Wanted Summary and Synopsis

Wesley’s (James McAvoy) life is over – his pathetic old one, anyway…Fortunately, it is all because of a girl. Enter sizzling-hot Fox (Angelina Jolie), who crashes into his life and introduces him to the Fraternity, a secret society of assassins, led by the enigmatic Sloan (Morgan Freeman). Seems Wes’s long-lost father was killed while working for the Fraternity and Wes has been selected to target the rogue member who murdered him. But before he can complete his assignment, Wes must first uncover the dark secrets behind the Fraternity in order to determine his own destiny. At the turning point of the Iran-Contra affair, Elena McMahon, a fearless investigative journalist covering the 1984 US presidential campaign, puts herself in danger when she abandons her assigned task in order to fulfill the last wish of her ailing father, a mysterious man whose past activities she barely knows. Wanted Wiki

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Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, you'll find one at the end of your arm ... As you grow older you will discover that you have two hands. One for helping yourself, the other for helping others.

Audrey Hepburn (2008)

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Wanted Movie Reviews

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- Stupid is an understaement1 star

OK - some disbelief with Bond & Cruise. Here? Take whatever is in your pharmacary and see if this nonsense gets any better......

- Terrible1 star

I should have known better with Angelina Jolie in this...

- Meh.1 star

The comic was better.


An interesting story, which garnered a three star rating.

- Its a very good Movie4 star

Really like Angelina Jolie in this movie,

- a worthwhile distraction4 star

I enjoyed this one. not much else to say really. a good cast of known performers and a few new (to me) faces but a consistent pace is kept and my attention was held.

- Silly2 star

gets pretty silly

- A pretty good movie for the most part3 star

I was enjoying it for a while but I did have a problem with the protagonist of this movie because he's another one of those characters where there is barely any reason for us to care about him at all like Matty from Red Dawn or Raiden from Metal Gear Solid 2 which is probably cheating for mentioning a video game but I digress. I saw this movie mainly because of Angelina Jolie (big shock) and apparently the plot should always demand that the character anyone would care more about than the protagonist must die. And that made just go, "eh.....I guess that's why Salt is still her best character at least in action movies.

- iTunes:2 star

iTunes: please add 1996's FOXFIRE!!! Starring Angelina Jolie/Jenny Lewis!! It *needs* to be available for purchase on iTunes!!! I've been waiting for YEARS!!!!!!!!

- Worst Movie Ever1 star

I was tricked into watching this by the 71% rotten tomatoes and the 4/5 stars on the reviews. This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen and a really regret watching the whole thing. The storyline seems to have been written by grade 2 students, endless slow bullet shots to the head are disgusting. I like action movies but this is completely pathetic and I think the reviews here must be pumped up by someone as its such a bad movie.

- Bad, but good3 star

5-star James McAvoy in a stupid 2-star movie. He’s incredible and elevates everything, and everyone else.

- ugh1 star

wow....so bad. and creepy. i was disturbed by watching this guy shoot the 'fat cat' in his face saying "sorry." and i guess that was supposed to be sort of joke. As if killing someone is akin to accidentally bumping into them on the sidewalk. And let's not forget - he was murdering people for no other reason than a stranger said to. i know, i know, it was a fantasy but i found the premise that a person could actually start murdering people because someone told him that they were bad people and with NO other information not only ludicrous but creepy too because this is the 'good guy'. But the father that he killed in the end was pretty hot - so it has that going for it.

- Unwanted3 star

The amount of bull in this movie is tremendous. There are piles of it waiting for you at every corner and with every turn of events. However, if you put your brains on neutral, there is much action to enjoy. Just don't try to make any sense of it.

- Superbe story5 star

Excellent story - very good action (with some fun) - was a bit violent but so unrealistic that it was funny. I particularly liked the story and the main actor - Angelina Jolie on the other hand should eat a bit more....

- Favorite movie5 star

This is by far my favorite movie. The story line was perfect. I think it's more for teens though (im a 14 year old boy). The action is amazing.

- Amazing5 star

I love this movie!!! My friends had told me about a long time ago so I bought it and watched it and I just lived it!! The effects were cool and the plot was great although a few of my friends who are adults didn't like it (I'm 13 btw) I honestly think it was mostly designed or teenagers not adults

- Excellent5 star

I am am a 12 year old girl and i LOVED this movie it is one of the best action movies I have ever seen. I have to admit tho it might not be for everyone.

- Untrue to source1 star

This movie is terrible and bares no resemblance to its source material AT ALL!! Assassins and a mystical loom are not part of the storyline.

- Wanted5 star

Great movie

- Fantasy1 star

How did Morgan Freeman get hooked into this? Great movie for a teenage boy.

- McAvoy is great, special effects are clever, and plot is DUMB3 star

This is a long form office-worker dude's fantasy: drop your crummy job and crummy boss and crummy girlfriend when you are recruited into the ranks of a thousand-year-old league of super assassins and embark upon a quest to kill the guy who killed your long lost dad. What makes the film entertaining: James McAvoy acting his all out of a cliché despite every opportunity to phone it in, imaginative visuals that provide delights and surprises along the way, an over the top car chase, a nutty fantasy world of assassin training that is like half Hogwarts half Fight Club, and of course the physics-defying conceit of mastering the curved bullet track. What makes the film awful: Angelina Jolie looking grim and gaunt, Morgan Freeman phoning it in, terrible plot with enormous holes (why didn't his dad, like, call or write a note, hello?), and the eventual irritating accumulation of unbelievable events, that had me just laughing by the time of the great circular bullet fix at the end. Despite the goofy pleasures, I found it difficult to make it to the end because of the outrageous idiocy of the story. But if you don't mind that kind of thing, have a good time, pop some corn, enjoy.

