A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story Summary and Synopsis

Destined to become a holiday classic, this family comedy follows an Indiana schoolboy whose obsession with getting a Red Ryder air rifle for Christmas leads to hilarious consequences. Co-starring Emmy-winner Darren McGavin ("Kolchak: The Night Stalker"). Based upon a true story. The comic mishaps and adventures of a young boy named Ralph, trying to convince his parents, teachers, and Santa that a Red Ryder B.B. gun really is the perfect Christmas gift for the 1940s. A Christmas Story Wiki

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A Christmas Story Movie (1983)

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A Christmas Story Movie Reviews

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- What a classic!5 star

I was 8 the first time I saw this movie, and thought it was very cruel...but now I got used to it and saw it over and over again a million times! Such a good movie! There should be a Christmas story animated TV series! That would be amazing! And I hope there’s a Christmas story 3!

- Good movie5 star

Best movie of the year the best I evered watched

- Great Christmas Movie5 star

I’ve been watching this film since I was kid, every year on Christmas Day my family and I sit and watch. Ralphie has impacted all of us in a great way, I definitely recommend this film, matter of fact I triple dog dare you to watch it.

- Love this5 star

It's fantastic.

- Classic!5 star

Best Christmas classic ever made!!

- A Christmas Classic5 star

This movie just nevet gets old! It is a tradtion to watch it for the 24hrs it comes on during Christmas. It wouldn't be Christmas without watching this movie a million times during the holiday season. I honestly don't think they could have picked a better cast! It is one of thee best Christmas classics and i'm glad to see in 2019 kids are still being shown this movie!

- Funniness Christmas movie ever5 star

A Christmas story is my Christmas tradition I watch it every Christmas yeah we first started watching Christmas story like 10 years ago my five favorite parts is Ralph he said the F word my second favorite part is you’ll shoot your eye out my third favorite part is sticking that tongue to that dumb Pool my fourth favorite part is Ralphie using the red Ryder BB gun to kill The joker bank robberies my fifth favorite part is flagile it must be Italian

- Amazing5 star

A timeless classic a must for Christmas, had to buy to watch through out the next year

- Finger to the one stars5 star

This is a classic Christmas movie and anyone that don’t understand the humor and enjoy this movie grown up to be sissy’s. This is old classic American humor before people turned into crybabies and can’t take a joke. So 5 starts form me for this film

- This movie is overrated trash1 star

Transphobic? Kinda. Racist? Definitely. Normalizing of gun ownership without responsibility? With pride. I have not ever understood the appeal of this movie and I don’t think I ever will.

- Dis is a classic 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻5 star

Best Christmas movie ever

- Overrated1 star

I guess i dont get it, i thought it was very stupid and boring, and i usually like ‘older’ movies

- What the heck1 star

This makes no sense it isn’t funny and is sometimes boring, stupid or just screwed up what a terrible movie I don’t give a crap about people with “movie nostalgia” this is just a terrible movie you shouldn’t waste your money you’ll “shoot your eye out” what the heck😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

- This is a great movie5 star

This is a great movie. I love this movie so much. I love all of the characters in this movieIt is a great holiday christmas movie. It is one of my all time favorite movies ever.

- De Bomb!!5 star

The best movie ever for an affordable price!!

- The Christmas Must-Watch5 star

Henry Perno presents, his review of A Christmas Story. We open with a look at Ralph’s (Peter Billingsly) neighborhood, followed by a more urban area where he and a bunch of other kids are gawking at the Christmas store display, where Ralph becomes infatuated with the “Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-shot Range Model air rifle with a compass in the stock and "this thing which tells time" (a sundial).” He’s rejected by his mother at first, and then after his friend Flick (Scott Schwartz) sticks his tongue to a flagpole, what follows is Ralph’s quest to get a “Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-shot Range Model air rifle with a compass in the stock and "this thing which tells time" (a sundial),” as he describes it, and survive life in Northern Indiana, between a foul-mouthed dad (Darren McGavin) and life in general. In the context of this film, none of the characters are really well-developed, but we can all relate Ralph’s quest for a BB gun, though we may seek different targets. Many moms around the country and world can relate to Ralphie’s mom (Melinda Dillon) and her well-meaning parenting. I don’t think every dad is an angry one, but he gets mad, and everybody gets angry or has that pet peeve (in his case, several). A plot that seems mundane in idea, but is hilarious in its execution, from Ralph’s daydreams to the way the family interacts with each other, and of course just nostalgia for the things you remember like the leg lamp and behaviors we now consider outdated. A semi-timeless classic for the ages, whether you’re a younger child who’s like “what is this weird stuff?” or an adult who’s seen this so many times, you think “just like I remember,” or an adult watching for the first time and saying “thanks for showing me this!”

