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Let the Right One In (2009) Movie Summary

  • R
  • 2009

Lonely, 12-year-old Oskar is regularly bullied by his stronger classmates. A new friendship develops when Eli, a pale, serious young girl who only comes out at night, moves in next door. Coinciding with her arrival is a series of inexplicable disappearances and murders. As Oskar becomes more aware of Eli's tragic plight, he cannot forsake her. However, Eli knows that to continue living, she must keep relocating. But when Oskar faces his darkest hour, Eli returns to defend him the only way she can...

Let the Right One In Film Synopsis

Set in 1982 in the suburb of Blackeberg, Stockholm, twelve-year-old Oskar is a lonely outsider, bullied at school by his classmates; at home, Oskar dreams of revenge against a trio of bullies. He befriends his twelve-year-old, next-door neighbor Eli, who only appears at night in the snow-covered playground outside their building.

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GreatExcellent movie wonderful ending abd the vampires were actual vampires.Score: 5/5

GreatGreat.Score: 5/5

Creepy- particularly the child aspectThere was an English language remake of this that was equally creepy but the gender aspect of this film makes it even creepier. If you have kids of your own, it is all the more horrific. The soft-sell conclusion will stay with you. As for me, this is a moody movie that can be watched once. Its worth watching, but afterwards you might find yourself looking forward to watching another movie afterwards to fill the dark scary hole it has created – something that is bright, bouncy, and exciting — and with a decidedly happy ending..Score: 4/5

WonderfulIf you enjoyed Dreyer's or Murnau's vampyres this film is for you, and you will never regret it. It will stay with you because it works on many levels: mythical, sexual, political, social, historical and psychological with elegance, tenderness and subtlety. But if you enjoyed the Twilight series, Interview with... and other similar vampyre products, recent and old, you will not be able to appreciate this small masterpiece. So move on and watch what you deserve. This is based on a novel, which are almost always better that their filmed versions. Do read Le Fanu's Carmilla, though, on which Lindqvist got inspiration for his own and for the script of this gem. By the way, this is in Swedish, so If you are not able to read English subtiles, go back to school..Score: 5/5

ExcellentThis movie is a love story with a twist. It reminded me of the Phantom of the Opera..Score: 5/5

A Dark And Witty MasterpieceThere is literally nothing wrong with this movie. If Shakespeare directed movies, this would be his masterpiece. Such dedication to detail and story and the characters come alive as we see them through their daily struggle. I appreciate how Alfredson develops the world, not only introduces us to it. Next to "The Thing" by John Carpenter, this is one of my favorite horror movies. Actually, I lied. This is one of my favorite movies period..Score: 5/5

It was pretty goodThis was a pretty good movie and it may be Swedish or whatever but this was a very good vampire movie..Score: 4/5

Simply marvelous!!!It's a must see ..Score: 5/5

Humble, Yet GreatThis is a very humble Swedish film based off of a book that very people, myself included, have ever read. Yet, this is sublime. This is greatness and it trumps the immensly popular Twilight in every regard. This is a story of something beyond love: acceptance. Oskar is a bullied boy with dark thoughts and Eli is a vampire longing to find stability in a world she cannot live in. Along the way, they solve each others problems by very violent means and they find that long sought acceptance within one another. Yet, there is also the sublte manipulation of Oskar by Eli that is present, but that only adds to its depth. This is a classic that will go under-appreciated, but will be a welcome find to anyone who happens to stumble across it. This film is a diamond in the rough, and it will live on in the annals of the vampire mythos in a manner befitting itself: humbly, yet with grace and beauty beyond compare..Score: 5/5

If this isn"t considered a masterpiece i dont know what is.This has to be one of the very few films that overall captivates and draw me into the story in terms of pure originality and uniqueness. I've watched this film more than 40 times and it preserves its brilliance and attractiveness very well. The acting and cinematography are superb beyond recognition. Eli and Oskars bond that accumulates gradually in this film is heartwarming and magical. This is just such a beautiful film which hit me on a variety of emotional levels simultaneously. Out of all the films made that are considered to be the greatest films of all time, this particular film let the right one in is a film that i would firmly state is one of the top 3 greatest movies ever made worldwide. I have phenomenal admiration for this film and implore people to give this magnificent film the rating it deserves. Its an undeniable masterpiece..Score: 5/5

