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The Green Berets (1968) Movie Summary

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  • 1968

Screen legend John Wayne stars in this war drama about a cynical war correspondent whose paper doesn't believe the U.S. should be involved in Vietnam. When he gets sent on special assignment, he has the opportunity to see the Special Forces in action as he travels to the war zone accompanied by two green berets. With a powerful cast of familiar television faces, featuring David Janssen ("The Fugitive"), Jim Hutton ("The Adventures of Ellery Queen"), George Takei ("Star Trek") and Jack Soo ("Barney Miller"). Co-directed by the Duke himself, and featuring Barry Sadler's hit song, "Ballad of the Green Beret."

The Green Berets Film Synopsis

Col. Mike Kirby picks two teams of crack Green Berets for two missions in South Vietnam. The first is to strengthen a camp that is trying to be taken by the enemy. The second is to kidnap a North Vietnamese General.

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Vietnam as a WWII movieThis comes off as John Wayne's skewed take on Vietnam. This is Vietnam as forcibly reinterpreted into a WWII movie formula, as if there is some well-defined, totally united and resolutely committed conflict between good and evil. There is no understanding that the "good guys" supported and then took over for a truly evil, racist, and oppressive French regime, or how Ho Chi Minh spent decades trying to bring the U.S. in on his side in order to eject the French and create a democratic country before giving up and finding his solution by allying with the other guys. None of that is found here. Instead, it is just the thirty-year-old formula being applied to a situation in which both sides are both good and bad while trying to make it a movie about massive good against massive evil. It is very out of touch. This said - and if you can pretend that this is just entertainment - it works as a movie..Score: 2/5

Excellent movieThis is a "classic" John Wayne movie, and great entertainment. No computer fx here, just a Hollywood blockbuster, with no expense spared (for the time at least). It shows a glimpse into the era that it was made in. They simply don't (or can't) make movies like that anymore. No one ever said it was the definitive and true Viet Nam movie, nor that it was politically correct (either for the 60's or for today). Ignore Killdozer's review, and watch it in the context of a 60's big budget Hollywood view of Viet Nam. You have to realize what a huge icon Wayne once was. He was larger than life. The story almost didn't matter. We really just don't have any "stars" today that even come close to Wayne status, because things are just so different nowadays. It was after all just a movie - and more of a cultural statement than a policital one in my opinion..Score: 5/5

To the "journalists and reporters"I loved this film. I grew up on John Wayne movies. Movies are for enjoyment for the most part - take it as that. As far as the "journalists" well the last thing I believe are journalists. THEY are the propaganda generators only telling the point of view they want their readers and viewers to see. Funny how the good things don't make it to their stories....Score: 5/5

Helped me get an AI watched movie thinking oh it”s going to stink but I loved it. John Wayne really did do an amazing job. This movie helped me get an A in my 7th grade history class. THANK MR WAYNE.Score: 5/5

What kind of idiot gave this movie a "G" rating?I have no idea how this movie ever got a "G" rating. It shows literally hundreds of very gory deaths including people being impaled on spikes (not just one of these, but several people being impaled) and several events of stabbing people to death. There is also a scene where a female character seduces one of the Viet Cong generals. I understand about realism in war and all that, but for goodness sake at least rate the movie appropriately so that a viewer knows what they are getting into. Absolutely ridiculous..Score: 1/5

First Viet Nam movie made is unashamedly pro soldiers!This was Hollywood's first Viet Nam war movie, made while the war was still under way. John Wayne unashamedly supported the soldiers and made a strong argument for why we were there. I vaguely remembered this film from my youth and didn't expect to be moved the way I was. Strong performances from Wayne, Jim Hutton, David Jansen and others are supplemented by some pretty realistic war action for the time (1968). I would reccomend this film for anyone. Our Viet Nam vets often got villainized by Hollywood and the American public. This film does them proud. And if you like the'll love this movie..Score: 5/5

Green BeretsThis is propaganda but take it from someone who has seen a few conflicts - it is no worse or better than other 'war' films. With regards to journalists who comment on films like this, i would say go to war first then comment. Studying conflict gives you a historic, 20/20 perspective that is as much use as a chocolate fireguard I have seen journalists blatantly making-up 'news' and the news they made-up related to guys who didn't survive There is no lower life-form. This film is good entertainment..Score: 5/5

