Hellboy II: The Golden Army

Hellboy II: The Golden Army Summary and Synopsis

The fate of mankind hangs in the balance when a ruthless prince awakens an unstoppable army of creatures and wages war with the human world. It’s up to Hellboy and his team of paranormal outcasts to face off with the forces of darkness in the ultimate battle of good versus evil! From the visionary director of Pan’s Labyrinth, Hellboy II: The Golden Army takes you into fantastical worlds with imaginative creatures and thrilling fight sequences unlike anything you’ve ever seen before! An evil elf breaks an ancient pact between humans and creatures, and is on a mission to release 'The Golden Army', a deadly group of fighting machines that can destroy the human race. As Hell on Earth is ready to erupt, Hellboy and his crew set out to defeat prince and his army. Hellboy II: The Golden Army Wiki

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Believe it or not... He's the Good Guy...

Hellboy II: The Golden Army Movie (2008)

Hellboy II: The Golden Army Comments & Critics

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Hellboy II: The Golden Army Movie Reviews

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- A smashing feel good sequel that rhymes5 star

The Golden Army to be honest is a suprising seqeul and it's heart-smashing Hellboy with his well-written sense of humor again lights up the movie as well. It's more cinematic, dark and very action packed watch it if you like the first one.

- Robert Sony maffie Jonathan Robert maffie5 star

Jerry Del Río Jennifer Lozano

- Terrible.1 star

I saw this in the theatre and it was horrible. Every other scene was disjointed and there were entire segments that had no relevance to the plot. In the middle of the movie he fights some huge plant demon and kills it. Then they move right along without discussing it. IT MADE NO SENSE. The acting was marginal at best and annoying throughout.

- Somehow better than the first4 star

Del Torro is an excellent film maker,and Hellboy 2 adds onto his list of great films.

- My Favorite Movie5 star

I have no words to describe how insanely awesome this movie is. Don't be negative about this amazing movie, it was worth every penny.

- Hellboy 35 star

Make a third one both best movies I have ever seen

- Second verse better than the first!4 star

Better boss, story. And ending!

- Hellboy II: The Golden Army5 star

Best movie in the entire world. This is easily my favorite movie ever. Everything about it is amazing. My favorite person is Hellboy. I would love to be Hellboy. I think it would be really cool. But back to the movie, there is nothing bad to say about this movie. It, in my opinion is a 10 star movie. It definitely deserves more than 5 stars. The acting is great, the monsters are great, everything is great. Hopefully a 3rd Hellboy will be made, but we will just have to wait and see.

- Blood and fire5 star

Better then the first

- Not as Amazing as the First but still great4 star

Not as Amazing as the First but still great

- Just.. Not good.1 star

Judging from the trailer and clout of Del Toro, I was expecting something pretty good. The 87% on Tomatoes was also a great sign. This is literally the only movie I've shut off before the end in years. First problem- the characters were all completely unlikable. Hellboy himself is not cool, funny or interesting - things I would expect to be requirements for a lead anti-hero from hell. The one-liners were sooo lame, and he had ZERO chemistry with his love interest. The underwater guy was a 1-dimensional C3PO ripoff. The bureau director was a complete parody of every exasperated police chief type character ever. After just watching Underworld Evolution, I guess the bar was set too high (?) in terms of action content, but the action scenes were obvious, unexciting and just dumb. Lastly, the story, if you can call it that, was the stuff of a B grade video game. There was nothing to give me even the slightest empathy or engagement with anyone's motives. So we turned it off and went to sleep where I was much more entertained.

- Disappointed :(2 star

I really enjoyed the first movie… then I watched this one and was very disappointed. The story is not as great and it seems like a low-budget movie.

- More Hellboy unleashed5 star

Guillermo del Toro is such a sci-fi masterful story teller that his intensely uniquely creative world encapsulates you into the adventure. I am not a fan of Ron Perlman or Selma Blair but he overcomes this with always a strong supporting cast and of course a deadly nearly impossible Villain. This Hellboy venture feels more developed. I enjoy the in-depth development & care given to the Villian that you understand his plight & even feel a bit for his dilemma. Del Toro was a FX specialist before and you can feel his expertise in crafting, choreographing each scene with his creative creatures. His storyline overcomes Selma's subpar acting & etc like why would the antagonist Prince take his sister hostage when the audience knows he cannot harm her w/o harming himself. Why not take Selma? Sigh. Anyhow it was great entertainment at the theatre and I bought it on blu ray along with Hellboy. They are both easy repeatable viewing because of the creativity, humor & action.


