The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008)

The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) Summary and Synopsis

The Day the Earth Stood Still is 20th Century Fox’s contemporary reinvention of its 1951 classic. Keanu Reeves portrays Klaatu, an alien whose arrival on our planet triggers a global upheaval. As governments and scientists race to unravel the mystery behind the visitor’s appearance, a woman (Jennifer Connelly) and her young stepson Jacob (Jaden Smith) get caught up in his mission – and come to understand the ramifications of his being a self-described “friend to the Earth.” A representative of an alien race that went through drastic evolution to survive its own climate change, Klaatu comes to Earth to assess whether humanity can prevent the environmental damage they have inflicted on their own planet. When barred from speaking to the United Nations, he decides humankind shall be exterminated so the planet can survive. The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) Wiki

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12.12.08 is the Day the Earth Stood Still..

The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) (2008)

The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) Comments & Critics

The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) Movie Reviews

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- Political propaganda1 star

This isn’t a movie. It’s a bad documentary on saving the planet.

- Sci-fi revisited4 star

When I first saw this movie it was right after I watched the original. I thought to myself why did they change so much for no good reason. There was a lot to like in the original story that was interesting. However that being said I love sci-fi and I love Reeves in them. The only thing that ruined this film for me was the kid! Take the kid out completely and it's a much better film. If I could edit this film it would change everything.

- A movie about conscience5 star

What a great time to watch a movie about people waking up to their capacity for right and wrong. This is not just entertainment. It's about realizing how much harm we can do to the earth and each other, and maybe it's time to try a better way. The professor says "we change on the brink", but how about seeing where we're headed and changing now? I really liked this movie.

- Klaatu barada Stinko1 star

Any similarity between the original ’51 and this is impossible. As expected another remake that makes you glad you saw the original.

- Blehh1 star

That is the only word I can use to describe this movie.

- The day that movie audiences slipped into a coma1 star

Someone had a lot of film to burn. The movie starts out with so much potential and promise, gets stodgy quickly — but grinds down to an Earth Day 'let’s-save-mother-earth' propaganda flick not worthy of an elementary school skit. Yawn. Waited the whole movie for something to happen, and after the dramatic arrival of the alien spacecraft, nothing else happened. Who wrote this script? Al Gore? Fell asleep during the credits. The opening credits. Who left the bag of idiots open? I’m shocked that anyone who find this movie entertaining — to say the least — or excellent. Where do I sign up for giving brain-dead movies good ratings and reviews?

- So mindblowingly...bad1 star

Lol. I definitely couldn't sit still for this movie nevermind stand.

- Watch everything but the ending and . . .1 star

This movie is actually entertaining somewhat--then they wrap the whole story up and it all goes down hill from there.

- I liked it!4 star

I was entertained by this movie. I remember the original movie, and it was okay, but this was a new take and I liked it.

- The Day Keanu Reeves Acting Stood Still1 star

They need to bury this movie next to the Atari E.T. cartridges in the desert.

- cool, but not great4 star

The story was pretty interesting, but some of the acting was weird, and the movie's sequences go by too fast, but overall a cool movie to watch.

- People attack this movie because...5 star

I wouldn't say this movie is without flaws, but it's certainly a far better film than most of the mindless junk I've seen in the past few years. I was intrigued and entertained by it, and the main reason was for the environmental theme which I thought was well presented. However-- I think the movie's environmental theme is also what's causing a hostile reaction from some. People don't take kindly to being reminded of who they are, and what they're helping to do to the planet -- in fact it makes them mad (ie. defensive!). So I think this is mainly why you have such divergent reactions to the movie. But putting that aside, it's a nicely put together movie, and although not as charming as the original it will definitely stir your feelings and imagination.

- Don't listen to the critics, this is a good movie5 star

I'm a huge fan of the original Day the Earth Stood Still, and I was looking forward to the remake because I thought the potential for a more complex and evolved story was there. I guess I did have the advantage of going in with lowered expectations, after reading several bad reviews, so I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. Keanu can't match the original Klatu in charisma, but he was believable as was the whole cast. I was drawn in and liked how they modernized the story. It definitely stimulates your imagination and the most important thing, it was emotionally involving. Not quite as good as the original, but very good nonetheless. I'd give it four and a half stars if I could but since that's not an option I'll go for five.

- Good4 star

I watched this movie to see if I would like it, and for Jennifer Connelly. Both were great. The movie had a good story, and a good twist at the end. I think Jennifer Connelly is the hottest actress I've ever seen. Ever since the movie The Rocketeer she starred in, I have seen every film she's been in. Good movie for Sci-Fi fans.

- Absolute trashing of a classic!!!1 star

They should have left this one alone.

- I liked it -_-5 star

I liked this movie a lot, I don't understand the negativity people are posting.

- The Day the earth stood still3 star

The problem here is that "The Day the Earth Stood Still" of 1951 was not created from the mind set of the "Dune" creators (Keanue Reeves). Not the sequel those who loved the 1951 original would have love to have seen, but also not nearly as bad as the above critic reviews. Those who are true blue science fiction lovers will enjoy this several times despite the over-all disappointment of a sequel that should have been taken more seriously.

- George5 star

Podrian ponerla en español tambien seria genial es mi pelicula favorita seria genial si estuviera en español gracias.

- Well done!5 star

I do not understand why there are so many bad reviews on this movie. I had no problem with it except for the acting ability of young Jaden Smith. other than that, the effects were great and the movie carries a well intended message. I think people get offended when the truth comes out in regards to how human nature really is. Also the fact that there is no nudity, swearing, drinking or drug use was another possible reason why this movie got bad reviews. All in all, I think it was fine and entertaining. Wasnt the best but it was better than most films I've seen during that time of year.

- Nope1 star

This was a terrible film. I wish I could put 0 starts on here. Please don't waste you money on this movie and maybe Hollywood will stop making bad movies like this.

- It's a good movie!4 star

First of all, this movie does not deserve the 27% that rotten tomatoes gives it, and it surely does not deserve a 1 start that some of the reviewers have given it. And to be fair, it does not deserve 5 stars either. I think people tend to exaggerate on both extremes. Why? I don't know, maybe we tend to think too much of ourselves. Anyhow, this movie falls either on the 3 to 4 star rating. I liked it a lot, so I gave it a 4 star. But then again, everyone is different. Nevertheless, 1 and 5 stars are an unfair, biased review. Don't put any attention to it. At the worst, I would even accept 2 1/2 stars, and that's pushing it. If you like Sci fi with drama, then you'll enjoy this flick! Cheers!!

- Lost Opportunity2 star

Some production value, but overall they botched this movie. Too much climate propaganda and not enough entertainment value.

- decent for the price i paid to see it4 star

Keanu Reeves (from Matrix) was credited as the worst actor in the movie. WHY? he was awesome

- don't waste your hard drive space.1 star

PLEASE! I liked Jennifer Connolly back in her Labyrinth days.

- the day the viewers sat still2 star

this remake NEEDs a remake. old film: lacked the technology of today and therefore can lack on it's own, be a little lame etc with out a doubt. THE REMAKE? hmm, this needs a remake itself and its makes you want to slap the director.