A Pro American Vietnam MovieI really get sick and tired of certain people who say that this movie is a WWII version of the Vietnam War. This is a pro-American view of the war and if you don't like it, well, too bad--as if WWII was the only good war and every war after that (and, presumably before that) was not. Well, that thinking is ____. The Tet offensive of 1968 was a great defeat for the Vietcong and North Vietnam. Alexander Soltzenitsyn (the auther of the Gulag Archepelago and a supporter of America's involvement in Vietnam) would agree with John Wayne and company (and JFK, LBJ and Ronald Reagan) that Americans fought bravely and for a good cause. The wrong side won the Vietnam War. Too bad John Wayne cannot make a movie today that commends our heroes in the Middle East. This movie is entertaining and it exemplifies what is good about America's fighting men. Enjoy!!!.Score: 5/5

WOOHOO!!Go John Wayne! He wasn't afraid to support his opions in spite of all those dang hippies.Score: 5/5

Spot the journalistI can tell the reviewer who claims to be a journalist is exactly as he says. He can't wait to "educate" you on how evil America is and is bitter because he can't understand why nobody reads his liberalized material anymore. Doom and gloom don't pay as well as it once did. The media has desensitized this country to the point that they have made themselves irrelevant. Watch this movie for what it is; a great movie. Don't believe me? Look at how much it torqued the reporter..Score: 5/5

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The DukeAnother great movie at a good price. Well acted by several actors. Not so good at the box office, but after words it became a classic!.Score: 5/5

The green Berets/ Les Bérets vertUn trés bon film. John Wayne à son mellieur!.Score: 5/5

One of John WayneThis is a really great movie. It will always be good. Easily worht $9.99..Score: 5/5

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The Green Berets (1968) Series Cast & Crew

The Green Berets (1968) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. John Wayne (Colonel Mike Kirby), David Janssen (George Beckworth), Jim Hutton (Sgt. Petersen), Aldo Ray (Sgt. Muldoon), Raymond St. Jacques (Sgt. Doc McGee), Bruce Cabot (Colonel Morgan), Jack Soo (Colonel Cai), George Takei (Captain Nim), Patrick Wayne (Lt. Jamison), Luke Askew (Sgt. Provo), Irene Tsu (Lin), Edward Faulkner (Capt. MacDaniel), Jason Evers (Capt. Coleman), Mike Henry (Sgt. Kowalski), Craig Jue (Hamchunk), Chuck Roberson (Sgt. Griffin), Eddy Donno (Sgt. Watson), Rudy Robbins (Sgt. Parks), Richard 'Cactus' Pryor (Collier), Walter Soo Hoo (Viet Cong Soldier (uncredited)), all returned for the green berets movie.

John Wayne (Colonel Mike Kirby)
John WayneColonel Mike KirbyScore: 21.4
David Janssen (George Beckworth)
David JanssenGeorge BeckworthScore: 15.8
Jim Hutton (Sgt. Petersen)
Jim HuttonSgt. PetersenScore: 11.9
Aldo Ray (Sgt. Muldoon)
Aldo RaySgt. MuldoonScore: 9.0
Raymond St. Jacques (Sgt. Doc McGee)
Raymond St. JacquesSgt. Doc McGeeScore: 9.7
Bruce Cabot (Colonel Morgan)
Bruce CabotColonel MorganScore: 15.9
Jack Soo (Colonel Cai)
Jack SooColonel CaiScore: 5.1
George Takei (Captain Nim)
George TakeiCaptain NimScore: 14.5
Patrick Wayne (Lt. Jamison)
Patrick WayneLt. JamisonScore: 22.0
Luke Askew (Sgt. Provo)
Luke AskewSgt. ProvoScore: 13.2
Irene Tsu (Lin)
Irene TsuLinScore: 12.5
Edward Faulkner (Capt. MacDaniel)
Edward FaulknerCapt. MacDanielScore: 11.4

James Lee Barrett (Screenplay), John Wayne (Director), Otho Lovering (Editor), Jerry Alpert (Costume Design), Winton C. Hoch (Director of Photography), Michael Wayne (Producer), Joe L. Cramer (Assistant Director), Walter M. Simonds (Production Design), Dave Grayson (Makeup Artist), Sass Bedig (Special Effects), Ray Moyer (Set Decoration), Hendrik Wynands (Construction Coordinator), Crayton Smith (Script Supervisor), Robert B. Shepard (Playback Singer), Miklós Rózsa (Original Music Composer), Ernie F. Orsatti (Stunts), Ray Kellogg (Director), Roy K. Ogata (Stunts), Dick Warlock (Stunts),

