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Dune (1985) Movie Summary

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  • PG-13
  • 1985

Dazzling special effects, unforgettable images and powerful performances highlight David Lynch's stunning film version of Frank Herbert's classic science fiction epic about an intergalactic warrior's messianic rise. Starring Kyle MacLachlan, Jose Ferrer, Max von Sydow, Oscar® winner Linda Hunt and Sting, Dune is the ultimate adventure experience that goes beyond the imagination.

Dune Film Synopsis

Paul Atreides, a brilliant and gifted young man born into a great destiny beyond his understanding, must travel to the most dangerous planet in the universe to ensure the future of his family and his people. As malevolent forces explode into conflict over the planet's exclusive supply of the most precious resource in existence-a commodity capable of unlocking humanity's greatest potential-only those who can conquer their fear will survive.

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Incredibly Interesting Sci-FiWhen I first saw this movie on tv very, very late one night, I was absolutely mesmerized. It wasn't until later that I found out how much people hate this movie, and I was astonished. It was the most truly inventive science fiction movie I had seen since 2001, and even though it can seem cheesy at times, for me it never broke the illusion. It's absolutely dedicated to its ridiculous premise and plot, and the actors give great performances, so I was never taken out of the movie for one second. It's just a very imaginative, interesting, weird, pretty movie. And unfortunately you don't get enough of those kind of science fiction movies anymore. The basis of the entire genre of science fiction is the fantastical and imaginative, and this movie is the absolute textbook example of that..Score: 5/5

DUNEYes it leaves alot out of the book but you cant have a six hour movie. The FX and look is really great..Score: 5/5

A flawed yet superbly ambitious and effective visualizationThis film best serves people who have read the book. unusually, the cinematic rendition only adds to the otherworldly experience that readers of the novel enjoyed. this movie is a deserved cult classic..Score: 5/5

David Lynch does Sci-fiIt was great for a weird sci-if romp and I wish Lynch wouldn’t regret this film. If anything, remake it. Cecil B. DeMille remade his own films late in life, why not? Anyway, this film warbles between the book and Lynch’s distinctly weird style, which works a lot better than the SciFi channel movies that showed up in the early 2000s. Yes, the Space Jesus rain ending still bugs me, but it’s a minor complaint..Score: 5/5

DuneUnlike the fantastic book, Dune the movie is painful to watch. Th lack of true character development leaves the audience disconnected as they are dragged from one undeveloped moment in the story to the next. This is probably used in the Harkonnen dungeons to torture their prisoners. Forget the movie, read the book..Score: 1/5

Well, a good movie adaptationA decent adaptation for the Big Screen for the novel Dune. However, I would recommend waiting and keep on asking for the Director's Cut, which leaves out considerably less plot and you get a 3 hour movie..Score: 3/5

In the beginningI can't tell you how I could just not exist by choice if this movie was not made it is by far a classic one of the best probably the best of all time it amazed me..even to this day it is some that you have to see when you are young creepy yes..it should be the feelings a movie can give you..nothing like I ever felt even in my life to this day I am a duner for life ...it's not a must see it is a special see for special people l love you dune....Score: 5/5

So this is kind of my favoriteI've read the books and yet I still find myself unable to look away. It might be that someone read a book about feudalism in space and worms in a desert planet and thought that that was not weird enough, so he added some hokie voice weapons and voice overs. I love how the film bears only the slightest resemblance to the novel. The whole thing is crazy town and not enough sic-fi is crazy..Score: 5/5

Flawed but...I’m coming into this movie having just read the book. I read the book knowing it’s a staple in sci-fi literature but I knew nothing of its plot other than something about giant worms and Sting played someone in the move... of course after reading I wanted to see the cult classic movie. Like any book to movie adaptation there is a lot cut out in the form of exposition but in this case, I feel the movie bit off more than it could chew in its story telling and just trimmed everything that wasn’t “action”. A lot just happens for no reason. They tried to fill in the blanks with narration but.. no. To note, so much if the book is obviously influenced and modeled after middle eastern culture it’s really a shame that it’s solely cast with Caucasian actors... but that’s a different topic. Yes, Dune is heavily flawed but it’s an underrated classic who’s only crime was trying to tell too big of a story when nobody saw eye to eye in its development, and it shows when watching the final product. But it’s worth a watch. The costuming alone. Who can forget Sting in a cyber punk blue Speedo?.Score: 4/5