- Honestly5 star

Great movie

- Painful1 star

I won't say that this film is completely bad all the way through; there were some bits that I did like (James McAvoy's and Morgan Freeman's existences being one of them). However. I can accept a lot of things, but I cannot accept this film not marketed as fantasy on every conceivable level. Physics, again, is completely ignored. Every character does very exciting-looking, but absolutely horrible, things without even the slightest hint of a consequence. The plot is fairly sound, but it's so difficult to find underneath all the irrelevant cursing and over-the-top violence that I literally had to watch half of it twice to figure out what was going on. Angelina's character is obvious Fetish Fuel with only a half-hearted attempt at development (which they didn't even bother to foreshadow in her nude scene--really, filmmakers? I have no problem with nudity as long as there's a reason besides/as well as "look, naked people, are you aroused yet", but that... that could have had a point and you know it). They don't even bother trying to explain the loom, either--nor do they focus on "it's a mystery, we've been trying to figure it out for ages and it's really frustrating"; everyone just accepts it and moves on. The special effects are neat, the overall concept is interesting, and I won't deny that they got some good actors in there. However, the entire thing feels like an escapist fantasy thought up on the spot by a pubescent boy. Or an office worker with the maturity and scientific knowledge of a pubescent boy. (Also, clearly if you have an anxiety disorder so bad that you need medication to avoid passing out under the slightest bit of pressure, the solution is not to go to therapy and take said medication until the therapy helps you stand on your own--the solution is to THROW THE PILLS IN THE TRASH, ACCEPT NO TREATMENT WHATSOEVER, AND YOU WILL MAGICALLY GET BETTER. Obviously.)

- A guilty pleasure4 star

The first 3/4 of the movie is pretty good, while the last 1/4 takes a pretty steep dive. There were many parts that were just excellent, and a few very disappointing areas that really made you sneer. Overall, very watchable and entertaining. If there had been better consistency through and through, I would have given it 5 stars. The comedy parts were hilarious, and the action parts were equally well done. There are areas that will require a bit of salt to swallow, but that's Hollywood.

- Best of the decade5 star

The is the most under rated movie ever!

- Epic to the power of awesome!!!!!5 star

This is the best movie I have ever seen!!!!! My absolute favorite!!!!!

- This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.1 star

If you like abject glorification of violence, this is your movie.

- Waste of money...1 star

...and time. The only thing I enjoyed was the special effects, but with bad acting and a rotten plot, well you cannot polish a [email protected](. And finally this should be labeled as fantasy, because they took the laws of physics and ignored them completely.

- Great Movie5 star

Kept you on the edge, and not very predictable.

- Don't listen to others1 star

This is officially the worst moive I've ever seen!!

- Wanted5 star

Beast movie

- Great movie,5 star

Great movie lots of action and revenge, excellent cast...

- Inappropriate All The Way Around1 star

Wanted's premise is too ridiculous for words and consistently takes away from the film (assassins reading codes from weavings?!?). The language is inappropriate - F-bombs used gratuitously and, ultimately, for little effect. The violence is immense to the point of being silly. This is a mindless movie. Bond flicks use language, violence, and story line to great effect. This is a 'glop on' flick. It just has more of the language and violence glopped-on to a preposterous story line. Stay away. Watch a real movie like Bond for the second, third, or fourth time before you waste your time and money with 'Wanted.'

- WANTED5 star

I liked it :) if you shut your mouth and open your mind, you'll enjoy it more!

- Wasn't great1 star

It's not that action packed and the end was stupid.

- Fun but don't expect perfection4 star

McAvoy is one of my all time favorites. His acting is "always" spot on and provides exactly what the characters he plays needs. The director has made some of my favorite movies as well such as 9 and Nightwatch (also Daywatch). While the movie is a lot of fun people seem to whine about the swearing that occurs throughout the movie. Maybe they don't cuss as much as the people in the movie do but welcome to life, some people love to swear that much. It happens, get over it. As for the story it isn't original or unique but its visually stunning and the method is very polished. The script could have been a little better but it didn't matter ultimately because the acting made up for it. The one aspect of the movie that bugged me was the "Loom of Fate." I mean weaving used as an allegorical and metaphorical facet within philosophy and existentialism is one thing but using the literal sense of the word to use and apply in the plot of a movie really kind of dumbs any other aspect of the movie down which has a spark of intelligence to it. Other than that this was an exciting and at times humorous movie. Don't listen to the haters, they be all like…hatin and stuff.

- My favorite movie5 star

It's actually really good. Great plot and fantastic acting. McAvoy, Jolie and Freeman. Really thrilling. You should get the game too; it's no call of duty or halo, but it's the most entertaining game I have ever played.

- Great movie5 star

Buy this movie. I highly recommend it

- Whoa *Neo voice*4 star

Would be a 5 star, but if you read the Graphic novel, you see that it's so much more than what they where able to squeeze into the film! Still AWEsome!

- bad movie2 star

A parable of how guns and bullets can make our lives meaningful wrapped in cgi effects and some flashes of Angelina. What stands for plot is lost in the action which is apparently accomplished in a world where physics is suspended. Not worth the time or the money from one who did not heed the caution of others and fell for the Rotten Tomato hype.

- Wanted4 star

The action was great. The comedy was also great, and something i didn't anticipate at all. Overall a great movie.

- of no redeeming value whatsoever1 star

Dark, grotesque, twisted, with the only redeeming quality being the special effects. Not a message that modern society needs any more of - there is plenty of this out there in the news - I would like to think this film would be ok if there was a good vs evil type plot, but even the "good" is evil and leaves the viewer feeling disconnected and unsympathetic.

- this movie2 star

The moies main plot is far to similar to the matrix

- Wanted5 star

Oh my god the first time i saw this movie when it was over my mouth was open! Awesome movie

- Amazing5 star

Its sexy amazing fun and action packed. I love the ending its realy funny

- i love the slow motion and bullet curving5 star

the special effects are awesome

- Great movie.5 star

I really did not know how this would turn out I thought it might be good but I never knew,but I love this movie it has awesome action.

- awesome!!!!!!!!5 star

all of you people who give this movie bad reviews need to shut up. who cares if the plot isn't amazing, and it has like one scene that reminded me of the matrix, and the plot is actually pretty good. this movie was really fun, and the beginning reminded me of fight club, and thats a good thing. if you love action movies you will really like this.

