The Exorcism of Emily Rose

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A thrilling, horror film based on a true story about a single lawyer (Laura Linney), who takes on the church and the state, when she fights for the life of a priest (Tom Wilkinson), who has performed a deadly exorcism on a young woman. Linney must battle the cocky state lawyer (Campbell Scott) as well as her own demons, as she realizes that her career so far has not led her to fulfillment. When a younger girl called Emily Rose dies, everyone puts blame on the exorcism which was performed on her by Father Moore prior to her death. The priest is arrested on suspicion of murder. The trial begins with lawyer Erin Bruner representing Moore, but it is not going to be easy, as no one wants to believe what Father Moore says is true. The Exorcism of Emily Rose Wiki

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What happened to Emily?..

The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005)

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- Loved it.5 star

Wish to see more Stories like this one on Film.

- Amazing Story5 star

Movie is well acted, enrie, scary, and will send a chill of your spine. Probably because it’s based on a true story. It Will definitely hold your intention for the entire length of the movie. Highly recommend it.

- 2nd best5 star

With the sole exception of the original Exorcist movie by Friedkin, this is the best exorcist movie out there. And actually in some ways it even surpasses the original. Ms. Carpenter gives one of the best, not to mention one of the most chilling, performances in any movie I’ve ever seen - horror or otherwise. I think this movie is highly underrated.

- just ok3 star

i watched it because i love Jennifer Carpenter. this movie spent way to much time in the court room. would have been better if we could have seen more Emily Rose.

- Awezome!5 star

This is all you need to know... 1,2,3,4,5,6.

- Good Movie but….3 star

This is a good horror movie that will really scare you but this girl clearly had psychosis or was suffering from some kind of mental illness. It is slanted to make you think that these demonic forces actually happened but we all know this isn't real. The fact that she was brought up in a strict religious environment made her more susceptible to have hallucinations and psychotic episodes that dealt with demons, the devil, hell and all that jazz. This was BASED on a true story but the outcome is just rediculous

- Predictable!2 star

Ok. If you want a real exorcist movie watch Possession or Exorcist. This came across as overdone and predictable.


this is the scariest movie ive seen in years i recommend you to buy it this movie is awesome

- Loved it4 star

Very good horror movie, hust goes to show how it makes you think if their is a super natural world.

- SCARYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!5 star

This is one of the scariest movies I've seen.Especially because I was 9 years old when I watched it.Verrrrrrry creeeeeeeeeeeppy. I'm telling everybody,if you love movies that will leave you up all night in your bedroom this is the movie to see.

- Big waste of time. Sucked donkey ballz.1 star


- More a courtroom drama2 star

Totally misclassified. There is some "horror" in it, but not enough to be classified as such. Rent if you can, pass on it preferably.

- sucked5 star

da worst

- One of the scariest movies I've ever seen.5 star

This movie really scared me, scary movies usually don't ever phase me but this movie really did it and I didn't sleep for at least a week.... Very disturbing and creepy. Worth watching if you really wanna get yourself scared.

- Makes ya wonder...4 star

I've seen a couple of exorcist movies in my time and none of them scared me like The Exorcism of Emily Rose,simply because this happened in real life and this could happen to anyone.I don't think anyone should go through something like that and Emily fought it just to show the world that its real and everyone needs to open their eyes before it's to late or something else will. If this isn't a "hello and smell the coffee" message I don't know what is. Great movie.

- Creepy4 star


- Ay this movie is CRAZY!!!5 star

Everyone has to watch this movie it is a MUST SEE!!!! I was not able to sleep for weeks after seeing this movie when it first came out!!!! Beyond scary and for some reason 3am scared me for a while!!! You will not be disappointed :)

- A scary thought provoking film...4 star

This movie is scary! Of course, the movie presents the story from the perspective that the girl actually was demon possessed... and at the end of the movie the audience is left to interpret the movie and the true story however they want to. The actual story of the girl took place in Germany and the parents and the exorcists were charged with manslaughter. Here's the deal, lets say that the parents and exorcists were wrongly accused and that what they claimed happened had ACTUALLY happened and was true. Even if this same type of situation occurs all over the world... no third party would ever in their right mind believe it (even if it were true). There are a lot of people who don't believe in any of this demon possessed stuff. There are many people who do. But its the people who do believe in it that get persecuted. But, what if all of this supernatural stuff actually happens in the world... There's a lot of debate over these types of cases... concerning issues of getting medical help over spiritual help... or the need for both (and if both, there should be a healthy balance and the two should compliment each other and not work against each other)... I know this is not a review for supernatural issues... but I get annoyed of people who take the facts of the story that are basically presented in the movie but don't consider what the movie wants them to consider. Sure... the court basically ruled that the parents were pushy religious people and probably cause their daughter to go crazy... maybe that's true... but just because the court and other evidences ruled one thing to be the truth... doesn't mean it actually was the truth... there are many instances when innocent men and women were convicted of things they were innocent of... But because the supernatural is beyond medical and scientific comprehension, understanding and investigation... then it must not be real or a viable possibility. Supernatural horror is popular in movies... there are a lot of movies that even proclaim that possibility of them being true and most of them are not at all religious. I don't think this movie pushes Christian stuff down people's throats... anyone who thinks that or has a problem with Christian themes in movies or even horror movies just have a personal issues... don't let other peoples personal issues about Christian stuff keep you from watching this movie. Its not supposed to convert you or anything... all it attempts to do is open your mind to the possibility that the supernatural forces like that in this movie might be real. For the movie itself. I already said it, but it was scary. The acting was good... and it is a thinking movie because it presents a lot of the issues I mentioned... Most of the world is so quick to disregard the possibility of the supernatural outside of the realm of hollywood produced films. Does the supernatural actually exist in the world we live in? That's the question the movie wants you to think about... but never gives you an answer.