One of the most original films made.I've seen this film over 20 times and it is fundamentally fascinating. It is one of the most under rated sci-fi films ever made. A cult film above others. Enough room to read between the lines. Enough hollowing to fill in your own. Enough confusion to bring it all together. And enough open ends perfect for brooding ideas..Score: 5/5

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AmazingI can't believe how awesome this movie is. It stands out very well from the crap currently being churned out by hollywood!!!! Definitely worth your time and money, heck I want to go watch it again as I am typing this..Score: 5/5

Full versionRecently saw the FULL version which this is not. at over 3 hours long. Tried wtaching it. The effects were not bad for the time period and the plot was ok but I could not handle sitting for 3 hours plus and had to take breaks every hour..Score: 3/5

A Modern ClassicAlthough the chances of successfully transferring Frank Herbert's epic novels to film seems a daunting task, this one deserves plaudits for its lushness and scope, considering special effects weren't quite as easily done then as they are today. The score performed by ToTo is magnificent. An amazing and very entertaining movie..Score: 5/5

Random, weirdThe movie has a ton of flaws: the plot is incomprehensible, movie contains scads of pointless voice overs, is way too long. But the art direction kind of rocks, and the cheezy special effects have some charm..Score: 2/5

Film adaption... not a re-telling.I absolutely adore this movie. And while it doesn't follow the book (which I have read and adore), I still firmly believe that this movie is awesome. I see it as I see any movie that comes from a book, largely adapted..Score: 5/5

I love this movieLove it! Love the books but some good scenes were cut out from this version..Score: 5/5

Hair & poxLove the hair do's and the fat guy with the pox..Score: 5/5

Love this movieI dont know what people's problems are with the film its good stop being hyper critical and take the thumb out of your but and enjoy movies.Score: 5/5

Not that good - ReallyThe adaption from the books while elaborate and sometimes imaginative Is poor - simply put. I find myself underwhelmed by the effect. Frank Herbert had a better imagination than the Producers & Director of this film. The resulting deficit leaves me wondering what did they expect but a poor reception. The adaption of the Baron's character is particularly poor if not sick. Frank didn't write a lot of that. Effect just to create a spectacle is a sad epitaph to the man's work..Score: 2/5

Sweet!For HC sci fi peeps, one of the better movies out there. Actually takes time to build a plot with well developed characters. Buy it!.Score: 4/5

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Dune (1985) Series Cast & Crew

Dune (1985) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Timothée Chalamet (Paul Atreides), Rebecca Ferguson (Lady Jessica Atreides), Oscar Isaac (Duke Leto Atreides), Josh Brolin (Gurney Halleck), Stellan Skarsgård (Baron Vladimir Harkonnen), Dave Bautista (Beast Rabban Harkonnen), Sharon Duncan-Brewster (Dr. Liet Kynes), Stephen McKinley Henderson (Thufir Hawat), Zendaya (Chani), Chang Chen (Dr. Wellington Yueh), Charlotte Rampling (Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam), Jason Momoa (Duncan Idaho), Javier Bardem (Stilgar), David Dastmalchian (Piter de Vries), Babs Olusanmokun (Jamis), Golda Rosheuvel (Shadout Mapes), Roger Yuan (Lieutenant Lanville), Benjamin Clémentine (Herald of the Change), Souad Faress (Bene Gesserit Sister), Seun Shote (Arrakeen Residency Gardener), all returned for dune movie.

