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Screen sensation and Academy Award-winner Kevin Costner ("The Bodyguard," "Dances With Wolves") is the legendary swashbuckling hero of England's Sherwood Forest who defends the poor and battles Alan Rickman's ("Die Hard") deliciously evil Sheriff of Nottingham. Academy Award-nominee Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio ("The Color of Money," "Scarface") is Robin's fair damsel in distress, and Academy Award-winner Morgan Freeman ("Million Dollar Baby," "Driving Miss Daisy"), Emmy-winner Alan Rickman ("Sense and Sensibility," "Die Hard") and Christian Slater ("Broken Arrow," "Interview with the Vampire") round out the all-star cast in this pumped-up version of the classic adventure tale!

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Best Robin Hood  Frak!  5 star

Best Robin Hood movie, love the sheriff!

Iris and Iiris forever
With a cast like that, how can you miss  Iris and Iiris forever  3 star

and yet they did, miss that is. I think they all tried but perhaps it was the script, I honestly don't know where it wrong. Upon seeing Robin Hood Men In Tights, you realize that Mel Brooks didn't really mock the original. Mel Brooks made a comedy and it was funny, Kevin Costner made a drama, and it was funny. I had high hopes for this movie, and I couldn't sit through it. However, I still have a high respect for all the actors, and would love to watch most of their other movies. Dances With Wolves is a GREAT movie, watch that.

Yes!!  Jolovesgum  5 star

I loved this movie that I watched with my mom today because she wanted to see this movie again. I could see this movie again sometimes.

iJuke Box
Like an Arrow to the Heart!  iJuke Box  5 star

If you think you know the story of Robin Hood, you don't know the peak performances of Kevin Connery, Morgan Freeman, and Alan Rickman done in this astounding story of Love, Honor, and Vengeance. Once you see this movie, the whole thing will be like an arrow shot to your heart and want to see it again and again.

Still more powerful than 10 hired soldiers...  JrMetalJ  5 star

I can remember sitting in the theater as a child and watching in amazement at how entertaining this film was to a 4 year old me who could barely sit through his cartoons on a saturday morning. It's nice to see 23 years later, that I can still say the same. Great acting & production, top notch score, beautifully filmed, awesome cast, & absolutely entertaining story that is well paced plus a cool tune by Bryan Adams for the ladies to boot. You can keep Russell Crowe with al due respect...This is and forever will be my favorite Robin Hood.

The Good Life Tools
NOT A PG MOVIE  The Good Life Tools  3 star


Sharing with my son  Biffy215  5 star

This is one of my all-time favorite movies. As my son is getting older, I'm trying to find movies that I enjoyed that he might as well. Robin Hood is one that I think he'll love as much as I did. I'm so very happy that it's available to rent. thank you!

dj D77
Great movie!!!  dj D77  5 star

Great movie !!!

Classic Robin Hood  Reviewmasta1  5 star

This is a great movie. I bought it for my collection - definite 5 stars.

Awesome.  Nine50SMT  5 star

This movie is awesome, I have thought so since I was a little kid and watched it on VHS over and over.

Awesome  Hsidijdbsjsb  5 star

Always kept me on the edge of my seat. One of my favourite movies of all time. Love Kevin Costner in this.

Min e Van
Robin Hood Prince of Thieves  Min e Van  5 star

One of Costners best. 4 thumbs up. This is why they have the Oscars. Kevin Costners is at the top of his game with this one.

Feline Monarch
Worst Movie Ever  Feline Monarch  1 star

This is, hands down, one of the worst movies I've ever had the displeasure of seeing. I watched it with my mother and at first we thought we'd just stick it out because maybe, we thought, it would get better. Spoiler alert: it didn't. Not even the combined awesome of Morgan Freeman and Alan Rickman could save this film and the latter had some pretty decent lines (though not consistently). It was filled with an unbearable amount of slapstick action with corny lines and shallow characters which may have been acceptable for 1991, but for the year 2015 they were utter rubbish. Overall, don't waste your money on seeing this movie. Go and spend it on something worthwhile - like McDonalds.

Best robin hood movie !!  Gemma12  5 star

This beat the latest robin hood. It had funny moments and stays true to the story. The guy who plays prince John is also professor snape off Harry potter. I watched it for the first time on austar and the whole family joined !

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