Grease Summary and Synopsis

John Travolta solidified his position as the most versatile and magnetic screen presence of the decade in this film version of the smash hit play Grease. Recording star Olivia Newton–John made her American film debut as Sandy, Travolta's naive love interest. The impressive supporting cast reads like a "who's who" in this quintessential musical about the fabulous '50s. Grease is not just a nostalgic look at a simpler decade – it's an energetic and exciting musical homage to the age of rock 'n' roll. Australian good girl Sandy and greaser Danny fell in love over the summer. But when they unexpectedly discover they're now in the same high school, will they be able to rekindle their romance despite their eccentric friends? Grease Wiki

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GREASE is the word...

Grease (1978)

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- Grease Lighting!!!!5 star

Grease is one of the easiest and wonderful musicals i have seen in a while. John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John are perfect couple and do a really good job being partherns and getting together for the good times you know and the movie looks colorful and bright and the cinematopgraphy is just perfect in any way.



- Wow5 star

I love grease and I love this movie

- Perfect Counterbalance3 star

Was a great stage show wrecked by cashing in on the popularity of John and Olivia, who balanced each other: An actor who can't sign, and a singer who can't act.

- ❤️❤️♥️♥️♥️♥️5 star

One of my favorite movies!!! I’m not a fan of musical movies, but this one l can watch it a million times!!

- Spectacular5 star

One of the most bizarrely awesome films ever made. It’s fun, glorious, epic and good dumb fun. It’s just fun how all the teenagers here look old as hell.😂😂😂😂 I love this film.

- Best movie/musical ever!!!5 star

My mom kept on talking about Grease and finally I asked her to watch it with me. After watching this movie I wanted to watch it all the time. I’m always singing songs from the movie.

- +h!$ !z +he 1 [email protected]+ Eye [email protected]+.5 star

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- Best Musical Movie Ever5 star

Everything about this movie is great. Love the quick witted banter between the characters. The music is timeless.

- loveeee!5 star

i love this movie so much one of my favorite movies.

- This is such a good movie with songs5 star

The songs are funny some of the parts are funny so good


Grease is the best movie out here. No matter how young or old everyone can enjoy this movie. I’ve been watching this movie over and over again since I was a baby and I never get tired of it. Grease is the word! 💕



- Terrible movie1 star

It's mainly the story of how agirl falls in love with a jerk and stays in love with him no matter how bad he acts, with some catchy songs thrown in. The fact that this movie is popular is proof that people like horrible things, not that the movie is good.

- Great musical5 star

My favorite musical of all time, it’s funny, the songs are good and the story is good. It had me hooked with the first song, i definitely recommend to musical lovers.

- This movie is ok4 star

I watched this with my mom the other day, and I thought it was pretty good.

- Great movie5 star

Please add the 4K version of this movie.

- I fell in love with Olivia Newton-John for the very first time5 star

Grease is amazing, I love everything about it. Olivia Newton-John & John Travolta are dynamite together. All the cast is perfect. The soundtrack is fantastic. Definitely Grease is the word and the best movie musical of all time. Buy it, It worths every single penny & more. Grease forever !!

- Amazing5 star

I’m 17 now and still think Grease is the best movie ever!! It’s a bit obsessive but I’m not exaggerating, I seriously watch this movie at least once a week. Sorry not sorry. John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John are amazing! All of the pink Ladies( especially Frenchie) give me laughs every time. Putsie, Doody, And Sunny are such goofs and even Finicky can make me laugh. Every single cast member makes the movie fantastic! I couldn’t imagine a different cast.


This is an amazing movie. I love singing along with it!!! I love the drama in this movie and I love the different sides to Danny and Sandy!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😍😍😍😍💝🎁

- The ultimate high school classic of its day5 star

There is no question as to the reason why Grease was such a blockbuster hit. It was fun, it touched on all sorts of high school experiences shared by millions, it was funny, it had great tunes and great dance numbers, and there was great chemistry all round. Unlike the broadway version, it avoids the northern and eastern toughness, focusing on more of a California middle-class style of innocense and playfulness. Frankly, I think everyone should own a copy and watch it now and then. Life is not always very easy and the daily stresses can be a bit much. An annual viewing of Grease can tone things down and revive the viewer's sense of fun. I should mention that this gentle and fun sense of nostalgia is truly timeless. It was a big deal with Disney theme parks (1890's hometown USA - the nostalgia of Walt Disney's generation) and every successive generation can identify with it to some degree. This movie brings all of this together and is set at just the right time – during the boom days before the end of Camelot.