I found the first Hellboy entertaining. I usually do not care for sequels but this one was a rare exception.

- not as good as the first2 star

this movie was alright. but i loved: the special effects, villains, and characters from the first one. this one is not as good as the orginal. go get the first one. its better than this one.

- Loved it5 star

Loved the first one. Loved the second one. Love Hellboy and Magnolias creations. Del Torro is always a good choice for film direction.

- horrible movie1 star

this movie was horrible

- All right, but not the best4 star

The first Hell-boy was the best, this one was OK and worth the watch. Ending was kind of lame.

- THIS is a sci-fi classic5 star

just a TOTAL improvement over the original. the film really has its stride going. shame its been so long and they havent done another one. the characters are alot more fleshed out and there are so many memerable scenes. such as the wonderful market scene and the forest God. wow.....they cant let it end here! I hope they make more hellboys!

- Hotty1014 star

I think that that red man was hot. But the thing keeping us apart is his color. He shcould be blue but I guess he is froom hell. Plus the fact that he is a boy not hell man or hell teenager.i saw that red man. I saw no golden army but bronze. I wounder if his mama knows his name is hellboy or about his "golden army" !

- seth macfarlane is the gas guy!!!5 star

you just know after the first five minutes that Guillermo del torro went all out with guns ablazing with his twisted and original imagination and vision. This is one of my favorite super hero movies and i can't wait for the third installment to the franchise. what i love about this the most is that the creator of hellboy, mike mignola, helped guillermo del torro design most of the characters and storyline, they are a dynamic duo when it comes to the entertaining macabre, there never is a dull moment in this movie. i especially love the fact that stewie griffin (seth macfarline) plays one of the characters, he adds alot of humor into the film.

- Its good for a sequel.3 star

It is not nearly as good as the first one but it was still very good i also dont think the plot was very well thought out

- Wow, what CG4 star

I'm new to HellBoy but it's a riot. I liked the stories (HB I&II) and the effects were really terrific in HB II. I really hope there's a HellBoy III out there somewhere.

- ,...4 star

This Movie is visually awesome. Del toro has a great imagination.

- Loooooooovvvve hellboy5 star

I love this move it is the best I've ever sean . And the part where he saved the little cats was spectacular . The monster Samialhound of resurrection that thing kinda scared me . But it was really cool . The golden army I did not see yet BUT I WILL! But in the last move why does hellboy have to die . You should make another move when hellboy comes back to life . It would be so cool!

- Outstanding and Believable4 star

I have loved this story from its inception, back when Hellboy was nothing more than a Dark Horse comic strip, all the way to the present. It was what really got me into macabre movies, ones that didn't necessarily make me wet my pants, but still gave me the jitters and pulled at my heartstrings, like "Screw on Head." All of the characters in this movie- no matter their importance- were uniquely crafted and deservedly colorful. I could not stop laughing when I saw the tumor on the (woman?)'s chest. This movie is definitely amongst my top ten favorites of all time.

- Fabulous5 star

Doubting it would be my good I waited years to see this movie. After watching this I felt it was one of the most spactacular movies I've ever watch. Beautiful cinematography, excellent script, the perfect movie experience!

- Hellboy is AWESOME!!!5 star

I loved this movie!! It was awesome!! I've seen it like 3 times and it never gets old!

- Hellboyfan5 star

I love the Hellboy movies!! They are awesome! Especially the second one!

- Expired??4 star

This is an good movie but I am EXTREMELY irritated that the digital copy that my Blue Ray came with has an expired redemption code.


Great movie. Had to get HellBoy I & II. Already had the CD just loved it so much I had to put it in my phone!

- To whoever cares4 star

Ok all you nerds none of us have actually read the comic books so just stop and the movie is awesome but there's no blood so it's not all that real. And stop using big words

- A little disappointing3 star

If looked at in parts I think you could find some very strong things about this movie, but as a whole I think it's lacking. The first is far superior because it does more with less, and stays truer to the comic book.