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I am sure glad i bought this film!Breathtaking! I wish i could have befriended a vampire to help me deal with bullies. years of torture, for being gay. the film was brilliant, well shot, and directed. the top critics were absolutely right with their reviews (this time). if you like twilight rubbish, don't even try to start liking real vampire films..Score: 5/5

I loved itI saw let me in, that's exactly the same movie but with other actors and in a new version in movie theater and i loved it!.Score: 4/5

AnelieseThe story of Eli & Oskar is haunting and not likely to be forgotten. Both the novel by John Ajvide Lindqvist and the movie capture the reality of childhood innocence and how it's lost as people grow up and into such dark situations. The entire story is centered around the fact that there can be love without lust, and that that kind of love is truly genuine..Score: 5/5

Incredibly smart if you pay attention.And know Vampire lore. This movie is incredible from top to bottom..Score: 5/5

Theatrical SubtitlesThis version has the (proper) "theatrical" subtitles. I had begun to watch this movie with the other subtitles (I downloaded it off the Internet somewhere), but I knew I'd gotten the lame version -- it just didn't have spark. So I rented this version, and it's MUCH better -- full of sarcasm and nuance..Score: 5/5

BADThis is the same as le me in this was probaly one of the worst movies that i have ever watched.Score: 1/5

Beethoven in movie makingThere was a twist in this movie, I guess, if you really were looking for it. As a matter of fact, there was a lot about this movie that was there if you really looked for it. Because the details were fantastic... if you were to appreciate those details. But along with the details, there was also the parallel contrast pacing the relationship. What was best about this movie was the contrast between the innocent attraction and very quick bursts of rapture. The mix was perfect for the purpose of the story..Score: 5/5

ThoughtsI saw it on tv the movie made no sense at all this kid gets bullied then a dam vampires protects and cares for him honestly ppl need to spend money wisely like COME ON PPL! This movie is a 0 out of 10.Score: 1/5

Let the Right One InI loved this movie! It's spooky in a way that I haven't seen in ANY recent American horror. Brilliant!.Score: 4/5

Has some gaps... not the greatest acting... but good.Definitely foreign film-ish... I liked this but I liked the American version a bit more... the gaps in the story were filled in more to complete the who movie more. This one had more gaps that really didn't need to be there. The acting was also a bit one dimensional and hard to get into, especailly with the awkward acting between Lacke and his wife..Score: 3/5

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GabewebI'm watching Let the Right One In 1x03 "Broken Glass" #LetTheRightOneIn #trakt.Score: 4/5

Homebody315 ReverendWarnock: If you stand with me right now, I will stand with you for the next six years – in line, in the rain, through hardships….Score: 5/5

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KJ96488243 ReverendWarnock: If you stand with me right now, I will stand with you for the next six years – in line, in the rain, through hardships….Score: 1/5

AzubuikeChukui1 ReverendWarnock: If you stand with me right now, I will stand with you for the next six years – in line, in the rain, through hardships….Score: 2/5

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Let the Right One In (2009) Series Cast & Crew

Let the Right One In (2009) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Kåre Hedebrant (Oskar), Lina Leandersson (Eli), Per Ragnar (Håkan), Henrik Dahl (Erik), Karin Bergquist (Yvonne), Peter Carlberg (Lacke), Ika Nord (Virginia), Mikael Rahm (Jocke), Karl-Robert Lindgren (Gösta), Anders T. Peedu (Morgan), Pale Olofsson (Larry), Cayetano Ruiz (Magister Avila), Patrik Rydmark (Conny), Johan Sömnes (Andreas), Mikael Erhardsson (Martin), Tom Ljungman (Ung man 1), Fredrik Ramel (Ung man 2), all returned for let the right one in movie.

