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Superstars Samuel L. Jackson and Bernie Mac are "Soul Men" - the hilarious story of Louis (Samuel L. Jackson) and Floyd (Bernie Mac), a popular singing duo back in the day, who went their separate ways and never spoke again. When the death of their former group leader (John Legend) reunites them and sends them driving cross country for a tribute concert at the legendary Apollo Theatre, they will have only five days to bury the hatchet on a twenty-year-old grudge.

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. Two former backup soul singers, Louis and Floyd, have not spoken to each other in 20 years, and reluctantly agree to travel across the country together to a reunion concert to honor their recently-deceased lead singer. Cleo, a beautiful young woman who is believed to be Floyd's daughter, accompanies them as a new singer.. Soul Men Wiki

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Slept on Movie  Kay-B69  5 star

This movie is absolutely hilarious and under appreciated! Worth the purchase 10x!!!

Soul men  KayMae18  5 star

Hilarious movie!!! 😂😂😂

Great movie  Bigdaddyspaz74  5 star

This movie is one of the most hilarious movies I ever bought it was a shame these couldn't do more comedies before Bernie mac passed away.

Good movie  greens7472006  5 star

This movie is insanely funny. Hilarious from the start to the finish. Vintage Bernie Mac and Samuel L. Jackson. I absolutely loved it and will forever cherish this movie.

"lesta tha court jesta!!!!"  JebelliAlex  5 star

Best movie on the world so underated buy it!

rent  Rab045  5 star

This used to be for reant

Funny/ Sad  LadyConnell  5 star

This movie was hard to watch, I will miss Bernie Mac And Isac Hayes, Will buy this movie

Young Exec
good movie  Young Exec  4 star

great movie funny worth the tme and money

The Peter Griffin
I gotta rent this.  The Peter Griffin  5 star

I need money.

Buy!!!  Haganster  5 star

This is movie is insanely funny but iTunes let us buy it! Press yes if you agree.

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