- I liked it.5 star

I don't know why people didn't like it. It had great effects and Keanu was good. The message was something that everyone should take to heart - - We need to view the Earth as something that needs to be respected and take better care of it because one day all of Earth's ecosystems are going to calasp due to human activity; and we will be stuck with nothing and how are we going to survie? I remember at the end of the movie I had a discussion with my friends in the thearter about the idea that the Earth dosn't really belong to us, we are like tents that don't take very good care of our house. One day we will be kicked out - we will not be given a fifth or sixth chance like in the movie. Once we're out the way Earth will balance itself out again. I really don't know why people didn't like it! Is it because of little Smith boy? I'll admit that I wanted to smack him once or twice during the movie. I recomend renting it first to see if you like it before buying it.

- This movie was good, rent it.5 star

This is one of my favorites. right next to "day after tomorrow" alot of people didnt like it because of the human species being the destructive life form, and in reality we are. rent it. I even bought it in Blu Ray.

- Atrocious1 star

See above title of review. Then go see the original. "Klaatu Barada Nikto!"

- Great!4 star

This movie was awesome! I saw it on tv a couple of days ago. It was really good! I would buy this movie! I liked it a lot. I only gave it 4 stars because it didn't really make sense if u didn't see the beginning but otherwise it was teriffic!

- I enjoyed this more than the original4 star

I guess I had to write a review from the point of view of someone that liked this movie, lol. So many people hated this reading the reviews. I thought this movie was well made and enjoyable. After reading the negative reviews, I went and watched the original and I didn't enjoy it near as much as this one. I enjoyed the better acting from the actors in the newer one and the updated graphics. When I watched the older one, it felt forced and the timing of things like pulling guns out to how they move just felt off balance. I can appreciate that for it's day, it was remarkable, but to compare it to this one and how smooth it all plays out made the comparison strange to me. Maybe people don't like change or they like inferior acting and special effects but I found this one better than the original. The moral of the story is the same for both, so I'd recommend you watch the previews for both and see which one is more in line with the type of movie you like. I purchased the newer version and watched the older version online. And that's how I'd rate this one and rent the older one.

- Not good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2 star

Hate it. Worst movie ever besides Little Man.Not worth a penny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- ..1 star

i fell asleep

- Love Keanu!5 star

Critics are being far too harsh on this film. My advice rent it and judge for yourself. It enjoyed it and watch it evertime it comes on cable.

- Greate5 star

i think this movie is the best!

- :)4 star

I actually liked this movie. Having not seen the original is probably what leads to my conclusion. It was very thought provoking (which are the kinda of movies I enjoy most) and it kept me wondering why the sphere's showed up in the first place. Now I will say that this isn't the best movie I've watched but it is good and I would reccommend it to anyone. :)

- Kill me1 star

I just bought this move Some one F*U* me

- yuk!1 star

this honestly may be the worst movie ever made.

- no2 star

dont do it.


I was unsure on whether or not to rent this because although I do love these types of movies, the number of bad reviews the movie received was surprisingly high But, I decided to rent it in the end and BOY DO REGRET IT!!! Terrible, terrible, terrible. There were some decent scenes throughout the movie (I'd say all together the decent scenes were about 7 minutes of the movie). Also, Will Smith's son was absolutely ADORABLE! He was really the only good thing about this movie. The whole thing was just awkwardly put they weren't even trying. I don't mind a movie being full of propaganda if it's a GOOD MOVIE WITH A GOOD MESSAGE. Not a BAD movie with the message "If you make your lifestyle eco-friendly, the aliens who are watching over us will come down and kill the human race."

- The day this movie grossing stood still1 star

THAT SUCKED thats all i can say about this film. HOOOOOOOOOOOOOLY CRAP IT SUCKED

- rubbish1 star

rubbish from A to Z, back acting, dodgy special effects, bad acting, did i mention bad acting..and of course Bill without Ted, or what is Neo?

- The Day the Earth stood still4 star

This is a great movie. If you saw the old version, you may have problems relating, but for today's generation with Keanu Reeves in the starring role, you can't do much better with this type of presentation.

- confused2 star

whats with the title? either it didnt mention the earth stood still or i missed that part.

- Easily One of the Worst Films of the Year1 star

Not a single line, not a single action in this film is anything other than predictable. If you're going to do a remake, you have to find some way of making it original or new in the telling. This film is more concerned with trying to force a message about environmentalism than it is about engaging the viewer with good dialogue and new or startling visual effects. There are many better choices for Sci-Fi out there, folks.

- The Day the Earth Stood Still4 star

Thought the movie was worth every cent to rent! You won't be disappointed!

- Very Well Done Adaptation4 star

If you like SciFi, you'll enjoy this. This isn't a bad movie, it just has a lot of people parroting what other people are saying because they think they have to say it's bad because it's a remake. This is not an action movie, it's a moderately paced Sci-Fi movie about the owners of this planet coming to save it by removing organisms that are destroying it - the humans. If there is anything wrong with this movie it's that there isn't an afterward at the end (like they had in Watchmen) and it could've used some more interaction with the politicians as they try to wrap their brains around Keanu's question "_Your_ planet?" Although the title doesn't have much to do with the movie (probably just a marketing hook) it does have a message and a meaning and the underlying theme of it is relevant to what is going on here now. It's a good movie - question the intelligence of the people who are leaving bad reviews.

- It could have worked but they messed it up.1 star

The plot had a fairly good base but the annoying family issues between the female lead and her step son took away from the picture and what it was about. The story could have just had Keanu meeting random people on the street and had a better flow to it.

- Great Movie!!5 star

This movie was the greatest sci-fi movie ever. It has it all: great actors, great special effects and a wonderful script. If you are a sci-fi fan this movie is for you; don't rent it, BUY IT!! Keanu Reeves has really stepped up as an actor through the years, and does a great job in this movie as well. BUY IT NOW!!!

- I liekd it.4 star

I haven't seen this movie for a whle but I did like it. Anyone who likes sci fi movies should definately try this movie out

- not bad, not great2 star

the movie was actually not as bad as i thought it was going to be...i was entertained. i would have given it 3 starts if it wasn't for the annoying kid...

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Tammyggg - Props to Scott4 star

I watched the movie two days ago and the director Scott Derrickson did very well on reinventing the 1950's classic. It seems he really put a lot of effort into keeping some bits from the original film and adding a few moderns twists to it. It takes a lot of work to make a great movie.

AlyKnowswhatsbestforyou - The crap version of independence day!2 star

This movie had a story, yes. But was it a good one? Yes and no. The movie is so poorly written that the good classic story is dumbed up. The acting is good, particularly from Keanu Reeves. There is little if any action sequences in this movie.

kaukalukka - Oh please1 star

Another movie about Aliens taking us out...YAWN!

PaulDuV - The kind of movies critics hate to love5 star

I think this film is successful on a lot of levels. For one, the opening sequence is masterfully done: really wonderful music, editing, and storytelling. Beyond that and throughout, the story unfolds in an intriguing way. Overall, I found this to be an engaging and entertaining film.

RyanHowlettNewfieWolverine - past3 star

this movie was ok, but when it stopped in the past, it should have stayed there

n3had - Stupid1 star

Sigh... Nothing beats independence day

azaro - Uh Uh2 star

I can't fault the message. But this is the movie equivalent of Live Aid (You know, great cause, lousy music). I gave it one star because I can't give it anything less. This movie rates negative. Hunt down the original. Even in black and white with fifties special effects it trumps this waste of time. I guess some classics simply can't be remade. The original has a certain naivete that was part of its charm. This 2008 version likes to think it knows it all, but it doesn't even know how to be a passable movie.

nexu$88 - Awesome movie4 star

All I can see is this is a well worth movie, and would recommend others to watch it. It is exciting, interesting, and grabs the person's attention. I think the characters were well developed, and I would like to see it again.

scottishlad90 - Scott2 star

Pretty neat for a sci-fi flick. It's a neat story but they could have made it a lot better - there's a few loose ends here and there too. Some neat effects and explosions. Alot of shadows with Keanu and Jesus Christ actually - they both save the world from imminent destruction. wait opps - did I give the movie away?