- Awesome Movie4 star

It's a really good movie. It scared me a little because of its "based" on a true story. Its a really great movie to watch when you come home from church...

- A Great Horror Movie With A Great Message!!5 star

This movie is both creepy and heartfelt. Though I am not Catholic, I am a Christian and this movie is one of the few horror movies to show Christianity in a positive light. I would also recommend this movie as a first horror movie, as it has no blood but some decent scares.

- Eh3 star

Not that great.

- Lots of screaming2 star

Didn't really scare me. She screamed too much and it was mainly s court room drama it seemed but decent I guess

- Freaky2 star

This movie is didn't really scare me but I used to know a girl named "Emily rose" which is really weird and freaked me out but this movie was mostly one big court case so it didn't really entertain me..

- I am really interested...5 star

With the movie "The Last Exorcism" coming out, I am very interested in exorcists and exorcisms. I now REALLY want to see this movie. Can't wait to see...

- Help5 star

I think I'm in Emily's situation....... Love this movie

- ...........5 star

When I first watch this movie...... I had nightmares for weeks and couldn't sleep... This is not a movie for the faint of heart...

- Very scary5 star

Good horror movie

- great cast, but how much "fact" did we see?3 star

this film is very well done. it is well acted and directed. it is also based on a true story, however one must wonder just how much of this film is "true." i just felt like it was drawn out and more melodramatic than it needed to be. worth a watch, but with the proverbial grain of salt.

- I found IT!5 star

I'm a fan of horror/gory films and I haven't found a movie to "scare me" THIS WAS IT! I rented the Exsorcist, this, and Karla. This freaked me out, and I don't get scared with "devil" stuff. I couldent sleep, kept tossing and turning, woke up from a nightmare, and kept hearing Emilys voice! ( 123456 ) I'm not sure if I would watch it again, but would recommend it Lol to scare other people.

- The Exorcism Of Emily Rose Was Awesome4 star

The Exorcism Of Emily Rose was really good. But it is not the movie you would watch every day. By Jack

- freaky4 star

this movie was not as bad as you think it would be. scary at some parts, watchable at others. i really enjoyed it!

- Wow5 star

This is one of the few movies that I have seen recently that has really made me stop and think about if this really happened. I watched it in the dead of the night and will not watch it in the dark again. There is realy no blood or gore like most horror movies.

- Great Movie, Intense4 star

I like the movie alot, pretty intense at many points. My one problem is I thought they spent too much time focused around the court as compared to the actual exorcism.

- Pretty Good4 star

This movie is good at not including a ton of gore, and it gives you chills at times. But it didn't really leave me terrified, and that was all i wanted

- awesome.5 star

i loved this mobie when i first watched it and the thing tht scared me most is tht my name is emily and my parents were gonna name me 'emily rose'... wierd. it a great movie

- Best. Movie. Ever.5 star

Amazing movie. Couldn't sleep for nights at a time. :D

- the real truth!!!!!!5 star

the truth of this story is frightning it is sad it really makes u think about how evil life can get but the part were she is at the tree amazing 5 stars!!!!!!!!!!!

- Good Movie.5 star

Overall, it was a good movie. More of a crime drama then horror. But it has some disturbing parts that might be hard to take in.

- A non-secular review5 star

This film seems to only be watched by most for the cheap thrills. But this is a movie that has so much more to say than "Boo!" Going into it I was not expecting a courtroom drama. I was told it was a horror movie. And while it is horrifying, it makes you think about life and the things that are out of our control. I believe that Emily Rose was possessed by Satan and that God allowed it to happen so that the world would know that Demons do exist. So many people can't understand why God lets bad things happen to good people, but if you trust in God like Emily did, you will understand. This is definitely a film for mature audiences only. Not just because of disturbing images, but because the subject matter takes a great deal of thought. You might not agree with everything in it, but you should watch it anyway and see what you think. Hoepfully you will see that God is with us even in times of distress.