- Alsome!!!!5 star

THIS MOVIE WAS VARY GOOD BUT there was 1 monster in it that looked fake BUT THE REAST OF THEM WAS GOOOD...:DDDDDDDDD

- Blech2 star

has anyone here actually read the comics? del toro is an excellent director but this movie, expecially when compared to his other movies and the graphic novels, is terrible

- As good as the first5 star

A need to see movie

- Pretty looking3 star

All I can say about this movie is that the special effects are second to none. The story feels like a first grader wrote it, and it was horribly predictable, but at least the monsters looked cool, which is all a popcorn movie needs, right?

- He'll boyii2 star

I can not tell yet because didnt see it yet

- HELL YEAH!!!5 star

Awesome action movie.

- Awesome Movies.5 star

This was one awesome movie we need good sci-fi movies like this one

- Best movie ever5 star

I love this movie . It has so much action and is really funny. I reccomand you by this movie don't rent it buy it

- Team Nuada!!!!!5 star

Yes he killed his father. Yes he waged war on humanity. Yes he speared Hellboy. But only because he wants to save his people. And I agree when he says humanity destroys the Earth for useless parking lots and outlet malls. We have gotten greedy. My message is stop construction of parking lots with no use and Family Dollar stores! We do destroy the Earth by littering and the BP oil spill, and yet some people STILL want to drill??? What the hell??? I'm team Nuada! This better make a tattoo in your brains.

- One of the most action packed and fun movies.5 star

This movie outstanding on many levels. There are outstanding action scenes and a lot of great humor. Ron Perlman has taken Hellboy to the next level with both his fighting ability and humor. I highly reccomend this movie!

- Boring1 star

If you really want to see this movie then rent it. Not worth the buy. I saw it in the theater and thought it was a pretty boring waste of time.

- HELLBOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!4 star

Hell boy is a great movie so I really recomend this movie

- Nuclear Pancakes5 star

Nuclear Pancakes

- GREAT MOVIE!5 star

This movie is absolutly fantastic! I like it much better than the first movie and I think it as more fun and action then Hellboy I. Abe is a majr role in this movie, unlike in the first movie where it was barely any Abe. I highly recomend this movie to anyone who likes action and comedy. (Not to mention a smidge of romance!)

- waste of time2 star

Did manage to get through the first hour but very shallow storyline. Interesting touch to mythology but definitely the first was better.

- Loved It!!!5 star

Anyone out there lookin for something amazing, this seriously the one for you, click yes if you love it, no if it ain't too bad

- Typical Awful Sequel1 star

Although it's visually superior in some ways to the first, Hellboy II is a ridiculous journey through the poor writings of Guillermo del Toro. I shudder to think of what he will do with The Hobbit. This man resembles George Lucas in many ways: someone who should have stuck to the special effects department, and never ventured into writing OR directing. Ego.

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awesomemoviereviewer - Another great hellboy movie5 star

I love this movie if you like the action in the first one and in the comics you'll love this movie

HansNfeet - A sequel TWICE as good as the first!? YES!!!1 star

The CGI was markedly better and the movie moved along way better than the first! Twice as good as part 1. But remember in grade school when you learned multiplication and anything 'times' zero still equals zero? Yeah... that's the same story here with this movie being twice as good as the first which was absolute crap; 2 x 0 = ZERO!

WONDERFULPISTACHIOS - Yay!! They made a sequel!5 star

The action was awesome, the humor was great, and you can't help but think Hellboy's right hand of doom is really cool (cuz I know I do).

Kgfdhnvfygdcvjudvbfo - Best movie ever!5 star

Best movie ever the action the romance it was the best ever in the world I could not leave my eyes from the screen.If you are looking for a family movie this is the 1!Best movie ever

Lillers20 - Meh2 star

Found this movie rather boring. The premise and story line is good, but the plot is slow moving, the acting is sub-par, the dialogue/lines are lame, and the characters are very flat. Did not enjoy this. I found myself wanting to get some work done and even pulled out a book as I was watching this. Compared to other movies of this genre, which I generally love (iron man, superman, badman, spiderman, etc) I actually thought this was quite a bit below average. I'm disappointed as I had high hopes for this.