PNWer - Don't be ridiculous...1 star

This remake should not have made it onto the "Top 50 sci-fi moveis of the 00's" list. The budget must have been pretty substantial, yet did not translate into a modern interpretation of the excellent classic. Some great CGI and good filming locations could not help rubbery acting and a plot that often required suspension of disbelief. Of course, everyone must decide for themselves by comparing the original and the modern version, but the modern one does not merit a Top 50 slot.

smatypants - Day the earth stood still1 star

This flick is a giant let down. Keanu Reeves is a wooden as wooden gets. A sack of potatoes could have done a better job at emoting. I was looking forward to a modernized version of the classic and was reminded that Hollywood, at times devoid of originality, will rely on re-hashes that don't live up to the original or the money spent. I noticed that Kathy Bates is a lousy actress showing up for a pay check to buy more pizza and cola. Why did John Cleese show up in this under-whelming flick? Oh I forgot, he got divorced and needed the money to pay off his ex. Don't waste your time on this bomb.


Hey guys, this movie was kinda all over not yeah and could do the things where one is not stuff and seeing how it was over made because they would do that. Other than that, I really enjoy orange juice because it's very delicious, and is good for me, my mom says so, and I hope you all have a good day and bye. o_o

fun fun app lovin - terrible1 star

the movie ,from beggining to end is just keenu reeves walking around doing nothing.

DeonK - it's ok, i expected it to be better3 star

because Keanu Reeves is in the movie, i expected the whole movie to have "matrix" flavour, but... it didn't... and it felt like... it wasn't thought through properly... great graphics, good acting, good effects - but when the movie was over, i had a feeling something big was missing... i won't watch it again

patagonia10 - poorly done2 star

This film was a big disappointment, especially considering all of the great reviews written about it (which still dumbfounds me) and the fact that there are (who I consider) two great actors in the film - Jennifer Connelly and Kathy Bates. I never saw the original, but in this film, the story was very weak and poorly thought out. There's very little, if any, character development. The relationships between the characters are not believable... And it all seems to be haphazardly edited together at the last minute, as if there was no script to begin with. Sure there were some great effects and the kid is cute and Keanu is not bad to look at, but it's all very forgettable. I can guarantee you that you will not be talking about this film after a week. Please save yourself the time and watch another film. Don't be like me and let curiosity get the best of you.

Baconman1235 - Movie that sucked1 star

This movie sucked this is one of the worst movies ever if you rent or buy this movie your wasting your money I rented it from the movie store hated the movie

lizzie godoiiing - baddddddd1 star


ModernRockFan1 - Ending Changes Story...3 star

It turns out this movie had to do with some revelation, until the ending makes it more sci-fi, and nothing happens... It was OK

diana_bian - Great movie4 star

great movie with a great message. plus, keanu reeves is mega hawt :)

from_da_nest - The Day the Earth Stood Still3 star

Hmmm. Not bad. Seen better. Seen worse. Will make nature nuts happy.

DrydenM - grrrrr3 star

Please go away Keanu Reeves. Be a wax dummy or something.

Bret Bretterson - The Earth Never Stood Still1 star

This remake borrows from the original in the title alone. Given the plot of the story, I was surprised that there was no actual reason given for Klaatu's visit other than to save the earth from the humans. But never explained what exactly the humans were doing that they cared about. I struggle to see the point of this movie. Not only that, but given the title, I would have expected a single event in the movie that would stop the earth and make them take notice. It never even happened. Do yourself a favor and watch the original.

super-slovak - another hidden message movie1 star

why do all keanus movies have a lame message to them? comstantine was don't smoke and this movie was don't litter

Joshuanderer - Pretty interesting…3 star

There were some fascinating dialogues. The acting was generally excellent (especially in the lead roles). Some of the science fiction aspects of the story were relatively original and well-conceived, which contributed to what was, by and large, an enjoyable viewing experience. However, sometimes the the story felt a bit rushed, and also a bit concocted. It's a movie that makes you think. But try not to think about the movie itself, too much.

Lisa.8229 - Good!4 star

This was pretty good, suspenseful all the way through. Too bad that it had such an anti-climatic ending though. Otherwise I would recommend!

Zerofirst - Ridiculous1 star

This movie leaves me asking how movies like this get made. Swiss cheese plot, dreamed-up by a committee of focus-group lovers who checked their egos, brains, but not their bandannas, at the door. (Totally guessing about everything after the first comma in that last sentence). Complete garbage that shouldn't be viewed more than not at all.

Buck and a half - OKAY4 star

the part in the movie at the end where the kids mom says "its leaving" and the kid says no "he's leaving" is compleatly retarted espeasaly because its the ending. usually they put more efort into the ending.(they where probably to excited to realese it so they just whiped up something quickly or the writer ran out of idea's). i would recomend it but it was not the greatest.

jay404 - Ok!3 star

Cool but not near the excitement of other apocalypse movies example independence day, resident evil series, or war of the worlds so I hope my info was helpful.

vandawg - I like the 'idea' of aliens protecting the earth from people more than I like the actual movie3 star

The movie has a great concept and was well produced. Great special effects. The plot was a bit weak. The scene with John Cleese, the scientist, was well done. I'm not sure the movie does a very good job of convincing me the viewer the human race is worthy of being saved.... and I'm definately on our side !!!! Needed more meat.

fashion chick - WOW4 star

Okay well i must say this movie was... different, it really caught my eye. The fact that they also made a version in 1951 makes me want to see that version too. This movie was fairly good, Aleins attaking earth, yep i liked it.

J-Dogg p2 - Yeah1 star

This was the best movie i have ever seen in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!It was intense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am going to buy it so i can watch it over and over again. This movie was terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!

No BS Reviews - Excellent Movie!5 star

It isn't as good as the original 1951 release. But I loved this movie. I would highly recommend it if you are a fan of aliens and/or doomsday themed movies. I would also (if I were you) buy the original, as it is just as good. If not better. I like the 1951 release more. I actually bought the Blu-ray disk copy, which contained the original. And I first watched the new version (Of course!) Then I watched the original. I actually liked the original one a little more. (Even though I watched the new one first, and don't usually like black and white movies and/or bad special effects, but I liked the original more) In a simple answer, buy it! And since I am here; The movie has excellent special effects, good acting, good story line. It's a must have if you like movies with aliens. Or if you liked the movie(s) Knowing, War Of The Worlds, Independence Day, AVP, Aliens, Star Wars etc.

Ivanlim - Awesome!!!!!!!!5 star

I saw it in the imax theatre and it was the best movie

Thing #2 - Poor2 star

I've seen the original 1950s movie, and this was basic disgrace. The effects were better (no duh), however everything else fell apart. As well, they left out the key phrase "Klaatu Barada Nikto" which had been such a cult hit. Total neglect of the whole theme that we had started to arm our spaceships, thus mankind will be silenced unless they become peaceful. It's an anti-war film. Not a Keanu Reeves flaunting how good looking he is film. Fail.