John Wayne (Director)
John WayneDirectorScore: 21.4
Robert B. Shepard (Playback Singer)
Robert B. ShepardPlayback SingerScore: 0.6
Miklós Rózsa (Original Music Composer)
Miklós RózsaOriginal Music ComposerScore: 1.4
Ernie F. Orsatti (Stunts)
Ernie F. OrsattiStuntsScore: 2.6
Dick Warlock (Stunts)
Dick WarlockStuntsScore: 15.9
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'The Green Berets' Official Trailer (HD). First teaser trailer of the green berets, the John Wayne & Ray Kellogg's popular movie. Watch the the green berets teaser trailer. John Wayne & Ray Kellogg’s #the-green-berets is now on 4K UHD, Blu-ray and digital platforms.

Veterans Day Tribute - Eric Hunter discusses THE GREEN BERETS ('68)▶ Veterans Day Tribute - Eric Hunter discusses THE GREEN BERETS ('68)
The Green Berets - Trailer▶ The Green Berets - Trailer
The Green Berets (1968) - Trailer▶ The Green Berets (1968) - Trailer

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A special force in a special kind of hell!..

The Green Berets — 1968

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La storia è divisa in tre parti. L'addestramento, la difesa di un fortilizio dall'attacco notturno dei Vietcong, un colpo di mano in una base nemica. L'attacco viene respinto a prezzo di dure perdite. Il colpo di mano ha successo, ma uno dei personaggi più simpatici, un caporale, ci lascia le penne impalato in una trappola vietnamita. Commento finale di un giornalista al seguito della spedizione ("Non mi crederanno quando racconterò quanto ho visto qui"). Film fortissimamente voluto dal "falco" John Wayne, passerà alla storia come l'unico lavoro di grande impegno dove l'intervento Usa nel Sud-est asiatico è visto in luce favorevole. Osteggiato dai gruppi di sinistra in tutto il mondo, in sé è solo un film di guerra come tanti altri (senza l'impatto emotivo dell'opera precedente di Wayne, La battaglia di Alamo).

Le Colonel Mike Kirby est chargé de réunir deux équipes de soldats d'élite dits Bérets Verts ("Green Berets"), pour une mission au Sud Viêt-nam. Sur place, ils doivent tout d'abord construire un camp et le défendre contre l'attaque ennemie, avant de mener une opération commando en kidnappant un Général nord-viêtnamien.

Die Hölle der Einsatzort der US-Elitetruppe "Green Berets". Colonel Kirby führt die stahlharten Männer hinter die feindlichen Linien. Hier sollen sie einen Gefechtsstand gegen den Vietcong errichten. Doch die Verluste sind hoch: Ständig sind sie Granatenwerferüberfällen ausgesetzt. Wegen der Treffgenauigkeit der Gegner vermutet Kirby einen Verräter in den eigenen Reihen ...

Durante la guerra de Vietman, un coronel estadounidense del cuerpo especial conocido como 'Boinas verdes', invita a un escéptico reportero a que los acompañe en una ofensiva en la que tratarán de capturar a un oficial vietnamita.

Heitä pidettiin maailman kovimpana iskujoukkona. Tämän eliittiryhmän jäsenet valittiin tarkalla seulalla ja heidät koulutettiin sissien vastaiseen sodankäyntiin Vietnamissa. Kuten Ranskan Muukalaislegioona Indo-Kiinassa 15 vuotta aiemmin, olivat amerikkalaiset Vihreät Baretit sodankäynnin mestareita. John Wayne teki heidän tarinastaan elokuvan ja esitti samalla oman painokkaan mielipiteensä velvollisuudesta ja rohkeudesta Vietnamin poliittisesti sotkuisessa sodassa. John Wayne kirjoitti myös henkilökohtaisesti presidentti Lyndon B. Johnsonille ja pyysi Pentagonin apua filmauksiinsa. Yhdysvaltain hallituksen lainaama sotakalusto auttoi Waynea luomaan vaikuttavan spektaakkelin. "Vihreät Baretit" ei välttämättä ole sidottu yhteen sotaan, vaan sitä voidaan pitää minkä tahansa sodan kuvauksena. Elokuva leimattiin äärikonservatiiviseksi vastahyökkäykseksi Vietnamin sotaa vastustavalla kansalaisliikehdinnälle kuumana politiikan vuonna 1968.

