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The Day the Earth Stood Still is 20th Century Fox’s contemporary reinvention of its 1951 classic. Keanu Reeves portrays Klaatu, an alien whose arrival on our planet triggers a global upheaval. As governments and scientists race to unravel the mystery behind the visitor’s appearance, a woman (Jennifer Connelly) and her young stepson Jacob (Jaden Smith) get caught up in his mission – and come to understand the ramifications of his being a self-described “friend to the Earth.”

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Color lover99    5 star

A movie about conscience What a great time to watch a movie about people waking up to their capacity for right and wrong. This is not just entertainment. It's about realizing how much harm we can do to the earth and each other, and maybe it's time to try a better way. The professor says "we change on the brink", but how about seeing where we're headed and changing now? I really liked this movie.

drtigger    1 star

Klaatu barada Stinko Any similarity between the original ’51 and this is impossible. As expected another remake that makes you glad you saw the original.

Ninjashort    1 star

Blehh That is the only word I can use to describe this movie.

747whaledriver    1 star

The day that movie audiences slipped into a coma Someone had a lot of film to burn. The movie starts out with so much potential and promise, gets stodgy quickly — but grinds down to an Earth Day 'let’s-save-mother-earth' propaganda flick not worthy of an elementary school skit. Yawn. Waited the whole movie for something to happen, and after the dramatic arrival of the alien spacecraft, nothing else happened. Who wrote this script? Al Gore? Fell asleep during the credits. The opening credits. Who left the bag of idiots open? I’m shocked that anyone who find this movie entertaining — to say the least — or excellent. Where do I sign up for giving brain-dead movies good ratings and reviews?

CeSed    1 star

So mindblowingly...bad Lol. I definitely couldn't sit still for this movie nevermind stand.

Bubba Fet??    1 star

Watch everything but the ending and . . . This movie is actually entertaining somewhat--then they wrap the whole story up and it all goes down hill from there.

casperbeta    4 star

I liked it! I was entertained by this movie. I remember the original movie, and it was okay, but this was a new take and I liked it.

Dirty Benny 666    1 star

The Day Keanu Reeves Acting Stood Still They need to bury this movie next to the Atari E.T. cartridges in the desert.

Philly mcPhil    4 star

cool, but not great The story was pretty interesting, but some of the acting was weird, and the movie's sequences go by too fast, but overall a cool movie to watch.

Natalie77744    5 star

People attack this movie because... I wouldn't say this movie is without flaws, but it's certainly a far better film than most of the mindless junk I've seen in the past few years. I was intrigued and entertained by it, and the main reason was for the environmental theme which I thought was well presented. However-- I think the movie's environmental theme is also what's causing a hostile reaction from some. People don't take kindly to being reminded of who they are, and what they're helping to do to the planet -- in fact it makes them mad (ie. defensive!). So I think this is mainly why you have such divergent reactions to the movie. But putting that aside, it's a nicely put together movie, and although not as charming as the original it will definitely stir your feelings and imagination.

AlyKnowswhatsbestforyou    2 star

The crap version of independence day! This movie had a story, yes. But was it a good one? Yes and no. The movie is so poorly written that the good classic story is dumbed up. The acting is good, particularly from Keanu Reeves. There is little if any action sequences in this movie.

kaukalukka    1 star

Oh please Another movie about Aliens taking us out...YAWN!

PaulDuV    5 star

The kind of movies critics hate to love I think this film is successful on a lot of levels. For one, the opening sequence is masterfully done: really wonderful music, editing, and storytelling. Beyond that and throughout, the story unfolds in an intriguing way. Overall, I found this to be an engaging and entertaining film.

RyanHowlettNewfieWolverine    3 star

past this movie was ok, but when it stopped in the past, it should have stayed there

n3had    1 star

Stupid Sigh... Nothing beats independence day

azaro    2 star

Uh Uh I can't fault the message. But this is the movie equivalent of Live Aid (You know, great cause, lousy music). I gave it one star because I can't give it anything less. This movie rates negative. Hunt down the original. Even in black and white with fifties special effects it trumps this waste of time. I guess some classics simply can't be remade. The original has a certain naivete that was part of its charm. This 2008 version likes to think it knows it all, but it doesn't even know how to be a passable movie.

nexu$88    4 star

Awesome movie All I can see is this is a well worth movie, and would recommend others to watch it. It is exciting, interesting, and grabs the person's attention. I think the characters were well developed, and I would like to see it again.

scottishlad90    2 star

Scott Pretty neat for a sci-fi flick. It's a neat story but they could have made it a lot better - there's a few loose ends here and there too. Some neat effects and explosions. Alot of shadows with Keanu and Jesus Christ actually - they both save the world from imminent destruction. wait opps - did I give the movie away?