Timothée Chalamet (Paul Atreides)
Timothée ChalametPaul AtreidesScore: 20.9
Rebecca Ferguson (Lady Jessica Atreides)
Rebecca FergusonLady Jessica AtreidesScore: 30.6
Oscar Isaac (Duke Leto Atreides)
Oscar IsaacDuke Leto AtreidesScore: 18.3
Josh Brolin (Gurney Halleck)
Josh BrolinGurney HalleckScore: 10.2
Stellan Skarsgård (Baron Vladimir Harkonnen)
Stellan SkarsgårdBaron Vladimir HarkonnenScore: 6.7
Dave Bautista (Beast Rabban Harkonnen)
Dave BautistaBeast Rabban HarkonnenScore: 17.2
Sharon Duncan-Brewster (Dr. Liet Kynes)
Sharon Duncan-BrewsterDr. Liet KynesScore: 5.4
Stephen McKinley Henderson (Thufir Hawat)
Stephen McKinley HendersonThufir HawatScore: 3.8
Zendaya (Chani)
ZendayaChaniScore: 32.0
Chang Chen (Dr. Wellington Yueh)
Chang ChenDr. Wellington YuehScore: 3.0
Charlotte Rampling (Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam)
Charlotte RamplingReverend Mother Gaius Helen MohiamScore: 5.9
Jason Momoa (Duncan Idaho)
Jason MomoaDuncan IdahoScore: 32.5

Eric Roth (Screenplay), Mark A. Mangini (Supervising Sound Editor), Hans Zimmer (Original Music Composer), Hans Zimmer (Music Producer), Jina Jay (Casting), Francine Maisler (Casting), Roger Yuan (Fight Choreographer), Joseph M. Caracciolo Jr. (Producer), Joseph M. Caracciolo Jr. (Unit Production Manager), Kathy Driscoll (Casting Associate), Richard Roberts (Set Decoration), Peter Popken (Concept Artist), Frank Herbert (Novel), John Harrison (Executive Producer), Richard P. Rubinstein (Executive Producer), Ron Bartlett (Sound Re-Recording Mixer), Cale Boyter (Producer), Andy Malcolm (Foley Artist), Jo Grover (Prosthetic Makeup Artist), Karl Probert (Art Direction),

Eric Roth (Screenplay)
Eric RothScreenplayScore: 2.2
Hans Zimmer (Original Music Composer)
Hans ZimmerOriginal Music ComposerScore: 3.6
Hans Zimmer (Music Producer)
Hans ZimmerMusic ProducerScore: 3.6
Francine Maisler (Casting)
Francine MaislerCastingScore: 2.3
Roger Yuan (Fight Choreographer)
Roger YuanFight ChoreographerScore: 1.5
Frank Herbert (Novel)
Frank HerbertNovelScore: 1.2
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'Dune' Official Trailer (HD). First teaser trailer of dune, the David Lynch's popular movie. Watch the dune teaser trailer. David Lynch’s #dune is now on 4K UHD, Blu-ray and digital platforms.

Desert Visions Featurette▶ Desert Visions Featurette
Final Trailer▶ Final Trailer
Official Trailer▶ Official Trailer

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Beyond fear, destiny awaits...

Dune — 1985

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All released movie posters so far for the movie dune - 1985. A poster for David Lynch sci-fi & fantasy movie, Dune! High resolution official theatrical movie poster (#1 of 10) for dune (1985). Image dimensions: 2025 x 3000.

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Brain Force

Dune Movie Languages & Subtitles

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بول أتريدس ، شاب لامع وموهوب ولد في مصير عظيم يفوق إدراكه ، يجب أن يسافر إلى أخطر كوكب في الكون لضمان مستقبل عائلته وشعبه. بينما تنفجر القوى الخبيثة في صراع حول الإمداد الحصري للكوكب بأثمن مورد في الوجود - سلعة قادرة على إطلاق العنان لإمكانات البشرية الأعظم - فقط أولئك الذين يستطيعون التغلب على خوفهم سيبقون على قيد الحياة.

بول أتريدس ، شاب لامع وموهوب ولد لمصير عظيم يفوق إدراكه، وعليه أن يسافر إلى أخطر كوكب في الكون لضمان مستقبل عائلته وشعبه. بينما تنفجر القوى الخبيثة في صراع حول الإمداد الحصري للكوكب بأثمن مورد في الوجود - سلعة قادرة على إطلاق العنان لقدرات البشرية العليا - فقط أولئك الذين يستطيعون التغلب على خوفهم سيبقون على قيد الحياة.

