie5 star

Love it! Love the books but some good scenes were cut out from this version.

Dominique Kane - Film adaption... not a re-telling.5 star

I absolutely adore this movie. And while it doesn't follow the book (which I have read and adore), I still firmly believe that this movie is awesome. I see it as I see any movie that comes from a book, largely adapted.

ex_brit - A Modern Classic5 star

Although the chances of successfully transferring Frank Herbert's epic novels to film seems a daunting task, this one deserves plaudits for its lushness and scope, considering special effects weren't quite as easily done then as they are today. The score performed by ToTo is magnificent. An amazing and very entertaining movie.

Sandpacker88 - Dune5 star

Having grown up in the 80's when this was released gives me some perspective. Peoples criticism of the special effects is bizarre. For an 80's movie they are actually quite good. As far as sticking to the book, well I can't say that I've seen a movie yet that does the book justice. This is still one of my favorite movies of all time. If you really pay attention to this movie you will understand it and see it for the brilliant piece of work it was at the time. Just enjoy it for what it is. Get lost in this movie just like you do with a good book. If you want a verbatim regugitation of the book then just read the book. Overall this is a classic and a winner.

ripperOpen - love this movie5 star

i dont know what people's problems are with the film its good stop being hyper critical and take the thumb out of your but and enjoy movies

hippy john - DUNE1 star

Clumsy effort at interpreting the book. Could have been two hours longer

SonyaBegonia - Random, weird2 star

The movie has a ton of flaws: the plot is incomprehensible, movie contains scads of pointless voice overs, is way too long. But the art direction kind of rocks, and the cheezy special effects have some charm.

Novacn - 1 star1 star

Personally if you have read the series this version is crap with parts that have nothing to do with the books or they were severely overexaggerated If you haven't then I would recommend it. I would also recommend the Miniseries as that's more of an accurate version of the books and explains the plot alot better

chemicalchild - Sweet!4 star

For HC sci fi peeps, one of the better movies out there. Actually takes time to build a plot with well developed characters. Buy it!

NINTNUYA - amazing5 star

I can't believe how awesome this movie is. It stands out very well from the crap currently being churned out by hollywood!!!! Definitely worth your time and money, heck I want to go watch it again as I am typing this.

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kilndoc - Guilty Pleasure3 star

I tend to be a person who insists on reading the book BEFORE seeing the movie. This movie was no exception. In that light, I was left feeling pretty empty when comparing the movie to the book. When not compared to the book, however, this movie stands on its own. The timing is a bit choppy, and there is much that needs to be explained (see the extended version if you actually want to know what is going on), but the plot is self-contained. David Lynch's direction is always esoteric, and not for everyone. A careful viewing of this film will catch elements that were later used in the television series Twin Peaks 6 years later. All of that said, I still DO like this film. Certainly worth a rental.

ihrleben - Favorite since childhood5 star

I've watched this movie, edited and unedited versions, that I have the lines memorized. This movie was my introduction to the world of Sci-Fi and I have been hooked ever since. Interesting plot twists and imagination. It is hard to find Sci-Fi on this level of imagination.

rgbrao - Surprisingly good.5 star

I had come across a bad review of this movie so I had not watched it for a good whiles. Eventually I did pick it up and found that I really liked it a lot. It is possible that the person who gave the movie a bad review is someone who simply does not get into Science-Fiction ... I mean if you are the type who would pick up a short story by Theodore Sturgeon or a book by Piers Anthony, then you you cannot but like the movie. The story of course is great since its is ultimately written by a master - Frank Herbert. That acting is quite good although Sting's role' was a touch silly. The special effects for the time that the movie was made is quite good. Watch it! You can really get into it.

an artist for God - DUNE Rules5 star

David Lynch's best film. You heard me. The French blu ray is the best version. Now we got a Kwisatz Haderach in our pockets.