- Amazing bloody movie5 star

If his heart beat was 400/min, mine was over 100 after watching this movie

- awsome movie5 star

watch it or at least rent it trust me if u like movies and dont mind watching movies with violence watch this

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vitali m. - average2 star

It's pretty dumb even for this genre.

Rolex Lamborgini - ANGELICIOUS5 star

Terrific Sci-fi. The CGI is amazing. You gotta watch it at least twice. The casting is genius. The acting superb. And Angelina well, **#%^^€£¥~<>#, guys get ready to "bite your thumb"!

intensewatcherofmovies - Why1 star

This movie was so borring and confusing I fell asleep watching it

B-RAd be swift - Does not work1 star

This movie works until the 2nd chapter on my iPod after that the screen just goes black and doesn't have audio or video I've already paid for damn movie and only get to watch the beginning!!!! I would like to know why the movie isn't playing completely Can some one please help me out here??

devilock6 - hot5 star

I wanted to bang Jolie

jamesbond1971 - Jamesbond4 star

Great movie lots of action!Angelina is hot!!

Movie buzz - Very good5 star

So violent and so exciting and most people are too stupid to get the story and if very funny to here Morgan Freeman say the F word

HilaryMae - Surprised5 star

I was really surprised. I didn't really know what to expect, but I bought the movie based on the comments here and ..wow. Ok ok..I could have done without so much gore (especially rat gore - icky icky) but the story and James McAvoy's acting is pretty amazing stuff. He nailed the part! The film has a couple of twists that you don't see coming and I had to look away a couple of times (due to gore) but if you can manage that, then this is a great movie otherwise. NOT FOR CHILDREN DUE TO SEX AND GORE.

BLACKELITE - Best movie5 star

Love this movie

ski forever - lousy story1 star

Very disappointed.

Intensifiyr - Cheese5 star


THEsteban - Epic5 star

This movie was amazing, excellent sequences, and plot and true to the comics

Baconman1235 - Awesome5 star

Awesome movie one of the best action movies ever liked it alot

Filkens - terrible and terrible1 star

It is just a bunch of action sequences cobbled together to make a violent yet boring movie

Cutlass5268 - The best5 star

Simply one of the best movies ever made!!!

David Wm. Brown - Well crafted4 star

While a bit over-the-top for my taste, this was a very well put together movie. Great effects, lots of action, interesting storyline, some big name actors, but sub-standard character development. I will keep watching this movie over and over.

austinater_1231 - one of the best movies ever!5 star

i loved this movie, has lots of action and some comedy,and very unexpected ending.

michana - not worth it2 star

a bit like Matrix without the depth, simple story line - frustratingly simplistic finish

??????whysoserious???? - One of the best films i saw last year4 star

Wanted is an excellently made film. This Movie has an incredible and rare style of visual effects, an engaging and edge of your seat story and suprisingly solid acting performances. Especially from Morgan Freeman. the character development of wesley was great, Bekmambetov creates action sequences that are very cool and intense. i've seen this movie two or three times i still want to watch it again. It's a really fun movie. It was a great action thriller from beginning to end

Kid Clutch - What Happened?2 star

I went in expecting a lot from this movie but was utterly dissapointed i found it bland and lacking originality curving a bullet was the only cool thing ive seen these kind of movies before just not well done

Friendly Chap - Unfortunate marketing3 star

It is unfortunate that the strongest marketing tool they found for this film was Angelina Jolie's skin, which hasn't been a novelty since "Gia" (look it up, she looks great). This movie plays on that part of our psyche that wants to believe that we are somehow special, that we are destined for greatness and that we hold untold powers. It is well written, the effects are characteristic of the high-budget movie that it is, the action is intense, and yes, Angelina still looks great. A very fun watch that is well worth the rental fee, but ultimately forgetable.

spmjbro - Good Movie5 star

Not your regular action movie. Unexpected plot makes this very entertaining.

TheMattDaddy - better than I expected3 star

Much better than I expected it to be. The intro sucked and was cheesy, but the rest of them movie was pretty good. Angelina wasn't nearly as annoyingly odd as she has been in recent movies, and her acting wasn't nearly as bad either. Her acting was actually almost as good as her dad's, although that's not really a high bar to set anyways. Newcomer main character, can't remember his real name, was actually pretty good for what was obviously designed to try and be a blockbuster... so good for him. Ending was a nice twist, and Morgan Freeman as a bad guy, finally. I've been waiting to see him as a bad guy, he wasn't great as one (which is where most good actors succeed), but nice to see him not being the morally upright characters he usually gets wrapped up in. Definately rent, but don't bother buying.

Kerrinth - Perfect5 star

Excellent movie, rented it, watched it once then bought it outright.

ptuk - Pure Tripe1 star

This is a great example of "the pornography of violence", so commonplace in movies, TV, and books. As usual it wears the mask of "moral necessity". Puerile, trite, banal and utterly devoid of any redeeming qualities.

Rogatien. - Dissapointing2 star

This movie is pointless, but fun to watch. Very bloody and extremely exagerated wich makes it really enjoyable to see. But the story is weak. The film style and the way it's filmed ressembles "Fight Club". But "Fight Club" is much better and has a much better twist.

callmeyoursaint - Amazing5 star

I really enjoyed this movie. Amazing acting, and story line. Everyone must see it. Really, quite good:)

NZ_All_Black - It's good5 star

It's good.

ajusdanis - AWESOME5 star

This is a great movie:it combines real life situations with awesome graphics...two thumbs up!!!

Jordan Pizzle - WORST MOVIE EVER1 star

This was the stupidest movie ever. i didnt get it dont rent or buy it

ddasdasdasdasdasd - movie5 star

crazy movie one of the best in 2008

Nitro11 - awesome action4 star

there is great action and gun fighting.......recommended to anyone willing to buy it

karjar - where is the 5.1????4 star

First movie download for me for Apple TV. Great movie....but where is the 5.1 surround sound??????

reddragon11 - Awesome film!5 star

This movie is amazing! I never once found myself wondering when i was going to end, and ultimately I found myself drawn right in. Even though it is not going to win any oscars, it is very entertaining, and an excellent way to spend 2 hours. And to that one reviewer "Lady Peace" , how old are you my friend? "I liked it other than the swearing...". Are you like 7? Was this your first R-rated movie? To downgrade your score because they swore is absolutely ridiculous! Honestly I do not think I have ever heard something as ignorant and idiotic as that comment in my life! Forgive them for trying to be real, and not another sugar-coated action movie ( I am talking to you Borne and Bond). Guess what man, people swear!