De gröna baskrarna var den första Hollywoodfilmen om Vietnamkriget och skildrar soldaterna i Special Forces - välutbildade elitsoldater som är specialister på okonventionell krigföring. John Wayne spelar huvudrollen och medverkar som regissör i denna röd-vit-blåa berättelse om USA:s krigföring i Vietnam som bygger på Robin Moores roman. Inför inspelningen av filmen skrev John Wayne president Lyndon Johnson och bad om militärens hjälp - och fick tillgång till all eldkraft som krävdes för att skapa de spektakulära krigsscenerna. Förebilderna till soldaternas roller hämtades från några av Waynes tidigare klassiker, bland annat Back to Bataan och Sands of Iwo Jima. Deras hjältedåd är tidlösa.

Észak-Karolina, az USA hadseregének különleges kiképzőközpontja. A Zöldsapkások, vagyis azok a tapasztalt, rendkívüli katonák, akiket speciálisan a vietnámi konfliktus megoldására képeztek ki, a sajtó nyilvánossága előtt beszélnek az elkövetkező akciójukról. A küldetés: egy tábor felállítása Dél-Vietnámban, és egy helyi vezető elfogása. Az újságírók közül sokan, akárcsak a lakosság nagy része, megkérdőjelezik az Egyesült Államok szerepvállalásának szükségességét a vietnámi konfliktusban.

Colonel Mike Kirby maakt een keuze uit de beste Green Berets voor een missie in Vietnam. Hij formeert twee teams. Als eerste moeten ze een kamp bouwen en verdedigen tegen de oprukkende vijand. Bij de tweede missie moet een Noord-Vietnamse generaal worden gekidnapt.

Ο συνταγματάρχης Μάικ Κίρμπι ενώνει όσους είχαν απομείνει από δύο ομάδας πρασινοσκούφιδων για μια ειδική αποστολή στο Βόριο Βιετνάμ. Πρώτον, πρέπει να ανασυγκροτήσουν ένα στρατόπεδο ώστε να μη πέσει στα χέρια του εχθρού και δεύτερον πρέπει να απαγάγουν έναν κόκκινο στρατηγό.

Zkušený plukovník Mike Kirby odlétá do Vietnamu se dvěma jednotkami takzvaných Zelených baretů. Jeho prvním úkolem je dobudovat uprostřed džungle rozestavěný vojenský tábor, který je pod pravidelnou palbou členů Vietkongu. Druhý úkol je ještě nebezpečnější: unést vysokého vietnamského velitele přímo z jeho přísně střežené vily. Misí se účastní i novinář George Beckworth. Jakožto zavilý odpůrce vietnamské války se rozhodl, že své postoje prověří přímo na místě, v ohni. Stane se opakovaně svědkem toho, jak plukovník Kirby a jeho muži osvědčují v boji svou s…

הכומתות הירוקות הוא סרט קולנוע משנת 1968 בכיכובם של ג'ון ויין, ג'ורג' טאקיי, דייוויד ג'נסן וג'ים האטון. התסריט מבוסס באופן רופף למדי על ספרו של רובין מור, "הכומתות הירוקות". על-אף שהסרט הופק על ידי אחד האולפנים הגדולים בהוליווד, מדובר בסרט תעמולה מובהק, שמומן בחלקו על ידי הפנטגון.הסרט שנעשה בשיאה של מלחמת וייטנאם (בתקופת מתקפת הטט), מבקש להעביר מסר אנטי קומוניסטי ברור. אווירת ההתנגדות למלחמה שהחלה לצבור אז תאוצה בקרב הציבור האמריקאי, היא שהניעה את ויין ליצור סרט התומך במלחמה וברעיון שעמד מאחוריה.ויין עצמו היה תומך ותיק ונלהב של המלחמה. הוא ביקר ביחידות צבאיות ונפגש עם חיילים בוייטנאם והחליט ש"הכומתות הירוקות" יהווה מחווה לחיילים המשרתים שם. הסרט, שבוים על ידי ויין, מצדיק את מעורבותה של אמריקה ב"מסע צלב גלובלי כנגד ההשתלטות הקומוניסטית על העולם". נקודה זו מודגשת לאורך הסרט באמצעות הצגת כלי נשק מתוצרת ברית המועצות וסין שנמסרו לשימוש חיילי צבא צפון-וייטנאם והוייטקונג.