The6Lord - boring2 star

it was just okay did'nt really like the movie because it was too Complicated

balzac-bee - okay3 star

I didn't mind it. Sure, it'll be compared to the old version, but who cares. The message is more important. Unfortunately, we won't have someone saving our buts in the end. On the bright side, this planet has survived massive extinctions in the past. Once we're gone, I'm sure things will bounce back.

Patrick69 - Jennifer Connelly is the only good part2 star

everything in this movie is horrible, besides

calumistheman - it was ok........2 star

there is lots of holes in the plot and im disapointed they should have put more work into the remaking of this classic film i would not recomend buying it

Final ninja - GOOD5 star


FreshDonuts - Good movie better message4 star

Despite stunning visuals and the usual captivation that a good science fiction film offers, an urgent message about the nature of humanity and the err of its ways is well portrayed. Definetly an all around good movie for most ages (frightening). Hopefully viewers will recognize the message this movie has to offer and maybe even learn to be proactive as a result!

WaffleManjara - Meh2 star

I saw this in theater and it was nothing special, it could have been a lot better if there where not some many holes


this is a very well made movie great actors great photography great effects i saw this in theaters and i watched it again and i will watch it again

damien73 - sorry2 star

I saw this movie in the theater, and a must say , it was just ok, but nothing more...... lots questions that was not answer... and the end was so clicher.

Ptc1950 - rubbish1 star

Reeves is no Michael Rennie. The plot was laughable and quite frankly it does a great disservice to the message in the original 1950's version.

Tmh888 - It’s a good remake IMHO4 star

Firstly, this is not a bad movie. People looking for aliens and explosions like the usual end of the World type movies will be disappointed, but that’s not what this movie is all about. The movie is more akin to a mirror being held up to the human race, and that’s why this movie is still one of my personal favorites.

Everthirsty - Pricey1 star

When you reduce the amount to realistic levels than i will buy it. Stop ripping me off because I live in Australia. You might be legally allowed to do so but you are ethically and morally corrupt.

Thylacine36 - Thyalcine364 star

Not too bad at all. A really good remake. Thoughtful. Reeves shines.

freebirds11 - Long and boring2 star

If you are after a film that has a great start "10minutes" and turn in too one of those Americana movies, where the storie goes on for ever, the action is missing, a humanity lesson, some very very bad acting "Keanu Reeves" add to that some poor dialogues as well, in that case it a must rent, if not save your self the money.

Dc fan 101 - Boooorrrriiiinngg!!!!!1 star

This movie is too preachy and not enough substance.

Hi1996 - Good as can be5 star

How can people think this a waste of money it's a good movie

If u r boy u like kiss girl - Not bad4 star

Whats with all the hate, i liked it, it has decent actors and a good plot, its pretty interesting

:0 :D <3 ? - AWASOME5 star

I don't know why people say this movie is boring it is cool

middi 10 - BORING AND MORE BORING2 star


ExhaustedSloth - Meh, would watch it once then never again3 star

A few cliche "we can change" corny lines ok plot alright acting but the whole world being destroyed -showing the pyramids and all the other landmarks- has been done way too much the real dealbreaker is the ending

Zamil - utter waste of time and money1 star

this movie is so bad i walked out of the theatre 30 minutes in. It's not even worth a weekend movie outing. Flat out lame.

Monmatia - 5 stars5 star


neuNomad - Good remake for fans of speculative fiction4 star

Anybody who is going to watch this movie should be warned that this is not a typical 'apocalypse' film like The Day After Tomorrow, or Independence Day. If you expect big battles with aliens, or main characters that are army-types and hard-boiled, you will be dissapointed. The point of the film will be clear to any fan of science fiction/spec fic, and whilst it's arguable that the narrative question has been posed many times before - having it done in a sci-fi 'classic' remake is justifiable and ultimately enjoyable. Elements of the plot that make the film relevant to today's audience include issues surrounding the environment and war, so depending on which way you lean you might enjoy this film more/less. There are plenty of nice touches that pay homage to the original film's legacy, and overall this is a decent update which unfortunately was never going to be rapturous with the mainstream movie-goer. Jennifer Connely is good too.

thegrot - Better than I expected...3 star

... from the poor reviews I read before renting it. For a bit of entertainment while sitting in the airport terminal for a couple of hours, it's excellent. If you like moralistic stories that describe both the best and worst parts of human nature, this story has that, and plenty of it. It's SciFi from two generations ago, remade with the essential story being a true 1950's "human condition" story that some younger people today won't see the point of. The actors try hard to do justice to their parts, John Cleese's short part is unusually serious for him (but good), Jennifer Connoly and Jaden Smith make a surprisingly good interaction, and Keanu Reeves plays it straight up and totally in character. I found it entertaining and I didn't pause it anywhere so it while not the best movie of the season, it was a lot better than I expected. Now I'm glad I rented it, though I haven't decided if I would buy it to add to the video collection.

adammlowe - just terrible...2 star

just really bad. Slow, not great acting, and a poor remaking of the original.

dancing man - NOT BAD2 star

Well I thought the first one was ok . like all the old si-fi movies nothing happens until the the last 20 mins This one grabs your attention first up . I didn't think this was too bad .the acting on Mr Reeves part didn't have to be great because thats the role he had to play .he was just dull . but everyone one else was good.

sonitus - Average Science Fiction Movie3 star

Average 'run-of-the-mill' science fiction that will entertain but not exhilarate. Good for a sci-fi fix, just don't expect to see anything new, or unexpected for that matter.

mselby - Could have been a little better3 star

Well Kenau Reeves continues to be a very flexable actor though in this case there wasn't really a lot of acting required. Compared to the original it lacks the suspense and twists that the original had. I had high hopes for this "The Day The Earth Stood Still" but the acting had. Rate 3/10 CGI was good though.

koi_110 - Great movie!5 star

This movie really was a great movie! The actors did a really great job, especially the little boy. Admittedly, the ending was a bit strange, but overall the movie was great, with a captivating storyline. 5 stars.

Briano - Not as good as the 1951 version!2 star

This movie as in many others has tried to go further than the classic original movie which was ground-breaking in its day. When something is already great why play around with it. It's what you are able leave out that makes for the best imagination provided the script and acting is good in the first place. Doesn't that go for almost everything we do in life? If you want to look at an all round quality Sci-Fi movie, look at 'The Knowing' — brilliant!

gerchering agency - piece of crud1 star

a monster is bombed and then the monster gets its revenge by sending out dust particles that somehow eat everyone away Then keanu reeves tells them to go away and then they do Buy it cause its really funny even though its not meant to be. THink about what i have just said, its rediculous!!

Nebnefer - Great But for one thing4 star

I liked the ability to get the movie when I wanted it - BUT I cannot play it on anything But Itunes or Quicktime. Which are not my preferred players. Shame on you Itunes. Give us the Ability to play these movies on what ever computer player we wish.

99ak - good at the movie 25 a rip RENT PLZ5 star

i'll like 2 watch it agian but i dont wanna pay 25 bucks make this to rent iTUNES Now or atleast in a few weeks come on........... JUNE 13 no way thats ages away

Bruiser :D - Some actors were Good.....But i didnt get the point so it was a bit wierd3 star

I liked MOST of Keavu Reeves scenes and Will Smiths little Dude scenes-- I dont get the story line and it is a bit wierd--BUT..... i saw it on a tiny screen on a plane when i was going to L.A. for a holiday,,, And i could barely see and i was really tired..... So i think if i saw it again on a bigger screen i could get the point a bit more and i could like it a bit more cause--and also the screen was fuzzy and it cut all the "Disgusting Parts" because of little children.