Gilles du Québec - en français5 star

"Ce film sera offert en location le 15 janvier 2009" ok mais pour quand il sera offert en français ?

indigochic - I would have given this movie 5 stars if it weren't for all the swearing!4 star

Other than the two random sex scenes and F*** being said as every second word- this movie was amazing! This movie has awesome slow-motion bullet action and intense fighting scenes! If it weren't for all the swearing I would have given this movie 5 stars for sure!

furria - It was a mistake1 star

I can't belive this film is rated fresh in rottentomatoes. It was a mistake to buy this film,,, totaly pointless

Chongpowder - awesome5 star

Rake don`t like the movie great keep it to yourself NOBODY really cares what to have to say

gthytth - cool!5 star

super cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rurk010101 - Not Sure3 star

I loved the movie, and hated it. Honestly Angelina did a pretty good job, and the movie was a pleasure to watch, but The other main Male actor, goodness gracious was he ever bad. This might be because I wanted to see Ed Norton or someone in the roll, but still. It was great, change the actor and it gets 5 stars

rakerman - Not Wanted1 star

Pointlessly brutal violence, pointlessly brutal dialogue. No redeeming features whatsoever. Special effects in search of a plot. Not recommended.

Mecma - Sucked...2 star

Even Angelina cannot save this ridiculous drivel of a movie, not sci-fi, powerful images that make no sense at all...straight to video store.

gveener - FREAKIN AWESOME!!5 star


YAY!!!!!! - Hell Yea5 star


jp510 - Great5 star

it was the best movie ever

Habbensforth - Awesome!!!5 star

Was absolutely AWESOME!! nothing else to say. One of the most pump up movies I have ever watched definite buy!

loripop326 - Snarky Goodness4 star

Should have just purchased this one outright rather than renting it. And I knew that from about ten minutes into the flick. Awesomeness in all it's forms. Not only was the action picture perfect, but the dialogue was sharp and unfettered. It's not going to change your life, but if you want an all around great action movie, this one's no-lose bet.

huttonhowitzer - EPIC5 star


jsoup13 - Awesome!5 star

I loooove this movie! It's my all time favourite.. I have no reason why but its just a really good action packed movie. Thank god its on DVD since I couldnt watch it in theaters because it was 18A. But anyways.. this movie is the greatest! I totally recommend you watch it!

willsaleme - Sick movie5 star

this movie is beyond nice, really unexpected! although the ending got me sad and confused when (won't say why so I don't spoil the movie). other than that the plot was amazing, the effects were unreal and fascinating. The movie in general was a plain awesome action thriller. Watch it!

Litheplayer1 - Ok3 star

It was alright but the curving bullets is so fake. I can't be leave they put that in it

A abade - great5 star

what a great movie . from the start you are on the edge of your seat. well worth the money

Curtis Jackson :@ - MADD5 star

Total g

greatestPharaoh - amazing5 star

one of the best movies I have seen, great mixture of characters and believable story line. Great special effects

Alistair Grevis-James - Wanted - 110 minutes of my life back.1 star

This would have to be one of the worst movies I have ever seen. I would never recommend it to anyone under any circumstance to watch, even someone I hated. Despite the presence of heavyweights Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman, nothing could pull this movie back from being an absolute disaster. Seriously I don't know what they were thinking when they read the script, but honestly this movie was shocking. The worst thing about the movie, for me personally, was that the physics of the action sequences straddled the line between reality and fantasy is the most unbearable way. Obviously I am happy to watch a movie based in the world of reality, or the world of fantasy, but please give us one or the other. Or be clever (the Matrix, Inception) and give us a reason as to why someone is flying through the air from rooftop to rooftop? Unfortunately I can’t give this movie a 0, or negative star rating, I wish I could.

ANGELA ! - thumbs up !4 star

this movie is great! packed with action and more action. and only $13, its so worth it !

xX_Applebys_Xx - cooliest action movie5 star

Second best action movie ever. i loved it it is one of the best action movies i have seen. best bit is at the end full of action. I recomend this movie but nothing is better than the dark knight. loved this movie you will to.☺☻

Micallef01 - Fox5 star

Sickest MoViE you could ever see. I Luv it how they curve flying bulllets. Good PRICE mUsT bUy!

AntonMurrell - WHY?1 star

A plotline with more holes than the Kenyan Navy. Good but unrealistic action. Forgettable acting. Give an acidhead a pen and some paper and they will write a better movie.

christian_mcbride - Best bust buy5 star

Omg this is best movie I've watched in ages awsome lots of action, it's a must buy for a reasonable $18. Buy it!

pangus9708 - Calm Down5 star

How come everyone gets it for $25 i got mine for $18. Having said that i loved it.

consensio - errhg safe your time1 star

Ok so you need to see every movie Angelina is in -- but her onscreen chemistry with J McAvoy is as credible as Scooby Doo and The fairy Godmother. With the help of tons of CGI tricks they twist car metal and do heaps of slow mo bullet time to make up for the lamest plot and non sensical action. If the director/writer were interested in creating something that stays with fans, they did not succeed. Unless you want to eat popcorn and do not care for what's exploding on your screen, go ahead. Just don't expect to be entertained.

Sir.65 - Great Actioness!5 star

Really good movie, great characters (as well as cast) and the action was non-stop intense. The storyline was very interesting and you won't expect what happens in the end. Really enjoyed it, worth watching.

hicksy1 - Meh3 star

It was pretty good bit over the top in parts

Hey Mambo - Standing by - rolling - speed and........ ACTION!5 star

Wow, not for the faint hearted, "Wanted" is an adrenaline charged action flick that once it gets rolling is like a train with no brakes it just never lets up. James McAvoy ( The Last King of Scotland, Atonement) transforms from doormat to head kicker. Morgan Freeman is as always Morgan Freeman but hey that's why we love him and there is Angelina Jolie playing the part of Fox, hmm, say no more just rent it NOW!


