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7.38 star

The Devil Wears Prada (2006) Movie Summary

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  • PG-13
  • 2006

Based on the hilarious best-selling novel, this sinfully funny movie stars Academy Award® winner Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway. As assistant to impossibly demanding New York fashion magazine editor Miranda Priestly (Streep), young Andy Sachs (Hathaway) has landed a job that "a million girls would die for." Unfortunately, her heaven-sent appointment as Miranda's personal whipping girl just might be the death of her!

The Devil Wears Prada Film Synopsis

Andy moves to New York to work in the fashion industry. Her boss is extremely demanding, cruel and won't let her succeed if she doesn't fit into the high class elegant look of their magazine.

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The Devil Wears Prada Movie Reviews

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Looked cheezyActually pretty good.Score: 5/5

BoringBoring! It's not funny!.Score: 1/5

AmazingThis is the first time I have watched this movie, and I have to say it was amazing..Score: 5/5

Brilliant FlickThe fact they can use almost a complete scene as the mere trailer tells you how good a film this is. Outstanding..Score: 5/5

Great Movie!This movie has such a great storyline. Definitely recommend!.Score: 5/5

I absolutely LOOOVVVEEE this movie and always have since I first saw it. Perfect dose of comedy plus great actors. Happy it's on here (:.Score: 5/5

AverageA fairly predictable story, but not bad. Some of the acting was very good. I'm one of the few out there that can't stand Streep, which almost kept me from watching this movie. She did a fine job, but overall this movie just couldn't get past being an average one..Score: 3/5

Simply Inspiring.A guide to how to balance work and personal life and when to determine when your work life is interfering with your personal life. A must see movie..Score: 5/5

BEST MOVIE EVERThis is my favorite movie of all time. I've watched it .... I dunno... 20 times. It does not get old. Regardless if you are into fashion or not, male or female, this movie is for everyone. It's about coming of age and the choices that define us. There will be some good laughs, quotable lines and maybe a tear or two..Score: 5/5

HilariousI love this movie it's hilarious! Meryl Streep is great!.Score: 5/5

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Absolutely five starsEveryone did a fantastic job that’s all.Score: 5/5

