The Goonies

The Goonies Summary and Synopsis

The combined talents of two of today's most prominent filmmakers - Academy Award, Emmy and Golden Globe-winner Steven Spielberg ("Munich," "War of the Worlds") and Richard Donner ("16 Blocks," "Lethal Weapon") -- created this box office hit that delights the young and the young at heart. When a group of ordinary kids discover a secret treasure map, their sleepy seaport lives are suddenly transformed into a fun-filled, roller-coaster ride filled with heart-pounding adventure and peril. Starring Academy Award-nominee Sean Astin ("The Lord of the Rings" trilogy, "50 First Dates"), Emmy-winner Joe Pantoliano (TV's "The Soprano's," "The Matrix"), Academy Award-nominee Anne Ramsey ("Throw Mamma From the Train," "Scrooged"), Emmy-nominee Martha Plimpton ("Running on Empty," "Parenthood"), Corey Feldman ("The Lost Boys," "Stand By Me"), Kerri Green ("Lucas," "Summer Rental"), Josh Brolin ("Into the Blue," "Hollow Man") and Robert Davi ("Hot Chick," "Die Hard"). A young teenager named Mikey Walsh finds an old treasure map in his father's attic. Hoping to save their homes from demolition, Mikey and his friends Data Wang, Chunk Cohen, and Mouth Devereaux run off on a big quest to find the secret stash of Pirate One-Eyed Willie. The Goonies Wiki

The Goonies Movie Trailer

The pirates map, The villainous crooks, The underground caverns, The booby traps, The skeletons, The monster, The lost treasure, and the magic that is… THE GOONIES...

The Goonies (1985)

The Goonies Comments & Critics

The Goonies Movie Reviews

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- A true classic!5 star

I absolutely LOVE this movie! Here is the scoop, lots and lots of people hate on this movie! WHY???? I LOVE IT SO MUCH! My dad let me watch this movie when I turned 8 yrs old. LIKE BRUH THIS IS NOT SCARY!

- The Goonies5 star

The Goonies is the greatest movie ever in the 1980's. Because Sean Austin did a very great performance in that movie!

- The goonies4 star

I think it is funny, cool, and almost magical. It practically takes you to a world of pirates, a kid, and his friends as they adventure and find treasure!

- Bought 4k version1 star

My review is not about the movie. It was the 4k version when I bought it but now it says HD version. What happened?

- A True classic, where is my 4K version ?1 star

I bought this movie when it was 4K HDR, suddenly the movie is only HD... What happened Warner Bros? Where is the 4K HDR? Was it a bad dream? I will claim for a refund if this situation continues within the next two days

- Best movie ever for me!5 star

I can honestly say that this movie is so perfect for my generation of being in the 1980s, it was fun, a lot of humor and silliness but, a lot of good thrills with this movie. And the storyline is just awesome mixed with the nostalgic feelings of the 80s music. This was a well done movie for anyone to enjoy! I have seen it countless times, great music score, I know every word to all the characters. It never gets old! Goonies forever!

- Cool🍆🍑5 star


- Apple1 star

What’s with the bait and switch on the 4K? I saw this was a 4K movie a week ago and now it’s HD

- Great Movie1 star

Love the movie. But iTunes removed 4K after purchase with no explanation.

- The Goonies5 star

One of the best original movie classics of all time. Thank you for the memories.

- The best movie ever!5 star

Also Mikey is cute!

- It is Goonies5 star

Can’t write a review any different then what most already say. It is the Goonies. I already had this on dvd but rather then converting it to put on my iPad this was just an easier purchase. I had recently went to Astoria and it is a nice little town. In the movie Goonies at the house you can see the school in the background that was used for Kindergarten Cop.

- Hi my name is Ariella Niemczyk5 star

My computer has this movie on prime video

- Great5 star

I really liked this movie when my father showed me it was hilarious

- Awesome5 star

I may be a 2000s kid but I love the classic stuff like this movie and transformers

- Anytime5 star

There are some movies you can watch anytime, anywhere. This is one.

- A masterpiece5 star

I love everything about this movie, I love the intro, I love the characters, and truly, it is another one of Spielbergs masterpieces

- Classic movie5 star

Awesome and great for all generations

- Great movie5 star

A childhood favorite

- Funny nostalgia5 star

This film is really funny, the movie knows how to entertain and make you laugh at the same time and this film does a great job at bringing back memories

- 1 OF THOSE 🐐5 star


- Baby Ruth5 star

This is my favorite movie of all time!