PNWer    1 star

Don't be ridiculous... This remake should not have made it onto the "Top 50 sci-fi moveis of the 00's" list. The budget must have been pretty substantial, yet did not translate into a modern interpretation of the excellent classic. Some great CGI and good filming locations could not help rubbery acting and a plot that often required suspension of disbelief. Of course, everyone must decide for themselves by comparing the original and the modern version, but the modern one does not merit a Top 50 slot.

smatypants    1 star

Day the earth stood still This flick is a giant let down. Keanu Reeves is a wooden as wooden gets. A sack of potatoes could have done a better job at emoting. I was looking forward to a modernized version of the classic and was reminded that Hollywood, at times devoid of originality, will rely on re-hashes that don't live up to the original or the money spent. I noticed that Kathy Bates is a lousy actress showing up for a pay check to buy more pizza and cola. Why did John Cleese show up in this under-whelming flick? Oh I forgot, he got divorced and needed the money to pay off his ex. Don't waste your time on this bomb.

It’s a good remake IMHO  Tmh888  4 star

Firstly, this is not a bad movie. People looking for aliens and explosions like the usual end of the World type movies will be disappointed, but that’s not what this movie is all about. The movie is more akin to a mirror being held up to the human race, and that’s why this movie is still one of my personal favorites.

Pricey  Everthirsty  1 star

When you reduce the amount to realistic levels than i will buy it. Stop ripping me off because I live in Australia. You might be legally allowed to do so but you are ethically and morally corrupt.

Thyalcine36  Thylacine36  4 star

Not too bad at all. A really good remake. Thoughtful. Reeves shines.

Long and boring  freebirds11  2 star

If you are after a film that has a great start "10minutes" and turn in too one of those Americana movies, where the storie goes on for ever, the action is missing, a humanity lesson, some very very bad acting "Keanu Reeves" add to that some poor dialogues as well, in that case it a must rent, if not save your self the money.

Dc fan 101
Boooorrrriiiinngg!!!!!  Dc fan 101  1 star

This movie is too preachy and not enough substance.

Good as can be  Hi1996  5 star

How can people think this a waste of money it's a good movie

If u r boy u like kiss girl
Not bad  If u r boy u like kiss girl  4 star

Whats with all the hate, i liked it, it has decent actors and a good plot, its pretty interesting

:0 :D <3 ?
AWASOME  :0 :D <3 ?  5 star

I don't know why people say this movie is boring it is cool

middi 10
BORING AND MORE BORING  middi 10  2 star


Meh, would watch it once then never again  ExhaustedSloth  3 star

A few cliche "we can change" corny lines ok plot alright acting but the whole world being destroyed -showing the pyramids and all the other landmarks- has been done way too much the real dealbreaker is the ending

disapointing  malk1  2 star

was looking forward to this film but sadly it never lived up to my expectations,shame it had all the makings of a classic but never really got going,you always thought something was missing.

The Day The Earth Stood Still  Hattifur  4 star

What a good film, the special effects were awesome and Keanu Reeves was excellent. The end could have been better it seemed so cut short, they could have made more of it.

The day the earth stood still  JETRC  4 star

I really liked 'The Day the Earth Stood Still'. It was even better the second time watching. The film really spoke to me about human ignorance and how devastating that is to all life wherever it may be.

That's it?  Ironeyex  2 star

Thats how it left me feeling although I went to see it at the cinema it sounded great but left me feeling as if they forgot how to end a film. 2 stars as some of it was good.

Sentiments are good but...  keef-m  3 star

The overall premis of this film is spot on and fairly well conveyed but what a dull presentation. The film seems to plod through the action and is one tedious chase scene. Some of the dialogue is delivered so unconvincingly - especially Kathy Bates - 'girl you can do better than that! we know"! Keanu delivers the same character as always, so no change there. Effects are good and nicely restrained. The US politicians and military perform as gun ho as expected, another turkey shoot that goes wrong ("OMG those pesky Indians are actually more powerful and intelligent than us after all!" - yes, so stop doing it then, and especially on film!). It's a good partner film to the new version of War of the Worlds - which was equally as pedestrian, well it had the TomCat albatross. This story was craving a decent re-outing, especially in the climate of the world's actual impending self destruction, but the boat was well and truly missed. Let's hope humanity doesn't do the same.

doc master
R U B B I S H  doc master  1 star

as a fan of the original i thought of this as an insult to it bad acting bad storyline and full of bad ideas really wouldnt bother with this one watched it and thought it was one of worst films i have seen should have stuck to original ideas.