български език
Потомък на благородната династия Атреиди търси възмездие за смъртта на баща си, като в същото време е призван да защитава планетата на подправките Аракис, известна още като Дюн.

Kultovní sci-fi dílo vypráví o mocenských bojích uvnitř galaktického Impéria, v nichž jde o ovládnutí planety Arrakis: zdroje vzácného koření - melanže, jež poskytuje zvláštní psychické schopnosti, které umožňují cestování vesmírem. Padišáh imperátor svěří správu nad Arrakisem a s ní i komplikovanou těžbu neobyčejné látky vévodovi rodu Atreidů. Celá anabáze je ale součástí spiknutí, z něhož se podaří vyváznout jen vévodovu synovi Paulovi a jeho matce, kteří uprchnou do pouště. Jejich jedinou nadějí jsou nedůvěřiví domorodí obyvatelé fremeni, schopní trvale přežít ve vyprahlé pustině. Mohl by Paul Atreides být spasitelem, na kterého tak dlouho čekají?

Den unge hertugsøn Paul Atreides vikles ind i galaksens mest indædte politiske magtkampe, hvor krydderiet Melange er altbetydende for herredømmet.

Die gefallene Adelsfamilie der Atreides versucht die Kontrolle über den Wüstenplaneten Arrakis und dessen kostbarste Exportware, das Spice (eine seltene bewusstseinserweiternde Droge), zu erlangen. Doch sie wird von dem galaktischen Imperator betrogen, und Paul Atreides, der junge Sohn des Herrschers dieser Familie, muss sich ins Ödland flüchten und mit den dort heimischen Nomadenstämmen verbünden, um schließlich zurückzuschlagen.

Ο Πολ Ατρείδης, ο χαρισματικός διάδοχος του Οίκου των Ατρειδών, καλείται να υπηρετήσει το ασύλληπτο πεπρωμένο του και να ταξιδέψει στον πιο επικίνδυνο πλανήτη του διαστήματος για να διασφαλίσει το μέλλον της οικογένειας και του λαού του. Με τις μεγάλες δυνάμεις να παρασύρονται σε μια ανελέητη σύγκρουση για το «μπαχαρικό των μπαχαρικών» του πλανήτη Αρράκις, της πολυτιμότερης ουσίας στην Αυτοκρατορία, μόνο όσοι δαμάσουν τον φόβο τους θα μπορέσουν να επιβιώσουν.

En un lejano futuro, la galaxia conocida es gobernada mediante un sistema feudal de casas nobles bajo el mandato del Emperador. Las alianzas y la política giran entorno a un pequeño planeta, Dune, del que extrae la "especia melange", la materia prima que permite los viajes espaciales. La Casa Atreides, bajo el mandato del Duque Leto Atreides recibe el encargo de custodiar el planeta, relevando en la encomienda a sus históricos enemigos, los Harkonnen. Paul Atreides, hijo del duque, se verá atrapado en las intrigas políticas mientras descubre el destino que le deparan los desiertos de Dune. Nueva adaptación al cine de las novelas de Frank Herbert, que ya fueron trasladadas a la gran pantalla por David Lynch en 1984.

Paul Atreides, un joven brillante y talentoso nacido en un gran destino más allá de su entendimiento, debe viajar al planeta más peligroso del universo para asegurar el futuro de su familia y de su pueblo.

Paul Atreides on nutikas ja andekas noormees, keda ootab talle endale hoomamatu vägev saatus. Oma pere ja rahva tuleviku tagamiseks tuleb tal universumi kõige ohtlikumale planeedile rännata. Kui kurjad jõud asuvad võitlema planeedil asuva hinnalisima ressursi – inimkonna suurima potentsiaali valla päästva eseme - varu pärast, jäävad ellu vaid need, kes suudavad oma hirmudest jagu saada.

اقتباسی از رمان علمی-تخیلی فرانک هربرت درباره پسر یک خاندان سلطنتی که محافظت از ارزشمندترین دارایی و حیاتی‌ترین عنصر کهکشان، به او سپرده شده است.