Gladwin - This Movie is Rubbish1 star

I also sat still at the end because I could not believe how bad this film was. Script is rubbish, acting is rubbish - except for Will Smith's little son. After this movie I thought I would like to meet Keanu Reeves and ask him why he has brought out 2 of the worst movies I have ever seen (this one and Street Kings - also a dud). Do not waste your money.

Louisa Ellis - i stood still after i watched it!!!!4 star

i saw this movie at the cimema and it was really good!! keanu reeves is such a good actor! when you can rent this movie im going to straight away!! but the ending to this movie is kinda a letdown.. there isnt a big finish.. but buy this movie!!!!!!!!!!

Fruity shortie - Steady eddie.3 star

Fascinating film find it incredible that government specialists would wear a 50 cent face mask for protection when examining a extra terrestrial biological entity.Scientists have died when entering crashed ufos from inhaling the atmosphere within the craft not to mention radiation effects and biological diseases from contact with inadequate gloves ect.Ignoring that worth a watch.

Old Skool Trekkie - Can't give a good review….1 star

I'll review the original later. This film was everything the original was not; preaching in a manner verging on the didactic and very unbalanced in portrayals that were unrealistic and very generic stereotyping. Not Keanu's fines hour…...

AlanUKOne - Good movie4 star

Good movie

andrewjohnrobertson - Another lost chance1 star

Fifties classic really badly remade. Here they had the chance to remake it with new special effects and could have used the proper ending but they bottled out just like they did in the 50s. The original robot still gives me the creeps but this modern one is instantly forgotten. The film is really badly put together with not a second of suspense and third rate special effects. As ever for the American public the director deemed the original ending too scary/not feelgood enough and bottled out. The real ending was that all humanity on all planets were the slaves to their robot masters who would obliterate any race who stepped out of line. On a brighter note, the dude from Point Break is in it and I love Point Break!

Hong Kong Mitch - What is the precocious childs' role ??2 star

Possibly three stars in fairness. Special effects are more than passable, and the classic story line worth watching unfold .... BUT, what on earth is the REALY annoying precocious child doing in it ? A renter, don't buy !

Doodle Dove - The worst ever1 star

In my opinion this is the worst film ive ever seen. Yes the idea of it seems interesting but it isnt filled with enough juicy content to keep you interested and hooked. Very slow paced and lost track of what was going on because i was so bored! Terrible!

Review of Reviews - Bought this, don't regret it.4 star

Keanu is great in this. Quite slow-paced but unreservedly brilliant in many ways.

skula - Misfired1 star

It may have some good ideas and wether some want to consider it thought provoking or not it failed as a movie in my opinion.... ach it was just utter crap.

Fletch19971 - Good, could have been better.4 star

I found the film ok to watch, it's not something I would pay again to see. But on the otherhand it was a good film to watch first time. I recommend it to people who are seriously into Ski-Fi films.

CarlosVanVegas - 2 Stars but not worth buying this re-make get the B & W Original2 star

I have been really disappointed at the cheap all glam/glitz special effects movies that has been coming out lately, made for quick bucks, for this one I'd recommend you keep your wallet firmly in your pocket. Basing my opinion on the original this for special effects yes this is not bad, G.O.R.T is a decent version here, but the storyline is loose, and makes too many assumptions, at most the entertainment value is skin deep, too but for me this is a flim flam of a remake that uses special effects to sell itself. The film is all too brief, like the Speilberg remake of War of the Worlds, I was disappointed when I saw these in the cinema. If you bought this you'd feel cheated at the £6.99 price tag, I'd recommend waiting till this is less than a fiver before parting cash. The last reivew I saw was mincing about Keanu Reeves, for the actors in this film the storyline probably lets them down as much as their portrayal of this film lets us down, I don't think this was a good film for Will Smith's son his disrespect to Jennifer Connelly was embarrassing, I thought her role was strongest of all, next to Kathy Bates. I gave this 2-stars, 1 for the movie, 1 for the special effects.

Chris AAA - Bad Hollywood remake2 star

Enough said

snuffle007 - Great Film5 star

Not understanding the 1 star ratings at all. These is a great modern version of a classic film, bringing in modern theme (i.e. global warming, mankinds destruction of the planet etc). I love this film. And about Keanu Reeves do realise that he is playing an alien who probably doesn't know how to express human emotion, and he has to be quite cold and emotionless as he is about to order the destruction of a whole species. Don't believe the low ratings...get this's awesome!!

Vibe Scribe Review - I only want to rent it3 star

Personally, I would not wish to own this film but I certainly would like to rent it. Ooops, iTunes haven't given me the option. Maybe they just don't want my money. Never mind then I'll go and do something else.

Bacon Wizard - a suprisingly successful remake4 star

Its always going to be diffiuclt to re-make such a classic without provoking outrage from some. For me, they did an excellent job, managing to convey an aura of mystery and menace. The film poses moral questions of the audience and Keanu Reaves managed to pull-off the cold, inhuman personality trait of this character, who although perhaps right in many ways is nevertheless sat in harsh judgement over human existance. Even the set design harks back to the original, using washed-out colourrs and retro design without ever spilling over into the excesses of steampunk which seems to be so in vogue right now. It felt like a genuine nod to the greatness of the original was intended by the director, and it shows.

Meg17 - Absolute tripe!1 star

This is possibly one of the worst films I've ever seen Total waste of nearly 2hrs of my life 

Trackend - Why try to beat the best1 star

The original was so much better, yes the special effects have advanced but this was one of those classics that cannot be remade it falls flat on its face and tries to rely on CGI to hold it together The script is boring despite Reeves valiant attempt to give it some substance it is a thin and irrelevant rambling that punctuates some decent enough CGI work. Get the original not this tripe

Xx tabi xX - Hmmm3 star

I would have given it 4 stars right up until the last 10 minutes. Before that it was gripping and everything you would expect from a great disaster movie. For me things turned bad as soon as it slipped in to the pattern of overly conventional movies where there is some great resolution at the end it was just too predictable, shame.

Bodie&Doyle - Another disappointment2 star

Being a big fan of the original black & white movie I was keen to see what a remake would do for me. There was no real sense of fear or edge of your seat scenes at all. Keanu was wooden, Jennifer was average. The only real moment that was thought provoking was when John Cleese and Keanu discussed the human condition to change - the rest was dull and Gort was too much CGI for my liking. If you're going to do a remake do it properly - don't cheapen it. Don't waste your money on this - it only encourages Hollywood to keep doing them. Be original.

El confused - Elm121062 star

I totally agree with Elm2106. Saw it few nights ago on tv. Didn't do anything for me really.

Elm2106 - Yeah.. it's not bad.. but it's no "2012"3 star

I love disaster movies and watched this on tv last night. It wasn't bad... but it wasn't really.. brilliant. The ending was really cheesy and it's just like. " that it?" The whole plotline was a bit short, but it wasn't at all bad. I don't know.. just my opinion. You'd be better off watching something like "The day after tomorrow" or "Battle: Los Angeles."

catboychris - Appalling remake1 star

Shockingly trite remake of the B Movie classic. The film is completely un-nuanced, manking is bad, oops I have changed my mind, mankind is good. This would have been fine if it had remained in B-movie territory but the director has chosen to push it towards a philosophical message, we must change our ways, lead actress drives a Prius (therefore must be a goodie). SAve your money and watch the original

Nella nu nu - Rubbish1 star

I would give it 0star if I had the choice ! I saw this with my family and we all fell asleep! Absoulutly rubbish DON'T BUY!!!!!!

