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Meet Patch Adams (Academy Award® winner, Robin Williams), a doctor who doesn't look, act or think like any doctor you've met before. For Patch, humor is the best medicine, and he's willing to do just about anything to make his patients laugh - even if it means risking his own career. Based on a true story, Patch Adams combines sidesplitting humor with an inspiring story that transcends the traditional comedy. The true story of Dr. Hunter "Patch" Adams, who in the 1970s found that humor is the best medicine, and was willing to do just anything to make his patients laugh—even if it meant risking his own career. Patch Adams Wiki

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Patch Adams Movie (1998)

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Patch Adams Movie Reviews

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- Patch Adams5 star

If this movie bothers you, I would lsuggest go watch a football game, which is redounded.

- Amazing!5 star

One of my favorite movies growing up! Amazing life lessons for anyone on how to just be a happier person

- Wonderful5 star

It was a fun sad movie to watch

- A must see film5 star

This film is one to watch with the whole family.

- His top 5 best movies ever!!5 star

Other than mrs. doubtfire he has never touched my heart as well as he has in this movie. An must own for sure!! Don't just rent.. BUY!!!!!!

- All-time favorite5 star

This movie has touched me so much. It truly shows the best of humankind! Funny, sad, and inspiring is the best way I can express how wonderful this movie truly is.

- This movie changes the teaching method of medical schools...5 star

And rotten tomatoes gives it a 22%? At least have some respect for the dead!

- Don”t listen to critiics!!5 star

Who are these critics? How on earth do they gets these gigs? We should write critiques of their critiques. They are the only rotten only here. Talk about missing the point! This is a wonderful film with a powerful and worthy message. What more film and media should be about.

- Patch Adams5 star

Omg this is a sad movie I love it so much I reminds me to be lucky for what I have it makes me cry eact time I watch

- Fantastic Movie5 star

After Robin Williams death, I have watched several movies that I have never seen. This movie was very good, emotional and almost felt like you were seeing Robin Williams with his struggles in life, especially near the end of the movie. This is a must see Movie. RIP, Robin Williams. God Bless You!!!

- Pros got it wrong5 star

Sometimes I think “pro” reviewers are just all wet (well probably most of the time). “Patch” is not Academy Award material, although the underlying theme should be. My personal physician is not part of a Group, does not accept Medi-Care or Insurance (his 2 person staff will assist you in filling out reimbursement paperwork). He charges less than his peers and spends time to know you as a whole person. He and “Patch” would be best friends. Beyond my personal feelings about the subject (and self-congratulatory superiority of the medical profession) I found “Patch” to be very entertaining with strong performances by everyone.

- Robin Williams is fantastic!5 star

This film is an all-time favorite of mine. The critics have got it wrong. Wonderful story - and played by an incredible actor. I didn't see this movie when it came out because I thought it was more for kids, but it's fantastic with depth that adults will enjoy.

- amazing and heart touching movie5 star

made me cry a little but i guess that is part of its greatness

- One of his great movies. RIP5 star

What a talented Actor and a wonderful human being. You will be missed.

- RIP Robin Williams. You were the best comedian ever.5 star

I loved this movie. Based on a true story and one of his best work. He was as good a serious actor, as he was a comedic one. You will be missed. Thanks for the memories.

- The Truth of Human Kindness.5 star

While watching this movie, I cannot help but put a smile on my face. Rotten Tomatoes: you guys focus on the less important things like the CGI butterfly. Why can’t you people see the great and powerful meaning of this movie? Compassion and love gives patients and people the will to thrive in both life, and death. As Patch sums up in the movie: death is unavoidable, but improving the quality of life unto death is something that should be given to all. The world is quite sad at the moment: we have wars, conflicts, monotonous politics, and both ecological and economical calamities (not just in the US). What people need to conform to is the good nature of humor, and life. Spirituality is key for us to find happiness, and if we weren’t meant to live and find happiness, then why are we here? People: live a happy life, do what you love, give kindness onto others, and be prosperous. Because if you think that pain and death is all that life has to offer, you need to watch this and think otherwise. Thank you, Robin Williams, for another cinematic masterpiece; you have shown great effort in both being the real life “Patch” Adams, and delivering the great and powerful truth of human kindness.