Awesome as movie but...oh yes, there IS a 'but'. WHAT. A. RIP. OFF. TWENTY. FIVE. WHOLE. DOLLARS.

paoefjapofj;ls - See It.5 star

Awesome movie. A must-see.

harry moll - wanted low price5 star

i would like to get the wanted movie but come on the price?

Carolyn30 - MAD AS!!!5 star

THIS MOVIE IS THE AWESOMEST MOVIE EVER!!!it is fully on action packed and i totally recomended it,and it is also a little bit funny:)!! the slo mo makes it soo coool!!!

Dt! - Really bad sound1 star

Whenever there was a loud scene it was really good, but when people were talking it was barely audible, i couldnt hear anything. half the movie was lost on me.

Raiychie - too violent for me1 star

Saw this at the cinema, just too much blood for me, didn't get much out of it.

Meg71 - Good effects, weak plot1 star

Forgettable action movie, so ridiculously farfetched that it made it hard to sit through.

27b stroke 6 - Exploding Rats3 star

It has exploding rats. AJ kills herself. It has weaving looms. So, rent, don't buy.

ChristopherToon - Stunning action special effects but forgettable plot2 star

Stunning special effect sequences jazz up what is essentially a weak storyline in this action movie. The movie starts strongly, but as the plot unfolds, the fizz goes a little flat despite a twist at the end. Dialogue is sparse, and there is little scope for the potential of actors like McAvoy, Jolie and Freeman to shine through. A fun but forgettable jaunt.

iHim007 - Disappointing story line2 star

Some good action scenes but a disappointing story line - especially the concept of the "the loom". That spoilt it for me.

smamamamam - ..5 star


louisbg - fun to watch4 star

This movie is soo good, tons of action and slow mo fight scenes and an alright plot. Wanted is just an enjoyable movie and fun to watch, I highly recommend it to people who don't take their movies too seriously. :)

dphhyland - The worst movie ever1 star

The most simplistic, predicatable plot, with try-hard Matrix like action scenes. Nothing new here. No creativity - don't waste your time. You want, shoot them up gore, rent an old Tarantino film and you will be far more satisfied.

boooooobbbbbbbbbbyyyy - it's ok3 star

This is not worth $25, the story plot is over complicated, and it's so stupid as well.

Cooper crazy - rip off5 star

awsome movie loved it but $25.00 i mean come on rip off

The Hurleys - Awesome4 star

Good movie with its characters/actors and plot with its assasins and the twist at the end. It is a movie i would reccomend with its light-hearted humour kind of black humour its rating is good because it is a bit violent but a great movie none the less.

Mean Maori - Great.5 star

Mate. iTunes has the best quality ever for videos and music.. Soo I wouldn't mind if they charged a little bit extra..

Jachobg - good moive but the price not worth it!2 star

i borght this moive and than i want to the shop and i saw the same moive for $24 whats the point of buying it online of $25? when i can buy it for $24 and have it new and i dont have to download it!

Lachie14 - EXCELLENTTT5 star

it is suucch a great movie but it took soo olong to downloiad but it was worth it

they are special - turbans5 star

dirty turbans are special

JL_JMZ - Great5 star

This is a great mive and thew actor are sooo good if you can get the 25 bucks it is awesome

matrob0 - Brilliant5 star

Simply A fantastic Movie, Anglina Jolie and James McAvoy work perfectly together. I love the ending and the huge twists!

Mastara - Brilliant5 star

This is a great movie about Assassins and has a new and diffrent way of how hits are placed. This movie was a brilliant and well directed movie and really opens your mind to think out side the square. Angelina Jolie i think is best suited for movies such as theese, being an assassin or adventurer. She really makes the person who she is playing very belivable. This movie is great if your into films involving, Assassins, Kills, Blood, Violence, Action and Suspence. The movie also had some good saying in it such as "Kill one person, Save a thousand". Great movie so i say 5 stars :)

thirsty- fa- more- merc - AWESOME but...5 star

Just saw this movie and loved it! James McAvoy is a legend and Angelina Jolie is even better but... whether i can muster up $25 to put it on my ipod i dunno. Itunes, what a weak effort!!! Click 'YES' if u agree.

Showreel - I WANTED this to never end!5 star

So good! Hilarious, action packed, twisted, bizarre, two thumbs up! James McAvoy is a natural comedian.

pingpingpingping000 - jolie has never been hotter5 star

fantastic movie.... action, nudity and plenty of deaths


If it wasn't for the Dark Knight, i would have to say that this is the BEST MOVIE OF 2008. The effects, the car-chase sequences are stunning, the thrilling plot keeps you wondering who the good guys are, the movie is packed with laughs, and for once the hero is a normal everyday joe. Normal people can relate to the hero, and how used one feels in the office environment, and then are compelled to become a hero themselves. AMAZING ENTERTAINMENT!!!

IT45. - Please Put On 4K Dolby Vision And Extras On5 star

Please Put On 4K Dolby Vision And Extras On Please Thank You 🙂👍🏻

English.lady - Avoid1 star

A silly and disagreeable little film

Airam13 - Airam131 star

Contains blasphemy

0Jacobe - Amazed4 star

Great story,With a perfect person Mentoriing you, can change your life.Angelia Does a great job< loved the Action scene and the work skill in training the prson .

Jammerz198 - Action packed to sensation5 star

The film was awesome, lots of ACTION, great twist, amazing effects and fantastic film with non stop action. Definitely recommend!!!!!!!!!!!

overload breaking - wanted3 star

the film had a twist in it, where fox (aNGELINA Jolie ) was in the room with the man on the frist scene in the film and the next thing i wanted to watched move of it. the film had shooting, blood, bad worlds in it, if you do not like films with shooting, blood and bad worlds this is not the film for you to watch.

