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Kevin Spacey plays Lester Burnham, a man in his mid-40s going through an intense midlife crisis; he's grown cynical and is convinced that he has no reason to go on. Lester's relationship with his wife Carolyn (Annette Bening) is not a warm one; while on the surface Carolyn strives to present the image that she's in full control of her life, inside she feels empty and desperate. Their teenage daughter Jane (Thora Birch) is constantly depressed, lacking in self-esteem, and convinced that she's unattractive. Her problems aren't helped by her best friend Angela (Mena Suvari), an aspiring model who is quite beautiful and believes that that alone makes her a worthwhile person. Jane isn't the only one who has noticed that Angela is attractive: Lester has fallen into uncontrollable lust for her, and she becomes part of his drastic plan to change his body and change his life. Meanwhile, next door, Colonel Fitts (Chris Cooper) has spent a lifetime in the Marine Corps and can understand and tolerate no other way of life, which makes life difficult for his son Ricky (Wes Bentley), an aspiring filmmaker and part-time drug dealer who is obsessed with beauty, wherever and whatever it may be.

American Beauty Film Synopsis

Lester Burnham, a depressed suburban father in a mid-life crisis, decides to turn his hectic life around after developing an infatuation with his daughter's attractive friend.

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Cinema-magic.American beauty is one of the best films of our decade. sam mendes is one of my favorite directors. this movie certainly deserved it's best picture award..Score: 5/5

AwfulYuck ...this movie is discusting.Score: 1/5

Hi I'm Ricky FittsThis movie helps one come to terms with beauty and lifes twisted sence of reality. A wonderful well rounded film. It won all of those awards for a danm good reason. Because the world is round. It turns me on..Score: 5/5

American BeautyI would love to have the great talent for prose as some of the writers on this review log ("revlog"?). The story took me back to childhood, even tho I didn't experience many of the same experiences. The childhood I experienced was simply my own adolescence, and the way I looked through my own father's eyes. There had always been influence from him to be the feminine, delicate yet sexy young lady that was the expectation I could never live up to, no matter how hard I tried. So to see this film, and experience all of those feelings again (even tho Kevin Spacey's father-image was turned on by his daughter's best friend) was cathartic. The soundtrack only added on to the emotive nature of this experience for me. And I'm looking for that soundtrack on iTunes, after I "found myself" within my own expectations, and not his (he died in 1996). And I still love him, and wish he were still here..Score: 5/5

American Beauty....I love it.This is the only movie that I have ever gone back to see at a movie theatre twice. You will love it. Kevin Spacey and Annette Benning are amazing. Buy it, you won't be disappointed..Score: 5/5

Brilliant, Absolutly Brilliant!American Beauty is an extremely well written, depressing, original, well acted piece of cinema. This movie was a perfect way for Sam Mendes to start his career and next to The Usual Suspects and L.A. Confidential, this movie made a star out of Kevin Spacey. Also the other cast members including Annette Benning and Chris Copper were all excellent as well. Like I said before, American Beauty is also a very depressing movie as well because it focus's on troubled suburben life style's and a disfigured relationship between Kevin Spacey and Annette Benning. Also Kevin Spacey's daughter really hates him and her mother and Kevin Spacey has a crush on his daughter's friend, and the new neighbor next door has father (played by Chris Copper) is a war veteran has a crush on Kevin Spacey's daughter and likes to sell him drugs. This concept might sound weird (it is kind of), but you really get into the characters and you feel Kevin Spacey frustration of how bad his wife treats him. This movie in my opinion is a masterpiece and it deserved to win it's 5 oscars (including Best Picture, Best Directer, Best Actor, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Cinematography). It's definetly worth ten bucks..Score: 5/5

Spec-tac-ularI have wanted to see this movie for a while and i knew it was going to be good, but now its my favorite movie of all time. plus one of the best parts of this movie is the music. Just Spe-tac-ular ( see the movie and you will get it).Score: 5/5

Truly One of the Best Movies EverDelving into the inner workings of a dysfunctional, though seemingly "normal", family has never been done better than in this movie. Every character has such depth and realism that you see past the facade each puts on and really get to see what makes them who they are inside. Even the secondary characters have you feeling for them (Ricky's mom especially) and wishing their lives were better, happier. You can't help but contemplate your own life and the people in it after watching American Beauty. Destined to become a genuine classic..Score: 5/5