- i'm obsessed5 star


- This is one of the greatest movies ever5 star

This is a great, fun, awesome, terrific movie. I love this movie a lot. I love John Travolta as Danny, and Oliviva Newton John as Sandy. I love all of the music in the movie and it is one of my all time favorite movies ever.

- In love with this movie 😻5 star

The best movie EVER 😎

- Yay5 star

I love Greece😝woooooohoooooo

- BEST MOVIE!5 star

This is the best movie, a great quality movie too!

- 100/105 star

My favorite movie of all time. It's relatable and it takes me back to a time I would rather have been brought up in. The love story isn't too corny and all the characters add something special to the bigger picture.

- All Time Favorite5 star

Love this movie.

- The best movie ever5 star

I love this movie so much it's the best ever if you have never seen it you need to its so amazing I can't even describe it 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽😍😍😍😍😍😍in love with this movie

- ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️5 star


- AMAZING!!5 star

this is one of my top 10 favorite movies! It's such a classic! I even bought the piano book!!


Im 14 and most people my age aren't really into old movies but honestly even the new generation will freakin love this movie i saw it when i was younger and i could watch it right after it finishs i know every lyric in all the song and the cast chemistry and songs and plot is just amazing and realistic when people ask me whats my favorite movie there always kinda shocked that i say grease since they'd expect id say the fault in our stars or something though thats a good movie too but i love grease ughh!!!!😍😍😜😜😝😝👯

- Favorite movie5 star

From the time I was introduced to the dirty sex appeal of Grease at the young age of 5 to now being 18 I'm still fascinated by the grease lightning cast and this movie!!! 5* isn't enough for this classic!

- Best High School Musical ever!!!5 star

Already have this movie in my collection but saw it was on sale here so I had to re buy it😁😍😘

- AMAZING5 star

This movie is one of the best movies i have ever seen and it will probably always be that way

- BEST MOVIE EVER😍😍😍😇😇5 star

I think that Grease is amazing, funny,and It blows my mind that someone can make a movie this good!I can not go on but, I love the movie it never gets old!


This movie was the best musical I ever watched and I'm only 9 years old and I thought high school musical was but it was GREASE 😘😍💋💌❤️💗💕💗💞💖💘

- Love the movie5 star

It is so good

- Kailee monroe 20145 star

I love this game soooo much.i watch it all the time love it ;)

- Grease5 star

I really love this movie. In my opinion this is the best movie ever made.

- LOVE IT!5 star

it is one of my favorite movies of all time!!!! it is the best! please buy it

- Best movie ever5 star

This movie is amazing. I've always liked old movies and my Grandma one day came home & bought me this movie. She told me to watch it. I was about 13 years old when I first say it. I loved it. Now I'm older and I still love this movie. I could re-watch it everyday.

- The better High School Musical5 star

This is what High School Musical should of been.

- Grease is amazing,worth all the money!!!5 star

I love this movie I could watch it all day!! It takes place in a wonderful happy time period,It has a teenage drama to it but it has an amazing love story!! Overall it's a awesome family movie and I recommend it to all viewers.

- Grease5 star

I was blown away

- Awesome5 star

Greatest movie ever!!! I love musicals and especially about romance! It is definably an original!

- LOVE !!!!5 star

When I first saw it I could not stop!! I wish that movie was real,I wish I was in the's filled with so much energy it never stops!! LOVE IT !!

- Love5 star

This a great musical and acuail the first one I ever saw

- The best movie ever5 star

I think the dances are amazing,-Songs are cool!I like Kenickie and Danny and sandy at the end.Other than that,The movie is a classic movie.

- Grease5 star

This is a classic! At age 7, I was in love with John Travolta. Today I'm in my 30's and I continue to love this's one my favorite movies.. Everything looks so fun and decent..which times were like this!! A must see...🌸

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I hate tags - J͎u͎s͎t͎ r͎e͎a͎d͎ t͎h͎i͎s͎...5 star

