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Idiocracy (2007) Movie Summary

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  • 2007

From Mike Judge, one of the creative minds behind Beavis and Butt-Head, King of the Hill, and Office Space, comes an outrageous sci-fi comedy that'll make you think twice about the future of mankind. Meet Joe Bowers (Luke Wilson). He's not the sharpest tool in the shed. But when a government hibernation experiment goes awry, Bowers awakens in the year 2505 to find a society so dumbed-down by mass commercialism and mindless TV programming that he's become the smartest guy on the planet. Now it's up to an average Joe to get human evolution back on track!

Idiocracy Film Synopsis

To test its top-secret Human Hibernation Project, the Pentagon picks the most average Americans it can find - an Army private and a prostitute - and sends them to the year 2505 after a series of freak events. But when they arrive, they find a civilization so dumbed-down that they're the smartest people around.

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More fitting now then everThis is how the world is going to be if democrats keep running things.Score: 5/5

Fun WarningI enjoyed IDIOCRACY for its fun, sci-fi, comedy approach that is a real-life warning to us all about the rampant stupidity that is emerging as a dominant form of discourse in the USA. Well worth a watch, and at 1:20 long, it's a breeze. My only criticism is that Maya Rudolph's vast talents were underutilized! Enjoy!.Score: 4/5

A bit silly but also a bit scaryA social satire that's even more accurate now than it was when it was released 12 years ago. This is the path we're going down. It's a low budget film, and that shows in several ways, but it's still well worth watching..Score: 4/5

FunnyReal F*** funny.Score: 5/5

This movie is a very good look at where we are headedMike Judge hit the nail on the head with this movie. Talk about a dystopian future? Lol. This movie is more realistic and possible then any science fiction futuristic movie about where our nation and planet out there. I kinda want to be here when we are completely gone and become the momos that are now popping up and ruling in droves. It would be entertaining to see ppl actually living like the movie portrays. Lol.Score: 5/5

Prescient to our future"Terry Crews stars as Camacho, a former porn star and professional wrestler who is now President of the United States." Wow! This movie came pretty close to the mark of how our country has devolved to the least common denominator. I did not expect much when I first saw this movie, but wow, did it hit hard with its biting satire of the power of stupidity. The fact that stupid people basically obey their inner id and whatever selfish desires they're yearning for; and thus direct the course of history through their own short-sightedness is very frightening. The fact that it's now occuring for real in our country is even more terrifying. Definitely give this movie a view..Score: 5/5

So good!Mike Judge is a genius and this movie is no exception. Scary how it would be so easy for the to actually be a real future for humanity. Two big thumbs up for this comedy gem!!.Score: 5/5

Not a science fictionOne of the best movies ever. This movie is not science fiction, it is reality..Score: 5/5

Great movie.Was an under rated movie when it came out but great film!.Score: 5/5

True storyWhat an appropriate time to put this movie on sale! The telling of times!.Score: 5/5

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Best comedy I've ever seenWatched the movie probably 10 times already, and I'm still laughing till I get tears every time I watch it. It wouldn't be so funny, if it was not so realistic and true. Envy those who are going to watch it for the first time! But beware - if you don't find it funny, it's just because you are one of those this movie is about:))).Score: 5/5

AmusingIf you're looking for earth-shattering poignancy about the erosion of human civilization, this is not the movie to rent. This movie makes no attempt to over-reach, but instead makes a few key observations and delivers them with humour. Amusing if you're in the mood for something light..Score: 3/5

Funny, Realistic, Scary, SmartFour words to describe this movie, in that order. Like another reviewer said, you have to be in the right headspace to watch it. It is what is happening to our society. You have to read between the lines to understand, our population is severely descreasing in mentality. Watch it, if you've learned anything from it, you understand. If not, you belong in the other crowd. "Welcome to Costco, i love you." (the I and Love and You, are meant to be in lower case, the meaning depreciates in the movie, you'll know what I mean :) ).Score: 5/5

Save your money and see something else.Utterly stupid. Can't believe I wasted money renting this and my time also. The only people this movie might appeal to are teenage boys..Score: 1/5

Brilliant Idea. Terrible Execution.Stupid people out-breeding the smart folk and creating an intelligence vacuum is a fine idea, but this movie is mostly painful to watch. It's rather quotable in the end, but not really worth your time. Mike Judge should hang his head. He's capable of much better..Score: 2/5

Film of the decade?I rented this movie because of a review in Salon where it was listed as one of the "Films of the decade". The review is pretty clear: "It's a crappy movie ... But ... " I have no idea why I didn't heed the warnings. It's a crappy movie. Period..Score: 2/5