- Oh yeah the F Word!1 star

Thanks for introducing the F word to our 8yo twins. I usually pre screen as many movies as possible but what I recall as a fun and hilarious Christmas movie just took a dump in the middle of our holiday. :p

- BEST MOVIE EVER!!!5 star

A Christmas story is the best movie ever. It is my favorite movie. The best movie ever!!! If you love Christmas like I do than you will love it!!

- Warm-Hearted and Comforting5 star

This movie is warm-hearting and very memorable.

- Classic5 star

I only watch it when it marathons Christmas Eve into Christmas Day and I love it


Awesome movie my family and I watch it for the 24 hours that TNT plays it on christmas eve so great movie and itunes is always great quality so👌🏾

- Best Christmas Movie5 star

Great Christmas movie. True to real life. I've watched it at least 100 times.

- Im a Brit1 star

When I came over to the US, everyone always went crazy about this movie, knowing literally every line and having re-runs and re-runs like it was Finding Nemo time. Me, I never cared for it too much, didn't get what the fuss was about. Seems like a really stupid movie with nothing funny or Christmas-y at all.

- Classic... a must watch around the holidays!5 star

My family watches this movie every year on Christmas Eve. It has become one of our holiday traditions, and it deserves to be. A Christmas Story is packed full of funny scenes that will not bore you! It's simply a classic and I recommend this movie all the way as a great holiday watch!

- The BEST christmas movie5 star

By far my families favorite christmas movie! We watch it together every year

- A Christmas story for all5 star

It's not Christmas for me unless I watch this movie at least a dozen times, and it never gets old.

- AWSOME5 star

BEST movie, watched as a kid!

- Timeless Classic & Yearly Ritual Viewing5 star

As a baby boomer I grew up with fuse boxes, huge xmas lights, mall santa, well-intentioned but awkward grandparent gifts, bulky winter clothing, and also dreamed of things like BB guns and decoder rings. Sadly, we did not have the Bumpus hounds next door. But we had the Baddas and one of their boys wore a coon skin cap and was a bully. This movie is an example of where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. You put all the pieces together, stir it, sing Fa Ra Ra Ra Ra a few times, and poof….CHRISTMAS MAGIC!!!

- Freaked my kids out- no thanks!1 star

My kids (4 & 7) wanted to watch a Christmas movie of some sort... I read the reviews and it looked GREAT! They aren't into scary films... And although this one wasn't very scary, there are elements that make it challenging for a younger kid to watch. Anyway, my kids hated it... We watched the whole thing waiting for it to turn and get better... But no. And now they cannot sleep. Not cool.

- You will shoot your eye out kid!!!5 star

Hahaha so funny. I love it! Millions and millions and millions of people love it. It is a family comity for everyone. It's awesome. I love it

- This is my family's fave, next to Elf5 star

My grandfather on my moms side, we called him boompa he used to watch this movie all the time. But, he's watching it now in heaven. I ❤️ u boompa 😢

- Hate this movie1 star

Terrible movie

- Ugh3 star

It's a good movie overall, but the scene when they go to dinner at the Asian restaurant and the Asian waiters sing is (kind of) racist.

- Christmas Classic5 star

It's not Christmas if you don't watch this movie!!! Seriously, it's a classic!!!

- Loved5 star

A Christmas tradition at my house since I was little. If you haven't seen it, why are you still reading my review?