SiR TiN iMOV’s “DO iT” to ME... THEY don’t “JUST DO iT”...ReVi Writes and ME name is MiCHEL J MAiLLET. Certain Movies does certain things to me. I swear and perhaps it’s most likely not “just me” as the things that happen to me probably happen to perhaps a certain percentage in population that is truly not defined or in HARPO’s it might be defined. This movie Devil Wears Prada encompasses me MiCHEL J MAiLLET in a few ways and captures a certain essence within me LiFe in people that have influenced me Life per say either directly or indirectly such as Anna HATHEWAY... there’s a big influence within the life that me sees as being the Life in Michel J MAiLLET and MERRiL STREEP playing the role CEO in Devil Wears Prada within very successful fashion magasine which me Michel J MAiLLET thinks the role is designed in demonstrating the intense surrounds within Vogue Magasine and CEO ANNA WinTour. And the truth can lie within sometimes and even in those lies exists an amount in truth is finding that true “real” element within the lie then once truth is percey’ed to build within and holding on to the truth defines the integrity within person. There is quite a few elements that strike integrity in The Devil Wears Prada as much as exists elements that do justice to the integrity itself. ME Michel J MAiLLET’s favorite scenes... ~ BiG FAN when MERRiL Streep says “That is ALL” reminds me of the Looney Tunes “BiDay BEday BiDet ... that is all folks” to me is big Looney Tunes deterrent and bit torrent that “That is ALL FoLKS” is like truly ... think of it... “is that truly all folks... you think YA Got everyone in there ... that thing that you got there that you’re holding... you think that is everyone ... well if you say SO then that must be ALL FOLKS” and that’s the things to right... what is everyone to one is perhaps not everyone to the other. There’s always those types in perceptions to look at. Persons should not define “their personal GLOBE or WORLD if one wants to define as being WORLD or Bubble let’s say through the eyes of what the other ones bubble; world; globe is to be because the way that ME Michel J MAiLLET sees “iT” as me defines “iT” to ME Michel J MAiLLET and the included do not define completely what “iT” is entirely to me as “iT” encompasses grand’iOS objectives and ambitions except that it’s all right to mentor people and take advice from people and follow directions ... it’s knowing that too much advice from various sources can end up truly hurting plus then doing the good that person is looking for. Keeping in mind that certain people in World are truly built in stronger ways based perhaps in previous jobs held or others that have made contributions in the past that allow sometimes certain people to be able to sustain a greater load in advice than others can and each person has thresholds that only that person knows. Except when something works well... often there are other elements that happen coincidentally sometimes not coincidentally that allow that movements to continue and sometimes is truly amazing that the coincidences and the non coincidences then offer multiple directions that person can take feels amazing except remember that having too many choices or too much selection at times as well can be as detrimental as having no options and knowing the thresh is important. ~ Devil Wears Prada inspired me as well when the Character Andy SaX [ Andy short to say Andrea ] is looking to venture into career that truly has no experience in the fashion industry and takes on the heavy tasks in working directly with CEO large magasine called RunWay in the Devil Wears Prada movie. Remember that RunWays is the stage that models strut the clothes in designers new unfolding in fashion shows. RunWays is also where planes land in AirPorts or private landing strips and notice that one Main Actress is MERRiL Streep where Streep can be seen to say Striiip... and landing gear lands in Landing Strips mostly. ~ The other funny elements in the movie Devil Wears Prada that personally i found funny was is the sassy comments coming from the mouth in the other assistant since the CEO MiRANDA has 2 assistants in the show in caring mostly within the schedule calendar managements only. Makes me wonder how many ME Michel J MAiLLET in the background. Cert times me wonders if ANNA WinTour is behind the screen playing music in ME ApPLe iNc music and selecting songs to put on such as currently April 27 2021 early morning Time 0107 Mines Atlantic Standard Time me writes the review which me hopes does get published is me knows that the AppLE Genies in a Bottle see the review prior to deciding to post the review is that me thinks cert times me mesmerizes their thoughts that the staff forget to post the review. The other day me Michel J MAiLLET wrote review specifically in Death BECOMES HER another MERRiL Streep movie which happens to be me personal fav... and me writes the review that time in upholding me mortgages industry since MORT means Dead and Death is Dead... me Michel J MAiLLET in time when required that certain surety assure if one wants to call it that... writes the review but there was nothing that got posted in the iTUNES store... iAM Like... k la la la... where me revi in ici ssi ssi ssi la la la... but regardless... I’LL write another one cert days... which reminds me should attempt another death becomes her review sooner than later... tombstones entered me life and iCA relate to death again. Truly morbid the entire lessons with MERRiLL Streep movies. And at the end of the movie is one lesson as well or perhaps a “reflection” if one wants to call it that... and me is not going to give that away ... not that anything else in the text here is given away... “just saying” ... Justin seems comfortable in up up & away... iAM NOT JUSTiN or Joe King... iAM Michel J MAiLLET. And then there are certain spots in the movie is close to crying and then other spots are completely funny. Overall it’s one of those movies people SHA TRY 2 keep.Score: 5/5

For a chick flick...Even if you hate chick flicks (which I usually do) you will love this. Well written. Well acted. Well directed. This is an extremely good movie. Watch it! Streep gets better with age..Score: 5/5

The Devil Wears PradaBest movie ever! This is was WAY worth the ten dollars.. ; ).Score: 5/5

Boo ya!Great movie... truly inspiring and wow! streep can be SO cruel! ova all, 11/10!:).Score: 5/5

Snazztastic!How many times have I seen this movie? about 26 :P wooh! loves it..Score: 5/5

Best Movie EverThis is a must have for every movie collection. Always makes me smile, a great pick me up movie :D.Score: 5/5

WHEN SOMETHING GREAT COMES YOU WILL SEE ITThis movie is great the whole story her makeover her friedns how her life changes it is all great i would totaly recommend this movie to anyoen who liked twenty-seven dresses and anyone who like fashion you'll like this movie watch it you'll love this movie any ages 11- 100 because younger kids might not get it.Score: 5/5

It was a good oneI like it, the movie have some of the true about the CEO ...Score: 5/5

Really enjoyed it !This is a great movie, I've watched about 10 times ! Meryl Streep was perfect for this role. Really enjoyed it !.Score: 4/5

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LadyQ__Cassie_lephema House of Gucci The Devil Wears Prada To All The Boys movies Kissing Booth movies.Score: 5/5

Ryunosinfx raurublock: ソーシャルメディア時代(つまり紙のファッション誌が力を失い、ブラックな職場慣行が炎上する時代)にアップデートされた「プラダを着た悪魔」ミュージカルとな .Score: 1/5