Paul Atreides on syntynyt täyttämään suuren kohtalon, joka ylittää hänen ymmärryksensä. Hän joutuu matkustamaan universumin vaarallisimmalle planeetalle varmistaakseen perheensä ja kansansa tulevaisuuden. Kun pahansuovat voimat ryhtyvät taisteluun planeetalta löytyvästä ainutlaatuisesta ja arvokkaimmasta tunnetusta raaka-aineesta - hyödykkeestä, joka voi toteuttaa ihmiskunnan suurimmat mahdollisuudet - vain pelkonsa voittavat selviävät.

Paul Atreides doit se rendre sur la planète la plus dangereuse de l’univers afin d’assurer l’avenir de sa famille et de son peuple. Cette planète est la source exclusive de la ressource la plus précieuse qui soit – une substance capable de libérer le plein potentiel de l’humanité –, pour laquelle des forces sinistres déclenchent un conflit dont seuls ceux sachant maîtriser leurs peurs survivront.

L'histoire de Paul Atreides, jeune homme aussi doué que brillant, voué à connaître un destin hors du commun qui le dépasse totalement. Car, s'il veut préserver l'avenir de sa famille et de son peuple, il devra se rendre sur Dune, la planète la plus dangereuse de l'Univers. Mais aussi la seule à même de fournir la ressource la plus précieuse capable de décupler la puissance de l'Humanité. Tandis que des forces maléfiques se disputent le contrôle de cette planète, seuls ceux qui parviennent à dominer leur peur pourront survivre…

הכוכב המדברי אראקיס הוא המקור היחיד ל"מרקוח" — סם מאריך חיים שגם מאפשר מסע בין־כוכבי, ולפיכך החומר היקר ביותר ביקום. פול אטריידיס, הבן הצעיר של אחד משני בתי האצולה שנלחמים על השליטה באראקיס, הופך לדמות כמו־משיחית ומוביל את הילידים של הכוכב הצחיח ("הדררים") לכיבושו ולהפיכתו לגן עדן ירוק.

Priča prati Paula Atreidesa iz kuće Atreides, sjajnog i nadarenog mladića rođenog za velike stvari, koji mora otputovati na najopasniji planet u svemiru kako bi osigurao budućnost svoje obitelj i svog naroda. Nađe se usred sukoba oko ekskluzivne opskrbe najcjenjenijim resursom koji postoji, najvrijednijem elementu galaksije koji se nalazi samo na Arrakisu i koji može otključati najveći potencijal čovječanstva, u kojem će preživjet samo oni koji mogu pobijediti svoj strah.

A távoli jövőben, a bolygóközi királyságok korában járunk. A királyságok az Arrakis bolygó feletti uralomért harcolnak, de a naprendszereken átívelő cselszövések, háborúk és politikai manőverek közepette van egy ember, aki talán békét hozhat az univerzumnak. De ehhez harcolnia kell.

Bahasa indonesia
Dune berkisah tentang seorang pemuda bernama Paul Atreides yang diperankan oleh Timothee Chalamet yang akan pindah dari tempat tinggalnya saat ini di Caladan bersama anggota keluarganya. Paul dan keluarganya akan menjalani hidup baru di sebuah planet lain yang bernama planet Arrakis. Arrakis merupakan planet dengan kondisi alam berupa gurun pasir yang luas. Sekilas, planet Arrakis merupakan planet yang gersang karena merupakan gurun. Akan tetapi Arrakis menyimpan hal istimewa di dalamnya. Arrakis menyimpan rempah-rempah yang disebut spice. Spice di Arrakis sangat melimpah dan mengandung khasiat istimewa.

In un distante futuro dell'umanità, il duca Leto Atreides accetta la gestione del pericoloso pianeta di Arrakis, anche noto come Dune, l'unica fonte della sostanza più preziosa dell'universo, "la spezia", una droga che allunga la vita, fornisce capacità mentali sovrumane e rende possibili i viaggi nello spazio. Nonostante Leto sappia che l'offerta è parte di una complessa trappola creata dai suoi nemici, decide di partire per Arrakis, portando con sé la sua concubina Bene Gesserit Lady Jessica, il giovane figlio ed erede Paul, e i suoi più fidati consiglieri. Leto prende il controllo di un'operazione di estrazione della spezia, resa pericolosa dalla presenza di enormi vermi delle sabbie. Un amaro tradimento conduce Paul e Jessica dai Fremen, nativi di Arrakis che vivono nel deserto più profondo.

