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Strap yourself in for "Great fun!" (Newsday) in the outrageously hilarious, wildly over-the-top comedy spectacular The Washington Post applauds as "A very funny spoof!" He's badder than Bond. He's cooler than any international man of... secrets. He's Undercover Brother, a globe-trotting disco-dude of intrigue with more cool spy gadgets up his sleeve than you can shake a rocket-launching cigar at. Now, this Kung-Fu-fighting, Caddy-convertible-driving super-secret agent is swinging into action against a deliciously twisted plot to brainwash all of humanity! Rocking to a solid-gold '70s soundtrack, Undercover Brother is the funk-fueled comedy free-for-all Newsday raves is "Infectiously funny!"

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He's All Action. An Afro-American organization, the B.R.O.T.H.E.R.H.O.O.D., is in permanent fight against a white organization "The Man" defending the values of the black people in North America. When the Afro-American candidate Gen. Warren Boutwell behaves strangely in his presidential campaign, Undercover Brother is hired to work undercover for "The Man" and find what happened with the potential candidate.. Undercover Brother Wiki

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Stereotypes can be funny  Brentomdavis  3 star

There's not much plot in this movie, but it pokes fun at stererotypes from both blacks and whites. Do not watch if you are easily offended though.

Racist crap  Shompa80  1 star

Denise Richards is superhot in this movie. But not even that can save this racist movie. I understand that according to political correctness its ok to be racist against caucasians and "nazis". Imagine same movie but change the skin color of the actors. Would never get released. I cant stand todays brainwashing. (And its sad that Apple have become a brainwashing organisation instead of making best products in the world)

KATTAN ROCKS!!!  Questforfunny44  5 star

One of the greatest comedy performances in a long time.

Hilarious!  GeoLobo  5 star

I've seen this movie so many times, and I still laugh incredibly hard every time. Everybody I've showed this to absolutely loves it!

Honduras CA
Horrible!  Honduras CA  1 star

Bad movie, overrated, I want my $$$ back

Movie inspector
Sick  Movie inspector  1 star

If you give more than one star to this movie then you must be sick and need a doctor immediately . SOS call NOW

Antonio extreme
So many laughs  Antonio extreme  4 star

So funny it knocks the shoes off a brotha

Person of Few Words
FUNNY MOVIE  Person of Few Words  4 star

Just an absolutely hilarious movie that deserves to be watched by all.

CAUCASIAN OVERLOAD!  Rennypap  5 star

You mess with the 'fro, you got to go! To anyone buying this:imagine Johnny English Reborn,RACIST VERSION!

:)  Grfhiebkdvjt  5 star

Undercover brother is a good movie!!! Its really funny i cant stop laughinggg hahahhaahah lol i <3 undercover brother movie!!!! UNDERCOVER BROTHER ROCKKSS!!! keep up the movie make moreee :)

surprisingly funny  caroline_213  4 star

i bought this movie not expecting a whole heck of a lot. i watched it and was very pleasently surprised. sure its got the usual bathroom jokes and such but this is one of the few movies that i can watch over and over again and laugh every time. its got a bunch of really good jokes and is somewhat true to life, or as it was in the 70's. you have to pay attention to get all the little jokes and phrases but this movie is definetly worth watching.

Nice  DarnalMW  5 star

Cool movie!

Da best  DolliesRdevine  5 star

Best movie ever

EXCELLENT!!  MewoFagCheez  5 star

One of the best movies i've seen!!! One of the best comedy i've seen!!! Good choice if you like to laugh. !!!5/5!!!

T  Trissssss  5 star

The funniest movie

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