Kåre Hedebrant (Oskar)
Kåre HedebrantOskarScore: 1.7
Lina Leandersson (Eli)
Lina LeanderssonEliScore: 1.2
Per Ragnar (Håkan)
Per RagnarHåkanScore: 2.2
Karin Bergquist (Yvonne)
Karin BergquistYvonneScore: 1.6
Peter Carlberg (Lacke)
Peter CarlbergLackeScore: 1.1
Ika Nord (Virginia)
Ika NordVirginiaScore: 0.6
Mikael Rahm (Jocke)
Mikael RahmJockeScore: 0.8
Anders T. Peedu (Morgan)
Anders T. PeeduMorganScore: 1.1
Pale Olofsson (Larry)
Pale OlofssonLarryScore: 2.4
Johan Sömnes (Andreas)
Johan SömnesAndreasScore: 0.8
Tom Ljungman (Ung man 1)
Tom LjungmanUng man 1Score: 4.4

Johan Söderqvist (Music), Tomas Alfredson (Director), Tomas Alfredson (Editor), John Ajvide Lindqvist (Writer), Carl Molinder (Producer), John Nordling (Producer), Hoyte van Hoytema (Director of Photography), Dino Jonsäter (Editor), Anna Zackrisson (Casting), Eva Norén (Production Design), Maria Strid (Costume Design), Maria Strid (Makeup Artist), Jonas Jansson (Sound Designer), Petter Fladeby (Sound Re-Recording Mixer), Christoffer Demby (Sound Designer), Per Sundström (Sound Re-Recording Mixer), Patrik Strömdahl (Sound Editor), Mikael Brodin (Sound Designer), Maths Källqvist (Sound Designer),

Johan Söderqvist (Music)
Johan SöderqvistMusicScore: 1.0
Tomas Alfredson (Director)
Tomas AlfredsonDirectorScore: 4.6
Tomas Alfredson (Editor)
Tomas AlfredsonEditorScore: 4.6
John Ajvide Lindqvist (Writer)
John Ajvide LindqvistWriterScore: 1.4
John Nordling (Producer)
John NordlingProducerScore: 1.4
Hoyte van Hoytema (Director of Photography)
Hoyte van HoytemaDirector of PhotographyScore: 3.8
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'Let the Right One In' Official Trailer (HD). First teaser trailer of let the right one in, the Tomas Alfredson's popular movie. Watch the let the right one in teaser trailer. Tomas Alfredson’s #let-the-right-one-in is now on 4K UHD, Blu-ray and digital platforms.

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Let the Right One In Movie Screencaps, Images & Pictures

Eli is 12 years old. She’s been 12 for over 200 years and she just moved in next door...

Let the Right One In — 2009

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All released movie posters so far for the movie let the right one in - 2009. A poster for Tomas Alfredson horror movie, Let the Right One In! High resolution official theatrical movie poster (#1 of 10) for let the right one in (2009). Image dimensions: 2025 x 3000.

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يقع أوسكار البالغ من العمر اثني عشر عامًا في عام 1982 في ضاحية بلاكيبيرج ، ستوكهولم ، وهو غريب وحيد ، يتعرض للتخويف في المدرسة من قبل زملائه في الفصل ؛ في المنزل ، يحلم أوسكار بالانتقام من ثلاثة من المتنمرين. يصادق جاره إيلي البالغ من العمر 12 عامًا ، والذي يظهر ليلًا فقط في الملعب المغطى بالثلوج خارج المبنى.

български език
Филмът проследява напъпващата обич между бледия 12-годишен Оскар, тормозен от съучениците си и пренебрегван от възрастните, и новата му съседка Ели, която е "горе-долу" негова връстничка и въпреки че е по-малко бледа, е вампирка (но има нужда от баща си да й доставя кръв). Ели приема приятелството им с нежелание, но е очевидно, че двамата могат да си предложат един на друг това, което им липсва - Оскар получава силата да се изправи срещу грубияните, които го тормозят, а тя - приемане, любов и може би нов донор на кръв.