ι ѕєєи α ρℓαу fσя тнιѕ мσνιє, d̰̃ḭ̃d̰̃ñ̰'t̰̃ ḭ̃ñ̰c̰̃l̰̃ṵ̃d̰̃ḛ̃ ḛ̃ṽ̰ḛ̃ñ̰ h̰̃ã̰l̰̃f̰̃ t̰̃h̰̃єm̰̃õ̰ṽ̰ḭ̃ḛ̃. w̲̅h̲̅e̲̅n̲̅ I ⓈⒺⒺⓃ ⒾⓉ ⓌⒶⓈ ⓄⓃ ⒾⓉⓊⓃⒺⓈ, Ⓘ ⓃⒺⒶⓇⓁⓎ ⒹⒾⒺⒹ!! ι love тнe ѕтory lιne! renт ιт? pғғғттттт!! вυy ιт!!

oncanuck - Simply Put...5 star

Iconic! One of my all-time favourite movies. And so much fun to watch.

lwaa - Updated cover illustration is hilarious2 star

The original poster illustration was bad, but this one is THE WORST. It’s so bad it’s hilarious.

Leahthebosss - THANKS FOR CHANGING IT4 star

Now you can finally buy the movie

Munch7717 - Grease4 star

Enjoyed it

SeeneeWolf - Awful1 star

The last scene, which is the one people are usually so excited about, where everything comes together and people are happy: hated it. The movie was okay for a while, but it slowly got worse and worse. The songs were good, but the story-line felt so empty. I just didn’t like it. But, it’s a classic I guess, so presumably people disagree with me. Rotten Tomatoes reviewer John L. Wasserman accurately sums up how I feel about this movie.

Nicolas Trudel - A Classic ✨5 star

Amazing movie and good sondtrack

Breanna737 - I LOVE THIS MOVIE5 star

This is by far the best movie of all times! You must buy it

Roxanne Forster - Grew up with Grease5 star

Growing up with the double LP album in the house meant some well played records and knowing every song by heart, hours staring at the pictures on the diner table and wanting to go to that high school! Still have the VHS and a player for just that movie! Finally I can download a digital copy and put the tape to rest in the box of memories. All time favourite movie!

WONDERFULPISTACHIOS - Love love love it!!!5 star

I love the music (infectiously catchy!) and the great acting from Olivia Newton John. I bet this will be staying for generations.

MPG22 - WOW5 star

vraiment se film est exelent j'ai adorer

Gr8fruit - Classic!5 star

This show will always be a classic hit! I am so glad you made this buyable finally! Yes, it may be over thirty years later... but Grease will always be awesome :)

Cjr2000 - Fav movie of all time4 star

Priced to high, I can get this movie on rogers for 3.99

Love you 2 945 - Best movie ever5 star

This is my fave movie so worth $19.99!

Sleepinggray - Greatest Movie, priced WAY too high.5 star

My favorite musical of all time, but I refuse to pay $19.99 for a movie I can buy on blu-ray for $10.

Thezooisawsome - Tuvo5 star

Mis causas

Alessia Bozzi - I absolutely LOVE grease5 star

Grease is the awsomest movie ever invented!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

S76536 - Love it!5 star

One of the best musicals of all time

pinacoladagirl - A True Classic5 star

I used to watch this movie everyday and I still haven't got tired of it. From the beauty school dropout to mooning everyone at the dance , this is an excellent film. Since I started watching this at a young age, I never realized how dirty the jokes were though. Oh well! :)

Keeraleigh8 - LOVE IT5 star

This is my fav movie ever!!!! It's a shame I can't buy because its a tad to expensive. One suggestion is that you drop the price just a bit. BUT ANYWAY I LOVE IT AND I WISH I COULD BUY IT!

Xhxgghghb - Omg5 star

I LOVE this MOVIE but it won't let me buy it and when I bot it took my money And did not give me the movie!!!!😡

Prophe c - Better soundtrack3 star

The movie itself get 2-3 stars, the soundtrack 4+

MrsSudsy - Best Movie/Musical5 star

Absolutely the best movie ever made, with music you will sing along with forever! But why doesn't iTunes have this FOR SALE, and WHERE is the soundtrack from THIS movie?????? I wanted to buy the album for my iPod, but can't find it, and I don't want a knock off.... I want Travolta and Olivia Newton-John!!! Thumbs down to APPLE for not offering the soundtrack and the movie for sale!

EmmyDB32 - BEST MOVIE EVER5 star

this is a classic movie and ive watched it so many times. i would like it to be for sale though, i would buy it and im sure many others would too. please put it up for sale!

Ace_47 - Great movie...4 star

Just 1 suggestion MAKE IT BUYABLE

stephkilloran16 - ConverseKICKS.2 star

Apple, you'd make a hell of a lot more money if we could BUY this movie.