In the kingdom of the dumb the mediocres ruleThe film is no laughing mather, it is not a commedy, even not humoristic, it burns with realism At this point it is a must-see, Heavy, if you can forget the images or reimport them in our daily life..Score: 5/5

Awesome!This movie was great and funny, I loved it!!!.Score: 4/5

EntertainingTurn off your intelligence for 90 minutes and you will enjoy this..Score: 4/5

Best movie ever!!!I have watched this movie 25 times and laugh out loud every time! Brought to you by Carl's jr!.Score: 5/5

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Idiocracy (2007) Series Cast & Crew

Idiocracy (2007) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Luke Wilson (Cpl. "Average Joe" Bauers / "Not Sure"), Maya Rudolph (Rita), Dax Shepard (Frito Pendejo), Terry Crews (President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho), Anthony 'Citric' Campos (Secretary of Defense), David Herman (Secretary of State), Sonny Castillo (Prosecutor), Kevin McAfee (Bailiff), Robert Musgrave (Sgt. Keller), Michael McCafferty (Officer Collins), Christopher Ryan (Hospital Technician), Justin Long (Dr. Lexus), Heath Jones (Cop #1), Eli Muñoz (Horny Guy), Patrick Fischler (Yuppie Husband), Darlene Hunt (Yuppie Wife), Ryan Ransdell (Trashy Guy), Melissa Sweet (Slutty Girl), Valerie Posas (New Slutty Girl), Wes Davis (Trashy Teen Jock), all returned for idiocracy movie.

Luke Wilson (Cpl.
Luke WilsonCpl. "Average Joe" Bauers / "Not Sure"Score: 19.6
Maya Rudolph (Rita)
Maya RudolphRitaScore: 67.9
Dax Shepard (Frito Pendejo)
Dax ShepardFrito PendejoScore: 15.1
Terry Crews (President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho)
Terry CrewsPresident Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert CamachoScore: 28.1
Anthony 'Citric' Campos (Secretary of Defense)
Anthony 'Citric' CamposSecretary of DefenseScore: 5.9
David Herman (Secretary of State)
David HermanSecretary of StateScore: 24.9
Robert Musgrave (Sgt. Keller)
Robert MusgraveSgt. KellerScore: 6.2
Michael McCafferty (Officer Collins)
Michael McCaffertyOfficer CollinsScore: 5.0
Justin Long (Dr. Lexus)
Justin LongDr. LexusScore: 61.3
Patrick Fischler (Yuppie Husband)
Patrick FischlerYuppie HusbandScore: 17.0
Darlene Hunt (Yuppie Wife)
Darlene HuntYuppie WifeScore: 13.2
Valerie Posas (New Slutty Girl)
Valerie PosasNew Slutty GirlScore: 1.4

Beth Sepko (Casting), Mary Vernieu (Casting), Ronald R. Reiss (Set Decoration), Theodore Shapiro (Original Music Composer), William Ladd Skinner (Art Direction), Tim Suhrstedt (Director of Photography), Mike Judge (Screenplay), Mike Judge (Director), Mike Judge (Producer), Mike Judge (Story), David Rennie (Editor), Venus Kanani (Casting Assistant), Debra McGuire (Costume Design), Etan Cohen (Screenplay), Elysa Koplovitz Dutton (Producer), Michael Nelson (Executive Producer), Michael Nelson (Unit Production Manager), Shalimar Reodica (Casting Associate), David McKimmie (Post Production Supervisor), Jeffrey Harlacker (Post Production Supervisor),

Theodore Shapiro (Original Music Composer)
Theodore ShapiroOriginal Music ComposerScore: 7.4
Mike Judge (Screenplay)
Mike JudgeScreenplayScore: 14.6
Mike Judge (Director)
Mike JudgeDirectorScore: 14.6
Mike Judge (Producer)
Mike JudgeProducerScore: 14.6
Mike Judge (Story)
Mike JudgeStoryScore: 14.6
Debra McGuire (Costume Design)
Debra McGuireCostume DesignScore: 15.5
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In the future, intelligence is extinct...

Idiocracy — 2007

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Das Pentagon sucht Versuchskaninchen für ein brandneues Projekt: Um das Talent der Soldaten in Friedenszeiten nicht vor die Hunde gehen zu lassen, sollen diese künstlich eingefroren und bei Bedarf geweckt werden. Erst einmal probieren es die Verantwortlichen aber mit dem einfach gestrickten Verlierertypen Joe Bowers und der Prostituierten Rita, die prompt vergessen werden und erst im Jahr 2505 wieder aufwachen. Und in dieser Zukunft sind ausgerechnet diese beiden die intelligentesten Menschen auf der Erde.