A truly american filmFor me the year 1999 has to be one of the best years in film. That was a year of some really interesting and intriguing films, films that include Fight Club, Being John Malkovich, The Sixth Sense, Star Wars Episode 1, and The Matrix. It seems that something happened to the filmmakers that year and they decided to make more risky and maybe more films that reflect the usual man’s boring humdrum life. Films like Office Space, Fight Club, The Matrix and the best picture winner of the year American Beauty all have characters that seem to “wake up”, quite literally in the Matrix and realize how boring their lives are and all try and do something about it. None of the films are quite as realistic as American Beauty. It’s a story of a man who lives the apparent American Dream. The great 2 story house complete with shutters and the bright red door does a great job of hiding and trapping Lester Burnham, played by Kevin Spacey, inside. He works at an advertising agency and after “waking up” he quits his job and “blackmailed him for almost sixty thousand dollars. Pass the asparagus.” Then he gets close to his new neighbor who starts selling him pot and he “wakes up” even more. He buys a new car and just enjoys the new found freedom. All the while his new neighbor who sells him the pot, Ricky Fritts, starts to become enamored with Lester’s daughter and her friend played by Mena Suvari, tells her that Ricky is a freak and was institutionalized. Turns out Ricky almost beat some kid to death. And Ricky’s father, a strict ex-Marine, watches his son with a close eye; he gives them urine tests every six months to make sure that he doesn’t do drugs. But Ricky is very smart and has ways around it. And all the while that Ricky gets close to Lester’s daughter, Lester’s wife starts to sleep with a rival real estate agent. My only real problem with the film is that there is no catalyst as to why Lester "wakes up". We start the film and already realized how boring his life is, but that is just a small this to complain about I guess. A lot of things happen in this film, but it’s not really all that complicated to watch. It’s a quite simple film with a dry and quirky sense of humor. Overall I think that it’s a great slice of life and it’s a great reflection of what many families were like in the pre 9/11 America. A, 4/5.Score: 4/5

WeirdThis movie is one word...weird!!.Score: 1/5

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It was an "okay" movieNothing special. Definitely not my "watch again" list..Score: 3/5

A Must See MovieVery well written and very entertaining. If you liked this movie and think nothing could top it, try watching Requiem For A Dream or Fight Club..Score: 5/5

20 out of 5 Stars!!..A cinematic Masterpiece by director Sam Mendes; every scene is flawless! Organic, wholly unrestrained fluid acting! Hypnotic & phenomenal performance by Kevin Spacey, who transforms himself into Lester. A musical black comedy, both funny & moving. Everyman Lester Burnham's apparent demise is introduced to us in his narrative voice. Stellar performances all around, particularly by Annette Bening & towering veteran actor Chris Cooper! The best movie that I've seen to date, it deserves 20 out of 5 stars!!.Score: 5/5

My Number One Favorite MovieIt's no wonder this movie won picture in '99. This is my all time favorite movie. Realistic and deep. No other movie is like it. If your a fan of Six Feet Under this movie is for you. Same creator!! 5 stars all the way..Score: 5/5

A must see!Great movie I would really reccommend!!!!!.Score: 5/5

Français?Mettez le en français svp!! French version please!.Score: 2/5

Felt Awkward Dad Lusting Teen GirlFilmed beautifully. The writing and acting is fantastic. Pace is just about right. Yet, American Beauty of a 16 year girl (she does look the age) being lusted and fantasized by a middle age father is simply wrong. Don't care if this is Art, but felt like a Pedophile. I might be in the minority, but with children being kidnapped, allowing a movies of this nature to consider this acceptable is deeply disturbing..Score: 1/5

Dramatic mixed with humourAmerican Beauty is not a very funny film but provides enough comic relief for some intense moments. Amazing performances from all the actors and actresses. You won't regret watching this movie and will help you see all the happiness and beauty in the world. Recommended for ages 14up.Score: 5/5

Yet another 5 star review?I don't know if I'd call it deep, perhaps succinct, or poignant if you really like it. For 10 bucks you cant really go wrong. I certainly watched it more more repeatedly than normal.Score: 5/5