- E.T. It's Not.2 star

Never saw it 33 years ago and could have done without. Rented it for my kids but was surprised by the amount of language and sex references. Chaotic, in which all dialog is delivered through yelling, even in the opening scenes before all the action. My kids were constantly asking my what they were saying and what was going on.

- Love it5 star

I love this movie. And its so much fun and addictive and funny. And i really like 80s and 90s movies

- Hey Thanos and Samwise!! oh wait ... wrong movies!5 star

This would be the line that Deadpool would yell when watching this movie! Sam from Lord of the Rings is the main Goonie and his older brother is Thanos/ Cable from Avengers/Deadpool 2. Follow the rag tag bunch as they hunt for pirat treasure with Data (Short Round from Indiana Jones) Mouth (The voice of Donatello from TMNT the first movie and Frog brother from Lost Boys) and others as they fight off a criminal mastermind Mother and her sons bent on killing the kids and taking the treasure for their own. SLAUGHT LOVE CHUNK! (Watch the movie and that statement will make sence.)

- Goonies Never Say Die5 star

One of my All Time Favorite movies. Will watch it over and over. Have loved watching the cast grow up over time. Great Cast and Crew. 🦋

- Classic4 star

Goonies never say die!

- A fine film5 star

A staple in any 80s movie collection. Holds up strong today, killer musical score.

- Classic.5 star

All boys and girls in 7-12 year age range should see this! Adventure, bikes, pirates and a good story! What’s not to like? “Hey You Guys!” “BabyRuth!”

- Average2 star


- Do The TRUFFLE SHUFFLE- Chunk5 star

I absolutely love this movie and Chunk.😂 Mikey is pretty cute too

- So cute!!5 star

Oh my god Sean Astin is so adorable in this movie!!😍

- Hilariously action packed 😆5 star

It was very action packed and funny. I recommend it.👍

- Stellar5 star


- Long, boring, annoying1 star

This is formulaic, far too long, with the pirate's treasure ending being obvious when only 15 minutes into the film. And the very worst part is that nearly every line is delivered at the top of the lungs like the endless braying of a herd of panicked jackasses. You feel like blowing the whistle a third of the way through and telling all the kids that if they can't talk without screaming, it's time to go home. If some vengeful kid ever wanted to torture an parent to death, they should put this film on a loop and tie the adult to a chair.

- Amazing❤️☠️5 star

I love this movie.I watched this movie when 6.I wasent that interested.But now Im 8 and its the best movie ever.Dont listen to all the haters😻👍👍.

- Scary kinda.5 star

I enjoyed this movie on the airplane yesterday and it was fun and scary. Made in the 80's!

- Love this movie5 star

This movie is one of the best ones out there I recommend to watch it

- Hands Down My Best Childhood Movie Period.5 star

Goonies sums up what it was like to be a child groing up in the eighties. This bunch of Gen-X's was not afraid to go outside, play, and have an adventure. Kathy Kennedy (the tourch bearer of Today's Star wars franchise) had a hand in this movie and should use its swash buckling, gadget toating, witty one liners as amodel for future movies to come. It still holds up even within todays superhero market. Oh, I love The Goonies so much.

- I grew up watching this5 star

I love The Goonies to this day. I was always watching it when it came on tv. I own the movie and I have seen this so much as I grew up I practically know it word for word. One of the best classics and nothing will ever top this movie 😊

- Great movie!!!5 star

Any one would love this movie!!

- Goonie forever5 star

I wish they made a new one...always a goonie forever

- 1,000,000 • Goonies5 star

I lOVE this movie so much when my dad first trying to show me it I thought it sound so stupid but when I did I couldn't stop watching it, this movie is still loved in my generation and I am living proof it is my favorite movie still

- Even Now5 star

I am 14 and born in the 2000's and this is even my favorite movie. My aunt showed it and I was hooked. I have seen it so much I can know what they are saying in Spanish.

- Amazing at every turn5 star

Now you may think the sloth character is a little over done, but you can't deny the fact this movie is full of good humor, action and suspense. Steven Spielberg truly produced a master movie and Richard Donner did an amzing job directing. 5 stars!!

- In theatres on this day 31 years ago.5 star

This movie help create imaginary adventures and countless hours of exploring to Generation Xers such as myself.