Julianne houghs #1 fan - Amazing5 star

I'm in grease at school (: we perform this Thursday, Friday, an saturday! I play Danny!!!!!

Sparky12345678910 - ?1 star

Y can't we buy the movie :(

Ruecelis - Grease5 star

Amazing movie ever

Christmas-Ange - Grease ( MemoryLane)5 star

Love that movie so much!!! It's the best movie ever! Everytime I see it now.It takes me back to those drive-In nights OH!!! Those happy days!!!!!!!

Pacaind - Favourite movie ever!!5 star

My fav movie of all times! I swear I've seen it like 20 times! 1 fan! Luv luv luv this movie! If you haven't seen it yet then shame.

TryzubKim - Grease5 star

I looooove grease, but totally stupid that it only renatable.

Danceaholic15 - I Agree5 star

So I watched this for the first time about a month ago and I have the songs running still through my head. And I finally get the idea to buy it and put it on my I pod....but I CAN'T?????????????????????????????????? Grease is one of those movies that have to BE BOUGHT OR ON SALE not just for rent it doesn't make any sense. This is a kind of musical that anyone can enjoy no matter how many times they have seen it so make us BUY IT not rent it!!!! <3 :D

Tashmasters - Grease5 star

I love this movie it is the best

jamesbond1971 - Grease5 star

I saw this movie in the thearte in Calgary when it came is the movie that got me to love movie.l was 6 year old when l saw this movie.

s.p.oza - so great5 star

Love grease so much fav movie ever. Listen to grease right now. Ahhhhhhhhhh grease so awesome. Love their songs.

redrose_59 - PURE AWESOMNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!5 star


Wooooooooooooow better not be invalid - The movie gets 6/5 stars the fact you can't buy it--stupid4 star

Why can't we friggen buy this awesome movie?! It would sell lien crazy who's cazy enough to not sell it especially since this is such a big popular store and movie!! Make it available for purchase I don't see the reason for no purchase.

Mimi123216 - Awsome5 star

I got chills there multipleing! And I love this movie! IT'S ELECTRFIEN!! Wait a minute... This is only rent ):

D-dog. - WHEN5 star

When are you going to make it so that we can buy it

Diedi93 - Why only rent?5 star

This movie is amazing! When i first saw it on itunes i was like OMG IT IS ONLY $4! Then i realized that it is only to rent. Really disapointed and hope we can buy it soon!

* musictwilightlife - Mkaay, well then..5 star

This movie is ah-mazing. I wish we could buy it though. Renting is a pain. COME ON iTUNES!

nikuboss - total classic5 star

LOVE Grease! Should be able to buy, though. And how come I can't find the soundtrack to this version to purchase? I don't want Broadway versions, but this one with Olivia Newton John and John Travolta.....

katyjane14 - AHH!!5 star

This is a really great movie!! I wish that iTunes had it for sale because I would completely buy it in a second!!

KarliKat! - Why?4 star

I really really want to buy this movie why is it only for rent???????? :(

William Lachance - only for rent?!?!?!?5 star

why is it only for rent could iTunes do it for buy & rent man this movie is incredible it should be for buy......

guitar guru77 - I MUST BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PUT IT UP FOR BUYING5 star

OK seriously. I don't want to rent this, I want to buy it!!! IT IS AN AWESOME MOVIE!!!!!!! Seriously, Apple, if you look at these reviews there's like 30 that say you NEED to be able to buy it. Listen to us for once and stop making everyone mad.

kevinatorRT - RENT ONLY????3 star

I don't understand how you can only rent something but not be able to buy it? This is just annoying. I can understand it being the other way around.

Gamegamegamer - Are you slow?5 star

Apple common! why can't we buy this movie it ROCKS! Are you guys slow or something?

hoothoot8579 - I NEED TO BUY IT5 star


Kris Brodz - Grease5 star

I love this movie, so glad its available to buy.

bunky junky - The music the actors amaizing5 star

The actors of this movie are absolutely amazing!!! The music from the band is crazily good same as the singers. The song we always sing to in the car is your the one that I want.

ben-anna - I’m in it5 star

I’m in the musical for 2017!

H<(* ) - #1 movie!!! 9999999999999999% BEST EVER!!!!5 star

Best movie in the solar system! U should by the theme song! The theme song is the best song in the solar system! The movie and the songs almost make me cry cos it's so amazing! I rate it: infinity out of infinity!!! Love it! I recommend u to buy it! Good luck watching it! (Trust me its amazing!)