Thumsum - What you want?5 star

You want Shakespear? You watch Hamlet. You want a story with a begining you relate to, a middle where we find the character and an end where the man has become a hero them here you are. I call the original Total Recall a clasic because I watched it in the early 90's. I see no real difference.

Mattyanderson1995 - WANTED5 star

This film is brilliant, never get bored of watching it

joshua zawilinski - Great5 star

Amazing effects

Molstaa - 5 star

Love this film! James McAvoy is perfect!<3

Kate Grr - Fantastic!!5 star

Great film! Really enjoyed it - super action, great effects, cool plot! Watch it!!

DeWynter - ITS A FILM5 star

Bought, Watched, Enjoyed! if you watched it and didnt enjoy being removed from reality for a bit SHUT UP! you cant unwatch it and slating it won't get your time back. Cast is well picked nicely done SFX if you like this have a look at Timur's Nightwatch and DayWatch gives you a idea of whats going on in this Quality Director head. Don't hate the players, Hate the game! Peace out hahaha

Brendybobs - AAmazing!!!!5 star

Angelina Jolie In an 18 movie says it all, what more could you want! It is also an amazing plot, couldn't get enough of the action and special effects, great cast. And now the price has gone down - WELL WORTH BUYING. BUY IT NOW!!!!

Rab98 - Wanted5 star

Talk about action. If you like far fetched action packed movies or Angelina Jolie and Morgan freeman than this movie should be top of your list

Dj Ross-co - MAke Avalible To Rent!3 star

Please Make This Avalible To Rent!

Agdkwhashsggs - Sick5 star

What an brill film whoever says it is crap or rubbish and so on are stupid

Osy luck - S5 star

Amazing action all the way

Shi-an - Brilliant!!5 star

One of the best action films ever!!! Can never get bored of watching this. There is sooo much action and brilliant camera shots and angles. Everytime i have a sleepover with my friends i demand to watch this film!! Amazing!!

Dixy108 - Absolute rubbish1 star

If the characters were even the least bit interesting, original or engaging I might be able to overlook the overwhelming silliness of the whole thing. But unfortunately they aren't in the slightest so I can't. Probably one of the worst films I've ever seen. I imagine it will satisfy its target market of adrenaline-junkies and Jolie-gawkers however. I have no idea why as prodigious a talent as Morgan Freeman agreed to be a part of this cinematic drivel.

Dannygow385 - Cool4 star

Really good film the action never stops. *SPOILER* Was not expecting that the assain people to end up being the bad guys. REALLY good film buy cause you will want to watch it again.

Harry potter no1 - Pfft1 star

What a waste of time and money. Rather watch murder she wrote than this rubbish :) x

Chris9090 - Wanted Review5 star

This is my favourite movie of all time! Lots of action, funny scenes, and alot of fun! A perfect movie if your having a night in! I've recomended it to all my friends, now its your turn.

The Lewis - AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!5 star

It's a sort of movie that if you take it to seriously, you'll hate it, but it's just a bit of fun. They do really unrealistic stuff in this, but it is explained in a way that can make them sound like they are possible. My Personal favourite shoot em up movie!

Show star - Watch it again3 star

I watched this film first and didn't think much of it thought it was a little weird but thought i would watch it again and i thought much better

Nicholas24 - Rocking hard5 star

Cool g

Candylips90 - Awsome5 star

This movie is great!! Would watch it over and over again!!

Muzza22 - 2nd best film ive ever seen5 star

this is awesome i have lost count the amount of times ive watched it such great action is 2nd best film ive ever seen best is avatar if you like matrix this is similar :)

Ilajccmf - A.j4 star

I like it just coz it has angelina jolie init

Danii boii - Great film5 star

This film was great rented it and loved it, highly recommended to pure action lovers. Great fight scenes with slomo shots best film iv seen in a while:).

Windomearle39 - Over the top2 star

I don't mind films that ask you to suspend belief - but this is just too far out there. There are one or two nice sequences but they are in the minority. If you decide to watch it switch your brain off - you won't need it!

Wiled film wanted - Gd5 star

Good film 4 cheap thanks iTunes

jeany305 - no no no1 star

great cast awful movie! sorry guys i hated this film i think itune should put the price up to around the £100 mark to prevent people from seeing it

Binzo1 - K5 star

This film is bloody amazing well worth buyin

victor09 - Brilliant5 star

Great film from the soundtracks down to the extras, strongly recommend to those pure action film lovers

Lepahc - Wanted5 star

She is so fit I couldn't help wanking great film good gore lol

bushemonster - Film to watch with your mates3 star

Fun dynamic action with every bit of gore you could hope for, some very cool fight scenes with awesome slow motion! BUT the story is very odd and some parts are just stupid! If your bored though watch this film! It's great fun!

itunes God - Great Film Stupid Price4 star

i thought the film was absolutely amazing a must see action film the special effects were awesome however itunes get the price of your films sorted out!!!

Rikki 2kI0 - Wat is that song... (bad things come in 2s)??5 star


Bob Swarleyman - OMG - Worst film in a long time1 star

If you have an IQ > 20 then you will find this film stupid, pathetic and unbelieveable. Obviously made for the american market

hallaboo - epic4 star

this film was epic , not a massive story line but the scenes shot etc where just amazing

magee24 - Great film5 star

Simply the best film ive seen in a long while ! ! ! ! ! bit far fetched but then again isnt every film ?

jj yo yo - Good, but expensive5 star

i saw this when it was in the cinema, and it is rediculous but fantastic. i realy wanted to buy it after seeing it, and i tunes was my first choice, but after seeing the price, i was put off. pllllleeeeeessseeeee change the price, its tooo much

Hollyroo - Awesome Film!5 star

Much, Much better than I expected, great special effects even if you do tend to wince involuntarily at times with some of the extreme situations! James McAvoy is fantastic and a realistic choice for the role he plays in this film. Angelina is her usual good self in this type of role too. Its a good Sci-Fi come Action film to get lost in for a couple of hours. And did I mention the theme music?? some fantastic choices of which I got on iTunes straight away when i finished watching the film! I would happily recommend this to anyone and I intend to watch it again!

oluboy - 1 shots 2 shots 3 shots more5 star

Wanted is a great action film with perfect shooting jolie is looking good.i recommend this film

Squirrel123 - Awful...1 star

This is by far one of the worst films i've ever seen, I honestly don't see how it's getting so many good reviews. I don't think any intelligent person over the age of 12 could be entertained by this. When I watch action films I don't expect them to be realistic but this just goes way too far, it's just ridiculous.

