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"Academy Award winner Tommy Lee Jones leads an all-star cast in this psychological thriller based on the bestselling novel by James Lee Burke. While on an investigation into a series of grisly murders, veteran detective Dave Robicheaux (Jones) navigates his way through the Louisiana bayou and the dark, sultry world of New Orleans mobster "Baby Feet" Balboni (John Goodman). Layers of corruption and long-dead secrets reawaken grudges and a lethal alliance A tangled web of killings, past and present, converges in a shocking showdown with stakes that become deeply personal to Robicheaux and his family. Featuring music from five-time GRAMMY Award-winner Buddy Guy, this film takes you deep into Cajun country's hidden worlds. *Best Supporting Actor: The Fugitive, 1993"

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NO ONE CAN ESCAPE THE SINS OF THE PAST. Lt. Dave Robicheaux, a detective in New Iberia, Louisiana, is trying to link the murder of a local hooker to New Orleans mobster Julie (Baby Feet) Balboni, who is co-producer of a Civil War film. At the same time, after Elrod Sykes, the star of the film, reports finding another corpse in the Atchafalaya Swamp near the movie set, Robicheaux starts another investigation, believing the corpse to be the remains of a black man who he saw being murdered 35 years before.. In the Electric Mist Wiki

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Divus Claudius
Love this Dave Robicheaux adaptation  Divus Claudius  5 star

Wonderful job at adapting one of my favorite Dave Robicheaux novels. Tommy Lee Jones is perfectly cast. Wish they would adapt more of the Robicheaux novels with TLJ as the lead!

The big easy  Asantekamill  5 star

A movie that captures New Orleans perfectly without serving the gambo thick. Perfect like a long and hot New Orleans summer afternoon. I wish every movie was cast this well with Tommy lee Jones' best performance and the best adaptation of James Burke's detective yet. Alec Baldwin was good but this was better.

Great Movie  Bochain  5 star

I have been a fan of James Lee Burke for a very long time. I have read all of the Dave Robicheaux Novels and currently reading the newest one now. This movie is a great depiction of the series. Tommy Lee Jones played Dave perfectly. I have often had discussions with other movie fans about who in hollywood could best play Dave Robicheaux and after seeing Tommy Lee Jones in that part I can't imagine a better actor. The story was a good story and stuck to the book fairly well. Not a big fan of the Katrina references considering the book story was written long before Katrina ever formed a cloud. But hey it's modern movie, what can you do. Otherwise a great performace by all the actors and a good job sticking to the book which really captures the south of louisiana.

Ok  jboycep  3 star

About what I expected, nothing particularly great or poor about this one, except it quite possibly had one of the cheesiest endings I've ever seen in my life! I wish the characters had more depth, but again, I expected this to be a run of the mill thriller and it was.

ml from jax
Good movie, wrong actors  ml from jax  4 star

I am a huge fan of James Lee Burke and have listened to or read all of his books, including the ones that aren't Dave Robicheaux. But as someone who listens to most of his material, it is hard for me to imagine anybody but the reader, actor Will Patton, as Dave. It was also disapointing that Clete Purcell doesn't make an appearance in the movie. We have a little game in my family where we try to come up with the perfect actor/actress to play a main character in movies which are adapted from novels. We rarely reach a consensus choice on a character, but that is the case when it comes to Clete, and that actor is Nick Nolte. Other than that, the movie is very good with a great soundtrack and a passable, but arguably not perfect Dave. P.S.- Check out James Lee Burke's daughter, Allifar, who is also a novelist.

Excellent Movie  humm11  5 star

Not for shoot 'em up fans but a deeply real and beautiful movie.

In the electric mist  Doug22151  1 star

I wasnt impressed. Think back to when you said I will wait for it to come out on video. Wait longer!!

AWFUL - such a waste  riverview184  1 star

The last 20 minutes are slightly interesting, but I almost slit my wrists getting there. Don't waste your time or your money.

In the Electric Mist  GunSmoke16610  4 star

Captured the spirt of the deep south wonderfully. Solid acting and well written script, best movie I have seen in while.

Loved it  Bgbdbrd  5 star

I think Tommy Lee is perfect for ole Dave... great music, Levon Helm is a great casting choice. Did this flick miss the theaters? I don't remember any promotion? It seemed like many of the actors were local and I think that is a good thing. It had a slightly amateur feel to it at times, but that in this case is a good thing. If I didn't know that John Sayles was only acting in this one, I'd of thought he'd been the Director. I' will watch it again some day. Makes me me wanna visit Louisiana. Thanks

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