Příběh postihuje i krutost dospívání a křehkost prvního hlubokého vztahu, který zde navazují dvě osamělé děti, dvanáctiletý jedináček rozvedených rodičů Oskar a jeho nová sousedka, upírka Eli. Dívka žije s „otcem“, společníkem, který jí pomáhá se zabíjením místních lidí, jejichž krví „dceru“ živí. Ví, že musí město po určité době opustit, a snaží se naučit slabého a šikanovaného Oskara bránit se. Později se vrací, aby ho zachránila před krutou pomstou spolužáků, a pak už zůstane...

Drengen Oskar på 12 år er et mobbeobjekt i skolen og bor i en lejlighed med sin mor i et trøstesløst kvarter. Det er midt om vinteren, og sneen ligger i et tykt lag, frosten har bidt sig fast. På den diminutive legeplads i gården foran etagebyggeriet møder Oskar en dag den mystiske pige Eli, der med sin sære væremåde og stærke udstråling tryllebinder Oskar, der samtidig har hårdt brug for en ven, han kan stole på. Men Eli gemmer på en helt vanvittig hemmelighed, en fuldkommen ubegribelig sandhed: hun lever af frisk menneskeblod og er i teknisk forstand en vampyr.

In dem Stockholmer Vorort Blackeberg wird die Leiche eines Jungen gefunden. Sein Körper enthält keinen Tropfen Blut mehr, alles deutet auf einen Ritualmörder hin. Noch ahnt niemand, was tatsächlich geschehen ist. Auch der zwölfjährige Oskar verfolgt fasziniert die Nachrichten. Wer könnte der Mörder sein? Und warum sind in der Nachbarswohnung die Fenster stets verhangen?

Ο δωδεκάχρονος Όουεν μεγαλώνει στο Νιου Μέξικο κλεισμένος στον εαυτό του, αφού η μητέρα του τον παραμελεί και οι συμμαθητές του στο σχολείο του επιτίθενται με κάθε ευκαιρία. Όταν κοντά στο σπίτι του μετακομίζει ένα μυστηριώδες κορίτσι, η Άμπι, ανάμεσά τους δημιουργείται σιγά-σιγά μία βαθιά φιλία. Καθώς όμως μια σειρά από μυστηριώδεις φόνους συγκλονίζει τη μικρή πολιτεία, ο Όουεν θα αναγκαστεί να αντιμετωπίσει την αλήθεια και να δεχτεί ότι η φαινομενικά αθώα φίλη του είναι βαμπίρ.

Oskar, un niño tímido de 12 años, acosado en el colegio por unos compañeros, se hace amigo de Eli, una misteriosa nueva vecina de su edad, cuya llegada coincide con una serie de inexplicables muertes. A pesar de que Oskar piensa que ella es un vampiro, intenta que su amistad esté por encima de su miedo.

Oskar, un niño tímido de 12 años, acosado en el colegio por unos compañeros, se hace amigo de Eli, una misteriosa nueva vecina de su edad, cuya llegada coincide con una serie de inexplicables muertes. A pesar de que Oskar piensa que ella es un vampiro, intenta que su amistad esté por encima de su miedo.

12-vuotias, koulukiusattu Oskar asuu Blackebergissä, Tukholmassa 1980-luvun alussa. Hän tapaa samanikäisen tytön, Elin, joka on juuri muuttanut Oskarin naapuriin vanhan miehen, Håkanin, kanssa. Kaupunginosassa on samoihin aikoihin alkanut tapahtua verisiä murhia. Ystävystyttyään Elin kanssa paremmin Oskar saa tietää Elin olevan vampyyri, jolle Håkan kerää verta murhaamalla.

Oskar est un adolescent fragile et marginal, totalement livré à lui-même et martyrisé par les garçons de sa classe. Pour tromper son ennui, il se réfugie au fond de la cour enneigée de son immeuble, et imagine des scènes de vengeance. Quand Eli s'installe avec son père sur le même pallier que lui, Oskar trouve enfin quelqu'un avec qui se lier d'amitié. Ne sortant que la nuit, et en t-shirt malgré le froid glacial, la jeune fille ne manque pas de l'intriguer... et son arrivée dans cette banlieue de Stockolm coïncide avec une série de morts sanglantes et de disparitions mystérieuses. Il n'en faut pas plus à Oskar pour comprendre: Eli est un vampire. Leur complicité n'en pâtira pas, au contraire...