TwixSinoVumiley Exactly. She's just a dominant woman. Reminded me of The Devil Wears Prada actually😂. Same dynamics..Score: 0/5

Fay_4step raurublock: ソーシャルメディア時代(つまり紙のファッション誌が力を失い、ブラックな職場慣行が炎上する時代)にアップデートされた「プラダを着た悪魔」ミュージカルとな .Score: 1/5

SUBTLESABOTAGEWorked on copies for designer brands today feeling very the devil wears prada now.Score: 4/5

RiarajkhehraThe devil wears prada is such a fantastic movie.Score: 2/5

WendyBleedsBlueThatEricAlper Sleep, by Azure Ray. The Devil Wears Prada.Score: 4/5

Mary_m23152681 latimes: Amid the death of the “girl boss” and the ongoing Great Resignation, the musical’s portrayal of the changing attitudes people….Score: 3/5

LatimesAmid the death of the “girl boss” and the ongoing Great Resignation, the musical’s portrayal of the changing attitu… .Score: 5/5

Marukome_otome raurublock: ソーシャルメディア時代(つまり紙のファッション誌が力を失い、ブラックな職場慣行が炎上する時代)にアップデートされた「プラダを着た悪魔」ミュージカルとな .Score: 5/5

Nomaswazi_11SadieJTorquato 🤣 I won’t fight you because honestly Nick Young was a villain in this movie. He deserves a seat nex… .Score: 3/5

Heat_sunkThe real villain of devil wears prada is Andy’s boyfriend.Score: 5/5

Jadeite_8OrakArik #3595 the devil wears prada.Score: 0/5

Rinatie_ceo‘Devil Wears Prada’ musical makes a key update to the movie latimes.Score: 4/5

Elloise08600258 sooyaaturtle: THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA - Sahyo au (english version) Minatozaki Sana is the most famous - and youngest- Runway magazine ch….Score: 1/5

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The Devil Wears Prada (2006) Series Cast & Crew

The Devil Wears Prada (2006) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Anne Hathaway (Andy Sachs), Meryl Streep (Miranda Priestly), Emily Blunt (Emily), Stanley Tucci (Nigel), Simon Baker (Christian Thompson), Adrian Grenier (Nate), Tracie Thoms (Lily), Rich Sommer (Doug), Daniel Sunjata (James Holt), David Marshall Grant (Richard Sachs), James Naughton (Stephen), Tibor Feldman (Irv Ravitz), Rebecca Mader (Jocelyn), Jimena Hoyos (Lucia), Gisele Bündchen (Serena), George C. Wolfe (Paul), John Rothman (Editor), Stephanie Szostak (Jacqueline Follet), Colleen Dengel (Caroline), Suzanne Dengel (Cassidy), all returned for the devil wears prada movie.

Anne Hathaway (Andy Sachs)
Anne HathawayAndy SachsScore: 75.4
Meryl Streep (Miranda Priestly)
Meryl StreepMiranda PriestlyScore: 13.6
Emily Blunt (Emily)
Emily BluntEmilyScore: 66.6
Stanley Tucci (Nigel)
Stanley TucciNigelScore: 25.6
Simon Baker (Christian Thompson)
Simon BakerChristian ThompsonScore: 27.5
Adrian Grenier (Nate)
Adrian GrenierNateScore: 16.0
Tracie Thoms (Lily)
Tracie ThomsLilyScore: 9.4
Rich Sommer (Doug)
Rich SommerDougScore: 4.0
Daniel Sunjata (James Holt)
Daniel SunjataJames HoltScore: 23.7
David Marshall Grant (Richard Sachs)
David Marshall GrantRichard SachsScore: 5.8
James Naughton (Stephen)
James NaughtonStephenScore: 1.6
Tibor Feldman (Irv Ravitz)
Tibor FeldmanIrv RavitzScore: 1.0

Wendy Finerman (Producer), Ellen Lewis (Casting), Lydia Marks (Set Decoration), David Frankel (Director), Aline Brosh McKenna (Screenplay), Lauren Weisberger (Novel), Karen Rosenfelt (Executive Producer), Joseph M. Caracciolo Jr. (Executive Producer), John Bernard (Line Producer), Theodore Shapiro (Original Music Composer), Florian Ballhaus (Director of Photography), Mark Livolsi (Editor), Jess Gonchor (Production Design), Anne Seibel (Art Direction), Tom Warren (Art Direction), Patricia Field (Costume Design), John A. Machione (Unit Production Manager), Judy Richter (Unit Production Manager), Andrew Weisblum (Main Title Designer), Amanda Pollack (First Assistant Editor),