Teeobb - Long...1 star

I went to watch this movie for one simple reason, the trailer, wow awesome! It looks great doesn't it?! Ok, so with that in mind, the rest of the movie will be surely as gripping and full of action as the trailer! No, unfurtunately the only good bits of the movie are on the trailer, so I don't suggest you pay to be really bored for an hour or so and just enjoy two minutes of flm. I don't understand how anybody enjoyed it, my girlfriend was nearly sleeping and I, unfurtunately had to many energy drinks just before so I could not fall asleep

ValleyXXIII - Spoiled by the quality of its namesake. Rent dont buy.3 star

If this film had been called anything else, and not in any way associated with the original it would have been a very good couple of hours escapism. However, in being compared to the classic original it is a poor second and not required in any serious sci fi collection.

sebinio - This is a good film nothing more and nothing less4 star

If you can remember the original plot then don't watch this. If you don't download it. The reviews against KR are wrong, IMO, the way he plays the role is perfect. The thing with films, all films, they are subjective (marmite). Also that people/society will complain first rather than compliment. This film addresses this, ironic. I rated this 4. Its good, not average but its not brilliant.

Bfjmib - poor2 star

the plot is poorley executed, the structure is bad as the film refuses end with a completely lackluster end that is supposed to provoke some sort of feeling but falls flat, the acting is wooden, particularly from reeves and the film fails to leave any lasting impact.

how many nicknames r there?? - The Day The Earth Stood Still3 star

Meh. Its alright, could have been much better though.

Ollie Pajak - Rubbish1 star

Just awuful worst disaster movie ever

Sleepy_Jay - At least I saw it out til the end1 star

Probably the worst film I've seen for a while and ive seen Predator 2. Boring, obviously unoriginal as it's a remake, unispired - which is bad since it is a remake of a classic. Shame as the special effects are quite good.

A.Jayne - it was agood film!4 star

I really liked this film, its not like the rest. It has quite a good script, but the end kind of let it down for me; other than that its a film you gotta see if you like the genre!!!

Terry Manning, Bournemouth, UK - Nowhere near as bad as some have lead you to believe!3 star

First off I have seen the original and that was a ground breaking film for its day. This is NOT a ground breaking film as we've seen this kind of movie several times before. (Independence Day, Day After Tomorrow for example) However, it's still a very good film with exceptional special effects and a good storyline. The problem I had with this film is that it wasn't long enough! At 99 minutes there was little time for character and plot development, making the film feel a bit rushed. Keanu Reeves is perfectly cast as Klatu, with Kathy Bates and the ever stunning Jennifer Connelly making up the best of the supporting actors. Although not a classic, this film is well worth seeing.

Neverway - Got it. It was awful.2 star

Obvious and poorly acted. Visual effects almost saved it.

dazpanzan - The day my brain fell asleep1 star

A very simple film for very simple people. if you enjoy uncomplex and quickly made fims with a simple plot then this is for you. Its sad really as it could have been so much more considering the fx used, a total waste. I find it hard to give it one star!! keanu reaves is not capable of stringing more than a few words together in any film so i was not expecting much from this. and not much is what i got. utter crap.

Mike Hillier - Possibily the worst film I ever had the misfortune to see1 star

Everyone, and I mean everyone, involved in the making of this truly dreadful film should be ashamed of themselves. Even though I had not wanted to rate it with a star - iTunes requires one to do so - I can honestly say I put more effort into doing so than anyone on the film did in their given task.

Lurkalot - Dullsville2 star

I was quite looking forward to watching this film. Then I did. It was ok but slow and slightly dull with a weak ending. Worth a watch on a lazy Sunday afternoon but I would borrow a friends copy and not pay iTunes prices.

mrmichael1695 - TERRIBLE1 star

Do not watch this or Marley and Me they are sooo bad. The special effects are good but the film isn't. Dont watch it you'll regret it.

Drew J T - Drew J T3 star

I read the other reviews and thought i would judge for myself and rent it out . I have seen the original and i was surpried because its not too bad its just not brilliant. Worth a watch but i wouldnt buy it myself

Sufferin’ Succotash - Really Good5 star

This is a great movie, yes it isn't as good as the original but it has been adapted to be suitable for the 21st century.

yeahyeahyeahwhat? - No No No No No1 star

My brother and I almost walked out of the cinema during this film. The acting was so bad it was uncomfortable to watch, in particular Keanu Reeves. Sure, wooden and tormented worked for The Matrix but Keanu cannot pull an expression other than bored indifference which is exactly how I feel whenever I watch him.

Matt 'Smith' Pickles - Great film, good acting, rather unexplained ending though4 star

The film is quite gripping all of the way through, particularly the plot, and the acting by all characters is great despite what others say about Keanu. Robert Knepper (Prison Break, Hitman) as 'The Colonel' has a short but almost comical act which is one of many, many reasons why I would watch this again. The only downside is the sudden ending which leaves a mimimal amount of explanation for the story. Overall, 4 stars.

taylor---94 - worth watching if theres nothing better to do4 star

alright film to watch if theres nothing else to do but has the worst ending i've ever seen. interesting ideas though.

PHATMANF1 - boring2 star

the day i waisted 1hr 43minutes of my life would be a more appropriate title the mediocre acting and all over the place plot made for terrible viewing avoid

cymrank - The Day the Earth didn't quite stand still.3 star

As a 100% lover of the 1951 masterpiece with the 'magnificently wooden' Michael Rennie,this new film had to be quite incredible OR a totally new take on the Klatu story,(especially as i'm NOT a great fan of Kant-do Reeves,the man known to have a problem with character acting,i.e.he can't do it!).Thankfully the movie was of the second type.They didn't try to 'upstage' the origional masterpiece by bombarding us with c.g.i.and massive non-stop action assault on the senses,(we can watch Lost in Space for that!).No.instead,we get a true 'quality' film.Superb production and cinematography,a joy to the eyes,with quality all the way through on every level,music,sound effects,script,direction(excellent),pace,and excellent totally believable acting,even from the rather shaky Keanu! He plays his role with restraint,few words,strange and wooden,a pale shadow of the magnificence of Rennie but nevertheless a very impressive turn.No embarresing acting or stupid accents here.However,what starts off as a gripping,where will it go?,fascinating film slowly loses its power until,although entertaining enough,the film finally leaves a sense of dissapointment,as if someone had cut the 10 minute incredible climax to the film,completely out and left forlorn on the editors floor! There wasn't even a romance with a lingering kiss at the end to compensate! (surely Klatu should have been fully converted over to human love with the attractive female lead? It was all there in the story,but Keanu decided to bugger off in his space-ship instead of being initiated into the delights of female love with the subtly sexy female lead ! Well,maybe that's Keanu for you,he was so realistic in this film because he played himself ! Overall,a lovely quality film that doesn't quite satisfy or 'hit the spot'.Like eating sushi,delicious and delightful,but as soon as you finish,you want a real filling meal ! If you're a fan of Keanu then watch this film,otherwise have the 1951 masterpeice ready or another great film to watch after you have seen this superb but somehow empty effort.

muzicallman123 - Give this film a chance!!!!!5 star

Like the guy who wrote the first review said, you really need to take this film in to understand it and i promise you, you will enjoy it. I think the cast is very good because the matrix has help Keanu Reaves come across as an alien/non-human person and this film teaches us a valuable lesson too. Also, now they have lowered the price it is definately worth it and will get you asking a lot of questions.

pg99 - A different take on the original5 star

Not usually a fan of remakes but this one is excellent. The story-line is basically the same as the original, as are the underlying reasons for extraterrestrial intervention, but this version vividly portrays how environmental concerns & fears have replaced the American obsession with the spread of communism.