български език
Те са елитна група войници от специалните части, обучени в техника на водене на неконвенционални бойни действия.

O coronel Mike Kirby escolhe equipes de Green Berets para duas missões no Vietnã do Sul. A primeira é construir e controlar um acampamento que o inimigo está tentando tomar. A segunda missão é sequestrar um general norte-vietnamita. (e 12 - Estimado 12 Anos)

Pułkownik Mike Kirby dzieli elitarną grupę Zielonych Beretów na dwie grupy, by wypełnili szczególną misję w Wietnamie. Pierwsza grupa musi zbudować i chronić obóz, narażony na ataki wroga, a druga porwać północno-wietnamskiego generała... Dziennikarz George Beckworth, sceptycznie nastawiony do działań zbrojnych w Wietnamie, przybywa tam jako obserwator wraz z oddziałem Zielonych Beretów pułkownika Kirby’ego. Żołnierze, którym towarzyszy, toczą walki na wysuniętym przyczółku w dżungli, broniąc uchodźców przed oddziałami Wietkongu.

這正是曠日持久的越南戰爭期間,美國軍隊最為困難的時期。這時的美軍在越南已經陷入了越南人的游擊戰中。在令人心醉的熱帶城鎮和自然景觀中,瀰漫的卻是滾滾的硝煙。美國軍方決定派遣一支特殊的部隊到越南,他們就是著名的"綠色貝雷帽"部隊,他們是一支執行非正規戰爭和反恐怖活動任務的特種部隊。麥克·科比上校(John Wayne 飾)挑出了兩隊最好的"綠色貝雷帽"到南越執行特別任務。他們必須要試圖修建和控制一個營地,然後再嘗試去綁架北越的一位將軍。執行任務的過程中,他們冒著種種危險,以國家和族的榮譽慰藉自己。但戰爭永遠只是戰爭......

Герой фильма — полковник американской армии — принимает командование отрядом специального назначения, называемого в просторечии «зелеными беретами».


Durante la guerra de Vietman, un coronel estadounidense del cuerpo especial conocido como 'Boinas verdes', invita a un escéptico reportero a que los acompañe en una ofensiva en la que tratarán de capturar a un oficial vietnamita.

베트남 전쟁을 다룬 영화로 그린베레의 용맹, 우정, 그리고 충성심을 담고 있다. 그린베레는 자신들을 사상최강의 전투부대로 자부하며 월남전에 투입된다. 역전의 용장 커비대령은 극소수의 정예부대를 뽑아 적지 한가운데로 침투하다. 이부대는 베트콩 사령관을 납치하는 것. 베트콩 사령관을 납치하는데 성공하지만 베트콩의 끈질긴 추적이 시작되는데...

Colonelul Mike Kirby împreună cu două echipe speciale așa-numitele “Berete Verzi” pornesc într-o misiune periculoasă în sudul Vietnamului. Primul lor obiectiv va fi să construiască și să controleze o tabără americană pe care inamicii vor să o cucerească, iar cel de-al doilea obiectiv va fi răpirea unui general nord-vietnamez. Întreaga acțiune se desfășoară în fața unui ziarist neîncrezător și curios.

I 1968, da USA var dybt involveret i Vietnamkrigen, men folk i verden udenfor var begyndt at se med mere nuancerede øjne på denne konflikt, virkede denne dybt énsidige film, mere eller mindre skabt af cowboyhelten John Wayne, som en våd klud i ansigtet på mange. Filmen er en rendyrket glorificering af de amerikanske specialtropper "De grønne baretter" og deres "heltemodige" fremfærd over for de "djævelske" Vietcong'er.

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Martin Scorsese Presents Republic Rediscovered—over 20 rarely seen films from the storied Republic Pictures library, restored and remastered by Paramount and personally curated by Martin Scorsese. The Quiet Man is an essential, Oscar winning John Ford film featuring John Wayne as a retired boxer who makes a pilgrimage to his home village in Ireland. He meets his match in a spirited young woman, only to find himself confronted by her belligerent brother and the town’s strict customs. In 2002, the film made AFI’s list of one hundred greatest love stories.

 summary, synopsis, reviews
Biographies & Memoirs2014

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Curb Your Enthusiasm, Season 12Curb Your Enthusiasm

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Euphoria, Season 1Euphoria

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