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American Beauty (1999) Series Cast & Crew

American Beauty (1999) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Kevin Spacey (Lester Burnham), Annette Bening (Carolyn Burnham), Thora Birch (Jane Burnham), Wes Bentley (Ricky Fitts), Mena Suvari (Angela Hayes), Peter Gallagher (Buddy Kane), Allison Janney (Barbara Fitts), Chris Cooper (Colonel Frank Fitts), Scott Bakula (Jim Olmeyer), Sam Robards (Jim Berkley), Barry Del Sherman (Brad Dupree), Ara Celi (Sale House Woman #1), John Cho (Sale House Man #1), Fort Atkinson (Sale House Man #2), Sue Casey (Sale House Woman #2), Kent Faulcon (Sale House Man #3), Brenda Wehle (Sale House Woman #3), Lisa Cloud (Sale House Woman #4), Alison Faulk (Spartanette #1), Krista Goodsitt (Spartanette #2), all returned for american beauty movie.

Kevin Spacey (Lester Burnham)
Kevin SpaceyLester BurnhamScore: 21.1
Annette Bening (Carolyn Burnham)
Annette BeningCarolyn BurnhamScore: 41.3
Thora Birch (Jane Burnham)
Thora BirchJane BurnhamScore: 16.9
Wes Bentley (Ricky Fitts)
Wes BentleyRicky FittsScore: 25.1
Mena Suvari (Angela Hayes)
Mena SuvariAngela HayesScore: 27.7
Peter Gallagher (Buddy Kane)
Peter GallagherBuddy KaneScore: 15.8
Allison Janney (Barbara Fitts)
Allison JanneyBarbara FittsScore: 33.6
Chris Cooper (Colonel Frank Fitts)
Chris CooperColonel Frank FittsScore: 14.3
Scott Bakula (Jim Olmeyer)
Scott BakulaJim OlmeyerScore: 17.9
Sam Robards (Jim Berkley)
Sam RobardsJim BerkleyScore: 7.5
Barry Del Sherman (Brad Dupree)
Barry Del ShermanBrad DupreeScore: 5.1
Ara Celi (Sale House Woman #1)
Ara CeliSale House Woman #1Score: 4.5

Thomas Newman (Original Music Composer), Sam Mendes (Director), Alan Ball (Writer), Alan Ball (Co-Producer), Bruce Cohen (Producer), Dan Jinks (Producer), Conrad L. Hall (Director of Photography), Christopher Greenbury (Editor), Tariq Anwar (Editor), Debra Zane (Casting), Naomi Shohan (Production Design), David Lazan (Art Direction), Julie Weiss (Costume Design), Terri Taylor (Casting Assistant), Nicole Kidman (Thanks), Scott Martin Gershin (Supervising Sound Editor), Bill Bernstein (Music Editor), Lisa Dennis (Post Production Supervisor), Mike Higelmire (Leadman), Bryan Bowen (Sound Effects Editor),

Thomas Newman (Original Music Composer)
Thomas NewmanOriginal Music ComposerScore: 3.8
Sam Mendes (Director)
Sam MendesDirectorScore: 10.6
Alan Ball (Writer)
Alan BallWriterScore: 4.0
Alan Ball (Co-Producer)
Alan BallCo-ProducerScore: 4.0
Bruce Cohen (Producer)
Bruce CohenProducerScore: 2.0
Dan Jinks (Producer)
Dan JinksProducerScore: 0.7
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Als der von Job und Ehe frustierte Lester Burnham sich in Angela, die Freundin seiner missmutigen Tochter Jane, verliebt, beginnt für ihn ein neues Leben. Zuhause zeigt er das erste Mal seit langem, wer der Herr im Hause ist, wirft seinen Job hin, erpresst sich eine satte Abfindung, erfüllt sich lang unerfüllte Träume und phantasiert über eine Affäre mit Angela. Gleichzeitig freundet er sich mit dem Nachbarsjungen Ricky an, der die Welt durch das Objektiv einer Kamera wahrnimmt und trotz der tyrannischen Überwachung durch seinen Vater einen florierenden Drogenhandel betreibt. Als sein Vater ihn und Lester bei einem Deal erwischt, ist das der Anfang vom Ende.