אוסקר הוא ילד בודד שחי עם אמו הגרושה בפרבר אפרורי של שטוקהולם וסופג התעללות מבני כיתתו. לתמונת חייו העצובה נכנסת שכנה בת גילו, אלי, שלא יוצאת החוצה ביום, לא מרגישה את הקור ושנודף ממנה ריח מוזר. היא גם לא נכנסת לחדרים בלי שיזמינו אותה קודם וחתולים, באופן כללי, לא ממש מסמפטים את נוכחותה. אלי חיה עם גבר מבוגר שכולם מאמינים כי הוא אביה ולשניים יש כמה סודות שהם מעדיפים לא לדסקס עם זרים. פנטזיה אפלה ומהוקצעת שזכתה בפרסים רבים ברחבי העולם.

Dvanaestogodišnji Oscar (K. Hedebrant) jako je povučen i opterećen jer ga nekoliko dječaka stalno maltretira u školi. Iako razmišlja o osveti, to nikome ne spominje, čak ni majci, jer je svjestan da je preslab da bi nešto sam mogao poduzeti. Jednoga dana dogodi mu se neočekivano poznanstvo s vršnjakinjom Eli (L. Leandersson), koja mu se učini prikladnom za prijateljstvo. Ona djeluje kao da ga razumije i da bi mu mogla pomoći u ideji za osvetu. No, iako je izrazito mirna i pristojna djevojka, svejedno djeluje tajanstveno, pa i bizarno: naime, ne smije izaći na sunce, ništa ne jede, a u neki prostor ulazi samo kad je se pozove. A kada Oscar otkrije da ona pije ljudsku krv jer jedino tako može preživjeti, on pomisli da je možda ta draga djevojka vampirica.

Stockholm fagyos és meglehetősen nyomorúságos külvárosában járunk, valamikor a nyolcvanas évek elején. Hősünk, Oskar Eriksson teljesen átlagos, ám magányos 12 éves kisfiú. Próbálja ép bőrrel megúszni, hogy osztálytársai állandó jelleggel terrorizálják. Otthon - ahol édesanyjával kettesben élnek - titkon sorozatgyilkosokról szóló újságkivágásokat és más hasonló dolgokat gyűjt. Egy nap egy fán, nem messze Oskarék házától egy rituálisan meggyilkolt fiú holttestére bukkannak. Oskar eközben megismerkedik Elivel, aki a szomszéd lakásba költözött egy idősebb férfival - akiről a néző hamarosan azt feltételezheti, hogy az apja. A kis Eli ugyanolyan magányos, mint Oskar, így hamar barátságot kötnek.

A Blackeberg, un piccolo centro della periferia di Stoccolma, Oskar sogna di vendicarsi del mobbing che subisce ogni giorno da tre compagni di classe. Armato di un coltello immagina di infilarlo nello stomaco di Connie, che dei tre è il più arrogante. Una notte la tranquillità del quartiere in cui vive viene interrotta dall'arrivo di un uomo e di una dodicenne pallida e ambigua che sembra non conoscere freddo e paura. Con l'arrivo dei nuovi inquilini dell'appartamento di fianco al suo, una serie di efferati omicidi iniziano a macchiare il paesaggio innevato e ben presto Oskar scopre che Eli, con la quale nel frattempo ha stretto una tenera amicizia, altri non è che un vampiro imprigionato in eterno in un corpo da bambina.


학교에서 왕따를 당하는 12살 오스칼(카레 헤데브란트). 연약한 소년에게 자신을 둘러싼 현실은 버겁기만 하다. 그가 할 수 있는 거라곤 범죄에 관한 기사를 스크랩하거나 나이프를 가지고 애꿎은 나무에 위협을 가하는 것이 전부. 그러던 어느 날 옆집에 이사 온 또래 소녀 이엘리(리나 레안데르손)를 만나면서 오스칼의 닫힌 마음도 서서히 문을 연다. 검은 머리, 똘망한 눈망울의 이엘리는 상상 속 복수를 키우는 자신과 달리 추위에도 끄떡하지 않을 정도로 강하다. 그런데 그 무렵 피가 빨린 시체들이 등장하면서 마을이 흉흉해지기 시작한다. 그리고 오스칼은 이엘리가 생존을 위해 피를 필요로 하는 흡혈귀임을 알게 된다.