- Really Creepy4 star

I loved this movie, but it really freaked me out because of it being based on a true story, and that kind of stuff really does happen to people! I always get nervous when I wake up at 3 in the morning, especially because of this movie. It's really good, and very creepy.

- Cast of amateurs.3 star

I wanted to love this film; I am a fan of the good vs. evil saga particularly when it involves the demonic and christian mythology. "Rose" had potential, but it was more than diminished by a lack of talent and passion. Not one performance was convincing which seems odd for a work based on real events. The effects were rehashed old cliches burning crucifix, rolling eyeballs and speaking in tongues; things done many times before with far more creativity and impact. For all of the choices of exorcism based plots or those of possession, Emily rose should be your last choice. Watching the "Exorcist" for the tenth time could be more purposeful and enjoyable than this ever will.

- Not that great.1 star

Sorry, but it was boring. Not that scary or as good as I expected, but Jennifer Carpenter did some great acting in this movie.

- Amazing movie5 star

I'm not one to make a huge deal about some movie. But this was just a great movie. I felt myself dwelve into the movie and really think about the things that she had done. I've watched several different movies about the supernatual and excisms but this was probably one of the best. All I can say is, just watch it.


This is the most freakin' awesome scary movie I have ever seen! Emily is the EXORCIST during the movie when she had BRUTAL SCREAMS and she is possessed by the six demons when she thinks she had suffered from a terrible illness she have done. If you're The Exorcist fan or any horror movie fan, YOU MUST BUY THIS MOVIE!!!!

- sad3 star

this movie is just ok. it is not that scary, but still well put together. it is sad that people believe in such stupidity, and this girl could have survived if she was treated properly with modern medicine instead of some fraud holding a bible. please do not be shy to click No if you disagree.

- Amazing!!!5 star

This is one of my all time favorite movies! This one beats all of the rest exorcist movies out there. It's based on a true story and facts and it also talks about a religious/paranormal view on it as well as a scientific view, which I think it's awesome. A must see!!! U won't be dissapointed.

- see this5 star

I still remember seeing this movie when it first came out. If you're big on paranormal flicks rent this. I'd almost consider buying it just because the content is so rich. You rarely see movies like nowadays.

- Better than expected4 star

This movie is worth watching if you like horror movies, and it has good acting. However, I would not recommend it for anyone that is not a mature teenager or an adult. This is a true story, and it's scary stuff.

- Underappreciated5 star

WOW... this movie is alot better than you would think because it isn't very popular. If your looking for a thriller to watch with your friends on a boring friday night this is the way to go. Not that it's boring....but it will make your boring night exciting! Definatly not for the immature crowd, though.

- Awesome!!!5 star

This was a great movie! i feel really bad for what happened to the real Emily Rose. This is one of the best horror movies! you won't be disappointed!

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Émily Rose - Exellent5 star

C'est le seul film d'horreur qui a réussie a me faire peur et angoisser.

Hello1234erlet - !!!3 star

when the based on a true story subtitle was on, I was looking away. When I saw that in the description after, I was like HOLY CRAP NO!!!

wfsageqr6546g - A scary psycho/horror drama.5 star

I found this movie gripping. The filmmaker did an excellent job of juxtaposing the two opinions competing against one another. Is Emily Roses symptoms psychotic or a case of real demon possession? I recommend not watching this movie alone.

Darren81 - Nvm im just an idiot , best film ever5 star

Just an awesome movie , a must watch !

Couldntfindgoodname - Wow5 star


Devil Spice - Awesome!5 star

I love this movie! I really do. There is just something about it that intrigues me. There are a lot of creepy moments in this movie. Jennifer Carpenter is amazing as Emily Rose. She is such a great actress. Not everybody will like this movie but I do think that it is worth at least one viewing. I think you'll be surprised how good it is.

Epicn0va - Epic5 star

That was so epic amazing movie haf to wach it. I loved it sooooo much. reily scary but EPiC :3 :P :) go Emily rose!!! w00t

Syndication - Amazing4 star

This is one of those films that regardless of your taste in movies you will find interesting. It really does introduce a spiritual aspect that I have never seen before in a horror/thriller movie (the only exception being The Omen). BUY IT! Without a doubt it is worth $10! I would strongly reccomend this to anyone who liked The Omen, The Skeleton Key and the Exorcist.

Nick Veloso - About The Film5 star

This movie is a True Story, I did some research & its true it can happen to anybody. I Truly Love This Film even though it sometimes creeped me out a bit. I just don't want to go through that experience in real life.