Joe Bowers, l’américain moyen par excellence, est choisi par le Pentagone comme cobaye d’un programme d’hibernation, qui va mal tourner. Il se réveille 500 ans plus tard et découvre que le niveau intellectuel de l’espèce humaine a radicalement baissé et qu’il est l’homme le plus brillant sur la planète…

Efter att ha glömts bort i ett regeringsexperiment vaknar Joe Bowers plötsligt upp år 2505 – och upptäcker att samhället är så totalt fördummat att han har blivit den smartaste på planeten! Nu är det plötsligt upp till en helt vanlig snubbe att försöka få evolutionen på rätt bana igen.

Рядового Джо Бауэрса Пентагон выбирает для участия в сверхсекретной программе по гибернации людей. Проведя в спячке пятьсот лет, он пробуждается и попадает в цивилизацию, где интеллектуальный уровень людей намного ниже того, которым обладает он. В итоге, Джо оказывается самым умным человеком на планете…

Joe Bowers não é o elemento mais inteligente do mundo. Mas, quando uma experiência governamental sobre hibernação falha, Bowers acorda no ano 2505 e, ao encontrar uma sociedade estupidificada delirando com um programa de TV massivamente apoiado por um público sem neurónios, ele torna-se no indivíduo mais inteligente do planeta. Agora, tem de ser o mediano Joe a colocar a evolução humana de novo nos carris!

Joe Bauers je vojak a v slovníku by ste ho našli pod heslom priemerný hlupák. Vďaka nevydarenému projektu sa Joe zobudí v roku 2505, a to, čo vidí, mu pripadá ako veľmi zlý vtip. Za tých 500 rokov od začiatku Joeovej hibernácie sa svet veľmi zmenil. Ľudstvo vinou neustálej masáže reklamou a hlúpymi televíznymi programami úplne zdegenerovalo a Joe s hrôzou zisťuje, že momentálne je najmúdrejší človek na planéte. A to so sebou bohužiaľ nesie značnú zodpovednosť. Niekto predsa musí vrátiť svet do správnych koľají a vypadá to tak, že Joe je jediný kandidát. Pomôcť mu môže asi iba Rita, ktorá sa tiež zúčastnila daného experimentu. Noví mesiáši prichádzajú...

Joe Bowers è un militare che fa il suo dovere senza infamia e senza lode in attesa della pensione. Non sa che l'Esercito statunitense ha messo gli occhi su di lui perché, proprio in quanto perfetto rappresentante dell'uomo medio americano, può essere l'individuo giusto. Per cosa? Per un esperimento di criogenetica. Verrà ibernato (e insieme a lui, ma in un altro contenitore, una prostituta desiderosa di sfuggire al proprio protettore) e riportato in vita a tempo debito. Peccato che la realtà non rispetti i piani e che il degrado a cui gli States vanno incontro faccia sì che i due si risveglino nel 2505.

Sıradan bir Amerikalı gibi görünen asker Joe Bauers, Amerikan hükümeti tarafından yürütülen özel bir proje kapsamında uyutulur. Ancak uyutulduğu yerde unutulan kahramanımız, 500 yıl sonra uyandığında toplumun fazlasıyla değiştiğini görecektir. Tümüyle aptallaşan insanlardan kurulu bu yeni toplumda, o artık ‘en akıllı’ kişidir.

Mike Judge, jeden z tvůrců seriálu Beavis a Butt-Head, Tatík Hill a spol. a Maléry pana Šikuly, přináší šílenou komedii, která vás donutí dvakrát se zamyslet nad budoucností lidstva. Seznamte se s Joe Bowersem. Moudrosti sice moc nepobral, ale když se po jednom nepovedeném vládním experimentu probudí v roce 2505, tak zjistí, že společnost zatím pod náporem reklam a hloupých televizních pořadů úplně zdegenerovala a z něho je rázem nechytřejší člověk na planetě. A tak je na průměrném Joeovi, aby lidský vývoj vrátil zpátky do správných kolejí!

Joe Bowers, trzeba przyznać - nie jest najmądrzejszym i najbystrzejszym facetem na Ziemi. Do czasu. Kiedy spod kontroli wymyka się rządowy eksperyment hibernacyjny, Bowers budzi się w 2505 roku i odkrywa, że jest najbardziej inteligentnym żyjącym człowiekiem. Świat przykrył masowy komercjalizm i bezmyślne programy telewizyjne. W takim otoczeniu łatwo przejąć kontrolę, ale czy przeciętny Joe będzie w stanie przywrócić naturalny porządek rzeczy? Czy uda mu się odwrócić kierunek ewolucji?

