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Matthew Perry (Chandler from TV's "Friends") stars as Alex Whitman, a New Yorker sent to Las Vegas to oversee a construction project. There he meets Isabel Fuentes (Salma Hayek, Desperado), and some serious chemistry brings them together for one night. But Alex doesn't see Isabel again until three months later, when he learns that she is pregnant. On a whim and a prayer, he proposes. However, there's more to marriage than a Vegas chapel and an Elvis impersonator, as Alex and Isabel soon learn in this perfect date movie. After a one night stand with Alex, Isabel realizes that she is pregnant and they decide to get married. However, along with the marriage comes compromise of one's own cultural traditions. Fools Rush In Wiki

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What if finding the love of your life meant changing the life that you loved?..

Fools Rush In (1997)

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- Omg!! Amazing5 star

This is an amazing movie, very interesting and 10/10 would recommend to buy it!

- Amazing!!!5 star

i just LOVE this movie!!! Its so funny and romantic that it makes me feel bubbly inside everytime i watch it!

- Disappointed in iTunes...1 star

I bought this movie and then it disappeared from my library one day. I've watched it hundreds of times on my iTunes but then it just went away. What happened?!

- Hilarious and Adorable!5 star

I was watching this movie because I love Matthew Perry, and I absolutely loved it!! The plot was great, the acting was phenomenal, and the chemistry between Salma Hayek and Matthew Perry is amazing!

- OMG we can buy it now!!!5 star

Best movie ever and so excited we can buy it now!!! Thanks iTunes sooooooo very much!

- Love love love this movie.5 star

If I could give it more stars I would. One of my all time favorite movies. Beautiful love story.

- Fools Rush in5 star

ummm i really want to watch this movie and i could no find it any were and i found it here why in the world it is on pr order the movie came out 1997 15 years ago... you could be making money now i mean may i please watch it, it says pre order cant you leave the old one out and realse the new one tommtor that way you can make money and not have angry custmers!? BTW THE MOVIE IS AMAZING!!!

- my favorite love story5 star

I absolutely love this movie. If you have not seen this then definitely do so. Never really was a fan of Friends but Matthew Perry's performance along with Selma Hayek is absolutely fabulous. I watched this movie growing up and cannot wait for this to be available to purchase. This is a must see!

- Buy, buy....5 star

Please make it available for sale. I love this movie!!

- Hey!?!? I wanna buy it5 star

I love this movie please listen iTunes


This is one of my all time favorite movies and I would love to be able to purchase it.

- Fools rush in5 star

Awesome movie, not for rent, but to buy! Any chance that will happen??

- Why is this only available to rent?4 star

I would love to buy this movie, but that option is not available. Please iTunes! Listen to all your customers who will pay to buy this movie!

- Awesome movie!!!5 star

Why iTunes. One of my favorite movies of all time. Unfortunately iTunes does not have it for purchase, only to rent. The movie is worth buying. It's played all the time on television. Please iTunes, allow everyone to buy. Clearly, I'm not the only one.


This movie makes me so happy. itunes not having it available to purchase makes me very unhappy. I will pay for this movie, please let me so I can watch it whenever I want.

- Want to buy!5 star

Why can't we buy this anyone from iTunes reading these reviews....HELLO!

- Buy not rent5 star

This movie is awesome, Please make it so that I can buy it!!!!!!

- want to buy it5 star

please make this movie available to purchase!!! i would love to own it

- Buy5 star

We want to purchase this movie! Please make it available.

- Fools Rush In5 star

This is a fantastic movie! Please make this movie available for purchase!

- Buying5 star

We should be able to buy this movie it's a great love movie I've rented it and seen it but why does iTunes have to be slower than a turtle on the basis of being able to buy it if they did they would make a goldmind

- 2011 already...5 star

It's 2011 and we still can't buy this movie!!! iTunes why not? What's up with that? C'mon pretty pleaseeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

- Loved it5 star

OK I rented it and I just loved it,,,, so yall should raelly put it for sale,

- I would spend MONEY on this!!!5 star

Money!!! Isn't that what iTunes is after?!?? You could make more of it if you put this up to BUY!!! I want to buy it!! My all time favorite movie and I can't even purchase it.. That's why iTunes is for, correct? So get on the ball people!!!!

- Buy!5 star

This is my fav movie n I only want to buy it!!!!

- I WANT TO BUY5 star

why is it not available for permanent download. i want to own it not rent it!!

- Come on!!! Are you not listening????5 star

Does writing a review to you mean anything? There are plenty of us waiting, and waiting, and WAITING to BUY Fools Rush In.

- This is NOT a rotton tomato!!!5 star

This movie is one of my FAVs and is hilarious! I can't wait to BUY it.