Homephree - Very enjoyable revision4 star

A good updating of the old classic.

nodrogdax - Save your money1 star

Come on ... this is probably the least memorable Sci -Fi film in years.Truly rubbish film with wooden acting. Keanu must have been needing the work and I dont know why he took this role on becuase he his miles better than this garbage. I now know why it was not on the blockbuster list last year. Save your money dont buy this, the original was miles better all those years ago........

kev.p - The day the earth stood still1 star

worst performance i seen keanu play could have been better, graphics where poor and very predictable story line

beatrice1 - Shocking1 star

I understand the origional was a classic - this is pure dross. Terrible acting and non existant plot makes this the worst film of the year for me...

McCloskey - the movie that stooped so much2 star

not much to say about this waste of money movie. I wanted to see the alien destroy earth but he saves it.if there going to make a second just destroy earth and go

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Magoo2425 - Wow2 star

The action is horrific the story is illspoken and the story is incredibly hard to understand. I came out after this saying what the hell just happened.. Not a good movie by ANY means if you want a good movie get "Taken".

rbryanh - Deafening Catatonia1 star

Keanu Reeves plays a waxwork figure of a cartoon of a caricature of a stereotype of a badly made action figure knock off flatted into anonymity with a sledgehammer. The wonder of this utterly exploitive and superfluous remake is how a film can be stillborn and yet still make so much noise as it subsides into a coma and dies. Don't give them money - they might do it again.

a fan of this movie - AMAZING5 star

this movie was an awesome movie that most ages would love..its really entertaining and you always want to know what will happen next...the alien in the movie creeps you out at first but you soon grow to know and love him

jimmer 69 - worst movie ever1 star

worst movie i've ever seen. best part was coach eric taylor

TheMusicProphet - eh.... just ok...3 star

THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL was a LONG movie in theaters... I'd leave it alone....

St Tiki - A decent movie4 star

Having never seen the original, I'm not going to compare this movie to the old one. Honestly, who cares how great the old one was? That being said, this was a pretty good movie, overall. I don't know why so many people said it was worthless, I think some people just hate the concept of remakes. Definitely worth the few bucks to rent it. Some good action, a creative story, a unique sci-fi aspect and a solid modern theme. If you have 2 hours to kill and enjoy sci-fi, watch it.

MikeOfKorea - Flawed but Entertaining3 star

It is highly unlikely that any earth civilization would meet extra-terrestrial visitors with unprovoked violence. However, given that flawed premise, the movie makers and actors did a good job of entertaining. There was suspense and action, but there was also room for self-reflection, or national reflection, about being stewards of Nature. Keanu Reeves was in his usual character, though: moody, brooding, distant. It's not a bad movie, but I wouldn't pay to see it again.

Ron Reed - a solid old fashioned science fiction movie4 star

This was a solidly made, respectable old fashioned science fiction movie, a movie with a message. The self-destruction warning of the original has been updated to have an ecological slant.

thasty - They drop the ball on this one.1 star

All I can say is what the heck were they thinking? The original is a classic and is one of my all time favorite movies. Here was a chance to up date the message the original had. I'm very dissapointed in how it turned out. What the heck was the message ? That they were not capable of making a movie that came even close to the original. Who ever wrote this turkey and directed it need to hide in shame. Save your money and check out the original movie.

rickbbb - They Shouldnt Of Made A Remake1 star

I bought this movie because of the cast and I love science fiction movies. I never dreamed it would be so bad.What were they thinking?Go rent or buy the original from the 1950's.I own it on my video ipod.Avoid this awful remake.

BAM_BAM - Horrible1 star

This could be the worst movie ever made. What a disappointment.

postit1388 - bad... really bad1 star

Please do not waste your money on this movie. I wish I could get my money back!

oldaxekid - Klatu Nikto Barata4 star

Where's the Robot?

Beezey 2.0 - Horrible1 star


howards4.1 - Worst movie ever!!!!1 star

The title says it all!!!!!

Integer8 - If you really like Keanu3 star

then it is a fine movie... if you like to look at him and you like his voice... here it is. The content is so so, nothing that would inspire awards.

person7872 - I thought it was good4 star

I thought it was a pretty good movie ,if you like si - fi movies you should at least give it a try

TylerB92 - This the worst movie I have seen all year.1 star

Do not waste your money on it. It is a horrible movie.

electragloria - Misunderstood and quietly lovely4 star

I was so ready to hate this movie and I came away with a very different view. TDTESS cannot be remade as it was; over 50 years have passed and the world is a profoundly different place. The decision Klaatu delivers - and the manner in which he does so - seems appropriate given what we have failed to do. Visually stunning and unexpectedly affecting.

T-Hoop - Bad Reviews Shouldn't Be Trusted4 star

Befor I saw this movie, I had heard nothing but bad reviws but I was really suprised. I greatly enjoyed this movie greatly. You really can't trust the critics.

N1CH0L4S - I loved it5 star

Maybe we would destroy ourselves if we did nothing to stop global warming and mass pollution, actually we would destroy ourselves. Some people need a Wake Up call! Or maybe those people just need to go to sleep already. Legalize marijuana, It would help.

TWILIGHT_HATER_12 - Weirdd2 star

the guy is really weird. he creeps me out. :) =} <3 {=

Spenttoomuch - Is it over????1 star

I am confused beyond words. Not sure where to begin because I am not sure the movie was over. It The earth was in peril because of humans and now...what?!?!?! What does the plot have to do with anything in the title. Bad plots and meaningless climatic scenes all leading too................ And that's the movie.

Best iPodtouch 2G - Special effect!4 star

When the alien turned into a human out of that slimey thing omg it freaking looks amazing so dam real it's shocking!!

glachma - ok3 star

this movie is weird but ok

RockMusicLover120 - Meh3 star

An ok movie with decent special effects and good actors. Some parts are too unwell acted or the scriptis not good.

[email protected] - Worst movie of all time1 star

The title says it all. I took my dad and some friends to this movie and i was shocked at how bad it was. The previews made it look great but they actual movie was painful to sit through. My dad strongly considered asking for his money back. This is the worst movie i have ever seen.

arbee1958 - sad waste of talented people and lots of cash2 star

much was made of the special effects but to be honest they were pretty ordinary, the plot was thin, excessively contrived and none of the action looked realistic or logical . Bring back michael Rennie ! There were giant holes in the story that had no internal logic to carry it forward Sad waste of quite talented people

Music Phanactical - Dun Dun DUN!4 star

It was ok, very overdramatic, and it scarsly stayed true 2 the original. But just like the 1950's version, it's a topic we've already heard about a billion times, and while were trying 2 fix it, we're sick of seeing movies about it. In the 1950's the huge topic was the damage of war after WWII ended. This version is about, u guessed it, the damage of pollution. Yes we all know about pollution enough already and it just makes me sick 2 see another movie about it. But even so it was a great and dark remake. In general I liked it.

