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The fire of Barbra Streisand. The magnetism of Kris Kristofferson. The reckless world of big-time rock 'n' roll.

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A classic movie!  Supermom70  5 star

I decided to watch this again after seeing the 2018 version with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga (which is great in it’s own right) and this movie stands the test of time. “Evergreen” still sends chills down my spine.

Queen BARBRA  Bakura408  5 star

Barbra Streisand is pure talent ❤️

It was OK  Shuruq2  3 star

I saw the Lady Gaga movie and liked it a lot so I rented the Barbra Streisand one but didn’t like it as much. The acting in this one was not great. Good story though.

Bad  Jkc7704  1 star

Bad movie don’t watch. Fails as a film.

Born, born, born, and born again!  wm  4 star

I dusted this one off when Bradley Cooper actually got Lady Gaga to sign on for the new interpretation (new generation). Not really a fair RT score, predates RT. I’m admittedly Not a fan of Gaga, but I am learning … but Streisand, she’s a not a mere mortal, and the songs, e.g., “Evergreen” are legendary and Academy Award winners. Who knows, a week before Cooper/Gaga’s version is released, maybe it will be crowned StarBorn Champ!

Love love love this Movie  mamabecktn  5 star

Both Actors/Singers are so charismatic and each individually strong in different aspects. A truly great Romance Movie with all the drawbacks of life in the fast lane.

A passable remake  Furutan1  2 star

If you can accept the notion that gravel-voiced Kristopherson is an arena-level rock star, it helps. But he isn't. Overall it is a passable remake of a 1930s boxing film. Yet another remake exists that came out recently but it isn't much better. As K's character (sort-of) sings, "Am I a figment of your imagination?" My answer is no.

Gamer holdem
Great as ever !  Gamer holdem  5 star

I’d forgotten how good this movie 🍿 was. And what an appropriate time to have it out since there doing a remake. Can’t wait to see how well it does. Well worth the watch even if just to compare to the remake due out soon 👏

In my top 3 79s movies  Susienc919  5 star

Excellent acting for every character, very well played updated storyline, best music ever created..we don’t have great music anymore so this movie and soundtrack are must haves❤️❤️❤️❤️

A Star Is Born  Julip55  5 star

I absolutely love this movie! Great performances by Kris and Barbra. Every time I watch it I cry at the end. My favorite version of A Star is Born!!!!

fungooley ruley
Oldy, but a goody!  fungooley ruley  4 star

It's been a very long time since I first saw this movie but it has a good, credible storyline and strong performances from all characters. Kristofferson can't sing for peanuts but Streisand more than makes up for that. I believe she has been a hugely underrated actor during her career. Loved seeing it again!

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