- Pull The Plug1 star

Yes, there really is a Dr. Hunter "Patch" Adams. No, this isn't his life story. Depsite the title, this movie is primarily a work of fiction which the real Adams has disavowed. That might not have been such a bad thing had the writers come up with something original and heartfelt; instead this movie is full of cliches and heavy-handed sentimentality. The authority figures Adams butts heads with aren't portrayed as mis-guided - they are cold, heartless villians. The movie condones stealing and practicing medicine without a license. Robin Williams (who is capable of a good performance under the right director) over-emotes so much you would think he is the one in need of medical supervision. Despite his insistence that he is dedicated to his patients, Williams character comes across as a narcissist. The ending tries to be Capraesque but instead it is trite and cliched.

- Love it, …. again!5 star

Regardless of what the totally out of touch Hollyweed reviewers might say, this movie is both entertaining and inspiring. Those morons might one day realized that “the Business” is about the customer (the movie goer), NOT THEM. There is not one other actor that could have pulled this story off as well as Robin Williams does in his uniquely gifted style. His improvisation is second to none as well as his comedic timing and his ability to immediately switch from comic to a heart-felt caring character.

- Another terrible robin williams movie1 star

This movie gives serious insult to the real patch adams. This movie implies that he was a dick to patients, practiced without a license, and had a made up love interest to make it more dramatized when in real life it was man who was murdered. This movie is obnoxious and hard to watch. Do not see it. You will have a uncomfortable cringe in the back of your neck.

- Changing mind5 star

After seeing this movie i realized how to treat parients in my medical carer

- Love the movie, but….5 star

This movie is 2:35 1 and that is not presented here. Please get the wide screen version and I will buy.

- I like it5 star

I love how the tomatometer critics don't like it that just makes the more interesting ( I mean, they gave the avengers 92%)

- New "Top Critics" Please...5 star

The so-called "critics" of this movie should seek anger management, but not before they all get lobotomized. Clearly the number of people that wrote their own reviews say otherwise about this film. I guess it's in their nature to be hateful towards good movies, or better yet, paid well to do so. With that being said, this film was awesome. I saw it in the theater when it came out. My mother dislikes Robin Williams before then, but once she saw this film and realized he does most of his own genius-level work she became an instant fan all the way to this day. This was a bery tasteful film. The only people that are offended by this film have no hearts, minds, or sanity.

- Classic5 star

I absolutely LOVE this movie from start to finish! I'm sad I had to rent it becuz I'd really like to own it someday :( ... But yes, great movie! Very inspiring and thought provoking, it's a must see!

- GREAT MOVIE!!!5 star

I saw this movie when it was first released. I loved it then, as I do now. Yes, the murder was a awful, but it teaches that through loss, that with love, friends, and not giving in, that you can go on, even thrive over adversity!! Great movie!!

- Really good movie5 star

Watch this movie it'll make u happy and laugh. It's one of my favorite now:)

- Awesome5 star

I can't believe rotten tomatoes gave this movie such bad reviews! This is such an amazing, funny, and inspirational movie!!


This movie is amaing. So inspirational. It also makes me realize just how coked out Robin Williams was in the 90s. Lovely film!!!!!!!!

- Fantastic5 star

this movie was very funny, touching, and sad. Robin Williams was great and I am stunned by the negative reviews. do not listen to critics because this movie is brilliant

- How on Earth...???5 star

How could this inspirational film get less than 90%?? It was extremely clever, funny and sad, and so perfect. Patch is such a loveable character, and I just can't believe the bad ratings. I'll say: Buy it, rent it, or see it somehow, because it will astonish you.