- Goonies5 star

Great !!!

- Bad All Around1 star

Bad plot, bad acting, bad characters, and bad cinematography. Not much to like in this silly teen action adventure plot. Nothing makes sense or is at all interesting or engaging. Not a movie for kids, or anyone with a bit of taste.

- The best classics of the 80s5 star

I might not have been born in the 80s wishing I was but still , I've watched this film so many times I've lost count great for nostalgic moments and if this was part of your child you'll want to relive it over and over again like I and many others have

- Kinda scary3 star

This movie gave me the creeps the first time I watched it. I would never let my kids (even though im 11) see this movie if they were under ten. It would give them nightmares.

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MelfromOnt - Fave movie as a kid5 star

This is a timeless movie. It was by far my favourite movie as a kid and continues to be in my list of top kids/family movies of all time. It unfolds like a great chapter book and has so many exciting scenes and quirky characters. Buy it. Share it with your kids or just watch it without them! Oh and fingers crossed they don’t do a remake. 😉

KaedEtron - An instant classic5 star

This movie was a classic in 1985

Mr.Bones X - Cult classic4 star

This is underrated and deserves much more attention for its mix of a comedy, adventure, and buddy film.

X-Pat - Best movie ever5 star

Best movie ever, I recomend watching it with your kids when they get around 7 - 8. Love it. And the people who have it less than 5 stars never watched this movie as a kid.

Benkicksbutt - BEST MOVIE ON THE PLANET5 star

Loved the movie absolutely loved it best movie ever I recommend you see it

Devil Spice - Wicked!5 star

Just saw this for the first time in the theatres and it was awesome! One of my childhood favourites. I'm a child of the 80's and this brings back a lot of nostalgic memories. I love to see how young the actors are, like Sean Astin, Corey Feldman and Josh Brolin. Goonies rule!

Truly88 - A true original5 star

This movie will never get old!! I love it!

SLHECK - epic and timeless5 star

I loved this movie growing up. As an adult, its still epic and timeless. I have lived in many different countries and each time someone sees this movie on my shelf and starts to say how bad it looks. Each time I end up having to buy a new copy because after convincing them to watch it they love it. Took my nephew (7) rock climbing the other day, he had a goonies shirt on, I asked him if he had ever seen it before, turns out he had seen it enough to have worn out his disk. Thank you iTunes for getting this wonderful movie that can be shared with many more people.

Lively cake - Awesome5 star


Psychic Mia - i love the movie it nevre git's old my fraveit movie in the world5 star

Love it I'm going to show my kids wen I'm oldr and it will go on for ever

woodland.liam - A classic! :)5 star

It just doesn't get old. A great film and something people will be watching for years and years and years :) But now when I see Mikey I just want to say 'Sam, where is Frodo?'….. :S

Rex of hell - Hilarious!!5 star

"In 3rd grade I cheated on my history exam. In 4th grade I stole my uncle Max's toupee and glued it on my face in my Hebrew school play. In 5th grade I knocked my sister Edie down the stairs and I blamed it on the dog." You will never see a funnier interrogation!

Savvy5000 - Awesome!!!5 star


wscript - Good movie!4 star

Brings back old times.

Muse-ic Luva - Excellent5 star

Wow, iTunes is quick. I just requested this FANTASTIC movie and it's already here! Thank you very much, iTunes. As for the movie itself, it is a classic. It's entertaining and easy to follow, with characters you will love and hate. I highly suggest this movie to anyone.

Dingo$4289 - The goonies are good enough5 star

The goonies is a great movie it’s up there with jaws and Jurassic Park If you have not seen it you really need to

moemoe79 - A great boys movie with dead pirates5 star

Loved this movie as a kid, dead pirates, professional criminals who are idiots and hidden treasure how can you go wrong with that combo. Plus it has a great moral lesson in which you can’t save the world likes adults but with heart, drive and creativity you can save your own little world!

Film critic01 - Cool adventure film5 star

Good Stephen Spielberg classic. Funny movie with cool action, humour and adventure in the film. Excellent. :)

Hokese1 - Haha the good ol goonies5 star

I grew up watching this awesome show. Simply to much adventure to discribe,but if you like movies following a map to get to a location this is a perfect family or kids movie to watch. Still a classic.