DRK289 - Hate It !!!!1 star

Probably the greatest scfi novel of the last century and definetly in the top 20 of all time. Loved the book I reread it about once a year but this is a joke I couldnt even watch it all the way through. Do yourself a favor either buy the book or find the SCIFI mini series. Cut the book up add lots of trash and then sqeeze it into 2 hours and this is what you get more trash.

Cubaruba - Best!5 star

One of the best scifi novel adaptations ever!

<3patdddd - dune is like my lifeee!5 star

i love this movie sooo much like its totally crazy i think its the best movie everrrr

slylabs13 - Five Stars Really??1 star

For those who gave this book a 5 star rating AND actually read the book, i have to ask, " Really??" I being a Dune fan from way back really looked forward in anticipation for this movie, and when it was released went to see it right away. Mere words cannot express my severe disappointment. This movie was mostly about special effects, very little about the actual book, and absolutely nothing about the subtleties of the story that captured my imagination as a young man. I tried very hard to like it, I really did, but i found myself being persuaded against my will that this was not a movie worth watching, unless you had never actually read Dune, or any really good book for that matter. Save your money on this one and get the sci-fi series Children of Dune instead. That was very much more enjoyable, and as true to the book as a movie or tv series can be.

PDXLarry - Classic Dune Movie3 star

Great cast for this original rendition of Frank Herbert's Dune SF classic. While the special effects are dated by today's standards the movie conveys the key points of the book. The director uses a unique style to give the audience more of the story by letting you hear the character's thoughts. Helpful if you have not read the book. A good addition to any SF collection.

JoyLkld - Ok for what it includes..3 star

Despite what everyone seems to think this is a great film, it captures the tone and tenor of the book, granted it leaves a lot to be desired (the director's cut is the best choice) but what is included is spot on and unlike the sometimes odd imagery of the SCI FI Channel miniseries captures more of the visual look that Herberts descriptions evoke (his descriptions were more Victorian/Russian/Feudal than the SF Channels oriental character). Not a stellar example but not bad at all.

Locktwiste - Liked this film4 star

I read the book many years ago as a child, and although, as others have said, that this film adaptation is a bit unfaithful to the book I found it entertaining. True, parts were left out, but then if it was ALL filmed we might have had to endure a six hour film. I liked it alot, much better than the SyFy (then called ScjFi) channel's much more faithful yet less popular version in 2000. Moreover Frank Herbert, the author of Dune (written in 1965) although disappointed that some scenes were deleted was satisfied with the movie. It may not be a Star Wars or Star Trek epic, but it was good for its time.

Perfect Pete - Read the book but avoid this movie2 star

Frank Herbert's novel, Dune, is a masterpiece. This film is not.

Carlosarch - Dune5 star

Visionary, and still timely. A masterpiece.

mikeylikesit!! - Good stuff5 star

good story line and good graphics

paulpet - A timeless classic5 star

While it's probably difficult to follow if you've not read the books this is none the less a fantastic sci-fi movie. Many comment that it deviates too much from the book but I feel it captures the true essence of Frank Herbert's imagined future more thoroughly than the syfy channel's attempt which quite frankly I found rather bland. I just wish the movie was longer because there's so much to take in.

mvmcgee2112 - A Great Version of the Story4 star

I remember watching this movie over and over on HBO when it first came out. I was in my teens and absolutely loved it. I had not read the book beforehand. After reading the book several years later it's obvious the movie departs quite a bit from it. That's what happens when adapting a book into a screenplay. Not to mention David Lynch's own unique creepy style makes the movie feel different than the book. I enjoy both the book and the movie today. The effects haven't stood the test of time like some other 80's sci-fi, but the story is still compelling. And the cast is just a who's who of stars: Kyle Maclachlan, Sean Young, Max Von Sydow, Patrick Stewart, Sting, Jurgen Prochnow, Brad Dourif, Linda Hunt, Dean Stockwell, Jose Ferrer, and Virginia Madsen, plus lots of other faces that are familiar if their names are not. Toto's soundtrack is awesome as well. The theme is one you'll always remember! I just wish it was available on iTunes as well. As far as people liking the mini-series shown on the sci-fi channel better, I just don't agree. Sure it stayed a bit truer to the book and encompassed a lot more of the story. To me though, it was just plain boring.