- What the heck?5 star

Why would you put a movie up for rent, but not for sale? This is not Blockbusters! We expect to buy and/or rent things. iTunes your slacking on some of your media products! There are certain Tv shows (e.x. Roswell) on here, and they are not even completed with their whole seasons. It is really annoying! They should mark things down, for making us wait sooo long to get the shows we want!

- PURCHASE5 star

Please allow purchase! It's the best flick with Matthew Perry EVER!!! I'll gladly pay $15 for this movie...

- Fools Rush In5 star

why can't we buy this movie??!! It's a great movie it should be able to by.

- I want to buy!5 star

This is a great movie and I want to buy it to keep with me forever and ever, because I love it! I am very disappointed i tunes! I refuse to rent this movie. Please make it available for purchase!

- Fools Rush In5 star

This may sound odd but I am a guy and not one for romanic movies. However this film is awesome. Has something for everyone. A friendly film that is extremely well acted and written. Selma Hayek is off the charts beautiful and approachable. A rare gem. Is on my top 50 list.

- Fools Rush In - Great Love Story5 star

Just loved this movie and the background music!

- Please let us buy this movie!!!5 star

I've rented it, but I really want to buy it. This is definitely one of my all time favorite movies, it's up there, and number one in my list. Please let us buy it!!

- Please make available for purchase5 star

This is a funny movie worth owning. Please make available for purchase.

- One of my top ten Rom/Com!5 star

I love this movie! Perry and Hayek are great together. I agree with everyone else who says this should be available for purchase!

- A dusty jewel of a movie....5 star

I love this film!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. This is one of the smartest, funniest and most entertaining romantic comedies of the 90's. My only complaint is that itunes has made it available to rent only. How strange.

- Why can't we buy this movie???!!!5 star

Please make this movie available for sale!!!!!

- Fools Rush In!5 star

This is my favorite movie! Such a sweet story. Matthew Perry is a really good actor.

- Great Love Story!!!5 star

I LOVE this movie!!! Please make it a buy. Also this movie has a great soundtrack. Itunes, can you make that available too?!!!! Thank you.

- Come on!4 star

This has been out a long, long time. I need to buy it for use in a mass-media classroom.

- MS5 star

LOVE this movie. I want to buy it not rent it. Please make purchase available!!!

- fools rush in5 star

OMG !!!! i love this movie.. ITunes why cant we buy this movie... you need to let people buy it

- best movie5 star

Great movies fit for my library! Why rent instead of selling for heavens sakes?


I absolutely love this movie! iTUNES please please please make it available for PUCHASE!!

- BEST MOVIE!!!5 star


- Wish we could BUY and not just rent this movie!5 star

This movie was wonderful and I would love to be able to add it to my collection permanently!

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i would like to buy this movie.

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This movie has a great cast, movie plot, scenery & music. It has something for everyone. I-Tunes....let's try real hard to make this a "buy" movie in the very near future!!

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Alex (Perry) married to Isabel (Salma Hayek) who adores him & is carrying his baby & he’s on the fence whether he wants to be with her or build a building. You’ll wanna smack Alex and say, “For crying out loud, BE A MAN!” Not enough funny moments. Way too many cringeworthy moments! It unsuccessfully depends on Matthew’s boyish charm to dig them out of a self defeating cycle of conflict and unresolved resolutions. Isabel is TOO pretty and TOO good for him to be on the fence so long. Alex behaves and comes across as a total jerk throughout.

Nikkijay86 - Amazing movie5 star

This is my all time favorite movie. I just love it.

olive oil - Feel good movie5 star

This is a great movie to show everyone that if you are meant to be together, you will be. Also you don't always need to follow the rules of family for you to be happy.

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breakinthrough - Fools Rush In5 star

Please make available for purchase. This is an awesome movie.

Bran #2 - Fools Rush In5 star

Also waiting to buy! I love this movie! Please make this available to purchase!

watch it again - what's the hold up?4 star

waiting to buy...

la miss137 - Fools Rush In5 star

Movie worth buying Love it

donny7777 - GREAT MOVIE5 star

i tunes, you must put this for BUY another great movie for my library

NicoleR23 - Great movie5 star

this movie is worth buying not renting, why cant you BUY it?

ChesMuch - Buy not Rent!5 star

I love this movie! I wish iTunes would have it to purchase and not just rent.

brownie522 - Definately a keeper not just for renting!4 star

I love this movie, it has such a sweet storyline. I would like to see itunes make it available for purchase and not just renting. I would like to have it in my library.

Pdj15 - love this movie!!!5 star

Please iTunes make this movie available to BUY!!!!!!

danheb - Really nice movie, Why not make it available to buy??4 star

It's a really fun comedy, Matthew Perry at is best and Elma Sayek in her PMS. Not to mist.... Why iTunes doesn't make those nice movie available to buy???

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