Dunnymel - Give it a miss1 star

Thought it might be good for movie night for kids 4, 7,11yo. Wrong! Screechy kid actors speaking very quickly means the plot is completely lost from the start. Some age inappropriate scenes despite PG rating. My kids ended up sacred, confused, bored or a combination depending on age. Don’t be impressed by the Spielberg name. Avoid.

Slopsmagee - Boring2 star

The goonies is one of the baddest movies I've ever seen


THIS MOVIE IS SO GOOD. Funny as, and super adventurous. TOTES RECCOMENDED. ;)

Gdchhdvytvhtdv - The goonies!!!5 star

I really love this movie expect I wish you could bring "Gremlins" back and also "Gremlins 2 the new batch" please

stooZ7 - Not really a kids/family movie as recommended2 star

the opening scene is a man hanging dead in jail

IM A SNAKEE - boring1 star


nstev41 - GOOD5 star

The Majurajna goes in the top draw, the speed and cocaine go in the middle draw and the heroin goes in the bottom. LOL

Zombiebombie - Greatest childhood movie EVER5 star

..and I was born in the 90's haha but still my favourite!

Brijeetune - Love The Goonies!5 star

It is a really exciting and hilarious movie. I recommend it if you like adventure and laughs!

Giggity14 - Perfect movie5 star

This movie is the perfect family film Great for Sunday afternoons and just to get the good feeling Back in you

NaeNickname - Got to pay again for 4K - no thanks1 star

So iTunes as standard offered 4K upgrades on HD Purchases when they became available It would appear the new trick is to ‘delist’ the film and relist it as a new film to get 4K meaning paying twice. I won’t be buying any more films on the ‘hope’ that we will get the 4K upgrade which has always been the case. Shoddy way to do business

Wotever007007 - Shady Shady Tactics1 star

5 Stars for the movie 0 Stars for not auto updating my existing copy you filthy blood sucking creatures in the hope I would be stupid enough to buy another copy. This may well be Apple’s slow decline to the bottom as it was in the past and so it shall be in the future, when you are at the top there is only one way to go! Look forward to seeing it a 2nd time round, now I must go get me some popcorn for this.

Free 4K Upgrade Victim - Daylight Robbery1 star

Bought before and not offered as free 4K upgrade due to delisting and relisting. Apple Support tried saying they are just a store front and to contact Warner. Under UK law, they are the retailer who I have my purchasing contract with though NOT Warner Bros. So Apple take a cut of money but trying to avoid clamping down on distributors of content from doing this practice which is against Apple's published marketing of free 4K upgrades when available. Whole thing is dodgy and at the moment, appear to get away with it....

shaffto - Shocking1 star

Be ashamed apple!!

Johnnydevil - Brilliant quality and cheap5 star

Brilliant quality in 4K and brilliant film, just all round brilliant 💪👍

Hawkandro - Delisted1 star

All to try try and force people to purchase a second time. No thanks.

DaBrown999 - No 4K upgrade1 star

Love the movie - so it’s not about that! This is about the very shady business practice that Warner Bros seem to be doing. One of the reasons I’ve continued to invest heavily in the Apple eco system over the years is their seamless integration between devices and services, it’s brilliant, it just works. When 4K started to become a thing, Tim Cook made a point about existing purchases upgrading to 4K (HDR, Dolby Vision and Atmos) for free. Amazing, it meant that you could safely purchase something, and if there was a sniff that a studio was doing a 4K re-master, then no worries, Apple has your back, as soon as it’s there, your old HD version is now the new shiny 4K one. Google, Amazon etc don’t do this. Not the case with The Goonies! From what I can gather, the HD version (that I purchased February 2020) was delisted (pulled from the iTunes Store) and then relisted as 4K. So now, when I look at this movie, thinking I’ve got the new fancy 4K version, it’s just the HD one, and they want me to purchase it again to enjoy it in its 4K HDR glory. In some ways I can see that if this was a “director’s cut” or “extended edition”, maybe that’s fair. But there is only one version of The Goonies (there may well be tiny cut changes for content, censorship that happens sometimes over the years, especially in the current climate), but this is still “The Goonies”, you can’t buy the other version I’ve already bought anymore, so in my opinion, this is still the same version. I searched for the Goonies back in February and purchased and that same search now brings up this version, even the cover art and synopsis is the same! What’s even more annoying, is that I probably will end up actually purchasing this again - my brain is telling me “no, don’t be so stupid, why double dip and give them even more money” (I have this on DVD and Blu-ray too, and I probably even bought it on VHS back in the day). I think I have it Amazon Prime Video too. But I really want to see it in 4K, and that is what Warner Bros are counting on. I just think this is ridiculously bad practice and makes me reconsider my entire digital purchasing future. I can guarantee this won’t be the last time this happens with a movie, and when it does I’ll remember the decisions I may or may not make now. Warner Bros should do the right thing and consolidate purchases and allow Apple and iTunes to upgrade this movie at no cost to the end user, so if you bought the HD version you are fine. Think of it this way, we supported WB when this movie was HD, and they would’ve have millions of purchases, probably prompting the remaster and seeing the market for it (because it’s such a well loved classic), and more and more people will then go on to purchase because of that. My rant is over - hope you made it to the end?! Please resist purchasing (or at least think twice) and maybe Warner Bros may get the message if we all vote with our wallets?