David Frankel (Director)
David FrankelDirectorScore: 1.7
Jess Gonchor (Production Design)
Jess GonchorProduction DesignScore: 1.0
Patricia Field (Costume Design)
Patricia FieldCostume DesignScore: 0.7
Andrew Weisblum (Main Title Designer)
Andrew WeisblumMain Title DesignerScore: 1.2
Sexy Leggings

The Devil Wears Prada Trailers & Teasers

'The Devil Wears Prada' Official Trailer (HD). First teaser trailer of the devil wears prada, the David Frankel's popular movie. Watch the the devil wears prada teaser trailer. David Frankel’s #the-devil-wears-prada is now on 4K UHD, Blu-ray and digital platforms.

The Devil Wears Prada (2006) Trailer #1 | Movieclips Classic Trailers▶ The Devil Wears Prada (2006) Trailer #1 | Movieclips Classic Trailers

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Check out photos from the devil wears prada movie. The Devil Wears Prada (2006) 1920x1080 HD wallpapers and high quality background images. Tons of awesome the devil wears prada wallpapers to download for free.

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The Devil Wears Prada Movie Screencaps, Images & Pictures

Meet Andy Sachs. A million girls would kill to have her job. She's not one of them...

The Devil Wears Prada — 2006

The Devil Wears Prada Posters

All released movie posters so far for the movie the devil wears prada - 2006. A poster for David Frankel comedy movie, The Devil Wears Prada! High resolution official theatrical movie poster (#1 of 10) for the devil wears prada (2006). Image dimensions: 2025 x 3000.

The Devil Wears Prada poster 1
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The Devil Wears Prada Movie Posters
Brain Force

The Devil Wears Prada Movie Languages & Subtitles

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български език
Светът на модата в Ню Йорк. Жените трябва да са повече от слаби, липсата на прическа може да прекрати нечия кариера, а списание Runway е самата Библия. От години то е ръководено от безскрупулната Миранда Прийстли (Мерил Стрийп), модна икона и безмилостна работохоличка, която помита всичко и всеки, който се изпречи на пътя й. Анди Сакс (Ан Хатауей) току-що е завършила журналистика и мечтае за звездна кариера като писател. Илюзиите й обаче бързо умират при срещата с трудовия пазар в големия град. След дълго търсене и безкрайни интервюта, тя неохотно приема да стане асистентка на главния редактор на модно списание, без да има представа нито кой точно ще е новият й шеф, нито в какво се забърква. Многобройните сблъсъци между невинната и напълно незаинтересуваната от модата Анди и „дяволът” Миранда са неизбежни.

V závratném světě newyorské módy, kde nepovedený účes může zabít celou vaši kariéru, je časopis Runway vysněným Olympem všech, kdo se jen trochu zajímají o svůj vzhled. Pod vedením nejmocnější ženy módního průmyslu Mirandy Priestly, která mu vládne tvrdou rukou s dokonale pěstěnými nehty, je Runway obávaným testem, kterým musí projít každý, kdo chce v tomto světě něco znamenat. Při plnění svého poslání – učinit z Runway módní bibli New Yorku, a tedy zároveň celého světa – nepřipustí, aby jí cokoliv stálo v cestě… včetně dlouhé řady asistentek, které nesplnily její očekávání. Je to práce, ve které nemůže vydržet nikdo, kdo má alespoň špetku sebeúcty – ale zároveň místo, pro něž by milióny mladých Newyorčanek dokázaly zabít.

Andy Sachs vil gerne arbejde i magasinverdenen og er så heldig at være på det rigtige sted på det rigtige tidspunkt. Det betyder, at hun får et job som assistent for Miranda Priestly, chefredaktør for USAs største modeblad. Men Miranda viser sig hurtigt som en chef med endeløse arbejdsdage, krav og behov, så Andy må kæmpe hårdt for at holde fast på jobbet, der vil åbne dørene til branchen.

In der Welt der Mode pflegen die ihre Eitelkeit, die es sich leisten können, und alle anderen schuften bis zum Umfallen. Andrea wird die neue Assistentin von Miranda Priestley, der Leiterin des Modeimperiums Runway. Und während die despotische Miranda eine wahrhafte Teufelin von einer Chefin ist, versucht Andrea einfach nur, einen guten Job zu machen.