Tras un experimento militar fallido, el oficial Joe Bawers y la prostituta Rita despiertan quinientos años adelante en el futuro, en un mundo distópico en el que la selección natural ha favorecido a los más idiotas, debido a que se reproducen más. Esto ha resultado en una humanidad estúpida e ignorante, de modo que Joe descubre que es el hombre más inteligente del planeta. Pronto se convierte en un cercano consejero del Presidente de los Estados Unidos, el excéntrico Camacho.

Velkommen til en verden, der styres af idioter. Enhver sammenligning med virkeligheden står for instruktørens regning... Den gennemsnitligt begavede soldat Joe Bowers er ikke ligefrem den skarpeste kniv i skuffen. Så han udvælges til et eksperiment, hvor hæren i løbet af et par måneder vil teste, om man kan lægge de bedste soldater i dvale, til man får brug for dem engang i fremtiden. Uheldigvis glemmer man alt om eksperimentet, og kun et fremtidigt affaldsproblem resulterer i, at Joe endelig vågner – let morgensur – i år 2550. I mellemtiden har fordummende TV og endnu dummere statsledere degenereret befolkningen i en sådan grad, at Joe nu anses for toppen af intelligensen. Så han gøres til indenrigsminister med ansvar for at få det hele til at køre...

A szigorúan titkos hibernálási projekt tesztelésére a Pentagon kiválasztja a lehető legátlagosabb amerikaiakat, egy közkatonát és egy prostituáltat. Egy sor furcsa esemény következtében, az egy évre tervezett kísérletből csak 2505-ben ébrednek fel. Joe és Rita hirtelen egy olyan civilizációban találják magukat, ahol ők a legokosabb emberek.

ΟΚ, ο Τζο Μπάουερς δεν είναι ιδιαίτερα έξυπνος.Γι αυτό και δέχεται να συμμετάσχει σε ένα απόρρητο πείραμα, στο οποίο αυτός και μια πόρνη μπαίνουν στην κατάψυξη για 500 χρόνια! Όταν ξυπνήσουν, η ανθρωπότητα βρίσκεται σε μαύρα χάλια: οι ηλίθιοι έχουν πολλαπλασιαστεί πέρα από κάθε φαντασία κι έχουν καταλάβει τον πλανήτη, η Ουάσιγκτον έχει θαφτεί κάτω από τόνους σκουπιδιών, ενώ ο πρόεδρος των ΗΠΑ είναι τρις πρωταθλητής του κατς και παλαίμαχος πορνοστάρ! Ο Τζο πλέον είναι ο πιο έξυπνος άνθρωπος σε ολόκληρο τον πλανήτη! Η επιβίωση του ανθρώπινου γένους βρίσκεται στα χέρια του!

Pentru a-și testa proiectul de maximă confidențialitate de tip hibernare umană, Pentagonul alege pe americani cât de comuni pe care îi poate găsi - un soldat și o prostituată - și îi trimite în anul 2505 după o serie de evenimente ciudate. Dar când ajung, găsesc o civilizație atât de îndobitocită încât ei sunt cei mai deștepți oameni din jur.

Joe, een doodgewone soldaat, wordt door het Pentagon uitgekozen om aan een geheim experiment mee te werken. Het is de bedoeling dat hij een jaar wordt ingevroren, maar hij wordt vergeten en ontwaakt pas in de 26e eeuw. Joe komt terecht in een samenleving waarin de bevolking op Aarde uit ontzettend domme mensen bestaat, zodat hij meteen de meest intelligente persoon op Aarde is...

ג'ו באוורס הוא חייל משוחרר שעובד כספרן בספרייה הצבאית. אין לו עתיד, אין לו משפחה והוא נחשב בן אדם ממוצע ולא נחשב. יום אחד, נבחר ג'ו להיות אחד משניים בתוכנית סודית ביותר של הממשל. הוא וריטה, יצאנית, אמורים להתעורר מתרדמה לאחר שנה, אך העניינים מסתבכים ושניהם מתעוררים בשנת 2505 ולהפתעתם האנושות התדרדרה לטיפשות מוחלטת וכעת מתנהל תחת שליטתם של טיפשים גמורים. להפתעתו הרבה, מגלה ג'ו כי הוא כעת האיש החכם ביותר בעולם בשנת 2505.

Joe Bauers, um americano comum, é selecionado pelo Pentágono para participar de um programa de hibernação. Ele é esquecido no projeto e, 500 anos depois, acorda no futuro. Joe descobre uma nova sociedade e, aos poucos, percebe que as pessoas são completamente idiotas. Será que Bauers é a pessoa mais inteligente dessa época?