アトレイデス家の後継者、ポール。彼には”未来が視える”能力があった。 宇宙帝国の皇帝からの命令で、その惑星を制する者が全宇宙を制すると言われる、 過酷な《砂の惑星デューン》へと移住するが、それは罠だった…。 そこで宇宙支配を狙う宿敵ハルコンネン家の壮絶な戦いが勃発!! 父を殺され、巨大なサンドワームが襲い来るその惑星で、全宇宙のために立ち上がるー

10191년, 아트레이데스 가문의 후계자인 폴은 시간과 공간을 초월해 과거와 미래를 모두 볼 수 있고, 더 나은 미래를 만들 유일한 구원자인 예지된 자의 운명을 타고났다. 그리고 어떤 계시처럼 매일 꿈에서 아라키스의 행성에 있는 한 여인을 만난다. 귀족들이 지지하는 아트레이데스 가문에 대한 황제의 질투는 폴과 그 일족들을 죽음이 기다리는 아라키스로 이끄는데...

Polą Atreidą, kartu su visa savo kilminga gimine priverstą keliauti į tolimą, atšiaurią ir vieną pavojingiausių Visatoje dykumų planetą Arakį, dar vadinamą Kopa. Nors atšiaurus gyvenimui, Arakis yra ypatinga planeta, kadangi tik joje yra išgaunama vertingiausia Visatos medžiaga, pažadinanti ypatingas žmogaus proto galias. Daugėjant intrigų dėl siekio valdyti šio neįkainojamo ištekliaus gavybą, Polas ir jo motina priversti iškeliauti pas fremenus – dykumose gyvenančius vietinius Arakio gyventojus. Prasideda Polo Atreido kelionė link to, kuo tapti jam lemta nuo pat gimimo: žmogumi, kuris pakeis ne tik savo giminės, bet viso Arakio bei visos Visatos istoriją.

Polu Atreidesu – spožu un apdāvinātu jaunu vīrieti, kuram zvaigznēs ierakstīts ievērojams liktenis. Viņam jādodas uz bīstamāko planētu Visumā, lai nodrošinātu savas ģimenes un savas tautas nākotni. Starp ļaunajiem spēkiem uzplaiksnī cīņa par resursiem, kas atrodami vienīgi uz šīs planētas un spēj atraisīt cilvēces dižāko potenciālu, bet izdzīvos vienīgi tie, kuri spēs pārvarēt savas bailes.

Paul Atreides is de erfgenaam van het Huis Atreides. Hij staat op het punt om met zijn familie de planeet Caladan te verlaten voor Arrakis, een woestijnplaneet die ook bekend staat als ‘Dune’. De nieuwe planeet is rijk aan melange, dat meestal ‘the spice’ genoemd wordt. De unieke drug met levensverlengende, geestverruimende en soms dodelijke krachten wordt beschouwd als het meest waardevolle goed in het hele universum.

En mytisk og følelsesladet heltereise. DUNE forteller historien om Paul Atreides, en ung mann begavet med mystiske evner og profetiske visjoner og forutbestemt til å bli leder for å gjenopprette freden blant de stridende adelsfamiliene som i generasjoner har kjempet om makten for å kontrollere verdens mest dyrebare ressurs - et verdifullt krydder som kan forlenge livet. Når ondskapsfulle krefter eksploderer i konflikt om eneretten til tilgangen på krydderet, må Paul overkomme farer og ondsinnede planer mot ham for å sikre fremtiden for familien og folket hans. Han må våge seg inn i en verden der bare de som kan overvinne frykten, vil overleve.