Μια νέα κοπέλα που φιλοδοξεί να γίνει μάχιμη δημοσιογράφος, πηγαίνει στη Νέα Υόρκη και βρίσκει προσωρινή δουλειά ως βοηθός της διευθύντριας του μεγαλύτερου περιοδικού μόδας, διαβόητης για τις σαδιστικές της μεθόδους και τις απολυταρχικές της πεποιθήσεις. Θα τα καταφέρει η αγνή κοπελίτσα να αντεπεξέλθει στις υποχρεώσεις της μέχρι να βρει τη δουλειά που πραγματικά θέλει και να σώσει τη σχέση της από την καταστροφή;

En el vertiginoso mundo de la moda en Nueva York, la revista 'Runway' es el Santo Grial. Dirigida con puño de hierro y elegante manicura por Miranda Priestly, trabajar en ella es un temible reto para todo aquel que quiera triunfar en ese mundo. Hacerlo como ayudante de Miranda podría abrirle cualquier puerta a Andy Sachs, recientemente graduada. Pero ella es una chica que destaca por su desaliño dentro del pequeño ejército de guapísimas redactoras de la revista. Andy comprende muy pronto que para triunfar en ese negocio va a necesitar algo más que iniciativa y determinación. Y la prueba definitiva está delante de ella, vestida de Prada de pies a cabeza.

En el vertiginoso mundo de la moda de Nueva York, la cumbre del éxito la representa la revista Runway, dirigida con mano de hierro por Miranda Priestly. Trabajar como ayudante de Miranda podría abrirle cualquier puerta a Andy Sachs, si no fuera porque es una chica que destaca por su desaliño estilo dentro del grupo de guapísimas periodistas de la revista. Andy comprende muy pronto que para triunfar en ese negocio va a necesitar algo más que iniciativa y preparación. Y la prueba está delante de ella, vestida de pies a cabeza de Prada. El personaje de Meryl Streep se inspira en Anna Wintour, directora de Vogue en los Estados Unidos.

"آندرا ساچز" روزنامه نگار ساده ای است که به تازگی فارق التحصیل شده است.او به عنوان دستیار دوم "میراندا پرایستلی" مدیر اجرایی بی رحم و جدی یک مجله مد استخدام می شود. رویای "آندرا" تبدیل شدن به یک رونامه نگار ماهر و روبرو شدن با چالش در شغل حرفه اش است .دستیار اول "میراندا" توصیه هایی درباره طرز رفتارش به "میراندا" می کند...

Toimittajan urasta haaveileva Andrea päätyy avustajaksi Runway-muotilehteen, jota palvottu ja pelottava Miranda Priestly johtaa rautaisin ottein. Andrean idealismi karisee nopeasti, kun hän yrittää selvitä pomon antamista tehtävistä, jotka tuntuvat välillä mahdottomilta. Mutta muodin edelläkävijöillä on myös etuja, joista tavikset voivat vain haaveilla.

Devenue l'assistante personnelle de la tyrannique et toute-puissante rédactrice en chef d'un prestigieux magazine de mode new-yorkais, Andrea doit endurer les pires humiliations.

Fraîchement diplômée, Andrea débarque à New York et décroche le job de rêve. Mais en tant qu’assistante de la tyrannique rédactrice en chef d’un prestigieux magazine de mode, elle va vite découvrir ce que le mot « enfer » veut dire…

אחד הספרים המצליחים של שנת 2003 "השטן לובשת פרדה" שכתבה לורן וייסברגר מספר את עלילותיה של מתלמדת צעירה שמגיעה לעבוד באחד ממגאזיני האופנה היוקרתיים שיש בניו יורק ומוצאת את עצמה בשירותיה של עורכת המגאזין, שטן עלי אדמות. הרומן מבוסס על דמותה של עורכת המגאזין "ווג", אנה וינטאור, ועל ניסיונותיה של הסופרת, וייסברג, שהייתה מתלמדת שלה.