Ben Dal Farra - Grease4 star

A classic! One of the best musicals ever made! Whatever you do, don't watch the sequel.

I hate fb updates - Great5 star

I love this movie, I would buy it but got no iTunes money :(

Joanne Sds - Grease5 star


Bluesun66 - ...3 star

I liked this movie, but... I kinda feel like its a bit overrated... Soz

Update :( - Want to buy!!!!!5 star

why can't we buy it!!!

MelDam11 - Why?4 star

Please advise, why Grease is not available to buy and only rent? Not happy Jan!!!

Maisy1614 - GREASER wants to buy2 star

Yeah look at everyone's comment we ALL WANT TO BUYYY please let us buy it please tell us why or just let us buy it all my friends would and u will make more money I'm not considering renting I will only buy lots of my friends agree but I love grease! U r getting less money coz no one is renting it (that I know) until its buyable!!!

LGempire - Best movie ever5 star

Why is this not available to buy?! It is the greatest movie ever!

AnniBreese99 - Buy!!!!5 star

It would be great if we could buy it!

poke-mum - Purchase??1 star

Another one who would love to buy ....?? Why no option

Mastrobaby - Me too5 star

I would love to purchase this classic!!!

ice-creamgirl101208 - Why4 star

Why can't we buy it I don't want to rent it I want to buy it

BOO.10 - Grease Movie5 star

Yes, Why can't we buy the Original Grease Movie. It's a Timeless Classic. It's not Fair. I ask of you to Please Re-Consider in making this Wonderful Movie available to buy for all to enjoy Time & Time again. PLEASE !!! Thank you for your time.

welybro - Put it on sale!5 star

I want to buy Grease, not rent it.

Timtam678 - :(5 star

Why cant you buy it???????? Luv the movie though......

Chloe Kaye - GREASE5 star

I love the movie 'Grease' but they should definately make it able to BUY!!!

Issol - Grease5 star

I am new to iTunes. Can someone tell me why this movie is not available to buy?

SarahCayless - Aaaaaarrrrrggggghhhhh!!!!4 star

I like this movie, but want to know why it isn't available to buy!!??

Loves GREASE - Buy pls5 star

Can u make grease available to buy cuz I really want to get it!!!! Why doesn't anyone like travolta?! He has nice hair!!

stilinski24 - Not as good as grease 21 star

I love grease 2 but I hate John travolta so yeah get the second one I have watch it everyday

sonchi1 - :)5 star

by far the best movie, i have ever seen

Sazilina - Grease FOREVER5 star

Absolutely LOVE this movie!!! A definite classic!!

Whjesvjopbfsahopgwwgjl - Instant classic!5 star

Great soundtrack and brilliant acting from the entire cast. Definetly Travolta's best flick! Why can't he be in more flicks like this instead of the shockers we've been seeing him in lately? Hmmm...

*mamoanbabii* - ...Grease...4 star

I'd really like to know why the car flies off in the end but who can complain, right? It's a classic! Go Grease Lightnin'!

SuperWhoLockedAntiRude - tsk tsk1 star

Grease is a fablous movie i'd have to admit but why is it that you can only rent it where as with Grease 2 you can buy and/or rent it? Please make it avilable to buy!

Lay and Elly - We love Greace5 star

We really love Greace. It totarly rox!!!!!!!

opoppooppopo - THE BEST EVER!5 star

i luv grease! it is the best ever. if u love musicals get it!! it is gr8! but if u dont, mayb not such a gr8 idea. i always try 2 get my friends 2 watch it.but they asrent 2 keen.(prob coz i make them watch it every sleep over) i bought this movie with at k-mart or something like that..sanity?oh well, it doesnt matter but i got a sing along booklet. it may sound gay, but its good coz it has all the words 2 every song. My Fave is Hopelessly Devoted to You' Or 'Sandy' Get Grease! Kenicky is Da Bomb!

midnightGamer204 - I’m in love5 star

Perfect amazing I can’t believe how good it is and how old it I love it everybody should watch it love it