Diuna to pustynna planeta. To jedyne takie miejsce we wszechświecie, gdzie wydobywa się melanż - substancję, która nie tylko przedłuża życie, ale pozwala również podróżować po całym uniwersum, a nawet w przyszłość. Na rozkaz imperatora Diuna, znana również pod nazwą Arrakis, zostaje oddana we władanie szlachetnemu rodowi Atrydów. By przejąć lenno, na planetę przybywa Duke Leto Atreides, lady Jessika oraz ich syn, Paul. Nie znają jednak planów Harkonnenów, którzy nie zamierzają oddać Diuny swoim wrogom. Przecież ten kto włada planetą, ten włada całym wszechświatem.

Em um futuro distante, planetas são comandados por casas nobres que fazem parte de um império feudal intergalático. Paul Atreides é um jovem cuja família toma o controle do planeta deserto Arrakis, também conhecido como Duna. A única fonte da especiaria Melange, a substância mais importante do cosmos, Arrakis se mostra ser um planeta nem um pouco fácil de governar.

Nesta viagem mítica e emocional, “Dune - Duna” conta a história de Paul Atreides, um jovem brilhante e talentoso com um grande destino para além da sua compreensão, que tem de viajar para o planeta mais perigoso do universo para garantir o futuro da sua família e do seu povo. Quando forças malévolas entram em conflito para obter uma quantidade exclusiva do recurso mais precioso do planeta – uma substância capaz de desbloquear o maior potencial da humanidade – apenas os que conquistam os seus medos conseguiram sobreviver.

Наследник знаменитого дома Атрейдесов Пол отправляется вместе с семьёй на одну из самых опасных планет во Вселенной — Арракис. Здесь нет ничего, кроме песка, палящего солнца, гигантских чудовищ и основной причины межгалактических конфликтов — невероятно ценного ресурса, который называется меланж. В результате захвата власти Пол вынужден бежать и скрываться, и это становится началом его эпического путешествия. Враждебный мир Арракиса приготовил для него множество тяжёлых испытаний, но только тот, кто готов взглянуть в глаза своему страху, достоин стать избранным.

V galaktickom Impériu zúria mocenské boje, ktorých cieľom je ovládnutie púštnej planéty Arrakis (prezývanej Duna). Tento nehostinný svet je zdrojom vzácneho korenia – melanže, ktoré rozširuje psychické schopnosti a umožňuje medzihviezdne cestovanie. Arrakis bol dlho pod nadvládou krutého rodu Harkonnenovcov na čele s barónom Vladimirom Harkonnenom (Stellan Skarsgård). Teraz však Arrakis z rozhodnutia Imperátora pripadne rodu Atreidesov na čele s vojvodom Letom (Oscar Isaac) a jeho synom Paulom (Timothée Chalamet). Netušia však, že na Arrakise ich čaká smrteľné nebezpečenstvo, a to nielen od obrovských piesočných červov. Budú sa musieť vysporiadať nielen so zradou a sprisahaním, ale aj s nedôverčivými domorodými obyvateľmi planéty – Fremenmi, schopnými trvalo prežiť vo vprahnutej pustatine. Začne sa ukazovať, že práve Paul by mohol byť ich dlhoočakávaným spasiteľom…

Zgodba spremlja Paula Atreidesa iz hiše Atreides, sijajnega in nadarjenega mladeniča, rojenega za velike stvari, ki mora odpotovati na najnevarnejši planet v vesolju, da bi zagotovil prihodnost svoji družini in narodu. Znajde se sredi boja za ekskluzivno oskrbo najbolj dragocenega vira, ki obstaja, najdražjim elementom galaksije, ki se nahaja samo na Arrakisu in ki lahko odklene največji potencial človeštva, v katerem bodo preživeli samo tisti, ki zmorejo premagati svoj strah.

Paul Atreides, waa wiil dhallinyaro ah oo hibo leh kuna dhashay qaddar weyn oo ka baxsan fahamkiisa, waa inuu u socdaalaa meeraha ugu khatarta badan caalamka si uu u hubiyo mustaqbalka qoyskiisa iyo dadkiisa. Ayyadoo xoogagga xun-xun ay ka dhex qarxayso isku dhacyo ku saabsan helitaanka ilaha gaarka u ah meeraha ee kheyraadka ugu weyn ee aadanaha laga helo - badeecad awood u leh in ay furto awoodaha ugu weyn ee aadanaha - kaliya kuwa ka adkaan kara cabsidooda ayaa badbaadaya.

