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Vin Diesel ("Saving Private Ryan," "The Fast and the Furious") stars as a DEA agent hell-bent on vengeance after the head of a drug cartel murders his wife. With nothing left to lose, agent Sean Vetter, already notorious for his violent tactics, uses every means -- even an alliance with the former cartel boss he jailed -- as he edges dangerously close to the line between justice and lawlessness in his brutal quest for vengeance against a mysterious killer known only as El Diablo. Now, stalking the Tijuana nights accompanied by the glint off the barrel of his rifle, Vetter hunts -- A Man Apart. Also starring Larenz Tate ("Ray," "Crash") and Timothy Olyphant ("Live Free or Die Hard," TV's "Deadwood").

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Love changes a man. Revenge tears him apart.. When Vetter's wife is killed in a botched hit organized by Diablo, he seeks revenge against those responsible. But in the process, Vetter and Hicks have to fight their way up the chain to get to Diablo but it's easier said than done when all Vetter can focus on is revenge.. A Man Apart Wiki

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Nothing New  Sealive  1 star

Hollywood must have a template for these kind of movies. This one brings nothing new. Characters and plot cookie cutter. I am so thankful I only spent $.99 to rent it.

t bongoes
So good  t bongoes  5 star

Such a under rated movie

much better than 11%  tormarquis  4 star

its a good flick, just a little too predictable.

Conan the Destroyer 1981
Delivered.  Conan the Destroyer 1981  5 star

Yea, it was Hollywood, but work with the guy. All he's got left is Riddick and those stupid movies where he's ever so Furious. Best part was San Pedro.

Yaakov  Smilovic
excellent  Yaakov Smilovic  5 star

this is one of my all-time favorite movies, Vin Diesel at his absolute best. Definitely buy.

Tomatometer is misleading!  Cinexpert  5 star

This is a fantastic movie that talks about Revenge. Like "Out of Time", but much better. Watch if you think the World is sometimes unfair.

baja panty
fantastic  baja panty  5 star

Great movie overall, great acting by vin diesal. plot was great keeps you on your toes and doesn't dissapoint.

Rotten Tomatoes  MWC Y  5 star

are these rotten tomatoes people joking? i really am amazed that they actually still exist with how ridiculous their reviews are!? It is almost to the point where if they rate it rotten, i will watch it because i know its gonna be awesome...and then when they rate it "fresh" it turns into the worst movie ever... but they like it cause its some freakin french independent film or something! so what im trying to say is that a man apart is an awesome movie, and rotten tomatoes helps me find good movies by being horrible at their jobs.

champ22 2
vox of reason  champ22 2  5 star

the one person who hated it has never seen it... Yeah I know I have seen it's sad but a very grt actor potryal and grt movie form beginning to end

vin diesel is awesome!  bigblue45  5 star

vin diesel is a great actor and this movie was easily one of his best! if u like vin, watch this movie!

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