Divertida, inquietante y sorprendente incursión en la América suburbana a través de las vidas de Lester y Carolyn, una pareja perteneciente a la clase medio-alta cuyo matrimonio -y cuyas vidas- lentamente se deshacen. Carolyn odia a su marido, su hija lo desprecia y su jefe está a punto de despedirlo. Así que Lester decide cambiar algunas cosas en su vida; a medida que va siendo más libre, consigue ser más feliz, lo que enfurece más a su esposa y a su hija.

Lester Burnham átlagos férfi, szürke és unalmas fickó, aki legszívesebben folyton a tv előtt ülne. Az élete azonban egyik pillanatról a másikra gyökeresen megváltozik, és ennek két oka van, az egyik az, hogy ki akarják rúgni a munkahelyéről, a másik pedig, hogy elmegy a feleségével egy iskolai meccsre, ahol olyannyira megakad a szeme a lánya barátnőjén, Angelán, hogy attól kezdve képtelen kiverni a fejéből a kislányt. Amikor rájön, hogy ki fogják rúgni, ő maga is rásegít a dologra, és nem hajlandó együttműködni a vállalat költségracionalizáló szakemberével, akinek az a dolga, hogy eldöntse, kit kell majd kirúgni. Kihallgatja lánya és Angela beszélgetését, melyből az derül ki számára, hogy ha gyúrna egy kicsit felsőtestre, Angela nem tudná megállni, hogy lefeküdjön vele.

Lester Burnham, um pai de família em plena crise, vê-se confrontado com um casamento que sobrevive apenas para criar a filha Jane, que parece odiá-lo, e a mulher Carolyn que só pensa no seu próprio trabalho. Ao conhecer Angela, uma colega da filha, Lester fica imediatamente atraído pela rapariga e inspirado por esta nova “musa” decide romper com a vida que levava até então: despede-se do trabalho, afirma-se em casa como nunca o tinha feito, começa a fumar erva, a fazer musculação e compra o carro dos seus sonhos...

Лестер Бернэм переживает кризис среднего возраста. Его не уважают и не ценят на работе, а от счастливой семьи осталась лишь видимость. У жены Кэролайн страстный роман с коллегой по работе, а угрюмая дочь-подросток Джейн увлечена соседским парнем, побывавшим в психиатрической больнице. Терзаемый душевными муками Лестер впадает в депрессию. Но неожиданно для себя влюбляется в одноклассницу дочери Анджелу, и эта страсть дает Лестеру мощный жизненный импульс. Он ощущает прилив сил и желаний и готов снова радоваться красоте.

Lester e Carolyn Burnham appaiono dall'esterno una coppia perfetta, con una casa perfetta e un vicinato perfetto. In realtà Lester è un uomo, insoddisfatto della sua vita familiare e professionale, che sta cadendo in una sempre più profonda disperazione, quando improvvisamente conosce Angela, un'amica di sua figlia e se ne infatua. Nel frattempo Jane, la figlia di Lester ha conosciuto il loro timido e misterioso vicino di casa Ricky che vive oppresso da una figura paterna ossessiva.

Lester Burnham, çevresindeki insanlar tarafından sevilmediğini ve horgörüldüğünü düşünmektedir. Karısı Carolyn, bunca yıllık evliliklerinden sonra sanki ondan nefret eder gibi davranmaktadır. Kızı Jane, onu küçük görmektedir. Patronu ise sürekli onun girişimlerini baltalamaktadır. Yıllardır gizlemekte olduğu tutkuları sonucunda Lester, hayatında birkaç küçük değişiklik yapmaya karar verir. Böylelikle orta yaş krizini de kolaylıkla atlatabileceğine inanmaktadır. Aldığı kararlar sonucunda giderek özgürleştikçe ve mutlu olmaya başladıkça karısıyla kızını daha çok sinirlendirmeye başlar.

Alors qu'il éprouve des difficultés à supporter une femme irascible, un travail ingrat et une ado morose, un homme tombe raide dingue d'une des amies de sa fille.