Marcus_30 - Another 4K workaround1 star

Deleted and added to make consumers buy it again, thanks Warner

Slayer1551 - 4K not upgraded1 star

Very shoddy of WB to delist it just so you have to re-buy it again 4K

shaun w1 - Apple are robbers1 star

Again, how many times does this have to happen, daylight robbery, bought and now it’s gone

👏👊👐👊🚶🏃🏃 - Just spoke to my Apple iTunes on the phone2 star

They have informed me that it may not be in 4K at the moment but it will be available if you have the HD version soon. If I was you I’d call Apple and ask to speak to iTunes. Because this is getting really annoying

iestynx - Stop breaking my Apple TV experience1 star

So many of my past purchases are hidden away now due to tge practice of de-listing then re-listing a film on iTunes. Ask Siri on the Apple TV for ‘Goonies’ and you get this, not your past purchased copy. The user experience is broken Apple. Fix it

Yuppymike - Why re listing movies people have already bought?1 star

Bad practice and puts people off buying them at all if this keeps happening.

scotchtaster - Bought this film already? WB wants you to buy it again1 star

Yet another Warner Bros film that circumvents Apple’s free 4K upgrade policy for existing owners. Apple really needs to get a handle on this situation otherwise it will drive customers away - I for one know I’ll be reducing the amount of purchases I make through iTunes until this is sorted!

N1nJar - Avoid warner bros.1 star

Continually de-listing and re-listing titles, not just when a 4k version comes out. May just be incompetence... Apple take no responsibility for the content sold on their own store.

Whale of a time - Removed to sell 4K version1 star

This is the first film I have been ripped off with, was removed but relisted and upgraded to 4K and now has extras leaving the one I brought a year ago with just HD no extras, I thought this was the advantage of buying digital, not with some movie companies I guess? 😡

Sammo-coo - Thanks Apple!1 star

Purchased the HD version as iTunes give the promise of a 4K upgrade for free as and when available. However what they’ve done here is remove the HD listing and replaced it with a new 4K listing meaning all their loyal customers who purchased the HD version have been shafted and won’t get the upgrade. Thanks a bunch Apple

Kotatsu Neko - My delisted copy isn't 4K1 star

My copy of The Goonies was recently delisted on iTunes and this new one was added. This has stopped Siri from finding my copy when I use voice search, and predictably my copy also hasn't been upgraded to 4K. This is a farce.

phil160373 - What5 star

Why are people saying it’s been deleted! I brought this 2 years ago and it’s still in my collection but with a different cover ? So what’s the big deal

yipee ki yay - Please stop doing this!!!1 star

We buy films on Apple in HD as we were promised all films would be upgraded to 4k. Apple please keep your word.

ProjectMyst - Another one!1 star

Now it's Warner Brothers turn to de-list and re-list there movies robbing the people that already purchased it! This is really immoral and it's just blatantly robbing people blind.. Universal Studios are notorious for this behaviour, please Warner Brothers, don't go down this route.. Trying to trick people on buying the same film over and over again is not good practice, I for one will stop buying your films if you keep pulling stunt. Be warned anyone buying this movie, make sure you don't already on it before re-purchasing it, apparently that's good practice nowadays with film companies.

djmortlock - Apple loosing their way!1 star

Really annoyed you’ve removed and re-added when I’ve already purchased this, doesn’t come across that your thinking of your customers first and this isn’t reflective of the film which is a five star!