Oskar is een 12-jarig jongetje, dat continu wordt geplaagd door twee bullebakken. Op een dag maakt Oskar kennis met zijn nieuwe buurmeisje en de twee worden vrienden. Sinds ze naast Oskar en zijn familie is komen wonen, sterven plotseling een hoop mensen, maar niemand weet waarom, behalve Oskar, die een geheim van zijn buurmeisje kent.

Oskar er 12 år og mobbes. Han blir forelsket i Eli, en merkelig jente. Hun er vanskjøtt og mager, men allikevel så vakker. Eli gir Oskar styrken til å ta igjen. Men hun er ikke som andre – Eli tåler ikke solen, hun spiser ikke mat og må bli invitert for å komme inn i et rom. Hun må drikke menneskers blod for å leve. Eli er en vampyr.

Dwunastoletni Oskar nie ma przyjaciół. Każdego dnia jest nękany przez silniejszych kolegów, którym nie potrafi się przeciwstawić. Pewnego dnia spotyka tajemniczą dziewczynkę o imieniu Eli. Jej pojawienie się rozpoczyna serię śmierci i makabrycznych wydarzeń. Oskar zdaje sobie sprawę, że Eli nie jest zwyczajną istotą. Nie jest jej zimno. Nie jada słodyczy. Nie sprawia jej problemu ułożenie kostki Rubika. Z biegiem czasu chłopiec przekonuje się, że dziewczynka nie potrafi żyć bez ludzkiej krwi. Dziecięca więź okazuje się jednak silniejsza niż strach.

Oskar, um garoto atormentado na escola, encontra o amor e a vingança através de Eli, uma linda porém peculiar menina.

Blackeberg, subúrbio de Estocolmo. Oskar (Kare Hedebrant) é um garoto de 12 anos que se sente só. Na escola ele sempre é provocado por outros garotos e, apesar da raiva que sente, é incapaz de reagir. Um dia, ao brincar no pátio repleto de neve do prédio onde mora, ele conhece Eli. Ela é uma garota pálida e solitária, que se mudou para a vizinhança recentemente, em companhia de seu suposto pai. Apesar do temor em se aproximar de Oskar, logo Eli se torna sua amiga. Paralelamente, uma série de assassinatos macabros acontecem, em que o sangue das vítimas é retirado. Eli está envolvida nestes factos, de uma forma que Oskar jamais poderia imaginar.

Oscar, un băiețel hăituit și batjocorit de majoritatea celorlalți copii, găsește dragoste, înțelegere și răzbunare în Eli, o frumoasă, dar stranie tânără care se dovedește a fi vampir.

Двенадцатилетний Оскар живет в небольшой деревушке неподалеку от Стокгольма. Днем он подвергается насмешкам и терпеливо сносит унизительные пинки и затрещины от одноклассников, зато потом Оскар мечтает о мести. Однажды ночью Оскар знакомится с девочкой по имени Эли. Она его новая соседка. Два изгоя мгновенно становятся друзьями, Эли учит Оскара храбрости, а Оскар пробуждает в ней жажду любви. Но Эли, увы, этого недостаточно — ее мучает жажда крови.

Los Alamos, Nové Mexiko. Dvanásťročný Owen je osamelý chlapec, ktorého v škole šikanujú a doma zanedbávajú rodičia pred rozvodom. Onedlho sa do susedstva prisťahuje dievča v rovnakom veku a spolu s ňou starší muž, zrejme jej otec. Dievča sa predstaví Owenovi ako Abby a oznámi, že nemôžu byť priateľmi. Napriek tomu sa v noci stretávajú alebo komunikujú cez stenu morzeovkou. Ale aj to len v noci. Owen tuší, že záhadná Abby nie je obyčajné dievča a skrýva nejaké desivé tajomstvo. Aj napriek tomu sa však neustále zbližujú a Abby sa stane Owenovou dôverníčkou. Chlapca neodradia ani záhadné a nevyjasnené vraždy, ku ktorým dochádza v blízkom okolí. Možno už tuší, že sa skamarátil s mladou upírkou, ktorá žije v utajení so svojím strážcom a opatrovníkom.