There is nothing wrong about this film  grreegee  5 star

just don't understand why some peeps give it just one star perhaps they should watch coronation street or some other boring like dramas. I did enjoy it and if you like SiFi you won't be disappointed but if you expect expensive special effects you won't find them as many as in movies like star wars....

great film from start to......................oh dear another stupid ending, gutted.  Siexander  2 star

not £10 worth

Those wacky aliens  MightyA  3 star

You've got to love aliens, haven't you? Of all the bods they could have cloned they had to go and pick Keanu, reckon cinema's in the Milky Way must still be showing the Matrix. Here we have the classic 50s king of the B Movies remade, and all in all not too bad. The laughable premise is that Keanu, or Klatuu our apocalyptic alien wants to save the Earth from us humans - very topical, we're simply not sustainable you see and therefore must be purged. However, hold onto your pants because with a little bit of luck the 2 dimensional alien will be won over by a like-mind; the even more character-free Jennifer Connelhy (?) & her plucky sidekick some attitude spouting kid. They'll save the day. Throw in John Cleese pretending he knows Applied Mathematics because he's wearing a chunky cardigan & lives in the middle of nowhere & heck I'd be reaching for the self-detonation. Keanu is the best thing in this film though he is pretending to be otherworldly again but let's not hold that against him. Kathy Bates does some sort of politico drag act too just for a bit of light relief. We're all sure of the message though- the marvellous thing is we just don't care..

Original was better  Bouncingbob  2 star

The original was better because that is how the film should be, special fx aren't needed, it's about the script and the meaning, not visual. Keanu reeves, is ok, he's supposed to play an unemotive alien, so who cares how dry his acting is. The one good thing they did was to show the animals being saved in the bubbles. i gave it 2 stars because in its own right it is alright, but as a remake its hideous. im young and into films with special fx but even i can appreciate the original is better.

Love it.  RhysEe  5 star

Are you kidding, I love this movie, and even if it is a remake of a classic I still think It's a great epic, action packed thriller. I really enjoyed it.

Really three stars, but I'll give it a four…  fettid  4 star

…after the previous reviews. When ever there is a remake of a classic, there are always the comparisons to the original. I can barely remember the black and white 1950's version of this tale and after reading the other reviews thought I'd wasted my money renting this version. However, sometimes after bad press you can have your expectations lowered to the point where you enjoy a film MORE than you otherwise would. This was the case for me. I wasn't after the reinvention of cinema — just a little Saturday afternoon popcorn sci-fi flick, that I could watch in bed late one night and it did that quite nicely.

not too bad  Kabayan  2 star

good time waster movie!

I dont usually write reviews but....
The day the brain switched off  I dont usually write reviews but....  1 star

Before downloading this movie I thought the previous two reviews may have been a little harsh, now I know they were accurate. Maybe I expect too much from SCIENCE fiction but the writers must have thought that the original plot of alien comes to earth, does an assessment and then decides to destroy it was far too complex, so it has been dumbed down a lot and simplified even further. This creates so many holes in the plot that need to be filled in with CGI effects, leaving the characters underdeveloped and unbelievable. Why did the US military decide to put all of its top scientists in a 1960’s helicopter and fly them directly over the meteors predicted impact site, assuring them of certain death – wouldn’t a bunker be safer?. GORT can electronically interrupt military communications, take down multiple unmanned aircraft with his lazer eyes, but gets outfoxed by 3 forklifts. Personally, I am with Klaatu; destroy the earth so that movies like this don’t get (re)made again. Having said that I don’t think the human race was really in too much trouble, the aliens built a glowing orb that can traverse the universe at lightspeed yet land delicately in Central Park. It has the power to destroy the earth, but unfortunately, it cannot move 50m to the left and pick up its pilot and take him to safety. Klaatu needs to talk to his engineers about that fault.

Pretty Poor  Movieviewr  2 star

A poor adaption of a classic Sci-Fi film. Barely believable characters in poorly thought out situations. Yet another poor Hollywood adaptation of an earlier movie, the studios do little but insult their audience by serving up these 'b' grade films

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