Haley Alaggia :) - Awesome!5 star

This was amazing! It was the best movie I have EVER seen! I am a BIG fan of Ron Perlman & HELLBOY!!! OMG he is my FAVORITE ACTOR! I hope you make a 3rd movie, that would be WICKED AWESOME!

DrydenM - ?????5 star


{anomi} - Avoid if at all possible1 star

This movie hurt me to watch. I almost walked out when I saw it in theatres. The dialogue is childish to an unnecesary level. It is not funny. The characters are flat and predictable, and the plot is the same.

Elgemusio - Awesome movie!5 star

I really liked this movie. Guillermo is the new master of fantasy! The visuals and characters in this film are so wildly imaginative that you can't get tired of watching this movie!

UKFFF9 - Was expecting better.3 star

I thought it would be far better than it was going by the reviews. Okay. Worth a watch but I would not buy it or watch it again.

Random Guy777 - Hell Of A Movie5 star

This is a great mmovie. The action is awesome and the characters are unique. Ron Perlman was top form as Hellboy and Seth MacFarlane is funny as Krauss. Watch it.

vladimir 3l - hell boy 25 star


zepplin500 - totally woth it4 star

this movie rocks it has a great story and for the price it is a great movie it is good to watch about 4-5 times until it gets old but thats only if you like theese kind of movies

Italiaguy - Hellboy 24 star

this was a pretty good movie. I saw it when it came out in theatres it was pretty sweet.

spartan22 - Horrible1 star

Saw it in theatres. Probably watched around 30 minutes before me and my friends snuck into another movie. What really threw me off was the opening scene with the Hellboy kid or w.e. That was just so stupid it nearly brought me to tears.

Alfred Edgewood - I want to rent this1 star

WHY CAN"T I RENT THIS OR BATMAN????? I don't want to pay 15 bucks for a movie i;'m only gonna watch once

??????whysoserious???? - Hellby was good4 star

It was good. It took itself way less seriously than the first one which made it hilarous. The action and visionary style of Del Toro are very impressive

sasilm2 - amazin!4 star

this is an amazing movie! i love it sooo much!!! even better than the first! great job!

Derek aka Dirk Diggler - Pretty Good2 star

Way different from Hell Boy 1 its as though they changed everything, the plot is shakey and most of the other characters just pop up with no structure to the story. What I'm trying to get at is Hell Boy 2 is really action packed, but the diologue and plot are just a snooze. I hope they don't make a Hell Boy 3.

SloG - Not what I signed on for3 star

Decent movie, but I would have liked it better if the characters (and their relationship to the BPRD) were closer to the actual series. It's a fun movie, but it just doesn't feel like Hellboy. PS And where the heck is Kate Corrigan? No offense to Jeffrey Tambour, but the movie is missing a character who was integral in the original series.

DKAT4 - WOW4 star

this movie is great i rented it from rogers restarday and i loved it the only scene what was um creepy was the toth fary part but all in all it was amzing

haleyfamily - This movie is terrible.1 star

The first HellBoy was a great movie, but this one is just plain bad. Guillermo del Toro made pan's laberinth was a great movie, be he decided to used the same characters from pan's in helloboy 2 just as an excuse for a freak show. Hellboy 2 ruined the hellboy series, and for that reason I give this movie one star. Seeing this movie was a 2 and a half hour waste of my time, so I am pissed. If you wan to see a good movie, rent tropic thunder or wall-e, you will not be disapoined. All in all hellboy 2 wasted my time, and ruined the hellboy series which is a pretty hard thing to do, GREAST ACCOMPLISHMENT JERK!

LightCataract - Guillermo is unstoppable5 star

A movie filmed on half the budget of other summer blockbusters which surpasses them all in heart, style, and substance. Eons beyond the original Hellboy- this film is as expansive as it is intricate. Guillermo is a master of detail and subtlety even when he is doing quirky big-spectacle films like this. Dvd might prove more bang for your buck as Del Toro packs em with features.

seanybrotten - Hell boy rocks4 star

awesome film, amazing action, if you like this sort of thing, you have to go.

