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Academy Award-nominated Owen Wilson ("The Royal Tenenbaums" "Starsky & Hutch") and Vince Vaughn ("Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story," "Old School") star as John Beck with and Jeremy Klein, two partying divorce attorneys - and committed womanizers - who have figured out a surefire way to meet women: they crash weddings. But the guys' happy-go-lucky lives change abruptly when John unexpectedly falls in love with a bridesmaid. Things become even more complicated when the men discover that the object of John's affection is the daughter of the US Secretary of the Treasury. Also starring Rachel McAdams ("The Notebook," "Mean Girls"), Academy Award-winner, Emmy Award-nominee, and Golden Globe- nominee Christopher Walken ("The Deer Hunter," "Catch Me if You Can"), Golden Globe-winner and Emmy Award-winnerJane Seymour ("Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" "East of Eden"), and Isla Fisher ("Scooby Doo," "The Lookout"). Guest Starring Golden Globe and Emmy Award-nominee Will Ferrell ("Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy," "Stranger than Fiction").

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Life's a Party. Crash It.. John and his buddy, Jeremy are emotional criminals who know how to use a woman's hopes and dreams for their own carnal gain. Their modus operandi: crashing weddings. Normally, they meet guests who want to toast the romantic day with a random hook-up. But when John meets Claire, he discovers what true love – and heartache – feels like.. Wedding Crashers Wiki

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Gamer holdem
Loved it !!  Gamer holdem  4 star

I'd missed this movie ūüé• somehow. Loved these 2 actors in the Internship and loved them in this. Funny, enjoyable and just a good well written movie for fun. Love ‚̧ԳŹ it.

Very funny!  Sethal  5 star

I love this movie. It's one of my favorite comedies. I'm a big fan of Vince Vaughn, he kept me laughing the whole time. I'd like to purchase this on iTunes, but I prefer the unrated version. Please add it.

Unrated Version?  andrewthewriter  5 star

Please add the unrated version.

Wanted to see this film since I was 6 years old  CESSNALUVER175  5 star

This film is very funny! I have wanted to see this since it first came out in 2005 when I was 6 years old. I had a crush on Vince Vaughn! :D I am now 14 and I love Wedding Crashers.

Person of Few Words
FUNNY MOVIE  Person of Few Words  4 star

Definetely no the funniest movie ever, but I would most definetely buy it.

The Best in Class  quantumbond  5 star

This movie is the best for a crazy and fun romantic comedy. A great cast, insane characters, and an engaging story line. Simply watch it and enjoy. If you realize the quality of the cast that should tell you more than enough.

I am VERY picky with comedies and this is my favorite...all time.  mjm234  5 star

"The painting the a gift Todd, and I'm taking it with me" Rachel McAdams' dimples, and funniest dialogue between Owen and Vince is outstanding. The more times you watch it the funnier it gets.

Boring  pasukaru2003  1 star

Totally stupid and boring…I could not even watch it till the end….

Adog  liam999900000  5 star

I havant seen this movie in weeks but I still remember the whole thing

This movie is Absolutely Amazing!  sms727  5 star

It's incredibly funny. They don't make funny movies like this anymore. The head over heals Owen Wilson, the Hilarious Vince Vaughn, and the handsome but rough Bradley Cooper, who looks like he's hooked on Steroids. Not to mention the lunatic nymphomaniac Isla Fisher and the Girl-Next-Door Rachel McAdams. It is a wonderful movie, I guarantee you will Love IT!!

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