Half Baked

Half Baked

By Tamra Davis

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 1998-01-16
  • Advisory Rating: R
  • Runtime: 1h 22min
  • Director: Tamra Davis
  • Actors:
  • Awards:
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99
From 186 Ratings

Half Baked Description

Dave Chappelle stars in this hilarious adventure of three lovable party buds trying to bail their friend out of jail. Just when the guys have mastered a plan, everything comes dangerously close to going up in smoke! Packed with memorable appearances by Snoop Dogg, Jon Stewart, Willie Nelson and Tommy Chong, Half Baked delivers high times and big laughs.

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  • This. One. Funny. Movie. With. Jim. And. Dave

    Dam. The. Movie. Is. Funny
  • #RitaAnn's_Reviews

    I'm pretty picky about what I spend my time doing. Watching movies or sitting around just isn't my thing. However, I have kids. Now these kids are not my biological kids, just those that have been mutually adopted by me and me by them. lol Mostly youth from the streets. Over the years I've been complaining about how they spend their time; "Most movies are FLUFF!" and "if you're going to do something, at least generate income doing it!", or "If you're going to waste time watching something, at least watch something educational" and other sessions of rants. So, the other day, one of the kids said I had to watch this movie, of course, I wasn't moved to do so. Then he put the movie in and ...BAM! It happened. I got so tickled I couldn't stop laughing. Laughing's not so unusual for me really, but not when I watch a movie. This isn't a movie I'd suggest normally.This is the type of movie youth and stoners love and appreciate. I'm neither, but I found it a pretty good movie and laughed throughout. Parts of it were slow at times but for the most part it was a pretty funny movie. #WillieNelson also appears which I thought was pretty awesome seeing how I've loved Mr. Willie since my childhood. So, I'd say that if you're looking for something to laugh at and need to waste some time; this is the movie to watch. #RitaAnn~ ...ready to watch it again.
  • Best

    Go haaam
    Theee funniest movie
  • Greatest

    I can keep watching this movie per and over. Ive already watched it around 10 times and don't plan on stopping. This movie is just amazing. I love it. Must see. 5/5 stars easily !
  • Cult Classic!!!!

    This movie will be watched and loved by people FOREVER!!!!
  • Not So Great

    The film has some very funny moments, but those are few and far between. It should have been much funnier, and even Dave Chappelle has lamented in many interviews that his original idea for the film was funnier. How High, which is not so great on its own, is still a better comedy and stoner movie.
  • Half baked ;)

    This movie is so funny
  • so funny back in the day

    thought it was the funniest thing ever back when i was a stoner teenager, as sober adult…. not so much
  • eh .

    You're mom.
    needs to be a bit cheaper.
  • Hella Funny!!

    Madre ShaiShai
    This Movie Is Amazing, Me & My Mom Love IT

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