Aldo Falbo - Hellboy II - A Hell of A Ride !5 star

Hellboy II exceeeded my expectations with dazzling visual style and awesome action sequences and also great humour with some heart mixed in. Overall, it was a hell of a ride!

TooRightShoes - Exhilerating5 star

A high adrenaline action adventure. This movie has everything you want in a film. Comedy, action and well scripted story blended with masterful effects.

Film critic01 - I thought it was going to better than the first4 star

This movie was ok, it did have amazing visuals but it didn't beat the first. I like both the same actually. There both good. Worth 83%

Digitalpunkass - Loved it!5 star

Great comic book action flik! :)

Jorgan98 - i saw the trailer and i really want to buy it5 star

i liked hellboy but this is going to be even better

consensio - not as good2 star

Hellboy 1 was interesting, witty, funny, something new. Sequel plot of HB2 is sketchy, more effects without the background. Hoped it would explore more of the background story of Hellboy, how he and the others came to be and would continue the first lot. Instead it was just another action flic. Waste of good caracters, CGI and ideas.

moviecritic111 - shocking2 star

good in some bits, mostly bad though. The effects werent as good as the first one, the storyline was unbelievable and riddiculous and just a huge let down because the first one was so good. thank god i didnt pay for the ticket.

Senra_belle - BEST MOVIE EVER!5 star

This movie is the best out of all the movies I saw last year. The characters are all excellently portrayed by the actors, the storyline a roller-coaster of adventure, action and hints of romance, the perfect formula for an excellent film. The performance of Luke Goss, aka Prince Nuada Silverlance, must be highly commended, no other actor could have brought such an astounding character to life. It is disappointing that so much of his story was left untouched, and so I am very happy that the Luke Goss fan forum created a petition called A Movie about the Life of Prince Nuada, with now 961 signatures, so that we may be able to explore deeper into this amazing character. This movie is brilliant in that it has a villain whom we can see his perspective on the matter, of humans basically destroying the earth, which considering the current state of things, ie global warming, is quite plausable. The brilliant direction of Guillermo del Toro must be noted, along with the amazing writing and creation of such remarkable characters, and mind-blowing action sequences that keep you at the edge of your seat. All in all, a 10/10 movie, a must buy!

boooooobbbbbbbbbbyyyy - awesome5 star

This film has an excellent story plot with heaps of action, which is basically what everyone wants! So buy it already.

Scirroco - RON PERLMAN!5 star

Seriously, that's the whole review right there.

masterm6 - awsome5 star

this was an awsome movie definetly want another sequel to see the twins

DirectorOE - Don't waist your money1 star

Predictable plot, more holes in the plot than swiss cheese, unexplained characters backstories, 5 scenes that add nothing to the overall film and a waist of your time and money

Capt Funkilicious - Awsome!5 star

This movie is really great it has good special effects, great acting and an exciting story which is really fast paced and it is full of action. The scene with the auction is a killer!

KidRockk - GREAT MOVIE5 star

First review woot woot and it is a great movie loved it worth the buy

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McCzar - Good Movie4 star

This is a good movie, but if it's from the same director as Pan's Labyrinth, where is the movie Pan's Labyrinth on iTunes?

Christian Rocker! - Takes too long to download!4 star

Warning:Do not buy unless you are willing to wait like 15-20 hours for it to download! I bought mine at like 12p.m., and its about 6:20p.m. now, and it still has like 11 hours to go! So let me tell you itunes, this movie better be worth the wait, and the 10$.

Oh, Cool - Amazing.....5 star

This movie is so incredible that words cannot express. I loved this movie!

zacsievert - Much Better Than The First One5 star

If you liked Hellboy then you'll love Hellboy II. If you didn't like Hellboy then you still might like Hellboy II. The special effects in this film are pretty amazing and because that's how we define success in the american sci-fi film world I'm giving this one 5 stars. The story is a little less bland than that of the first one but what can you expect from a comic book?

ghkmjuymyhmumujyk - hellboy5 star


Even S - Fun & Clean Action4 star

This wasn´t as good as the first one, but it still was good action with nice special effects (although it got a little too much at the end). Clean good action with a lot of fun. It´s a good film for the whole family (not for the youngest- a little too graphic), but not bad language.

bruinsmaniac30 - I wish Could give less than 1 star1 star

This movie was HORRIBLE!! No action, boring, not funny what so ever, it was the only movie I have ever walked out on it was so bad.