Voor de buitenwereld lijkt het alsof Lester Burnham een perfect leventje leidt: een mooi huis, goede baan, mooie vrouw, en een leuke dochter. In werkelijkheid raakt Lester echter in een steeds diepere depressie.

Na první pohled jsou Burnhamovi šťastnou rodinou, jejíž život je zalit sluncem. Pohodlný dům, auto kvalitní značky, půvabná dospívající dcera, studující na správné škole, rodiče úspěšní ve svém povolání. Nikdo se tedy nediví, že paní Burnhamová (Annette Bening) je věčně samý úsměv - alespoň na veřejnosti. Ve skutečnosti je ale všechno jinak. Obraz dokonalosti matce Carolyn a dceři Jane neustále kazí otec Lester (Kevin Spacey). Není tím ramenatým, snědým "plejbojem" a co je horší, začíná stále častěji dávat najevo, že se mu nedaří a že je nespokojen se svým životem. Dokud jen odmítá roli, kterou stovky jemu podobných odevzdaně hrají, aby měli klid, je to pro rodinu sice obtížné, ale únosné. Ještě včera nerozhodný a zakřiknutý Lester se ovšem rozhodne "krizi středního věku" řešit nečekaně radikálně. Dojde mu totiž, o co v životě jde: o splnění snů a tužeb, které člověk má. Lester už nikdy nebude ubožák!

莱斯特(凯文·史派西 Kevin Spacey 饰)跟许多中年男人一样,遇到了各种各样的人生难题。他在一个广告公司工作,成绩平平,但是妻子却比他混得出色,一派女强人作风。这个平凡的男人还有一个未成年的女儿珍妮(索拉·伯奇 Thora Birch饰)。珍妮性格叛逆,被邻居偷拍裸照还觉得很好玩,满不在乎。她有一个要好的同学安吉拉(米娜·苏瓦丽 Mena Suvari 饰),当莱斯特在拉拉队的人群中看到了充满青春活力的安吉拉,一切都改变了。莱斯特陷入了阿安吉拉年轻鲜活的气息当中。他死气沉沉的心境有了燃烧的感觉。而此时,他的妻子,也和另外一个富商有了私情。当莱斯特得到了他心目中的年轻女神,枪声也随之响起……

Głównym bohaterem American Beauty i narratorem zarazem jest 42-letni Lester Burnham. Oto facet, który po dwudziestu latach letargu budzi się do prawdziwego życia. Impulsem do zmian staje się koleżanka córki, w typie lolitki, rozbudzająca jego zmysły. Pod jej wpływem przewartościowuje swoje życie – ćwiczy i powraca do formy fizycznej, rzuca pracę, staje się szczery i bezkompromisowy. Powraca do marzeń z młodości, które okazują się złudzeniami, bo czy palenie trawki, jeżdżenie sportowym wozem, albo beztroska „Mc-praca” uczyni go wolnym i młodym? (opis dystrybutora)

Lester Burnham är 42 år och lever i ett stagnerat äktenskap med sin hustru Carolyn och deras sextonåriga dotter Jane, i en välbärgad förort till Connecticut. Lester arbetar som copywriter på en annonstidning och Carolyn som fastighetsmäklare. Men idyllen är endast skenbar. Lester som sedan en tid känt sig missnöjd med tillvaron finner snart på anledningar att radikalt förändra sitt liv. Dessutom är hans relation till både frun och dottern på en nivå nära fryspunkten. När paret Burnham bevistar en cheerleaderuppvisning där Jane medverkar får Lester syn på hennes jämnåriga kamrat, Angela. Han blir våldsamt förälskad. Angela blir påtagligt smickrad och flirtar uppmuntrande tillbaka. Från den dagen tar Lesters liv en ny vändning...

סיפורו של גבר, לסטר ברנהם, איש פרסום בן ארבעים ומשהו ואשתו קרולין, שכל מה שאכפת לה זה מה יגידו השכנים. אשתו של לסטר שונאת אותו, בתו המתבגרת מתייחסת אליו בבוז והבוס שלו מתעד לפטר אותו בכל יום. בניסיון להשיב לעצמו את טעם החיים, לסטר מתאהב בבת כיתתה הסקסית של ביתו, ועובר כתוצאה מכך מטמורפוזה גופנית ואישיותית. במקביל, בן השכנים, סוחר סמים צעיר שאביו הוא קצין נחתים פשיסטי, ממקד את עדשת מצלמת הווידיאו שלו בבתו של לסטר, המוצא בו בן ברית לא צפוי. סרט על פשרה, חיפוש אחר אושר, הכחשה, הדחקה, זעם, התפכחות, וכמובן יופי המתגבשים ליצירת מופת של ממש.