SamEllaDevil - OMG5 star

This movie is fantastic!!! Awesome special effects and stunts and one of THE best movie endings ever!!!

Slinky101 - Awesome...5 star

I think this is the sort of film a teenager would love. It has action all the way through, full of betrayal, and bullets clashing in mid air. Simply awesome.

Dark sister - fab4 star

great to chill out too, probably better to rent than buy unless you really like it. was unsure of mcavoy as the lead character, but actually he suits it very well. some people think its a lads film, and im not really in to violent films, but this film was great from start to finish - hooked from the first scene, bit like matrix but not.

Sarah0123 - Amazing5 star

This film was fantastic. I could watch it again and again. I have alredy seen it 4 times. Definatly buy it.

mysticgorilla - good movie, but itunes have shot themselves in the foot2 star

why would you pay £10.99 for this when you can get the dvd from play for half the price, itunes needs to make better offers when it comes to movies and tv shows

AirBNB 🎁10 star

Get $32 off on your first stay at travels. Claim your $32 Airbnb free credit by clicking here!

CameronReese - Really fun to watch but...3 star

It was glorified violence throughout. When I watch a movie I like cool creative violence wrapped around a plot, but this movie is violence that has a plot that can take on this very exaggerated violent film. I do like it but you can see the movie in trailer alone.

baquiano - Fun Movie4 star

Great movie, specially if you don't mind the mindless killing and take it as a cartoon/video-game.

Terraformality - Fantastic movie5 star

This is an all time favorite movie for me. The farfetched bullet curving was fun while the story and plot were gripping

Soccerstar6377626363 - SKETCHY3 star


Bida - Sweet!!4 star

I have no idea how hard the scenes were to make but who cares! It came out to be great

Meher vartanian - Great movie5 star

It was a great movie. Produced very well and with a lot of details that got u hooked into the movie all in all 5/5

Disgruntled duder - best in show1 star

quite possibly the worst movie ever.

Kael&Calli - Crass and Low Class1 star

I think any movie that insults its audience is a bad movie. The very last quote of the movie is a slam against how lame us normal people are but that was actually just the cherry on top for me. I think there was way too much unecessarry blood in this movie. Maybe to some of the blood thirsty out there glamourizing gore is ok but not for anyone I know. Overall I think this movie was crass and low class. The only reason anyone wanted to watch this movie was to see curving bullets and to maybe catch a glimpse Angelina's nude body. Both of which in this movie weren't that impressive. I give this movie two thumbs way down. Sorry Wanted but you are "unwanted".

janasuern - Best movie ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!5 star

Best graphics and every thing else.; )

Mike3605 - Good5 star


Mic Hug Hes - Great alround movie5 star

The action is one of a kind but the reason i like the movie is because there is a story in the movie, as way. The story is way i like the movie.

Nikiomi - Omg...5 star

I JUST got done watching the movie... I'm so freakin' confused but not confused at all. (Is that weird?) Anyways, Jolie was fricken owesome! Cept... the ending pizzed me off a lot. It had so many twists and turns that nobody could think of (except the writers). It was insane! I'd actually wanted to see this movie since it came out but... Anyways... I would difinitly buy it! (not just cuz of Jolie...)

Dr. Skar - Can I have my time back?1 star

I feel dumber after watching this movie. No redeeming value in watching this.. I wish I had stopped it before the end.. I cannot believe stars like Morgan Freeman and Angelina Jolie would associate their name with this movie.

StevieJRoc - Huh2 star

What happened??? Curve the bullet? No thanks.... Everything was lame and predictable

mr zizzle - Am I missing something?1 star

Slo mo bullets? Matrix goofy-ness again? Shoot em up yawner! I wish hollwood would make GOOD movies again. Back in the day you could go see a movie over and over all summer and have a great time! I would rather watch an old toilet flush over and over than sit though this disaster! No thanks to this mess!!!

San Diego guy - Not really worth it2 star

I was lured into renting "Wanted" my the mostly positive reviews. I am a huge fan of action movies, but this one left me disappointed. I just kept shaking my head at the plot several times and the f-bombs seemed excessive to me. Batman Begins or Die Hard 4 are much better alternatives.

Weeeeeeeeee:) - F$&k ITunes1 star

Wont download

djk5 - WANTED3 star

is a blast the action is in your face THIS MOVIE SHOULED HAVE BEEN IN 3-D because when they cerve the bullet its lake in your face james macvoy does a great job for this chacter so di every one else i love every moment of this movie its a blast rotten tomto likes it a little bit but who cares

Mmoe ! - interesting4 star

at least this movie doesnt follow the "extremely predictable" plot that most movies hitting theaters seem to follow... you dont really know who the bad guys and the good guys are (maybe because in this movie everyone is a bit of both as it is in real life), the guy doesnt get the girl, and there isnt exactly a happy ending. not sure if i like it or if its just interesting... what i dont like however is the explanation itunes gave for how long i could rent this movie for... i thought i would have this movie in my possession for 30 days, and had 24 hrs to finish watching the movie from where i stopped it before it restarted.... NOPE! i spent 3 bucks to rent it for a day; which is substantially more expensive than renting it from anywhere else. i really dont understand why the 30 days was even said, because as soon as you start watching it, you have it for 24 hours. and the sound quality for this movie was awful-- even on the loudest setting of my computer and itunes i struggled to most of the dialog (and i usually dont have sound issues with this computer).

BETEP - Curving bullets5 star

Wake up, guys! Stop complaining about curving bullets! It doesn't exist in reality, so what? Hellboy isn't real, Hancock can't fly, hobbits and dragons do not exist also. Should I continue?