Andy Sachs bistra je mlada žena s američkog Srednjeg zapada koja je upravo diplomirala na fakultetu i želi raditi kao pisac za časopis. Andy se prijavila za posao u „Runwayu“, američkom najprestižnijem modnom časopisu. Iako Andy baš nije zainteresirana za modnu industriju, to je jedini časopis u New Yorku koji nudi posao – mjesto druge pomoćnice urednice Mirande Priestly. Andy ubrzo nauči da je Miranda diva koja posjeduje veliku moć u tom poslu i ne libi se rabiti je. I premda Andy dobije posao (uglavnom zato što se našla na pravome mjestu u pravo vrijeme), ubrzo sazna da bi rad za Mirandu mogao iscrpiti svačije strpljenje zbog njezinih beskrajnih prohtjeva i neuviđavnosti prema radnom vremenu. Andy se bori zadržati posao i zdrav razum znajući da joj Mirandina preporuka može otvoriti vrata bilo kojeg časopisa, no može li izdržati pritisak a da posve ne izludi?

Miranda Priestly a divat legnagyobb hatalmú úrnője, akinek ápolt kezeitől retteg a New York-i divatipar, aki senkit nem tűr meg útjában, ha tervei kivitelezéséről van szó, tökéletesen ellenőrzése alatt tartja a "divat bibliáját", a Runway Magazine-t, annak munkatársai életét teljesen megkeserítve. Miranda új munkatársa, Andy Sachs a frissen végzett főiskoláslány egyáltalán nem illik a képbe: szürke, jellegtelen, tökéletes ellentéte a cégnél dolgozó díváknak. Amikor belép a szerkesztőségbe, megdöbbenve jön rá, hogy a munka, amelyre jelentkezett nem elszántság és céltudatosság kérdése.

Dopo essersi laureata con successo nella cittadina di provincia nella quale ha sempre vissuto, Andy si trasferisce a New York dove riesce ad essere assunta come assistente di Miranda Priestly, direttrice di Runaway, rivista di moda per eccellenza, che detta legge anche agli stilisti. I modi dispotici di Miranda e la mancanza di feeling con le ambiziosissime colleghe impongono ad Andy di cambiare se stessa tanto nell'aspetto, quanto nell'animo, per poter sopravvivere alla giungla dell'ambiente di lavoro. Pian piano conquista la fiducia di Miranda, a scapito delle amicizie e dell'amore...


명문대학을 졸업한 소도시 출신의 앤드리아 삭스는 저널리스트 꿈을 안고 뉴욕에 상경한다. 나름 대학에서 편집장도 하고 상도 받았던 그녀는 자신감에 차 뉴욕의 여러 언론사에 이력서를 넣지만 결과는 처참했다. 결국 그의 이력서에 답한 곳은 오직 한 곳 런웨이 뿐이다. 런웨이는 세계 최고의 패션지로 누구나 입사하기를 열망하는 곳이지만 앤드리아에게는 탐탁치 않는 자리. 그도 그럴 것이 저널리스트를 꿈꾸는 그녀가 면접을 볼 자리는 편집장의 비서직이었던 것이다. 앤드리아는 패션의 ‘패’자도 모르고 런웨이가 어떤 잡지인지, 그곳의 편집장이 얼마나 패션계에서 유명한 사람인지 전혀 모르지만 뉴욕에서 꼭 성공하겠다는 열정 하나로 당당하게 면접을 보러 간다. 그런데…!!! 면접 날부터 앤드리아는 온갖 무시를 당한다. 그녀의 옷차림새는 런웨이의 패셔너블한 패셔니스타들 사이에서 독보적으로 눈에 띌 만큼 촌스러웠다. 그리고 그녀가 모셔야(!) 할 편집장 미란다 프리슬리는 그야말로 지옥에서 온 악마 같은 상사! 자신과 너무나 틀린 이곳에 입사하는 것을 포기한 앤드리아. 그런데 그때 그녀는 합격했다는 말을 듣는다. 앤드리아는 온통 첫 직장생활의 꿈에 부풀어 남자친구 네이트와 친구들에게 일장 자랑을 늘어놓는다. 하지만 지옥 같은 현실이 곧 그녀 앞에 놓여있었으니…

Andrėja, jauna mergina iš mažo miestelio, vos tik baigusi koledžą gauna darbą. Ji pradeda dirbti garsaus ir įtakingo madų žurnalo leidėjos ir vyriausiosios redaktorės Mirandos Pristli asistente. Andrėja atsiduria įstaigoje, kur už kiekvieno kampo tik ir girdisi „Prada!“, „Armani!“, „Versace!“. Kiekvieną mielą dieną Andrėjos ištvermė bandoma trumpais griežtais nurodymais telefonu: nupirkti specialiai redaktorei pasiūtus „Chanel“ teniso šortukus, Mirandos padūkėlėms dukroms asmeniniu lėktuvu į Paryžių nuskraidinti naujausią, dar knygynų lentynose nepasirodžiusią knygą apie Harį Poterį, patiekti Mirandai latte kavą tokio tirštumo, kokio ji labiausiai mėgsta ir t.t. Užduotys sunkėja nuo paprasčiausiai nemalonių iki tiesiog nežmoniškų, ir Andrėja pamažu pradeda suvokti, kad tas darbas, dėl kurio jos bendraamžės kristų negyvos, ją gali nuvaryti į kapus.