- Christmas Movies5 star

This is a top of a line Christmas movie this has been been my favorite since I was a little girl and now as a woman love this movie greatest Christmas of all time

- I triple dog dare ya!5 star

This movie is the most hilarious, next to elf, Christmas movie. I watch it every single Christmas Eve with my family. This has been a tradition for at least 6 years or so. (Or longer, I've been watching it for 6 years) but this movie is one of the cutest funniest movies.

- Poop5 star


- A must have movie!5 star

One of the best Christmas movie's ever!

- Is that Tyler okley?4 star

The lil kid shows Alot of Tyler

- Favorite Christmas film4 star

This has evolved to be my favorite Christmas film. It's naturalness appeals to me - the father's vocabulary, childhood misadventures and impressions, having to go to a Chinese restaurant on Christmas, very typical family life and small time life of the time period. Every actor did a superb job including all of the children, often not the case. Just a very naturally feel good movie without being overly sentimental.

- other reviews4 star

Highly recommended. It’s an entertaining story and a refreshing change from the “classics” (i.e.: Miracle on 34th St”, “It’s a Wonderful Life” and some of the contemporary “made for cable” holiday movies. It’s interesting to note that half of the (very few) negative reviews state that they didn’t even watch the entire movie. How can one be qualified to write a review of a movie you didn’t actually watch? Others stated that it “wasn’t what they think a Christmas movie should be.” Granted, if you don’t have a sense of humor, if you’re a curmudgeon, you should stay away.

- Love this movie!!5 star

This has got to be the greatest Xmas movies ever!... So much fun and so funny.

- Can't believe I found this!5 star

I only thought TBS had the rights to this. Bravo! I'm getting this so my son and I can watch it together before their 24 hour marathon. Yay. We are too busy on Christmas day, so getting this is perfect. Thanks iTunes!

- The best of all Christmas movies!5 star

I was a Jean Shepherd fan long before this movie came out and have deeply enjoyed watching this movie turn into a Christmas classic over the years. I recall people hating this film when it first came out because it wasn’t the typical Christmas schmaltz. A truly wonderful film, deserving of the appellation "Classic”.

- A Christmas Classic for the Ages5 star

This movie captures the 1950s in most every detail and tells the adventures leading up to Christmas from a child's eyes (and humorous memories). We look forward to watching this classic every year as Christmas approaches- usually several times. Fills our home with warmth and our own happy memories.

- A Yearly Family Favorite5 star

This is by far the best classic Christmas movie, right up there with "White Christmas". This has been a yearly family favorite for more than a decade and never fails to give us laughs! The family is very believable and memorable, and it really is a fantastic portrayal of the oldie and even modern American family.

- CLASSIC!!!5 star

I look forward to watching this every year! I wrap presents while watching this movie on Christmas Eve. It will always be my absolute favorite Christmas movie. Great family movie. If you have never seen it... IT IS A MUST. You shouldn’t be disappointed. I will definitely be sharing this movie with my future children =^).

- LOVE IT!!!5 star

I watch this movie the entire day on Christmas!! It's so amazing I just love it so much!! Can't get enough!! I literally wait the entire year for this. If I could is watch it everyday!!

- Classic!5 star

A wonderful classic and the best Christmas movie ever made! WHY, ITUNES, DO YOU NOT HAVE THIS AVAILABLE FOR SALE?!?

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elyse displayed - A Christmas story5 star

Hey children’s choir today did your kids go to the gym today sledding today love Adele

Manning2072 - Perfection!5 star

Love this movie! I watch it every year around Christmas time ❤️❤️❤️❤️

IceHawkZZZ - Awful1 star

This is the worst Christmas movie that we have seen in a very long time. The only thing classic about it is that it is based in the 40's or 50's. That does not make it good. I gave it a star because the kids' acting is quite good but it is not funny at all. More like a Christmas tragedy in many ways. Nostalgic, yes. Funny, no. If you like black tragicomedy, you may find this funny (ie. Pulp Fiction types). If you like classic comedy, this is not funny (ie. Steve Martin, John Candy).