1london - other aspects5 star

I have always been very selective of movies, but I must admit this is one of my all time favorites. It is on my all time list because it gets down to the basics of good versus evil, the soundtrack is exceptional, the acting is well done, and the special effects are enduring enough to last even in this time and age. When you combine all these factors the shortcomings fall to the side and you understand what the author and then director and producer were trying to put forth. It is this that makes a movie memorable and this movie simply is.

Zezjo - Hah ...1 star

Great book ... But the movie was terrible

plkbhgxcdxdf - Uhmmm...?2 star

Eh. This movie was ok... Now don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of Dune. I've read it almost 9 times by now and every other Dune book I've read was equally as amazing. But no matter what, I just can't bring myself to say I liked this movie, or that it was good. Not awful, but definitely not good.

Major David - A deservedly underrated movie (not classic)2 star

When I first saw this in the theaters back in the 80’s I for some reason totally forgot it about 2 days later, I then waited until it came out on video and saw it again and realized why I forgot it. If you want to see a wonderful adaptation of a brilliant science fiction classic, this is not it, if you want to see a lot of special effects and idiotic dialogue however… This rendition of the book wouldn’t even qualify as a “Cliff Notes” version of the novel because there was so much amputated from original story and that’s unfortunate because David Lynch did manage to get a few good actors lined up for the movie (with the exception of Kyle MacLachlan as Paul Atreides and ‘Sting’ whose just plain weird). Also when you consider that David Lynch directed this (a person who I do look up to for his directing) it becomes somewhat of real disappointment, after all he did direct some wonderful movies and TV shows (The Elephant Man, Twin Peaks), unfortunately this venture is far too Hollywood. The Sci Fi Channel version is much more honest to the book.

JeffInSF - Could not suspend disbelief enough2 star

The movie was missing not only the coherent vision of the world Frank Herbert created in his book, but also any coherent narrative thrust, not to mention believable characters. It just seemed like a bunch of disjointed, poorly-directed scenes.

Koldoonaz - Epic5 star

Greatest story ever . Too bad this is not saga like starwars , to put all ideas even in 3 hrs film looks impossible . So ppl who didnt read the book will not understand even half of what they see . Love the book , love this film .

sci-fi buff - Dune3 star

This was not so great. Not awful, just not great. What is great, though, is Children of Dune, with Susan Sarandon and a host of British actors who, along with the writing, were all superb. It was made for t.v. and shown on the Sci-Fi channel.


Look, David Lynch does no wrong. Watch all of his movies because they all rock. This film is no exception. This film is grand. This film is interesting. The book is interesting. Watch it if you like good movies.

Serious Moonlight - Give us the longer version!!!5 star

While this short version is ok, I'd really like to see the longer version that appeared on laser disc and video in Japan, which is 3+ hours. I've heard Lynch filmed over 6 hours worth, so you have to wonder what else there was to see! I've always loved this film - a fantastic cast, great costumes, Toto's wonderful soundtrack, and, of course, Lynch's strange, sublime visions. Buy this one for your iPod, but look around for the longer versions...