Andrea verhuist van een klein dorpje naar New York waar ze een baan versiert bij één van de grootste modebladen. Ze wordt de assistente van de hoofdredactrice Miranda Priestley. Het werken voor de grillige Miranda blijkt echter onvoorstelbaar lastig.

I New Yorks heftige moteverden der modellene blir stadig tynnere og en "bad hair day" kan ta knekken på en karriere, er Runway Magazine å betrakte som Den hellige gralen. Styrt med nydelige manikyrhender tilhørende Miranda Priestly - moteverdenens mektigste kvinne - er Runway en fryktet gapestokk for alle som vil være noe innen moteindustrien. For å gjøre Runway til New Yorks motebibel - og dermed også resten av verdens motebibel - har ikke Miranda latt noe stoppe henne underveis... inkludert en lang rekke assistenter som ikke dugde. Det er en jobb intet menneske med selvrespekt kan overleve, og likevel er det en jobb en million unge kvinner i New York ville drepe for.

"Diabeł ubiera się u Prady" to ekranizacja powieści Lauren Weisberger, jednego a największych bestsellerów ostatnich lat. Młoda dziewczyna zdobywa upragnioną pracę w jednym z najbardziej prestiżowych nowojorskich magazynów poświęconych modzie, mając nadzieję, że otworzy jej to drogę do wielkiej kariery. Pech w tym, że jej bezwzględna szefowa to kobieta z piekła rodem.

Andrea Sachs é uma jovem que conseguiu um emprego na Runaway Magazine, a mais importante revista de moda de Nova York. Ela passa a trabalhar como assistente de Miranda Priestly, principal executiva da revista. Apesar da chance que muitos sonhariam em conseguir, logo Andrea nota que trabalhar com Miranda não é tão simples assim.

Andy Sachs é uma jovem recém-formada em jornalismo e ansiosa para singrar na carreira que consegue um emprego como assistente de Miranda Priestley, editora da revista de moda "Runway". Prestigiada e considerada, Miranda é uma das mais poderosas vozes do mundo da moda, mas Andy não compreende como é que o número 0 é o novo 2, o 6 é o novo 8 e um dia de "mau cabelo" pode acabar com uma carreira. Consciente de que é a pessoa menos indicada para o posto, Andy vai dar tudo para mostrar valor... num cargo que qualquer outra rapariga mataria para conquistar.

Andy Sachs este o fată deșteaptă, de provincie, care își dorește să scrie la o revistă și, în acest sens, aplică pentru un loc de muncă la „Runway”, o prestigioasă revistă de modă. Deși pe Andy nu o prea interesează această industrie, e singura revistă din New York care are un post disponibil, a doua asistentă a editorului șef Miranda Priestly. Andy obține slujba și, în scurt timp, își dă seama că Miranda e o divă care posedă o mare putere în această lume și nu-i este teamă să o folosească. Andy află că Miranda este o femeie care poate testa chiar și răbdarea unui sfânt cu cerințele ei nesfârșite și inumane. Andy se chinuie să păstreze slujba și să-și mențină calmul, știind că o recomandare din partea Mirandei i-ar putea deschide orice ușă la orice revistă.

Мечтающая стать журналисткой провинциальная девушка Андреа по окончании университета получает должность помощницы всесильной Миранды Пристли, деспотичного редактора одного из крупнейших нью-йоркских журналов мод. Андреа всегда мечтала о такой работе, не зная, с каким нервным напряжением это будет связано…

Absolventka vysokej školy Andy Sachsová úspešne prešla výberovým konaním na post asistentky šéfky módneho časopisu Runway, tvrdej a neľútostnej Mirandy Priestlyovej. Miranda bez štipky ľútosti totiž zničí každého, ale Andy sa rozhodne, že sa nedá. Zmení svoj štýl obliekania, stane sa znalkyňou módy a dokonalou manhattanskou kráskou. Svet módy ju vťahuje do seba a Andy si spočiatku ani neuvedomuje, ako veľmi sa zmenila...