Christmas is coming🎄 - Christmas!!5 star

It's so AWSOME. My dad showed me this 2 years ago and it one if the best christmas movies ever!!!!!!!!! Perfect for a snowy day!!

Voldemort Lives - Horrible!1 star

This is the absolute worst Christmas movie ever. The main character is a total brat. Save yourself the time and watch How The Grinch Stole Christmas instead.

Notafinger11 - It's a major award!!!!5 star

The best Christmas story and as soon as December hits it is played multiple times. Great family story. I have the leg lamp in my living room for the month of December.

pitabites - FA RA RA RA ....5 star

My kids laughed out so loud. They loved it!!!!

sue-cee - Just perfect for a snowy evening5 star

I can not see this movie enough. . This movie is #1 on my Christmas movie list and I admit freely to watching it all year round. Our house has a Red Rider under the tree and we know where to get the lamp. Maybe this year.

Winehouselover - Omg...1 star

This movie scared me half to death. i had to watch this like three years ago when this huge snowstorm hit and everyone was snowed in. the school put this movie on and i found it scary... i don't know why, though. some of the characters seemed really mean and i found the setting pretty ghetto. i didn't think it was funny at all. ah ha1 if you look at the "more by this director" on the side bar... what is there? oh right it's black christmas! <= this is an arrow pointing to the sidebar!

Don'tactlikeabitch - A Christmas Story5 star

The greatest Christmas movie ever!!!

i pod 11 - awsome5 star

my faimly watches it every crhismas we love it

frogwarts - Christmas Classic5 star

A totally awemose must see Christmas Classic!

NaomiMacKeown - Every single Christmas.5 star

I watch this movie every single Christmas with my family on Christmas eve. And we love it. It's a great family movie that will keep you laughing from start to finish. I wouldn't exactly say buy it on iTunes (unless you have some way to hook your computer up to a TV so your whole family can watch it) because it's worth having the hard copy to pull out every Christmas to enjoy.

Video Stor Girl - Classic5 star

I can't help but want that lamp.

Xdthjcdsiojb - A Classic!5 star

I love this movie! I would recamend this movie!

<3 Honor - in love5 star

i am in love with this movie! it is pefect for the family. my family every year sits by the fireplace and watches this. it is a great way to finish a christmas evening!

Chris Simpson - Very good4 star

This is a very good family movie. It is the movie that lots of us watch at christmas time. 4/5

VirtualAnomaly - A true Christmas classic.5 star

The best Christmas movie ever made in my opinion. Perfect for the whole family. It's sure to become a tradition in your home.

objuan63 - A Christmas Tradition4 star

It's not Christmas in our house until we've watched this timeless classic.

Bonnie_x - hmm.1 star

i dont know why, but i hated it.

SM73 - A must see5 star

This film has so many good moments, well worth seeing but the triple dog dare is still the best with the kids tongue stuck to the pole. I wonder how many kids got their tongues stuck to poles after watching this movie. Can anyone tell me where I can get a leg lamp too?

koolade - Comedy gold5 star

This has be the best Christmas film ever in history. It recaptures childhood innocence of Christmas with a retrospective monologue of an adult mind and humour. It may get played 24/7 from October on US tv channels but for the rest of the world it's a pleasure to watch it once a year for chuckles.

hothorse - Classic5 star

One of the all time great Christmas films... As a kid I remember asking Santa for a similar gun brings back so many wicked memories

drwhodavid - a christmas story5 star

the best christmas film ever its not christmas with out this film

Xb0x l1v3 g4m3r - Sick of it2 star

I am so sick of it I mean 24 hrs on TBS come on

minaharker - What to say5 star

Funny, funny, funny. And a little sad. But still a classic. A must see, even when it's not Christmas.

jrcsmith - So funny, a great film to watch with the family5 star

A perfect family Christmas movie that everyone will enjoy. Nothing cheesy, just great fun. "I can't put my arms down!"