Soul Reaper6 - Wow, are you kidding?4 star

I can't believe when I clicked on this movie it shows a total of only 3 and half stars. People are such critics, and if they don't have a particular element of a movie that suits them they find every possible way to identify a film's weaknesses. I saw this movie in theaters and loved it. Sure it had a little more comedy than the original, but you're watching a movie where even the tagline is humorous. (Believe it or not he's the good guy with Hellboy on the poster) I don't ever think these movies were meant to be that serious and therefore I don't see what some people's problems are. This is an awesome movie and whether you hate it or not, it actually is an improvement over the original. The movie has good humor, a very creative and definitely well thought out story that fuels the imagination, excellent new characters, terrific action, and a plot that doesn't drag with its wit and humor coming from the characters and different situations occuring in the movie. I still can't believe how impatient people are, and that if they find one thing about a film they don't like they make it seem as if its the worst film they've ever viewed. Please, give me a break.

Archibald89 - Okay3 star

Not too bad of a movie. Thought the plot was good but the execution of it in the film was presented poorly. The movie seemed like just a chance to show off their special effects skills which pushed them away from the main plot.

MarineMan09 - CRAZY GOOD!!!!5 star

This movie blew me away. I LOVED IT. Definitly see a sequel coming out. HellBoy&HellSon. lol

CaliLMac - Great movie5 star

This movie had fantastic visuals, humor, it was great fun to watch!

Jdog461 - cooleo5 star

I loved this movie. this was my first hellboy and I understood everything. I thought this movie was an awesome mix of action/graphics & comedy. It was actually funny which surprised me. I hope this review was helpful.

sabirdvd - you must see this movie4 star

This movie is blockbuster like the first one. If you like comics this movie is a must. Great action , funny and good ending.

Jgame24 - Beautiful , funny and action packed !!!5 star

I’m very impressed by this sequel; the creativity which went into this movie was magical to say the least. I would highly recommend this to friends or family of all ages. After hearing Guillermo del Toro was directing this sequel, it became a must see!

Criticulous - Don't rent unless you are < 151 star

This is a one-dimensional, adolescent comic book. I like Sci-Fi but this was boring and pedestrian. I rented based on the raves but was sorely disappointed.

c0sin - Awesome!5 star

I really enjoyed this movie!

eljeffo191 - ok...3 star

Wasn't as good as the first one. The main reason is so much intesity was put into it but the climax was so short lived it was unsatisfying

frontranger1 - Awesome movie5 star

If you liked the first one then you'll definitely like this sequel.

AZRogue - Awesomely Magical Film5 star

This movie really hit the ball out of the park. It did nearly everything right. It's not perfect, of course, and has room for improvement, especially when it comes to maintaining a tight plot, but it managed to be extremely entertaining while cultivating its own unique mood and allowing the imagination of del Toro to stretch its legs a bit. A very well done fantasy that captured its own brand of magic without having to rely on the old sword & sorcery cliches we have all seen far too often. If fantasy doesn't appeal to you--if you lack much imagination or if creativity causes you to experience intense pain--the movie is still worth a look if only to marvel at the creature designs and set pieces that were created.

lnkdlnkank - Great Movie!5 star

This was a great movie, with action throughout. One of the best of 2008.

Spittmonkey - Hellboy again pushes the envelope4 star

This movie, unlike most part II's out there was as good if not better than the original. The action, plot and League of Extrodinary Gentlemen flavor put it right up there with Ironman for best Action movie of the year.

jack torse - A REAL TREAT4 star

del Toro excedes expectations as he blends character development, story, and breathtaking creatures and special effects in one great flick!

dk20 - Great Movie!5 star

I hope they make another in this series, excellent movie just as good as the first "which is rare".

fangbanger89 - I want my life back1 star

I am sure they will make a third one and I will not see it. One of the worst movies I have seen in a long time. It was funny because of how bad it really was. I can't believe I watched all of it. It was torture.