<-b.j.m-> - Nice work!4 star

Pretty good. I got freaked out, not scared. But.. I might not sleep at night a few times. :)

Hokese1 - BOTH SIDES HEARD4 star


Ehronaut - Recommended4 star

Great movie, not exactly a full-on horror movie; but quite interesting as its based on a true story. Didnt exactly like the whole "chilling out in court the whole time" style but thats only a minor let down :) If your looking for a scarier movie than this go watch The Last Exorcism, much more confronting than this

shemp013 - 1,2,3,4,5,65 star

This is a very scary movie. Horrors like they were meant to be made. A lot of movies claim to be 'as scary as the exorcist' or 'the scariest movie since the exorcist'. This one didn't claim any of that, but it is the one.

Christopher Miles - decent horror flick5 star

One of the most frightening movies i have ever seen, strongly suggest not watching it if yo scared by demons and gods n all that stuff, real scary

Mathemus - Great movie4 star

It wasn't that scary but it was a great movie and I can't believe that happened

Lill:) - Scariest movie ever seen!!!5 star

This movie is truely the scariest movie I have ever seen, and trust me I have seen alot of scary movies!!! Its based on a true story which makes it even more frightning and more realistic!!! If you really want to scared and see a fantstic horror / thrillar then you must see this!!! AWESOME!!!

Hardstyler54 - Great5 star

This is a great film i realy enjoyed this film. This film about gods demons and how it was based on a true story are they real? This a great film i loved every bit of it and would recomend this to anyone who enjoys horror,thriller etc. To sum it all up great movie very interesting will defenty watch it again. Must buy!

lucyliu77 - Do not watch alone....5 star

This is one of the scariest movies I've ever seen, and I recommend it to all my horror-fanatic friends. I warn you though, it is scary, so I wouldn't watch it alone, especially in the dark. It's not a blood and guts flick, it's TRULY scary, and based on a true story which makes it even more frightening. Thumbs up.

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kalisynnsmommy16 - ahmayzing5 star

i loved this movie, im not really into horror, but i love to get freaked out every once in awhile! i believe that was real, just imagion what is out there! and just think it couldve been you!!

BonesawMcGrwa94 - crap!1 star


everythingtoloose2010 - Spooky!!5 star

If you love horrer films this movie is a must see. One of the creepiest movies ever made, and its based on a true story....will haunt you long after the movies over!!

katsachatter - Loved it!!5 star

I love horror movies. For me, its not enough to just have chainsaw weilding maniacs, with blood, guts and gore. Let me be specific, I love the horror movies that haunt your mind for weeks, or months afterward. This is one of those movies. I don't know if its true or not, but its enough to make you think about it.

YoelMac - How can this be true?5 star

This movie so frightens me because it happened to someone. I just hope I never know anyone who goes through it. Did you know there are thousands of exorcisms performed every year in europe!

Karate chop - this is a pretty good movie.4 star

this movie is kind of scary, inspirational for what she did, and really sad for what happened to the REAL Emily Rose. If u watch this movie, really think about what Emily did when she went to the tree on the cover and what she couldve done but didnt do.

movieaddict725 - SCARY AS HECK!!!4 star

This movie freaked the heck out of me! I couldn't sleep that night! The visions Emily has are hauntingly scary! WATCH IF YOU DARE!!!

5 star

@lunchbxxfrixnds facetime someone from twitter if u have to😭😭 and the exorcism of emily rose is a good horror movie…

5 star

This reminded me of the film “The Exorcism of Emily Rose”

5 star

The exorcism of Emily rose 🎥

5 star

The Exorcism of Emily Rose ain't even frightening, nxxx.

5 star

-- ✧The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005)

5 star

@waterrmellin The exorcism of emily rose?

5 star

@Tomiwa_faleye Wrong turn Saw Drag me to help Insidious Annabelle The conjuring The Nun Jeeper Creepers Rings T…

5 star

The only horror movies that makes me flinch is "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" .

5 star

@Calarkptorr wah ada the exorcism of emily rose

5 star

@Tee_Reel The Exorcism of Emily Rose

5 star

@HorrorDeaths Exorcist, which brings to mind brilliant depictions of possession such as the Exorcism of Emily Rose and Evil Dead 2013.

5 star

Did you know that the horror movie The Exorcism of Emily Rose was based on a true story? It was based on Anneliese…

5 star

@nojwop Sec and the city ? I don’t remember her in that. She was in frasier and the exorcism of Emily Rose

5 star

@squidwardfess The exorcism of emily rose

5 star

@moviemnfs the exorcism of emily rose 😪

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The Exorcism of Emily Rose images
The Exorcism of Emily Rose images
The Exorcism of Emily Rose images
The Exorcism of Emily Rose images
The Exorcism of Emily Rose images
The Exorcism of Emily Rose images
The Exorcism of Emily Rose images
The Exorcism of Emily Rose images
The Exorcism of Emily Rose images
The Exorcism of Emily Rose images
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The Exorcism of Emily Rose posters
The Exorcism of Emily Rose posters
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