Енди Сакс (Ен Хатавеј) је тек завршила студије журналистике и одмах добија прилику да се запосли у најугледнијем модном часопису и то, ни мање ни више, него као асистент чувене и злогласне Миранде Пристли (Мерил Стрип). Миранда и часопис који води, Писта, диктирају шта је у тренду и ко је у тренду и никако јој се не треба замерати. Позната је и по свом тешком карактеру, који је неопходан да би се дошло до самог врха, због којег често мења асистенте. Ако Енди успе да се одржи на свом послу, моћи ће да бира свој следећи посао, али то јој неће бити нимало лако јер се у моду уопште не разуме. Убрзо постаје предмет спрдње, а ни колеге неће увек да помогну јер у њој виде конкуренцију.

Om småstadstjejen Andrea Sachs som kommer till New York med en dröm om att jobba i tidningsbranschen. Hon tror hon äntligen är på rätt väg när hon lyckas få det eftertraktade jobbet som assistent till Miranda Priestly, chefredaktör på en av världens ledande modetidningar. Men Miranda visar sig vara chefen från helvetet och Andrea måste snart bestämma sig om hon är villig att sälja sin själ till djävulen för att nå sina drömmar.

New York moda dünyasının göz alıcı karmaşasında , 0 bedenli muhteşem kadınlar içindeyken saçınızın kötü olduğu bir gün iş hayatınızın sonu olabilir. İşte Runway Dergisi bu inanılmaz cehennemin tam ortasıdır. Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep) ise moda dünyasının en güçlü kadını Runway'in korku salan kraliçesi kendisine bir asistan alacaktır. Milyonlarca kızın hayatını verebileceği bir iş ise sıradan bir NewYork'lu olan Andy Sachs (Anne Hathaway) için göz kırpmaktadır. Yapacağı iş kesinlikle kendisine saygısı olmayan insanların yapabileceği türden, yaşamı bırakıp çalışmaya dayalı bir tür Miranda köleliğidir.

Провінційна дівчина Андреа, що мріє стати журналісткою по закінченню університету, одержує посаду помічниці всесильної Міранди Прістлі, деспотичного редактора одного з найбільших нью-йоркських журналів мод. Андреа завжди мріяла про таку роботу, не знаючи, з якою нервовою напругою це буде пов'язано…

Tiếng Việt
Một sinh viên tốt nghiệp thông minh nhưng nhạy cảm mới làm nghề trợ lý cho Miranda Priestly, tổng biên tập tạp chí thời trang cao cấp. Liệu cô ấy có thể hoàn thành công việc cho Miranda khó tính không?

初涉社会的安德丽娅•桑切丝(安妮•海瑟薇饰)来到了著名时尚杂志《RUNWAY》面试,以聪明得到了主编米兰达•普雷斯丽(梅利尔•斯特里普)的特许,让她担任自己的第二助理。开始的时候安德丽娅感到十分委屈,就算自己多努力工作也无法得到赞赏,经一位老前辈的指点便重新改造自己。工作越来越顺,甚至取代了第一助理在米兰达心中的地位,决定带着这个聪明的女孩前往法国。可安德丽的改变让她失去了男友及朋友的爱,令她非常矛盾。   到达法国后,她得知了米兰达的地位不保了,没想到米兰达竟然牺牲自己多年的好搭档保住了自己的地位,此事令安德丽娅深感失望,有了抽身离去的想法,到底安德丽娅会何去何从?


<RUNWAY>雜誌是紐約時尚界聖經,總編米蘭達是難纏的大人物。只要稍有自尊的人,絕對無法在她手下工作,可是進入<RUNWAY>又是所有對時尚有熱情的年輕女孩最大的夢想。 剛畢業的社會新鮮人安德莉亞(安海瑟薇飾演),憑著西北大學的漂亮履歷,進入<RUNWAY>位於曼哈頓總部辦公室。不服輸的她準備擔任米蘭達的助理。這名從頭到腳全是Prada的女士,將為她的人生帶來最殘酷的考驗。 漸漸地,安德莉亞讓自己融入米蘭達要求的氣質和形象,很短時間裡,她學會了這一行說話的模樣身段及行事方法。只是,當她越嫻熟米蘭達所在世界的遊戲規則,她也發現這其實是一個表面上精彩華麗但其實很孤獨的世界,值得嗎?安德莉亞靠自己找到她的答案。

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