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The fire of Barbra Streisand. The magnetism of Kris Kristofferson. The reckless world of big-time rock 'n' roll.

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Maybe  Mommamccall76  3 star

I’m not a huge fan of Barbra Streisand but I do love Kris. Movie wasn’t bad but not good either.

Epic Failure... and I really love Barbra  rajentzen  1 star

I was 'too young' to watch this when it first came out. I caught a a scene or two over the decades when it was on cable, but never watched the whole movie. I *always* had a fond feeling about the movie. The music, Kris' bare chest, and Barbra. What's not to love for this gay boy born in the mid-'60's?! My hubby and i were excited about the 2018 version and decided to watch the previous versions. I hadn't seen any of them before this year. The story is about a very talented woman falling in love with a talented (?) but waning musician in the midst of alcoholism and depression. It hurts to see a woman define herself by a man, slow down her own career and artistic pursuits and sucesses to appease the fragile ego of a man. But I have seen other movies expressing the tragic flawed moments of history: homophobic, racist, etc. So the tragedy of the historic moment does not have unduly burden a piece of art. But this version of A Star is Born was wooden. I was not drawn into the characters... perhaps because they were poorly written... or poorly portrayed. They were stereotypes, not human beings.

Horrible remake..  Sheena26  1 star

Kristofferson and Streisand were totally wrong for the parts. Kristofferson mumbled every single one of his lines. He had absolutely no charisma or personality in the film. Streisand was basically doing ‘Funny Girl goes to a rock concert’. Her version of Esther was too goofy and too Brooklyn. Such a disappointment in what could have been an incredible remake.

The Rotten Tomato Reviews  christianbailey  5 star

When comparing this movie to the 2018 version, it shows that this is superior filmmaking. The conglomerate of reviewers on Rotten Tomatoes must have felt there was a trend to be a part of. This version has character develpement unlike 2018. This one has a wealth of music that is a true work of artistry ulike the 2018 version. This 1 has actors that are truly actors and know something about being in an entire film with true chemistry, unlike Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper- Lady Gaga an example of not being able to act her way out of a paper bag let alone carry a movie, and Bradley Cooper just not being believable for a second that he is interested in Lady Gaga. If you were to exchange the reviews for the 2018 and this version they'd make a lot more sense. This 1 is has scrutiny based on reasons that are because of a critisism of Barbra Streisand of the time, and 2018 had an energy surrounding it that just wanted to see Bradley Cooper succeed as a filmmaker- because he's likeable I guess, and good PR, and see Lady Gaga succeed as an actor... Lots of money put into that, and here you have an actual realized product and the 2018 version is just a reductive version all around and seems to have a defeating arrogance that could have benefited from this version. Reviews don't make something good or bad... it being good or bad is what makes it good or bad. This one is definitley worth the watch. Skip the shallow Lady Gaga version, and know that it is hype backed up by sycophants.

A classic movie!  Supermom70  5 star

I decided to watch this again after seeing the 2018 version with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga (which is great in it’s own right) and this movie stands the test of time. “Evergreen” still sends chills down my spine.

Queen BARBRA  Bakura408  5 star

Barbra Streisand is pure talent ❤️

It was OK  Shuruq2  3 star

I saw the Lady Gaga movie and liked it a lot so I rented the Barbra Streisand one but didn’t like it as much. The acting in this one was not great. Good story though.

Bad  Jkc7704  1 star

Bad movie don’t watch. Fails as a film.

Born, born, born, and born again!  wm  4 star

I dusted this one off when Bradley Cooper actually got Lady Gaga to sign on for the new interpretation (new generation). Not really a fair RT score, predates RT. I’m admittedly Not a fan of Gaga, but I am learning … but Streisand, she’s a not a mere mortal, and the songs, e.g., “Evergreen” are legendary and Academy Award winners. Who knows, a week before Cooper/Gaga’s version is released, maybe it will be crowned StarBorn Champ!

Love love love this Movie  mamabecktn  5 star

Both Actors/Singers are so charismatic and each individually strong in different aspects. A truly great Romance Movie with all the drawbacks of life in the fast lane.

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