Лестер Бернам је 42-годишњи службеник маркетиншке фирме кога је досадни живот у предграђу претворио у губитника и слабића. Јутарње самозадовољавање под тушем једно је од његових ретких задовољстава. Супруга Каролин, са којом већ одавно не спава, мисли само на посао и успех. Кћерка Џејн пролази кроз бурно раздобље пубертета, па се удаљава од оца кога не сматра никаквим ауторитетом, ни узором, а иритира је и његов непримерен интерес за њену пријатељицу, Анџелу Хејз, лепу девојку која жели постати модел како би се издигла над „обичним људима“. Ипак, управо љубав према Анџели, Лестеру враћа самопоуздање и вољу за животом.

Lester ja hänen vaimonsa Carolyn Burnham ovat anonyymillä lähiöalueella asuva, tavalliselta vaikuttava pariskunta, jonka avioliitto on hitaasti, mutta varmasti hajoamassa, käynnistäen muutosten myrskyn heidän täydelliseltä vaikuttavassa naapurustossaan.

Lester Burnham lever et behageligt liv i en flot forstad. Men han er havnet i en midtvejskrise. Alting er kedeligt, hans chef er en skiderik og hans kone er ham utro med sin kollega. Lester siger op og begynder at arbejde på en hamburgerrestaurant, dyrker flittigt fitness og tager stoffer. Han bliver også lidt for fascineret af teenagedatterens smukke veninde Angela.


Η ταινία παρουσιάζει την κρίση ενός μεσήλικα άνδρα. Με μια πρώτη ματιά ο ήρωας φαίνεται να έχει κατακτήσει το αμερικάνικο όνειρο. Διαθέτει ένα καλό σπίτι στα προάστια, μια όμορφη αδύνατη γυναίκα, μια έφηβη κόρη χωρίς ιδιαίτερα προβλήματα, μια καλή δουλειά. Αν και θα έπρεπε να είναι ευτυχισμένος νιώθει απαθής και δυστυχισμένος. Το ερωτικό ξελόγιασμα που νοιώθει για την όμορφη συμμαθήτρια της κόρης του έρχεται σαν ένα ξύπνημα στην ζωή του. Αποφασίζει να παραιτηθεί από τη δουλειά του, να γυμναστεί, να γκρεμίσει την υποκρισία ανάμεσα σε αυτόν και τη γυναίκα του και γενικά να αλλάξει την ζωή του.

Lester Burnham, un tată cu depresie în criza de la mijlocul vieții, decide să-și întoarcă viața agitată după ce dezvoltă o pasiune absurdă pentru prietena atractivă a ficei lui.

български език
Лестър Бърнхам има незавидна участ - съпругата му го мрази, дъщеря му го презира, а шефът му възнамерява да го изхвърли от работа. Животът му е истински кошмар. Но за свое щастие Лестър бързо стига до извода, че когато нямаш какво да губиш, можеш да рискуваш всичко. Провокиран от забранените страсти, той решава да промени живота си. И колкото повече свобода получава, толкова по-щастлив се чувства.

Для невдахи Лестера Бернема, типового представника американського «середнього класу», справжнім потрясінням стає знайомство зі шкільною подругою його дочки. Бернем немовби звільняється від сну, в якому перебував довгі роки, і відчуває, що нарешті може влаштувати своє життя так, як він бажає...

레스터 번햄은 좌절감으로 가득 찬 잡지사 직원으로 하루하루를 무기력 속에서 살아간다. 부동산 소개업자로 일하는 아내 케롤린은 수완가로 자처하고 완벽주의를 외치며 물질만능의 길을 추구한다. 둘의 결혼생활은 단지 남들에게 과시하기 위한 형식뿐이고, 외동딸 제인은 아버지가 사라져 주길 바랄 정도로 미워한다. 제인의 학교를 방문한 레스터는 딸의 되바라진 친구 안젤라를 보는 순간 한 눈에 욕정을 품게 된다. 레스터는 기억 속에서 이미 사라진 자신의 소년기를 회복하려는 듯이 자유를 추구하는데...

