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Destined to become a holiday classic, this family comedy follows an Indiana schoolboy whose obsession with getting a Red Ryder air rifle for Christmas leads to hilarious consequences. Co-starring Emmy-winner Darren McGavin ("Kolchak: The Night Stalker"). Based upon a true story.

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Peace, Harmony, Comfort and Joy... Maybe Next Year.. The comic mishaps and adventures of a young boy named Ralph, trying to convince his parents, teachers, and Santa that a Red Ryder B.B. gun really is the perfect Christmas gift for the 1940s.. A Christmas Story Wiki

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Classic!  NicoleanXOXO  5 star

Best Christmas classic ever made!!

A Christmas Classic  Kixs_ho  5 star

This movie just nevet gets old! It is a tradtion to watch it for the 24hrs it comes on during Christmas. It wouldn't be Christmas without watching this movie a million times during the holiday season. I honestly don't think they could have picked a better cast! It is one of thee best Christmas classics and i'm glad to see in 2019 kids are still being shown this movie!

Funniness Christmas movie ever  Apspiderman09  5 star

A Christmas story is my Christmas tradition I watch it every Christmas yeah we first started watching Christmas story like 10 years ago my five favorite parts is Ralph he said the F word my second favorite part is you’ll shoot your eye out my third favorite part is sticking that tongue to that dumb Pool my fourth favorite part is Ralphie using the red Ryder BB gun to kill The joker bank robberies my fifth favorite part is flagile it must be Italian

Amazing  Gman7653378  5 star

A timeless classic a must for Christmas, had to buy to watch through out the next year

Finger to the one stars  NOPUTOS  5 star

This is a classic Christmas movie and anyone that don’t understand the humor and enjoy this movie grown up to be sissy’s. This is old classic American humor before people turned into crybabies and can’t take a joke. So 5 starts form me for this film

This movie is overrated trash  localcelebrity  1 star

Transphobic? Kinda. Racist? Definitely. Normalizing of gun ownership without responsibility? With pride. I have not ever understood the appeal of this movie and I don’t think I ever will.

sloths and durians
Dis is a classic 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻  sloths and durians  5 star

Best Christmas movie ever

River dog 45
Overrated  River dog 45  1 star

I guess i dont get it, i thought it was very stupid and boring, and i usually like ‘older’ movies

What the heck  Instinct4life  1 star

This makes no sense it isn’t funny and is sometimes boring, stupid or just screwed up what a terrible movie I don’t give a crap about people with “movie nostalgia” this is just a terrible movie you shouldn’t waste your money you’ll “shoot your eye out” what the heck😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

My 2nd  Qowardlygoose23  5 star

This is my second favorite Christmas movie. My first is Elf. This movie is HILARIOUS. 😂😂😂😂😂😂💩💩

Christmas is coming🎄
Christmas!!  Christmas is coming🎄  5 star

It's so AWSOME. My dad showed me this 2 years ago and it one if the best christmas movies ever!!!!!!!!! Perfect for a snowy day!!

Voldemort Lives
Horrible!  Voldemort Lives  1 star

This is the absolute worst Christmas movie ever. The main character is a total brat. Save yourself the time and watch How The Grinch Stole Christmas instead.

It's a major award!!!!  Notafinger11  5 star

The best Christmas story and as soon as December hits it is played multiple times. Great family story. I have the leg lamp in my living room for the month of December.

FA RA RA RA ....  pitabites  5 star

My kids laughed out so loud. They loved it!!!!

Just perfect for a snowy evening  sue-cee  5 star

I can not see this movie enough. . This movie is #1 on my Christmas movie list and I admit freely to watching it all year round. Our house has a Red Rider under the tree and we know where to get the lamp. Maybe this year.

Omg...  Winehouselover  1 star

This movie scared me half to death. i had to watch this like three years ago when this huge snowstorm hit and everyone was snowed in. the school put this movie on and i found it scary... i don't know why, though. some of the characters seemed really mean and i found the setting pretty ghetto. i didn't think it was funny at all. ah ha1 if you look at the "more by this director" on the side bar... what is there? oh right it's black christmas! <= this is an arrow pointing to the sidebar!

A Christmas Story  Don'tactlikeabitch  5 star

The greatest Christmas movie ever!!!

i pod 11
awsome  i pod 11  5 star

my faimly watches it every crhismas we love it

Christmas Classic  frogwarts  5 star

A totally awemose must see Christmas Classic!

Every single Christmas.  NaomiMacKeown  5 star

I watch this movie every single Christmas with my family on Christmas eve. And we love it. It's a great family movie that will keep you laughing from start to finish. I wouldn't exactly say buy it on iTunes (unless you have some way to hook your computer up to a TV so your whole family can watch it) because it's worth having the hard copy to pull out every Christmas to enjoy.

A must see  SM73  5 star

This film has so many good moments, well worth seeing but the triple dog dare is still the best with the kids tongue stuck to the pole. I wonder how many kids got their tongues stuck to poles after watching this movie. Can anyone tell me where I can get a leg lamp too?

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