>BritneyLoveGaga< - Why?1 star

Why keep removing then re-adding movies? I am aware that it’s not Apples fault! I just don’t understand why movie companies keep doing this😡🤬


Warner Bros are at it again. They have deleted this movie like they have done MANY others, only to re-add it. The reason? So existing buyers don’t get the 4K upgrade when it’s added. Not to mention that it messes up Siri search. Do something about it, Apple!

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Draelon - Still an epic adventure5 star

I've loved this movie since I was a kid. Even today it's still one of my favorite movies... and now my 4 & 9 y/o's favorite.

jackstalter - HEEEEY YOUUUUU GUUYYYS5 star

Goonies is one of the movies I remember growing up with, and it's still great. That Sloth quote gets me every time.

Speedyboy9692 - Amazing film.5 star

But why is the HD version on sale but not the SD version?

rcgl4 - Poor video quality.2 star

The movie is good. The video quality is bad. Awful! Why iTunes would allow a release like this get away from them, and they should be embarrassed.

SSpreedway - Who doesn’t love the Goonies5 star

What a classic

Riva_country - Love5 star

Sometimes I see the movie on and I'm like I don't care we're watching this its a good family movie

Simpson fanatic - 80's was awesome5 star

Love this movie great film of all time.

paulo647 - a classic5 star

so great, a film of a generation.

12 years old and obsessed - Love this movie!5 star

I'm 12 and absolutely love this movie! I guess my parents just raised me right😊

Jay Fanza - 💯😏5 star


The guy on your couch - One of my favorite movies ever5 star

I read some of the negative reviews, and I can't believe how snobby people are. Lighten up and watch the movie with an open mind. So what if there's some light profanity, there is nothing in this movie that you won't hear in network television, and trust me I know, I work for a television station. This movie was made in a simpler time, when people had thicker skin and weren't so insulted by everything. This movie is about a group of kids that actually went outside to play and weren't confined to their houses playing video games or being over protected by their paranoid parents. I was raised in those days and I turned out fine, and my kids are fine too. Let kids experience life for themselves, loosen the leash, they'll turn out fine, I promise. Bottom line, watch the movie, it's an absolute classic, open your mind.

leaderofmen1987 - The Goonies5 star

Kelly and Kalie love this movie!

ndambrosio - My favorite movie growing up5 star

Transports me back to my childhood every time. Such a great movie!

Hddvjzksbdoskbd - Envirocmei1 is lying5 star

Envirochemi1 is lying.

PinkoButter - I grew up loving this movie.5 star

Now, as a parent myself, it brings me so much joy that my kids enjoy it just as much as I did as a child.


PERHAPS.. “The Greatest Kid Adventure” movie of ALL TIME!!!! In a time before CG. You just can’t make or even re-enact the PURITY of this whole entire timeless era of Story Telling, Filming, Acting & Movie Making. Beginning to End Perfect.

💜💗💜💗💜💗 - Love it!5 star

Great movie

Coolrockkid - Forever a classic5 star

Man oh man, how I love this movie! It's a movie that never gets old, and I've watched it over 20 thousand times! I'm only 18 and I know that this movie is forever a true classic. Buy it. Own it. Love it.

CcorbettJr - Favorite by far!5 star

My favorite movie!

: :deranged: : - Best movie ever!!5 star

My all time favorite movie, great!!!

BillyLee - Stands the test of time5 star

One of the great things about Goonies is how Donner let the kids be kids - rough edges and all. It’s never cheesy or precocious. These kids are like the kids I hung out with when I was their age. Love this movie, and love to watch it with my kids.

Sfsm62 - One of the best5 star

A great movie. Enjoy watching again and again

Jedi1976 - This movie is AWESOME5 star

Chunk: Listen, okay? You guys'll never believe me. There was two cop cars, okay? And they were chasing this four-wheel deal, this real neat ORV, and there were bullets flying all over the place. It was the most amazing thing I ever saw! Mikey: More amazing than the time Michael Jackson come over to your house to use the bathroom. Brandon: More amazing than the time you saved those old people from that nursing home fire, right? Mouth: Yeah, and I bet it was even more amazing than the time you ate your weight in Godfather's pizza, right? Chunk: Okay, Brand. Michael Jackson didn't come over to my house to use the bathroom. But his sister did.