ortiz34 - A little more effort?3 star

I really would have thought that with all the money they spent creating the special effects they could've just spent a little on writing? The plot was pointless and it was all action, not that I am arguing with that, its just not worth 15 dollars. I would just save your money and rent it from a movie store or something. All in all, it was OK at best.

kingoftoad - Great movie!5 star

All they need to add is Pan's Labyrinth and my collection will be complete!

rivermartin - One of the best SciFi/Fantasies in a long time5 star

This movie was superb. The acting was great, effects and makeup were outstanding, and the plot was really interesting. This movie made me laugh, cry, and really care about the characters. Guillermo del Toro has done it again with Hellboy II.

Dry heat 88 - Idk what to make of this movie2 star

I liked the first hellboy, so naturally I assumed this one would live up to and hopefully exceed the first film's ability to entertain me. I was very wrong. I like action movies, and a little bit of comedy in them is ok, but this movie did not appeal to me. I'm pretty sure it was the intense fantasy of the film. It was almost overwhelming and made me ill. I'm just not into full-on fantasy moves as I used to be I guess. Maybe a few years ago I would have liked it, but not now. Maybe in years to come I will look back and fully appreciate the movie, but I doubt it. If you like intense, overwhelming, sickening and ultimately unnecessary fantasy, go for it and enjoy it for all it's worth. If you don't like this paticular level of fantasy, don't bother buying or renting this film.

StratfordElk - Hellboy Rocks!!!!!!5 star

This movie was a all around movie that had tons of action and some humor in it. It is well worth the purchase =D

pesty esty - much better than#1...5 star

Hellboy 2 is much better than the first one.it is funnier and has much better action.So if you liked Hellboy than you will definately like this.

Recreational - Yes5 star

Some people may not think it would be a great movie and yes the added comedy and that Hellboy is now a father. but none the less its a good movie better than the video games and burn after reading at least

Brendo007 - Should have gotten something else.2 star

Some of the visual effects were fantastic, everything else was lousy. Wait until you're bored and it hits the 99 cent shelf.

JP Yujuico - lots of fun, exciting pace, appealing heroes with personality!5 star

I'm not particularly fond of comic book heroes or their movies. But I did rent this movie because of the hype I heard about it last summer- Found a LOT of material that kept my 11 year old and me engaged...and at the end of our seats (actually it was our couch) until the very end. No kissy-kissy stuff, either. So parents can watch this with their kids with no awkward fast forward moments! ;-)

jobssucks - save your money1 star

pure garbage

Carmen Electrolux - well done5 star

I saw the first film and really didn't get it. This one was definitely better and looked amazing.

theDrkKnght1988 - Let's Go, Hellboy, Let's GO!!5 star

Hellboy keeps on bringin' down the house!! It has even more laughs than the first! Now, he wields a bigger weapon, the 6-barreled shotgun BigBaby! Evil Prince Nuala defies his fathet and strikes terror by bring in the big army of "fairy tale" creatures (including the big monster "Wink") to destroy humanity. Now, Hellboy, along with fishman, Sherman, and the gassy scientist Johan Krauss, must oust them out! One of my favorite superhero movies!

yr mama - Hellboy II1 star

do not even spend a penny on this movie. i made that mistake

cuzco1 - Mediocre3 star

As someone else mentioned, the "humor" was just too unrelenting and forced. No pacing. The plot was standard issue good vs evil. The bad guy fight scenes were pretty good, reminded me a lot of the Darth Maul / Obi wan battle in Star wars. Lots of acrobatics and amazing swordwork, but the rest of the movie was kind of dumb. worth a rent if you're bored, but I wouldn't buy it.

tadpoles - Available to Rent?1 star

It's boxing day, why is this and The Dark Knight not available to rent?

Kev1234 - Awful1 star

one of the worst movies I have ever seen

~Read Me~ - HellBoy 2 or Cheese Fest3 star

okay this movie could have been so much better i mean come on!!! The dialog is so bad!! And the acting was just as horrific! The only reason I gave this movie 3 stars is because of how creative it is, the creatures are excellent. But over all just as bad as the first.

captain chair - Pretty, but terrible.2 star

It really worries me that people actually thought this movie was good. It is not.