Alors qu'il éprouve des difficultés à supporter une femme irascible, un travail ingrat et une ado morose, un homme tombe raide dingue d'une des amies de sa fille.

Lester Burham não aguenta mais o emprego e se sente impotente perante sua vida. Casado com Carolyn e pai da "aborrecente" Jane, o melhor momento de seu dia quando se masturba no chuveiro. Até que conhece Angela Hayes, amiga de Jane. Encantado com sua beleza e disposto a dar a volta por cima, Lester pede demissão e começa a reconstruir sua vida, com a ajuda de seu vizinho Ricky.

故事的主人翁賴斯特罕住在一個典型的美國小鎮裡,他面臨中年危機,突然對自己的生活感到不滿:和太太卡洛琳的性生活不協調,和女兒小珍的關係陷入冷戰,他在公司的職位岌岌可危。於是他急於尋求新的變化、新的刺激和新的人生。 就在這個時候,他見到了小珍性感可愛的死黨好友安琪拉,於是他的人生從此改頭換面。首先,他決定先辭掉工作,並要脅老闆付他一大筆遣散費,然後再反抗一向對他頤指氣使的老婆,公然再她面前抱怨她的性冷感,然而卡洛琳也不是省油的燈,她開始跟一名房屋仲介大亨大搞婚外情,小珍也變得越來越孤僻,父女之間的感情越來越糟,這時隔壁搬來的新鄰居費茲一家,費家獨子是個特立獨行的怪胎,他的出現為班罕一家帶來爆炸性的變數......

Na prvý pohľad sú Burnhamovci šťastnou rodinou, ktorej život je zaliaty slnkom. Pohodlný dom, auto kvalitnej značky, pôvabná dospievajúca dcéra, študujúca na správnej škole, rodičia úspešní v svojom povolaní. Nikto sa nečuduje, že pani Burnhamová je večne samý úsmev - aspoň na verejnosti. V skutočnosti je ale všetko inak. Obraz dokonalosti matke Carolyn a dcére Jane neustále kazí otec Lester. Nie je tým ramenatým "plejbojom" a čo je horšie, začína stále častejšie dávať najavo, že sa mu nedarí a že je nespokojný so svojim životom.

Ārēji Lesters un Karolīna ir ideāls pāris, kas dzīvo ideālu dzīvi. Bet iekšēji Lesters pārzīvo pusmūža krīzi un slīkst arvien dziļāk un dziļāk depresijā. Viss mainās brīdī, kad viņš aizraujas ar vienu no meitas draudzenēm, pamet darbu un nolemj izdzīvot jaunību vēlreiz.

Darbas, šeima, nedidelis gražus namelis užmiestyje su gėlynu, pievele ir akinančio baltumo tvora, automobilis garaže… Amerikietiškos svajonės išsipildymas? O gal… amerikietiškas pragaras?… "Jau kuris laikas esu miręs”, - šiais pagrindinio herojaus žodžiais prasideda tragikomedija "Amerikos grožybės”, juosta, kurią daugelis kritikų jau dabar vadina viena geriausių iš kada nors Holivude sukurtų filmų. Tai jaudinantis ir šiurpinantis pasakojimas apie vienatvę, susvetimėjimą, neišsipildžiusius troškimus, slepiamas aistras, sudaužytas svajones ir apie graudžiai komišką maištą – bandymą išsivaduoti iš slegiančios kasdienybės gniaužtų.

Lester Burnham, un cuarentón en crisis, cansado de su trabajo y de su mujer Carolyn, despierta de su letargo cuando conoce a la atractiva amiga de su hija, a la que intentará impresionar a toda costa.