Bobo54321 - One of David Lynchs Best5 star

Although by no means accurate to the book(s) in detail, i feel that this movie is loyal to the books imagery and general feel. This truly is classic David Lynch applied to the great Frank Herbert. If you want the real deal of course read the book(s) but if you want the movie pick this one over the sci-fi channels interpretation. Of course the mini-series has its good points especially for someone who likes the way modern movies look.

sereena4 - Ummmm....1 star

All I can say is we need the 2001 version of this movie available for download. The 1984 version was ok but most people won't really understand what is going on in some parts because so much of it was not included. PLease ITUNES CAN WE GET THE 2001 VERSION?

cryoshell - wow5 star

this the greastest movie ever

John Beene - A Brilliant Re-imagining of a Work of Genius4 star

Yes it leaves a lot of what was in the novel out and adds a lot that wasn't there... but so what? This movie is special. Dark, weird, ornate, gritty and deep; just what you would expect of Lynch. His film reproduces the mystery and sheer grandeur of the novel. As much as I really liked the SciFi adaptations, I feel that they somehow failed at this important task. Watch both!

liver - one of the best films of all time5 star

lynch at his finest. for the naysayers out there.. how do you expect to compress the novel into a 2 hour window? wonderfully done and brought to life the images i got from the book.

Mr Klean - One of the Five Great Sci Fi Movies Ever5 star

You know the others. Forbidden Planet. 2001. Blade Runner. I'll leave the fourth to your taste. But depite its flaws, this is a great one. The book is unsurpassed, and the movie... well, let's just say, Lynch did a man's job. As a passing comment, the scifi series "Children of Dune" is very effective in every way, a feast for a lover of the books.

rjm544 - DUNE= AWESOME!!!5 star

dune is one of the best films ever and thus should be seen by everybody


Watch it sober, watch it drunk, watch it stoned, watch it with friends. A member of the opposite sex, a member of the same sex. Fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters. Bask in the glory of House Atreides, Duke Leto's axe-murdering smile, Kyle McLachlan's over exhaggerated but beautiful and sinister act of Paul Atreides, Muad'dib, for he IS THE KWISATZ HADERACH! Please step into the stunning and epic world of David Lynch's dramatic elements and dramatic scenes. This movie can change your life forever. LEt it in. The sleeper must awaken!



Nyara - A classic among sci-fi enthusiats!5 star

I've watched this move many times since I was a kid. The thing about this movie is, to understand most of what is going on; you have to read the book it's based on. Not many people take the time and effort to do that, thus leaving one of the best sci-fi movies of all times in the dust (pun intended).

Unusually - For those disappointed..4 star

This version does leave out many important scenes from the book, but it is all that has been available for many years. Has the 3:30 version been completely lost? You would think in the age of "Director's Cut's" and "Special Editions" someone would bring back the three and a half hour extended version. That version aired a few times back in the late 80s when the movie went to cable(theatrical version was around 3 hours if I remember and also longer then the current version) and I've never been able to find it since.

zhahadum - Truly unique, just look at the cast, music, and acting! Superb, a Classic of classics in Scifi5 star

Without doubt, one of those gems that gets overlooked for some unknown reason. Max von Sydow , Patrick Stewart, Dean Stockwell, Jose' Ferer, just to mention some of the big names of great acting in this surprisingly moving film. When I saw this years ago, I didn't know a single name except Jose Ferer ( I was just a teenager, gimme a break) but was so touched and moved by this , the original Dune, that I have never found a film of its equal, at least on the Scifi realm. Kind of "The Ten Commandments' with Heston (that kind of quality and gravitas). The musice alone is a treat.

DuneLover - My Favorite Movie5 star

The best Sci Fi Movie of all time. It presupposes the viewer has read the book and is too much for kids but a great movie. Hey why can't a movie ask something of the viewer once in a while. Most complaints against this movie that it is too difficult to follow are folks who engage it lazily and will never get it.

Moonelighte - Fantastulistic!5 star

Rarely have the written word and the world of theatre blended in such a melange of perfection. Exquisitely beautiful scenery, unbelievably fine makeup, costumes that show outstanding imagination, stunningly artistically created props and acting that tells the story both in sweeping gestures and finest nuances, this riviting action film brings Frank Herbert's facinating futuristic fantasy to life. Like all movies, it helps to read the book first, but this is one of the most creative offerings I have ever seen. Highly recommended!

ohmanican'tthinkofanickname - love the movie, but this version is no good3 star

My only qualms: 1. no option to buy the ridiculously long version / other cuts 2. the audio sync is off just a tiny bit, but to the point where it's definitely noticeable

Padraig7 - Don't buy into any lukewarm reviews5 star

They missed it. An excellent adaptaion of the greatest work of science fiction ever created.