Paul from Barcelona - Happy Happy 40th Birthday Grease!!!5 star

What a wonderful way to celebrate Grease with a beautifully remastered 4K iTunes copy in 4K DOLBY VISION. WOW, this film has really been cleaned up. Nothing has been cut from the obsolute original. My word, the picture quality SHINES and sound quality is very much improved considering it came in those days from analogue Dolby Stereo. This film seems to have aged well and has a beautiful, innocent vibe about it :) My friend Carlos over in LA played basketball in the old gym used for the dance in the film as it was filmed at his old school!!! :) A really amazing way to own Grease The Movie with this beautiful 4K DOLBY VISION iTunes copy. By the way, the iTunes Extras are amazing - loved the interviews, havn't tried the sing-a-long yet. LOVED the 100+ original photographs of the launch party back in the day. Just superb!

fat arsse - Sexy5 star

I think it’s sexy inopproprite for kids you could see the guys penis body part

Nbyjgukbfhngcb. Mbvghvmn - Best film ever5 star

Fast and furious used to be my favourite until I watched this, I've watched this over and over again. If I could rate it with emojis it would be 😀😀😀😃😂😎😱👍👍👌👌🤘🕶🕶⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Milner. - Grease .5 star

I think this is an amazing movie it's an olden day one.and I think everyone should watch it🙂💩💩

terrance the lamb - WHYY1 star

I bought this a while ago and it has now deleted off of my account and it was not cheap it was £14 😕 rip off

Streetworker01 - Glorious romp5 star

One of the very few movie musicals to improve on the stage original, it would be easy to find fault with Grease. The leading members of its cast are way too old to play their teenage characters, and the plot isn't so much thin as nebulous. But that scarcely matters in a film so ridiculously enjoyable. It's impossible to watch this movie without a silly grin. And it has Stockard Channing, who is worth five stars here alone.

OllyMursMad - What1 star

The people have got to have seen all of these comments SO WHY DON'T THEY DO WHAT WE SAY???:(:(:(!!!!

tkm250250250 - Are the 70’s as good as they seem3 star

This film , called an all time classic is actually a film with a weak plot, decent songs and really should have more focus on the boys side of school.

melanie3267 - Grease5 star

Excellent movie xx

Zoeiiiiiiiii - Grease5 star

I love this film its the best :)) 

Harry altman - Love this film5 star

It's the best

Marciners - Grease5 star

Its a spectacular film that really highlights the hight of entertainment !

Aynardboomay - Awesome5 star

I loved this movie 'cause its really lively and funny!!! ; )

1d super duper fan - Really good ! :D5 star

Seriously good

Radio25991010 - Love5 star

My favourite film ever!!

Tonytrout - Great movie1 star

Why can't I buy this movie??? One star

Sarisha botey - Why cant i1 star

Why can't I buy the film

Linkin88 - You can buy it!!5 star

Yes this is a fantastic film!! And for everyones information you can buy this film on itunes.... Just select SD (standard definition). Itunes just has it as HD to rent. Hope this helps.

Emilee stevie Rae - You can buy5 star

Hey, this is an amazing film and I know some of you are really gutted you can't buy it, but you can if you go on the little button that says SD not HD under the preview button. Well it works on my iPad anyway, so I hope this helps you!!!!

Alayoa - U can buy it!5 star

Grease is a REALLY good movie and u can buy it, just not in HD! Click on SD instead next to the HD button and u will be able to not only rent but also buy! Hope this helps. x

Carlsburg ice - Grease!5 star

I wanna buy this!

Stohornugle - Brilliant!5 star

Why can't we buy it!

Witchhunter 6 - Grease1 star

The movie keep freeze all the time and we con't watch it.

Hull fc - Fantastic film5 star

Thank u,thank u,thank u,we can buy it,yeeaahhh

Kazg.56 - Hooray Grease is the word!5 star

Thank you at last we can buy it! And at a decent price. I saw this film 14 times at the cinema first time round and have always loved it, great movie!

HoneyWhytey7 - Grease5 star

Love it

Flintcity - Well5 star

Good film never the less renting i need 2 by it!!!!!!¡

Hiberious - Grease is the word!5 star

Fab film, but useless if you cant buy it! Whats wrong with you Itunes, I thought you liked money!

A greaser - A must buy5 star

I want to buy this ! ! !

Kade$ - What a joke4 star

It is the best film ever but you can't buy it you can only rent it

too-foxy - why rent5 star

why would u want to rent a film for ur ipod or iphone,its rediculous,we want to buy

Monkey 84 - Let us buy it!!!!15 star

why can't u buy this film!!!!!

samjf - classic!5 star

Fantastic film, cannot understand why I can't buy it, come on Itunes get it sorted!!

