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See more of the life and times of The Notorious B.I.G. in this special Director's Cut version! More Controversy. More Music. More B.I.G. Notorious is the story of Christopher Wallace who, through raw talent and sheer determination, transforms himself from a Brooklyn street hustler to become the greatest rapper of all time, The Notorious B.I.G. This story charts his meteoric rise to fame and his refusal to succumb to expectation. Produced by Voletta Wallace (BIG's mother), Wayne Barrowman and Mark Pitts (BIG's managers), Notorious challenges us all to redefine our notion of what is "The American Dream."

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notorious (unrated director's cut) - george tillman jr. synopsis will be updates..

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Awesome  EPICxFAIL23  5 star

This was a great movie. I think this is one of Biggie's best movies next to Biggie and Tupac.

Guru Wacx
Pac  Guru Wacx  2 star

The movie is good but i didn't like pac's portrait in it, they acted it like pac was guilty of his accusation of biggie setting him up, that's unfair .

BIGGIE SMALLS best rapper ever  Notoriousthug  5 star

first off screw that pos mEtaLlisOx queer go watch your stupid twilight then N*gga. This movie is epic one of the greatest. All of the music is the best rythym ive heard ever. Not like the crap we have today stupid justin biever hmhm gay.. ide give da movie 10x the stars to the max. Yo Big live life in heaven to the fullest.

Big chevy34
Best movie eva  Big chevy34  5 star

Man if u don't like dis movie all u is is a hater

Best movie ever by 1247295
Good  Best movie ever by 1247295  5 star


B.I.G.  HankMarDugus  5 star

Lil Wayne, Drake, Cassidy, and many more have nothing on Biggie Smalls A.K.A. The best rapper who ever lived. R.I.P. Notorious BIG

Great movie  Mikeoxmall  5 star

This movie is amazing. There is no reason why people shouldn't see this movie!

MiCrOpHoNe MuRdeR
BeSt MoViE  MiCrOpHoNe MuRdeR  5 star

I wAsN't A B.I.G FaN BuT nOw I LiKe HiS mUzIc

RIP  MrJBright  5 star

Good movie. I thought that they could've focused more on his life childhood and after he died more than how he became famous. 5 stars though, good movie.

:)  tRUiZZy  5 star

R.i.P BiG!!!

Ryan Shawn Wallace-Paterson
BEST MOVIE EVER!!!  Ryan Shawn Wallace-Paterson  5 star

this movie has to be the best movie ever!!!!!!!!!!!! it shows the obstacles of Chris's life as a rapper.. Great movie, i hope they will make a nother one but for tupac!!!!!!!!!!!!


i love this movie

yeahyeah  G-House  5 star

amazing. best movie ive seen in a while. biggie is tha best

NOTORIOUS  moneyd1992  5 star

Great movie They do not explain the Biggie and 2pac beef that well but still great overall

SoGood!!  Yasmin.P  4 star

a really good movie it shows you both sides , tupacs and biggies!! n what lil kim was like to buy it!

Favorite Movie!!  Ryster6745  5 star

Has To Be My Favorite Rap Slash Biography Movie.!!!

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