Beruval - Lynch's Dune a Dud2 star

Probably most people who have seen this version of Dune (and clearly, those who wrote reviews here) have not read the book. But, that is knit picking. Standing alone, David Lynch's production of Dune is just plain bad. It captures absolutely nothing of the novel and seemed just to be a totally over produced venue for bad acting, bad direction, childish special effects and a less than inspired score. In stark contrast, the Science Fiction Channel's Dune mini-series is well produced, well scripted and acted and gets very close to the feel of the novel itself (though the special effects are not quite as good as they could have been). Dune is a very intricate story and is best told over the 6 plus hours of the Sci-Fi Channel's mini-series instead of trying to cram all the twists and turns into a 2 - 3 hour film. Unfortunately, iTunes managers do not know how to manage the iTunes movie library and offerings. They have for rent and/or sale David Lynch's Dune (not recommended) and the Sci-Fi Channel's sequel to Dune, The Children of Dune (also a many part mini-series, not quite as good as Dune, but still orders of magnitude better than the Lynch movie). iTunes has not made available the Sci-Fi Channel's Dune mini-series, just the sequel mentioned above. This is not very good managing at all. It would have been best to not offer any of the Dune series until they had a proper continuum. They have done this as well with the Alien series of films, making available every other Alien movie other than the original Alien. We see this again for Predator. So, if you are a purist, or just like to see good science fiction, take a pass on David Lynch's Dune and either hold out for who knows how long till iTunes makes the Sci-Fi Channel Dune available or go rent it somewhere else. You will be glad you did.

dreams and nightmares - COOL MOVIE...BUT...4 star


Maxmax161 - Dunt THE Si-Fi movie5 star

dune is a amazing movie the only thing beter that this movie is children of dune and the extended version. it is complacated an it is driping with hidden symbolisem plots and themes, i belive if you dont think this a amazing work of art than you can't see the full picture of "dune"

tingo25 - A Wonderful Time!5 star

I had to write when I found this classic on itunes. If you want to feel like you have been on a ride, this is it, for techies and sci-fi folks. The music is fine and the overall feel is slightly seedy. great movie, a must have.

Knightdjb - Truly Terrible1 star

What was that? It seemed like a really bad review of the book. Story line changed to a truly terrible version of the story

Sigtrygg - Good, but not all it could have been4 star

I watched this movie shortly after finishing the book, and I must say, it's good. The music is good, the art direction stunning, the acting good and the effects very good for a mid-80s film. However, I find that this movie isn't all it could have been. It could have been an epic about crusaders, drugs, religious fanatics and vendettas. However, due to the film's "disjointedness" and its lack of explanations, it ended up being just rather confusing and weird. Granted, the book already is rather odd, but an unneccesary emphasis on minor plot points such as Paul's visions and his romance with Chani made key scenes from the book (such as the Emperor scene prior to the climatic Fremen attack) come out of nowhere. Overall, if you're interested in a fun, somewhat cheap sci-fi time, this is your movie, but if you're more interested in the plot (most of which was cut), read the book.

gljohnson33 - could be better... way better.3 star

plays best in iTunes, has crappy "skip" and "freeze" quality in Quick Time... so don't convert it. also, if you're a fan of the original movie, be ready to be disappointed, this is HEAVILY edited, (made for TV version?) a LOT of good fine points are missing. it is however a "quick-fix" for when you need it.

Detlon - POOR2 star

This is a very poor version, ITUNES please replace or add the 2001 version, This is embarrassing and does the story no justice.

TheElderKat - Acceptable4 star

The sci-fi channel mini-series was better, but for it's time this version of Dune isn't half bad.

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