1987vickie - Absolute classic5 star

This is an absolute classic I absolutely love it and have done since I were little also love grease 2!! It's a shame u can't buy it though im gutted :-(

Tina JM - Not Renting!1 star

What a shame I can't buy this film. I'm not paying to rent it. Someone has to come to their senses and let us buy it!

Fay1983 - My childhood movie5 star

I have loved this movie my whole life. But why can't I buy it :( So disappointing

[email protected] - Grease rules5 star

I think this film is and has been a favourite with every member of the family! My fave characters r rizzo,sandy, danny and frenchie! It's a shame u can't buy it! 

mydamncookie - why can't ya buy it????3 star

grease is an amazing film… SO WHY CANT YOU BUY IT??? they'd make loads more money!!!

Willblue13 - Dfgcvfhhfgujvcggk5 star

Great film rubbish you can't buy it

KateBrightside - Why ?5 star

WHY CAN IT NOT BE PURCHASED? It's the greatest film of all time.

AmyWalters93 - <35 star

the film is amazing i cant buy it which im pretty gutted about why? why!

liarechere - WOW <35 star

I love Grease, and always's a shame you cant rent it :( but amazing film..

AirBNB 🎁10 star

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Cidgelop - Good5 star

This was the best movie ever I loved it it's like not your first crush but your last and hopefully the best. - Great Movie - Awesome Play5 star

I loved the movie, but really enjoyed seeing it on stage. This needs to be re-made like Footloose was.

Funny but Scary - Best Musical5 star

Grease, although it is a very old movie, is probably the best musical I have ever seen. It is an amazing movie to watch and it's great because it is rated PG, so you can watch it with the kids. I loved grease and think that you will too!

MadWhithTheDownload - Disapointed1 star

I love this movie ,but it wouldn't download even after got rid of all my apps. Now I have to start over on everything. I waisted $18.00 on a movie that didn't even download. I am very disappointed.

Chloelovespiano - BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!5 star

This is amazing! The best movie ever!!!! I love it!

Yuuuv15 - Loving it5 star

By far the best movie ever!

TayZezo - #1 movie on the charts5 star

The all time best movie!!!!!

OUTSTANDING MUSICAL!!! - Great movie5 star

Splendid job in the choreographing amazing singers

Bribri24purple - IN LOVE5 star

My all time fav musical, I love love love it period.

Tru Directioner - Never gets old.5 star

It does'nt matter how old you are wether your ypoung or old your never going to get tierd of it . I love the whole feelings of the 50's, & I am a 16 year old & wanting to go back in time to the 50's.

Eerie360 - I Love It!5 star

I am in love!

pissssss. - Best movie evaer!!!!!5 star

Love it

Avida95 - BEST MOVIE!!!5 star

This is probably..,actually IS the best movie I have seen!!! It is all the things you would want in a movie!! Romance, comedy, entertainment, drama EVERYTHING!!! I have watched it 12 times in the last 4 days!!! And you will once you watch it!! I would give it more than 5 stars but that's the highest

Peady_be_thuggin - It's all right4 star

Is not the best


Best movie ever!! It is such a classic!

Vicsouth1203 - Great!5 star

Absolutely AMAZING!!!

Most terrance app - Grease5 star

Best movie know all lyrics nd movie by heart

BIG BOY! - Ahhh5 star

I will never ever ever love a movie a much as I love Grease. Been my favorite since I was little. (:

Cheerleader rocker! - Awesome!!5 star

When I saw this movie on my TV I switched to it... Thought it would be stupid, IT WAS AWESOME! I am only nine and I like this stuff!

Koolove - Loved Forever5 star

Grease has been my favorite movie since I was 9 years old! I have always loved Grease and have had several dreams I was sandy! My friends and I were the pink ladies for Halloween! (I got to be Sandy!!)

beth6623 - Summer Loving5 star

i got my boyfriend to watch this with me and he sang the songs for days. he even had dreams about this movie best movie ever!

dcg123 - Everyone should buy this movie!5 star

Love love love it!!!!

Gabri5492 - Classic5 star

This movie is such a great classic. I usually don't like musicals very much but these songs just make you want to jump right in and sing along.

Karen Hooven - Grease5 star

Love this movie !!!!

RobertsMomOW - Finally Not just a rental!5 star

I'm so very glad & excited that Grease if finally a "buy" and not just a rental! Throughout the years I've bought this movie in every format (vhs and so on). Thanks to whoever gave the final go-ahead! Can't wait to watch it for the 1000 time - now on my Ipad.

iJackieU - All time favorite5 star

I love this movie and bought it because it doesn't seem to stay on iTunes, isn't played very often on TV nor does Netflix have it available. Best movie ever!