Oskar är 12 år och mobbad. Han blir kär i Eli, en märklig flicka. Hon är vanvårdad och mager men ändå så vacker. Eli ger Oskar styrkan att slå tillbaks. Men hon är inte som andra - hon tål inte solen, hon äter inte mat och för att komma in i ett rum behöver Eli bli inbjuden. Hon måste dricka människors blod för att leva. Eli är vampyr.

Stockholm'de 1982 yılında geçen hikaye iki çocuk arasındaki sıradışı ilişkiyi anlatıyor. Alt sınıfın yaşadığı devasa binaların arasında bulunan karlar içinde bir parkta vakit geçiren Oskar, soğuktan etkilenmeyen, beyaz yüzlü ve gizemli Eli ile tanışır. İki çocuk yakınlaşırken, fonda aynı mahallede çeşitli cinayetlerin işlendiğini görürüz. Uzun süredir vampir olan Eli'nin kan ihtiyacı babası tarafından giderilmektedir. Fakat zamanla Eli'nin durumu iki çocuğun da başını belaya sokar... 2008'in en iyi filmleri arasında kabul edilen Let the Right One In, korkunç vampir filmleri ile sanat sinemasının çarpıcı bir karışımı. Görüntüleri, atmosferi ve bıçak sırtı romantik hikayesiyle unutulmaz bir çalışma.

Дванадцятирічний Оскар живе у невеликому селі недалеко від Стокгольма. Вдень він піддається глузуванням і терпляче зносить принизливі стусани і ляпаси від однокласників, зате потім Оскар мріє про помсту. Одного разу вночі Оскар знайомиться з дівчинкою на ім'я Елі. Вона його нова сусідка. Два вигнанці миттєво стають друзями, Елі вчить Оскара хоробрості, а Оскар будить у ній жагу любові. Але Елі, на жаль, цього недостатньо — її мучить спрага крові.

Tiếng Việt
Let the Right One In (Hãy Để Đúng Người Vào) ngụ ý đến một “tập quán” của ma cà rồng, chỉ có thể vào nhà người khác khi được chủ nhân cho phép. Phim mang đầy đủ tính chất của một phim ma cà rồng kinh điển. Những con ma cà rồng bốc cháy dưới ánh sáng mặt trời, không thể ăn được gì khác ngoài máu, không thể vào nhà khi chưa được mời, cắn cổ và vặn đầu người khác một cách dễ dàng… Nhưng không hề gây cho người xem ảo tưởng về sức mạnh của ma cà rồng, mà ngược lại, tạo cảm giác rất thật, rất thuyết phục về sự tồn tại của chúng. Phim được xếp loại R vì có những cảnh bạo lực và đầy máu me, nhưng không hoàn toàn là một phim kinh dị, mà còn là một bộ phim nhân văn sâu sắc, mang đến những ấn tượng khó quên.



本片是瑞典新銳導演托瑪斯艾佛瑞德森(Tomas Alfredson)改編自「瑞典文學獎」同名暢銷小說的恐怖鉅作。劇情描述在瑞典斯德哥爾摩郊區的一個小鎮上,突然搬進了一名神秘的12歲少女和一名老人,鎮上卻也自此接連發生了離奇命案,而所有的線索都指向這名少女與和她同居的老人…。 《血色入侵》自去年於瑞典「哥登堡國際影展」(Goteborg International Film Festival)首映以來,挾著驚人的氣勢,竟連續狂奪全球56座電影大獎,它雖未代表瑞典角逐今年奧斯卡最佳外語片,卻頻頻奪下全美各大影評人協會的最佳外語片,並且名列超過了20次以上的年度十大佳片。

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