Lil Hunter - tht movie was kool as sht5 star

tht blood gore hellboy almost died witch i dont think anybody was expecting tht so luv u peeps

akipper - IDK....3 star

Hellboy 2 was okay.... a little cheesy, and the trailer definitely outstands the movie itself. Just rent it on dvd if you really want it.

Latino Johnny Cash - Not great...3 star

It's Hellboy, Lord of the Rings and Star Wars all in one!

Manalive2legs - This does not deserve the bad reviews it's been getting!5 star

This is a great movie with a proper mix of laughter and suspense. I found it both amusing and intriguing!

Blake37 - Action packed, Funny, and HUGE5 star

This movie was amazing. One of the other reviews called it vast in scope and I agree 100%. ron Perlman is amazing, and he makes hellboy such a lovable character. Someone whom youd enjoy having a beer @ the bar with. The action scenes were amazing, and the special effects fit the movie well. I am convinced Guillermo Del Toro is the new jim henson. All his creatures are imaginative and lifelike. I think the old "Guy in a suit" special effects that he pulls off look way more realistic than the CGI crap that is coming out these days (see that abomination of a hulk movie that came out 2 summers ago for an example). I wholeheartedly reccomend this movie. Also, check out Mike MIgnola's comic books if you like the humor in this, as they are chock full of the same, with great characters and wonderful illustrations.

madison1924 - Action packed till the very end!5 star

Some people didn't want to see this movie because they didn't like the first one, but for a few minutes, people should just disregard their feelings for that. If you're in for action all the time, and like a few laugh out loud moments, then this is the movie for you. Guillermo del toro did an excellent job on this movie. there were maybe 6 parts that were cg'd, so almost everything is real actors doing a really good job. I reccomend this movie to anyone who likes action and laughes.

Smurf Eater - Guillermo del Toro went George Lucas on us1 star

I don't understand, why do people feel like they have to change a great thing? The characters aren't the same people they were in the first Hellboy. The first Hellboy was great, and I waited for this movie for a long time. I can't get into it much more than that, because it'll give away the movie, and I would really like to do that, but I think you'll be greatly disappointed like I was if you really liked the first Hellboy.

govinator 2000 - Great Movie5 star

I am very surprised by the 3.5 star rating on iTunes. I think at the very least it deserves four stars. This movie is great for numerous reasons: 1. Acting: Ron Perlman plays a fantastic hellboy; Selma Blair is very good in her role as Liz Sherman, and the guy who plays Abe Sapien is also excellent 2. Creativity- The monsters are so beautifully crafted and the troll market scene is superb with interesting characters 3. Direction- del Toro is a fabulous director and Hellboy 2 is made great by his unique vision, grasp for fascinating monsters and characters, and overall cinematography 4. Action- This movie is heavy on action sequences that don't fail to disappoint 5. Humor- The comic relief is provided by both Hellboy and Krauss, voiced by Seth McFarlane from Family Guy Overall, this movie entertained me from beginning to end The only flaw I found with this movie was the story could possibly have crafted better and while the music wasn't detracting, it wasn't great. I also didn't like Prince Nuada. He was wierd. I definetely recommend this movie to fans of action movies and the superhero genre and I thought it was better than Incredible Hulk or Superman returns and on par with Batman Begins

Hellboy II: The Golden Army Images & Pictures

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Hellboy II: The Golden Army movie images
Hellboy II: The Golden Army movie images
Hellboy II: The Golden Army movie images
Hellboy II: The Golden Army movie images
Hellboy II: The Golden Army movie images
Hellboy II: The Golden Army movie images
Hellboy II: The Golden Army movie images
Hellboy II: The Golden Army movie images
Hellboy II: The Golden Army movie images
Hellboy II: The Golden Army movie images
Hellboy II: The Golden Army movie images
Hellboy II: The Golden Army movie images

Hellboy II: The Golden Army Posters

Hellboy II: The Golden Army movie posters
Hellboy II: The Golden Army movie posters
Hellboy II: The Golden Army movie posters
Hellboy II: The Golden Army movie posters
Hellboy II: The Golden Army movie posters
Hellboy II: The Golden Army movie posters
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