Luigi4life - Buy5 star

Can I buy it

gotpyruvate - Juvenile1 star

The only positive thing that can be said about this movie is that the some of the stunts (computer-generated or otherwise) were remarkable. Beyond that, this was very weak fare. The dialog and "plot" were stilted, predictable, and juvenile in the extreme. The attempts at plot twists were lame and laughable. The "story" was simply a ruse for the writer/director to shock the viewer with gratuitous violence, gore, and language. How a series of accomplished actors could have signed up for this one is beyond me. Huge disappointment. Avoid this one.

Movieguide - Wanted1 star

Wanted for pagan ( anti-Christ)

mrdrewhaas - rent5 star

i wish the rental would last a little longer

King_Cobra - Hm.4 star

I give this 4 stars because when I initially watched it I never read the comic it was based on. With that said I enjoyed the movie. After the reading the comic however I now would not watch this movie again. The comic was about super villains (not assassins, the main character was an assassin though) and the story was 100x better then what we got in the theatre. I have never seen a comic adaptation gutted so much as this one. Truly a shame because if they even borrowed just a LITTLE from what I read aside from the main characters origin the movie had the potential to be a classic.

ericb 96 - Awesome5 star

A great action movie

cohummingbird - Collection Must5 star

The plot has plenty of twists in it. Action is well placed and not too over done. I get tired of the beatings, but then the end result would not be the same. This is the little guy who really finds himself and proves it.

Awsomeproductions - Nice5 star

Awsome movie!!!!!!

Aus27421288996433864323578632 - BEST5 star

BEST friggen movie ever

positiveuser - Wanted1 star

Poor acting, even from Jolie, lame action sequences, and ridiculous script. Shame on Hollywood for turning junk like this.

Insanity7101 - Great5 star

This movie was great yu really do hav to b open minded to hav enjoyed it. It's not even the reality base that makes a movie gud yu have o hav an imagination to come up with a movie like this ofcourse it unrealistic but this movie was naturally great. The action the suspense the bloodiness all epic

srv lover - Great movie5 star

Yes, impossible, yes over the top. But INCREDIBLE ACTING! I love it, u have to be open minded to love it, like open enough to watch avatar, this movie has great action and(unlike avatar) is NOT predictable. It kept me guessing pretty good. I love this movie. I found humor, action, half naked Jolie, and more. It's one of my favorites.

Dark_Kitsune - This [email protected]! Rocked5 star

This movie [email protected] rocked that's all there is 2 say

anavidmoviewatcher - Has Potental3 star

Had its moments, then again i could be just saying that because im a fan of james macAvoy. The soundtrack was good. But it lacked something in its plot. The action sequences are a bit too dramaic. This film had potental.

complete waste of time & money - complete crap1 star

This was utter nonsense

KQUIP - Wanted more substance2 star

This movie was based on a comic book, where the heroes were defeated and killed by the villans. The villans divided the world up by continents and each ruled like mafia families. They had wealth and could do anything they wanted, because they ruled the world. Had the movie followed this formula, it might have been better.

Oscarflysnavy - Wow!1 star

U people r stupid this movie sucked! The only good thing was Morgan Freeman and he's played in alot better movies. Ohhh and by the way u can't curve bullets or make a head shot with a handgun from 70ft while on a train

Bankshank - Yay5 star

Yay I found it! This is the best movie evarrrr get it!

This guy rocks - Worse than Ghost Rider...1 star

This might be the worst movie I have even seen. The plot was terrible and completely unrealistic; they stole certain elements from other movies (i.e. The Matrix); and if Morgan Freeman hadn't of been in it, it would have been complete trash. I wanted to turn it off 3/4 of the way through it, but continued to watch in hopes of it getting better. I would give it 0 stars if I could, but 1 will have to do.

burtonridr22 - Beast5 star

One of the best movies ever 5 stars easy very good and lots of action

Chili_311 - Great Movie!5 star

This movie is one of the best! I just wanted to write a review so I could give it the stars.

Daniel1090 - incredibly awesome5 star

this movie is one of the best movies ever. hands down 5 stars.

The Monsterrr - Gooooood movie4 star

ok first off the guy that said this is a mirror image of the matrix is so off its not even funny. but moving on, this is not ur normal action movie, it is purposely done to be un realistic and way off from the idea of is this possible, and if u watch this knowing that and not letting it bother you because that was the whole point behind this movie then you should enjoy it. its a great movie with a lot of fun scenes. so i think even tho its way un real its still a sick movie, and yes i shares some plot specs with the matrix but every movie does that and let me say the matrix is completely unoriginal just like every other movie besides star wars and jurasic park, lol. THE MONSTERRR

Gootshall - Great action flick5 star

This movie was great. All the people that said it isn't good because its so fake...go watch your documentaries. This movie IS over the top on PURPOSE. If it wasn't it would be a normal assassin movie. Of course you can't curve a bullet, or drive with your feet, or pack rats in a peanut butter filled dump truck, but thats what makes this movie this movie. Fake over the top well done action sequences based off of a COMIC. Watch this movie if you like action films and don't need them to be real. Going to be a classic.

AngieBuff - Wanted2 star

Gives cheese a bad name...

electrotiger92 - great action movie5 star

as a huge fan of the graphic novel i had to check this out, its now one of my all time favorites. sure its not like the graphic novel which got alot of nerds angry but i watched it with an open mind and liked it just as much as the book. the stories great, for action movie standards, and the fights are insane. this movie is great from beginning to end :D

djgaptooth - unwanted2 star

Dear Ms. Jollie, Adopting all the poor kids in the world will not excuse you for taking part in this horrible movie.

goodytutus - obsessed!5 star

i want to be in this movie so bad haha. it is my dream! sexy, intense, action-packed! and freaking witty as heck! i love it!

moremoviesplease - Don't Watch1 star

I saw all of the great comments left by other people and decided it couldn't be that bad of a movie and i made the mistake of buying it. The story line jumps so much it makes it impossible to believe or get drawn into. I would strongly urge anyone to keep looking and pass this one up.

TheMysteriousman - One of my favorite action movies.5 star

No just because of the action but also the actors and story of this as well. Plus fans of the comic book won't be dissapointed.

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