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Matthew Perry (Chandler from TV's "Friends") stars as Alex Whitman, a New Yorker sent to Las Vegas to oversee a construction project. There he meets Isabel Fuentes (Salma Hayek, Desperado), and some serious chemistry brings them together for one night. But Alex doesn't see Isabel again until three months later, when he learns that she is pregnant. On a whim and a prayer, he proposes. However, there's more to marriage than a Vegas chapel and an Elvis impersonator, as Alex and Isabel soon learn in this perfect date movie.

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What if finding the love of your life meant changing the life that you loved?. Alex Whitman (Matthew Perry) is a designer from New York City who is sent to Las Vegas to supervise the construction of a nightclub that his firm has been hired to build. Alex is a straight-laced WASP-ish type who, while enjoying a night on the town, meets Isabel Fuentes (Salma Hayek), a free-spirited Mexican-American photographer. Alex and Isabel are overtaken by lust at first sight and end up sp. Fools Rush In Wiki

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Andrea328    5 star

Amazing!!! i just LOVE this movie!!! Its so funny and romantic that it makes me feel bubbly inside everytime i watch it!

AllieHagel    1 star

Disappointed in iTunes... I bought this movie and then it disappeared from my library one day. I've watched it hundreds of times on my iTunes but then it just went away. What happened?!

Hersheykisses525    5 star

Hilarious and Adorable! I was watching this movie because I love Matthew Perry, and I absolutely loved it!! The plot was great, the acting was phenomenal, and the chemistry between Salma Hayek and Matthew Perry is amazing!

Idolwave23    5 star

OMG we can buy it now!!! Best movie ever and so excited we can buy it now!!! Thanks iTunes sooooooo very much!

DaMn_JaY_    5 star

Love love love this movie. If I could give it more stars I would. One of my all time favorite movies. Beautiful love story.

Soccersweety5    5 star

Fools Rush in ummm i really want to watch this movie and i could no find it any were and i found it here why in the world it is on pr order the movie came out 1997 15 years ago... you could be making money now i mean may i please watch it, it says pre order cant you leave the old one out and realse the new one tommtor that way you can make money and not have angry custmers!? BTW THE MOVIE IS AMAZING!!!

Cyanidekisses    5 star

my favorite love story I absolutely love this movie. If you have not seen this then definitely do so. Never really was a fan of Friends but Matthew Perry's performance along with Selma Hayek is absolutely fabulous. I watched this movie growing up and cannot wait for this to be available to purchase. This is a must see!

suede2291    5 star

Buy, buy.... Please make it available for sale. I love this movie!!

Nikymac    5 star

Hey!?!? I wanna buy it I love this movie please listen iTunes

jkh3    5 star

PLEASE MAKE THIS AVAILABLE TO BUY!!!!!! This is one of my all time favorite movies and I would love to be able to purchase it.

Nikkijay86    5 star

Amazing movie This is my all time favorite movie. I just love it.

olive oil    5 star

Feel good movie This is a great movie to show everyone that if you are meant to be together, you will be. Also you don't always need to follow the rules of family for you to be happy.

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