- Best movie about a physician5 star

This movie is my favorite movie about doctors. The movie inspired me to be a compassionate doctor (and I am in medical school today partially because of this movie). Inspirational, true to life, and uplifting (but sad near the end).

- Good but sad very sad5 star

I love the movie but hate the murder

- wow5 star

i really never thought that a movie about medicine could move me so much. i am going into the medical profession, and i watched this movie in my occupational health class. im only 16, and i thought that this would be a boring movie about something i didnt care about. turns out, i love this movie. i was never at a point where i was uninterested or unentertained. robin williams really played this role incredibly well. i truely love this movie. i say it is worth the money, definetly. and patch adams is an actual person who is still around today, and all of this is completely true. (i did my research)

- I loved it!5 star

It's heart warming, it makes you think, and it shows that not always following the rules is the best medicine. I loved it!

- another robin williams's great work!5 star

I like robin williams . He makes me smile all the time.

- truth5 star

As all art should, this movie showed a most essential universal truth: love, though a source of great loss, is the only way to reality, the good. Love requires trust, and trust necessitates faith in goodness. Patch is one of the very few people on this planet to have faith in the goodness of all. And because of that trust, he has given himself completely to humanity. I can find no other work of non-fiction that has better shown the value of love. Patch does not even pay for malpractice insurance!! And this is only foolish if we can't trust one another, but we can.

- Lo mejor5 star

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CHINESE DEMOCRACY! - def a must watch5 star

i don’t care how badly rotten tomatoes rates this movie it’s still one of the best out there.

Daniel.Boutin - ^__^2 star

Simple put, in the movie Patch Adams. You will have the delightful experience of watching Robin Williams stealing from hospitals. Practicing medicine without a license and much more.

Naserdoc - Great movi4 star

Dear Elias I think your wrong, I'm a doctor and I saw this movie 5 years ago and it's stuckd in my mind till today, being such a wonderfull man like patch Adams is not easy, and finding such patients quality who entertain the fantasy imaginations in doctor's mind is also very rare, I'm very sympathetic with this movi , I hate being such a doctor who's doing my routine job evryday to tell u truth , I don't believe in this job, it's God only will if we survive or if we die.. patch Adams is a personality not a doctor, it was kist a chance that he was a doctor, otherwise he was just 1% , in a community

eliasbouharb - best movie ever.5 star

my favorite movie ever. It shows that todays doctors are not really doctors, they're just ppl with some degree that want to make money and are very far from their patients. Watch this and u'll know what i mean.

Thomas Robson - Awesome5 star

Rip Robbin Williams

Sapph1re Oakl3y - Beautiful5 star

One of the best movies I have ever seen - if not the best. It had me both laughing and in tears. I recommend this to anyone and everyone!!

SaifeeAB - Beautiful film5 star

Heart warming and uplifting movie. A classic collection. One of Robin's best movies.

9743 - Classic!5 star

One of the Greats!!

Dogdiddy - Amazing5 star

It is an inspirational movie I just love it. It has comedy and an inspirational story behind it all best movie ever recimend everyone to get

Joeyzazza - A quality film!5 star

I've always wanted to watch this movie, but never got around to it. I then came across again here in iTunes. Wow, it is a excellent movie with a most inspiring story. Robin Williams is in fine form in this role and the supporting cast is very good. Highly recommended!

jaymee2012 - Brilliant.5 star

It’s robin Williams. What more do you need to know?

KarltoonTV - A fantastic film about believing in yourself.5 star

The late Robin Williams portrays Patch Aden’s with heart and wit. The story is based on real life events, it the direction is amazing. This film is more of a drama than a comedy, as it was advertised as a comedy, but best movie I have seen in a while. I 100% recommend this film.

Honey Waterhorse - Brilliant film5 star

This a brilliant , funny and moving film and worth watching more than once. Really enjoyed it.

Littleleno - One to watch4 star

Robin Williams gives a good performance as a man with mental health issues who decides to become a doctor after a stint in an institution. Based on a true story, the film is funny, sad and inspiring. Well worth seeing.

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