研究者对同年龄组的两个家庭做了跟踪调查:一对是IQ为130的天才组合,夫妻和睦,但是无嗣,正当两人准备作试管婴儿之时,男主人却在自慰中意外死亡;另一个家庭,都是IQ 80的低能夫妻,天天吵架,不过却人丁兴旺,不仅三代同堂,而且家族甚大。根据这个调查,研究者选择了一个自愿者鲍尔斯(卢克•威尔逊 Luke Wilson 饰)做冷冻实验,不想实验除了差错,500年后他醒来后,却成为地球上最聪明的人。他被盲打误撞地选做了总统的候选人,支持他的甚至还有5届自由搏击冠军。在盛大的竞选现场,他只能硬着头皮面对选民演说,对于目前的种植、沙尘暴等问题,他提出的是灌溉这一看似离谱的解决办法。而且,还得到了选民的拥护,然而这个美梦迅速破灭了,他开始遭到谩骂、攻击,甚至是性命堪忧……

Рядового Джо Бауерса Пентагон вибирає для участі в надсекретній програмі по гібернації людей. Провівши в сплячці п'ятсот років, він пробуджується і потрапляє в цивілізацію, де інтелектуальний рівень людей набагато нижче того, яким володіє він. У підсумку Джо виявляється найрозумнішою людиною на планеті ...

български език
Джо Бауърс е глуповат млад мъж, който не блести с нищо, нито в училище, нито по-късно в работата си. Когато финансиран от правителството експеримент със замразяване на хора, в който Джо участва, се обърква зловещо, младежът се събужда от криогенен сън през далечната 2505 година. В този момент от човешката история, изненадващо за самия него, се оказва, че той е най-умният човек на планетата. Не че Джо е поумнял през годините прекарани в непробуден сън - просто останалите земни жители са изтъпяли сериозно.

인류가 점차 지능이 떨어지게 되자, 주인공 바우어와 리타는 군 프로젝트인 동면에 들어가게 되지고 프로젝트를 주관한 장군이 갑자기 불명예스럽게 퇴직을 당하게 되어 1년을 예상했던 동면이 수백년 흐르게 되고 마는데...

Tinginys Džo Bauversas dirba armijoj, bet ne kareiviu, o kaip biblioteninku ir gyvena ramu ir neveiksminga gyvenimą. Pentagonas nematoma vienišių padaro bandomuoju triušiu naujam projektui, kuris yra labai įslaptintas. Čia žmones yra užmigdomi dirbtiniu miegu, kad pilnai užsikonservuotu kiek tai metu į prieki. Eksperimentas laukui bėgant užsimiršta ir Džo nekontroliuojamai pramiega 500 metų ir pabunda kartu su taip eksperimente dalyvavusia mergina Rita Probandin visas pasaulis yra valdomas durnumo – tikrąją to žodžio prasme, nes žmonių intelekto lygis visiškai nukrito. Taigi visas pasaulis yra apgyvendintas visiškais debilais ir idiotais, todėl Džo ir Rita tampa protingiausiais žmonėmis žemėje...

在未來的世界裡,聰明即將絕跡…… 喬包爾(路克威爾森 飾)是一名再平凡不過的凡夫俗子,也正因為他的平凡而雀屏中選為高科技人體冬眠計畫的實驗對象,不料實驗出錯,他在500年後才醒來,竟發現人類因為太先進的高科技而變得懶惰且愚蠢,他變成了世界上最聰明的人,並被總統任命為內閣大臣,改造這個瘋狂世界。

Tras un experimento militar fallido, el oficial Joe Bawers y la prostituta Rita despiertan quinientos años adelante en el futuro, en un mundo distópico en el que la selección natural ha favorecido a los más idiotas, debido a que se reproducen más. Esto ha resultado en una humanidad estúpida e ignorante, de modo que Joe descubre que es el hombre más inteligente del planeta. Pronto se convierte en un cercano consejero del Presidente de los Estados Unidos, el excéntrico Camacho.

Joe Bowers, l'Américain moyen par excellence, est choisi par le Pentagone comme cobaye d'un programme d'hibernation, qui va mal tourner. Il se réveille 500 ans plus tard et découvre que le niveau intellectuel de l'espèce humaine a radicalement baissé et qu'il est l'homme le plus brillant sur la planète...

Ne baš bistri momak Joe zamrznut je i probudi se 2505. te otkrije kako je sada najpametniji čovjek na Zemlji. Nije mu se povećao IQ, nego je ostatak svijeta oglupio. Sada Joe mora vratiti evoluciju ljudske vrste na pravi put.

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