«لِستر» نزدیک به 14سال است که برای مجله‌ای مطلب می‌نویسد. او که از شرایط شغلی خود ناراضیست در زندگی زناشویی و خانوادگی خود نیز دچار مشکل می‌باشد و نمی‌تواند با همسر و دخترش ارتباط برقرار کند. درحالیکه «لِستر» انگیزه‌اش را کاملا از دست داده، به صورت اتفاقی با دیدن دختری نوجوان به نام «آنجلا»، به او علاقمند شده و انگیزه‌ای برای زندگی پیدا می‌کند.

Filmens hovedperson er den uutslettelige Lester og hans kone Carolyn Burnham. Et tilsynelatende vanlig par i en forstads anonyme nabolag, med et ekteskap som sakte men sikkert er på tur til å sprekke.

Zabavno, uznemirujuće i iznenađujuće korača u predgrađansku Ameriku kroz živote Lester i Carolyn, para više srednje klase čiji se brak - a čiji se životi - polako odvijaju. Carolyn mrzi svog muža, kćer ga prezire, a šef će ga otpustiti. Tako Lester odluči promijeniti neke stvari u svom životu; kako postaje slobodniji, postaje sretniji, što ženu i kćer ljuti.

Lõbus, häiriv ja üllatav kohtumine äärelinna Ameerikas läbi keskklassi ülemise paari Lesteri ja Carolyni, kelle abielu ja kelle elu aeglaselt lahti hargnevad. Carolyn vihkab oma meest, tütar põlgab teda ja ülemus kavatseb ta vallandada. Nii otsustab Lester oma elus mõnda asja muuta; vabamaks saades muutub ta õnnelikumaks, mis teeb tema naise ja tütre vihasemaks.

Zabaven, moteč in presenetljiv korak v primestno Ameriko skozi življenja Lesterja in Carolyna, para višjega srednjega razreda, katerega zakonska zveza - in katere življenje - se počasi razpletata. Carolyn sovraži svojega moža, hči ga prezira, šef pa naj bi ga odpustila. Tako se Lester odloči spremeniti nekatere stvari v svojem življenju; ko postane svobodnejši, postane srečnejši, zaradi česar se žena in hči jezi.

Tiếng Việt
Một cuộc phiêu lưu thú vị, đáng lo ngại và đáng ngạc nhiên vào vùng ngoại ô nước Mỹ thông qua cuộc sống của Lester và Carolyn, một cặp vợ chồng thuộc tầng lớp trung lưu có hôn nhân - và cuộc sống của họ - đang dần làm sáng tỏ. Carolyn ghét chồng, con gái khinh bỉ anh ta, và ông chủ của cô ta sắp sa thải anh ta. Vì vậy, Lester quyết định thay đổi một số điều trong cuộc sống của mình; khi anh ta trở nên tự do hơn, anh ta trở nên hạnh phúc hơn, điều đó khiến vợ và con gái anh ta tức giận hơn.

يقرر ليستر بورنهام ، وهو أب مكتئب في إحدى الضواحي يعاني من أزمة منتصف العمر ، تغيير مسار حياته المحمومة بعد أن نشأ افتتانًا بصديق ابنته الجذاب.

細心欣賞本年度最多人提及的影片。一個發生在美國市郊的風趣、動人和令人震驚的故事。 細意觀察人到中年的利達,以及他那個想出人頭地的妻子嘉蓮,兩人的婚姻狀況。在家中利達受妻厭惡,女兒鄙視。在工作上,上司亦把他視為裁員開刀的目標。 細心觀看利達決定在生活上作出改變,他越自由越開心,但他最終會發現,最大自由是要付出最大的代價。 細心觀摩演技出眾的演員精彩演出,奇雲史柏斯飾演利達,安妮貝寧則飾演他的太太嘉蓮。 要細心欣賞“出色傑作”。

Lester Burnham, un home de mitjana edat, es troba en plena crisi: està cansat de la feina i avorrit i decebut del seu matrimoni. Però Lester desperta a la vida quan coneix una amiga de la seva filla, una adolescent molt bonica a qui mirarà d’impressionar.

შუახნის ასაკობრივ კრიზისში მყოფი ლესტერ ბერნჰემი რიგითი მოქალაქე და მამაა, რომელიც გადაწყვეტს მისი მოუწესრიგებელი ცხოვრება, საკუთარი ქალიშვილის მეგობართან ფლირტის გაბმით გამოაცოცხლოს.

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