Spooner32 - MOUTH5 star

I remember watching this when i was 10 years old. This is some action scenes. A little bit of comedy, funny movie. This movie is a great children’s movie. Ps iTunes should get more of Corey Feldman movies

The majestic squid - Goonies5 star

I think it is the best movie EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OLEEP - Best Movie Ever!5 star

Yes, a planned sequel!!! Thank you. Oleep =)

Karljoneskarljones - Rental system is terrible. Movie was my favorite.1 star

I loved the Goonies as a kid. The rental wouldn't load the night I rented it and when I tried to watch again the next night my rental had expired. Waste of money. I miss Mikey's inhaler.

LJ Stang - This one is here until the end of time5 star

I watch this at least twice a year. Great film, solid script good family movie. There are movies I have enjoyed and remember parts here and there, this is the only one I can recite word for word. Thank you to the wonderful cast as there would be no Goonies without their talent, they made this movie a hit!

Ben Hulk Hogan - Timeless Classic5 star

I was sixty-nine when this came out. I am approaching one hundred now and I still can't believe that Chunk can smell ice cream.

Goonie_Lover💚 - How good is the goonies5 star

Well the goonies is the best movie ever!!! I love it!!❤❤❤❤ I'm only 12 and I know every single line in it!! Not looking at it from the words I could tell you what is happening! It's the best in the world!! My whole family loves even my sister who is 7. It is my favorite movie at all!! I would buy it love it! 💛💙💜💚❤💛💙💜💚❤💛💙💜💚❤💛💙💜💚❤💛💙💜💚❤💛

pumpkin go getum - Lol5 star

I grew up on this movie, my dad showed it to me when I was 7. Even though it's kind of goofy, I love it a lot. :)

AshleyAlexa - Campy 1980's Fun - A Classic!5 star

A campy time-capsule of 1980's childhood/teen-dom and pop culture, made possible by the Action-Adventure genius of Spielberg! What child hasn't dreamed of finding buried Pirate treasure? Gotta love this!

Josiah2909 - BEST MOVIE EVER5 star


Grirlgrirl - good movie4 star

I think this is a good movie overall. I rented it and i wnated to get it on my ipad but it didnt download on it. It deoesnt even pop up in the download section on the itunes store. I would like to be able to watch it on my ipad before the 30 days are up. Please fix it because it is just a waist of money. I think it is a really good movie for kids. When i was little i watched it. I was trying to download it for my kids to watch in the car.

Maxinemarieray - Goonies👍5 star

Never gets old!!

tjhnson - OK movie for an adult but not children...1 star

The movie is laced with too much profanity for it to be considered a children's movie.

BTAK78 - Timeless Classic!!!5 star

Spielberg definitely added another classic to his collection. I have watched this movie ever since I was a child and 25 years later I continue to enjoy The Goonies. The movie just never gets old!!!

JLK1rulz - .5 star

Great movie always makes me laugh!

1258423 - William5 star

It's my favorite move

Fnathatjklt - I'm 11 and I <3 it5 star

This is awsome I love it!!!!!!!

.scot - Dave Kehr said it best2 star

Perhaps this movie was fun in it's day (I never saw it until now), but I find the humor laugh-less, the action childish, the design lame (cheesy monster face, ridiculously cheap-looking jewels and such), and the characters predictable and weak. It's as if a 12yr old boy scripted it. But perhaps it was supposed to be bad -- you know… like Ishtar, or Spinal Tap … probably not.

octacain - The Goonies R Awesome5 star

I loved it ! There was action,treasure,and plenty of comedy! gotta love Data !

Atsabella - Childhood revisited...5 star


Photoeffects Lover - Goonies never say Die!5 star

This movie is a classic and very ! entertaining to watch!! Must watch!

SamInWickenburg - Goonies!5 star

My favorite movie of all time, I remember watching this over and over as a little girl. Made my Dad want to cry when I put this tape in the VHS player. Good days!

Goonies kids - The little goonies5 star

I love that movie even though I'm a hip hop girl it's awsome:)

Jms Addiction - Best movie ever5 star

I saw this movie thousands A lot of things changed since I was kid, although it is still a great kids movie

Armand in Miiiiichigan - My dad calls me5 star

CHUNCK. My favriot part is when chunk says I smell ice cream" My dads favriot part is when data says 50 dollar bills

PikaRumple - Oh my GOONIES!5 star

It's a fantastic movie. I've loved it since the first time I saw at an on the lawn showing with my friends and family.

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