Прича прати Пола Атреидеса из куће Атреидес, сјајног и надареног младића рођеног за велике ствари, који мора да отпутује на најопаснију планету у свемиру како би осигурао будућност своје породице и свог народа. Када се нађе усред сукоба око ексклузивне дистрибуције најцењенијим ресурсом који постоји, највреднијем елементу галаксије који се налази само на Аракису и који може откључати највећи потенцијал човечанства, у ком ће преживети само они који могу да победе свој страх.

Paul Atreides är en briljant och talangfull ung man född med ett storslaget öde som måste resa till den farligaste planeten i universum för att säkra sin familjs och sitt folks framtid. När illasinnade krafter kastas in i en konflikt om tillgången till planetens mest värdefulla råvara - ett ämne med förmågan att låsa upp mänsklighetens fulla potential - kommer bara de som övervinner sina rädslor att överleva.

เรื่องราวของ "พอล อาร์เทรดีส" อัจฉริยะหนุ่มผู้มีพรสวรรค์ที่เกิดมาพร้อมโชคชะตาอันยิ่งใหญ่เกินกว่าจะเข้าใจ เขาต้องเดินทางไปยังดาวเคราะห์ที่อันตรายที่สุดในจักรวาลเพื่อความอยู่รอดและอนาคตของครอบครัวรวมถึงผู้คนของเขา หลังถูกรุกรานโดยกองกำลังวายร้ายหน้าเลือดที่หวังแย่งชิงทรัพยากรที่ล้ำค่ามากที่สุดเท่าที่เคยมีมา ซึ่งสามารถใช้ดึงศักยภาพที่ซ่อนเร้นของมนุษยชาติออกมาได้ และมีเพียงผู้ที่สามารถเอาชนะความกลัวได้เท่านั้นที่จะอยู่รอดในศึกครั้งนี้

Dune, kendi ailesi ve halkının geleceğini garanti altına almak için evrendeki en tehlikeli gezegene seyahat etmek zorunda olan, kavrayışının ötesinde büyük bir kaderin içine doğmuş, parlak ve yetenekli genç Paul Atreides'in hikayesini anlatıyor. Kötücül güçler, gezegenin var olan en değerli kaynağı için -insanlığın en büyük potansiyelini ortaya çıkarabilecek bir maden- çatışmaya tutuşmuşken, yalnızca korkularını yenebilenler hayatta kalacaktır.

Міфічна й емоційно заряджена подорож головного героя, Пола Атріда. На цього блискучого й обдарованого хлопця чекають великі справи, які йому важко осягнути. Він вирушить на найнебезпечнішу планету у Всесвіті, щоб врятувати майбутнє своєї родини та свого народу. Адже ворожі сили вступають у конфлікт через найцінніший і найрідкісніший ресурс — речовину, здатну розкрити найбільший потенціал людства. Виживуть лише ті, кому вдасться перемогти власні страхи.

Tiếng Việt
Dune xoay quanh câu chuyện về Paul Atreides một chàng trai trẻ đầy tài năng và thông minh anh được sinh ra trong cuộc sống vô cùng tuyệt vời và vượt khỏi tầm hiểu biết của anh, không những thế anh còn phải du hành đến một hành tinh đầy nguy hiểm nhất trong vũ trụ để có thể bảo vệ an toàn cuộc sống trong tương lai của gia đình và người thân của anh. Nhưng những thế lực tàn ác đã trỗi dậy và gây xung đột về sự cung cấp tài nguyên cho sự tồn tại của hành tinh. Và chỉ có những người dũng cảm vượt qua được nỗi sợ hãi mới có thể giữ được mạng sống trên hành tinh này.


才華洋溢、滿有天賦的少年Paul Atreides,命中注定要完成超乎他認知的偉業。他要勇闖宇宙中最危險的星球,以守護家人和子民的未來。多個邪惡勢力為了奪取這個星球獨有的珍貴資源 – 一種能夠開啟人類最強潛能的必需品,而展開戰爭。只有戰勝恐懼的人們才得以生存。


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