Zu Zu's Petals - Best Christmas Film of All Time?5 star

Pure Christmas gold!! For anybody who wants to re-capture the sense of wonderment that Christmas brings, this wonderful little film is a must see. Very funny, touching and true with a fantastic ensemble cast delivering pitch perfect performances. Ever wondered how to get that fussy eater to finish their dinner? Want to know what happens when you lick cold metal? Buy, buy, buy and file away alongside It's A Wonderful Life as your favourite Christmas films!!

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duck897 - Love Ralph!5 star

this movie was the best!!!!!!!!! Ralph's understanding of life is hilarious, and this is the perfect family film for christmas!!

CharmedBee - A Classic5 star

I love this movie and watch it every holiday season at least 5 times. Never gets old...

Robertet - Christmas Story5 star

Very Funny Story Story About A boy Who Wanted A B B Rifle A Red Rider

Asantekamill - You don't know so shut up!5 star

You must be an American,not just living here but be an American born and breath to get this movie. I can see how foreigners do not get the very American essence of this movie and are all giving it low stars! The humor is Americana and is rooted in the culture. And yes ,it is the funniest Christmas move ever!

Fr4nky11:p - Best Christmas movie evur!5 star

This movie is so hilarious and interesting. For some reason I never liked a Christmas carol

gamerfood™ - Really bad1 star

All they ever do is over act the scenes and the acting is pretty bad. I don't know why anyone would want to watch this!!!

Pure_Brew - FA RA RA RA RA, RA RA - RA RA!5 star

Merry Christmas!

Da Real JAYSTONE - Christmas5 star

This is my favorite Christmas movie forget all those other lame movies this is it right hear MERRRY Christmas

Mikeod1975 - Classic4 star

A must see at Christmas

jacoblind - Bad!!!!1 star

Worst Christmas/movie I've ever seen!! I know it's a classic but it's just so Random!

Hateman99 - Beast movie5 star

My family loves this movie we watch it every Christmas Eve. Also it so nice that you could download it on your pc.

Johnny Baboon - Price5 star

I love this movie, seriously can never get tired of it! Watch it every Christmas Eve(along with The George Scott version of a Christmas Carol) but, I accidentally left it at home when I left for vacation this Christmas season and was very bitter about paying $5 to rent it for just 24 hours. Moneys not a problem, it's just the principle of the matter.

The guy who got it - Fav movie5 star

My favorite movie of all time, now in my pocket at all times.

Cruisin' with 8-Track - Love it!!!5 star

Watch it every year

Powder puff boo - Christmas story5 star

Best family christmas movie ever!!! It really gets you in the sprit 😃

Hxjdyadbdjdjdjsjudjdbddb - Soooo funny5 star

This is the funniest movie ever it's very hard to make me laugh but this movie got me a couple times besides this movie I only laugh if it really happened in real life

ksunny5 - Christmas Classic5 star

Best Christmas movie ever made. I been watching this movie every year since I can remember and it never gets old:) Everyone should watch this one!!!

19dan98 - MUST HAVE5 star

My family and I watch this every year. It is hilarious and a must hav. This is a great family movie.

Cschell7804 - A classic5 star

I look forward to this movie every christmas , it's my favorite by far. But however I will not be watching 2 , it's great the way it is and when it's that good a sequel ruins it.

Cal525 - Great5 star

Little to much money but its great could never beat the classics

PinkLover! - Christmas Story is a Classic5 star

A Christmas Story is a classic. It never gets old! This hilarious comedy is well put together! I love this movie! I watch the marathon on TBS every year. It's not Christmas without seeing this movie! I have seen it almost 50 times an I still can't get enough! It is a true classic and will ALWAYS be my all time favorite movie! FRA-GEE-LAY! And remember, Don't shoot your eye out! ;)

Fgtdvhdxh - In love with this movie5 star

How often can you quote or watch this movie? The limit does not exist.

Rjw02020 - Amazing5 star

Always a watcher every year. It's all that should be played! Always looking forward to the holidays because of this one.

Matttttttttttttttttttttttttt T - this christmas film................5 star

...............(obviously, like anyone else whose seen this) makes me die and choke and gag with laughter! it is so funny and i just adore it

Reecel1970 - The Best5 star

Just never gets old!