Rebel 58 - Shouldve been called the day you waste time!1 star

ok this was a complete waste of my night like really it was not good at all STAY AWAY!

DL8381 - GREAT MOVIE5 star

Great movie. For those who didn't understand it maybe you need to watch it a second time or maybe just the original. I am curious to know what people missed out or didn't understand. Made pefrect sense to me.

chiqui3 - Good, but Scary4 star

This movie struck me as not nearly as bad as all the reviews said it was. Though I normally hate Keanu Reeves for the complete lack of any emotions or expressions, the fact that he is playing an alien life form in this movie makes it seem appropriate. It's not spectacular, but it isn't bad.

chadguy - Really?2 star

Why does Hollywood insist on portraying us as trigger happy idiots? Who would shoot the first alien to come here? Why would we even consider meeting them with force when the mere fact that they possess the ability to reach Earth would suggest that they are far more advanced technologically. Besides this, the "save the planet from the evil oil burning humans" theme always makes for a very predictable, worn-out and lame plot. This movie was weak in plot, effects and realism. I wanted to like it. Now I wish I had my money back.

nobody100 - The Day the Earth Stood Still2 star

Below average. No real development of characters. You personally don't care if the whole earth is wiped out. There's not one character you really care about. Many scenes don't make sense. They give an alien being a lie detector test with no one guarding him but the guy administering the test. REALLY?

SciFimoviesss - Good!4 star

A good movie. On the other hand it would be better if we could watch the movie more times withou the time-limit of 24 hours.

Jetsfan1095 - Bad2 star


D.Aimee - Great movie5 star

The old one needed an update. I enjoyed extremely.

Titan088 - The Day the Earth Stood Still1 star

You or I could of written a better script. Not even the special effects/action were to get excited about. The original 50's version is far superior. A classic.

nmyund - The Day the Earth Stood Still1 star

This movie started out great. I was into it, loved the new GORT, thought Keanu was doing well, and then it all just went downhill. This could have been such a good movie. The 1951 version was, of course, great, but that doesn't mean they couldn't take the same concept and modernize it, which they did, and pretty well at that. But then it all got so bogged down with the woman and the kid and trying to be too sappy that the suspense that had been building just withered away and you wound up not caring all that much what happened to these characters. Too bad -- it had potential.

TrueBoredom7 - Don't see buy this Movie1 star

This is the worst movie I have ever seen. The original was a Classic, but this new remake deserves to be placed with other movie failures; such as "Manos the Hands of Fate".

Prosperogod - Pathetically bad, wasted opportunity1 star

The original is such a classic. And ripe for a great remake with references to the modern world using modern technology. This remake is a stupid action flick with no purpose, no message, no quality.

buster city - whats with all the hate?5 star

why is everyone hating on this movie? I thought it was cool

flyingseadog - lil boring4 star

the movie wasn't that bad, maybe because i was expecting alot! in my personal opinion i still like the war of the worlds the graphics was cool though!

ThrasherJoe - best movie5 star

buy it

E.Delmar's Review - Mishandled Potential3 star

The movie started great with a powerful and suspenseful background introduction, in other words the movie had my eyes glued to the screen. Then as the movie progressed, I started to noticed that the once creative, intense direction the movie had captured was beginning to deteriorate. This was a dead giveaway at the halfway mark. To be honest, at one point I actually had the movie going on in the background as I decided to check my email. The only reason I kept watching was because I thought it would eventually pick up again. Of course to my surprise, it never actually happened and the movie ended on an abrupt note not that I'm complaining. I give it three starts as in it's good enough for a rental so that you the viewer can decide for yourself. As the title reads, the beginning sure fooled me as I once thought it could have been one of the greatest movies of all time, in remakes at least. It most certainly had the potential for it, too bad it was wasted.

Dorset123 - A bore1 star

A dolt of a movie with a dolt as an actor

Exitman - The Day I Wished I Didn't Rent This Movie1 star

Where the original '51 movie left you concerned about the future of mankind and hoping/wanting to make difference, this piece of celluloid garbage left me regretting I'd spent the $4 to rent. Early warning signals came in the form of the child character; a totally pointless hollywood device to provoke pity. Boo hoo. Crap dialogue, terrible acting (OK, I should have expected this from Reeves) and meaningless over the top special FX. DONT' BOTHER! Go rent the original instead. Minimal special FX but great acting and awesome dialogue all supporting a brilliant plot.

rushter - Al Gore would be proud1 star

It is amazing how Hollywood will produce a propaganda piece like this preaching to us about how evil a society we are; while continuing to pump out one pointless horror, killing movie after another. The hypocrisy chokes you through the movie. What disgusts Hollywood is the society that their product has produced, a people with violent, hateful, sociopathic, anarchistic, hopeless tendencies. They mock the groups that decry their industry of dissonance, but then self righteously produce movies like this to vainly cleanse their communal soul. What they need to produce are movies that inspire love, peace, kindness, cooperation, and knowledge. Only there will they find their collective redemption.

CRog18 - Don't Buy This Movie2 star

Awful! very, very, uninteresting

Big Chief Bo - Waste of time and money.1 star

What an unbelievable waste of time and money. I should have heeded the reviews of others. Horrible movie. Lame and vague ending. I do not recommend renting or buying this movie.

5 star

@cjayanetti @NPorter83 So what is the next film from the Netflix algorithm? Runaway bride? or The Day the Earth St…

5 star

69. The Day The Earth Stood Still (2008) / dir. Scott Derrickson ... apaan nih, classic dari mana. pointless bgt s…

5 star

Tomorrow will be the day the earth stood still.

5 star

The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) is one of the best remakes out there.

5 star

@miss_dbora Sure you've seen every classic like Total Recall or Alien? I like Impostor (2001), The day the Earth s…

5 star

@StarMan92062292: I just watched the film "The Day The Earth Stood Still" 2008 version with Keanu Reeves. Klaatu came to save Earth! He…

5 star

I just watched the film "The Day The Earth Stood Still" 2008 version with Keanu Reeves. Klaatu came to save Earth!…

5 star

@fstylekallithea Ε ναι γιατι το The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) με την Κονελυ και τον Κιανου ενω ξεκινησε καλα κατεληξε μαπα

5 star

@LeadApprentice: 🤖G.O.R.T🤖 Killer alien bot about to destroy mankind. What's happening reminds me of a scene in 2008's The Day the Ear…

5 star

Financial markets react to alien invasion - The Day the Earth stood still (2008) - 👽

5 star

@LeadApprentice: 🤖G.O.R.T🤖 Killer alien bot about to destroy mankind. What's happening reminds me of a scene in 2008's The Day the Ear…

5 star

The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) is about to start on Film4 and is repeated Monday.

5 star

The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) is on Film4 at 6:55pm and is repeated Monday.

5 star

The 1959 version of Journey to the Centre of the Earth is on this afternoon. I was briefly excited to see that The…

5 star

@LeadApprentice: 🤖G.O.R.T🤖 Killer alien bot about to destroy mankind. What's happening reminds me of a scene in 2008's The Day the Ear…

The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) Images & Pictures

The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) images
The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) images
The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) images
The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) images
The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) images
The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) images
The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) images
The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) images
The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) images
The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) images
The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) images
The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) images

The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) Posters

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The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) posters
The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) posters
The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) posters
The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) posters
The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) posters
The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) posters
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