Hara1243 - Cool5 star

I love it!!!!!!!!!!!

Alyssa Rosa 98 - GREASE <35 star

I'm 14 and I probably watched this movie about 200 times since I was born. I love this movie so much.

Amyngoc99 - :(5 star

I just heard that this movie is good and I wanted to RENT it! Come on Itunes...

WINGS 99 - FINALLY5 star

At last we can now purchase grease! by far one of the best movies made! thanks itunes

MichyMyBelle - FINALLY!5 star

Finally! It's available to buy. Love this movie :)

noobsster - finally5 star

took i tunes to get it but the classic is here

charlette444 - Lyccfuise5 star

The best oldie movie evah!!!!

Darag69 - Flippin'5 star


NutMeg - GREASE!!!!!😄5 star

My FAVORITE musical ever! Oh and by the way if people say that Grease 2 is sooooo much better than grease 1 than their messed up!

reebook900 - Grease5 star

OMG I love this movie Sandy is so hot at the end. Grease!

SnowMarch - Grease Review5 star

This movie is sooo great I always want it on !

Bkoinm - ALWAYS LOVED THIS!5 star

Favorite & only musical comedy I love!

Jaylette - Grease5 star

I love the movie !

Tftwin - Love!5 star

I love this movie but can itunes please put this movie to RENT also!! Please!!!! But once again i love this movie so much!!!!

jnfr2424 - Finally5 star

iTunes you just made my summer my Fave movie of all time is finally available hooray!!

Swicksters - Best musical in the world5 star

Need I Say More?

bambi069 - One of the best5 star

I live this movie it is in my top ten of all time movies.

FHS73 - Grease4 star

Finally (able to purchase movie)! I've been checking periodically to purchase but it was only available as a rental and you need to watch in 24 hours once you start playing the movie. Now I can watch this on trips when it's convenient. The storyline is a bit weak but Travolta, Newtown-John and the rest of cast are worth watching.

G prill - Love it!5 star

Let us buy it!

CatLuna70 - Needs To Be Able To Purchase5 star

This is by far my favorite movie and I can't believe that we aren't able to purchase it here on iTunes. I personally think that needs to be changed ASAP (:

creativeone298 - listen!5 star

can those itunes people listen and let us buy?

garbagefairy1967 - Why can5 star

Will this movie ever be for sale?

tweetiedlg - a classic!!!5 star

why is this movie not available for sale??? waited so long for this. i rarely would like to buy a title and this is one of them.

FrednonSped - Great fun musical5 star

one of the few musicals i like... as for renting? there must be a "make X amount of money off rentals" then they make it available for purchase? i have no clue. I'll buy it but won't rent it.

5 star


5 star

@_celia_bedelia_ Grease is like the one musical I never want my daughters to see (lost cause). Oh goodie, Sandy is…

5 star

@aziacomics: Done in the Blender Grease Pencil. #Blender3d #blender #b3d #blendernpr #Memes #LivesMatter #greasepencil #blenderart @azia…

5 star

@FilmstoFilms_ Hairspray, Gentlemen Prefer Blonds, Grease. Unpopular opinion : LALaLand probably the movie I hated the most ever

5 star

@PaulEEMAK: Watch what happened at 1:19:23 in @DJ_ET3RNAL's broadcast: Love, peace and pizza grease!#music #chat #livestreaming #worldfa…

5 star

@13murphy66: Hamilton? Motherfucker, I've never even watched Grease.

5 star

@有識者 逆境クライアウトの独立した音源ってミリオンドールnext beat買ったら付いてますか

5 star

@Seergiolopez4 Prefiero Grease

5 star

Nick asked his mom what they do with their bacon grease and she said “we throw it away after it cools” 😩😩 what a tragedy

5 star

@killola Honestly probably Grease.

5 star

Difícil Pero creo que me quedo con Mamma mia, Moulin Rouge y Grease En verdad son mis favs así que lo tengo claro...

5 star

Throwback! I review the classic musical Grease in this weeks retro review! @olivianj #Grease #GreaseLightning…

5 star

10 filmes pra me conhecer - The Breakfast Club - The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Grease - Raiders Of the Lost Ark -…

5 star

la la land MOULIN ROUGE! (this film owns my heart) grease

5 star

Chicago, La La Land and Grease

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