Steelersfan3515 - A Movie to watch every year5 star

It never gets old to watch this movie. It showed exactally how families were back then, and the cast was amazing. To top the movie off it had one of the funniest endings i have ever seen with the chineze guys. If you havent seen it, watch it this christmas.

Summervip - Who doesn't5 star

You'll shot your out kid lol this a pure Xmas classic

Jc22ghj - You'll shoot your eye out kid!5 star

Best Christmas movie of all time!

Crestabesta - Christmas Classic5 star

It is my favorite Christmas classic of all times. Christmas is not the same without Ralphie.

Charismata2008 - ChristmasStory5 star

Every yr when it plays the 24 hour day, watch it over and over and over and over, lol, just cute and funny

Dee1687 - My favorite!5 star

It's a Christmas tradition to watch this movie!

kevinburke62 - amazing every time5 star

it cant be christmas without this

DBMarckisotto - I love this movie!!5 star

I used to watch this when I was like 6 years old!! It's really funny and one of the best Christmas movies ever made!!

Kayskully12 - This will always be my favorite Christmas movie!5 star

I remember seeing this when I was like 7! I ❤ it and watch it on Christmas eve and day I will always love it!! 😊

amandasparklz - i triple dog dare ya to hate this movie!5 star

another family tridition to watch this awesome movie! BUY IT!!!

BKJS - This is the best Chrismas movie ever!!!!5 star

It's not Christmas without a viewing of this film. I still laugh every time I see it, and I've seen it 20 times!

abbafatherschild2004 - Hate1 star

I hate this movie!!!!

Person of Few Words - A COMPLETE CLASSIC5 star

I always watch the marathon on tbs because this movie is awesome.

pcanda - Best Christmas movie5 star

You can't have Christmas without watching this movie at least once. It's great for all ages!

erbe38 - A Christmas Story4 star

A curious story which reflects life and American values in the 1950's around a simple Christmas story. The story is told through the eyes of a young boy is well crafted and acted.

Tooewwdb - A christmas story5 star

Best most funniest christmas movie ever

Dabomb$123 - You'll shoot your eye out kid 5 star

I love when he beats up the bully and says those cuss words . I also love when his Dad gets the lamp then freaks when it breaks. The part where he's seeing Santa and that weird kid stares at him In line. And they all say"You'll shoot your eye out kid." i laugh this Movie is shown every Christmas 24:7.

claustin - Great movie but...5 star

... Why can I rent but not buy in HD? Come on Apple. Get the licensing or whatever it is that keeps you from offering everything in HD. Maybe make these stupid movie studios realize that crap like Ultraviolet isnt going to cut it.

Tokmann - Great5 star

Every year a great movie. Just isn't Xmas if you havn't seen it

K&LCAL - Best Christmas Classic5 star

Every year for Christmas morning, I put in this movie. It's just right. Get it if u haven't seen it.

<42> - Story5 star

I been looking to see a Christmas story for two years what going on?? Why its not playing...

PeaceFreak1027 - Xmas5 star

I love this movie!!!!!!! "you'll shoot your eye out!". Ha ha! I love that fragile joke. :)

Andreas.90 - Best movie ever but it shod be free5 star

Andreas I think it was the best movie ever but it shod be free.Andreas

Cozmochan - A Christmas Story5 star

Best christmas movie ever and the best I've seen.

txgrl12 - Favorite Christmas Movie Ever!5 star

My family has watched this every year ever since it came out when I was a kid. Now that I have my own family, I am continuing the tradition. IMHO, Christmas isn't Christmas unless Ralphie is in a pink bunny suit. :)

A Christmas Story Images & Pictures

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A Christmas Story movie images
A Christmas Story movie images
A Christmas Story movie images
A Christmas Story movie images

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A Christmas Story movie posters
A Christmas Story movie posters
A Christmas Story movie posters
A Christmas Story movie posters
A Christmas Story movie posters
A Christmas Story movie posters
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